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the noblest of professions

the art of role model ing
PSA gains momentum

Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
Inspiring one another
Meet the Chairman
The highest form of pure thought
In Term 1, Dr Gavin Nicholson took
When asked about his thoughts on his new role as the Col ege continues to develop and grow, up the position of Chairman of
as Chair of Council, Dr Nicholson said: there are changes coming to fruition such as the The noblest of professions
Council, following endorsement of
construction of the new Science Centre and the "It is certainly an important role, if not highly expansion of the Col ege to provide a Prep to The art of role modelling
his appointment by His Grace the
visible. Moving into the role of Chair has been Year 12 campus.
Most Rev Phillip Aspinall, Archbishop made much easier by having a good Council
Food for thought
of Brisbane.
and a wel -established system, thanks to the "At the heart of all this change is making sure outgoing Chairman, Cannon Maughan, and we prepare our students to be effective global Diakonos noticeboard
Dr Nicholson comes with a wealth of experience the support of staff, the Anglican Schools citizens and that we remain focussed on the CHAC's environment
in corporate governance and strategy, having Commission, and the Church. CHAC's ‘whole' student, to provide them with a solid lectured extensively at home and abroad, management team is also great to work with.
foundation on which to build the rest of their Inspiring futures
researched in the areas of governance policy "It is an exciting time for the Col ege, with a and practice, contributed to leading journals in number of significant changes on the horizon. No brainer
his field, advised organisations from large public There are the broader systemic changes in companies to not-for-profits, and co-authored education, not least of which is the movement and published books and manuals on the of Year 7 from Primary to Senior school. And, Making music
PSA gains momentum
Next Practice - labs for the future
"I am constantly inspired by the progress of our students throughout their life at CHAC. As we share their journey toward adulthood, it is a privilege to play a part in helping them shape their Pax et Bonum supplements the fortnightly special niche in the world." newsletter in maintaining links with parents, grandparents, friends and supporters of Wil iam Watts (Year 6) receives his winner's medal ion, having won the 12 Years' category the Col ege. The magazine keeps the CHAC at the Inter-House Cross-country. On Foundation Day, Dr Gavin Nicholson community informed of current activities and presented John Paterson with his framed achievements, and highlights Faculty and certificate, in acknowledgement of ten years Col ege initiatives throughout the year.
Adopting an annual College theme
Inspiration comes from many sources – of service to the Col ege. Thank you to all staff, parents and students is easy; putting it into practice is the
especial y the people and the activities that for your contributions.
surround us – when we look careful y. I am confident that you, dear reader, will be inspired The role of the College Council is to:
Anne Andrew
by the stories of students past and present, The stories recorded in this Autumn edition • ensure the Col ege is focussed on fulfil ing of Pax et Bonum give some insight into our teachers, and activities that have motivated us its objectives by: progress so far in 2012 in embedding our theme in the first half of this year. Enjoy the chal enge of Inspiring One Another. of matching staff names with the array - setting strategic directions and Editorial Contact Details
of exploits revealed on Page 7 in the formulating policies that directly The cover photograph and the article on Pages Did you know? segment.
impact on the Col ege and systematical y Communications Office 12 and 13 remind us how fortunate we are. The monitoring the implementation of those Telephone: 07 3896 0439 very environment in which we learn and work By the time we come to the next edition, is a source of inspiration and calm – we come to Rachael Dodds will be back from the London - protecting and enhancing the educational school each day to a natural environment rich Paralympics and our Science Centre will be wel - Cannon Hill Anglican Col ege Pty Ltd benefit for students in beauty, tranquil ity and birdsong. This unique advanced – live abundantly in the meantime.
ACN 010 733 249 ABN 46 010 733 249 attribute of ‘our place' is high on the list of our - meeting the Col ege's obligations to the Cnr Junction & Krupp Roads, Happy reading.
community's valued sources of inspiration Col ege community Cannon Hill QLD 4170 • ensure that the Col ege is appropriately Postal: PO Box 3366, resourced (both in terms of financial and I'd like to commend Anne Andrew – our Tingalpa DC QLD 4173 human capital) to meet its Objects Communications & Development Manager – Telephone: 07 3896 0444 on her excel ent eye, canny ability to be in the Fax: 07 3896 0448 • undertake effective oversight of the Col ege right place at the right time, and deft handling Email: col [email protected] • develop and guard an appropriate ethical of the camera in capturing these photos of our Chair of Council, Dr Gavin Nicholson, meets Col ege leaders Aleks, El ie, Megan and Jack. culture within the Col ege.
CRICOS PROVIDER NO. 00646F campus environment!

Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
The highest form of pure thought
According to Plato, the highest form of pure thought is in Mathematics.
