Swami Vivekananda 150 BIRTH ANNIVERSARY

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Affiliated to Calcutta University P R I N C I P A L ’ S D E S KImagination is the beginning of creation. The dream of 1916 has already crossed 96 long years and stands tall like an unquestioned reality. Now we have a rich past, a glorious present and a bright future. Asutosh College is marching ahead with its sole objective of providing quality education to all, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status or physical health. To fulfil this objective, many developmental programmes were initiated during the preceding years keeping in tune with the changing scenario of education. All the information along with important events are being presented in the prospectus.
We are only four years away from the Centenary Year (2016) of the College.
Different developmental projects including the construction of ‘Centenary Building’ and ‘Women’s Hostel’ have been undertaken to deliver the academic responsibility to the society for which the invlovement of the past and present students is solicited.
It is worthwhile to mention that in this year we are celebrating the 150 birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.
The inspiring thoughts of this prophet of modern spiritual renaissance are more relevant today than ever before. His electrifying message of the divinity of man, of peace and harmony, emerges out of his own realization.
to raise our voice In this context, we may recall his prophetic utterance as follows:‘‘What we want is this Sraddha S×kþyV. Unfortunately, it has nearly vanished from India, and this is why we are in our present state. What makes the difference between man and man is the difference in this Sraddha S×kþyV and nothing else.
What makes one man great and another low is this Sraddha S×kþyV.” ×kþyîy˜ œ¦þöì“þ Kþy˜›ä And that’s why it is hightime to raise our voice in tune with our ancient values Šéyey˜y‚ x•Äëû˜‚ “þþ™ƒ’ n×kþyîy˜ œ¦þöì“þ Kþy˜›þä n Šéyey˜y‚ x•Äëû˜‚ “þþ™ƒ We are dedicating this prospectus with our respectful heart to that great person who kindled in us the light of humanity.
Wish all the students a very happy beginning of their career.
Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar 92, S. P. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata - 700 026 P. (91) (033) 2455 4504, 2454 2371/72 E. [email protected] W. www.asutoshcollege.in

150 BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF Swami Vivekananda

HISTORY BEHIND CREATION Permission sought for establishing a 3rd June, 1916 — College named as College in South Calcutta under the South Suburban College and Sir Asutosh visionary leadership of an eminent was elected President of its Governing Syamaprasad Mukherjee (Left), Panchanan mathematician, educationist, vice- Body. It was decided that the College Singha, Founder Principal (Right) chancellor (Calcutta University), Chief would function from 26, Lansdown Road, Personalities behind creation of Asutosh Justice and over all a great patriot Sir Calcutta.
Asutosh Mukherjee.
17th July, 1916 — The College started
Approval from Govt. of India to upgrade to function formally.
South Suburban School into an The College shifted to Bijni House, 157 Intermediate College upgraded to Degree Russa Road, Calcutta (Later this house College.
was demolished for constructing Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute).
South Suberban College Building 1916-17 Sir Asutosh passed away on 25th May. Teaching of Science subjects started.
South Suburban College renamed as ASUTOSH COLLEGE from 15th June.
The Asutosh Mukherjee Memorial Sri Syamaprasad Mukherjee took over Institute, founded in 1927 appealed to as President of the Governing Body and Calcutta Corporation (the then Mayor served the College in this capacity till was Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose) for a his death.
portion of land from Hazra Park (Jatin Bijni House (1917-35) Das Park) to be leased to the institute for construction of a new building for Asutosh College shifted to the newly Asutosh College, a Library and an constructed building under the initiative of Sri Syamaprasad, that exists today.
1916 : Intermediate College with English, Bengali, Sanskrit, 1994 : Industrial Fish and Fisheries ( Vocational/Major) were
Logic, Mathematics and Botany.
1918 : Degree College with English, Bengali, Sanskrit, 1997 : Computer Science was introduced.
Philosophy, History, Economics., Political Economy and Polititical Philosophy.
2001 : Bachelor of Business Administration & Psychology
were introduced.
1925 : Teaching of science subjects started with Physics, 2002 : First Post-Graduate Course (M.Sc. in Env.Sc.) was
Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology.
1949 : Geography, Geology, Statistics were introduced.
2003 : Microbiology, Biochemistry, Journalism & Mass
1973 : Zoology was upgraded upto Hons. level.
Communication, Communicative English (Major) were introduced .
1985 : Botany was upgraded to Hons. level and Sociology was
2006 : Electronics (Hons.) was introduced .
2009 : M.Sc. in Zoology & Geography were introduced.
1991 : Asutosh College Training Centre was established to
provide training/courses to UG/PG students to be 2011 : M. A. in Bengali and B. Sc. (Hons.) in Env. Sc. were
equipped for job markets.
LOCATIONThe college building is conveniently located adjacent to Jatin Das Park . It can be accessible by all forms of public transport. The Jatin Das Park Station of Metro Railway is located barely 50 metres from the college.
Harish Mukherjee Road 23 Palli Durga Mandir Kalighat R Centenary Building Jatin Das J D Park Bhawanipore P.S.
S.P. Mukherjee Road Towards Esplanade Chittaranjan National Calcutta University Rajabazar Campus Calcutta University Calcutta University College Street Campus Not to Scale*
AMBIENCEThe College was established to cater the need of the residents of South Calcutta for an institute of UG education.
Though other Colleges have, since, come up in South Calcutta, the largest segment of its student population continues to be drawn from this locality. Its reputation, however, attracts numerous students from other districts of the state.
There is also a significant number of students from other states and even neighbouring countries. Availability of Hostel accommodation draws students from distant places.
The variegated geographical, cultural and economic backgrounds of students create an ambience which is unique to the College. Despite its cultural intermingling, the College continues to be predominantly urban. Here modernity is tempered with traditional values. There is a strong community feeling among students informed by ethical values nurtured by both students and teachers. This creates a sense of security cherished by the College community.
The close proximity of the College with Jatin Das Park makes most of its class rooms bright and airy. The lush green of the park, with its multitude of trees provides the south view from the College.
This is truly a rare luxury in a thoroughly urban centre.
College Building since1935 ANNEXE BUILDINGThe College has an annexe, constructed during the Platinum Jubilee Year of the College. It is located across Basanta Bose Road which runs along the north face of the College. This building houses the reading section of the Central Library and several newly emerged as well PG Departments. It also houses the Asutosh College Training Centre (ACTC).
CENTENARY BUILDINGAsutosh College has recently purchased a new property at 22, Kalighat Road which will house the proposed Centenary Building with multiple opening for new PG Courses. The construction work has already been started for a five storeyed building with 15,000 sq.
ft. floor area surrounded by open area for additional facilities.
Modern seminar hall along with conference room, e-library, instrumentation centre, smart class room etc. are the proposed components for better functioning of higher education in 21st Centenary Building: Artist’s impression The existing campus does not have sufficient space to accommodate the proposed courses. It is therefore, planned to set up a new campus.
The College has acquired 11 acres of prime land at Bhasa near Joka on Diamond Harbour Road for its new campus. It will have a 2.5 acres water body landscaped into the architectutal design for serenity and pollution free, eco-friendly ‘green campus’ tranquility.
A state of the art Academic cum Administrative building, Central Library and high-tech Laboratories, Auditoria, Students’ Hostels and a residential complex for the members of teaching and non- teaching staff would complete our perception of the village campus.
The campus, in tandem with the heritage building at Hazra Park (Jatin Das Park), with its venerable rust of a traditional academy, will reconcile the old with the new and usher in new streams of professional disciplines. The campus has already been surrounded Proposed Second Campus at Bhasa by high-size boundary wall of 4000 running ft. followed by planting of 400 saplings. The construction work of Office building along with Hostel building in the campus are in full swing and also of the Academic building is in pipeline to initiate the academic activities in coming academic session. The academic activities in the campus will be distributed in proposed 15 different Schools of Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences, Computer Science and Technology, Rural Sciences, Distance Education, Language & Literature, etc. for interdisciplinary studies and research.
