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The international classification of primary care (icpc)

USERS GUIDE ICPC-2 PLUS This guide consists of five Sections outlining the advantages of coding andclassifying your data, giving guidelines to the use of ICPC-2 PLUS and anumber of Appendices which are updated with each release.You may print parts of the guide, the whole document (≈ 54 pages) or use itas an "on line" version on your computer screen.To navigate through the guide click the to jump to thatSection or Appendix.

Cellcept medication guide

MEDICATION GUIDE CellCept [SEL-sept] (mycophenolate mofetil capsules) (mycophenolate mofetil tablets) CellCept Oral Suspension (mycophenolate mofetil for oral suspension) CellCept Intravenous (mycophenolate mofetil hydrochloride for injection) Read the Medication Guide that comes with CellCept before you start taking it and each time you refill your prescription. There may be new information. This Medication Guide does not take the place of talking with your doctor about your medical condition or your treatment.

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Multipower for Proteins Gainers Supplements Voluminisers Create your ideal for your training Whether it is body building, body shaping or body for- – a signifi cant increase in protein intake, ming – all these terms and trends in the fi tness stu- at least 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight

Article by m.l. chapagain and v.r. nerurkar - j. infect. dis. 2010

Human Polyomavirus JC (JCV) Infection of HumanB Lymphocytes: A Possible Mechanism for JCVTransmigration across the Blood-Brain Barrier Moti L. Chapagain and Vivek R. Nerurkar Retrovirology Research Laboratory, Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology, John A. Burns School of Medicine,University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii


FO CADRES N°144 la lettre de l'UCI-FO Guide pratique Prévoyance Pour la mise en place et le suivi de régime de prévoyance santé des branches professionnelles ou des entreprises régimes obligatoires de Sécurité tants des employeurs. des retraites emportera à l'évidence sociale, la prévoyance apporte


Hoodia gordonii, oft auch einfach nur Hoodia bzw. un- seriöse Händler legen Wert auf eine bestandsscho- genannt, ist kein Kaktus, nende Einsammlung. Hoodia gordonii steht in Südafrika sondern eine sukkulente Pflanze, die zur Unterfamilie unter gesetzlichem Naturschutz; die ganze Gattung der Seidenpflanzengewächsen (Asclepiadoideae) inner- Hoodia wurde im Jahr 2004 auch international unter

Genome89045 1184.1194

Lack of bystander activation shows that localization exterior tochromosome territories is not sufficient to up-regulate gene expression Céline Morey, Clémence Kress and Wendy A. Bickmore 2009 19: 1184-1194 originally published online April 23, 2009 Genome Res. This article cites 34 articles, 19 of which can be accessed free at: Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article - sign up in the box at the


Physiology of Hormones by Dr. Sherrill Sellman Women and hormones equal big business these days. Like animals lured into a snare by a trail of crumbs, women have been cajoled with scientific studies, media advertising, patient handbooks and drug samples to accept Hormone Replacement Therapy as a magic potion. HRT is praised as the cure for hot flashes and all the other symptoms assigned to the menopause pantheon. In


Genome-scale analyses of health- promoting bacteria: probiogenomicsMarco Ventura*, Sarah O'Flaherty‡, Marcus J. Claesson§, Francesca Turroni*, Todd R. Klaenhammer‡, Douwe van Sinderen§ and Paul W. O'Toole§ Abstract The human body is colonized by an enormous population of bacteria (microbiota) that provides the host with coding capacity and metabolic activities. Among the human gut microbiota are health-promoting indigenous species (probiotic bacteria) that are commonly consumed as live dietary supplements. Recent genomics-based studies (probiogenomics) are starting to provide insights into how probiotic bacteria sense and adapt to the gastrointestinal tract environment. In this Review, we discuss the application of probiogenomics in the elucidation of the molecular basis of probiosis using the well-recognized model probiotic bacteria genera Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus as examples.

Tamiflu (oseltamivir phosphate) capsules and oral suspension

HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION --------------------- DOSAGE FORMS AND STRENGTHS --------------------- These highlights do not include all the information needed to use • Capsules: 30 mg, 45 mg, 75 mg ( TAMIFLU safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for • Powder for oral suspension: 360 mg oseltamivir base (constituted to a final

Misoprostol in gynäkologie und geburtshilfe

FIAPAC Statement on the use of Misoprostol in Women's Health Care www.fiapac.org. October 2011 The prostaglandin E1 analogue is approved for the prevention and treatment of gastro-duodenal ulcers for patients being treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) - see Table I. It has been on the market since 1985 and is approved in more than 90 countries under the brand name of Cytotec®. Misoprostol has several advantages over other prostaglandins on the market. Being an E1 analogue, it has no effect on the bronchii and the blood vessels. It can be stored at room temperature for a long time provided the aluminium blister is not opened. The 200 microgram tablets are approved for oral use, but there are numerous publications showing the effectiveness of other routes of administration such as vaginal, sublingual, buccal and rectal. The only relevant side effects in clinical practice are gastrointestinal (diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, oral numbness), skin rash and fever, which are dose and route dependent and self-limiting.