At CHAC, the equation is simple – add passion to differentiation and the

Calculating the benefits "I've always had a love for Maths, and I am
get out of bed in the morning and to come to enjoying revisiting my favourite subject with work with a sense of excitement and great joy!" solution is high achievement.
my daughter as she begins to real y enjoy a and feedback equate
It was apparent that there was something "Australia is struggling to maintain student As always, the proof is in the pudding subject that will be useful to her for the rest of
The fruits of the Maths Faculty's labour are exceptional about our Maths Faculty when, at enrolments in advanced Maths at school and and Year 8 student, Olivia van der
her life. While I am sitting next to her, we are evident enough with past CHAC graduates to success
an Open Day, Mr Gary O'Brien was overheard university, and to attract and retain enough Drift, new to CHAC in 2012, had this
both students, helping one another. We are also undertaking research at Oxford University, chal enging a prospective student. The young qualified teachers." Last year, the teachers of the Maths Faculty enjoying time together on an entirely different running international IT companies, and lady's nose had crinkled at the mention of conducted a Teachers as Researchers program level than we have ever experienced and we are training as fighter pilots for the RAF, and more Maths, in response to which Mr O'Brien made CHAC bucks the trends in Maths
aimed at identifying, implementing and "I have been inspired by many of the teachers both getting joy out of our work." recent graduates studying towards Science, her promise to come and see him when she measuring a differentiation program. Each here to strive for the best I can be. Although Engineering, Accounting and Commerce graduated from CHAC– at which time he With a Mathematics Faculty of eleven staff, 82% student was assessed, with the aid of many of the teachers have stimulated me to Mr Gary O'Brien, Head of Curriculum (and overt guaranteed she would be passionate about of whom have been at CHAC for over five years diagnostic tools, to measure and evaluate aim high, I have definitely taken a turn towards Maths advocate) is not surprised by Olivia's It was Sam Cooke who sang that he didn't know Maths. If the 2011 OP 1 to 5 graduates' quotes at (four of which are in their tenth year or higher), their different levels in thinking in relation Maths. Mr Bothma is my teacher for Year 8 much about trigonometry. He should have come the 2012 Honours Assembly were anything to CHAC is in the enviable position of having a to their Maths studies. Results were produced Maths and has been so amazing with his style "It is very easy to take for granted the great go by, he spoke the truth. More than the truth, highly qualified, stable and committed team of in graph form which gave a clear visual of teaching. He is guiding not only me but people and opportunities we have here at Maths teachers. Between them, they boast four representation of each student's potential, the whole class in learning and becoming CHAC. The teaching staff are second to none Masters, 13 Degrees (including Aero Mechanical clearly identifying areas for intervention in independent learners." Honours students pay homage to the
in terms of the commitment, dedication and Systems Engineering), and numerous post order to encourage the student to strive for Maths Faculty
passion they have for the students, in preparing graduate qualifications. And in 2012 alone, his or her best possible results based Even Olivia's father is getting excited about them to strive to fulfil their individual potential. Graduate after graduate paid homage to their 44% of students are studying Maths B and an on individual ability. Maths and is studying alongside his daughter, in an effort to keep pace with her learning.
It is students like Olivia that drive each of us to "Through active
Maths teachers for not only helping them to impressive 21% of the cohort is tackling the even pass Maths and, in most cases, exceed their more chal enging and higher grade Maths C. "An A student may look like intervention was not necessary but these diagnostic participation, students
own expectations, but for also instil ing in The subject is certainly alive and well at CHAC.
them a love of Mathematics. There was an tools could highlight areas of weakness, explore and discover
amusing and memorable moment when one Part of the reason must also be attributed even in top-performing students. The graph could highlight that they avoided study, for the intrinsic beauty
of the graduates, nervous about speaking to Head of the Mathematics Faculty, Mr Paul to an Auditorium full of people, and having Bothma. Spend just ten minutes with Mr Bothma example; this could then be discussed with and power of the
just thanked staff for helping her through the and it is not hard to see why students become parents and a strategy for improvement agreed," said Mr Bothma. subject so that they
difficult Maths B, referred to 99% of hard work in excited about what could be considered, in one breath, and the "other 10%" in the next. The some quarters, a dry and difficult subject. His "The other fascinating aspect of the research are equipped to meet
Maths Faculty just shook its col ective head! passion and enthusiasm for the subject, his was the documented increase in results as a the demands of the
teaching team, and the students, is infectious. But it is consistent and heartfelt praise from But more than that, his desire to see each direct correlation to the feedback given to the student. This is feedback that goes beyond current and past students that stand testament student achieve beyond their own self-belief to CHAC bucking the trends for the number is inspirational. And this is achieved by paying the norm; speed of feedback and individual of students undertaking higher level studies more than just lip-service to working with each focus being of prime importance." in Maths. Kim Arlington commented in the student on an individual level. Sydney Morning Herald, 15 February 2012, that Head of Faculty – Mathematics Did you know?
