spring 2013 / 5773
AssociAtion for cAnAdiAn Jewish studies
AssociAtion des études juives cAnAdiennes

spring 2013 / 5773
Volume 27:1
Louis Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award conferred on professor ira robinson
Religion, the Association for Jewish Studies and the Canadian Society for The Association for Canadian
Jewish Studies is very pleased to announce that Professor Ira Jewish Studies, to name a few. He is Annual y or from time to time, the ACJS Robinson of Concordia University in also recognized internationally as a presents an award honouring an individual, Montreal is the 2013 recipient of the dedicated and learned scholar. group or institution that has contributed significantly to Canadian Jewish studies. In Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish tribute to the scholarship of Louis Rosenberg, Studies Distinguished Service Award.
as of 2008 the award became known as the For over thirty years, Professor "Louis Rosenberg Canadian Jewish Studies Distinguished Service Award." Robinson has been a major pillar of and contributor to the teaching Louis Rosenberg was born in Poland in 1893 and educated in England. Upon his arrival and scholarship of Jewish studies in in Canada in 1914, he taught at the Tiferes Canada. Throughout this time, his Israel School in Lipton, Saskatchewan, contributions have added to such and was field inspector for the Jewish Colonization Association's farm colonies. areas as the history of Jews in Canada, While in Saskatchewan, he published, under Orthodox Judaism in North America, the pseudonym Wat Hugh McCol um, a study Hasidism, Judaism and science, and of the concentration of wealth in Canada entitled Who Owns Canada? (1935, 1947). Jewish mysticism. As an educator, Ira Robinson has In 1939, he published his magnum opus on Of his extensive list of publications, been a consistent and enthusiastic Canadian Jewry, Canada's Jews (reprinted several have been recognized for supporter of the promotion of Jewish 1993). Using census data in a comprehensive and profound fashion, Rosenberg had few their outstanding contributions: The studies across Canada. Teaching peers in the area of the study of Canadian Thought of Maimonides (1990), An at Concordia University, he is well demography. In 1945, Rosenberg became Canadian Jewish Congress's director (and Everyday Miracle: Yiddish Culture in respected by students and faculty for only employee) of the Bureau of Social and Montreal (1990), Not Written in Stone: his contributions to a strong Jewish Economic Research. His archives are located Canadian Jews, Constitutions and studies program within the Department in both Library and Archives Canada and the CJC Charities Committee National Archives. Constitutionalism in Canada (2003) of Religion. Students over the years Rosenberg died in 1987.
and Rabbis and Their Community: have recognized the value of his Studies in the Eastern European knowledge, style, and presentation. He for more information on ACJS awards.) Orthodox Rabbinate in Montreal, has always welcomed open discussions 1896-1930 (2007). and provided frequent opportunities for inside this issue
Furthermore, Professor Robinson students to express their thoughts and Slate of Board Members 2013-2014.2 has been a regular contributor to explore specific areas of interest. President's Message .3 several academic journals, such as As a frequent public speaker, ACJS Website & Mazal Tovs .3ACJS & CSJS Preliminary Conference Program .4 Studies in Religion, American Jewish he is recognized for his extensive Concordia Institute: Working Papers in Canadian Jewish Studies .6 History, American Jewish Archives, and knowledge of Jewish affairs. On the Bookshelf .7 Canadian Jewish Studies. He has also We look forward to presenting From Our Regions .8Concordia Student Journal for been very active in several academic the Rosenberg Award to Professor Canadian Jewish Studies .10Annual General Meeting Minutes .11 organizations, such the ACJS, the Robinson on June 3, 2013, at our Open Board Meeting Minutes .14 Canadian Society for the Study of conference in Victoria, B.C.  Affiliated Societies and Institutions .16

President: Randal Schnoor Vice-President: Barry Stiefel The Association for Canadian Jewish Treasurer: Emily Lam Secretary: Janice Rosen Studies/l'Association des études juives Past President: Norm Ravvin canadiennes was founded in 1976 as the Canadian Jewish Historical Society/ Société d'histoire juive canadienne. Its Journal Editors: David Koffman and Stephanie Schwartz Bulletin Editor: Susan Landau-Chark goal is to encourage scholarly research in Chair, Communities and Archives: Dara Solomon Canadian Jewish history, life and culture Chair, Membership: Steven Lapidus through academic disciplines. Chair, Programs & Conference: Rebecca Margolis It is a national association with Book Review Editor: Ira Robinson Chair, Academic Committee: TBD headquarters in Montreal and is affiliated ProPosed slAte
Chair, Finance: TBD with historical organizations and Chair, Nominations: Barry Stiefel institutions throughout Canada.
Acjs BoArd MeMBers
Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on This newsletter is written for Yiddish in Canada: Bernie Katz organizations and individuals with a particular interest in Canadian Jewish Board members for 2013-2016
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All membership renewals to the Association The photo caption on page 7 of the autumn Past President can now be made online using Paypal. Simply 2012 bul etin was incorrrect. It should have go to to renew. Also, if you read: "Left to right: Sylvia have a change of address, email or phone Lustgarten, Bernie and Gilda Bulletin Editor number, please let us know by emailing Janice Katz, Jack Lipinsky, and Susan Rosen at [email protected].
Susan Landau-Chark Shirley Muhlstock Brodt Thank you to the fol owing institutions for their support of the Association for
Canadian Jewish Studies: Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies; Israel
and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies (York University); University of
Toronto Centre for Jewish Studies; and Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program
The ACJS Bul etin is published biannual y for (University of Ottawa).
members of the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies. No portion of this publication may be reproduced without permission of the ACJS. Please send all correspondence to ACJS/AEJC, 1455 de Maisonneuve West, Montreal, Quebec, H3G 1M8. For membership details and rates, log on to
spring 2013 / 5773
Dear members and friends of the ACJS, At our conference, we are delighted to honour Professor I hope you have had a chance to take a look at our Ira Robinson of Concordia new association website (see box below). Many have University, winner of the 2013 Louis Rosenberg mentioned that they appreciate our fresh new look. Distinguished Service Award in Canadian Jewish Many thanks to Rabbi Arie Chark for generously Studies. The ACJS proudly recognizes the maintaining our site for the past two years. And exceptional contribution Ira has made to the study thank you to Robin Bergart for coordinating our new of Canadian Jewish life (see page 1 for details).
