Shido Lion Battery Data
Ah Capacity Difference: Lead-Acid
vs Lithium
Shido Lion Data Sheet

Heavy load Cycle Life Diagram
Capacity Retention Diagram @ 25° C
Main Advantages by Application
Frequently Asked Questions

High start
Final y DC-AFAM can introduce a high technol- Now this new lithium - ion technology is trans- ogy up-to-date battery for your todays motorcy- ferred for the use in Power Sport start batter- High start
cle, Jet-Ski, or other Power Sports application.
ies. The result is a SHIDO LION battery that - 65%
We have seen a huge improvement in the is perfectly adapted to bring the maximum technology of Motorcycles and Power Sports power and comfort for use in your vehicle.
Vehicles in the past 50 years. (See fig. 2, SHIDO LION batteries use Lithium Iron Phos-
p6) But until now the battery technology phate (LiFePO4) as positive material, and
stayed nearly the same. Strange, because Graphite (C) as negative material. This brings 50
without battery we all stand still…
the use of top – technology with all his advan- Lithium polymer batteries comply with the tages, the nearest as possible to High start
- 65%
rapid development of modern portable de- acteristic use of Power Sport start batteries.
vice industry. It was developed as a new type SHIDO Lithium Ion battery is formed by 4 Lith- of high-energy secondary (rechargeable) bat- ium Iron Phosphate battery cells connected tery at the end of the twentieth century. It in series, the battery voltage is 12.8 Volt.
has characteristic of light weight, high power This leads to the highest advantages for the and long service life. So this is a high level use in Power Spor 50 t applications as Start –
portable power supply product. High star r
t y. (See fig.1)
- 65%
6 min
High start
6 min
- 65%
• Superb cranking capacity • Drop-in replacement • 1/3 to 1/5th lighter than Lead- • Less fuel consumption Acid batteries No
- 65%
• Super-fast recharg 6 min
• No sulfating: longer service life • No explosion risk • Lower self discharge: longer • No maintenance shelf life • Stable Discharge voltage • Excellent cycle life: more than • No pollution, no lead & no acid 2.000 cycles • Capacity Indicator No
6 min
wer R
6 min ention (fig. 1) pollution
Power retention in different types Lithium and POWER RETENTION Lead – Acid battery types. Several battery types No
POWER RETENTION Several battery types Shido LION Battery (LiFePO4)Lithium Ion Battery VRLA, Wet Battery Conventional, Dry Charged Battery Shido LION Battery (LiFePO4)Lithium Ion Battery VRLA, Wet BatteryConventional, Dry Charged Battery

Battery Comparison (fig. 2)
Battery Data comparison 1970's Motorcycle and 2013's Motorcycle Comparison Battery BMW R 60 [1970]
BMW S 1000 RR [2013]
Shido Lion Battery Data (fig. 3)
In this table you can find the comparison be- crease are clear. The capacity difference be- tween traditional Lead – Acid batteries and tween Lithium Batteries and Lead-Acid batter-their SHIDO LION alternative. Massive weight ies is explained on the next page.
reduction, important Cranking Ampère's in- Capacity Capacity Ah Capacity Difference: Lead-Acid vs Lithium (fig. 4 & 5)
SHIDO LION batteries perform far better 2Secondly, and even more important: to crank your engine.
than their comparing Lead-Acid batteries. SHIDO LION batteries have an extremely If you use a traditional battery, you wil need In the Cranking Amperage Table (fig. 4) you low internal resistance. This means that the a Lead-Acid battery with a Capacity of at least can see the ratio between Battery Capacity energy inside the battery can come out much 10 Ah. Because this battery wil produce 150 and Cranking Amps. But in the SHIDO LION faster than in Lead-Acid batteries. This is Amps cranking current (15C = 15 x 10 Ah = Battery Data (fig. 5) you can see that SHIDO very important during the start procedure of 150 Amps). For example a Lead-Acid yTX12- LION batteries have less Capacity than their your engine. BS has 10 Ah. The weight of this battery is traditional Lead-Acid comparable batteries. The Maximum Discharge rate for Lead-Acid How is this possible? is 15C. The Maximum Discharge rate for But if you use a SHIDO LION battery, a Capac- SHIDO LION is 50C. More than 3 times bet- ity of 3 Ah wil be sufficient. This battery also There are 2 main reasons for This:
ter than Lead-Acid. C is the Capacity of the produces 150 Amps cranking current. (50C = 50 x 3 Ah = 150 Amps). For example the The energy Density of SHIDO LION batter- SHIDO LION LTX9-BS has 3 Ah. The weight ies is more than 5 times higher than for The lower Maximum Discharge rate for Lead- of this SHIDO LION battery is 0,7 KG ( which traditional Lead-Acid batteries. This means Acid batteries is the main reason why Power is 2,8 KG or 80% less weight than traditional that in the same volume of Lead-Acid battery, Sports applications need big capacity batter- the potential energy is more than 5 times ies. We wil make this clear with an example: Technical knowhow and data tables in this higher in SHIDO LION batteries.