Passion + Differentiation In a previous role, Ms Vicki Strid, Head of House Russell and Maths teacher, was = high achievement the International Deputy Chief Examiner for Mathematics for the International Baccalaureate. Based in Cardiff, Wales, at the time, Ms Strid also wrote a text book on Mathematical Studies that is still in use today.
Tablet technology aids differentiation Open Day guests were eager to join in as the Maths Faculty prepared its engaging and speed of feedback. and interactive display in readiness for CHAC's March Open Day. Academic excel ence adds up when the correct equation is applied. Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
The noblest of professions
Did you know?
The art of role model ing
One of the many recognised and esteemed aspects of life at CHAC, that is revered by parents, staff and students alike,
- Our teachers include past lawyers, a Congratulations to Visual Art teacher, Ms Colleen Boyle, who was recently
is the wonderful interconnectedness and mutual respect shared between our teachers and pupils.
research scientist, an artist, a translator awarded Exemplary Teacher status.
for the United Nations, and several State Representatives or Champions encompassing touch footbal , cross-country, athletics, rowing and middle distance running. And it pays to behave in class as the team also includes a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
- Life experiences among CHAC's teaching staff include trekking the mountains of Nepal, being stalked by white rhinos in Zimbabwe, sky-diving in New Zealand, starring in film and television alongside actors from Harrison Ford to Agro, and escaping a Maoist coup in Kathmandu – at 3am in the morning…. in a rickshaw! - Teachers have taught from Punchbowl to Philadelphia and Portsmouth, Dimbulah to Dubai, Laos to London's East End, and Biggenden to Bogotá. - Col ectively, our teachers can converse in a plethora of languages, including Russian and Zulu! - Some CHAC staff use their down time, including long-service leave, to embody CHAC's mission of service. In the last twelve months, this work has included working with orphanages in Bolivia and Burma, volunteering in Tanzania, and teaching English in China.
Ms Col een Boyle (right) and Mrs Maree Dugan were recognised recently for twenty years of service to CHAC, and were congratulated by State Member for Bulimba, Mr Aaron Dil away. Once a year, on World Teachers' Day (WTD), the "When people ask me what I value most about Owen Burton agreed.
Senior Leadership Team take time out to serve the Col ege," said Chelsea Enright, "the first "From draft feedback to words of wisdom, you Ms Boyle is one of a small number of such exemplary teachers have a very significant breakfast – kindly prepared by our P&F – to our thing that comes to mind is the teaching staff have always been there to support us. In truth, appointments in Queensland Anglican schools influence on the positive learning outcomes of staff and use the opportunity to focus attention and their respect shown to the students. I am so a day is not nearly enough time to fairly or awarded the Exemplary Teacher classification students and have the capacity to provide high on what is often referred to as the noblest of thankful for the support my teachers have given, accurately recognise the impact you have had to date, fol owing a thorough, evidence-based quality mentorship to col eagues with whom they professions – teaching.
particularly over the past two years. on our lives. Thank you for changing our lives application process that scrutinised professional work. At the most recent WTD, Mrs Robyn Bell "Your continued guidance, friendship, knowledge, practice and engagement.
Ms Boyle joins Ms Jo-Anne Hine (Visual Art), welcomed guests with inspirational words of inspiration and discipline have shaped the Our marketing materials state that we The aim of the Exemplary Teacher provision Mrs Marion Rutter (Health and Physical people we are today. The amount of time and provide "strong connections and supportive in the Queensland Anglican Schools Enterprise Education) and Mme Darya Gunn (Languages dedication you have provided to the students "Congratulations on your vocation – anyone and relationships with students and their families Agreement (2012) is: Education) who have already been awarded does not go unnoticed.
every one of us can change the world – we are that nurture a sense of belonging". How Exemplary Teacher status.
To be at the forefront of initiatives across the doing the most important work in the world – "We are all thankful for the time spent before satisfying to know that our students are walking, national and international education community right here in this beautiful place." and after school, and on weekends, whether it talking evidence that CHAC ‘does what is says to identify exemplary teachers in Queensland is the last minute Maths tutorials till 5pm or 7am on the tin', to quote a wel -known advertising Mrs Elizabeth Mor – a long-term CHAC staff EXEMPLARY, adj. Then the words spoken by our 2011 Vice Anglican Schools and also to reward and retain Music and Sport practices for upcoming events, member (21 years) – spent some of her recent Serving as a desirable model; Captains resulted in more than a few misty eyes exemplary teachers who consistently demonstrate you are always there wil ing to provide us with long-service leave volunteering for the School representing the best of its kind among the appreciative audience.