Academic & Administrative Building: Artist’s impression ADMINISTRATIONThe College has a history of dynamic leadership. The current Principal is an acclaimed administrator. His infectious enthusiasm combined with the innovative ideas and co-operation from different faculties has initiated a process of thorough modernisation and computerisation of administration.
n Prof. Saugata Roy
n Sri Dipankar Sarkar
n Dr. Tapti De
Member, University Nominee Member, Teachers’ Representative n Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar
n Sri Ratan Malakar
n Sri Manas Dasgupta
Member, Councillor, KMC Member, Non-teaching Staff Representative n Prof. Sunanda Sanyal
n Dr. Ashok Kumar Roy
n Sri Partha Sarathi Pal
Member, Government Nominee Member, Teachers’ Representative Member, Non-teaching Staff Representative n Dr. Kalyan Rudra
n Prof. Chandan Kumar Chowdhury
n Sri Nilanjan Samaddar
Member, Government Nominee Member, Teachers’ Representative Member, Student Representative n Prof. Pradip Kumar Chakraborty
n Dr. Chandranath Mukherjee
Member, University Nominee Member, Teachers’ Representative ADMINISTRATIVE HEADS
n Principal
n Prof-in-Charge of NSS
n Hostel Superintendent
Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar, Ph.D.
Dr. Manas Kabi, Ph. D.
Dr. Partha Sarathi Ghosh, Ph.D.
Dr. Ashis Kumar Das, Ph.D.
Dr. Debdas Ray, Ph.D.
n Prof-in-Charge of NCC
n Prof-in-Charge of Games
Dr. Paromita Chowdhuri, Ph.D.
Dr. Madhusudan Banerjee, Ph.D. Sri Sudip Dasgupta, M.Sc.
Sri Sudip Dasgupta, M.Sc.
n Secretary, Teachers’ Council
n President, Students’ Union
Dr. Supriya Sengupta, Ph.D.
Dr. Chandranath Mukherjee, Ph.D.
n Joint Secretary, Non-teaching
n General Secretary, Students’ Union
Sri Nilanjan Samaddar Sri Anuj Kumar GangulySri Partha Sarathi Pal Teachers’ Council meeting in progress Traditionally, the College has always had a scholarly faculty. Highly motivated teachers are involved in teaching and active research. Some faculty members have taken up advanced research projects in collaboration with other Universities and reputed Institutes. We have a high success rate and a large number of students who graduate from our College pursue further studies at various prestigious Universities in India and abroad.
Combination of traditional aristocracy and professional glamourWithout compromising on its reputation as one of the foremost Kolkata Colleges for imparting UG education in basic sciences and humanities, the College is fast gearing itself to meet the changing demands on education. Towards this end it introduced Vocational Courses tuned to the needs of the changing economy. It also introduced Honours Courses in some applied sciences which have a good job market. At the same time it plans to upgrade several traditional UG Departments to the PG level. The College has got affiliation from Calcutta University for PG Course in Environmental Science, Geography, Zoology and Bengali.
BENGALI – HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Anjusree Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
n Dr. Manas Kabi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Assistant Professor “The Bengali language must be modelled not after the Sanskrit, but rather after the Pali, which has a strong n Smt. Krishna Basu, M.A.
n Dr. Papiya Jaiswal, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head resemblance to it. In coining or translating technical terms in Bengali, one must, however, use all Sanskrit words for n Dr. Chandramalli Sengupta, Ph.D.
n Smt. Rupa Bhattacharyya,
them, and an attempt should be made to coin new words. Associate Professor M.A., B.Ed., P.G.D.I.R.P.M.
For this purpose, if a collection is made from a Sanskrit dictionary of all those technical terms, then it will help n Sri Bhaskar Mridha, M.A.
greatly the constitution of the Bengali language. Assistant Professor The only true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of the student, and transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through the student’s eyes and hear through his ears and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else. All these destructive teachers that are in the world can never do any good. At California, 1900 n Dr. Anasua Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.
n Dr. Kalyan Baksi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Associate Professor n Dr. Partha Sarathi Ghosh, Ph.D.
n Dr. Ruma Das, Ph.D.
Associate Professor n Dr. Madhusudan Banerjee, Ph.D.
n Dr. Paromita Roychowdhury, Ph.D.
Associate Professor n Dr. Krishna Mukherjee, Ph.D.
n Dr. Dipak Sen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head n Dr. Chandra Chaudhuri, Ph.D.
n Dr. Ratna Chanda, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Practical session in Biochemistry Lab n Dr. Mahua Menon, Ph.D.
n Smt. Priyanka Mukherjee, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Dr. Keya Ghosh, Ph.D.
n Sri Arkadipta Bakshi, M.Sc.
Associate Professor BOTANY– HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar, Ph.D.
n Sri Aniket Bhattacharya, M.Phil.
n Dr. Tathagata Ray Chaudhuri, Ph.D.
n Smt. Meghna Burman, M.Sc.
n Dr. Soma Halder (Paul), Ph.D.
n Smt. Sumana Bose, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor n Dr. Jyotirmoy Ghosh, Ph.D.
n Dr. Manideepa Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Keen attention in culture room of Botany Lab n Dr. Amitava Ghosh, Ph.D.
CHEMISTR Y– HONS./GENERAL Dr. Anasua Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.
Dr. Chandra Chaudhuri, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Associate Professor Dr. Parthasarathi Ghosh, Ph.D.
Dr. Mahua Menon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Associate Professor Dr. Madhusudan Banerjee, Ph.D.
Dr. Keya Ghosh, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Associate Professor Dr. Krishna Mukherjee, Ph.D.
Dr. Kalyan Baksi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head Associate Professor Analysing chemicals in Chemistry Lab He alone teaches who has something to give, for teaching is not talking, teaching is not imparting doctrines, it is .
The greatness of a teacher
consists in the simplicity of his .
The true teacher is one who can
throw his whole force into the tendency of the taught. Without real sympathy we can never teach well. Probably at Belgaum, October 1892 n Sri Badal Chandra Naskar, B.Sc.
n Dr. Paromita Roy Chowdhury, Ph.D.
Lab. Instructor (selection grade) n Dr. Ruma Das, Ph.D.
n Sri Turbasu Sengupta, M.Sc.
n Dr. Amiya Kumar Medda, Ph.D.
n Sri Chiranjit Ghosh, M.Sc.
Practical session in Chemistry Lab n Smt. Sanchita Bhattacharya, M.A.,PGDELT
n Smt. Eashika Chakraborty, M.A.
Lecturer (CWTT) & Head “.The present system of English education n Dr. Anil Chand, Ph.D.
n Sri Kabi Bakshi, M.A. (Double)
is entirely literary. The student must be made to think for himself and work for COMPUTER SCIENCE – HONS./GENERAL n Sri Gautam Mahapatra, B.Tech., M.Tech.
n Sri Suvam Kr. Das, M.Sc.
Associate Professor & Head n Smt. Debasmita Basak, M.Sc.
n Sri Soumyadeep Ghosh, M.Sc.
n Sri Aparup Khatua, M.Sc.
n Sri Sandipan Basu, M.Sc.
n Sri Indrajit Bhattacharyya, M.Tech.
n Sri Rajdeep Mukherjee,
B. Tech., M.S.
n Smt. Sudhakshina Dasgupta, M.Tech.
