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Through more than 65 years of research, Table of Contents
development, testing and manufacturing, Jet-Lube has developed a broad line of grease products for Jet-Lube® ECF™ Industrial, MRO, Marine, Food Grade, and OEM Environmental Compound Formulas applications: Anti-Seize Compounds, EP Greases, Premium Copper-Based Thread Sealants, Lubricants, Anaerobics, Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds Penetrants and General Purpose Lubes & Premium Metal-Free Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds OCTG Running Compounds Every Jet-Lube product is meticulously developed, manufactured and inspected to the industry's Oilfi eld Specialty Greases most comprehensive and rigorous quality control Thread Compound Usage standards. Jet-Lube is proud to have been ISO Oilfi eld Specialty Products Certifi ed since 1993. With manufacturing plants Oilfi eld Specialty Anti-Seizes in Houston, Edmonton and the United Kingdom, Oilfi eld Anaerobics/Accessories Jet-Lube has earned its place as a world-wide Application Chart leader in the lubrication industry.
Valve Sealants & Lubricants Whatever your application, Jet-Lube has the right Valve Packing – Stem product to solve your lubrication needs. Through our experienced R&D lab, Jet-Lube has the ability to create customized products for unique conditions, environmental regulations and to meet the toughest Lubricants for Open Gear and Wire Rope Applications Coatings, Specialties and Cleaners

Jet-Lube® ECF Environmental Compound Formulas
Since 1949, Jet-Lube has been formulating and testing by CEFAS. These classifi cations are the most rigid environmental y acceptable compounds. Today, we offer environmental requirements to date and are part of the alternatives that exceed the most stringent mandated effort to apply "green" standards and practices throughout performance and environmental requirements for offshore all industry worldwide. To meet the OSPAR Commission's and onshore drilling operations worldwide. Now, Jet-Lube Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notifi cation Format environmental y sensitive greases and lubricants join our (HOCNF) directives, compounds are required to be thread compounds in meeting Norway's Yel ow (SFT) and biodegradable, bioaccumulation-potential free and the United Kingdom and the Netherland's "E" classifi cation nontoxic to all life forms tested. Metal-Free & Extreme-Temperature
Workover, Subsea & Open-Gear
Greases & Lubricants
A high-pressure sealant alternative for non-premium connections.
For jacking systems, slides, cantilever-type rigs and any heavily loaded gear equipment.
Specifi cal y formulated for metal-to-threads and high-al oy steel materials.
A new-generation formula to extend and protect your slick braided and
electric wireline.
A premium dril string compound with superior adhesion and water resistance.
A long-lasting, highly water-resistant multi purpose grease. Excel ent for
subsea as wel as topside moving components.
> Since 1949, Jet-Lube products have been helping people solve equipment maintenance problems. Jet-Lube is recognized as the world leader in manufacturing lubricants for Oilfi eld, Water Well, and Industrial MRO customers worldwide. Jet-Lube products are available around the globe through a strategic distribution network; with a combination of factory representatives and warehouses in key locations. Our focus is to produce the industry's highest-quality drill pipe compounds, thread sealants, EP greases, aerosol products, and valve lubricants for demanding applications. ISO 9001 CERTIFIED
> Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Premium Copper-Based Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds
Premium Drill Collar &
Mud-Resistant Drill Collar &
Tool Joint Compound
Tool Joint Compound
KOPR-KOTE is widely regarded as the best A premium-quality, unleaded compound blended copper-based drilling compound in the world. into JET-LUBE's high-temp, mud-resistant, It is also one of the few copper compounds to complex-base grease. Prevents excessive be granted a marine-pol utant exemption by circumferential make up by increasing the the DOT. KOPR-KOTE is uniquely formulated coeffi cient of friction under compressive forces. to prevent excessive circumferential make up As stress levels rise above 50% of yield, the friction and has a very high static friction factor that helps factor increases, limiting downhole make up. Ful prevent downhole joint make up when excessive drilling torques are hydraulic joint effi ciency is maintained al owing joint shoulder faces to encountered. It prevents gal ing and seizure and al ows easy breakout. mate completely without standoff or deformation. Exempt from the KOPR-KOTE is recommended for all oilfi eld threads: dril pipe, col ars, DOT's marine-pol utant labeling requirements.
tools and jacking systems.
Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C)NSF H2 Registered Tool Joint Compound
Double-Duty Tool Joint &
JLS Tool Joint Compound is economical and Drill Collar Compound
contains premium-grade copper fl ake, amorphous graphite, extreme-pressure additive, rust and JET-LUBE 21 is a high-quality product designed for corrosion inhibitors and other special-purpose less severe applications than KOPR-KOTE. It is ingredients at lower doses to be used in less formulated to prevent excessive circumferential severe drilling applications. JLS is recommended make up of tool joints and protects against gal ing for use on tool joints in drilling medium-depth and high stress to prolong thread and shoulder life. formations. It provides consistent control of make JET-LUBE 21 is designed for use as a tool joint up, break out, gal ing and seizure.
compound for consistent control of make up and Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F break out. It may also be used on collars in less severe drilling conditions. (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) The high-dynamic friction factor helps prevent excessive downhole make up and bel ing out of box members. Exempt from the DOT's marine-pollutant labeling requirements.
Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) Premium Metal-Free Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds
NCS-30® ECF™
Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound
Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound
NCS-30 is a premium-quality, nonmetal ic This biodegradable, nonmetal ic formula meets compound containing carbon-based fi bers and Norway "Yel ow", British and Dutch "E" HOCNF additives and other natural extreme-pressure and classifi cations. Extreme-pressure and anti-wear anti-wear additives. These are blended into additives control friction and gal ing. Resists JET-LUBE's high-temp, calcium-complex base wash-off and sticks to wet pipe. Withstands invert grease. This new base grease offers the additional and high-pH muds and is nonconductive for MWD. advantage of superior adhesion to wet steel and resistance to water Excel ent for high-chrome or nickel-al oy wash-off. Especial y effective for invert or high-pH muds.
connections in extreme-temperature service.
Service Rating: -65˚F (-54˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) Service Rating: -10˚F (-23˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Premium Metal-Free Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds
Work Over/Non-Critical Tool
Tool Joint Compound/Sealant
The unique blend of polymers, graphite and friction- CURÄL is a thread compound developed for reducing additives makes KOV'R-KOTE ideal for non-critical drilling, work over and production dril col ars, dril pipe and tubing and can be used for applications. Nonmetallic, environmentally bottom hole assemblies. This metal-free formula acceptable special additives enable CURÄL to also was developed to address concerns related to be used for lubricating, sealing and storage of drilling products containing zinc, copper and heavy metals.
and production equipment. Can be used as an alternative to API-MODIFIED.
While maintaining multifunctional capabilities, KOV'R-KOTE is recommended for use on shouldered and interference threads and is ideal Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F for small and large diameter dril pipe.
(-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) KOV'R-KOTE has exceptional y high fi lm strength (1000kgf) which makes this product ideal as a jacking gear grease. KOV'R-KOTE exceeds all Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound
performance specs in the API specifi cation 5CT and API Recommended Practice 5A3. KOV'R-KOTE contains additives for rust, corrosion and Nonmetal ic, PTFE based, light to light medium oxidation protection, while maintaining consistent rig fl oor make up and duty thread compound designed for use on all excel ent resistance to make up downhole.
rotary shouldered connections. Contains additives Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F for protection against rust, corrosion and (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) oxidation. Friction Factor for Dril String (per NSF H2 Registered RP7G) 1.0 for both dril pipe and dril col ars.