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Happen Business Pty LimitedSuite 2, 29 - 33 Pitt Street PO Box 126, Mortdale NSW 2223 Australia p. +61 2 9570 4696f. +61 2 8569 1858w. www.happen.biz Jim2® Business Engine Jim2® Business Engine V2.17 release notes – 18/05/06 Offi cial Release - Build 2252 with optional Advanced Warehouse Management functionality.We are proud to announce the release of Jim2® BE version 2.17. This release includes many new features and enchancements and


ARTHRITIS SIGNS, SYMPTOMS, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT Is Arthritis Bothering You? by Francisco M. Torres, MD Are you struggling with tenderness, swelling, Who Gets Arthritis? stiffness, or sharp pain around your joints? All genders, races, and ages are susceptible Are you also dealing with other symptoms to arthritis. Sixty percent of those are like fever, swollen glands, fatigue, weight

Pii: s0301-4215(02)00135-0

Energy Policy 31 (2003) 393–403 The Seven Brothers Public Service International Research Unit, School of Computing and Mathematics, University of Greenwich, 30 Park Row, London SE10 9LS, UK in 2002 to form the sixth largest company. There is thena drop in size to the Italian company, ENI and the In 1975, Anthony Sampson wrote a book, ‘The Seven Spanish company, Repsol. As in 1975, the top three



Consequences of acute stress and cortisol manipulation on the physiology, behavior, and reproductive outcome of female pacific salmon on spawning grounds

Contents lists available at Hormones and Behavior Consequences of acute stress and cortisol manipulation on the physiology, behavior,and reproductive outcome of female Pacific salmon on spawning grounds Sarah H. McConnachie ,, Katrina V. Cook , David A. Patterson , Kathleen M. Gilmour , Scott G. Hinch Anthony P. Farrell , Steven J. Cooke a Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory, Department of Biology, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6b Fraser Environmental Watch Program, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Region, Science Branch, Cooperative Resource Management Institute,School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5A 1S6c Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, 30 Marie Curie, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1N 6N5d Department of Forest Sciences and Institute of Resources, Environment and Sustainability, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6T 1Z4e Department of Zoology and Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6T 1Z4f Institute of Environmental Science, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 5B6

Ne 170 lithium enrichment final report (final revisions)

Lithium Isotope Enrichment: Feasible Domestic Enrichment Alternatives Krzysztof Brozek Department of Nuclear Engineering University of California, Berkeley Report UCBTH-12-005 ABSTRACT In response to the United States' dire demand for Li-7, a study was conducted to explore and determine stable and economically viable domestic sources. Two alternative methods to mercury-based separation were investigated: crown-ether enrichment and atomic vapor laser isotope separation (AVLIS). Further experimentation is recommended to determine optimal parameters for a scaled-up mixer-settler system using crown ethers as reagents. An economic analysis of the mixer-settler system indicates that crown ethers may be an economically competitive option if used for large-scale production. AVLIS analysis indicates that high quality product may be obtainable in relatively few stages. AVLIS appears quite affordable but may be difficult to produce on a larger scale. Comparing the two options, AVLIS appears to be the better choice for meeting current U.S. pressurized water reactor (PWR) demands, while a mixer-settler crown ether system seems more viable if a fluoride salt-cooled high temperature reactor (FHR) market emerges. Given the strategic importance of continued and reliable operation of U.S. PWRs, it is recommended that the American utility industry encourage the development of a domestic supply of enriched Li-7 by offering to enter into long-term procurement contracts with a U.S.-based supplier and to encourage development of one or both of the enrichment methods described here.


Polycopié de Neurologie-Neuroradiologie et Neurochirurgie 2005-2006 – Faculté de Médecine de Strasbourg III. AUTRES ANOMALIES DE LA II. SYNDROME MYASTHÉNIFORME DE TRANSMISSION NEUROMUSCULAIRE Objectifs pédagogiques Diagnostiquer une myasthénie. CEN Connaissances requises Connaître les principaux éléments physiopathologiques de la myasthénie.