Instrumentation set-up in computer Hardware Lab Sri Rabi Sankar Maiti, B. Tech.
n Sri Suman Biswas, MCA
n Sri Suraj Sankar Bose, M.Sc., M. Tech.
n Smt. Sushikta Das, M.Sc.
“It would be better if the people got a little technical education, so that they might find work and earn their bread, instead ” of dawdling about and crying for service. n Smt. Arundhati Chanak, M.Phil.
n Sri Soumyabrata Chakraborty, M.Sc.
Associate Professor & Head All the members of a society ought to n Smt. Suparna Basu, M.Phil.
n Smt. Soma Ghosh Kundu, M.A.
“have the same opportunity for obtaining Associate Professor wealth, education, or knowledge. n Dr. Maniparna Syam Roy, Ph.D.
n Sri Dipto Chakraborty, M.A.
Assistant Professor What is education? Is it book- learning? No. Is it diverse knowledge? Not even that. The training by which the current and expression of will are brought under control and become fruitful is called education. .
. we are always trying to polish
up the outside. What use in polishing up the outside when there is no inside? The end and aim of all training is to make the At the Parliament of Religions Chicago, 1893 ELECTRONICS – HONS.
n Sri Bikash Chandra Pal, M.Sc.
n Dr. Arpita Bose, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head n Sri Angshutosh Khan, M.Sc.
n Sri Arnab Samaddar, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Dr. Manideepa Kahali, Ph.D.
n Sri Amaresh Bej, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Dr. Manorama Chatterjee, Ph.D.
n Smt. Paromita Mondal, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Smt. Tania Das, M.Sc.
n Sri Chinmoy Sikdar, M.S.
In search of circuit in Electronics Lab ENGLISH – HONS./GENERAL n Smt. Raikamal Dasgupta, M.A.
n Smt. Sudeshna Ray, M.Phil.
Associate Professor & Head Assistant Professor n Dr. Paromita Chaudhuri, Ph.D.
n Sri Ashis Sahu, M.Phil.
“What we need, you know, is to study, independent of foreign control, different Associate Professor Assistant Professor branches of the knowledge that is our n Dr. Sraboni Roy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor own, and with it the English language and Western science; ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE– HONS.
n Dr. Anasua Chattopadhyay, Ph.D.
n Sri Sayan Bhattacharya, M.Sc.
Associate Professor & Co-ordinator n Smt. Chandrani Dutta, M.Sc.
n Smt. Avisha Chowdhury, M.Sc.
n Sri Indrajit Ghosh, M.Sc.
n Smt. Sayanti Kar, M.Sc.
n Sri Subhayan Dutta, M.Sc.
n Sri Arijit Chatterjee, M.Sc.
n Sri Udayan Bhattacharya, M.Sc.
n Sri Ritobrata Mallick, M.Sc.
How to keep environment clean: Studying in Environmental Science Lab GEOGRAPHY – HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Asok Kumar Roy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor n Sri Sudip Dasgupta, M.Sc.
Lab. Instructor (Selection Grade) n Smt. Sayani Mokhopadhyay, M.Sc., B.Ed.
Assistant Professor & Head n Sri Sourav Das, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor Demonstrating Dumpy Level in Geography Lab Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there, undigested, all your life. If education is identical with information, the libraries are the greatest sages in the world, and encyclopaedias are the rishis. .
It is man-making education all
round that we want. .
Education is the manifestation
of the perfection already in man. Chicago, September 1893 n Sri Sourav Das, M.Sc.
n Smt. Anupriya Chatterjee, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor n Smt. Sayanti Poddar, M.Sc.
n Smt. Sayani Das, M.Sc.
n Sri Gourab Bera, M.Sc.
n Smt. Sarmistha Roy, M.Sc.
Dr. Kalyan Rudra delivering lecture: UGC sponsored National Conference on ‘Recent Research in Earth System Science’ GEOLOGY – HONS./GENERAL Dr. Debdas Ray, Ph.D.
Smt. Sunipa Mandal, M.Sc., M.Tech.
Associate Professor Assistant Professor n Sri Abhik Kundu, M.Phil.
n Smt. Chandreyee Goswami, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor & Head n Dr. Ashis Kumar Das, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Exhibition on Rare Earth meterials at UGC sponsored National Conference on ‘Recent Research in Earth System Science’ n Smt. Madalasa Agrawal, M.A.
“. language is the chief means and index of a nation’s progr ” HISTOR Y – HONS./GENERAL n Smt. Mahasweta Das Sharma, M.A.
n Saheed Hossain, M.A., B.Ed.
Associate Professor & Head “Confucius, Moses, and Pythagoras; Buddha, Christ, Mohammed; Luther, n Dr. Tapti De, Ph.D.
n Sri Tapaban Bhattacharyya, M.A.
Calvin, and the Sikhs; Theosophy, Associate Professor Spiritualism, and the like; all these mean n Smt. Sebanti Bandyopadhyay, M.Phil., B.Ed.
n Sri Debdutta Chakraborty, M.A.
only the preaching of the Divine-in-man. INDUSTRIAL FISH & FISHERIES – MAJOR n Dr. Supriya Sen Gupta, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Co-ordinator n Dr. Satyam Kumar Kundu, Ph.D., PGD Env. M.
n Smt. Mukti Chanda, M.Sc.
n Sri Monjit Paul, M.Sc.
Collection of rare fishes: Department of I. F. F. The education which does not help the common mass of people to equip themselves for the struggle for life, which does not bring out strength of character, a spirit of philanthropy, and the courage of a lion- is it worth the name? Real education is that which enables one to stand on one’s own legs. .
To me the very essence of
education is concentration of mind, not the collecting of facts. .
Concentration is the essence of
all knowledge; nothing can be done without it. Ninety percent of thought force is wasted by the ordinary human being, and therefore he is constantly committing blunders; the trained man or mind never makes a JOURNALISM & MASS COMMUNICATION – HONS.
n Smt. Maulisri Chattopadhyay, M.A.
n Sri Kabi Bakshi, M.A. (Double)
Lecturer (CWTT) & Head “Simplicity is the secret. My ideal of language is my Master’s language, most n Smt. Srabani Roy (Maity), M.A.
n Sri Sumanta Banerjee, M.A.
coloquial and yet most expressive. It must express the thought which is intended to n Smt. Shikhi Chatterjee, M.A.
be conveyed. n Smt. Eashika Chakraborty, M.A.
MATHEMATICS – HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Phalguni Mukherjee, Ph.D.
n Sri Ashim Sarkar, M.Sc.
Associate Professor Assistant Professor “.Even more it has done in mathematics, for algebra, geometry, astronomy, and n Sri Apurba Ray, M.Sc.
n Sri Sukanta Bhuniya, M.Sc.
the triumph of modern science — mixed Associate Professor mathematics – were all invented in India, just so much as the ten numerals, the n Dr. Nilima Bhatta, Ph.D.
n Dr. Sree Harsha Baidya, Ph.D.
very cornerstone of all present civilization, Associate Professor & Head were discover ed in India, . MICROBIOLOGY – HONS.
n Dr. Soma Halder (Paul), Ph.D.
n Dr. Aniruddha Sinha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Head n Sri Nirmalya Chakraborty, M.Sc.
n Dr. Niloy Samaddar, Ph.D.
n Smt. Parbatee Nag (Bakshi), M.Sc.
n Smt. Nilanjana Sanyal, M.Sc.
n Smt. Nilanjana Bose, M.Sc.
n Smt. Antara Pal, M.Sc.