Service Rating: -20°F (-29°C) to 500°F (260°C) OCTG Running Compounds
Non-Premium Thread
Running & Storage Compound
Connection Sealant
Nonmetal ic, high-pressure sealant for API Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized connections (buttress and 8-round) and storage Offshore Chemical Notifi cation Format) • compound. Not intended for use on premium Classifi cation: "Yel ow" rating for Norway • connections. Contains graphite and other "E" for the United Kingdom and Netherlands nonmetal ic, inorganic, anti-wear additives blended into a state-of-the-art, high-temperature, A metal-free extreme temperature, high-pressure rust-inhibiting complex soap-based grease. sealant alternative for non-premium, non-shouldered, large and small RUN-N-SEAL EXTREME has been tested for diameter threads connections. Its rust inhibiting formula provides an California Code and is not classifi ed as a hazardous waste. RUN-N-SEAL excel ent seal. RUN-N-SEAL ECF is brushable over a wide range of EXTREME is nontoxic, even in a marine environment, as evidenced by test temperatures and has excel ent inherent water resistance. It sticks to wet results on the California Hazardous Waste Assessment Bioassay and a and oily steel, ensuring the compound wil not wash off threads. "D" rating in the North Sea (OSPAR) Guidelines.
Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C) Service Rating: Standard: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C), Thermal: 0˚F Friction factor 0.9 Relative to API Modifi ed (-18˚C) to 700˚F (370˚C), Arctic: -65˚F (-55˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C)Friction factor 0.9 relative to API-MODIFIED.

Yellow/"E"-Rated Premium
Connection Thread Compound
Premium Connection Thread
Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notifi cation Format) • A new-technology, nonmetal ic thread Classifi cation: "Yel ow" rating for Norway • compound design provides optimum galling "E" for the United Kingdom and Netherlands resistance and frictional properties in the make JET-LUBE SEAL-GUARD ECF has been specifi cal y formulated to meet up of high-chrome, the performance requirements of proprietary, metal-to-metal seal and premium thread designs (metal-to-metal seals).
high-interference connection designs utilizing today's high-performance Service Rating: 20˚F (-29˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) materials, which include "super" chrome and high-al oy steels. The smal er Friction factor 0.9 relative to API-MODIFIED. particle size distribution may not provide optimum sealability on 8-round and buttress thread forms.
Biodegradable • Metal free • Frictional properties similar to API MODIFIEDService Rating: -20˚F (-29˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Z-40™ • Z-50™ • Z-60™
Zinc Tool Joint
Thread Compound Sealant
API-MODIFIED is a high-pressure thread JET-LUBE's "Z-Series" compound that conforms to and exceeds the products contain varying requirements of API Bul etin 5A2 and R.P. 5A3. It percentages of prime-grade is formulated with JET-LUBE's unique grease base, metal ic zinc dust along with which tenaciously adheres to wet or oily surfaces other special additives. They ensure consistent fl oor make up and are and provides brushability throughout the service brushable over a wide temperature range. They adhere to all surfaces, range. API-MODIFIED seals and withstands pressures to 10,000 psi, resist water wash off and prevent rust and corrosion.
resists wash-off and wil not harden or dry.
Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) Oilfi eld Specialty Greases
High-Pressure PTFE Thread Sealant
Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized The TF-15 PTFE formula aids in the make up of Offshore Chemical Notifi cation Format) • large-diameter casing by providing a lower Classifi cation: "Yel ow" rating for Norway • "E" for coeffi cient of friction than API-MODIFIED. TF-15 the United Kingdom and Netherlands provides excel ent protection against gal ing and wear, seals badly worn threads and greatly A premium, state-of-the-art, multipurpose, increases connection life. TF-15 is recommended biodegradeable grease containing a highly for use as a sealant on fi berglass tubing and casing threads. It is particularly synergistic blend of rust and oxidation inhibitors useful in areas subject to H S and salt water and in applications subject to plus extreme pressure and anti-wear additives for maximum performance. vibration, pressure surge and temperature fl uctuations. An excel ent choice for subsea or other conditions where extreme water resistance is necessary, its non-plating, organic EP/ anti-wear additives Service Rating: Temperatures to 600˚F (315˚C), Pressures to 10,000 psi al ow ALCO-EPTM ECFTM to be used where tolerances are low and/or speeds are high.
Service Rating: -25°F (-32°C) to 450°F (232°C) WIRE LINE
> Since 1949, Jet-Lube has played For Slick/Electric Braided Wireline
an integral role in the research and Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notifi cation Format) • development of specialty compounds. Classifi cation: "Yel ow" rating for Norway • "E" for the United Kingdom and Netherlands A unique product for wire line applications where a grease-type lubricant is required. The easy fl ow formula wil stick to the wire line and penetrate the wire core for added protection and wire line life. WIRE LINE LUBRICANT ECF is H S inhibited and has unique capabilities as a preservative against rust and corrosion. It offers excel ent protection against extended exposure to the elements and UV rays. WIRE LINE LUBRICANT ECF can be applied by hand or through a pneumatic lubrication system.
Service Rating: -20°F (-29°C) to 500°F (260°C) Note: Not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide or sulfuric acid.
> Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Thread Compound Usage
Drill Collar & Tool Joint Size
Joints* PINS/GAL Tubing Size
2.375" 2.875"
Joints* PINS/GAL Casing Size
8.625" 9.625" 10.75" 11.75" 13.375"
Joints* PINS/GAL *When applying compound to one pin or box Oilfi eld Specialty Products
Rust and Corrosion Inhibitor
KORR-GUARD is a water-displacing, semi-fl uid Formulated to provide long-term, heavy-duty protection grease. It easily fl ows into the thread roots, from rust and corrosion on metal parts, tools, equipment, displacing moisture, cutting oils and residual pipe, valves, fi ttings, etc. for up to twenty-four months. threading materials. KORR-GUARD wil al ow the RUST-GUARD is the ideal product for use in harsh marine thread protectors to completely engage the pipe environments where water, humidity and/or salt spray is threads and wil aid in eliminating moisture present. RUST-GUARD forms a durable, dry, waxy green penetration to the newly threaded or recut fi lm that cures in less than 24 hours. Safe to use on all metal, threaded areas. KORR-GUARD wil not run or plastic, rubber and painted surfaces. Remove by spraying with drip off the threads.
safety solvent/degreaser. Meets U.S. Military Specifi cations: This unique blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors made into a grease-type MIL-C-16173D and MIL-C-23411A.
product is ideal for short or long-term storage of casing, tubing, dril pipe, Service Rating: -20˚F (-30˚C) to 280˚F (138˚C) or any metal surface requiring protection from the elements. Ideal y suited for highly humid or salt water environments. KORR-GUARD can be Dope Brushes
applied by brush. It wil not harden over time, so product can be removed Tool Joint Compound
by using a rag or cleaner.
