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Happen Business Pty LimitedSuite 2, 29 - 33 Pitt Street PO Box 126, Mortdale NSW 2223 Australia p. +61 2 9570 4696f. +61 2 8569 1858w. www.happen.biz Jim2® Business Engine Jim2® Business Engine V2.17 release notes – 18/05/06 Offi cial Release - Build 2252 with optional Advanced Warehouse Management functionality.
We are proud to announce the release of Jim2® BE version 2.17. This release includes many new features and enchancements and OPTION and is not included as part of your standard Jim2® BE subscription. Please contact Happen if you are interested in this new option.
Jim2® Business Engine has always excelled in improving workfl ow and business procedures, and version 2.17 strengthens this even further. This feature packed release includes many updates including: Advanced Warehouse Management, Watchout Notes, a new Journal stock type, line level stock reserving, batch invoicing, Stocktake enchancements and improved performance, just to mention a few.
Just a special note for all our new sites – welcome! These release notes should provide some insight into the sort of changes that are
introduced during version upgrades, and how YOU can take advantage of them at your site. With easy to follow screen shots, look through each one carefully to see if they can add functionality to your site.
Features include… NEW - Advanced Warehouse Management (new option) NEW - Watchout Notes NEW - Batch Invoicing NEW - Line Level Stock reserving NEW - Stock Bin Wizard NEW - Option - Check for duplicate Cust Ref# NEW - Option - Link Purchase Orders to invoiced Jobs NEW - Journal Stock type NEW - Stock Sales tab NEW - Stock Committed tab NEW - Show List Price (RRP) including GST NEW - Return to Vendor RA# fi eld NEW - Report sort orders Updated Stocktake sessions now allow easy spot Stocktakes Updated Stock Profi t reports Updated Security settings We have also included the following improvements and fi xes Sales Register - TF column in Sales Register grid General Journal - You can use the G tax code when entering a payroll journal (tax codes P and Q) Jobs - Recalculation of stock line prices to any price level (right click on stock grid) CardFile List - Added the functionality to delete Cardfi les (similiar to Stock list) Creditors/Debtors - Displays ‘Tran Date' column (hidden by default) on both trees Stock - Browser button on RRP fi eld has been removed. Now automatic.
Stock Select - Displays ‘Quantity on Order' Improved Calculator funtionality Reports - Invoice from Sales Register - Enhancements to auto email and select only unpaid invoices.
Reports - Cheque Remittance Report can now group via the Vendor Make sure you read up on these changes to Jim2® – there may be one or many you can use to enhance Jim2® BE even further!
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 1 Technical Information & Requirements Windows Vista Support
Windows Vista (all editions) is now supported by Happen and is compatible with Jim2® BE v2.17.
To upgrade from Jim2® V2.16 to Jim2® V2.17 backup your database then run jim2upgrade_217_2252.exe from your server.
The Jim2® update program will automatically update existing version 136 or higher databases to the current version 141. That is – by running the Version 2.17 upgrade, you will have access to these new features and functions WITHOUT affecting your existing Jim2® To manually update a database you have restored: 1. Use the Jim2® Update program and select the Jim2update136-141.pas script, from the UpdateFiles folder in your Jim2® folder.
2. New reports, scripts etc can installed by importing the jim2reports_v217.jrpt fi le via the Jim2® Report Designer.
Both these fi les can be located in the UpdateFiles subdirectory after running the jim2upgrade_217_2252.exe upgrade program.
Jim2Server has been updated in support the new features in Jim2® v2.17.
Microsoft SQL Server
Jim2® now fully supports all versions of Microsoft SQL Server from version 2000 onwards including.
SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (both 32 and 64 bit versions) SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition (both 32 and 64 bit versions) SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (with service pack 2 or greater) Microsoft MSDE 2000 (with service pack 4 or greater) Please also note that Microsoft SQL version 7 is no longer supported by Happen.