Observing microbes in Microbiology Lab PHILOSOPHY – HONS./GENERAL n Smt. Saswati De Mondal, M.Phil.
n Dr. Rina Kar (Dutta), Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head Assistant Professor “It would be well to open a Theological College. to give a thorough education n Sri Chandan Kumar Chowdhury, M.Phil.
n Sri Subrata Basu, M.Phil.
to young men in the Vedas and the Associate Professor different Bhashyas and philosophies, including a knowledge of the other n Smt. Chandrima Bhar, M.A.
n Smt. Payel Pakrashi, M.A.
religions of the world. Assistant Professor I would a hundred times rather have a little heart and no brain, than be all brains and no heart, . he who has no heart and only brains dies of dryness. .
We are what our thoughts have
made us; so take care of what you think. PHYSICS – HONS./GENERAL n Sri Bikash Chandra Pal, M.Sc.
n Smt. Chirantana Bhattacharya, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Sri Angshutosh Khan, M.Sc.
n Smt. Tania Das, M.Sc.
Associate Professor & Head n Dr. Arundhati Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.
n Dr. Arpita Bose, Ph.D.
Associate Professor n Dr. Manidipa Kahali, Ph.D.
n Sri Arnab Samaddar, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Dr. Manorama Chatterjee, Ph.D.
n Dr. Aloka Ghosh, Ph.D.
Practical Session in Physics Lab Associate Professor n Mr. Rahamatulla Molla, M.Sc.
n Sri Debasish Chakraborty, M.Sc.
(Selection Grade) n Sri Chinmay Sikdar, M.S.
n Dr. Kinkini Banerjee, Ph.D.
n Sri. Debarshi Khamrui, M.A.
Associate Professor & Head Assistant Professor “The great national sin is the neglect of the masses, and that is one of the causes of n Smt. Sanchita Sanyal, M.A.
n Smt. Sohini Chakraborty, M.A.
our downfall. No amount of politics would Assistant Professor be of any avail until the masses in India are once more well educated, well fed, n Sri. Pratip Chattopadhyay, M.A.
n Sri Pradipta Roy, M.A.
Assistant Professor (On Lien) and well car PSYCHOLOGY – HONS.
n Dr. Pooja Chatterjee Ghosh, Ph.D.
n Smt. Bithi Ahiri, M.A.
Lecturer (CWTT) & Head “It is our own mental attitude which makes the world what it is for us. Our thoughts n Dr. Tinni Dutta, Ph.D.
n Smt. Somlata Acharyya Chowdhury, M.A.
make things beautiful, our thoughts make things ugly. The whole world is in our minds. Learn to see things in the proper n Dr. Jhuma Mukherjee, Ph.D.
SANSKRIT – HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Sujata Roy, Ph.D.
n Sri Swarup Sinha, M.A.
Associate Professor & Head n Dr. Arnab Patra, Ph.D., B.Ed.,
n Sri Santosh Kumar Roy, M.A.
“Sanskrit and prestige go together Assistant Professor n Dr. Dipa Bandyopadhyay, Ph.D.
n Smt. Debatri Ghosh, M.A.
I call him a traitor who, having been educated, nursed in luxury by the heart’s blood of the downtrodden millions of toiling poor, never even takes a thought .
If the poor cannot come to
education, education must reach them at the plough, in the factory, SOCIOLOGY – HONS./GENERAL Sri Siddhartha Kar, M.A., D.I.R.P.M.
Smt. Mousumi Roy, M.A.
Associate Professor & Head “Truth does not pay homage to any society, Smt. Srabanti Choudhury, M.A.
Sri. Kaushik Basu, M.A.
ancient or modern. Society has to pay homage to truth or die. n Smt. Jayita Das, M.A.
n Smt. Megna Bose, M.A.
STATISTICS – HONS./GENERAL n Smt. Ena Chatterjee, M.Stat.
n Smt. Dithi Bhattacharyya, M.Sc.
Associate Professor & Head n Smt. Debika Halder, M.Sc.
n Smt. Satabdi Saha, M.Sc.
Associate Professor n Dr. Chandranath Mukherjee, Ph.D.
n Sri Soumya Banerjee, M.Sc.
Lab Instructor (Selection Grade) & co-ordinator, Env. studies n Dr. Dhiman Dutta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Checking data in Statistics Lab ZOOLOGY – HONS./GENERAL n Dr. Binayak Misra, Ph.D.
n Smt. Bidisha Maitra Sen, M.Phil.
Associate Professor n Dr. Sajal Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
n Smt. Lopamudra Mukherjee, M.Phil.
Associate Professor n Dr. Supriya Sengupta, Ph.D.
n Dr. Dalia Mukherjee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head n Sri Prithwis Kumar Mitra, B.Sc., M.A.
n Dr. Ajoy Mandal, Ph.D.
Lab Instructor (Selection Grade) Collection of Corals: P. G. Department of Zoology n Dr. Kausik Pramanick, Ph.D.
n Smt. Priyadarshini Chakrabarti Basu, M.Sc.
Assistant Professor MANAGEMENT STUDIES : B.B.A. – HONS.
n Smt. Rupa Bhattacharyya, M.A., B.Ed., PGDIRPM Course co-ordinator A large number of professional managers and eminent professors teach in the B.B.A. (Hons.) course as guest teachers.
Separate brochure containing list of faculty in detail will be made available at B.B.A. (Hons.) Department (Annexe building)
at the time of admission.
This is great fact: strength is life, weakness is death. .
Any expansion is life, all
contraction is death. .
Loving others is virtue; hating
others is sin. .
That which is selfish is immoral,
and that which is unselfish is London, October 1895 FIELD STUDY (1. Botany 2. Geogaphy 3. Geology 4. Zoology 5. Environmental Studies) Faculty of UG Deptartment along with eminent persons from different Universities participate in teaching.
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Faculty of UG Department along with eminent persons from the different environmental sectors teach as guest teachers.
Faculty of UG Department along with eminent persons from different Universities and Research Institutes participate in teaching.
Faculty of UG Department along with eminent persons from different Universities and Research Institutes participate in teaching.
Separate brochure containing list of faculty in detail for all the Post Graduate Departments will be made available at the respective Department.
Every work that we do, every movement of the body, every thought that we think, leaves such impressions on the mindstuff. If good impressions prevail, the character becomes good, if bad, it becomes bad. .
Truth, purity, and
unselfishness— wherever these are present, there is no power below or above the sun to crush the posessor thereof. Equipped with these, one individual is able to face the whole universe in London, December 1896 MEMBERS OF NON-TEACHING STAFF PRINCIPAL’S ROOM PROFESSORS’ ROOM n Sri Ajoy Kumar Bhattacharjee
n Smt. Sandhya Das
n Sri Anuj Kumar Ganguly
n Sri Nirmal Ch. Das
P.A. (Steno) to Principal n Sri Ashim Kumar Roy
n Sri Sital Chandra Dey
n Sri Gopal Das
n Sri Abhijit Banerjee
n Sri Susanta Kumar Sar
n Sri Joydeb Sil
n Smt. Jaya Das
n Sri Arun Gopal Chatterjee
n Sri Partha Mitra
n Sri Sukamal Biswas
n Sri Mrinal Das
n Sri Manas Dasgupta
n Sri Tapan Poddar
n Smt. Rina Bhattacharya
n Sri Narayan Chandra Das
n Sri Debashis Roy
n Smt. Bani Chatterjee
n Sri Maloy Dey
Assistant Accountant Computer Assistant Where should you go to seek for God—are not all the poor, the miserable, the weak, Gods? Why not worship them first? .
