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by Travis Carter

Alum granules deliver outstanding hemorrhoid relief for various stages of hemorrhoids. In chemistry jargon alum is the chemical formula aluminum sulfite or ammonium aluminum sulfite or ammonium alum. It might sound like a name from science fiction movie, but it really does work super when it comes to hemorrhoid relief.

I’m not big on scientific technical terms, but I have received emails about alum granules providing people with hemorrhoid relief from burning itch, chronic pain and inflammation.

Using alum granules is an effective and affordable home hemorrhoid relief treatment that can be done in the privacy of your home with a soothing sitz bath. Alum granules are known to drastically reduce hemorrhoid inflammation, gently shrink hemorrhoids and help prevent your hemorrhoids from getting worse.

Many pile sufferers have shared the healing strength of alum granules actually reversed their hemorrhoid condition until they were completely hemorrhoid free.

Alum granules are not hocus pocus, but they have provided fantastic hemorrhoid relief for a great many of hemorrhoid sufferers. One person that visited the hemorrhoids online blog expressed how they used alum granules in a durable sitz bath to enjoy relief from pain and itch of their external hemorrhoid. Very affordable sitz baths can be found online and are engineered to gently support the buttocks in comfort while in use.

Using alum granules for hemorrhoid relief is inexpensive and works great for many people. It’s still important to express that alum granules are not used to remove hemorrhoids. This home hemorrhoid remedy should be used if you want relief from hemorrhoid symptoms while your hemorrhoids are being treated or you’re healing from a hemorrhoid removal treatment.

Hemorrhoid sufferers that told me about alum granules were specific this is not a cure for hemorrhoids, but a wonderful form of hemorrhoid relief. Alum promotes faster hemorrhoid healing. I dearly hope alum granules work wonderfully for you like they have for so many other hemorrhoid patients.

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