high levels of professionalism and performance in endless opportunities." of St Jude, in Tanzania. the classroom. It is recognised by Employers that Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
Food for thought
In our Mission Statement, we state that Cannon Hill Anglican
Physical – Dietary Needs
College is a dynamic Christian learning community which strives Part of the Health and Physical Education
to offer a balanced and holistic educational environment, in order curriculum for Year 8s is a core unit (if you
to develop the intellectual, social, physical, emotional, aesthetic
will pardon the pun!) which develops the and spiritual dimensions of each of its members. Using food as
prerequisite skil s associated with life-long learning and decisions regarding personal the focus, we examine how this one theme impacts on the many health and physical activity. Students examine
and varied aspects of life at CHAC.
dietary needs for adolescents, healthy eating plans based on the five food groups, junk food, the facts about fad and crash diets, and body Intellectual - Brain Food
Social – Staff Wellbeing
image, including the role the media plays in El a Campbel Amelia Cant the latter. In Year 10, students learn about the Year 4 student, Timothy Christie, best summed Under the Smarter Schools National Partnerships importance of diet and body weight in relation up the idea of Brain Food when he said: funding, CHAC is participating in a school-based to fuel ing and affecting sports performance.
project to support the development of a deeper "We have a break from hard work. We eat fruit whole school approach to the physical, spiritual, Past student Sal y Baumann (Class of 2006), and sit down and listen to a story. The little rest, who is completing her Master of Dietetics at Emotional – Pastoral Care
Aesthetic – Visual Art
Spiritual – Ministry
emotional and psychological wel being of staff.
and the fruit, gives us energy." University of Queensland, believes that this Underpinned by significant research and Who of us hasn't used food, at one time or The stil -life watercolour and fine-point-pen At CHAC, through Life and Faith and our education is vital. Hannah Hammill and Benjamin Harms agreed, participation in professional learning in the area another, to celebrate, to comfort, to support drawings produced by Year 8 students saw the pastoral care program, we endeavour to instil when they said, respectively: of workplace wel ness, this initiative facilitates someone in need, to woo, or to share culmination of a unit in which they learned how in our students the importance of practices "Proper nutrition is absolutely essential for "It is a long time between morning tea and a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to hospitality? In an actual as well as metaphorical to engage the right side of their brain, in order which strengthen them spiritual y – such as children and adolescents so that growth, both lunch time – we get hungry and want to eat sense, CHAC's pastoral care program feeds our to be more effective in their art studies. Through prayer, reflection, and community service. We physical y and mental y, is optimised. It also can something. The little break helps our brain." students – physical y, mental y and spiritual y. the use of observational techniques such as encourage students to be inclusive which, in ensure that academic potential is achieved. I'm Nicknamed Get CHACtive, one of the strategies And, "If we didn't eat the fruit, we would Whether it is meeting and making new friends blind contour, opposite hand and upside down turn, nourishes others.
glad that CHAC has woven it into the curriculum employed to promote the health and wel being concentrate on being hungry rather than on over dinner at camp, bonding at a House BBQ, drawing, students switched on the right side of as early as it has because nutrition education of CHAC staff is the provision of healthy The theme of food and nourishment is a supporting one another through the Big Sister their brains (visual – images and patterns) rather has the ability to affect change not only in the morning teas, hosted by different faculties and and Big Brother programs, sharing House pizzas, than limiting creativity by relying on the left common one in the Christian tradition. From the short-term, but can set students up for a lifetime Mrs Abbey Jane, teacher of the Year 4 class, departments, in turn. On these occasions, fruit or connecting with both older and younger side, which is more oriented to words, symbols earliest stories of God feeding his people with of healthy lifestyle choices. It empowers and encourages the students to have fruit each and low-fat snacks replace the sometimes lesser students through the vertical House system – and numbers.
‘manna from heaven' while in the desert, God enables students to take control of their day, for both their health and to help them healthy options.
students are nurtured, fulfil ed and blessed with has been a source of both spiritual and physical sustenance for the body and soul.
sustenance for believers.
Jesus took up this theme with great enthusiasm, using food and hospitality as the central metaphor for the kingdom of God. He describes God's kingdom variously as a feast, a banquet or a celebration, to which all people are invited, even the most lowly or marginalised. Jesus changed water to wine, fed thousands with fish and bread, and encouraged his fol owers to share what they had with one another, so that all could be fil ed. Holy Communion, which lies at the heart of the Christian tradition, continues to provide spiritual nourishment for mil ions. Food – so ordinary but with such power as a symbol of inclusion and life.