I do not believe in a God or
religion which cannot wipe the widow’s tears or bring a piece of bread to the orphan’s mouth. London, December 1896 n Sri Krishna Debnath
n Smt. Supriya Das
n Sri Mrityunjay Ghosh
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Kapil Deo Singh
n Sri Ajit Bhattacharjee
n Sri Anindya Moulik
n Sri Biswajit Pal
n Sri Subimal Jana
n Sri Alpana Middya
n Sri Pinaki Mukherjee
n Sri Goutam Deb Sarkar
n Sri Shambhu Nath Jana
n Sri Ujjwal Das
n Sri Sujay Das
n Sri Rana Das
BOTANY DEPARTMENT n Sri Atanu Dasgupta
n Smt. Paramita Samanta
Sri Dilip Ghoshal
Lib. Attendant
n Smt. Soma Banik
n Sri Sandip Kundu
n Sri Prahlad Chandra Naskar
n Sri Milan Roy
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Sujoy Chowdhury
n Sri Basudeb Ghosh
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Sudhir Chandra Bera
Sri Suman Chongder
n Sri Nirmal Ch. Das
n Sri Narendra Kumar Jadav
n Sri Rajendra Kumar Patra
Sri Pratap Das
n Sri Shyamal Karmakar
CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT n Sri Khagen Chandra Jana
n Sri Dilip Chandra
n Sri Sasadhar Sardar
n Smt. Jaya Chakraborty
n Sri Lakshmi Prasad Singh
n Sri Jhantu Nayak
n Sri Tapan Kanjilal
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Paresh Chandra Mondal
n Sri Aniruddha Bhattacharya
n Sri Swapan Kumar Samaddar
n Sri Shyam Sundar Chatterjee
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Gour Hari Mallik
n Sri Ashim Dey
n Sri Sibutosh Dutta
n Smt. Bela Sanyal
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Jhareswar Dinda
n Sri Samir Kumar Jana
n Sri Prajjwal Kumar Goswami
n Sri Sanjib Dutta
n Sri Amitava Pramanik
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Pratap Das
n Sri Ujjwal Mondal
n Smt. Kalpana Modak
n Sri Ajit Kumar Paul
Skilled Lab. Attendant Money does not pay, nor name; fame does not pay, nor learning. It is love that pays; it is character that cleaves its way through adamantine walls of difficulties. .
You must have strict morality.
Deviate an inch from this, and you are gone for ever. Chennai, Ferbruary 1897 n Sri Partha Pratim De
n Sri Partha Sarathi Pal
n Smt. Rita Samadder
& FISHERIES DEPARTMENT Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Dilip Pradhan
n Sri Asit Baran Chowdhury
STATISTICS DEPARTMENT Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Himmat Singh
n Sri Salil Bose
n Smt. Nilanjana Roy
MASS COMMUNICATION Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Sailen Roy
n Sri Rabindranath Roy
n Sri Sagar Chandra Paul
n Sri Sumanta Dey
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Sovendranath Dey
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Gopal Majumdar
Sri Atanu Bhattacharjee
n Sri Dulal Chandra Kansabanik
Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Samir Das
n Sri Ajay Pramanik
n Sri Sahadeb Haldar
Skilled Lab. Attendant Skilled Lab. Attendant n Sri Somnath Seal
n Sri Prabir Ghosh
n Sri Tarasankar Pramanik
n Sri Prakash Ghosh
n Sri Biswajit Mondal
n Sri Ashoke Das
n Sri Ranjan Kumar Das
n Sri Dilip Das
n Sri Umesh Prasad Singh
Skilled Lab. Attendant PHYSICS DEPARTMENT n Sri Sankar Prasad Singh
n Sri Charu Chandra Dey
n Md. Hanif
Skilled Lab. Attendant Skilled Lab. Attendant Our character has disappeared. . Our children have lost their politeness. To talk nicely is degrading. To be reverential to one’s elders is degrading. Irreverence has been the sign of liberty. It is high time that we go back to our old politeness.
The conditions necessary in the
taught are purity, a real thirst after knowledge, and California, January 1900 STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES STUDENTS’ UNIONLike all Colleges administered according to the Calcutta University statute, Asutosh College has a democratically elected students’ union. There is a constructive relation between the union and administration. The general atmosphere of the College is conductive to serious study. Critical inputs are welcomed from the students’ union, but the union and administration co-operate to ensure discipline. This spirit of co- operation has ensured that no workdays were lost in the last year because of student unrest.
CULTURAL ACTIVITIESThe students’ union organises various cultural programmes and competitions in debate, drama, music, elocution, drawing, short story writing etc. College Social and Freshers’ Welcome are held regularly. Last year Inter College Fest (Ucchwas) was organised.
It also publishes the annual College magazine.
STUDENTS’ HOSTELAsutosh College is the only College in South Kolkata which has Hostel facilities. It has Hostel for boys located at 16, Basanta Bose Road. However, the available seats are insufficient to meet the needs of all intending boarders. Seats are alloted transparently on a strict merit-cum-distance basis. Recently UGC has approved building fund for raising women’s Hostel.
‘Arise, awake, sleep no more; within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. Believe this, and that power will be manifested.’ .
Be moral. Be brave. Be a heart-
whole man. Strictly moral, brave upto desperation. Cowards only sin, brave men never, no, not even in mind. Try to love anybody and everybody . No religion for you, my children, but morality and bravery. No cowardice, no sin, no crime, no weakness— the rest will come of itself. LIBRARYThe College has a well-stocked Library with more than 90,000 volumes, and reading room facilities.
The Central Library has been renovated with a new look. An additional reading room annexed in the new building can accommodate more than a hundred readers at a time. The Library is run by trained staff. There are, in addition, Departmental Seminar Libraries for the benefit of students in Honours Courses. The Library provides Internet facilities.
LABORATORYAll the Laboratory based science Departments have large, well equipped Laboratories. Computer facilities are available for students.
We are in the process of expanding these facilities. Internet facilities are also available. To facilitate interdisciplinary work, all the departments and offices are connected through computer networking.
STUDENTS’ COMMON ROOMIndoor game facilities are available at the students’ common room. Various newspapers and magazines are also available here so that students can brush up their current information during their off-periods.
STUDENTS’ HEALTH HOMEFacilities of Students’ Health Home are available to the students. Safety Policy for students has been ensured.
AUDITORIAThe College has its own well equipped Seminar Hall located in its annexe building where lectures and academic symposia are held regularly. Acharya P. C. Roy Memorial lecture Hall and Acharya J. C. Bose Memorial lecture Hall have been developed in Chemistry and Physics Deptartments respectively to pay homage on their 150 birth anniversary.
Love never fails, my son; today or tomorrow or ages after, truth will conquer. Love shall win the victory. Do you love your fellow men? . If so, you are irresistible. It is character that pays .
My children, the secret of religion
lies not in theories but in practice. To be good and to do good— that is the whole of religion. .
Sri Ramakrishna never spoke a
harsh word against anyone. So beautifully tolerant was he that every sect thought that he belonged to them. He loved every one. To him all religions were California, April 1900 The College has a tent and ground at Kolkata Maidan. It is only one of two Colleges in Kolkata which has this facility. There is also a Gymnasium in the annexe building.
The College football, cricket and rowing teams have won awards at various tournaments and competitions. Annual sports and a cricket match between teaching and non-teaching staff are the regular events. Champions among participants are being given free studentship.
Recently we had the opportunity of having distinguished sports alumni of our college in Annual Sports Meet-Sri Chuni Goswami, Sri Sukumar Samajpati and Sri Manas Bhattacharya.
PLACEMENT CELL The College has an active placement cell which is looked after by Dr. Phalguni Mukherjee, Department of Mathematics and Smt.
Rupa Bhattacharyya, course co-ordinator, B.B.A. Its goal is to provide employment opportunities to every willing student on completion of her/his academic curriculum. Significant progress has been made in this regard. Reputed Indian and Multinational companies regularly visit the campus and select a large number of students for recruitment. The list includes Cognizant, TCS, Tech Mahindra, IBM Daksh, Accenture, Wipro BPO, ACC, PCI, Genpact, Ranbaxy, GSK, Pantaloon (Retails)to name a few.