Tapered and Beveled ends • Non-abrasive • Thick handle • Service Rating: -40˚F (-40˚C) to 425˚F (218˚C) 12" & 30" brush lengths DOPE BRUSHES for 1, 2, & 5 gal on compounds. This brush is designed to hold drilling compounds for ease of applying the heavy grease based material and wil not al ow the Aids in the break-in process of freshly cut threads where compound to run or drip off the brush/bristles.
platings or coatings are not available nor desired due to the 03000 – 1 1/8 x 16 Taper, 03500 – 1 1/8 x 16 Bevel, occupational or environmental hazards. It can also be used in 02500 – 1 1/8 x 30 Taper conjunction with plated surfaces for additional protection. C-PLATE provides a durable, micro-thin coating of copper to machined surfaces. Air-cures at room temperature in 4 to 6 hours. Once cured, C-PLATE forms a durable, corrosion- resistant fi nish which may then be burnished into the steel surface during the initial work-hardening of the threaded Brush is approximately 1.0" wide. Used to apply connection. Prohibits the metal-to-metal contact under bearing loads thread compound to casing and tubing connections which may cause gal ing damage to threaded connections.
in those cases where minimal quantities are required.
06100 – 8" long with a 45º handle > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Oilfi eld Specialty Anti-Seizes
Nonmetallic, High-Moly
MoS Dry Film Lubricant
When sprayed on any surface, MOLY-MIST "touches dry" Ideal for subsea riser bolt applications and all quickly and cures in 30 minutes to an even, tenacious maintenance needs. RISER BOLT LUBE requires no Molybdenum Disulfi de (MoS ) coating. MOLY-MIST lowers thinning and wil not harden, evaporate, or settle friction, reducing torque and power consumption and prevents out. The Molybdenum disulfi de (MoS ) component gal ing, seizure, stick-slip, fretting and corrosion. It can be bonds itself into steel working surfaces providing a applied while equipment is in motion al owing the deposit of long- term, low-friction shield that protects working parts, prevents a MoS coating on hard to reach surfaces of fi xed, moving, or gal ing, seizure, stick-slip, heat freeze and corrosion while sustaining irregular parts. Excel ent for threads, gears, dies, taps, chains, lubrication. The rust-inhibiting base carrier in RISER BOLT LUBE is barium packings, sprockets, cables, pul eys and a wide range of other applications.
free, so it's safer for marine life in offshore instal ations. With a salt fog Service Rating: -300°F (-184°C) to 750°F (399°C) resistance of >2000 hours at 5% NaCl, RISER BOLT LUBE is far superior to that of conventional grease carriers for long-term protection.
Service Rating: -300°F (-185°) to 750°F (400°C) Oilfi eld Anaerobics/Accessories
High-Friction and Sealing

EASY CLEAN TOWELS™ are a waterless cleaner that cuts through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, A two-part epoxy with metal ic lubricants and adhesives. These non-scratching, citrus fi l ers to permanently lock scented wipes are industrial strength but also gentle, threaded connections under fortifi ed with an emol ient and natural oils, so they normal operating conditions. won't crack or dry skin. Extremely versatile! Improved catalyst adds pot life and EASY-CLEAN TOWELS™ hand cleaning wipes not durability with lower toxicity and rapid curing. For only clean hands, but tackle almost any job, from use on all threaded joints or fasteners where an wiping up oily spil s to cleaning stainless steel tools.
exceptional y strong and durable bond is For use on: hand cleaning, touch-up cleaning, wiping up oily spil s, cleaning required. Especial y useful on casing and other stainless steel tools and waterless cleaning.
tubulars where the effective prevention of joint loosening is required. Also recommended for use on casing shoes, couplings and col ars, eliminating the need for gas/arc welding.
Friction factor for Tubing and Casing is 1.3 to 2.0 depending on the thread design contact pressure. Dril Strings are 1.0. Service Rating: up to 400˚F (204˚C) > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Valve Sealants & Lubricants
FRAC Valve Lubricant
Plug Valve Sealant
A hydrocarbon-resistant, general-purpose gate A general-purpose, heavy-duty sealant that is valve sealant. This lubricant is blended from resistant to aliphatic hydrocarbons and aqueous chemical y stable and natural y corrosion-resistant solutions. Formulated from nontoxic, high-viscosity vegetable oils. EZY-TURN #2 contains no solid vegetable oils and polymers, EZ-TURN #5 contains fi l ers and is easily pumped with a high-pressure a food-grade thickener with no other solid lubricator at temperatures as low as 0˚F (-18˚C).
lubricants or fi llers.
Applications: Condensate, crude, kerosene, jet Applications: Aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids, crude, fuels, dilute acids, dilute alkalies, hydrocarbon gases dilute acids and alkalies, fuel oils, gasoline, natural and hydrocarbon liquids.
gas and water.
Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (232˚C) Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 400˚F (204˚C) Seat Sealant, Creamy Peanut Butter
Specifi cal y designed for light-hydrocarbon liquids EZY-TURN #12 is a "peanut butter" type and gases, making it the sealant of choice for product designed for expanding and other gate pipeline and compressor stations. Pumps easily in valves with body cavities. Recommended for temperatures as low as 0˚F (-18˚C) with a applications where gas or liquid hydrocarbon high-pressure lubricator. With a blend of vegetable resistance is required. It is also an ideal general- oils and molybdenum disulfi de (MoS ) as a solid purpose sealant. EZY-TURN #12 is formulated lubricant, EZY-TURN #3 resists all aliphatic from vegetable oils and polymers to reduce hydrocarbons, protects internal plug surfaces and torque during valve operation while providing a reduces valve operating torque.
leak-proof seal. EZY-TURN #12 injects into the valve body using a Applications: Aliphatic hydrocarbons, butane, fuel oils, hot gases, LPG, natural gas and propane.
Applications: Aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids, crude, dilute acids and alkalies, Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) fuel oils, gasoline, natural gas and water.
Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 250˚F (121˚C)Color: Brown EZY-TURN® #3 ARCTIC
Seat Sealant
Gate Valve Seat Sealant
EZY-TURN #3 ARTIC is a multipurpose valve lubricant and sealant that provides excel ent overall EZY-TURN #22 Gate Valve Seat Sealant, Body resistance to CO , H S, moisture and gases. Its Fil er and Lubricant is a premium sealant urethane-silicone carrier performs wel to formulated from a unique blend of synthetic and temperatures as low as -70˚F(-57˚C) vegetable-based oils for use in expanding Service Rating: -70˚F (-57˚C) to 500˚F (260˚C) gate-type valves. EZY-TURN #22 contains no solid fi l ers that may inhibit valve lubrication. Although designed for expanding gate-type valves, EZY-TURN® #4
EZY-TURN #22 can be effectively used on virtual y any lubricated gate valve. EZY-TURN Gate Valve Sealant
#22 provides optimum sealability, lubricity and torque reduction while EZY-TURN #4 is formulated from food-grade being hydrocarbon and water resistant. Easily injectable into the valve polyester base fl uids that provide increased body using a high-pressure lubricator. Ideal for use with gaseous services.
resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons. When Applications: Aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids, crude, dilute acids and alkalies, compared with the standard vegetable products, fuel oils, gasoline, natural gas and water.
EZY-TURN #4 has superior performance characteristics in both low and high-temperature Service Rating: -50˚F (-46˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C) applications. Lubrication and sealing is enhanced by the addition of molybdenum disulfi de, which effectively burnishes into scratches, renewing the surface.
