Autumn UPDATE 2006
BdMax's Finishing Spray
ZeroInHuman Essence Now is the time to consider the On ready-to-pick gold kiwifruit, after two benefits of using ZeroIn.
applications of ZeroIn a week apart, followed by 10 days of rain, dry matter ZeroIn is used in the last few
levels were .7% higher in the treated weeks, prior to harvest, to area. The TZI showed a 30% difference.
achieve a variety of outcomes. Trials to date on kiwifruit have
shown that after two
applications, there is an

increase in dry matter after
rain, and an evening out the

dry matter levels over the
whole sample. This led to a

30% increase in the TZI (Taste
• Reduce fruit Indicator), and the
payout. Trials are presently
underway to establish if this Trials on ripening grapes in the Hawkes ‘evening out' effect occurs • Hold fruit size Bay showed that in the last month of without rain.
growth with two applications of ZeroIn a achieves its effects week apart, bunch size remained the naturally through focusing the same, while the brix level rose normally. plants' growth into the roots. This Three rain events occurred during this •98% protection retards sap flow to the top of the period. Bunch weight was expected to plant, reducing water flow during down to –2 C.
rise from 80 gms to 140 gms.
rain events. Positive ‘side • Earlier harvest effects' of this process are • To reduce fruit bursting.
• Cost efficient ZeroIn on Grapes
Maintains fruit at its existing