Suppose your start engine needs 150 Ampère catalogue are conform DWD SN01031961.
CRANKING AMPERAGE TABLE CRANKING AMPERAGE TABLE CRANKING AMPS (A) CRANKING AMPS (A) BATTERY CAPACITY (Ah) BATTERY CAPACITY (Ah) SHIDO LION BatteryHigh Performance Maintenance F SHIDO LION Battery erformance Maintenance Free Maintenaince Free Heavy DutyConventional Shido Lion Data Sheet
Weight Current (a) assembly indicator proof terminal LB12B-B2 LION -S- LB16AL-A2 LION -S- LT12B-BS LION -S- LT14B-BS LION -S- LTX4L-BS LION -S- LTX5L-BS LION -S- LTX7A-BS LION -S- LTX7L-BS LION -S- LT12A-BS LION -S- LTX12-BS LION -S- LTX14-BS LION -S- LTX14H-BS LION -S- LTX14AH-BS LION -S- LTX14AHL-BS LION -S- LTX14L-BS LION -S- LTX15L-BS LION -S- LTX16-BS LION -S- LTX16-BS-1 LION -S- Shido Lion Data Sheet
Weight Current (a) assembly indicator proof terminal LTX18L-BS LION -S- LTX20-BS LION -S- LTX20L-BS LION -S- LTX20H-BS LION -S- LTX20HL-BS LION -S- LTX20CH-BS LION -S- LTX24HL-BS LION -S- LIX30L-BS LION -S- All batteries have the same terminal type: CU All batteries have a LeD indicator Waterproof sealed cover Q(uadri) terminal 1 to 1 Drop - in replacement
Heavy load Cycle Life Diagram (fig. 6)
Average number of Life Cycles: SHIDO LION batteries produce around 4 times more life cycles as traditional Lead-Acid batteries HEAVY LOAD CYCLE LIFE Discharge Depth 100% HEAVY LOAD CYCLE LIFE Discharge Depth 100% Shido LION Battery Factory Activated Maintenance Free Gel Shido LION BatteryFactory Activated Maintenance Free Gel CAPACITY RETENTION DIAGRAM AT 25°C Capacity Retention Diagram @ 25° C (fig. 7)90
CAPACITY RETENTION DIAGRAM AT 25°C In this diagram you can see the evolution of the Battery Capacity in accordance to the Storage Period. SHIDO LION batteries keep their capacity around 4 times longer than Lead-Acid batteries. This is important for the Shelf life when the batteries are in the distrib- uters warehouse. But it is also important for theCITY RETENTION RA end user: the battery wil keep her capac- ity much longer when the vehicle is not used.
Al CAP SHIDO LION Batteries have a 3 LeD Capac- STORAGE PERIOD (Month) CITY RETENTION RA STORAGE PERIOD (Month) Shido LIONMaintenance FreeConventional indicator Voltage (V) +/- 100mV action3 Leds Battery fully Charged. ready for use Battery able to start engine. Needs to be charged SHIDO LION LeD Indicator Battery needs to be charged BeFOre engine start OCV = Open Circuit Voltage Main Advantages by Application (fig. 9)
CAPACITY RETENTION DIAGRAM AT 25°C CITY RETENTION RAA STORAGE PERIOD (Month) 20 Batteries For aLL # appLiCations sCooter & motorCyCLe otHer appLiCations ImportantNice to have HIGHer STArT CAPACITy LONGer CyCLe LIFe LOW SeLF DISCHArGe LeSS FUeL CONSUMPTION Frequently Asked Questions
1how does a shido LiThium baTTery LiFePo4 technology approach as close as
possible the Lead-Acid OCV which is posi-tive for the total electrical circuit of the mo- SHIDO Lithium Batteries are based on LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technol- For the specialized chemists we give the ogy. The charging- and discharging capability chemical reaction hereby: comes through the chemical reaction of the LiFePO4 + 6C = Li(1-X)FePO4 + C6LiXpositive plates (LiFePO4) with the negative plates (Graphite).