Service Rating: -40°F (-40°C) to 500°F (260°C)Color: Black > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Low-Temp, H S-Resistant Sealant
EZY-TURN #196 is a premium sealant formulated A black lubricant for arctic oilfi eld applications. from a unique blend of high-viscosity, gas-resistant EZY-TURN POLAR is not affected by H S and synthetic and vegetable-based oils for use in all is pumpable with a high-pressure lubricator to valve types. Ideal sealant for service applications -75˚F (-59˚C).
involving gases, distillates, dilute acids and steam. Applications: Carbon dioxide, sour crude, hydrogen EZY-TURN #196 contains special polymeric fi bers sulfi de and sour gas.
and other sliding lubricants to enhance sealability in extreme applications. Although designed for Service Rating: -75˚F (-59˚C) to 250˚F (121˚C) expanding gate-type valves, EZY-TURN #196 is used effectively on many other valve types.
Applications: EZY-TURN #196 has been formulated for use in production oilfi eld situations (pipeline valves) where a variety of service conditions Plug Valve Supreme Sealant
may be required. This is a premium product and should be used where EZY-TURN PVS is formulated from nontoxic, typical solid fi l ers mandated in the "peanut butter" type sealants do high-viscosity vegetable oils and polymers to assure not work. The new polymeric fi bers add greater performance for heavy-duty sealing and lubrication in a wide range extreme services.
of bal , gate and plug valves as wel as orifi ce fi ttings Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 420˚F (215˚C) where resistance to aliphatic hydrocarbons or Color: Gold to Amber aqueous solutions is required. Contains a food-grade thickener with micronized PTFE for EZY-TURN® H S
improved sealing and reduction in actuation torque. EZY-TURN PVS is the recommended plug valve sealant for maximum sealing power and lowered valve torque requirements. It works wel for a majority of valve A premium vegetable and synthetic oil sealant maintenance applications, is pumpable using a high-pressure lubricator, thickened with silicone to provide maximum and is insoluble in oil, natural gas and water.
resistance to H S and hydrocarbon fl uids to Service Rating: -20°F (-29°C) to 400°F (232°C) temperatures as high as 400˚F (204˚C). This black, Color - Cream.
tacky compound is waterproof, corrosion resistant and is extremely adhesive to all metal surfaces.
Applications: Acid solutions, diesel fuel, Body Filler
hydrocarbon gases and liquids, sour gas, crude and water.
An economical petroleum oil-based sealant that readily fl ows into hard-to-fi ll orifi ces and channels Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 400˚F (204˚C) in gate valve body cavities when pumped with a high-pressure lubricator. EZY-TURN BODY FILL is economical where hydrocarbon resistance is not a ® HIGH-TEMP
major concern. EZY-TURN BODY FILL is petroleum based, has good metal adhesion and A premium, non-melting, synthetic-based lubricant fi eld studies show it has excel ent ability to remain and sealant for a wide range of valves in high- in the body cavity and displace water and foreign material.
temperature service. Unaffected by acids, oils, CO , Applications: EZY-TURN BODY FILL should be used in situations where H S, glycols, caustics, water, steam, alcohols, economy is a factor and maximum hydrocarbon resistance is not required. similar-based solvents and high pressure. EZY- Good for close tolerance valves due to metal adhesion and superior fl ow TURN HIGH-TEMP contains a synergistic blend of properties under pressure.
MoS and graphite to enhance its sealing properties Service Rating: 0˚F (-18˚C) to 450˚F (230˚C) and provide lubrication to maintain operating torque at extreme temperatures where fl uids are lost.
Applications: Geothermal wel heads, steam, petroleum refi neries and SILICONE COMPOUND DM™
other demanding high-temperature applications.
Moisture-Proofi ng Sealant & Lubricant
Service Rating:-25˚F (-32˚C) to 600˚F (316˚C) Provides excel ent lubrication and sealing properties for plug and gate valves, stuffi ng boxes, O-rings and vacuum and pressure systems. Wil not harm most elastomers and plastics. Ideal y suited for subzero processing and freezer applications. Not recommended for use on surfaces to be painted. Dielectric strength: >500volts/mil. NLGI Grade 3. Conforms to MIL S-8660-C. NATO Code# S-736.
Service Rating: -70˚F (-57˚C) to 400˚F (204˚C)NSF H1 Registered > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. JET-LUBE 21*
*Available in Arctic/Al Weather Grade (AWG)/Thermal Grade **Contain Lead > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Valve Sealants & Lubricants
Ball Valve Sealant
Valve Penetrant
(grease or liquid form)

EZY-TURN #7 Bal Valve Sealant is formulated from premium food-grade synthetic fl uids for EZY-OPEN Valve Penetrant is designed to maximum hydrocarbon resistance over a broad penetrate scale, rust, corrosion and old, hardened temperature range. Pumpable and usable at valve lubricants which can hamper or disable valve temperatures as low as -30˚F (-35˚C). It also retains operation. EZY-OPEN can be purchased as a soft its fi rm consistency at temperatures as high as gel or as a liquid specifi cal y formulated from a 400˚F (204˚C) when injected into the valve and select group of nonfl ammable, nontoxic and oxygen contact is avoided. Fortifi ed with inhibitors biodegradable fl uids capable of softening or against H S, rust and oxidation.
dissolving valve lubricants and sealants, residual gums, lacquer, scale and Applications: EZY-TURN #7 is an al -purpose sealant for use in any corrosion deposits.
application involving aliphatic hydrocarbon product streams. EZY-TURN Applications: EZY-OPEN valve penetrant is designed to penetrate and #7 is resistant to water and aqueous services, but is not recommended lubricate disabled or hard to operate lubricated valves. Excel ent for use in for steam service. Ideal for use in bal valves where the temperature range any injectable assembly to aid in disassembly.
of conventional vegetable oil sealants precludes their use. Particularly wel Service Rating: -10˚F (-23˚C) to 400˚F (204˚C) suited for low-temperature applications (-30˚F (-35˚C) to 20˚F (-7˚C)). Wil not dissolve in aliphatic hydrocarbon services. Prevents scoring and gal ing on precision valve surfaces.
Service Rating: -30˚F (-35˚C) to 400˚F (204˚C)Color: Blue EASY-CLEAN® RIG WASH
Cleaner and Degreaser Concentrate
Concentrated Detergent Powder
An alkaline-based cleaner/degreaser that uniquely A highly concentrated and biodegradable combines cleaning agents with a newly-developed powdered detergent for heavy industry equipment emulsifying technology to effectively remove carbon, cleaning. Emulsifi es oil and greasy grime so it can grease, oil and other organic deposits while being be quickly washed away with fresh or salt water, both safe and ozone friendly. Contains no 1:1:1 leaving a residue-free surface. Wil not harm Trichloroethane, Fluorocarbons, or SARA Title III, painted surfaces or rubber.
Section 313, Part 372-listed ingredients and contains no acids, chlorides, phosphates, or TTO's (Total Toxic Organic Compounds).
Valve Packing – Stem
Extreme-Temp Packing Compound
Specifi cal y designed for use in severe arctic conditions. Formulated with synthetic binders, polymers, inert fi llers and fi bers, EZY-PAK #125 provides a fl exible packing at temperatures as low as -75˚F (-60˚C). Pumpable with a high-pressure lubricator, EZY-PAK #125 conforms to any shape, preventing leaks and/or foreign materials from entering the valve cavity. Excel ent water resistance al ows use for steam applications.
Applications: Specifi cal y designed for valves, wel heads and other equipment in arctic conditions.