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 2 Advanced Warehouse Management - New Feature (Optional) Gain control of your warehouse, deliver better customer service, and keep labour costs under control, with Jim2® Advanced Warehouse Set up or re-design your warehouse layout with ease. Generate bin codes in seconds. Use the visual snapshot tool to see what is currently stored in your warehouse and view any empty The Stock Replenishment Feature will keep primary bins fi lled at all times, reducing the frequency of staff needing to refi ll bins. Other great features include; reserving stock items for a job, optimised picking order sequence, and the ability to manage spot or rolling stocktakes at anytime.
Jim2® Advanced Warehouse Management will give you the tools needed to ensure you are better equipped to increase warehouse effi ciencies, cut down on costs, and improve customer satisfaction. See the Jim2® Advanced Warehouse Management fact sheet for more details.
Watchout Notes - New FeatureWatchout Notes is a great new feature that allows prompts and messages to appear, based on a particular event occurring. Watchout Notes are availble on Jobs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Returns To Vendors, and Returns from Customers. Notes can appear when adding or changing customer, vendor, ship or from, or when adding stock, fi nishing or invoicing. You can choose to display the note for a particular CardFile or Stock, or for all.
Watchout Notes also allow you to optionally specify ‘Valid From/ To' dates during which you wish the note to appear. This is useful for specials, season greetings, catalogue events etc.
Using Watchout Notes, you can display any sort of message. For example, when adding stock to a Job, display ‘Would you like batteries with that?', or when Finishing a Purchase Order ‘Make sure you double check the totals as this supplier has trouble adding Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 3 The Watchout Notes List From the main menu click Tools > Watchout Notes. The Watchout
Notes list will then appear. Click run to generate a list of Watchout Adding a new Watchout Note You can add a new Watchout Note either from the Watchout Notes List accessible via Tools > Watchout Notes from the main
menu or from the Watchout Notes tab on either a Cardfi le or Displaying Watchout Notes based on dates.
When adding or editing a watchout note you can specify a ‘Valid From/To' date range that you wish that Watchout Note to be valid for. You can specify either the ‘From Date' or the ‘To Date' or both dates, allowing the Watchout Note to be displayed during this date range.
This is extremely useful for timed events like catalogue releases, change of address reminders, price change reminders etc.
Job - Line Level Stock reservingJim2® v2.17 now allows line level reserving of stock from within a Job. Once reserved, stock is exclusively held for that Job and can't be sold, picked or reserved on other Jobs. You can also optionally select serial numbers either prior to, or after, Line Level reserving.
So there are now three distinct ways you can reserve stock.
Committed can be thought of as a ‘Soft Level' reserve. Committed stock is simply stock that is allocated to Jobs prior to yours. Under Tools>Options>Stock you can choose to exclude committed from the amount of stock available. For example you have 10 in stock with 6 on prior Jobs, so the total stock available to sell is 4. The committed qty can be excluded by either the Jobs Date Due or Date In, meaning either by when a Job is required to ship or by the order that Jobs are entered. Users can sell stock this is committed on prior Jobs if they have security Security>Jobs>Allow Sell committed Stock.
Line Level Reserve
Line Level Reserve can be thought of as a ‘Medium Level' reserve. Line Level Reserve allows you to reserve stock for a Job and will not allow anyone else to sell that stock on any other Job regardless if has been committed. In the above example there would only be 4 available to sell. Line Level Reserve does not remove the stock from the Purchase Order but does exclusively reserve the stock for that Job and that Job Reserve
Job Reserve can be thought of as a ‘Hard Level' reserve. Reserve reserves the entire stock on a job and allocates the stock from the Purchase order. If the stock is serialized the serial numbers must be selected prior to reserving the Job. This is similar to marking a Job as READY, but unlike READY, except for the stock grid, the Job can still be edited.
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 4 Batch Invoicing - New FeatureYou can now invoice multiple Jobs from a Job list for multiple customers at the same time. Simply bring up a list of Jobs marked READY to invoice and click the Invoice icon. The Batch Invoicing screen will then appear and allow you to select which customers you wish to Invoice. Clicking the Invoice button will then generate a separate Invoice for each Customer selected.
