Telestroke evaluation and treatment recommendations to Daniel O'Leary, MD, Chief Medical Officer 28 patients in October and November alone. In keeping with the season, today's Quality Corner begins – In acute stroke, the Telestroke neurologist directly with a gift from HealthAlliance Hospital to the community examines the patient via high resolution video of patients we serve. The package, long in the making and technology, speaks directly with the patient and family, really just arrived this season, is a newly advanced approach makes recommendations as to appropriateness of tPA, to stroke care. The story of its creation proceeds as follows: obtains informed consent and recommends tPA whenindicated. – UMass Memorial Medical Center (UMMMC) is recognized as the highest volume provider of tPA to – All of this, of course, is in collaboration with our own stroke patients among all Massachusetts hospitals over excellent ED physicians.
the past two years, by a wide margin.
– In 2011, three patients received tPA at HealthAlliance – HealthAlliance Hospital, in collaboration with UMMMC, has been working to adapt the UMMMC stroke – So far in 2012, nine patients have received protocol to suit the needs of our community.
tPA at HealthAlliance. Six of these patients – Dr. Wiley Hall, head of the Telestroke program were in October and November alone.
at UMMMC, which provides stroke patients This is in addition to others who were with direct video evaluation by expert stroke emergently transferred and received tPA neurologists, presented grand rounds in at the receiving tertiary care hospital. November detailing the benefits of this program.
– Several of these patients went on to – HealthAlliance outfitted most rooms in the ED to receive further brain-saving therapy at be able to utilize Telestroke technology. The ICU UMMMC after transfer, including was also equipped, so that ICU patients and thrombectomy and intra-arterial tPA.
emergent floor patients with strokes could be – Several patients had dramatic improvement or even complete resolution of stroke symptoms.
– A second Telestoke unit was added in the ED, because – One recent young patient presented with two we found there were times when more than one different strokes, seven days apart, of thrombo- patient was simultaneously in need of Telestroke embolic origin and with documented arterial occlusion. On both occasions, he received – We went from a hospital that used Telestroke just prompt tPA with complete or near complete thirteen times in the past three years to providing resolution of deficits. Continued on next page Pre-registration Alternative Quality Contract EXCEPTIONAL CARE FOR EVERYBODY
Quality Corner continued
– Seventy-two percent of involvement of obstetrics, family medicine, the family patients who receive Telestroke medicine residency program, and the pediatric consultation are able to remain hospitalist program. Discussions are already interesting at HealthAlliance for the and productive.
remainder of their care. One – Our look at what sort of response high pain scores patient who received successful tPA treatment should elicit, in the same way high readings for pulse requested to stay here and did very well in our ICU.
and temperature elicit reconsideration of the diagnostic I realize my enthusiasm is great, but in this instance, I and therapeutic approach. Pain scale responses are seen cannot be enthusiastic enough. We owe a debt of gratitude in Soarian under vital signs.
to the providers and leaders in the ED, neurology, – Upcoming news in the area of screening for Lung radiology, nursing, and our collaborative partners at Cancer – more to come soon. UMMMC, including neurology and the quality department there as well as here at HealthAlliance.
Happy New Year to all of you! We continue to refine our approach to stroke, working to optimize informed consent and speed theprocess of imaging and therapy. Perhaps mostimportantly, we begin to work with the community on the modifiable risk factors thatcontribute to stroke, including delay in decidingto seek medical treatment for acute stroke. Massachusetts recognizes those hospitals thatshow dramatic positive change such as this fromyear to year, and we hope to be on that short list in the coming year. and help HealthAlliance Hospital's
2012 Honda
Cancer and Emergency Department programs.
Some topics to look forward to in Quality Accord LX,
– An extraordinary patient story of survival $50 each and $100 for 3
and complete recovery illustrating the value of our rapid transit from ED arrival to cardiac catheterization and angioplasty.