Zoe Wil iams Hannah McGraw Hannah Parenti Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
Welcome to the Diakonos noticeboard. Diakonos, the Biblical Greek verb ‘to serve', describes the mission of service at CHAC. Our Col ege provides opportunities to serve our community and our environment by actively supporting and creating links with community groups and organisations to enable students to be connected and engaged with ‘real world' activities. Four Committees are overseen by the Diakonos Coordinating Committee, led by the Col ege Chaplain: Boys' Education Committee, Environment Committee, Girls' Education Committee, and Social Justice Committee.
Members of the Social Justice Committee present Ms Claire Duvenage, occupational therapist at Royal Did you know?
Brisbane Women's Hospital (RBWH) – and CHAC College Captain 2005 – with a cheque for $200. The CHAC – through the Boys' Education Shave for a Cure
funds were raised for the Eat Walk Engage program Committee – supports the Anglican at RBWH, which supports long-stay elderly patients.
charity Mission to Seafarers (MTS). Bein A huge crowd of cheering CHAC students gathered to support Gina Ramsay so close to the Port of Brisb (Year 10) as she said goodbye to her flowing locks, as part of the World's a natural choice. O Greatest Shave. Gina's brave move raised in excess of $2500 for the Leukaemia ver the years the Foundation, while her freshly-shorn hair was sent to the Princess Charlotte n has sought to help seafarers in Alopecia Foundation, to be used in making wigs for alopecia sufferers. all kinds of practical ways, as they are Although Gina does not know any person with cancer, she is a diabetic and often away from their families for long is keen to support any organisation that is in search of a cure for life's tough periods and may face loneliness and ill-health or injury. The welcome from the MTS Chaplains and volunteers may be the only onshore hospitality they receive.
International Women's Day
Development Studies (University of Sydney). On 7 March, a day prior to International Women's Day (IWD), Ell Harrison, Anna Reynolds, Isabel a Hine and Carly was joined by Jacquie FitzGerald, Secretary Nicola Bignell (above) joined 110 CHAC mums, students of the Brisbane Chapter of UN Women. Jacquie works and staff for the Girls' Education Committee's fifth
for the Department of Education and Training in Human annual IWD breakfast, held this year at the Resources, and sees education as vital to enabling women to take greater control over their lives and g One Another
improve the financial circumstances, health At the recent MOCHA Coffee Morning in the Carly Stephen, Project Manager at the Foundation and wel being of their children and families. rlier this year, the Boys' Education Committee welcomed Wetlands, parents helped to raise funds for cancer for Development Cooperation, was a guest speaker. 6-year-old Mr Jack Sinclair to their Boys for Success Breakfast. Carly has had several years' experience managing and A day later – on IWD day itself – eight students also research, as part of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea.
ver 90 guests were inspired by Jack's attitude, determination working on development projects in the Asia-Pacific attended the Brisbane UN Women International and self-belief, and were engrossed by Jack's tales of feats of region, in areas including governance and leadership Women's Day Breakfast at the Brisbane Exhibition endurance, including cycling across Australia, running solo and resource sector community development. She holds & Conference Centre.
around Tasmania, and completing the Gold Coast Marathon. a double degree in Political Science and International These events continue to develop leadership skil s amongst Business, a first class honours degree in International our students, as well as providing welcome opportunities for Relations (University of Queensland) and a Masters of ‘bonding over breakfast'! Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
"The grounds were amazing!"
At our recent Open Day, the aspects
Comments like ‘lovely grounds', ‘like the natural learning space – complete with creek – as part of the College which attracted the
environment', ‘the grounds were amazing', ‘very of our campus. And what better environment most comments were the politeness
impressed with the natural environment', and could we have for our Cross-country training As a Col ege built very much on community, we ‘access to Wetlands and natural environment' and friendliness of the students, the
look forward to sharing with family, friends and were some of the thoughts documented in an passionate teachers, the wonderful
neighbours our upcoming Wetlands Festival Open Day survey.
As a Col ege based on pathways rather than ‘feel' of the campus, and the beautiful
corridors, and trees for natural shade rather on 27 May. Environmental tours, tree planting, and conservation displays are a very important environment, the latter being one
While we are thril ed to be set among towering than man-made structures, it is not surprising gums and to be so close to the stunning, and therefore that visitors quickly appreciate the part of this significant day in CHAC's biennial of the elements that took first-time
protected, Melaleuca Wetlands, that create the serenity of such a natural setting and the beauty calendar, which celebrates Environment, visitors by surprise.
tranquil atmosphere so appreciated by al , there of being nestled among mature trees – which Community and Sustainability. is also the added advantage of an authentic create a sense of continuity and establishment.
The Wetlands is used for a variety of educational
opportunities, from science experiments
and flora and fauna monitoring, to providing
inspiration for Eco Artists' Books. The latter is a
Days of Excel ence program for Year 10 students
from independent schools across Brisbane.