RESERVATION Seats for admission are reserved for SC, ST and Physically Challenged candidates according to government regulations.
CONCESSION Tuition Fees concession may be available to a few meritorious students coming from economically backward families.
ASUTOSH COLLEGE TRAINING CENTRE (ACTC) Asutosh College Training Centre was developed in the Platinum Jubilee year of the College (1991) to equip students for job- screening examinations like WBCS, SSC, SET, NET etc., Diploma Course/Certificate Course in Safety Engineering, Export & Import are also being imparted. Classes for Spoken English along with Personality Development are also held. As well as Computer Courses are also being done. Career Counselling is also available.
NSS AND NCC After the lapse of more than a decade, the College has reactivated its National Social Service (NSS) and National Cadet Corp.
(NCC) Units. This will help to integrate College education with the needs of its social environment.
Our PrideMother Teresa International Award conferred to Asutosh College for outstanding achievement and contribution in the field of Best College of the Year - 2012 on Saturday, 28th April, 2012 at Rabindra Sadan, Kolkata Principal Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar and Justice Shyamal Sen along with other recipients of Principal Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar receiving the award from Justice Mother Teresa International Award Shyamal Sen, former Governor, West Bengal Our Homage on Birth Centenary Sri Amiyaratan Mukhopadhyay, the Sri Bimal Mitra, the literary-luminary poet-prophet who taught in our college former student of ours, who saw life and dedicated his days to the pursuit of steadily and saw it whole.
being and becoming.
REMEDIAL COACHINGUGC sponsored free remedial coaching for SC/ST/ OBC/Minority students are being done in each Department.
FREE COACHING FOR ENTRY IN SERVICEUGC sponsored free coaching for SC/ST/OBC/ Minority students are being arranged for WBCS,SSC,NET & SET examinations.
ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONThe College has a very rich and distinguished alumni, who extend support at various levels. In 2010, Alumni Association has been officially registered and First Annual Alumni Meet has been organised in 2011 in which magician P.C. Sorcar (Jr.), an alumnus, was present.
SEMINAR / SYMPOSIUM / WORKSHOPThe College advocates the policy of academic interactive sessions between distinguished personnel, faculty and students. Accordingly, the Departments arrange such scholastic events at regular intervals for the enrichment of teachers and students with UGC financial assistance.
PHOTO COPY CENTREThe facility is provided to the students at the subsidised rate. This centre is located at the ground floor of annexe building.
GRIEVANCE REDRESSAL CELLIt comprises a complaint box in the entrance to redress the grievance of the students.
CHEAP STOREBooks, pen, writing sheets and other stationeries are available during College hours.
CHEAP CANTEENIt is a food corner. Students may have their lunch or tiffin at the subsidised price.
No. of 1st Class The students perform very well in University Examinations. In 2011 about 275 students from different Departments obtained 1st Class Marks in B.A., B.Sc. & B.B.A. (Hons. & Major) examinations of Calcutta University along with toppers.
Volume III, Issue I, 2011 Asutosh College Events 2011 at a glance 12/01/11 - National Youth Day: NSS unit 20/07/11 - College Foundation day n Campus interview: IBM 19/01/11 - Seminar: Dept. of English n Physics lecture Theatre To inform and to be informed are 30/07/11 - Seminar: Dept. of Physics equally relevent to enrich one’s 02/02/11 - Condolence meeting n Farewell Ceremony knowledge. To perform is not 05/02/11 - Condolence meeting enough but to diffuse the message n Entrepreneurship Programme: Electronics Department 10/08/11 - Commemoration of the Death of performance is more important.
11/02/11 - Annual sports Anniversary of Rabindranath The ideas are properly applicable 14/02/11 - Cricket match 23/08/11 - Seminar: Dept. of Zoology26/08/11 - Blood Donation Camp: in an educational institution like 15-21/02/11 - Social awareness Programme: NSS unit Students’ Union & NSS Unit Asutosh College. To fulfil the 26/02/11 - The 7th South Calcutta District 28/08/11 - Condolence meeting objective we have been publishing Conference, WBCUTA 28/02/11 - International Language Day a newsletter covering the year’s 01/09/11 - Farewell Ceremony n Farewell Ceremony 6-7/09/11 - Inauguration of P.G. Dept. of n Condolence meeting Bengali & newly renovated Events like organising national n Seminar: P. G. Dept. of Bengali seminar in different departments 04/03/11 - Seminar: Depts. of Chemistry & n Cultural Programme or yearly get together of teachers 09-10/03/11 - Seminar: Depts. of Botany 13/09/11 - Seminar: Asutosh College are important in their own field.
Computer Centre14/09/11 - A Psycological Counselling Unit Where we gain and from where 29-31/03/11 - Inter College Festival: we have been pained is clearly 26/09/11 - Inauguration of Office Building and Bhumi Puja for Women’s depicted on the pages. Hope the 01/04/11 - Farewell Ceremony Hostel at 2nd Campus, Bhasa members of Asutosh family 09/04/11 - 1st Annual meet : Alumni 28-29/09/11- Book Fair: Central Library become nostalgic while travelling 29/09/11 - Blood Donation Camp: Asutosh College Alumni Association down memory lane. Let’s learn 06/05/11 - Condolence meeting from yesterday, live for today and 12/05/11 - Demonstration Programme: 23/11/11 - Seminar: P. G. Dept. of Env. hope for tomorrow.
Teachers’ Council 01.12.11 - Farewell Ceremony 01/06/11 - Farewell Ceremony 02.12.11 - Bhumi Puja for construction of 25/06/11 - Annual General Meeting: ACAA Centenary Building 23rd August
A UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on ‘ Songs of Innocence? Seminar on ‘ Origin of Life in the Light of Biology, Physics and Delivering into the Adult Concern of Children’s Literature” was Upanishad” by Dr. Kamalesh Mishra, Associate Professor in Zoology organised by Susil Kar College in collaboration with Department (Retd.) was organised by Departmet of Zoology. The event was of English, Asutosh College. Really, it was a thrilling experience for applauded by the students and faculties, present at the seminar. the faculty & students of the Dept. of English. 6th & 7th September
4th March
UGC sponsored two day seminar on ‘ Ami Bichitrer Doot: A one day Seminar on ‘ Acharya Ray - his Life and Works” was Rabindrajiban drishti: Bhabanar Barnali” was organised by Post organised by the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Graduate Department of Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor Bengali. Dr. Suranjan (Academic), was present as the Chief Guest and inaugurated the seminar. Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray Memorial Lecture Hall in Das, Honourable Vice the Chemistry Department was inaugurated by Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chancellor, Calcutta Chattopadhyay, Honourable Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic). Such University inaugurated an event of utmost academic flavour was well appreciated by the the Seminar. Really, at students & teachers. the end of the two day seminar, we could 9th & 10th March
visualize that Tagore was absolutely ‘‘Bichitrer sponsored Seminar on ‘ Present Scenario and Future Prospects of Microbiology & Plant A Seminar on DOEACC Computer Courses was organised by Biotechnology” was held Asutosh College Computer Centre in collaboration with The Institute by the Departments of of Computer Engineers (India). UGC sponsored One day Seminar on ‘ Study of Environmental Honourable Pro Vice Science: its Aspects and Future Prospects” was organised by Post Chancellor (Academic), inaugurated the Seminar and Prof. Kanak Graduate Department of Ranjan Samaddar, Ex-Head, Department of Botany, Kalyani Environmental Science. University, delivered the Keynote address. Both of these D r . C h i t t o t o s h departments had put on their sincere deliberations to make this Mukherjee, Ex-Cheif academic exercise, an enchanting experience. Justice inaugurated the 30th July
Seminar. The entire day was fascinating in terms Department of Physics and Paschimbango Bignan Mancha of intellectualand organised a lecture talk by Dr. Subhankar Chakraborty and Prof. Angshutosh Khan to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary academic exercise and of Rabindranath Tagore and Prafullachandra Roy. This event t r i g g e r e d m u c h showed our commitment to society through spreading the eagerness amongst the thoughts of these two outstanding luminaries of our country. 17th July, FOUNDATION DAY 96th Foundation day celebration and Orientation of 1st year students was observed with all dignity on 20th July, 2011 instead of 17th July, 2011 due to some unavoidable circumstances. The students of the college put up an excellent show – ‘Srijana Chhande Anande Nacho Nataraj’. This annual event had very important bearing on everyone of us, including the new comers. 29th March, 30th, 31st March : Students’ Union of Asutosh
College organised 1st Inter-College Festival ‘‘Uchchhwas 2011” where different Colleges & Universities of the city competed on various events. Asutosh College became champion . The Fest was inaugurated by Sri Chuni Goswami, the internationally renowned sports person and a distinguished alumnus of the 10th August
An afternoon rally was arranged to commemorate the Death Anniversary (22 Shraban) of Rabindranath Tagore. Though rain was there, it didn’t interrupt our spirit. We offered our tribute to our ‘‘RABITHAKUR”, our “HRIDAYER THAKUR”.