– A report on Dr. Theo Meyer's Grand Rounds presentation in November on approaches to the inpatient with CHF, withparticular attention to the factors that couldoptimize outcome and prevent readmission.
– Following up on this presentation, the Medical Center's cardiology team's workwith the Transitions of Care Committee Drawing to be held on May 18, 2013 at Ron Bouchard's in Lancaster. Proceeds will be
across the system that has produced a set of used to benefit Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center and the Emergency Department.
specific guidelines for acute therapy which *Actual car on display at Ron Bouchard's in Lancaster. Winner responsible for all taxes and registration. we hope to adapt, implement, and impact Winner need not be present to win. Winner must be 18 years or older. Car value: $22,280. No substitution of the offered prize may be made and no cash will be given in lieu of the prize. our rate of readmissions at HealthAllianceHospital.
– Our obstetrics colleagues, who are conducting combined M&M reviews with For more information or to purchase tickets visit
Development Office 60 Hospital Road, Leominster, MA 01453 978-466-4516 Spotlight on Services
Diabetes Education Michelle Fitzgerald, BS, MBA, Lynn Sullivan, BS, RRT-NPS Director, Rehabilitative Services Manager, Respiratory Care Services The Diabetes Education Programs at HealthAlliance Hospital are accredited by the American Diabetes Association. Facilitated by a certified diabetes nurse educator and a certified diabetes dietitian educator, theseprograms help patients understand diabetes, the importance of daily blood glucose testing, how nutritionand exercise positively impact diabetes and other important topics. The Diabetes Self-Management Education Program appliesa multidisciplinary approach to make certain participants' Combivent is the next MDI coming off the market needs are met. The six-week program includes: (by July 2013) due to the change in requirements of • Formulation of a meal plan by a registered dietitian propellants under the FDA guidelines. The new product • One-on-one visit with a certified diabetes nurse is Combivent Respimat, available since October 2012.
The availability of Combivent MDI is currently limited • Six 90-minute group classes taught by a team of and your patients may be provided Respimat as a substitution without notice. This new delivery device ispropellant free, has never been used in the United • A booklet on diabetes management States, and will require support and education to • Follow up of progress after completion of the program patients and providers alike. The Gestational Diabetes Self-Management Education Please see provider info at: Program applies a multidisciplinary approach for the care of mother and baby. The program includes: • Formulation of a meal plan by a registered dietitian • One-on-one visit with a certified diabetes nurse • A booklet and handouts on pregnancy and diabetes • A six-week program on preconception counseling For information about our outpatient diabetes education program, call 978-466-4580.
Recently, our diabetes educator, Nicole Parent, RN, I would suggest contacting your Boehringer Ingelheim passed her Certified Diabetes Education exam. Nicole is rep for in-servicing for you and your staff.
available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. From Our Departments
Continuing Medical Education Chief of Medicine Ralph Spada, MD, was
named co-director of medical education by
Edison Wong, MD, Co-Director of Medical Education the Education and Library Committee inNovember. This month, we have added a new program series to ourTuesday Morning Grand Rounds Schedule, "Morbidityand Mortality Rounds" (M + M Rounds) that will be Beginning in January, Oncology Grand Rounds will move presented every two months by Daniel O'Leary, MD,
its specialty presentations from the fourth Tuesday of the Chief Medical Officer. month to the Third Tuesday of the month, with no presentations during the summer. Our first program, "The Acute Abdomen" had excellentattendance and was enhanced by interactive presentations Please note that all Education and Library Committee by speakers from our departments of radiology and members are required to annually submit a "Full Disclosure pathology. Many post-conference survey comments were Form for Faculty/CME Planners" to Coordinator of received indicating a willingness to consider a change in Medical Education Frank Landry. Under the Massachusetts their office/hospital practice in this specific topic area.
Medical Society and the "AMA/ ACCME Standards for Future M + M Rounds programs will carry peer review Commercial Support," and the University of Massachusetts, designation and qualify for Risk Management Credit. anyone who is in a position to control the content of ANY Our daily care of over 100,000 patients in our service area educational activity MUST disclose ALL relevant financial provides a rich curriculum of learning opportunities.
relationships with any commercial interest.