Service Rating: -75˚F (-60˚) to 750˚F (400˚C)Color: Blue > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant
Non-Metallic Petrochemical-Grade
Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant

-65°F to 1800°F (-54°C to 982°C) • NSF Registered (H2) • MIL PRF-907E • Load -65°F to 2400°F (-54°C to 1316°C) • MIL-PRF Rating - 80,000 psi • Friction Coeffi cient 907E • Load Rating - 50,000 psi • Friction (K-factor) - .15 • 10% pure metal ic copper Coeffi cient (K-Factor) - 0.17 • Highly fl ake • No VOC • NSN #8030-01-239-8703 Concentrated Blend of Molybdenum Disulfi de • Not Classifi ed as a Marine Pol utant • DOT & Graphite • No VOC approval CA2004080025 550® EXTREME® ANTI-SEIZE COMPOUND KOPR-KOTE is a combination of copper fl ake, is an enhanced formulation of our 550® product. graphite and other extreme pressure additives, blended into a food grade 550® EXTREME® is the ideal product for petrochemical plant maintenance grease base that helps properly distribute all the components on the needs. Its homogeneous composition offers maximum protections against surface of the fastener or the metal surface needing lubrication. This seizure and heat freeze, eases assembling and dismantling, and saves man particle distribution is necessary to achieve the .15 K-Factor and aids in the hours. It assures protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion. It wil not break out process by reducing metal to metal contact that can cause harden, evaporate, or settle out; and it requires no thinning. In addition to friction, heat and damage to the threaded surface. molybdenum disulfi de (MoS2), graphite, and low friction fi llers, 550® EXTREME® utilizes a new generation complex base grease that is fortifi ed 10061 – 6 oz. Squeeze Tube, 10055 – 1/4 lb. Brush Top, with effective rust and corrosion inhibitors and inherent anti-wear 10002 – 1/2 lb. Brush Top, 10004 – 1 lb. Brush Top, 10007 – 2 lbs. Brush Top, properties. As an added benefi t of 550® EXTREME®® when compared to 10041 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 10050 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 10091 – 1 gal., other Anti-Seize compounds containing greater than 40% molybdenum 10092 – 2.5 gal., 10093 – 5 gal. disulfi de is the coeffi cient friction of 550® EXTREME® is less sensitive to ECF - ENVIRONMENTAL
47161 – 6 oz. Squeeze Tube, 47102 – ½ lb. Brush Top, 47104 – 1 lb. Brush Top Non-Metallic Petrochemical-Grade
Anti-Seize and Thread Lubricant

Regular Grade Anti-Seize
-65°F to 2600°F (-54°C to 1427°C) • NSF and Thread Lubricant
Registered H2 (No. 139876) • MIL-PRF 907E • Load Rating - 80,000 psi • Friction Coeffi cient (K-Factor) -65°F to 1800°F (-54°C to 982°C) • MIL-PRF 907E - .15 • No Metal ic Content • No VOC • Not • Friction Coeffi cient (K-Factor) - .15 • 15% Pure Classifi ed as a Marine Pol utant Metal ic Content (Copper & Aluminum) • No VOC ECF is a special non-metal ic compound containing chemical y inert fi bers in SILVER PLUS REGULAR is a Heavy Duty Blend a biodegradable base grease carrier. This unique combination of environ- of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants in a mental y acceptable materials gives a wide temperature range, superior petroleum grease base. It is a non-drying, soft-set adhesion to steel surfaces and the ability to withstand exposure to high salt anti-seize, special y formulated to work with and high humidity environments. This combination of materials makes ECF aluminum, carbon steel, black iron and rough cut threads. SILVER PLUS outperform all other products for applications where high nickel al oys are REGULAR protects metal parts from rust corrosion, seizing and gal ing up present, in extreme chemical exposure and corrosive environments, when to 1800°F (982°C). The micro-sized particles produce a smooth long term protection is required for fl ange bolts and any surfaces needing consistency and al ow it to quickly coat fi ne threads and small and large protection against the elements.
diameter fasteners. The metal ic components make it very conductive and, because the primary anti-seize particle is aluminum, it eliminates the FROM AN ENVIRONMENTAL STANDPOINT: potential for galvanic corrosion.
ECF is biodegradable, non-bioaccumulation and non-toxic to all kinds of life forms. ECF wil not have any HSE (Health Safety & Environment) 69902 – 1/2 lb. Brush Top, 69904 – 1 lb. Brush Top, 69923 – 8 lbs. (1 gal.), related issues. There are no VOC (Volatile Organic Components) related 69916 – 40 lbs. (5 gal.) issues or DOT (Department of Transportation) related concerns.
Product Advantages• Contains no metals• Excel ent performance on high chrome or nickel al oys• Excel ent protection against corrosion• Sticks to all metal surfaces• Nonconductive 28902 – 1/2 pt. Brush Top, 28904 – 1 pt. Brush Top, 28907 – 1 qt. Plug Top, 28923 – 1 gal. Pail, 28912 – 2 gal. Pail, 28915 – 5 gal. Pail > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. EP Greases
Premium Multipurpose Grease
Multipurpose Grease with Moly
-25°F to 450°F (-32°C to 232°C) • Superior rust and corrosion 0°F to 300°F (-18°C to 149°C) • NLGI Grade 2 • Contains protection • Dropping point - 500°F (260°C) • Polymer additives Molybdenum Disulfi de (MoS2) for friction reduction and high for extreme water resistance • Color - Red • Exceeds Military load capacity • Superior metal adhesion • Pumpable • Resistant spec MIL-G-18458B-SH to water, heat, weathering and oxidation • Color - Black ALCO-EP-73 PLUS is a premium, state of the art, multipurpose #202 MOLY-LITH is a high temperature, lithium 12-hydroxystea- aluminum complex grease containing a highly synergistic blend of rate soap grease containing micro-fi ne molybdenum disulfi de rust and oxidation inhibitors plus extreme pressure and anti-wear (MoS2). #202 MOLY-LITH has a dropping point of 390°F additives for maximum performance characteristics. ALCO-EP-73 (199°C), is water resistant and displays excel ent work stability PLUS also contains polymer additives further enhancing the under high loads, high speeds, shock and vibration. inherent water resistance of an aluminum complex based grease. #202 MOLY-LITH has exceptional resistance to the effects of heat, water, ALCO-EP-73 PLUS is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion weathering, oxidation and heavy loads. It contains rust, corrosion and and ideal y suited for use in high moisture areas.
oxidation inhibitors. #202 MOLY-LITH gives unbeatable protection Special y formulated and developed for subsea or other conditions where anywhere that dirt, dust, high humidity, rain and adverse temperatures are extreme water resistance is necessary. The highly developed additive critical problems.
package makes ALCO-EP-73 PLUS the premier, multipurpose grease for #202 MOLY-LITH is recommended for automotive and industrial applications, including all grease fi ttings where semi-solid or plastic 37762 – 10 oz. Squeeze Tube, 37750 – 14 oz. Cartridge, consistency grease is normal y used. Also for use in grease cups, 37716 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 37724 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 37729 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) pre-sealed bearings and for general chassis lubrication.