The Filshie Clip SystemFemale Surgical Contraception Dispelling the Myths!! From IUD's to contraceptive pills, from IUS to injectables, from implants to sterilisation – when it comes to contraception, today's women are spoilt for choice. Much has been written and debated on the merits of these different products and this brochure is designed to dispel the myths. .


Annual Report 2009 SINO BIOPHARMACEUTICAL LIMITED SINO BIOPHARMACEUTICAL LIMITED (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with Limited Liability) (Stock Code: 1177) Corporate Profile Financial Summary Chairman's Statement Management Discussion and Analysis Corporate Governance Report Report of Directors Directors and Senior Management Profile


ÉTICA Y ENFERMERÍA Lcda. Ana Orbegozo Aranburu Ética y Enfermería La ética ha sido desde siempre un factor muy importante en la medicina occidental, aunque es en las últimas décadas cuando lo esmás debido principalmente al desarrollo de la tecnología sanitaria yal avance en los derechos de los usuarios de los servicios sociosani-tarios, porque ha influido en el establecimiento de normas que regu-lan las conductas relacionadas con la salud y, de forma específica,enlas profesiones sanitarias.

Fish stock and fishery enhancement in western australia a discussion paper

FISH STOCK AND FISHERY ENHANCEMENT IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA A DISCUSSION PAPER FISHERIES MANAGEMENT PAPER No 175 Department of Fisheries 168 St Georges Terrace Fisheries Management Paper No. 175 Fish stock and fishery enhancement in Western Australia A Discussion Paper Fisheries Management Paper No. 175 Please note the public comment period for Fisheries Management Paper No. 175 Fish Stock and Fishery Enhancement in Western Australia and its companion document, Fisheries Management Paper 176 Fish Stock and Fishery Enhancement in Western Australia (Summary of Fisheries Management Paper No. 175), has been adjusted. The Department of Fisheries advises that the public comment period for both documents is open until 31 May 2004.


MCQs 6th academic year 1. The patient with aquired heart failure has diastolic pressure of 0 mm Hg. What heart failure does the child have? A. Aortal insufficiency B. Mitral stenosis C. Aortal stenosis D. Mitral insufficiency E. Rheumatic fever 2. One of your asthmatic patients arrives for a checkup. The child seems to need albuterol daily, especially when exercising, and she has coughing fits that awaken her from sleep about twice a week. Appropriate treatment measures would include which of the following?


WHO Discussion Paper (version dated 25 July 2016) Draft Updated Appendix 3 of the WHO Global NCD Action Plan 2013-2020 MANDATE 1. Resolution WHA69.6 noted "the process to update, in 2016, Appendix 3" and requested DG "to submit an updated Appendix 3 of the global action plan for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases 2013–2020, through the Executive Board, to the Seventieth World Health Assembly in 2017, in accordance with the timeline contained in Annex 2 of document A69/10"1. This WHO Discussion paper is prepared pursuant to this resolution. BACKGROUND 2.


Published on Web 12/03/2008 A Robust Platform for the Synthesis of New Tetracycline Cuixiang Sun, Qiu Wang, Jason D. Brubaker, Peter M. Wright, Christian D. Lerner, Kevin Noson, Mark Charest, Dionicio R. Siegel, Yi-Ming Wang, and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, HarVard UniVersity, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 Received August 21, 2008; E-mail: [email protected]

Part (3): matching

Benha University Faculty of nursing Fourth year final exam- second semester Course title: psychiatric and mental health nursing Time allowed: 3 hours Multiple-choice questions Define the following Fill in the blanks Part (1): Read the following Multiple-choice and circle the best answer: (15 marks) 1- Which of the following matches the definition of: "response to

The effectiveness of farabloc technology with mirror therapy in reducing phantom limb pain in individuals with an acute lower extremity vascular amputation

The effectiveness of Farabloc technology with Mirror Therapy in reducing phantom limb pain in individuals with a unilateral lower extremity vascular amputation Director of Thesis: Anne Dickerson Major Department: Occupational Therapy, East Carolina University Abstract Objective: The objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of combining two


Patología Nasosinusal Dr. Vicente Carrillo Andrades Anatomía y Fisiología Embriología Evaluación de la función nasal Radiografías Sinusitis aguda y crónica Rinitis alérgica La nariz es una pirámide triangular situada en la zona media de la cara. Está constituida por una armazón osteocartilaginosa: huesos propios,

Perspectivas clínicas ante la vivencia desafiante de morir en el adulto

Perspectivas clínicas ante la vivencia desafiante de morir en el VI Jornada de Bioética La muerte como evento y el MORIR como proceso Cuando las condiciones de salud se deterioran de modo irreversible y letal, el hombre entra en la fase terminal de la existencia terrena. Para él, el vivir se hace particular y progresivamente