Monthly, numerous groups meet, including individual departments and the patient care management committee.
Here unusual and fascinating clinical challenges are presented, as well as uncommon presentations of commonclinical syndromes. The purpose of this Grand Rounds Best of North Central series is to bring these stories to a wider audience. Theaudience in turn, both learns from the experience of The Leominster Champion weekly newspaper held its others and helps the hospital develop new strategies and annual "Best of North Central." This year, four of approaches to diagnostic and therapeutic challenges, HealthAlliance Hospital's medical staff members were drawing on their own clinical experience and insight. We have found that individual patient stories are a powerful tool to drive learning and improvement. Discussions have Daniel O'Leary, MD, and Eric Cotter, MD
been stimulating thus far, and we look forward to evenbroader attendance and involvement.
Best Pediatricians:
Charles Myers, MD, and
Theresa Callahan, MD
Edison Wong, MD, has moved his office
practice to Waltham, but will remain on
the HealthAlliance Hospital medical
staff, continue to staff the EMG Clinic
Pictured: Erin Johnson of the at the Burbank Campus and serve as Leominster Champion presents Co-Director of Medical Education. the awards to Dr. O'Leary, who accepted all four awards on behalf of the physicians. From Our Departments
The Education and Library Committee Improved Laboratory Speed and welcomes Mudita Mittal, MD.
Quality of Laboratory Testing Connie White, MT (ASCP), Manager, Laboratory The official members of the Education and Library Of all the areas where speed of results can impact care, acute myocardial infarction is high on the list. We are Edison Wong, MD Chairman and Director of Medical
pleased to announce improvements in lab technology that enhance the timing of results.
Ralph Spada, MD Co-Director of Medical Education
On November 6, the laboratory at the Leominster Francis Landry, Coordinator of Medical Education Campus moved the new Siemens Vista 500 chemistry analyzers to production. Some of the improvements Peter McConarty, MD
Stephen Child, MD
– A 10-minute troponin assay with increased sensitivity Felix Chang, MD
in the low technical range James Ledwith, MD
– A third generation, ultra sensitive TSH Bailoo Rohatgi, MD
– Testing for both Total and Free PSA, Quantitative Rheumatoid Factor, Total IgA, IgM and IgG. Extensive Mudita Mittal, MD
correlation studies have been performed.
Julie MacGregor, Cancer Registrar We are very excited to be using these dynamic analyzers.
Michele Martin, Manager, Medical Staff Office There should be no delay in receiving your patient Robin Morin, RN, Associate Director, Quality, Risk results. Please note there will be a change in a few Management & Regulatory If you have questions regarding this change, please call Frank Landry recently presented a library outreach Christopher Owens, MD, at Ext. 2520 or Connie White program on consumer health to the local Spanish at Ext. 2875.
community at the Spanish American Center in Leominster, with the assistance of Mercedes Urrea, manager of interpreter services. The program focused onthe databases of National Library of Medicine related toConsumer Health Information, Medline PLUS, and otherrelated governmental databases that have translated healthcare material in Spanish and other languages. Landry alsoused the international guidelines of "Healthcare on theNet" in developing a checklist of suggestions for evaluating quality Internet websites for health care information. This checklist was translated in Spanish byUrrea, as were parts of Landry's presentation and questions and answers from the audience.