33062 – 10 oz. Squeeze Tube, 33050 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 33005 – 1 lb. Can, 33006 – 5 lbs. Can, 33016 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 33024 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 33029 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) Premium Multipurpose Grease with Moly
-25°F to 450°F (-32°C to 232°C) • Protects against rust and corrosion • Dropping Point - 500°F (260°C) • Protects against Extreme Cold Temperature Grease
extreme pressure, shock load, welding and scoring • Forms a protective barrier to reduce wear and extend service life.
-65°F to 225°F (-54°C to 107°C) • Dropping point of 285°F ALCO-EP premium multipurpose grease is a versatile, aluminum (141°C) • Contains no solid additives • Extremely resistant to salt complex grease with a high level of rust and oxidation inhibitors, spray • All temperature formula; effective winter or summer • as wel as CZ-EX®, Jet-Lube's extreme pressure additive. Water resistant • Rust and corrosion resistant • Color - Amber ALCO-EP also contains molybdenum disulfi de (MoS2) and ARCTIC is particularly suitable for use in extreme cold graphite, which plate out to resist metal-to-metal contact. environments such as cold rooms, cold storage lockers, ice plants, ALCO-EP provides superior wear protection against extreme pressure and and on refrigeration or cold storage equipment. It wil resist such is highly water resistant. Its 60 pound rating in the Timken load test proves environmental contact as humidity, ice, and road salts without ALCO-EP has excel ent load-carrying ability.
hardening, washing off or deteriorating. ALCO-EP is designed for friction and anti-friction bearings, bushings, ARCTIC is an excel ent service grease that has passed the Shell Rol Test chassis points, U-joints, pivot pins, and a wide range of other industrial, for 100 hours at 150°F (66°C), and passed Federal Test Method Standard fl eet and equipment applications.
No. 791B, Method No. 3454.2 "Leakage Tendencies of Automotive Wheel 37050 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 37005 – 1 lb. Can, 37006 – 5 lbs. Can, Bearing Greases" and ASTM 1263. It also passes the application salt-spray resistance and rust tests required by the United States Government for its severe environmental contact greases.
ARCTIC may be used on automobiles and aircraft, in industrial applica- Premium Multipurpose Grease
tions, or anywhere lubricating properties of a moderate to severe nature 0°F to 425°F (-18°C to 232°C)• Wil not run or pound out • are required over a wide range of temperatures. Pumpable hot or cold • Extremely resistant to rust and oxidation • Color - Red • Available in NLGI 1 and NLGI 2 grades 35050 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 35005 – 1 lb. Can, 35006 – 5 lbs. Can, 35016 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 35024 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 35029 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) JET-PLEX-EP is the ideal multipurpose grease for use in extreme pressure and high temperature operating conditions. JET-PLEX-EP is manufactured from careful y selected petroleum oils and lithium complex soap to create a multipurpose grease with a dropping point of 550°F (288°C). JET-PLEX-EP has excel ent resistance to water and water washout. JET-PLEX-EP is formulated with special lubricity, anti-wear, and extreme pressure additives and fortifi ed with rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
JET-PLEX-EP is recommended for all types of bearing and sliding applications, for shock-loading, pounding, rough chassis usage and high loads. 31750 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 31705 – 1 lb. Can, 31706 – 5 lbs. Can, 31716 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 31724 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 31729 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Jet-Lube Thread Sealants are manufactured to seal vibration loosening, solvent evaporation, damaged and secure metal, plastic and fi berglass piping and threads and temperature cycling. All sealants are fi ttings by fi lling the voids and imperfections on the specially manufactured to meet plumbing codes threaded surfaces and to eliminate back fl ow for use in natural gas applications, fi re sprinkler through the threads, thus causing a leak pattern. system installations and general purpose applica- Jet-Lube thread sealants prevent leakage caused by tions for threaded plastic pipe. JET-LOK® PS-67
Multipurpose Pipe Thread Sealant
Stainless Steel Pipe Thread Sealant W/PTFE
with PTFE
-65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C) • Contains PTFE • Viscosity -70°F to 500°F (-57°C to 260°C) • NSF - 61 (thixotrophic) 300,000 to 400,000 cps • Shear Strength - #21265 • Uniform Plumbing Code: IAPMO #1282 • 10,000 psi • Ful Cure Time - 24 Hours • Specifi c Gravity - 1.1 Biodegradable • NSF P1 • MIL TT-S-1732 • No VOC • Shelf Life - 12 Months • Approved for Potable Water • Seals to 10,000 psi • Friction Factor - .07 • JET-LOK® PS-67 is ideal for stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized Brushable to 0°F • Contains PTFE • Safe to use on metal and other inert metals. It has been formulated for tapered PVC & Fiberglass Fittings • No Odor metal pipe thread fi ttings and valves. This product has excel ent V-2 is a combination of vegetable oil, PTFE and inert fi l ers that are solvent resistance, al ows easy assembly and prevents gal ing. It is environmental y safe, nontoxic for use in potable water applications, on used on pressure valves, air compressors, and hydraulic system NPT and standard pipe fi ttings. V-2 is a soft setting product, so you can tanks for positive vibration related sealing. JET-LOK® PS-67 is approved for remove the fi tting without damage to the threads. potable water and has a unique blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors. This formulation also has rust and corrosion inhibitors built in so the 57666 – 50 ml. Tube, 57667 – 250 ml. Tube connection/fi tting wil not rust or corrode. V-2 also has a bacteria/fungistat which is a food grade additive that wil eliminate bacterial culturing.
35555 – 1/4 pt. Brush Top, 35502 – 1/2 pt. Brush Top, Anaerobic Multipurpose High-Temp Pipe
35504 – 1 pt. Brush Top, 35507 – 1 qt. Brush Top, 35523 – 1 gal., 35515 – 5 gal., 35524 – 15 gal., 35529 – 500 lbs. (50 gal.) -60°F to 300°F (-51°C to 149°C) • Contains PTFE •Viscosity (thixotrophic) 350,000 cps • Shelf Life - 12 Months • Specifi c Gravity - 1.2 • No VOC • Shear Strength - 10,000 psi • Line Pipe and NPT Thread Sealant and
Breakaway Torque - 25-60 in. lb.
