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Arthritiden und Fibromyalgie
Nichtrheumatoide Arthritis, "Seronegative Arthritis"
Gonokokken, Chlostridien, Salmonellen, Staphylokokken, Haemophilus influenza, Mykobakterien,
Nocardien, Streptokokken, Corynebakterien, Kristallablagerungen (Urea, Hydroxyapatit)
Rheumatoide Arthritis, "Seropositive Arthritis"
Listeria-ähnliche Cell Wall Defective Forms, Mykoplasmen, Virusarten, Propionibacterium acnes,
Erysipelotrix rhusiopathiae,
Road Back Foundation
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characteristic acute lesions in mice induced by the tissue of each individual patient. Similar characteristic
lesions were induced in the same manner from RA-affected mouse and rat tissues. Neither injection nor
ingestion of normal tissues induced lesions".

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findings and rifampin treatment of MLO disease are discussed".

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cellular immunity in patients with RA may result in a relatively high viral load; (b
) patients with RA may be
more prone to infection/reactivation. The usefulness of monitoring the DNA viral load in patients with RA
is questioned by these data".

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Later, tetracyclines were successfully used for the treatment of RA. In double-blind and randomized
studies, levofloxacin and macrolide antibiotics (including clarithromycin and roxithromycin) were also
shown to be effective in the treatment of RA."

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Angiopathie, Vasculitis Zahn-und Mundpflege Alzheimer Multiple Sklerose Borrelien, Vasculitis, Inflammation, Lymphom, Neoplasma
Tetracycline bei Rheumatioder Arthritis
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disease activity in RA with no absolute increased risk of side effects."
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"Tetracycline antibiotics may be potentially effective and reasonably safe in rheumatoid arthritis."
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"This antibiotic regime is unlikely to be a valuable therapy for active rheumatoid arthritis."
CJ, H, TR, K (2011) rthritis research & therapy 13(5), R168
"Rheumatologists have not embraced minocycline or doxycycline as primary treatment options for RA
and reserve their use primarily in patients with long-standing, refractory disease. These drugs are
generally well tolerated, with skin complaints, nausea, and dizziness being the most common patient-
reported side effects."

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"The antibiotic protocol in this study was significantly more effective for this group of patients (CLBP
associated with Modic I) than placebo in all the primary and secondary outcomes."

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„The authors conclude: "This new knowledge, when balanced against the clinically important benefits of
biological drugs, will help patients and their physicians to make evidence-based decisions that align with
their values, preferences, and tolerance of risks of harm and benefits." - See more at:

Kombination von Antibiotika und Immunsuppressiva. Combination of
antibiotics and immunosuppressants

, , (2013) Clarithromycin in rheumatoid arthritis: the addition to methotrexate and low-dose
methylprednisolone induces a significant additive value-a 24-month single-blind pilot study.
Rheumatol Int. [Epub ahead of print]
Immunsuppression Standard antimicrobiotics
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