The preliminary program of the conference I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming is contained in this bulletin and available on our conference in Victoria, British Columbia (Monday to Tuesday, June 3-4, 2013). We are delighted to you to Rebecca Margolis for her efforts in putting begin our conference just one day afterthis conference together. celebrates its 150th Although it is mentioned below, I would like anniversary (it is the oldest synagogue in continuous to congratulate Dr. David Koffman on his new use in Canada). ACJS delegates in Victoria on June 2 faculty position at York University (I look forward are invited to participate in the celebration. to working with you) and to Professor Morton There will be a parade through Victoria and Weinfeld on winning the prestigious Marshall a ceremony to commemorate the laying of the Sklare Award for his outstanding scholarly cornerstone as well as an "open house" following the contribution to the social scientific study of Jewry.
ceremony. In addition, we hope to hold one evening of our conference in the synagogue. Dr. Randal F. Schnoor aCJs/aeJC Website updated
mazal tov!
The ACJS/AEJC launched a new website this year.
Professor morton Weinfeld of McGill
Many thanks to Rabbi Arie Chark for generously University has won the 2013 Marshall maintaining our site for the past Sklare Award.
The Sklare Award is an annual honor We hope this site will become of the Association for the Social Scientific a focal point for the Association, Study of Jewry (ASSJ) which seeks to attract new and returning recognize "a senior scholar who has made members, and make it easy a significant scholarly contribution to the social scientific study to find up-to-date information of Jewry." Weinfeld will give his Sklare scholarly address at about the Association and its the annual meeting of the Association for Jewish Studies in publications and annual conference.
Boston in December 2013.
On a rotating basis, we will feature different images from Canadian Jewish history and life. Perhaps they will inspire Kudos and mazal tov to Dr. David Koffman,
your own research! who has just been accepted for an assistant Please contact Robin Bergart at professorship in the Department of History to send your feedback about the website. She invites your at York University in Toronto. Upon tenure, suggestions for changes, updates, and new content. She David will become the J. Richard Shiff Chair also welcomes your eagle eye to spot any errors.
for the Study of Canadian Jewry.
associaTion for canadian Jewish sTudies annual conference
congress for humaniTies and social sciences
canadian socieTy for Jewish sTudies annual conference
congress for humaniTies and social sciences
university of victoria
june 3-4, 2013
monDay, June 3
the university of Victoria i-witness Holocaust Field
ACJS room loCAtion: mCPherSon librAry 210 CSJS room loCAtion: mCPherSon librAry 219 Helga thorson (University of Victoria): The "I" in
I-witnessing: Personal Commitment and Change 8:30-10:00 am: annual general meeting, association Charlotte schallié (University of Victoria): Embracing
for Canadian Jewish studies
Challenges and Contradictions: The Field School in 10:00-10:30 am: Coffee break
sarah Jane Kerr-lapsley (University of British
Columbia): Comparing the Experience of the March 10:30 am-12:00 pm: aCJs session 1 issues in
of the Living and the I-witness Field School Canadian Holocaust studies
amy Coté (University of Victoria): Analyzing Stories:
Zelda abramson (Acadia University): Things Aren't
Second Generation Canadian Jewish Writers and the Always What They Appear to Be: Stories of Women Holocaust Survivors Settling in Montreal Jason michaud (University of Victoria): Preserving
adara goldberg (Vancouver Holocaust Education
Stories: Community Engagement Through the "Local Centre): Losing their Religion: Converts and Stories and Experiences of the Holocaust" Archival Apostates After the Holocaust Jason Chalmers (University of Ottawa): Canada and
the Expansion of Holocaust Memory: Three Cases Chair: richard menkis (University of British Columbia)
1:30-3:00 pm: CsJs session 2 Jews in europe and
10:30 am-12:00 pm: CsJs session 1 Zionism and
Jordana de Bloeme (York University): ‘This Is Our
Home That We Built, and Our Land': The Vilna Celia rothenberg (McMaster University): Israel-lite: A
Educational Society and Cultural Autonomy for a New Kind of Zionism at an American Jewish Summer "New" Jewish Future Francisco peña (University of British Columbia,
aviva atlani (University of Western Ontario): Fictional
Okanagan): Cain and the Jews in Alfonso X of Yiddish Characters in a Holocaust and Post- Castille's General Estoria Holocaust Setting albert Kaganovitch (University of Manitoba): Forced
Chelsea Hemmings (Concordia University): The
Alliance: Russian Local Authorities and Jewish Elite Bund: Its Historical Significance and Context in a Belorussian Town Chair: ira robinson, CSJS President (Concordia
3:30-3:45 pm: Break
12:00-1:30 pm: lunch break
3:45-4:45 pm: aCJs session 3 Canadian Jewish
1:30-3:30 pm: aCJs session 2 From i-witness to
Community activist: Canadian perspectives on
emily lam (McGill University): From the Old World to
spring 2013 / 5773
the New: Distinctive Dimensions of Place and Their Industry: It's Nothing to Laugh At Influence on the Identity and Authenticity of Klezmer sivane Hirsch (Université de Montréal): Learning
Music in Early Twentieth-Century Jewish Montreal about Quebec's Jewish Community's History, Culture maxa sawyer (York University): The Voices of
and Religion: Curriculum and Teachers' Perception Birthright Israel: Going Beyond the Jewish Homeland Chair: TBA Narrative to Create a Realistic Relationship Between the Jewish Canadian Diaspora and Israel 12:00-1:30 pm: lunch break
Chair: randal schnoor (York University)
1:30-3:30 pm: aCJs session 5 roundtable:
3:45-4:45 pm: CsJs session 3 early Jewish
problems of the personal
Janice rosen (Canadian Jewish Congress Charities
Daniel maoz (Concordia University): ‘We've Got Him
Committee National Archives) Cornered in the Churchyard': Saving Jesus the Jew Jennifer yuhasz (Jewish Museum and Archives of
from Christian Traditions British Columbia) robert Daum (University of British Columbia,
stephanie tara schwartz (Interactive Museum of