This multipurpose thread sealant is ideal for applications -100°F to 600°F (-73°F to 316°C)• Contains PTFE where high performance is required to pressurize a fi tting or & Graphite • Brushable to 0°F • Soft Setting connection within a 24 hour period. JET-LOK® PS-92 is Formula • Non-Melt Formula • Chemical y Inert • formulated as a sealant that locks and seals tapered metal Pressures to 10,000 psi liquid and 2,000 psi natural pipe thread fi ttings and valves. The sealant replaces Tefl on tape and gas & air • Friction Factor - .07 conventional pipe thread compounds. Cures rapidly to pressures of 10,000 TF-25 is a thread sealant that has anti-seize psi, prevents gal ing and protects mated threaded areas from rust and characteristics, where standard thread sealants do not have the ability to handle dual function applications. TF-25 performs both functions of sealing 57566 – 50 ml. Tube, 57567 – 250 ml. Tube the threads on large diameter connections (3 1/2" and above), while also working as an assembly and disassembly lubricant. The ingredients are inert, noncorrosive, and ideal for natural gas, hot oils, desolate materials Heavy-Duty Thread Sealant Tape
and wastewater applications. TF-25 is ideal as a thread sealant where loose fi tting or worn threads are present, on imperfectly cut threads or where -400°F to 500°F (-240°C to 260°C) • 3-Mil thread damages have occurred. TF-25 may be used on both ferrous and Thickness • Conforms to CID A-A-58092 nonferrous metals. (MIL-T-27730A) •Inert Properties •Chemical Resistant • Pure Virgin Polytetrafl uoroethylene 23502 – 1/2 lb. Brush Top, 23504 – 1 lb. Brush Top, 23507 – 2 lbs. Plug Top, 23523 – 10 lbs. (1 gal.), 23513 – 25 lbs. (2.5 gal.), 23515 – 50 lbs. (5 gal.) PETRO-TAPE is inert and highly resistant and impervious to salt water, fuels, refrigerants, acids and alkalis, including kerosene, cleaning fl uids and gases. Immediate pressurization of the joint is possible. This 3-Mil tape wil not tear easily, as the combination of polymers actual y stretch and expand to develop a tight seal. When the NPT fi tting is assembled to the pipe, the Petro-Tape wil not tear or bal up in the threads during assembly which can cause leak patterns to develop. 30774 – ½" x 520", 30775 – ¾" x 520" > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Lubricants for Open Gear and Wire Rope Applications
Premium Lubricant Paste
0°F to 550°F (-18°C to 288°C) • Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant
Brushable/Pumpable formula • Black, -25°F to 350°F (-32°C to 177°C) • Sticky Semi-Fluid • Petroleum Oil Petroleum Oil • Color - Beige • Solvent Free • Pumpable This product has been developed to coat All wire ropes contain numerous moving and protect mating surfaces of opened parts that require lubrication. Each time and closed crown ring and pinion gears. the rope bends or fl exes, the internal Also used for "bul " gears, planetary ring gears and assemblies where high strands rub together causing friction, heat and wear. WRL has a blend of load contact protection is required. GEAR-GUARD contains molybdenum additives that coat, cover and protect the strands from the weathering disulfi de and graphite in a water resistance grease base so the product wil conditions caused by offshore environments. Highly resistant to rain and not run, sling off or melt over time and exposure to the elements. This salt water atmospheres, ideal y suited for offshore cranes and lashing lines. combination of durable and fl exible components produces a thin fi lm on The formula of rust and corrosion additives make this ideal for lubricating the gears, eliminating metal to metal contact which wil reduce surface heat wire rope, forklifts and any application that needs lubrication without attracting dirt and grime. WRL can also be used for cable pul systems and 17941 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 17909 – 9 lbs. (1 gal.), 17916 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.) lines on amusement park rides.
34041 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 34010 – 7 lbs. (1 gal.), WLD™ (WIRE LINE
34020 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 34024 – 110 lbs. (15 gal.), 34029 – 375 lbs. (50 gal.) Wire Rope, Cable and Roller
Chain Dressing & Lubricant

Multi Purpose Non-Melting Moly Paste
Non-Melt Base Grease • -25°F to 350°F (-32°C to 177°C) • Black Brushable 50% Moly Paste • Brushable • Color - Black • Formula • NSN # 9150-01-179-0228 -300°F to 750°F (-184°C to 399°C) • Organic WLD is a blend of petroleum and Clay Mixture with Moly • Non-Melting Formula • organic resins that aid in adhesion 300,000 psi Contact Stress Load • NAVSEA properties and make WLD highly water resistant. This formula is a coating TMS S 9558-AA-MMA-100 for long-term storage to protect exposed wire rope. Ideal y suited for MP-50 was developed for applications where spooling applications where pneumatic lubricators are present for applying extreme high loads are present, like center bowl wire rope lubricants. Our special blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors wil lubrication points for rail cars and walking cams for dragline cranes. This eliminate oxidation and is UV protected. WLD wil not run or drip off product is highly saturated with molybdenum disulfi de in a thick non-melt during transport or storage. The barrier fi lm of WLD protects against the grease base for stay put properties. MP-50 is designed to handle high formation of rust and prevents "rust binding" which reduces cable fl exibility pressure and high heat applications like mandrel forming presses, and is and life, increasing friction and wear. WLD is wel suited for walking drag used as a valve stem lubricant for many OEM valve manufacturers. line applications and as a lubricant for wire line guides and sheaves. WLD 28003 - 1 lb. Plug Top, 28007 – 2 lbs. Plug Top, 28023 – 12 lbs. (1 gal.), has the ability to penetrate in a working environment to protect the inner 28013 – 30 lbs. (2.5 gal.), 28015 – 60 lbs. (5 gal.) core strands of the cable or rope. 28541 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 28510 – 7 lbs. (1 gal.), 28516 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 28524 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 28529 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) Heavy-Duty Open Gear Lubricant
0°F to 550°F (-18°C to 288°C) • Non-Melt Grease Base • Brushable Formula • Black Sticky Paste This blend of mineral oils, molybdenum disulfi de and graphite combined with rust and corrosion inhibitors is ideal for open, outdoor surfaces. OG-H is special y formulated for gears, gearboxes, trunnion rol ers and thrust rol ers. OG-H is ideal for gears that drive large kiln drying units. OG-H is a brushable & pumpable formula, so applying the grease to fl at, tapered or open gears is easily done using a conventional paint brush or pneumatic pumping system. This uniformly blended combination of low friction ingredients provides a high fi lm strength which reduces starting torque and lowers operating temperatures.
26050 – 14 oz. Cartridge, 26016 – 35 lbs. (5 gal.), 26024 – 120 lbs. (15 gal.), 26029 – 400 lbs. (50 gal.) > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Coatings, Specialties and Cleaners
Nonfl ammable Penetrant/
Contains No Fluorocarbons • Indoor and Outdoor Formula • MIL-PRF-16173E NSF Rated H2 • 35KV Dielectric Strength • RUST-GUARD is a specialized water displacing formula which Nonfl ammable • Nonevaporating • dries to a uniform, thin waxy fi lm to effectively seal out Contains No Silicones • NSN #'s – 9150- moisture and corrosion. RUST-GUARD provides long-term 00-261-789, 8030-99-923-1633, 8030-00- protection on all metal and al oy surfaces, even under harsh 181-7603 • MIL-C-81309 Type II & III, Class environmental conditions such as water, high humidity or salt II, CO2 Grade (Aerosol) • MIL-C-81309 • spray. Bulk formula typical y provides six months outdoor and Type II & III, Class I (Bulk) • MIL-C-16173E one year indoor protection against rust and corrosion. RUST-GUARD may Grade 3 • MIL-C-23411A, VV-P-216B be used indoors or outdoors as a protective coating on raw materials, 769 LUBRICANT is the foremost lubricating, penetrating, moisture machined parts, tools, pipe, fi ttings, valves, etc., while they are being stored displacing, and corrosion preventative coating available today. Unequal ed or in transit. RUST-GUARD wil not crack or fl ake off; it penetrates ful y where salt water, salt spray or other harsh environments are present. 769 into even the smal est crevices to displace moisture and prevent rust and LUBRICANT gives total performance while being environmental y safe, corrosion. RUST-GUARD is green in color to provide a visual check of easy to use and nonfl ammable.
product application and is easily and safely removed by use of a safety Lubricates: Contains ashless, extreme pressure additives and highly solvent such as Jet-Lube CLEAN-UP.
refi ned lubricating oils that provide superior lubricating protection and anti- 13241 – 11 oz. Aerosol, 13233 – 1 gal., 13235 – 5 gal., 13229 – 50 gal. wear properties.