News and Updates
Pre-registration HealthAlliance Home Health & Now Available On Line Hospice Now Offering Telehealth Sonia Azzi, PMP, Director, Patient Access Services for Our Patients For our patients' convenience and ease of access, pre- Christine Dixon, Executive Director registration for scheduled appointments only is now Telehealth monitor is a clinical tool that monitors patients available on the HealthAlliance Hospital website.
from their home, seven days a week. The Telehealth Before a patient's date of service, the patient can go to monitor checks the patient's vital sign readings each day and click on the blue "Pre- and asks other patient-specific questions regarding Registration" tab located in the right column. They medications, diet, pain and clinical information.
simply need to complete the information requested and The monitor is a clock-sized machine that prompts submit the form. For questions about the form, call patients each morning to take their vital signs. The clinical 978-466-4777, Option 1, Monday – Friday, 7 am – 5 pm.
information is transferred to our Telehealth nurse who receives the readings and will follow up with the physician Please ask your staff to go through this process themselves if there is information that requires an intervention. to see how well it works. This will enable them to better Patients and their families, their clinical team, physicians explain it to patients, and they can provide feedback as to and hospitals appreciate the benefits of the new Telehealth any enhancements.
Note: New patients need to register by phone for their first date For more information, contact HealthAlliance Home of service only. Health & Hospice at 978-728-0621.
Bed Expansion Update Hematology/Oncology Retreat Dave Duncan, Corporate Vice President, Facilities and Support Services HealthAlliance Hospital is currently in the process ofPhase 1 Inpatient Bed Expansion on the Foster Wing, 2ndfloor. Four new private, contemporary inpatient rooms arebeing constructed, which will be used as "intermediate carebeds". If you have been on the 2nd floor near the FosterWing, you have seen or heard the construction activity. The renovation under way is providing a new home forDialysis and Respiratory Therapy to free up space in order The cancer care team from UMass Memorial Medical to construct the four new intermediate care beds.
Center and the Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Centerat HealthAlliance Hospital held their 6th Annual The opening of the four new beds is anticipated to be in Hematology/Oncology Retreat in November. The retreat early April. Phase 2 Inpatient Bed Expansion will happen provided an opportunity to celebrate the successes of throughout the summer when major renovations to the specialty cancer care, the new focus on disease groups, and 4th floor will take place, creating an additional 12 new the milestones reached in research.
contemporary, private inpatient beds. The opening ofPhase 2 beds is anticipated to be in December 2013.
Alan Rosmarin, MD, chief of hematology/medical oncology and deputy director of the UMass Memorial News and Updates continued
Two Minutes with…
Cancer Center, led the team of physicians, nurses and John Robert Bogdasarian, MD, FACS support staff in a discussion of the vision of cancer care at Specialty: Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) a system level and how to improve and address the Medical School: Columbia University College of changes in health care and challenges of the future. The Physicians & Surgeons group also focused on the introduction of complementary Post Graduate Training: Boston University Medical services and the benefit to the cancer patient, as Center: Intern and Resident: General Surgery; well as the roles of the community hospitals and the aca- demic medical center, integrative care, and improving Where did you grow up? I was born in New York City and grew up
(if I ever did) in Binghamton, New York.
processes and efficiencies. Is there anything interesting about your family that you would like
to share?
My wife, Sophia, is nurse manager of the Simonds-Sinon
The staff at the Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center Regional Cancer Center at the Burbank Campus. We have four sons – gave a tour of their newly expanded and renovated center one in physician assistant school in Worcester, one in broadcasting forFATV, one in medical school in Pennsylvania, and one in the Coast including the new, state-of-the-art linear accelerator, Guard in Galveston, Texas. My mother recently celebrated her 90th which provides the most advanced radiation therapy in birthday. I have two brothers who are physicians and a sister who is anurse who manages mobile health screening projects.
the region and the Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care What are your favorite hobbies and leisure time activities? I am not
Center located in the lower level of the Cancer Center. certain what "leisure time" is, but enjoy traveling, exercising, gourmetdining, spending time with family and friends, and reading (trying to educate myself).