Vancouver School of Theology): Rabbinic Biography: Law and Story in the Case of Zechariah ben Chair: David s. Koffman (University of Toronto)
1:30-3:30 pm: CsJs session 5 issues in Kabbalistic
7:00 pm: aCJs evening program (free of charge)
sarah licha (Université de Montréal): La Kabbale
loCAtion: 5447 Cornett A125 intégrative de Rabbi Abraham Aboulafia: L'être Louis Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award to be humain dans sa potentialité messianique presented to Prof. Ira Robinson, Concordia University ira robinson (Concordia University): Elijah de Vidas
and the Process of the Popularization of Kabbala in tuesDay, June 4
the Sixteenth Century ACJS room loCAtion: mCPherSon librAry 210 andrea gondos (Concordia University): Printing
CSJS room loCAtion: mCPherSon librAry 219 and Popularizing Kabbalah in Early Modernity: R. Yissachar Baer as an Agent of Culture 8:30-10:00 am: open Board meeting, association for Justin Jaron lewis (University of Manitoba):
Canadian Jewish studies
Meanings of Shekhinah in Tosher Hasidism Chair: Daniel maoz
10:00-10:30 am: Coffee break
3:30-4:30 pm: annual general meeting,
10:30-12:00 pm: aCJs session 4 Canadian Jewish
Canadian society of Jewish studies
ira robinson (Concordia University): Finding a Rabbi
for Quebec City: The Interplay Between an American Rabbinate and a Canadian Congregation The ACJS would like to extend a thank you lillooet nordlinger mcDonnell (Independent
researcher): Lumbering into Canada: Leon Koerner and Jewish Assimilation in British Columbia, 1939- peter usher (Independent researcher): Jews and the
Military in Canada Chair: Faith Jones (University of British Columbia)
10:30 am-12:00 pm: CsJs session 4 Jewish
literature and Culture
shana mauer (Hebrew University): A Reconsideration
of Jewish Power in Mordecai Richler's Novels phil gold (University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for
Studies in Education): American Jews and the Comic The Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies Working Papers in Canadian Jewish Studies
the Concordia institute for Canadian Jewish studies
announces the latest in its series of working papers in
Canadian Jewish Studies published online Working Paper Number 4: Dr. Pierre Anctil, "," March 8, 2013.
Earlier Working Papers include: Working Paper Number 1: Dr. Sharon Gubbay Helfer, " ," December 13, 2012.
Working Paper Number 2: Dr. Ira Robinson, Working Paper Number 3: Dr. Ira Robinson, "," February 6, Please send manuscripts for consideration and any queries to .
Chaire de l'Université Concordia en Études Juives Canadiennes «Working Papers» en Études Juives Canadiennes
Chaire de l'université Concordia en Études Juives Canadiennes annonce la dernière de la série de
«Working Papers» en études juives canadiennes qui sont publiés en ligne Working Paper Number 4: Dr. Pierre Anctil, «,» March 8, 2013.
Working Paper Number 1: Dr. Sharon Gubbay Helfer, « ,» December 13, 2012.
Working Paper Number 2: Dr. Ira Robinson, Working Paper Number 3: Dr. Ira Robinson, February 6, S'il vous plaît envoyez les manuscrits et des questions à [email protected].
spring 2013 / 5773
humorous) Jewish Canadian stories. Keshev is the leading publisher of international literature in Israel Bookshelf
focusing on the writings of poets. pierre anCtil's new book,
Gartner, edited by Gabriel A. Sivan Jacob-Isaac Segal; Un poète yiddish (Jerusalem, Israel: Jewish Historical de Montréal et son milieu (Presses Society of England (Jerusalem de l'Université Laval, 2012), was Branch), 2013). Launched in ‘launched' in Montreal this past Jerusalem this past February at the Jewish Public relates the hitherto Seymour's book is part of a new untold story of how prose series devoted to the work and why Jews left of Nobel Prize winners and other the British Isles to acclaimed writers such as the late settle in distant parts great Polish author Czeslaw Milosz. of the world, often The original English edition establishing the first permanent Jewish communities in North favourably reviewed across Canada America, Australia, New Zealand and in leading newspapers and has South Africa. also been positively noted online The chapter on Canada, focusing in literary magazines both here in Toronto Yiddishists will have on the early British Jewish settlers, Canada and in France. the pleasure of attending its Toronto explores the ease with which British launch (with Pierre present) on Jews were able to emigrate and Sunday, June 9, 2013, at 4 p.m., at integrate into Canadian society. sonia ZylBerBerg has a new
the Beth David Synagogue. The book story published in the current issue launch will be the closing event of the week-long Jewish Book Festival.
Professor seymour mayne
English-language For information about the book (Ottawa), the Association's 2009 recipient of the Louis Rosenberg Distinguished Service Award, now has 61 books to his credit. Also there is a 3.5-minute video Just before Purim, the Hebrew of the Montreal launch (mainly edition of The Old Blue Couch and in French and with a poem read Other Stories (original English publisher, Toronto: Ronald P. Frye & straight to an entertaining read: Company), was published by Keshev, in Tel Aviv. For those of you who attended susan lanDau-CHarK has
the 2009 ACJS conference, Seymour The story, called "Vashti to the a chapter aptly titled "Canada" in regaled the audience with the story Rescue," is a broad retelling of the the recently published The Jewish of the old blue couch. Now Israeli Book of Esther. It fills in the gaps Emigrant from Britain 1700-2000: audiences will have the pleasure of "what happened to Vashti" and Essays in Memory of Lloyd P. of reading his delightful (and presents a proactive Esther.  From our regions contributions to the local community and The East
to the field of Jewish history. interactive museum of
The West
ontario Jewish archives
Jewish Historical society of
Ontario Jewish Archives Director Dara Dr. Stephanie Tara Schwartz is pleased southern alberta - Calgary
Solomon told the ACJS about two to share some exciting news from the exciting initiatives that will bring their Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal A number of this year's Jewish Historical collections out of the vault and into the (IMJM) with the ACJS community. Society of Southern Alberta programs community.