Participants learn mono-printing and transfer
techniques, to create pages for a hand-made
book, which is completed using Coptic binding
Years 11 and 12 Biology students utilise the Wetlands to assist with their understanding of Ecology, in particularly habitats. The 2011 Year 9 students had a particularly engaging assignment when they were tasked with producing an educational pamphlet for the Wetlands. This included identifying five key species and their relation to the Wetlands, threats to the species, and the creation of eco-tours – which were presented to Year 7 students. The eco-tours were also conducted on the Col ege's Open Day, in March.
Relaxation –
Two major tree-planting programs will take MOCHA coffee morning
place this year, thanks to the coordination of the Col ege's Environment Committee which, On May 15, a group of CHAC parents gathered in 2012, is enjoying the largest volunteer for coffee. Instead of the usual hustle and bustle membership ever. During our Wetlands Festival, of a local café, the setting for this MOCHA Coffee in May, and National Tree Day, in July, a number Morning was our very own Wetlands. Coffee was of native species will be planted on campus by available from a mobile coffee van, birdsong students and visitors. The recently acquired provided the background soundtrack, and the worm farm will doubtless come in handy for warm morning sunshine enhanced the relaxing providing the necessary nutrients for the ambience of the natural environment. All images were taken on the CHAC campus Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
No brainer!
The National Youth Science Forum
computing, chemistry, biomedicine, animal and The aim of the forum is to inform, inspire, and That past student Jessica Barnes
"My Senior Science teachers at CHAC were Physiological Mechanisms of Executive Control – (NYSF) is a two-week residential
plant biology, earth and environmental sciences, chal enge students to consider what working in (Class of 2002) would enter the field
obviously passionate about their subjects and at the Queensland Brain Institute." conference for Australia's best and
and engineering.
different fields is real y like. They have a unique of science was obvious. In only Year 9, also hugely encouraging and supportive of my
opportunity to talk to dozens of practicing interest in science during Years 11 and 12.
The thing that strikes instantly about Jessica, brightest science students entering
"While at the forum, held at the National Jessica knew – beyond any shadow of
is her obvious and enduring passion for her scientists and engineers at, and about, their Year 12 – tomorrow's leaders in the
University in Canberra, we were given a hectic a doubt – what she wanted to do.
"And so I specialised in neuroscience in my sciences – who are thinking about
schedule of events," said El ie. "In one day, undergraduate degree, did a research project "I've always been interested in science, but "The brain still manages to astound me on a career in science, engineering or
we picnicked at Pine Mountain, mingled with "The most amazing part of the forum was in cel ular neuroscience for my Honours year, it was during some Year 9 Biology classes discovering some of the future avenues of worked in a developmental neuroscience lab pretty much a daily basis, like it astounded me the country's top scientists, and held a video conference with the CERN Large Hadron Col ider about psychology and neuroscience that I was science, like using air to power an engine to fly for two years, and have spent the past three- back in those Year 9 classes. At the moment I'm properly introduced to how fascinating and from Brisbane to London in 40 minutes," said and-a-bit years doing my PhD in cognitive analysing data that I col ected to see what's Not surprisingly, selection to attend the research facility in France." captivating the brain is. From then onwards El ie. "We were fortunate enough to experience neuroscience. I am now completing the last happening in the brain when a person makes conference is very competitive, with only Another benefit of the NYSF is a network I knew I wanted to learn about the brain, at current developments in science and be six months of my project - Neurochemical and a mistake while performing a task. Even if you around 20% of the 2000 applicants proving of friends, col eagues and support groups have absolutely no idea that you've made a successful. Securing a highly sought after spot immersed in real-life situations as opposed to throughout Australia, which will be of value to mistake, your brain still notices and registers on this prestigious Forum was our very own reading from a textbook. participants for the whole of their lives. it on a certain level and subtly adjusts your 2012 Vice-Captain – Elizabeth (El ie) Deeb, who is "Thanks to Ms El yett who encouraged me to behaviour to lessen the likelihood of future interested in studying engineering at University, "It was a fantastic way to meet like-minded apply! And many thanks to the Rotary Club of errors being made. Pretty amazing!" with a view to working international y.
students, who are now my new network of Brisbane High-Rise; without their support and friends across the country," said El ie. "NYSF From the seed that was sown in a Year 9 According to the NYSF website, one of the most considerable sponsorship, I would not have also opens up many future opportunities, classroom, Jessica has gone on to be awarded a important elements of the January Forum is been able to attend." with University seminars across Australia and place in the Advanced Study Program in Science the program of half-day visits to research and international y." at UQ, three Dean's Awards for Academic industry facilities covering physics, maths and Excel ence during her undergraduate degree, and a University of Queensland Research Scholarship to fund her through her PhD. Jessica certainly embodies CHAC's commitment "We were fortunate
to our students, among which is the commitment to build the capacity of students enough to experience
to be critical, creative and reflective thinkers and current developments
problem solvers, contributing to the wel -being of society. And the CHAC spirit is reflected in in science and be
her excitement and humility, which is most endearing.
immersed in real life
"My PhD has also taken me overseas to conferences, to present my research and to attend various workshops and col aborations in Paris, San Francisco, Montreal, New York, London, Dublin, Melbourne, Edinburgh and Toronto. I still kind of can't believe it myself!" Did you know?