Why did you choose this specialty? My father was an otolaryngologist,
and one of my brothers is an otolaryngologist. They both loved the
Thomas Scornavacca, DO, was appointed associate
specialty, and let me know it. In the midst of my general surgery residency,I realized that I enjoyed head and neck surgery more than abdominal medical director for the Office of Clinical Integration surgery, and decided to pursue that interest through an otolaryngology (OCI) in October. Dr. Scornavacca is board certified in residency and career.
family medicine and practices at Harvard Primary Care, Do you have any particular areas of clinical interest? I enjoy most of
a UMass Memorial Community Medical Group practice.
otolaryngology, especially pediatrics and thyroid surgery, but have throughmy career done pretty much "all of it." He brings nearly 13 years of primary care clinical What is something that your patients and colleagues would be
experience and 10 years of administrative experience, surprised to know about you? That I'm back at work after a medical
including leadership roles at Central Massachusetts "bump in the road;" that I've completed 21 marathons (but have won Association of Physicians and his recent designation as a none); that I've done missionary work in Thailand, Haiti and the Dominican Republic as a primary care physician, and that I've traveled POD leader for UMass Memorial primary care practices.
completely around the world.
In his new OCI role, Dr. Scornavacca's principal If you weren't a doctor what would you be? A journalist covering
international crisis areas.
responsibility will be to support UMass Memorial What do you find unique or different about practicing at
Medical Group and other Managed Care Network HealthAlliance Hospital? In my 35 years of practice at HealthAlliance
primary care physicians' transition from volume- to value- and its predecessors, I have always felt wanted, needed and appreciated – based delivery of care under risk-based payer contracts. In feelings that have been reinforced by the support of the administration(s),medical staff, patients, and community. I think that these feelings are addition to his OCI role, he will continue to see patients.
unique to HealthAlliance and are rare elsewhere.
What are your pet peeves, professional and otherwise? Reading robotic,
Kelton Burbank, MD, has been appointed President of
templated electronic medical records that are without personality and that the New England Society of Orthopaedics. Dr. Burbank imply completed evaluations that were not in fact done; the substitutionof technology for listening to our patients (listening usually gives us the is board certified in orthopedics and is fellowship-trained answers we seek); unnecessary care interventions and surgery.
in sports medicine and practices at North County Is there anything else you would like to share? I would like to
Orthopedics along with Brittany Boisvert, MD, also
thank my friends, patients, and the medical and hospital staff (who are board certified in orthopedics and fellowship-trained in also my friends) for the overwhelming support that they gave to my family and to me during my recent encounter with the business end of sports medicine, Steve Manalan, MD, and Christopher
the scalpel. I was deeply touched by the sincere well-wishes and prayers Brooks, PA. North County Orthopedics is located on the that were conveyed to us, and it has made me believe that I could not Leominster Campus.
have chosen a better or more fulfilling community in which to havemade my career.
Welcome New Providers
Kristen McCarthy, DO
CHC Family Health Center Jean Louis (Lalou) Begue
275 Nichols Road, 4th Floor Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center Fei Gu, MD, PhD
Simonds-Hurd Complementary Care Center Simonds-Sinon Regional Cancer Center Margarita Castro-Zarraga, MD
Rachel Robbins, MD
CHC Family Health Center D'Ambrosio Eye Care 275 Nichols Road, 4th Floor 479 Old Union Turnpike Katherine Fitzgerald, DO
Seeking Medical Staff Directory Updates Family Medical and Maternity Care, PC 87 North Main Street Please review the latest copy of HealthAlliance Hospital's Medical Staff Directory and send correctionsand updates to: Mary Lourdes Burke, Marketing & CommunicationsDepartment, at [email protected] or 978-466-2214.
David Bebinger, MD, Chair, Infection Control exposure and mask up for coughing/sneezing patients. It's not too late to get the flu vaccine for protection from We are fully into the flu season. Recommendations for the next wave which usually follows in 3-6 weeks. patient care are posted on the hospital's Intranet. Oh, and wash those hands! Remember that each patient contact could be an For additional information, contact me at 978-466-4212.