Check out our new online walking have been dedicated to the memory of tour "Between These Walls: Hidden Sounds of Hazzanut in Montreal" This tour explores Montreal's cantorial tradition. It includes rare recordings and oral histories, providing a snippet of what the city's Firstly, the Ontario's Ministry of synagogues looked and sounded like half Culture, Tourism, and Sport awarded the a century ago. Stay tuned for the mobile Jack Switzer, our esteemed colleague OJA a Museums and Technology grant version of the tour for use on tablets and and past president who passed away in enabling the OJA to redesign its website, smart phones.
January 2012. This special programming which will include mobile accessibility, Join us in Montreal for two exciting began with the Annual General Meeting an online searchable database of the events in May: presentation in October in Jack's OJA collection, and curated content On Sunday, May 5, Sara Tauben, memory, featuring recollections of the by subject. The new website will be Zev Moses and Stephanie Schwartz will Shaarey Tzedec Congregation (1958- launched in 2014.
be leading walking tours of Jewish Mile 1986), whose building has been slated Secondly, the OJA has established End as part of Montreal's Jane's Walks. for demolition. Plans are underway for a new school partnership initiative that .
an historic marker on the site.
brings the archives into classrooms Sunday, May 12, is reCollection This winter, JHSSA sponsored at Bialik Hebrew Day School and , a city-wide the Jack Switzer Memorial Research scavenger hunt for Montreal's Jewish Workshops. This series of three meetings, past, a joint venture between IMJM and led by Glenbow archivist Doug Cass the Jewish Public Library.
and JHSSA archivist Agi Romer Segal, Launched in 2010 with and supported highlighted the variety of archival by the Jewish Community Foundation's resources available to anyone interested Connecting Through Culture grant in local Jewish history. program, IMJM collects, maps, and On January 20, 2013, Michael shares the history and experiences Dawe, curator of history at the Red Deer Grade 3 students at Paul Penna Downtown Jewish of the Montreal Jewish community Museum, presented an illustrated lecture Day School, November 2012.
through exhibits, walking tours and about the early Jewish colony near Paul Penna Downtown Jewish Day online and mobile technology. The Pine Lake. Traces of the early Jewish School in Toronto. Classroom visits are IMJM has recently been lauded in the homes have been uncovered, and further designed around the Ontario Ministry Forward, research is ongoing. The fate of these of Education's 3rd and 4th grade colonists was the topic of one of Jack's curriculum guidelines, highlighting , and earliest articles for the JHSSA journal themes of immigration, urban versus T Discovery in 1994.
rural development, and city building. Our special tribute to Jack Switzer Students have enjoyed learning about .
will be held on May 13, 2013. The the local Jewish past while adding their Visit us at . For evening will be dedicated to Jack's many own anecdotes and stories.
news and events, follow us on spring 2013 / 5773
community. The exhibit will also tell the called "The Jewish Catastrophe" and stories of the women whose activities "The Great Terror."are sometimes forgotten. Documents, This exhibit includes letters received an update on 100+ years of the
photographs and artifacts from the by Jewish families in Saint John from ste. sophie/new glasgow Jewish
Museum's archival collections will also relatives in Europe both before and Farming Community –
be displayed. A professionally produced after the Second World War, as well as a Historical exhibition
video will accompany the exhibit. This photographs of family members and will include photographs, excerpts from audio and video interviews with people The presentation of this exhibition has audio interviews, home movies and who survived or escaped before it was been advanced until 2014. The location other material linked together with a too late. Production of videos related to has been changed to a venue in Montreal new narrative. this exhibit has become an important part (to be determined) instead of the village In addition, many women in the of it because of its mission to educate the of Ste. Sophie. These changes will Jewish community were skilled in public, especially young people, and as provide additional time for preparation the making of quilts, afghans, hats, a memorial to people who perished and of the displays and artifacts that will be a celebration of those who got away.
used. In the future, the website Gary Davis writes, "It must have will continue to serve been quite a shock, as well as a relief, as a source for news and information when in 1945 my great-uncle Joseph as this exhibition develops. For further Wiezel, co-owner with my grandfather information, you may email Howard of Wiezel Bros. Ltd. in Saint John, received a telegram from Sweden dated July 13. Its 11 words had a big impact. ‘LIBERATED CONCENTRATION saint John Jewish Historical
One of the executive of the Henrietta Szold Chapter LETTER FOLLOWS SEND LETTER of Hadassah — Saint John, 1950.
MONEY.' It was signed by Michael By Katherine Biggs-Craft, Curator clothing and decorative items for their Fried, my mother's second cousin, homes and for the synagogue. Examples and was the beginning of a three-year We have several research projects on the of women's creative handwork (e.g. correspondence during which Uncle go at the Saint John Jewish Historical tablecloths, needlepoint, knitting, sewing, Joe and his siblings sent financial and Museum at the present time. Two of the embroidery, painting and drawing) material help to Michael and tried to projects will result in museum exhibits, from the permanent collections and overcome immigration restrictions the other two into ongoing activities.
on loan from community members to bring him to Canada or the United will be displayed. This work will be States." the Changing roles of Jewish Women/
accompanied by photographs of some of About 100 of these documents the threads of generations
the women who made these items. Some still exist, along with some from other An exhibit telling the story of 18 decades of these creative skills came through the relatives of the Wiezel family from of Jewish women's history in Saint generations although many of these skills before 1939, and many post-War letters John will be shown from May 2013 are not practiced by many of the current and some photos from other relatives to April 2014. This exhibit tells the generation. of the Wiezel family. Two cousins did stories of the contributions of Jewish eventually get to Saint John, and others women – religious and domestic roles, new Holocaust memorial exhibit
to Montreal, Edmonton and elsewhere, support of Jewish organizations, family Will Highlight local links
but Michael married and settled in businesses, professions, and community The first phase of our Holocaust Memorial Sweden. and public service. It will incorporate Exhibit will be completed in time for our Rose Wiesel and Albert Featherman a series of fifteen display panels with 2013 opening at the end of May. The were survivors. They met at a displaced text and photographs. A special feature exhibit will focus on connections of Saint will highlight the accomplishments Johnners and other New Brunswickers to of many prominent women in the victims and survivors of what has been Continued on page 10 The Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies Student Journal of Canadian Jewish Studies
Call for Papers
the Concordia institute for Canadian Jewish
studies is happy to announce the Call for
papers for the next issue of the student Journal
1. Submission must be 15,000 words or fewer.
of Canadian Jewish studies.