7th September
‘Sudhu Ekti Gandush Jal’ a Rabindra dance drama based on Chandalika was performed by the students and teachers of the college with the inspiration and direction of Prof. Dr. Chandramalli Sengupta. The wonderful show held us spellbound. 12th January
5th February
National Youth Day was observed by NSS Electronics Department organised an Entrepreneurship Programme on unit to commemorate the Birthday of ‘ Design Yourself”. No doubt, it helped the Swami Vivekananda. It was an inspiring students to design themselves. occasion for all of us. n Campus interview for BPO job by IBM Annual sports was held at the College Daksh for 3rd year students. The event Ground at Kolkata Maidan, The event was created interest amongst the students. a day of happening, full of enjoyment. 26th August
A friendly cricket match was held between the Teaching and Non- Blood Donation Camp was organised by Asutosh College Students’ Teaching staff of the College at the College Ground, Kolkata Maidan. Union in collaboration with Asutosh College NSS unit. The students 15th to 21st February
showed great enthusiasm and commitment on that day. Programme by NSS unit at 2nd campus, Bhasa. The entire week was full of activities The formal inauguration of the PG of societal importance. Dept. of Bengali was held by Prof. Suranjan Das, V.C., Cal. Univ. n Newly renovated Central The 7th South Calcutta District Conference library of the college was 2011 of WBCUTA was held. Prof. Sudarshan Roy Chowdhury, Hon’ble Minister of Higher Rabindranath Tagore, by famous literary exponent, Shrimati Education, Govt. of West Begal Bani Basu. inaugurated the function and Prof. Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay, Hon’ble Pro A Psycological Counselling Unit launched. Vice Chancellor (Academic) Cal. Univ. was the Guest-In-Chief. The entire programme created tremendous enthusiasm amongst Inauguration of Office Building was held the teachers. by Prof. Sugata Roy, Hon’ble Minister of state, Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India at the 2nd Campus, Bhasa. International Language Day was observed. Bhumi Puja for the construction of The participants understood the Women’s Hostel was also celebrated at importance of such day. the aforesaid campus. The entire college fraternity, including the local inhabitants experience this historical event of the college with 9th April
joy and happiness. Asutosh College Alumni Association Organised its first Annual Meet at Asutosh Memorial Hall. Dr. Chittotosh Mukherjee, Ex-chief Justice 28th, 29th September
inaugurated the meet. Sri P. C. Sarkar, an alumnus and renowned Book Fair in the Central Library. A number of leading publishers came magician was the guest of Honour. Dr. Debabrata chaudhuri, Ex-Principal up with the latest books on varying subjects. The display of the books in and president ACAA, presided over the meet. The entire day was full of the newly renovated & illuminated library room created a new dimension. thrill and the ex-students had a wonderful experience of their Alma Blood Donation Camp was organised by Asutosh College Alumni Association in Demonstration Programme of ‘ Technology Enabled Teaching and collaboration with Rotary Club, Sonar Tori and Guardians of Thalasemia Society in Learning” was organised by Asutosh College Teachers’ Council. The memory of Late Shyamal Chakraborty, Ex teachers were excited enough to experience such aspects of teaching Asst. Gen. Secretary, Asutosh College 25th June
Annual General Meeting of Asutosh
2nd December
College Alumni Association was held with ‘BHUMI PUJA’ for the construction of Centenary much enthusiasm. Building was held at 22 20th July
Kalighat Road following usual Physics Lecture Theatre was dedicated in rituals in presence of Dr. Dipak Kr. Kar, Principal along with the name of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose. The programme was brief but other teaching & non-teaching very spontaneous by the graceful presence of prof. Sougata Roy, members of the college. Inaugurator of Lecture Theatre. To reward excellence and promote healthy academic competition, various prizes are awarded to students. It is a mark of the status the College enjoys within the traditional cultural milieu of Kolkata that many of these prizes are gifted by philanthropists and educationists of the city. Martyr Animesh Chowdhury Memorial Prize Topper in B.A. (Hons.) Exam.
Punyalekha Banerjee Memorial Prize Topper in B.A. (Hons.) Exam.
Nripesh Chandra Guha Memorial Prize Topper in B.A. (Hons.) Exam.
Nripesh Chandra Guha Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in English (Hons.) Exam.
Shyama Prosad Mukherjee Memorial Prize Securing highest marks among College candidates in all streams at the University Exam.
Santanu Ghosh Memorial Prize Best among B.Sc. (Hons.) Exam.
Upendranath Basu Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Chemistry (Hons.) Exam.
Subir Basu Roy Memorial Prize In Chemistry (Hons.), B.Sc. Part I Exam., Highest & 2nd Highest.
Amarendranath Basu Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in M.Sc. (Environmental Science) Exam.
Award given by Dr. Dilip Sen Securing highest marks in Math (Hons.), Part I, II & III Exam.
Sudhir Kumar Brahma Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in M.Sc. (Env. Sc.) Exam.
Kesab Chandra Mukherjee Memorial Prize Topper in Industrial Fish & Fisheries B.Sc. (Major) Exam.
Ramendra Krishna Sarkar Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Botany (Hons.), C. U. Exam.
Durgapada Mondal Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in History (Hons.), C. U. Exam.
Ira Ghosh Memorial Prize For highest attendance in History (Hons.) Class.
Parul Bhattacharya Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in M.sc. (Zoology) Exam.
Krishna Basu Memorial Prize Topper in B.B.A.(Hons), C. U. Exam.
Dr Bipin Behari Ghosh Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Bio-Chemistry (Hons.), Part-I, C. U. Exam.
Subharani Ghosh Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Bio-Chemistry (Hons.), C.U. Exam.
Prof. William B. Schokley Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Electronics (Hons.), B. Sc. (Part-I) Exam.
Prof. Jack S. Kilby Memorial Prize Highest marks in Electronics (Hons.), B. Sc. (Part-II) examination.
Acharyya Jagadish Chandra Basu Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Electronics (Hons.), B.Sc. (Part-III) exam.
Prof. Chittaranjan Basu Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Physics (Honours), B.Sc. (Part-I) exam.
Prof. Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri Memorial Prize Securing highest aggregate marks in Physics (Hons.), B.Sc. (Part-II) exam.