If you have specifi ed a single customer in your Job list the Batch Invoicing process will be bypassed as per a normal multi-job Jobs - Recalculation of stock line prices to any price levelYou can now recalculate the price of a line of Stock on a Job to any price level simply by right clicking on the line and selecting Recalculate. > Recalculate current Stock price to > Price Level xxx.
Setups - New Stock Bin format and Stock Bin WizardJim2® v2.17 now allows you to associate a Stock Bin with a Zone, Row, Bay, Level and actual Bin number. This feature is used heavily by the new Advanced Warehouse Management option but can be used regardless. This allows Stock Bins and, of course, the Stock within those Bins to be access by Row, Bay, Zone etc for all operations including Picking, Packing and Stocktakes. Although normally used for within a warehouse enviroment, the format can be used anywhere stock is stored including service and retail businesses.
The new Stock Bin Wizard that allows you to easily generate Stock Bins in bulk. To access select Tools > Setups > Stock Bins
from the main menu. Select the Location you wish to create the Stock Bins for and click the ‘Stock Bin Wizard' button.
The Stock Bin wizard will then appear. Enter the range of Bins you wish to generate and the separators you wish to use as part of your ‘Qualifi ed Bin Code'. Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 5 Click ‘Next' and the list of Bins to be created will be displayed. Any confl icts with existing Bins will be displayed. Click'Next' to generate the Bins. You may need to run the Stock Bin Wizard several times depending on your storage layout. For example if you storage had 2 bins per shelf on all but the top shelf you would run the wizard once for the bottom shelves, and then again for the top shelf.
Options - Check for duplicate Cust Ref#This new option checks for duplicate Cust Ref# for the same Cust# on Jobs making it easy to pickup duplicate Customer purchase order entry. If a duplicate is detected a warning message will be displayed. This option must be enabled in Tools > Options > Job.
Options - Link Purchase Orders to invoiced JobsThis new option allows you to link Stock from a Purchase Order to an already Invoiced Job. Upon saving the Purchase Order a message will be displayed indicating that the linked Stock will be added to an Invoiced Job @ $0.00. This option is useful for adding related costs to a Job like freight or external labour after the Job has been invoiced. This option must be enabled in Tools > Options > Purchase.
Options - Check if Customer is outside trading termsThis new option if enabled will prompt you if the customer you are Invoicing is outside their trading terms. That is they are under their credit limit by have unpaid overdue invoices. You can only continue Invoicing if you have Security to do so (see Updated Security Settings). This option must be enabled in Tools > Options > Jobs > Invoice.
Stock - Journal Stock typeStock now includes a new ‘Journal' stock type for use on Jobs and Quotes. This stock type allows you to invoice either positive or negative amounts directly to any non-linked general ledger account and is perfect for invoicing non stock items such as discounts, advertising, rebates etc.
Whilst you can link a Journal Stock to any existing Stock GL Group it is suggested to create a new Stock GL Group of stock type ‘Labour, Applies, Journal' and link the Income Acccount to the General Ledger code you wish to use. Although typically you would link this to an income account, you can link it to any General Ledger account classifi cation.
Unlike other Stock types, you can enter either a positive or negative $ fi gure, however the total for the Job/Quote cannot be less then $0.00.
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 6 Stock - Sales tabThe Stock form now includes a Sales tab. The Sales tab lists all sales and returns related to that Stock. You can then easily right-click and view the original source document. The Sales tab also features our new fi ltering, allowing you to easily fi lter this sales information by almost any criteria. Stock - Committed tabThe Stock form now includes a Committed tab. The Committed tab lists all Jobs that have that Stock committed. You can then easily right-click and view the original source document. The Committed tab also features our new fi ltering, allowing you to easily fi lter this sales information by almost any criteria. Stock - Show List Price (RRP) including GSTStock Recommended Retail Price (RRP) has been renamed to List Price and is now displayed and entered as either Inc or Ex GST, depending on your global options. This is refl ected in many places, including the Stock Selection screen and Stock List.