2. All papers must be titled, proofread and should conform to MLA guidelines (footnote system).
the student Journal of Canadian Jewish studies
3. Papers should be accompanied by an abstract seeks articles and book reviews by students relating (max. 300 words) and author's biography.
to the Jewish experience in Canada.
4. On the top of your submission please include: your name, university and year; exact word about the Journal: SJCJS is web-based, peer-
count; class for which the paper was written (if reviewed and supported by the Institute for written for a class); name of the professor to Canadian Jewish Studies at Concordia University, whom the paper was submitted.
Papers can be sent via email attachment to Our goal is to attract a diverse audience and to the deadline for
provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate submissions is June 1, 2013.
students to contribute to the field of Canadian Jewish studies.
All papers will be kept confidential by the editors. Queries and comments can also be addressed to past issues can be found at
Katherine Romanow, Editor, at Continued from page 9 persons camp after the war. Their families The stories of these and about ten and offices and other places of work of were murdered in camps or in other others who came to New Brunswick Jewish residents of Saint John. atrocities. A photo taken at a wedding before or after the War, some of whom In addition to research by members celebration near Sighet, Romania, shows were able to evade the concentration of the Museum and the curator, in 2012 camps but who spent time in Canadian students working in the museum col ected internment camps, will become part data from our archives, conducted of the exhibit, along with educational and recorded oral interviews and took information about the Holocaust and its photographs of more than three dozen antecedents. We are trying to reach people structures that were once connected to to col ect as much information as possible. the Jewish community. Volunteer guides If you know of anyone connected to Saint took groups on walking tours in 2010. John or New Brunswick in this way, we This year we will develop a brochure would appreciate any information you and map to feature these locations for a can send. self-guided exploration of Saint John Wedding celebration near Sighet, Romania, mid- history. We have also partnered with a 1930s. One of the people in this photograph survived the Holocaust and moved to Saint John.
Walking tour of Jewish sites in
local expert on walking tours who will Central saint John
present a guided walk to some of these Rose Wiesel with relatives and friends, We have been working for the last few locations in the summer of 2013.
including Abraham Ovics, another years developing a walking tour that survivor who lives in Edmonton.
highlights the former homes, businesses Continued on page 15 spring 2013 / 5773
The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.
Randal Schnoor (President and Chair), Robin Bergart, Jason Chalmers, Paula Draper, Faith Jones, Bernard Katz, Michael Kent, David Koffman, Susan Landau-Chark, Jack Lipinsky, Sylvia Lustgarten, Richard Menkis, Ira Robinson, Janice Rosen (Secretary), Stephanie Schwartz, Gary Smolyansky, Barry Stiefel, Harold Troper, Peter J. Usher Call to order:
Once all participants introduced themselves, the meeting began officially at 10:43 a.m.
minutes of previous meeting
This report was received with approval.
The 2011 Annual General Meeting minutes were approved, with a motion by Harold Troper. Faith Jones seconded.
membership report -
randal for steven lapidus, membership Chair

president's report - randal schnoor
Steven Lapidus reported that there are currently 78 paid-up Randal noted the passing of Rabbi Gunther Plaut, followed two members for 2012, an increase of 5 members since 2011. The months later by his son, Rabbi Jonathan Plaut, who in 1977 was membership breaks down as follows: Regular (and affiliates): 31; the founding editor of our journal, then called the Canadian Jewish Students: 13; Institutional members: 14; Seniors 19; and 1 Donor Historical Society Journal. Also Allan Raymond and Jack Switzer membership. The numbers have gone up from last year's 73 passed away this year.
members but have dipped from 2009 (131) and 2010 (148). Why? One reason suggested was possibly again because of a lag in Paula Draper shared her recol ection of Rabbi Gunther Plaut's Journal publication. Barry Stiefel suggested that the location of the eulogy by his son. Bernard Katz recal ed to the group his suggestion conference might affect membership from year to year because if that a section of our website be a tribute area honouring these more attend the conference in any given year, those individuals people. Randal agreed that this was a good idea that should be were likely to join in that year.
pursued with the webmaster.
In recent years ACJS has employed an assistant who has helped Randal congratulated Stephanie Schwartz on her recent successful with phone calls to lapsed members. We hope to continue to do thesis defence and asked her to tel the group about her topic, which that, as it is an effective tactic.
was on the meaning of diaspora from an Arab Jewish perspective and the concept of multiple homelands. David Koffman was Susan Landau-Chark motioned to accept the report and Ira congratulated on his recent PhD dissertation about encounters Robinson seconded it. Passed unanimously.
between Jews and native Americans. It was also noted that last year, Steven Lapidus successfully defended his PhD. treasurer's report - robin Bergart
A detailed written report was submitted to the participants and
It was noted that in the past year, there had been a lot of scholarship is available on request. In summary the major expenses are the about Canadian Jewish life, including Randal's contribution in the Journal and the conference, which are around $5000 each. Robin Journal of Contemporary Jewry. A special edition of the American- had suggested previously that the Journal be exclusively available based journal, Contemporary Jewry was devoted to the study of the online, but this was controversial. She made the case that libraries Canadian Jewish experience. The volume, guest-edited by Randal and students are increasingly expecting online access. Schnoor, was published in December 2011.
Other cost-cutting measures: Barry asked about the emailing of This led to a webinar in April 2012 promoting the journal issue. It the bulletin, raising the question of whether his request for emailed went wel and is a good tool to promote scholarship. Ira is currently bulletins was noted. It is difficult to indicate this preference when editing a book about Jews in Canada, and the American Jewish renewing via Paypal.
Yearbook, now revived, is soliciting articles from several ACJS members.
Conference costs are usual y about the same, aside from the Vancouver conference, which received extra funding. Copyright Jewish studies departments for display and to attract members. fees income is going down, but our website is less expensive, and Bernard Katz was basically in agreement with these ideas.
our annual accounting is done gratis by Gerry Silver. The question arose as to whether there should be a wait period Some money was deposited 20 years ago from the previous CJC for putting the bul etin online. It had been done this way until and the remainder of this money is in the assets of the Association. now, but Richard Menkis and others were of the opinion that this Also there were years when the Journal was not published or delay should stop as the bulletin was an inducement to join the was published as double catch-up issues, thereby causing a Association. Resolved: We will put the most recent bulletin online financial surplus. Also some of the money raised for the Vancouver as a PDF now and will continue to do this with bulletins as soon conference was a surplus. as they are available.
