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Diagram and Back Pain

by Bradly Beartoes

You might be wounding how a Diagram and back pain are related. Sickness absence is mostly caused and commonly caused by back pain. Not really considered a serious illness but certainly painful. Lower back pain or ‘Lumbago’ affects around 70% or more people globally it may affect a person at least once a lifetime. Low back pain is a stiff pain starting from the back right from the bottom of the ribs and up to the top of the legs. It’s also considered a probable symptom of damage incurred by the muscles or ligaments.

Back pain may have special patterns. It can be sudden or gradual, it may persist continuously or it may crop up sometimes, there may be instances when it always shows up at a particular time of the day. In order to help your Doctor to make a proper diagnosis, Doctor should be made aware about the particular pain patterns so that Doctor can monitor your progress. Type of pain sensations that you have in your neck or back can give an indication of what is going on in spine.

Stabbing, burning or electrical sensations down one arm or leg could be caused by an irritated nerve or also a muscle sprain also a ligament sprain because pain due to a stiff nerve could be caused by either a postural problem or an injury. The location of the pain may or may not have any relevance to where the damage or injury to the spine occurred. In the case of an affected nerve pain travels down the arm or leg as it occurs in sciatica.

It is possible that the pain exists in more that one area of the body. This is where a diagram of the body or body diagram is useful to map and track the location of where the pain is as it changes or moves. As a matter of fact the diagram is the best way to communicate your symptoms and location of the pain accurately to your doctor.

Most common incidences of seeking medical treatment arise due to back pain and neck pain. For some patients back pain might remain as one time inconvenience during their life time whereas some patients suffer episodic back pain throughout their life time.

Facet joints in the Lumbar region are bilateral because they have two joints per level. Decaying joints because of ageing are known to cause back pain. Decaying joints cause the joints to rub against each others surfaces and that causes inflammation. This could later then lead to joint decay and back pain. Muscular imbalances could cause a number of muscles, metabolic and postural dysfunctions and syndromes. The major reason for a large number of back pain complaints is light muscles or muscular imbalances. If the condition is left untreated it could later lead to degenerative spinal conditions.

Studies in medical science have made great advances in increasing longevity and expanding the quality of life. Hence a specialist should be consulted specially a specialist in spine care. They are numerous specialists Orthopedic spine surgeons who have taken advanced training in treating spinal disorder, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, herniated disc, bulging discs, ruptured discs, vertebral fractures, deformity, tumor, infection and congenial abnormalities. They are special clinics, facilities and institutes that perform advanced tests and minimal invasive surgeries to correct such conditions. In a majority of the causes the treatments offered are simple and outpatient procedures that minimize stress and minimize bleeding of the patient drastically and also shorten recuperation duration.

A very useful diagnostic tool to determine the causes of back pain, location of back pain and patters is Diagram and Back pain – Diagram or body diagram or diagram or nervous system and spine. Doctors use the diagram and other various visual assessment methods and a questionnaire to come up with an exact diagnosis of back pain.

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