Continue this Fall ork will continue this fall on projects began last winter to restore the stone terrace that spans the length of the Yaddo Mansion and to repair the building's weather-worn wood and stucco façade. In Januar y, while ar tists toiled elsewhere on the grounds, the Mansion—normally dormant for the winter months—was abuzz with activity as workers moved in to begin demolition of the terrace

Microsoft word - frc 2013 cover page

2ND ANNUAL FLORIDA RESIDENCY CONFERENCE May 9-10, 2013 University of Florida College of Pharmacy Gainesville, Florida Sponsored by the FSHP Research and Education Foundation 2ND ANNUAL FLORIDA RESIDENCY CONFERENCE Welcome to the Second Annual Florida Residency Conference. We are grateful to all in attendance and we are looking forward to another great conference full of high quality resident presentations, as well as some quality time with friends and colleagues. The Florida Residency Conference Steering Committee has been busy looking ahead to not only this conference but the future of the FRC.


Abstracts og program Forskningens Dag 30. april 2009 Forskningens Dag 2009 er tilrettelagt af: Molekylærbiolog, Torben Lüth Andersson, Hæmatologisk Afdeling Overlæge Henrik Krarup, Klinisk Biokemisk Afdeling Seniorforsker Birgitte Schantz Laursen, Forskningsenhed for Klinisk Sygepleje Biostatistiker Claus Dethlefsen, Kardiovaskulært Forskningscenter Kommunikationsmedarbejder Peter Friis Jeppesen, Afdelingen for Universitetshospitalsanliggender

Guideline vulvovaginal candidosis (2010) of the german society for gynecology and obstetrics, the working group for infections and infectimmunology in gynecology and obstetrics, the german society of dermatology, the board of german dermatologists and the german speaking mycological society

Diagnosis,Therapy and Prophylaxis of Fungal Diseases Guideline vulvovaginal candidosis (2010) of the german society forgynecology and obstetrics, the working group for infections andinfectimmunology in gynecology and obstetrics, the german societyof dermatology, the board of german dermatologists and the germanspeaking mycological society W. Mendling and J. Brasch Prof. Dr. med. Werner Mendling, Vivantes – Klinikum im Friedrichshain and Am Urban, Clinics for Obstetrics and Gynecology (2011 retired), 10249 Berlin,Landsberger Allee 49Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Brasch, University Hospitals of Schleswig – Holstein, Campus Kiel, Department of Dermatology, Venerology and Allergology,Schittenhelmstrasse 7, 24105 Kiel, Germany


Mardi 19 octobre 2010 Numéro 202 Créé en 1950 Vendu en kiosques et par abonnement Prix 4,50 CHF (TVA 2,4% incl.) - 3,00 EUR [email protected] Rédacteur en chef: François Schaller ACCORD SUR DES SANCTIONS AUTOMATIQUESLa fin de la désinvolturebudgétaire en Europe PAGE 21 JA-PP/JOURNAL — CASE POSTALE 5031 — CH-1002 LAUSANNE DOW JONES 11143.69


A Provider's Guide for the Care of Women with Physical Disabilities and Chronic Suzanne C. Smeltzer, RN, EdD, FAAN Professor & Director, Nursing Research Director, Health Promotion for Women with Disabilities Project Villanova University College of Nursing 800 Lancaster Avenue Villanova, PA 19085 Phone: 610-519-6828 Fax: 610-519-7650 Nancy C. Sharts-Hopko, RN, PhD, FAAN

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IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic IARC Monograph Evaluations experimental animals other relevant data  Sufficient evidence  Sufficient evidence • Mechanistic data "weak,"  Limited evidence  Limited evidence "moderate," or "strong"?  Inadequate evidence  Inadequate evidence  Evidence suggesting lack of  Evidence suggesting lack of • Mechanism likely to be


Seguridad e Higiene Industrial SEGURIDAD INDUSTRIAL [Guía del participante] Técnico Nivel Operativo Senati virtu@l Seguridad e Higiene Industrial Tabla de Contenido Seguridad e Higiene Industrial Seguridad e Higiene Industrial La promulgación del Reglamento de la Ley Nº 29783, Ley de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo, en

Table 4

Opioid Prescribing Tool Kit Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS Tufts University School of Medicine Boston, MA Analgesic Research Needham, MA © Nathaniel Katz, MD, MS 2006. All rights reserved. Funded in part by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Production support provided by Fusion Medical Education, LLC, Wakefield, MA