The proposed budget mostly duplicates the budget from the past Hesh, in conjunction with Randal, resolved to direct the Board to do as suggested above regarding the emailing of the bulletins. David Koffman seconded the motion, and it was passed unanimously. A motion to approve the budget was made by Robin and seconded by Harold (Hesh) Troper. Conference report - randal schnoor for
rebecca margolis, Conference Chair

Hesh also made a motion to thank and reappoint accountant Gerry Discussion of this year's conference and of next year's in Victoria Silver. Robin approved. Hesh seconded. Unanimously approved, was tabled to the next day.
Gerry Silver was thus officially thanked and reappointed. Journal report - randal schnoor for
Bulletin report - susan landau-Chark
rebecca margolis, Bulletin editor
Susan thanked Shirley Brodt for producing the Bulletin and Janice As Rebecca could not be present, she sent in her report. The next Rosen for allowing her to work on it while at CJCCC. Now that issue, which wil be on the theme of Yiddish studies, wil be out in the Shirley no longer works for CJCCC she was paid a flat fee for the fall. Faith Jones reported that it will be a large issue, Approximately latest bulletin. Susan hoped that this arrangement would continue. three articles are still being awaited, but most are in. There will be She urged people to be timely in their bulletin submissions.
nine articles, including Eiran Harris's bibliography of Hebrew typed materials in Canada.
Bernard Katz and Randal both commented on how good the bulletin looks. The next journal editors are David Koffman and Stephanie Schwartz, for at least two issues. These are being planned as (Susan makes a motion to accept the Bulletin report.) "special" (themed) issues. One wil be a comparative issue on Jews in other nations, such as Argentina. The other wil be a comparative Susan reported that Janice noted that the more complex database issue about Canadian Jews and Canadians of other religions. enhancements that Shirley did now cannot continue either, although David noted that the Conference and the Journal were the main Janice will continue making the updates. Ira Robinson noted that communication vehicles for the Association, especial y the Journal, there was no single person responsible for administrative matters. and that it was therefore important.
It was decided to address and resolve this issue at the Open Board Meeting the next day. Richard Menkis asked if people stil send in unsolicited articles and if al the submissions were expected to be thematic. David answered Faith raised the issue of a completely electronic journal as well as that the outstanding submissions were very old, so this was not a newsletter again, agreeing with Robin's comments in the context currently a problem. (Note: This issue was discussed further at the of the budget.
Open Board Meeting the next day.) Hesh suggested going immediately to the default of an emailed On the subject of the Journal's back issues, Ira Robinson reported bulletin, whether the member indicated a preference or not. Barry that there were about a dozen boxes of them, totalling hundreds of Stiefel added that we could send paper copies only to institutional issues. His holdings even include some Canadian Jewish Historical members so that they could display it. Janice suggested emailing to Society journals. The more recent issues have fewer extra copies, all who have email addresses but with a choice to get a mailed one but for older ones there are sometimes over 100 remaining, and indicated in the emailed bulletin. It would also be good to distribute only one or two of these are sold per year. The question was some to places such as the various Jewish archives and Canadian asked whether to discard them or to keep 10 or 20 per volume. spring 2013 / 5773
Even when we advertise their availability there are limited takers. Bernard Katz noted that there was an insufficient number of The Canadian Jewish Studies volumes are available in electronic members on the Board, as 20 were needed, while there were 14 on form, but the old CJHS Journal is not. It was noted that if all the the slate. Randal was allowed to appoint five. As to be discussed in volumes were scanned and available on the website, it would be a the next item, a motion was made to reduce the number of Board different situation. Randal expressed support for keeping no more members to a minimum of six and a maximum of fourteen. David than 20 of each issue and recommended looking into scanning the Koffman asked if a motion to amend the bylaws could be made ones which have not yet been done. Ira noted that he could make before accepting the slate. Bernard Katz said that one could ask a scanner available to Stephanie Schwartz, who volunteered to for a suspension of the bylaw for the purpose of approving the look into doing the scanning.
slate and that this suspension must to be passed by two-thirds of the voters. Hesh Troper asked if it were possible to agree to The question of future issues being in hard copy versus online only accept the slate with the proviso that the President regularize it was tabled to the next day's meeting.
later. Bernard answered that the proper procedure was to move to suspend the bylaw regarding the number of members on the election of the new slate - Barry stiefel
board for the purpose of the slate at this time only, May 30, 2012. The new slate was printed in the recent Bulletin. It was pointed out Hesh then moved and Bernard seconded the motion to do so. The that one could not nominate additional members from the floor. motion was passed unanimously. Following this, the vote on the Robin Bergart was listed as remaining on as Treasurer, although above proposed slate was approved unanimously.
she would like to step down when the opportunity became available. It was noted that members of the Executive Committee were new Business
automatically members of the Board.
a) a motion to amend the Bylaws - Barry stiefel
proposed slate of aCJs Board members for 2012-2013
A revision was proposed to the Association's bylaws to make the Board more functional and efficient and to involve the Board more in decision-making by reducing its size while still retaining a President: Randal Schnoor reasonable geographic representation from across the country. The Vice-President: Barry Stiefel full text of the proposed bylaw revision is available upon request. Treasurer: TBD Secretary: Janice Rosen The essence of the proposed bylaw revision was that the members Past President: Norm Ravvin of the Board be reduced from the present 20-35 to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 14. Journal Editors: David Koffman and Stephanie Schwartz In the ensuing discussion, David Koffman asked about the Bulletin Editor: Susan Landau-Chark implications of an insufficient number of people at a Board meeting, Chair, Communities and Archives: Debby Schoctor in terms of a quorum, and would the lack of a quorum slow down Chair, Membership: Steven Lapidus decision-making. The current bylaws state the Board's quorum is Chair, Programs & Conference: Rebecca Margolis eight, while the AGM quorum is 12. Hesh suggested that people Book Review Editor: Ira Robinson should be allowed to be part of a quorum via online access. Chair, Academic Committee: TBD Chair, Finance: TBD Regarding geographic representation, Randal proposed to suspend Chair, Nominations: Barry Stiefel the rule saying that there could not be more than three members Honorary Officer: Gerry Silver from any province, saying there should be an exception for Board members for 2012-2015
Ontario and Quebec, or else the by laws should do away with the David Koffman (NY) Richard Menkis (BC) requirement of representational balance. David proposed that Board Seymour Mayne (ON) Stephanie Schwartz (QC) members be conscious of geographic areas, but without legislating geographical balance. It was agreed that these issues have to be Board members for 2012-2014
revised in the bylaws. The new phrasing should say: "Ef orts should Pierre Anctil (QC) Hernan Tesler-Mabe (ON) be made for the ACJS Board to represent all the regions but that the previous specific geographic obligations should be removed." Board members for 2012-2013
Bernard Katz expressed agreement with this amendment.