There are 2 main reasons why SHIDO Lithi- 2does a shido LiThium baTTery LasTs 3The capaciTy of shido Lion LiThium
um batteries are made with this technology: Longer Than a cLassic Lead-acid
baTTery is Lower Than TradiTionaL
baTTery when i don'T use my bike
Lead-acid baTTery. so how can shido
• The OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) of these frequenTLy?
Lion LiThium baTTery work and
batteries is more stable than any other perform beTTer Than TradiTionaL
Lithium Ion battery yes. Thanks to the lower self-discharge rate, baTTeries?
the battery voltage will drop slower. This has • OCV of one LiFePo4 cell is 3,2 Volt. SHIDO advantages for the shops: the battery has SHIDO LION lithium battery is made of ex- puts 4 cells in their Lithium batteries, so a longer shelf life before it is installed and tremely high energy density lithium iron phos-total OCV is 12,8Volt. Standard Lead-Acid used in a motorcycle. And once installed, it phate material, and it is designed by SHIDO SHIDO LION LeD Indicator Batteries have 6 cells of 2,1 Volt. So they will last longer without charging or use than LION patent technology. The watt density is 5 OCV = Open Circuit Voltage have 12,6 Volt in total. This means that the a classic Lead-Acid battery.
times more than existing lead-acid battery, and Frequently Asked Questions (Next)
it can realize the high rate discharge capac-
ity. So even though the capacity is lower than 5whaT's The difference beTween
shido Lion LiThium baTTery and
9whaT is The difference beTween
shido LiThium baTTeries and cLassic
traditional battery, it can be used normal y, and oTher LiThium baTTeries?
perform better than traditional batteries.
Moreover, Lead-acid batteries need the higher Compared with Digital lithium battery (such Not relevant. SHIDO Lithium batteries are capacity to produce the necessary CCA values as cellphone battery) and lithium power sup- totally different from any other kind of bat- to start the engines. SHIDO LION batteries pro- ply battery (such as e-bike battery), SHIDO teries. The only thing what they have in duce this CCA without these higher capacities.
LION lithium engine start battery have the common is the exact dimensions and the difference from Material, Voltage, energy polarity (placement of Plus and Minus Ter-density, discharge rate, safety, cycle life, the minals).
detail table is below (fig.10).
4whaT are The advanTages of shido
LiThium baTTeries over normaL
• Superb Cranking Capacity: up to 50% 6whaT means The wh indicaTion on 10have shido LiThium baTTeries
The same dimensions as The oe
The fronT side of each baTTery
more than Lead-Acid batteries On every SHIDO LION Battery you can see some SHIDO Lithium batteries are made to the ex- • Weight: between 1/3 and 1/5th of Lead- technical information. Off course the tension: act same dimensions and polarities as the 12 Volt. But also the total amount of electrical standard Oe battery dimensions. So they energy that this battery can supply. This amount can be replaced 1 to 1 without any modifi- • No Sulfating: longer service life is the figure in Wh (Watt Hour) that you can find cation. There is a cross reference list avail-on the front side of each SHIDO LION battery.
able that shows the SHIDO LION alternative • Lower Self Discharge: longer shelf life in battery for the most common traditional the warehouse before use • excellent Cycle Life: more than 2.000 whaT is The purpose of The baTTery
But for some different types of SHIDO LION managemenT sysTem (bmc) in The
batteries we use the same container.
cycles (Lead – Acid batteries: +/- 300) shido Lion baTTeries?
For this reason we will equip high density stick foam sheet or plastic spacer in the • Drop-in replacement: 1 to 1 replacement Inside every SHIDO LION battery there are 4 cel s. box. you can Install the spacer at the bot- dimensions for OeM battery The BMC management makes sure that al 4 cel s tom of the battery to adjust the battery's are charged and discharged in perfect balance. height, or stick on the sides or bottom to • Less Fuel Consumption: thanks to higher Like this the power that comes out of the battery fit original battery size. This job can be fin- OCV the engine works more efficient is much more stable which helps the overal per- ished in a few minutes. This ensures SHIDO formance of the battery in giving off her power.