Across the System
Blue Cross AQC: What's in a name? Robert A. Klugman, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Quantitative Health Sciences, Senior Vice President; Chief Quality Officer; Medical Director, Managed Care As the United States grapples with escalating health costs, Blue Is the AQC working? Blue Cross recently published results Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the largest provider of showing that both their quality scores improved and their level medical insurance in the state other than the government, of spending was reduced relative to other spending as a result developed a new model called the Alternative Quality Contract of this program. (AQC). The primary objective was to slow the rise of the cost of health care while preserving quality. What does this mean for our providers? The AQC has two primary components. The first is that a group Coupled with federal programs like the Accountable Care of providers (doctors, hospitals, etc., who work together), agree to Organization (ACO) and the recently passed Massachusetts a fixed annual budget for the total medical expense (TME) for legislation signed by Governor Patrick strongly directing the Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO members that they care for.
providers and payers into more of these so called "risk"-type This budget is calculated by looking back on two to three years contracts, the landscape will very rapidly change over the next of prior cost that is then adjusted for any fluctuation in the few years from the long-standing fee for service, pay as you go, number of actively enrolled members that year. A risk adjustment to these "bundled" payments. This will require both focused for a level of severity of illness of those subscribers is also made.
attention on the various quality metrics as well as new programs to manage more complex patients and those with Once this budget is set, the provider group needs to live within chronic diseases to keep them at home and healthy rather that budget for the following 12 months. In the event that at than in the higher cost setting, like the emergency room or the end of the year they have spent less money than the allotted hospital – a win for all concerned.
budget, they share in the dollars that are leftover. In the eventthey have spent more than the budgeted amount, they share in What does this mean for patients? paying for the overage. The idea is both to incentivize the They need to be active and engaged in their care. We have an providers to use health care dollars more wisely, as well as give epidemic of obesity, smoking and diabetes. Patients need to them some flexibility in how they pay their physicians and other work at improving their own health both in terms of healthy providers in the group to allow for investment in new models, habits as well as participating in preventative care and such as medical home or patient care managers. These models management of their chronic diseases. help keep people home and healthy rather than in high-cost settings like the emergency room or the hospital. In sum, AQCs, ACOs and like programs are a step toward promoting health care provider groups to focus more on The second piece of the AQC is the quality component. In order efficient use of health care dollars, as well as improving quality.
to assure that the quality does not suffer while providers are They provide flexibility as to how those dollars are spent to focusing on cost, Blue Cross has devised 26 measures upon which allow for a new, innovative program. provider groups are monitored. These include care metrics suchas the provision of mammography, necessary immunizations and One of the biggest challenges we face is the transition period testing, as well as the management of common medical when providers are in both the fee- for-service world and this conditions like bronchitis, diabetes, heart disease and others. In new risk world, were incentives are competing.
addition, patient experience scores for primary care practitionersare included. Primary care practitioners are responsible for moni- UMass Memorial Health Care is addressing all of these issues toring and improving the performance on these measures. through our newly created Office for Clinical Integration Depending on the overall level of performance of the provider as well as the work going on across the system. This work group, a score is calculated and more dollars are paid in addition includes programs like improving transition of care between to the TME dollars. Importantly, the level of the quality score hospital, home, and home care and extended care facilities and also impacts the TME. If a group saves money on the TME, the more intensive management for patients with chronic diseases. higher your quality score is and the more you share in those saveddollars. Likewise, if you overspend on TME, the better your qualityscore, the less you are required to pay back for that overage.