Return to Vendor - RA# fi eldReturn To Vendor (RTV) now includes a RA# fi eld. This allows you to record both the RA# required to return faulty goods and the Credit Note# upon receiving the credit.
Stocktake sessions now allow easy spot StocktakesJim2®'s Stocktake feature has been enhanced to allow spot or rolling Stocktakes at a Zone, Row, Bay, Level or Bin level. You can now fi lter your Stocktake sessions based on the location of the Stock within your business. To make full use of this feature each stock should be assigned a Stock Bin via the Locations tab on the Stock form. The Stock Bin, having previously been assigned a Zone, Row, Bay, Level and Bin ID, allows for easy Stocktakes of areas of your warehouse or stock location.
Stocktake sessions has also been enchanced to handle the new Advanced Warehouse Management, in which case, Stocktakes for locations that have AWM enabled must be counted at a Bin level.
Updated Security settingsThe following additional security settings have been added. Security > Jobs
Allow to sell from all Locations (regardless of branch) Allow Invoicing when Customer is outside trading terms Security > Purchases
Edit other users comments Delete other users comments Allow link stock to Invoiced Jobs Security > Stock
View fl oor cost Allow to Pick Stock Allow to Unpick Stock Allow to Pack Stock Allow to Unpack Stock Accounts > Debtors
Security > Tools > Watchout Notes
Note: Please make sure your update you users security settings as they are enabled by default.
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 7 Sales Register - TF column in Sales Register grid The Sales Register now includes a Price TF (Ex GST) column.
General Journal - Payroll Journals You can use the G tax code when entering a payroll journal (tax codes P and Q) CardFile List - Added the functionality to delete Cardfi les (similiar to Stock list) Cardfi le List now includes the ability to delete Cardfi les by right-clicking on the list and selecting either ‘Delete Current CardFile' or ‘Delete all CardFiles in List' from the popup menu.
Note: Only Cardfi les that have had no transactions will be deleted.
Creditors/Debtors - Tran Date column Both Creditors and Debtors have been updated to show both the document and transaction date of the transaction. This allows easy tracing of the transaction when backdating or forward dating payments, invoices, purchases, allocations etc. To view the transaction date, click on the expand button (+ sign) in the top lefthand corner of ‘Allocate Payments' grid.
Creditors/Debtors - Unallocate at detail level Both Creditors and Debtors have been updated to allow unallocation of a payment at a detail level. Previously you could only unallocate the entire credit, which was annoying when you only needed to unallocate one payment out of the 20 applied.
Clicking the actual allocation and clicking the ‘Unallocate' button will unallocate that single allocation. Clicking on the Payment header and clicking the ‘Unallocate' button will unallocate all allocations.
Stock Select - Quantity on Order The Stock Select screen has been updated to show the quanity of Stock that is currently on order.
Improved Calculator functionality Jim2®'s Calculator feature has been enchanced. When pressing the ‘Accept' button the calculator will now attempt to paste its total into the currently focussed control. Previously the Calculator would only paste its result when activated from a Job or Purchase Order. Reports - Sort order feature Reports can now be given a sort order. This allows the order of reports in the Report Toolbar to be sorted in your preferred order without having to rename them. To change change a report's sort order, open Report Designer and select the report you wish to reorder. Click the ‘Set Sort Order' icon and enter a number to indicate the order that you wish the report to appear. You can set the sort order on all reports including system reports. The sort order will not be updated next time a report is imported.
The following reports have be added or updated in Jim2® Version 2.17 Management / Reports / Stock Reports / Stock Profi t
This report now includes a new ‘Summary Report' option.
Jobs / Sales Register / x - Invoice From List (Multi)
This report features enhancements to auto email and a new ‘Select only unpaid Invoices' option.