LION battery maintain same size as original • Super-fast recharge: very high recharging From the other side, the management system battery. Check the details in SHIDO LION in- rate trough high current also takes care of the balanced charge of the 4 stallation guide.
• No explosion risk: no gasses are pro- All together the result is longer lifetime of duced during charge or discharge the SHIDO LION batteries compared to oth- 11whaT is The purpose of The Led
er lithium batteries.
indicaTor on Top of The shido
• No maintenance: no acid fill, no leak risk, installation in any direction • Stable Discharge Voltage: better engine 8whaT are The disadvanTages of every SHIDO LION Battery has a Battery Led
shido LiThium baTTeries?
Indicator. The 3 leds give the charge state of performance, easy engine start • Higher price than Lead-Acid batteries • ecological advantage: no pollution, no • Loss of power in very cold conditions FULL = 3 Led
lead, no acid, safe & normal disposal (lower than -10 degrees Celsius) Battery fully charged and ready to use MED = 2 Led
Battery able to start engine. But needs
DiFFerent LitHium ion Battery type perFormanCe Comparison taBLe lithium Battery for SHIDO LION lithium LOW = 1 Led
engine start battery Battery needs to be charged BeFOre starting the engine Standard voltage (V) Weight energy density Volume energy density 12some Types in The shido Lion
range have The indicaTion
Max discharge rate (C) waTerproof. whaT does This mean?
These Waterproof types are special y designed Potential risk of fire Potential risk of fire for Jet Ski applications. The sealing between cover and container is waterproof so there is ab- environment friendly level solutely no risk of water seeping into the battery Frequently Asked Questions (Next)
13whaT is The service Life of a
management system built in the SHIDO LION shido Lion baTTery?
batteries, they will perform much better than other Lithium batteries in cold conditions. That depends on many factors. Under the There is also a simple trick you can use: if worst conditions, standard lead acid batteries the battery performs poor under extreme cold may last only a few weeks and under the best conditions, use your headlight during 10 – 15 about five years. In average lead-acid batter- seconds before cranking. This wil warm up the ies wil last 1 to 2 years. Under the same aver- battery and afterwards she wil perform better.
age usage conditions, we expect SHIDO LION From the other side, SHIDO LION batteries to last roughly double, or 2 to 4 years. can be used in hot circumstances. The bat- All depends on the battery care. regular use, tery works perfect even when the environ-regular extra charge when not in use will be ment temperature reaches 60° Celsius. By determinative in the final battery life.
this temperature the battery can still sup-ply her full power. This is an advantage over standard Lead-Acid batteries who lose their can shido Lion baTTery be
power in hot environment.
mounTed in any posiTion?
yes, because there are no liquids in the 17why we say The shido Lion
SHIDO LION batteries. Any direction installa- baTTery can save fueL?
tion is permitted, including upside down.
The voltage of lead acid battery is 12V, the voltage will reduce as the capacity falls as how do you check The
the battery is operating. This leads to action remaining capaciTy for shido
efficiency weakness of spark plugs. But the Lion LiThium baTTery?
voltage of SHIDO LION battery is 13V, and stable. The 1V voltage difference ensures We measure the battery open circuit voltage the spark plugs be always in great form. It with a multi meter, then we can preliminary can improve the efficiency of spark plugs, judge the remaining capacity of the battery. producing bigger sparks, then the gasoline remove the battery, and measure the bat- will be burnt more completely, unit kinetic tery open circuit voltage by multi meter. Then energy increases the engine torque, which check corresponding remaining voltage in fol- can improve vehicle running kinetic energy, ultimately improving fuel-efficiency.
tHe CorreLation taBLe oF VoLtaGe anD CapaCity For sHiDo LitHium ion Battery 18how can i dispose a shido Lion
baTTery afTer use?
That depends on your local and national reg- ulations. SHIDO Lithium batteries meet the european roHS standards for environmental health, and contain no lead. Check with your local authority to see if LiFePO4 batteries are 19can i use a reguLar baTTery
charger To charge my shido
Lion baTTery?