Ranked #1 in MA for Patient Safety
New Safety II Campaign Launches in 2013 Mary Lourdes Burke, Chief Communications Officer After a successful new safety campaign this fall, which leveraged HealthAlliance Hospital's #1 ranking in Massachusettsfor patient safety by Consumer Reports, the hospital is launching phase II of its safety campaign. Coinciding with UMassMemorial and HealthAlliance Hospital's goals for fiscal year 2013, this phase focuses on targeted service lines. Throughprint, radio, online banners and search engine marketing, the new campaign highlights the hospital's commitment to providing the safest, highest quality: • Heart attack care in Massachusetts
• Care through technology for patient safety
Although this campaign is scaled back from a budgetary standpoint, the ads are specifically designed to measure their effectiveness in the Dedicated patient-centered car
e programs, including patient navigator
, survivorship and wellness pr
, survivorship an
, survivorship and wellness pr
edited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer
Check out the new print ads and radio spots posted on our Intranet. about patient safety and quality at HealthAlliance Hospital, visit www
about patient safety and quality at HealthAllian
about patient safety and quality at HealthAlliance Hospital, visit www
ce Hospital, visit www
2 7 5 N I C H O L S R O A D , F I T C H B U RG , MA 01420 s 978-343-5000
in Massachusetts
for patient safety
ality ca e
safest, h g
u h technol
Com itted t prov
e t, highest quality ca
n you the safest, highest quality c e th ough techno
onic medical records
onic medical r
ors and improve patient safety
ors and impr
One of the first hospitals in the country to commit to electr
der Entry to prevent medication err
ove patient safety
One of the first hospitals in the country to commit to electr
event medication err
der Entry to pr
Implemented Computerized Physician Or
e's Most Wired Awar
d – 4 years in a row
s Most Wir
d – 4 years in a r
health care and are committed Recipient of Health Car
y health care and are committe a ity health care and are committ veryone deserves safe, af e eryone deserves safe, a a , we believe that everyone deserves safe, b lieve that everyone deserves safe, H spital, we believe that everyone deserves safe fordable, high-quality health care and are commit d rth Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.
o th Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire r to everyone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshir v ryone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshi f care to everyone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampsh e el of care to everyone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hamps Alliance Hospital, visit www
For more information about patient safety and quality at HealthAlliance Hospital, visit www
For more information about patient safety and quality at Health
W W W. H E A L
K C A M P U S s
Committed to pr
oviding you the safest,
Committed to pr
ommitted to pr
oviding you the safest,
highest quality heart attack car
highest quality heart attack car
ighest quality heart attack car
in Massachusetts
for patient safety
Ranked as the 4th leading hospital in the state for surviving a heart attack – 2 years in a row
Ranked as the 4th leading hospital in the state for surviving a heart attack – 2 years in a r
Recognized for rapid emergency diagnosis and transfer of heart attack patients
Partnership with UMass Memorial Medical Center – ranked #1 in Massachusetts for heart attack care

Partnership with UMass Memorial Medical Center – ranked #1 in Massachusetts for heart attack car
At HealthAlliance Hospital, we believe that everyone deserves safe, af fordable, high-quality health care and are At HealthAlliance Hospital, we believe that everyone deserves safe, af t HealthAlliance Hospital, we believe that everyone deserves safe, af committed to bringing that level of care to everyone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. committed to bringing that level of care to everyone in North Central Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.
For more information about patient safety and quality at HealthAlliance Hospital, visit www
about patient safety and quality at HealthAlliance Hospital, visit www
Patient Satisfaction at Medical Grand Rounds Schedule HealthAlliance Home Health Note: Grand Rounds are held on Tuesdays at 7:30 am & Hospice Ranks High in the Guild Conference Room, Simonds Building, Entrance G, Leominster Campus.
Christine Dixon, Executive Director Schwartz Center Rounds* Recent trends in HHCAHPS scores at HealthAlliance HomeHealth & Hospice show HAHHH ranks higher than the state Dr. Raymond Wolejko, Program Moderator and the nation. HAHHH has made a focused effort on – HealthAlliance Hospital improving patient's and families' perceptions of the care theyreceive. In making quality of care a priority, the staff have focused on delivering care in a manner that is individualized, comprehensive, and compassionate. Home health patients are Dr. Daniel O' Leary, Chief Medical Officer asked specific questions about how they were treated; the – HealthAlliance Hospital sensitivity of that treatment; if their requests were met, andhow well issues such as medications and home safety were addressed. The results show remarkable improvement over the February 12, 2013 months in how well our care is delivered.