According to Wikipedia,
Neuropsychopharmacology is an
interdisciplinary science related to
psychopharmacology (how drugs
affect the mind) and fundamental
El ie enjoyed running her fingers through freshly minted coins at the Royal Australian Mint, in a room that contained Jessica attended the 24th Congress of the European Col ege of Neuropsychopharmacology, in September 2011, at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. over two mil ion dol ars' worth of coins. When not increasing her knowledge on the latest research in the neuropsychopharmacology/neurochemistry field, the field to which her PhD is contributing, Jessica took time out to enjoy the sights of Paris. Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
CHAC blazes a trail through Trimester 1
Making music
The end of the first trimester of
of margins - just two games. However, our Year team managers and coaches – is a winning Days of Excel ence
9s comfortably beat John Paul Col ege to secure combination," said Mr Spindler.
sport for 2012 was a cause for great
our second tennis Premiership. The titles were With superior facilities such as a professional In Term 2, we welcomed Mr Geoff Govier to what I was doing. I am very proud to be part of celebration, as CHAC placed four
"We look forward to defending titles in Trimester made all the sweeter by both teams enjoying an recording studio – suitable for a full orchestra CHAC. The new Director of Performance Music this industry; music education is a passion that I well-deserved and hard-fought
2, and to bringing home some more silverware undefeated run through the season. Game, set – music students at CHAC were proud to chats, in his own words, about the path that led don't believe will ever fade. My time at Cannon premiership trophies in its display
for the trophy cabinet! But I particularly look share their facilities with their peers from to his passion for music education.
Hill Anglican Col ege has been exciting thus forward to the continuation of our mighty CHAC cabinet.
other schools, as part of Independent far and I know that, through team work and They say good things come in threes. That spirit – irrespective of the results." Schools Queensland's Days of Excel ence Music has been a part of my life for as long as I commitment from students and staff alike, it will Not even the Cricket World Cup could have was certainly true for our talented Year 10 can remember. It real y is true that it is a journey Special mention and congratulations go also become a special place of which to be a part.
produced such a tense and exciting finish as that Vol eyball team, which triumphantly secured the of discovery. My first passion for music was to our Swim Team, which placed a bril iant seen at the final between our Second XI Cricket Premiership for the Col ege, for a magnificent Mr David Quinn presented a session which musicals, particularly Roger and Hammerstein, third in the blue division at the TAS Swim team and John Paul Col ege. The match came third year in a row.
introduced students to the basic techniques and Andrew Lloyd Webber. These were the Carnival. This is a huge leap forward from the down to the final bal , from which we needed to and processes involved in the modern musicals that my mum would watch over and Director of Sport, Mr Mark Spindler, was pleased sixth placing the previous year. In age group score two runs. With a wide bal , courtesy of the recording studio, including acoustics, over when I was a child, along with Grease (yes, but not surprised by the results.
categories, our 13 Years Boys placed first while bowler, and one run, courtesy of Adam Rumore microphone operations and technique, even the second one). My favourite film of my our 15/16 Years Boys and 16 Years Girls each (Year 11), the Premiership was CHAC's.
and a hands-on approach to the recording childhood was definitely High Society, starring "The commitment to training, team spirit, and achieved a credible third.
process. Students played and then recorded Bing Crosby, Grace Kel y, Frank Sinatra and, of In Girls' Tennis, our valiant never-say-die Year 8 excel ent sportsmanship – combined with a piece of music, before mixing and course, Satchmo himself - Louis Armstrong. I team beat Canterbury Col ege by the narrowest the dedication and motivation of captains, mastering the final product which they took knew from a very young age that this music would influence me for the rest of my life.
I always knew that I would be a music educator. I was very fortunate to have had some great teachers when I was in primary school and into early high school. I always enjoyed studying with these teachers, but what I remember more is the relationships they had with their students. Music has a unique opportunity to create moments that can't be taught and searched for, but which are discovered through exploration and hard work.