SHIDO LION batteries can be charged with most intelligent Lead-Acid battery chargers. However, there is one Very important NOTE: Do not allow resting voltage to fall
every intel igent Lead-Acid charger has a desul-fation mode. And this desulfating mode works different depending on the charger brand or how does a shido Lion
type. Some chargers use a high current pulse baTTery reacTs on coLd or hoT
to desulfate the Lead-Acid batteries. This is safe for SHIDO Lithium batteries. But others use a high Voltage mode to desulfate Lead- The resistance of SHIDO LION batteries in- Acid batteries. And this is dangerous for creases at low temperatures. But they will do eVery lithium battery. This high voltage can their job until -10 degrees Celsius.
damage the internal cel s of Lithium batteries. But thanks to the special techniques and the As a general rule: check if your charger NeVer Frequently Asked Questions (Next)
goes above 15 Volt, and it can be used prop- But SHIDO LION batteries have the ability motorcycle engine. The higher the current, erly for Lithium batteries. Chargers that use that they can be charged with high currents. the higher the rpm of the start engine will be a high voltage characteristic, must also check In this case it will take much less time to and the easier the engine will start.
the internal resistance of the battery. Some in- charge your battery. This is the Maximum SHIDO LION batteries have a CA (Cranking tel igent chargers wil recognize that the inter- charge current that is indicated in the manu- Ampere) that is up to 50% higher than com- nal resistance is low in SHIDO LION batteries. al. We advise to use this MAX charge current parable lead-acid batteries. This is very im-That is why they judge that the battery is not only when it is really necessary. portant for all motorcycles, but even more for sulfated and they wil not switch to the high voltage mode. But anyway you must be very
careful with this kind of chargers. Another typi-
cal fact on SHIDO LION batteries is that they 21does my shido Lion baTTery
requires a Top charge before use?
don't like "Trickle Charging". Trickle charging 23why is a shido Lion baTTery
so much LighTer Than a
is the stage where the battery cel s lie under Here is No Doubt: yeS!! every battery needs convenTionaL Lead-acid baTTery?
constant light over – voltage to compensate a top charge before being used. It will pro-the natural self – discharge.
long the service life of your battery and it Just look at the name of the two different kind of will also give your battery a higher energy batteries: LITHIUM VS LeAD ACIDdensity. even if the indicator shows 3 LeD's, The basical y elements in SHIDO LION batteries a short Top Charge is advised. your SHIDO are Lithium and Carbon.
20whaT is righT charge currenT To
charge my shido Lion baTTery?
LION battery is a piece of high technology in In lead acid it is Lead. Besides to very new tech-your motorcycle so it should be handled with nology of SHIDO LION batteries, only the specific In the manual you can find the Charge Cur- most care from the very beginning. gravity of both base elements in the two differ- rent values for each type of SHIDO LION Bat- ent battery types make a world of difference.
tery. We indicate 2 different values: one is Standard (STD), the other one is the Maxi-mum charge current.
22why does shido Lion baTTeries
have higher cranking power?
It is always better to charge your SHIDO LION 24why do aLL shido Lion baTTeries
have copper TerminaLs?
battery with the STD charge value. It will take The cranking power of a battery is indicated longer, but it is better for the service life of in Ampere. This is the current that a battery Thanks to the lower internal resistance of the battery.
can supply to the start engine to start the Copper (CU), the conductivity of current in Copper Terminals is 10 x higher than in Lead (Pb) terminals. All the energy that your SHIDO LION battery has to conduct passes through the terminals. One of the biggest advantages of SHIDO LION batteries is the ability to dis-charge (ex: during cranking) and to charge very fast. So the Copper terminals give the SHIDO LION batteries an enhanced electrical and mechanical performance 25how Long are shido Lion
We guarantee our SHIDO LION batteries for one year. This is under the condition that the bat-tery received the proper maintenance and care.
26how Long is The sheLf Life of
shido Lion baTTeries?
Compare to lead acid battery (6 months), the SHIDO LION battery can be stored for more than a year.
27whaT is The besT way To keep The
shido LiThium baTTery capaciTy
in good shape?
• regular charging. If not in use • Disconnect if not in use • Store in a dry and fresh place

Source: http://www.easyparts.it/documentation/3767/SHIDO_NL.pdf

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