Brix level rises normally.
Retards plants going to seed.
Encourages root growth.
(This is enhanced with a further application after harvest) has no withholding period, and like all BdMax products is Bio-Groregistered and ACVM exempt.
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This Seasons Experiments
at the BdMax Orchard
Now we have a 1 acre block of green For dry matter & rain protection
kiwifruit , we have been able to carry out more intensive experimental trials, 250mls per ha for 2 applications 7 days throughout the whole season.
apart, as soon as possible before rain For autumn root growth
A spring program was carried on from If used for the above then one more September till the end of November. No application at 250mls per ha, after frosts where experienced through this time. It is still too early for other results to be apparent.
If used just for autumn root growth, 250mls per ha for 2 applications 7 days We have two trials running. One area has been sprayed monthly and the other two weekly, since early December. We will be testing for the influence on dry matter One litre will cover 4 hectares and fruit size. Part of this trial was to 1 litre costs $240 /lt = $60 per app.
observe the influence of PhotoMax on bud set during low light. However we did 5litres costs $200/lt = $50 per app.
experience good light and heat during December.
Use Etherics 1000 once after the We have trials of FruitMax being applied program has finished. It can be included monthly and two weekly from January. with any other sprays.
This product is for enhancement of fruit size.
ThermoMax over FruitMax
Trials last season showed that where What can you say about Echinacea Gold? ThermoMax was applied just prior to This is one of the best kept secrets
harvest, over an area sprayed withFruitMax, leaves began an early winter defoliation, which saw the fruit size jump Echinacea Gold helps build the immune significantly, and the harvest date came system, increase the lymphatic function forward by a couple of weeks. while providing anti bacterial and anti viral We will be redoing this trial this season properties. At the first sign of feeling a bit on and off FruitMax sprayed areas.
off colour, reach for the Echinacea Gold. Customers use this product to ward of colds and sore throats. Because it helps We have just started to trial ZeroIn's build the immune system you are less effect on the ‘evening out' of dry matter susceptible to the change of season readings. This is a little early for ZeroIn on green kiwifruit, however we would like to clarify if it evens out the dry matter readings without rain. We showed last year, that ZeroIn had a 30% benefit to the TZI when sprayed before a significant rain event. We are hoping to have these Living on your nerves? results before the kiwifruit harvest begins.
Emotions running away with your life? End of Season testing
Don't despair, the answer is right here.
The orchard is being divided into 7 Astral Coolers is a homeopathic remedy
maturity areas. We will pack fruit with containing Nettle, Yarrow, Chamomile and Seeka, so we should be able to get a other common herbs. Astral Coolers has a good range of quality feedback on these trials.
strong calming affect and literally tames your psychological side. With your emotions under control, enjoy a life that you control not one that always controls you.
Same idea - different outlook?
Back in October last year, my wife Ann I was truly amazed at how interested all spotted an advert in a farming paper staff were to my presentation and the "Farmlands" about something called next problem was enticing head offices biological controls using homeopathy. I to accept us and assign what they call contacted them and this started a great Sku #. One staff member actually rang friendship with the team at BdMax, her head office and demanded sku Glen, Caroline and Gillian.
numbers for several of the products I am the worlds best skeptic and I was namely Possum Chase, Bird Scare and quickly pooh poohing this thing called Cat Scat. This was granted and my first homeopathy but on reflection why would order was under my belt.
Hopefully gone are the days when toxic prepared to advertise this tiny firm in Te pesticides are the norm and organics will be once again prove to be the right I am a great one for computers and onto the net and BdMax web site. Wow! Over Now that I am finally convinced I the next week I must have spent many foresee a long lasting partnership fascinating hours reading their pages between BdMax and the Scarrows and links to other articles.
Gradually I became convinced that I I was truly amazed at how interested all had to be part of this exclusive team.
staff were to my presentation and the Contact by phone is not the best way to next problem was enticing head offices meet new people so on down to Te to accept us and assign what they call Puke from our home in Pokeno and way Sku #. One staff member actually rang up No3 Road and a face to face very her head office and demanded sku involved chat, left me still wondering. numbers for several of the products This ole fella takes a lot of convincing to namely Possum Chase, Bird Scare and something so radical as to what I was Cat Scat. This was granted and my first order was under my belt.
Ann and I spent many hours discussing Hopefully gone are the days when toxic BdMax and we invited Glen to come pesticides are the norm and organics and try to convince me.
will be once again prove to be the right Those of you who have been fortunate in meeting this dedicated young man Now that I am finally convinced I will understand how I felt. Very foresee a long lasting partnership impressed! I am a qualified nurseryman between BdMax and the Scarrows and Ann and I own a small nursery where we grow hoyas, begonias and orchids and we sell to the trade. This entails me loading up our Toyota van and visiting various garden centres and nurseries that buy our plants ex van.
Etherics 1000 is important to the Glen suggested that I sell their products continual well being of your plants. A blend of all the Biodynamic preparations and away I went on my first trip.
507 in one safe balanced Thanks to very descriptive brochures invigorating spray for plants and soil.
and a folder made by Gillian showing photos before and after of various Etherics 1000 is supplied free of charge with most BdMax products, it is to be products.ie. Frosted plants such as applied 2-3days before every third spray newly planted avocados burnt with frost at the rate of 250ml per hectare.
alongside plants that had been sprayed with Thermo Max showing no damage.
D.Crawford – Avocado
"great results in frost protection
An autumnal warmer
trials to –3C. Our fruit set does and frost protection
not seem to be any different than any one else's. The early fruit set held but the later set Last winters trials showed successfully increased the internal temperature of Avocados and kiwifruit it will perform the same way for other crops.
ThermoMax on Avocados
Average Readings across whole orchard With autumn on our doorstep, and cooler season has provided weather and possible frosts about to arrive. An anecdotal evidence that application of ThermoMax will give the crop an extra degree of protection, for three weeks or blueberries, while the bees so. You can also expect slightly earlier maturity. are still working the crop, may reduce the number of Applications of ThermoMax, the evening before bees present. It appears the a frost, has worked well in Spring. However with birds and the bees are larger canopies on now it would be better to indeed very similar have applications on for a day or so before frosts if possible.
This phenomena has only been reported on blueberry crops, as pollination takes HB vineyard – Grapes
place while there is ripe fruit to be protected from birds. "A -2°C frost came when we had three inch No such effects have been shoots. The leaves burnt off but the shoots reported on strawberries were fine. Regrowth was normal." using BirdScare.
HB Vineyard – Grapes
If you have noticed any unexpected results please let "A-2° frost caused some damage but the
vines recovered quicker than would be expected normally. We still managed to get a Sth Auck. - Strawberries -
crop off that block for the first time. Previous Will use again next year. No years have seen the crop lost due to frost." problems with ongoing fruit set still picking in late Whangarei - Avocado
"Very satisfied. Trees appeared to have denser flowering and a heavier fruit set than those of a similar age in another block that were not sprayed with ThermoMax." European
WhiteTail Spider
Towards the end of March, Glen will be Whitetail's! just the word makes traveling to the Hague in Europe for a you shudder. Whitetail spiders month, at the request of sponsors for are nocturnal feeders and the trials against the horse chestnut prefer to live under dry bark and bacterial infection. His time will be spent plants (building sites are great setting up the trials and systems of for spiders) but will often be spray application to be used for this seen inside houses looking for shelter from light after hunting at night. The spider often hides Most of the trees are in urban settings in clothing especially if it is left and so the spraying of these very large lying around on the floor.
trees presents some difficulty. The organic status of all the methods we are Whitetail spiders feed only on employing are proving very attractive to other spiders and prefer the all concerned. This season the trials grey house spider, which build have been enlarged significantly. At the their zigzag webs on the request of the city council the number of outside of houses, fences and trees in the trial has increased from 150 car mirrors. Like most insects Whitetail
to 800. The trial has also been the whitetail will only bite if extended' to include controlling the handled or provoked. Although Mineer Moth, which began attacking the describing the spider as trees, some 15 years ago. Scientists "poisonous" is not correct the believe this insect infestation has bite can be painful and turn weakened the trees to the point the bacterial infection can take hold. Whitetail pepper is now Therefore controlling it has become a available in 100ml bottles.
Application is 2ml per litre of Our experience with peppering insects water. The spray can be misted on kiwifruit, over the last 8 years or so, both inside and outside of the will hopefully come in very useful with house on a monthly basis. As this insect. A positive side of this the pepper makes the spider treatment is that as we must spray the infertile the spray will only whole tree, the council is funding the require reapplication when new required spray equipment. spiders enter the area. This ‘buy in' by the city council represents a significant development in the acceptability of the project and the methods we are using to achieve our in your feedback It is with some degree of humor that we reflect on the difference in the response Next time it is raining and you we are receiving from the Hague City are looking for an excuse not Council, to how we were received, when to do the book work, take a we offered to help with the control of the coffee break and fill in the Painted Apple Moth in Auckland. No Feed back from. This lets us doubt just one of those ‘cultural' things.
know how you feel about the products and gives you a Glen will be available via email while he chance to ask any questions is away, so please contact him on Feed Back
that only ever pop up just bdmax @xtra.co.nz before you spray or when you direct assistance. If the office is unable are out in the middle of the to answer your enquiry, we will forward orchard, farm or vineyard. Just them to Glen, and as soon as we obtain tear the feedback form off and an answer we will contact you.
post or fax back. Feed back forms can also be filled in on our web site.

Source: http://www.rimu.geek.nz/garuda/newsletters/Autumn%202006.pdf

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