Physician Health Program Dr. Luis Sanchez The hospice team has also worked hard on improving the – Physician Health Massachusetts Medical Society perception of care they provide. Based on previous surveyfeedback, the team has focused on improving written educational materials that are available to patients, families, These programs satisfy the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine's requirements for awarding of and physicians. In addressing the often difficult aspects that risk management credit.
are faced at end of life, the team has been able to improvethe overall confidence level of families who are involved inthe care of their loved ones. The results of these efforts arenoted in HAHHH's Family Evaluation of Hospice Care(FEHC) scores that also exceed state and national numbers. Joint Replacement School
7th Annual Cat's Meow Speakeasy Tasting Gala
Saturday, January 12, February 16, March 16 Thursday, March 7, 5:30 – 8:30 pm • $50 9-10 am • FREE Four Points by Sheraton, Leominster HealthAlliance Hospital – Leominster 99 Erdman Way, Leominster, MA Campus, Entrance D, Surgical Services Lobby, 100 Hospital Road, Leominster.
To register or for more information, call 978-466-2258. For more information or to register, call 978-466-2550. President & CEO Lunch Dates
Thursday, March 21, 6 pm • FREE Wednesday, January 16, February 20, March 20 at Noon HealthAlliance Hospital – Leominster Campus Medical Staff Conference Rooms A and B – Guild Conference Room Leominster Campus Physical Therapy Lecture
Wednesday, January 23, 6 pm • FREE Interested in presenting a Community HealthAlliance Hospital – Leominster Campus Health & Educational Program? Guild Conference Room Contact Kelli Rooney, Marketing and PR Specialist, To register or for more information, call 978-466-2191. at [email protected] or 978-466-4094.
Guild Ale & Wine Social
Wednesday, January 16, 4 – 6 pm • $10 14 Monument Square, Leominster, MA 01453 Share Your Ideas
To register or for more information, call 978-466-2778. National Go Red for Women Day
We want to hear from you! Friday, February 1, 10 am - 2 pm • FREE Please share your ideas, feedback, HealthAlliance Hospital – Leominster Campus, Lobby D and patient testimonials for future Stop by the Go Red for Women table for important publications and YouTube videos! information, giveaways and free blood pressure Email Mary Lourdes Burke at [email protected] or call at 978-466-2214.
Heart Health Lecture
Tuesday, February 12, 6 pm • FREE HealthAlliance Hospital – Leominster Campus Guild Conference Room To register or for more information, call 978-466-2191. The Auricle is the medical staff newsletter of HealthAlliance Hospital, a Member of UMass Memorial Health Care. Daniel O'Leary, MD, Medical EditorChief Medical Officer • [email protected] • Tel: 978-466-2005 Mary Lourdes Burke, Managing EditorChief Communications Officer • [email protected] • Tel: 978-466-2214 • Fax: 978-466-2271


Microsoft word - 2013-2014 parent handbook.doc

PRESCHOOL PROGRAM Michael Sheppard, Superintendent Pupil Services Director, Lisa Bruening 390 Fair Street Berea, Ohio 44017 Preschool Mary Ellen Butler, Office Assistant 16900 Holland Road Brook Park, Ohio 44142 Krista Dickens, Preschool Coordinator 1-216-898-8840 x7675 Preschool Intervention Services Bethany Baker, Preschool Psychologist 1-216-898-8840 x7694

Faq146 -- reducing risks of birth defects

f AQ The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSFAQ146PREGNANCY Reducing Risks of Birth Defects • What is a birth defect?• What causes birth defects?• What can I do before or during pregnancy to decrease my risk of having a baby with certain birth defects?• Why should I see my health care provider before becoming pregnant?• What factors increase the risk of having a baby with a birth defect?• Why is taking a multivitamin important before and during pregnancy?• What do I need to know about taking medications during pregnancy?• How can obesity have an impact on my pregnancy?