Michele Byers (NS) Bernard Katz (ON) Barbara Schober (BC)Judith Cohen (ON) Goldie Morgentaler (AB) Alisa Siegal (ON) Randal moved that the amendment be made as indicated above, Gary Davis (NB) Messod Salama (NL) Hesh seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously.
B) a proposal to establish an ad Hoc Committee
the committee excluded Hasidic Yiddish speakers. The answer on yiddish in Canada - Bernard Katz
was in the negative. The committee was not designed to be The full text of the proposal is available upon request. Bernard specifically secular. It would not, however, address other Jewish noted that the precedent for this type of ad hoc committee was Abe heritage language cultures such as Ladino, as that would be a Arnold's Archives and Communities Committee, which eventually separate issue. Bernard moved that the ad hoc committee be became a standing committee. He asked for approval in principle established, and Sylvia Lustgarten seconded the motion. It passed to establish this committee, with smal but reasonable national representation. It would concern itself with issues around Yiddish education, life and culture. Michael Kent asked if the mandate of The meeting then adjourned at approximately 12:10 p.m. r ACJS OPEN BOARD MEETING, WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY
8:30 A.M., MAY 31, 2012
Randal Schnoor (President and Chair), Robin Bergart, Bernard Katz, David Koffman, Susan Landau-Chark, Richard Menkis, Ira Robinson, Janice Rosen (Secretary), Stephanie Schwartz, Barry Stiefel, Harold Troper Conference report, Discussion – randal schnoor
Some societies charge over $100. For the first time ACJS has joined Rebecca Margolis reported to Randal prior to the present meeting the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences. In the past that there were no problems aside from obtaining kosher catering. ACJS paid only $20 per attendee. When CSSH raised this to $50 Randal reported that the Conference had gone well. Attendance at this year, we joined the Congress, which is a saving over paying the evening program attracted around 35 people. The issue of why $50 per attendee, and our name appears in the affiliates list.
there had been no community program this year was raised. The reasons were because the location was so close to Toronto and Proposed raise: From previous rate of (Members = $30, Non-M, because Shavuot prevented a Sunday program; as a consequence = $40, Retired members = $25, Retired Non-Members = $30, and of these factors, outreach was not done. Students and unwaged = $20), it was moved that we raise every category by $10. The proposal was moved by Bernard Katz, Next year (2013) in Victoria we anticipate more community seconded by Susan Landau-Chark, and passed unanimously.
involvement. The timing of the Conference there is tied to the Victoria synagogue's 150th anniversary of the laying of Acceptance of Rebecca Margolis' conference report: Janice Rosen Congregation Emanu-El's cornerstone. Sunday will be taken up by motions, David Koffman seconds – passed unanimously.
the community with the community's own anniversary events, so an ACJS evening would have to be on Monday night. There should Bulletin - Organization of Office Work and Logistics
be some local history presentation content in the sessions. The In the current arrangement, two people are looking after the possibility was raised of doing so in conjunction with a professor cheques (Ira Robinson and Robin Bergart), while the database at the University of Victoria who is having undergraduates write is managed by Janice Rosen at CJCCC. Sophia Warshal (the articles for an anniversary-associated publication.
assistant), who did mailings and made follow-up calls, is leaving her position, but hopefully another assistant can be hired. Various Conference 2014: Barry Stiefel and Hernan Tesslar-Mabe are emails on the website direct questions to different places.
preparing a comparative and contrastive Canadian-American Jewish cultural experience volume. Might this theme be worked A dedicated bul etin email address is needed. One cannot send more into the ACJS conference two years from now at Brock University than forty emails at a time through Google or Hotmail because it is in St. Catharines, Ontario, due to its proximity to the U.S. border? considered spamming. We now have a Wordpress website, and the Bernard Katz recalled a successful conference there in the 1990s question was raised as to whether we could get an email address with community involvement and suggested that they be involved through this. Randal will inquire. The question was raised as to whether there should be an email cc for all business, which Randal could check if needed. It was decided that using his regular email Robin Bergart raised the issue of the cost of the conference. ACJS address was simpler. Bernard recalled the problem of members still charges $30 for members, which is among the lowest rates: from previous years being owed journals from that year.
spring 2013 / 5773
Ira and Janice will meet soon to discuss the various issues and will among the membership group and not circulated beyond the list, circulate a list of the various responsibilities to the others involved. without moderation necessary. Therefore, in the example of the Ira, incoming chair of Canadian Jewish Studies at Concordia, will JDL-sponsored lecture, it was not inappropriate to post the lecture, look into getting part-time assistance for the ACJS again.
and the discussion that ensued was not a bad thing. So, should there be guidelines? A disclaimer in the message footer might be the answer. The disclaimer would say something to the effect that we Bernard Katz expressed concern that too many special issues were providing a space for a conversation and are not responsible would mean other papers would not be published – a concern for for content. It should not be confined to current members only, and young scholars in particular. Barry Stiefel also expressed concern it would be difficult to update. that the ACJS journal does not provide a forum for him to publish. Bernard also asked about the extent to which all the papers will be Richard proposed the following motion: To follow the open forum concerned with Canadian Jewish issues. David Kof man responded model of H-Net for a year and see how it works. General agreement that it was possible that unrelated unsolicited manuscripts would for this idea was expressed. Randal wil continue to ponder the issue be included in a special edition, based on the situation. Janice of the Listserve and may share his thoughts by email.