Accounts / Creditors List / Creditors / Cheque Remittance
This report now allows you to group the report by the ‘From#' on the Purchase Orders that are been paid. Great for users that use Jim2®'s central billing feature.
Application Level Performance Diagnostics (ALPD) This unique feature allows Jim2® to be run in a special diagnostic mode. All queries and access to the database is uniquely identifi ed and logged in real-time externally to the SQL database allowing measurement of both their timing and frequency. This information allows Happen to analyse and identify any site specifi c network issues and optimise database performance.
Improved Performance Jim2® v2.17 marks the completion of our conversion of Jim2® to the latest version of our internal development tools. Some of the features include improved memory management, better window management, report and Jim variable caching, and faster and more powerful Native Microsoft SQL Support Jim2® v2.17 now supports Microsoft's latest native SQL drivers, improving overall database access speed by approximately 5%. Jim2® automatically detects and takes advantage of native SQL support if installed. You can check if your system is running Native SQL by checking the ADO provider on the System Info tab in Jim2®'s ‘About' screen (help menu).
Jim2 Business Engine version 2.17 Release Notes Page 8

Source: http://files.happen.biz/Support/Jim2%20BE%20V2.17%20release%20notes.pdf

Microsoft word - doping control manualfinal tue1-6-12.doc

Doping  Control  Manual   2012  Anti-­‐doping  Rules   Therapeutic  Use  Exemption  (TUE)        FIRS  Sports  Medicine  Commission  Viale  Tiziano  74  00196,  Roma,  Italy   Doping  Control  Manual  TUE  December  2009v1   General Information Doping control may occur during any FIRS Events. Athletes, who use medications that are included on the Prohibited List, must fill in the Therapeutic Use Exemption form with their physician. The completed TUE forms must be submitted to the FIRS doping control officer at least 30 days before the event. All documents (TUE form and medical evidence attachments) must be written in English or Spanish. Generic names of medication must be used. Information about Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) For substances and methods on the Prohibited List FIRS athletes, like other athletes, may have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications. If the medication that an athlete is required to take to treat an illness or condition happens to fall under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption will give the athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine. Athletes may apply for a TUE for any treatment involving a substance or method on the Prohibited List. Medical evidence needed to support the diagnosis There needs to be objective medical evidence to confirm the diagnosis and the need for treatment with a prohibited substance. This medical evidence must be supplied by the treating doctor and sent together with the TUE application. Medical evidence shall include complete medical history (for example onset of the disease, family history, triggers, severity, etc.), results of all examinations and laboratory investigations and/or the imaging studies. Required in official FIRS Events All international level athletes defined as athletes in the FIRS Registered Testing and/or players entering in an FIRS World Championship, or a Major Games, who use prohibited substances and/or methods, must fill the TUE Form and submit the Application to the FIRS. FIRS is responsible for accepting applications and granting the certificates. All TUE applications will be reviewed by the FIRS Medical Committee. If approved, the athlete can begin treatment after receiving the authorization notice from the FIRS. In rare cases of an acute life threatening condition retroactive approval will be considered. Reciprocal Approval of TUE FIRS medical commission will accept, by reciprocal arrangement, any TUE issued by a FIRS approved anti-doping organization (ADO) in conformity with the WADA International standards for TUE. ADOs include other International Federations and National anti-doping organizations. Sanction fee for late TUE applications The TUE applications need to be sent to FIRS at least 30 days in advance of the FIRS event. The sanction fee of $50 US may be applied for the late incoming TUE applications. The sanction fee, if applied, shall be paid by the National Federation of the applying athlete.


Bowel cancer From diagnosis to recovery making cancer less frightening by enlightening 1 Some of the information in this booklet is taken with permission from the patient information website of Cancer Research UK. www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer Bowel cancer From diagnosis to recovery About this booklet We have developed this booklet because we recognise that bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in Ireland. About 2,500 men and women are diagnosed here each year.