AGGIORNAMENTI IN MEDICINA VETERINARIA :questioni di clinica medica degli animali da compagnia  Diagnosi caso 1: Il cane magro con il "pancione": un segno, tante cause Grazie alla raccolta anamnestica, la visita clinica e le indagini collaterali è stato possibile raggiungere la diagnosi di sospetto: epatite cronica di origine tossica causata dall'ingestione di parti velenose di Cycas Revoluta. Le epatiti croniche del cane, sono processi flogistici che si sviluppano principalmente a livello del parenchima epatico, con il conseguente innalzamento dei valori delle transaminasi. Si tratta di patologie che si riscontrano soprattutto in cani di età adulta (4-7 anni) ad eccezione delle forme ereditarie da accumulo di rame che possono insorgere anche in soggetti più giovani; risultano maggiormente interessate le femmine, e, pur potendo interessare tutte le razze, esiste maggiore predisposizione per Bedlington Terrier, Dalmata, Labrador Retriever, Whest Highland White Terrier, Dobermann e Spaniel. Dal punto di vista sintomatologico, i cani affetti da epatite cronica possono presentarsi asintomatici o con segni clinici del tutto aspecifici, quali poliuria e polidipsia, anoressia/disoressia, dimagramento, abbattimento e intolleranza agli sforzi, vomito, diarrea e nei, casi gravi, ascite, coagulopatie ed encefalopatia epatica. La visita clinica del paziente raramente porta al riscontro di qualche reperto indicativo ad eccezione di uno scadimento delle condizioni generali del soggetto, o condizioni più eclatanti come ittero o ascite. Anche le alterazioni di laboratorio risultano non sempre indicative: si riscontrano di norma aumenti delle transaminasi , meno costanti aumenti di fosfatasi alcalina e γ-glutamiltransferasi; nelle fasi avanzate è poi possibile evidenziare tutte le alterazioni indicative di un malfunzionamento epatico, come ipoalbuminemia, riduzione dei valori dell'urea, aumento degli acidi biliari, abbassamento del fibrinogeno. Tra le alterazioni ematologiche che si possono incontrare, ci sono lieve anemia, leucocitosi e piastrinopenia (da consumo, in associazione a coagulopatia) oltre all'aumento dei tempi coagulativi (tempo di protrombina (PT), e tempo di tromboplastina parziale, PTT). La diagnostica per immagini, ed in particolare l'ecografia addominale, può solo completare il quadro ma non fornisce la diagnosi di certezza, in quanto possono sia essere evidenziate alterazioni nella struttura epatica, soprattutto in caso di cirrosi, ma non necessariamente soggetti affetti da epatite cronica presentano alterazioni dell'ecostruttura rilevabili all'esame. Lo strumento diagnostico più indicato in caso di tali patologie, è rappresentato dall'esame istopatologico di un campione prelevato tramite biopsia (ovviamente va ricordato che, in caso di patologia avanzata, in cui fossero comparsi deficit coagulativi, quest'ultima risulta controindicata). Nel presente caso l'esame bioptico ed istopatologico non è stato eseguito in quanto il proprietario non ha dato il suo consenso alla procedura perché preoccupato degli elevati rischi anestesiologici dovuti alla grave condizione clinica del suo cane.


Many Thanks to all those contributors who take the time to send Business news of Irish Jewel ery interest to 2010. If your foto is here and you would like the original (better quality, suitable for printing etc., and with al the other fotos from the relevant occasion, just ask). We can do DVD's now and can fit a lot on it. Free. Foto at left of Aine

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Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research General Administration of Private and Foreign Higher Education Alfajr College for Science and Technology Curriculum of Dentistry Program 2015 INTRODUCTION The curriculum has passed through tow developmental milestones:


12Smoking cessation and nicotine-replacement therapies Thomas E. Novotny, Jillian Clare Cohen, Ayda Yurekli, David Sweanor, and Joy de Beyer Initiatives that help smokers to quit are key components in an effective tobacco-controlprogram. Unaided, individuals' chances of quitting are low, but success rates are higherwhen smokers use nicotine-replacement therapies (NRTs) and other pharmacologicaltherapies. The current market for NRTs worldwide is small compared with the marketfor cigarettes, and is mostly concentrated in high-income countries. The small marketlargely reflects low levels of demand, especially in low-income and middle-incomecountries. However, the regulation of NRTs, for example through conditions of sale,also reduces access to them. Public policy options for increasing access to NRTs includethe deregulation of conditions of sale. In addition, increased public information aboutthe hazards of smoking and the benefits of cessation appear to be important for increas-ing demand for NRTs. Where studied, NRTs have been found to be cost-effective.Theoretically, these therapies could be publicly financed for the poorest smokers. Inpractice, however, it would be difficult to target those on the lowest incomes.