asked if conference papers could be reflected more in the journal content. Randal noted that this was the basis of the Yiddish volume. In addition, Stephanie Schwartz thought that a blog or Facebook He agreed with Bernard's concern about a venue for unrelated page would be useful. She might be interested in starting it after papers. He suggested one thematic issue rather than two in order more discussion. to encourage more papers on other themes. Book reviews are to continue as before. yiddish ad Hoc Committee
Bernard Katz requested feedback from members about the new ad
Regarding back issues, Richard spoke with Sara Tauben's daughter hoc committee on Yiddish. He reported that this was not an initiative Evelyn, who is willing to distribute free issues at Klez Canada in requiring ACJS funds at this time. A question was raised as to the Quebec. This could also be done at Ashkenaz in Ontario. It should purpose of the commit ee. Bernard explained that he was concerned be done with a label saying "Compliments of the Association," with that the organized Jewish committee (CIJA) was not placing priority a contact number. This idea was received with enthusiasm.
on the continuity of Yiddish life and culture. Harold Troper suggested that Bernard and Sylvia Lustgarten develop a more specific strategy for action and report back to the Board. Stephanie suggested that Statistics on the number of postings is visible on the Yahoo page. Bernard speak to Rebecca Margolis. Richard Menkis suggested There was a controversy last year over an advertisement for a that the committee speak to Leo Davids. Jewish Defence League-sponsored lecture. Randal felt that we needed to develop a rules-and-guidelines policy about drawing the lines on political views. Bernard raised the example of discussing Randal and Bernard and Barry wil consult about the need for the issue of Israel "apartheid." Randal thought members could have a civil conversation about something of this nature online. David agreed but stipulated that the messages should be private The meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m. r Continued from page 10 partnership with
more than 900 burial records for the city directories from 1863 to 1999. Canadian Jewish Heritage network
Shaarei Zedek Cemetery in Saint John. Researchers, particularly genealogists, The Saint John Jewish Historical For each entry, the data includes, where will find this information very useful. Museum was invited by Janice Rosen to available, the dates of birth, death and We will continue to add data to these share archival research on the Canadian burial, family relationships (parents, records as required and as time permits. Jewish Heritage Network website. The spouses, siblings and children), obituary At some point we also hope to make our Saint John Jewish Historical Museum is notices from Saint John newspapers and archival finding aids available through the first Jewish archives outside Quebec photographs of the gravestones. to post information on this site. The second set is composed of The link to the material currently Two sets of records were uploaded. information on Jewish residents and available is The first set of records is composed of businesses as recorded in Saint John  ASSOCIATION FOR CANADIAN JEWISh STUDIES
(Asterisks denote institutional members) Canadian Jewish Congress Charities Committee
Jewish Historical society of southern alberta
Betty Sherwood, President Dr. Norma Joseph, CJCCC National Archives Chair Agi Romer Segal, Librarian and Archivist Janice Rosen, CJCCC National Archives Director 1607 - 90th Avenue S.W.
1590 avenue Docteur Penfield Calgary, AB T2V 4V7 Montreal, QC H3G 1C5 Phone: 403-444-3171; Fax: 403-253-7915 Phone: 514-931-7531 ext. 2; Fax: 514-931-0548 ontario Jewish archives
Canadian society for Jewish studies *
Brooky Robins, Chair Professor Ira Robinson, President Dara Solomon, Director c/o Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies UJA Federation of Greater Toronto Concordia University 4600 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON M2R 3V2 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West Phone: 416-635-2883 ext. 5170; Fax: 416-849-1006 Montreal, QC H3G 1M8 Phone: 514-848-2424 ext. 2074; Fax: 514-848-8776 ottawa Jewish archives
Emily Leonoff, Archivist Concordia institute for Canadian Jewish studies *
21 Nadolny Sachs Private Professor Ira Robinson, Interim Chair Ottawa, ON K2A1R9 Interim Director, Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies Phone: 613-798-4696 ext. 260; Fax: 613-798-4695 Concordia University FA-101, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West Montreal, QC H3G 1M8 Phone: 514-848-2424 ext. 2074; Fax: 514-848-8776 saint John Jewish Historical museum
Gary Davis, President Katherine Biggs-Kraft, Curator 91 Leinster Street, Saint John, NB E2L 1J2 israel and golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish studies *
Phone: 506-633-1833; Fax: 506-642-9926 Professor Sara R. Horowitz, Director 763 York Research Tower 4700 Keele Street Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 Phone: 416-736-5823; Fax: 416-736-5344 university of toronto Centre for Jewish studies *
Professor Hindy Najman, Director University of Toronto Sidney Smith Hall, Room 5016 the Jewish museum & archives of British Columbia/
100 St. George Street Jewish Historical society of British Columbia
Toronto, ON M5S 3G3 Jennifer Yuhasz, Archivist Phone: 416-978-1624 Vancouver, BC V5Z 3G9 Phone: 604-257-5199 (Skype-friendly); Fax: 604-257-5198 Vered Jewish Canadian studies program * Professor Seymour Mayne, Program Coordinator University of Ottawa Jewish archives and Historical society of edmonton
70 Laurier Ave East, Room 354 & northern alberta
Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5 Jini Vogel, President Phone: 613-562-5800 ext. 1148; Fax: 613-562-5990 Debby Shoctor, Archivist 10220-156 St., Suite 200 Edmonton, AB T5P 2R1 Phone: 780-489-2809; Fax: 780-481-1854


Jacobs Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics Myasthenia Crisis in Pregnancy Roopan K. GILL MD1*, Tung Thanh Cao NGUYEN MD, FRCPC2, Pierre J. HUARD MD, FRCSC3, Hisham A. KHALIL MD, FRCSC4 1The University of Ottawa Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Canada 2The University of Ottawa, Division of Neurology, Canada 3The University of Ottawa, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Canada 4The University of Ottawa, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Canada*Corresponding author: Dr. Roopan K. Gill, 211 Carleton Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y0J5, Tel: (613) 796-4307; Email: [email protected] Received: 07/17/2015 Accepted: 08/07/2015 Published: 08/14/2015 Copyright: © 2015 Roopan

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