I recently crossed paths with some of my old teachers and I can honestly say that I saw a smile or two sneak across their faces when they knew CHAC's new Director of Performance Music – Mr Geoff Govier – conducts publicly at CHAC for the first time, on Foundation Day. Laura Bentley (Tennis Year 9), Sam Battel (Second XI Cricket), Jack Houghton (Vol eyball Year 10) and Shelby Til ett (Tennis Year 8) proudly display the trophies for their premiership wins. Pax et Bonum
Issue 07 - Autumn 12
PSA gains momentum
Family ties
On 20 April, around 60 graduates
Formalities for the evening included the "We will hold Foundation events every year, with As we approach our 25th year in 2013, we are proud to now count of Cannon Hill Anglican College
establishment of the Cannon Hill Anglican a date in April to be marked as a celebration of a second-generation student among our numbers.
gathered to celebrate the relaunch of Col ege Past Students' Association, under
Cannon Hill Anglican Col ege Alumni. Towards the terms of the Constitution as ratified by the end of each year, we also hope to organise Baxter Logan – Year 5 – is pleased to be fol owing in his mum's the Past Students' Association (PSA)
the Col ege Council, and the appointment of an activity for the graduating Year 12 students, Honorary Office Bearers.
in order to start getting them involved in the Guests ranged from 2011 graduates to past "I am real y, real y excited to be at CHAC because Mum tel s me activities of the Association. Final y, we aim to students that were at the Col ege on the first day Megan Wooldridge (2002) was official y stories about what school was like." be as involved in the Col ege community as the school opened – with just three buildings accepted as President, Sam Walpole (2010) possible, providing contacts and assistance at and a toilet block – in 1989. The latter certainly Lana graduated in 1996, having completed Years 11 and 12 at CHAC.
as Vice-President, Sarah Reedman (2006) as Col ege events, when required.
had some tales to tel , including the make-shift Treasurer, and Yasmin Murry (2011) as Secretary. "I moved to CHAC as the staff were completely supportive of my netball court – with a hoop nailed to a tree and "The rest of 2012 will involve promoting the training program. As a member of the National Synchronised the court marked out with flour! In her maiden speech as PSA President, Megan Association, increasing membership, finalising Swimming team, on the Olympic Athlete Program in the lead up to outlined her vision for the future of the PSA.
membership benefits and developing the PSA With quality entertainment provided by past the 2000 Olympics, I had to balance senior studies with an extensive into a functioning financial organisation." students Mikaela Ward and Leana Chritchel , "Our goals are ambitious. We would like to training program. Unfortunately, my previous Col ege was not flexible and delicious finger food contributed by our organise at least one reunion per year for the 10 and accommodating and so I made the move to CHAC," said Lana.
If you would like further information on CHAC's wonderful homebakers, the evening was a great year graduates as well as eventual y moving into alumni, please visit the Alumni section of the "I wanted Baxter to come to CHAC because of all the good things success. The images of past Year 12 cohorts and 20 and 30 year reunions. when the Col ege is Col ege website ( or email I remember about a wel -rounded and supportive education, with staff group photos generated a great deal of old enough, of course," said Megan.
the PSA on [email protected].
open doors for students to fol ow their own paths, thanks to so interest (not to mention chuckles!).
many opportunities.
Past students represented graduates from across the 24 years of the "I also remember the trees! It was lovely to have a nice place to sit Col ege's history – from 1989 to 2011. and have a quiet moment. And I remember two or three bril iant teachers that had great connections with us students." Not surprisingly, Lana's favourite subject was Health and Physical Education (HPE), to the extent that it reflects significantly in her career path.
"I am currently completing my fifth year at University, with one more year to go to complete my Masters in Sports and Exercise Psychology. I would like to work with adolescents, probably Senior students." We look forward to welcoming many more second-generation children to the Col ege, but doubtless have a long wait for a third-generation student! Suzanne Grasmeder nee Doocey (1990) and Kerrylyn Doocey-Craft (1992) enjoyed showing Mrs Maria Woods old class photos. Yasmin Murry, Sam Walpole, Megan Wooldridge and Sarah Reedman cut Lana and Baxter relax outside of the Research Centre, which was the ceremonial cake at the PSA evening on 20 April. opened in 1996 – Lana's year of graduation. Pax et Bonum
Next Practice - labs for the future
Construction will soon be underway on CHAC's state-of-the-art Science Centre, fol owing months of necessary and in-depth research and planning. A thorough investigation into the design and resourcing of the labs was essential in ensuring that the Science Centre meets not only the needs of our current students, but also of those that will use the facility in years to come – particularly when it comes to technological innovation.
"Next Practice describes a future-
focused approach to teaching
and learning, enabled by new
technologies. It is characterised
by student engagement in relevant,
authentic learning experiences
which integrate the learning
environment with the real
world of global citizenship."
Mrs Robyn Bel , Principal


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