Penetrates: Rusted and frozen metal parts – studs, nuts, screws, pins, linkages – are easily loosened by means of superior "creepability." MoS2 Dry Film Lubricant
Removes Moisture: Moisture is lifted and displaced rather than trapped. Noncorrosive • Bonds to Most Porous & Nonporous Metals • Pores and crevices of surfaces are freed from moisture and are coated -300°F to 750°F (-184°C to 399°C) with a thin, non-greasy fi lm that prevents additional moisture from clinging or entering.
MOLY-MIST lowers friction, prevents gal ing, seizure, stickslip, fretting, corrosion and metal-to-metal contact; reduces torque Prevents Rust & Corrosion: Thin fi lm adheres to metal ic surfaces, and power consumption. It can be applied while equipment is providing positive, temporary protection against the formation of rust in motion, deposits a coating of MoS2 on hard to reach and corrosion, including electrolytic and galvanic corrosion common in surfaces of fi xed, moving or irregular parts. MOLY-MIST is salt environments.
used wherever a dry lubricant is needed, particularly where 37341 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 37343 – 16 oz. Trigger Spray, 27533 – 1 gal., temperatures are extreme, where environments are hostile, and where 27535 – 5 gal., 27529 – 50 gal. friction must be kept to a minimum. MOLY-MIST provides the initial lubrication protection that is needed ALL PURPOSE LUBRICANT
where conventional lubrication in most cases cannot. Its low coeffi cient of All Purpose Lubricant and Penetrant
friction, bonding tenacity, and ability to sustain lubrication make MOLY-MIST a pre-assembly necessity. Lubrication – or lack of lubrication – on the ALL PURPOSE LUBRICANT is a new generation penetrant fi rst pass or revolution of a wearing surface to a large extent determines that is approved in California and all of the OTC States. The the life of a component. New parts contain rough surfaces in the form of non-staining fast penetrating lubricant is ideal for changing microscopic imperfections. Use of MOLY-MIST during initial "running in" environments as wel as an everyday lubricating spray for light period wil provide extended service life.
to medium duty applications. All PURPOSE LUBRICANT is designed to lubricate, penetrate, displace moisture and 16041 – 12 oz. Aerosol, 16015 – 35 lbs. (5 gal. Pail), prevent against corrosion. 16025 – 110 lbs. (15 gal. Drum), 16029 – 380 lbs. (50 gal. Drum ALL PURPOSE LUBRICANT is the ideal product to be used on bearings, machinery, connectors, nuts and bolts, and all metal surfaces.
50441 – 13 oz. Aerosol > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Coatings, Specialties and Cleaners
Industrial Cleaner & Safety
NSF Rated C1 • Replaces 1:1:1 Trichloro- NSF Rated K1 • Non-fl ammable • Ozone ethane • Nonfl ammable Propellant • Friendly • Acid, Alkali Free • Low Odor • Natural Organic Formula • Ozone >29KV Dielectric Strength Friendly • Biodegradable • 29KV CLEAN-UP is a heavy-duty, low-foaming, Dielectric Strength chlorinated solvent that rapidly dissolves High performance blend of safe, organic oil, grease, paint, tar and grime on contact, solvents quickly dissolves and rinses away leaving a clean, residue free surface. Wil dirt, grease, grime, oil, tar, and wax, while not corrode or damage metal. CLEAN-UP is ideal for bearings, machinery, being both environmental y safe and ozone friendly. Works immediately on contact, breaking down and dissolving even the most stubborn contami- engine parts, tools, cables and more.
nants without the use of fl uorinated, chlorinated or SARA listed ingredi- 61542 – 18 oz. Aerosol, 61533 – 1 gal., 61535 – 5 gal. ents. Slowly evaporates while cleaning, leaving a residue free surface. CLEAN-UP PLUS is safe on all metals and most plastics.
72542 – 15 oz. Aerosol, 72535 – 5 gal., 72529 – 50 gal. Industrial Cleaner & Safety Solvent
Low VOC Formula • Compliant in all 50 states • Residue free • Ozone friendly CLEAN-UP II is a special y formulated low VOC blend of organic solvents designed to quickly dissolve and rinse away dirt, grease, grime, oil, tar and wax while being both environmental y responsible and ozone friendly. The product contains no chlorinated or fl uorinated solvents, no hazardous air pol utants and evaporates residue-free quickly. This product is California compliant and acceptable for use in CARB/OTC States. CLEAN-UP II starts working immediately on contact, breaking down and dissolving even stubborn contaminants without the use of fl uorinated, chlorinated or SARA listed ingredients. Safe on all metals and some plastics. For sensitive materials, test on an inconspicuous small area fi rst to determine acceptability. For electrical services the system must be off and time given to evaporate before re-energizing the system to avoid fl ash or fi re.
61442 – 14oz Aerosol, 61435 – 5 gal., 61429 – 50 gal. > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Valve Lubricant/Sealant Comparison
350A Poly 1383713-120lb EZY-OPEN™ Gel VALVE CUT Valve Tum > Each compound is manufactured using only proven formulas for high and low temperatures and a full range of valve and service conditions. > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. Anti-Seize Compounds
Product Specifi cations

ASTM Specs
-65°F to 1800°F Ideal for high temp, stress and load -54°C to 982°C applications. Not recommneded for fi ttings and fasteners -65°F to 2400°F Enhanced formulation of 550 to -54°C to 1316°C better enable assembly and dismantling of threaded connections.
General purpose water resistant lubricant for use on steel, aluminum & cast iron.
-65°F to 1800°F Micro-sized particles allow it to -54°C to 982°C quickly and easily coat fi ne- threaded, small & large diameter -65°F to 2600°F Superior adhesion to wet steel -54°C to 1427°C surfaces and resistant to water EP Greases
Product Type

Temp Specifi cations
NLGI Grade Marine NSF
Multi-purpose grease -18°C to 149°C Premium multi-purpose -18°C to 232°C -25°F to 450°F MIL-G-18458B (SH) Premium multi-purpose -32°C to 232°C -25°F to 450°F Premium multi-purpose -32°C to 232°C -65°F to 225°F Effective in extreme cold
Thread Sealants
Product Specifi cations
-70°F to 500°F 10,000 psi liquid Vegetable oil-based, soft-setting, (formerly MIL-T-27730A) -57°C to 260°C for use with potable water -100°F to 600°F 10,000 psi liquid Ideal for pipe diameters larger than 3 inches -400°F to 500°F 2 mil thicker than average tapes (formerly MIL-T-27730A) -240°C to 260°C One wrap application Lubricants
Product Temp

-25°F to 350°F Ideal for all heavily loaded applications Highly adhesive and easy to apply -25°F to 350°F Ideal for use in salt water environments -25°F to 350°F Provides a non-drying, non-tacky fi lm -300°F to 750°F "Plates" metal surfaces -184°C to 399°C > Material Safety Data Sheets &
product bul etins are available online or through the Customer Service Department. J
et-Lube has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of high quality grease products since 1949. Jet-Lube is recognized by the NLGI (National Lubrication Grease Institute) as a master blender of grease products, by the ASTM for our research, test and R&D lab, and the U.S. government for our Mil-Spec test capabilities. Jet-Lube's reputation as an industry leader has been earned in the world's harshest environments and the most demanding applications. JET-LUBE, INC.
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