Acharyya Satyendra Nath Bose Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Physics (Hons.), B.Sc. (Part-III) exam.
Kamala Roy Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Geography, M.Sc. Examination.
Dakshinaranjan Bhattacharya Memorial Prize Securing highest marks in Zoology Hons. B.Sc (Part-I) Exam.
Bhubanchandra Paul Memorial Prize Topper in Microbilogy (Hons.) C.U. Exam.
The College itself awards prizes to students who obtain the highest marks among B.A. (Hons.) and B.Sc. (Hons.) candidates at the University Exam. OFFERED COURSES WITH SUBJECT COMBINATIONS B.SC. HONOURS/MAJOR/GENERAL COURSES (Table 1A)
Allowed General Subject Combinations (in addition to Hons. Subject if any) Biochemistry (Hons.) Mathematics + Zoology Chemistry + Zoology Chemistry (Hons.) Mathematics + Physics Computer Science (Hons.) Mathematics + (Physics or Statistics) Economics (Hons.) Mathematics + (Political Sc. or Statistics) Electronics (Hons.) (Physics or Computer Sc.) + Mathematics Environmental Science (Hons.) Chemistry + (Botany or Zoology) Geography (Hons.) Economics + Sociology Mathematics + (Chemistry or Physics) Mathematics (Hons.) Physics + (Chemistry or Computer Sc.) or Computer Sc. + Statistics Microbiology (Hons.) Botany + Chemistry Mathematics + (Chemistry or Computer Sc.) Psychology (Hons.) Economics + Sociology Statistics (Hons.) Mathematics + (Computer Sc. or Economics) Botany + Chemistry Industrial Fish & Fisheries (Major)* Mathematics + Physics + (Chemistry or Computer Sc.) Geology + Mathematics + (Chemistry or Physics) Economics + Mathematics + Statistics Economics + Geography + Mathematics Botany + Chemistry + Zoology In addition every student will have to take-up two languages and Environmental Studies. No other subject combinations will be allowed beyond the above list. *Admission in Major Course is subjected to the extension of affiliation by Calcutta University. OFFERED COURSES WITH SUBJECT COMBINATIONS B.A. HONOURS/MAJOR/GENERAL COURSES (Table 1B)
Allowed General Subject Combinations (in addition to Hons. Subject if any) (History or Philosophy) + (Sanskrit or Sociology or Elective English) Political Sc. +(Philosophy or History) Any two of Political Sc., Philosophy & Sociology Journalism and Mass (Elective English or Elective Bengali) + Political Science Communication (Hons.) Philosophy (Hons.) Any two of Political Sc., History & (Sociology or Elective English or Sanskrit) Political Science (Hons.) (History or Philosophy) + Sociology Psychology (Hons.) Sociology + History (History or Philosophy) + (Elective Bengali or Elective English) Sociology (Hons.) Any two of History, (Political Sc. or Economics) & Elective English Communative English (Major)* Elective English + (Political Science or History) (History or Philosophy) + (Sociology or Elective Bengali or Sanskrit or Elective English) + (Political Science or Economics) In addition every student will have to take-up two languages and Environmental Studies. No other subject combinations will be allowed beyond the above list. *Admission in Major Course is subjected to the extension of affiliation by Calcutta University. MANAGEMENT COURSE Admission to this course is through Admission Test followed by GD & PI. Details may be obtained from the B.B.A. Department, located at the annexe building.
POST GRADUATE COURSES Details may be obtained from the Department, located at the fifth floor of annexe building.
Details may be obtained from the Department, located at the first floor of annexe building.
be obtained from the Department, located at the third floor of main building.
ZoologyDetails may be obtained from the Department, located at the second floor of main building.
PROFESSIONAL / TRAINING COURSES Industrial Safety Management (WBSCTE)WBCS Exam. : (Preliminary, Main, Optional paper)NET (UGC & CSIR)/SETSchool Service Commission Exam.
Combined Exams. : Clerkship, Staff Selection, Railway, Bank, Miscellaneous etc.
Export - Import ManagementComputer CoursesCareer Counselling * Separate Brochure to be had of at Asutosh College Training Centre (Annexe building). For details contact - Phone : (+ 9133) 2455 4599/2419 1656 (Time : 3pm - 7pm) B.A. HONS./MAJOR/GENERAL COURSES (1ST YEAR) ADMISSION SESSION : 2012-13 Figures in in subjects other than Psychology (Hons.) self financing courses* Library Caution Money (Deposit) Laboratory Caution Money (Deposit) Fees for Jul ’12 - June ’13
Tuition Fees (for 12 months)
Laboratory Development Fee College Examination Fee College Development Fee Library Development Fee University Registration Fee Students’ Health Home +NSS Centenary Building Fee & Second Campus Fee- 500/- each
Admission Form
* Self Financing Courses (course fee details are available from respective Department or College Office)

Journalism & Mass Communication (Honours)Communicative English (Major) Fees paid (except caution money deposit) are non-refundable.
B.SC. HONS. COURSES (1ST YEAR) ADMISSION SESSION : 2012-2013 Figures in Math. (H) Math. (H) without Stat. with Stat.
without Comp.
Ch. (H) Geol. (H) Library C.M.
Fees for July ’12 - June '13
Tution Fees (12 months)
College Exam. Fee Students’ Health Home +NSS Total (Rs)
Centenary Building Fee & Second Campus Fee- 500/- each Admission Form 250/-
* Self Financing Courses (course fee details are available from respective Department or College Office)

1. Biochemistry (Honours) 2. Microbiology (Honours) 3. Electronics (Honours) 4. Environmental Science (Honours) Fees paid (except caution money deposit) are non-refundable.
MANAGEMENT COURSE (1ST YEAR) ADMISSION SESSION : 2012-13 * Self Financing Course (course fee details are available from respective Department or College Office)
B.SC. MAJOR/GENERAL COURSES (1ST YEAR) ADMISSION SESSION : 2012-2013 Figures in (Eco + Geog+ Math), (Ph.+Ch. + Math), (Bot. + Ch.+Zool.) (Eco+ Math+ Stat.) (Ph.+Math. +Geol.), (Ch. +Math +Geol.) Library C.M.
Fees for July ’12 - June '13
Tuition Fees (12 months)
College Exam. Fee Students’ Health Home + NSS Total (Rs)
Centenary Building Fee & Second Campus Fee- 500/- each
Admission Form
Fees paid (except caution money deposit) are non-refundable.

1. Use separate Application Form for each course applied for. The available list of courses with offered subject
combinations are given in tables 1A and 1B in the prospectus. The eligibility criteria for each course will be available in the College Notice Board. Do not apply for a course for which you are not eligibile.
2. Before beginning to fill in the form go carefully through the Tables 1A and 1B. Select your preference from the list given. Write corresponding course name and desired general subject combination in the application form.
However actual general subject combination will be decided at the time of admission according to merit,
subject to availability of seats.
3. Fill up the form carefully. To help the applicant a sample filled-in form is also appended.
4. Submit filled-in forms within the notified date.
Remember to take receipts signed by receiving official with College seal at the time of submission of forms.
The receipt should be preserved. The application serial number must be referred to in any future enquiry.
WHAT TO DO AFTER MERIT LISTS ARE PUBLISHED1) Lists of candidates selected for admission along with waiting lists will be displayed on the College Notice Board/Website on the date notified.
2) Candidates selected for admission must obtain Admission Form from College Office by producing all documents in original
on notified dates.
3) Fill up the forms correctly, paste recent photographs, attach attested photocopy of all the necessary documents (Marksheet of H.S. or equivalent examination, proof of date of birth, caste, tribe or disability certificate from competent authority).
4) Get the forms verified with all original documents by the respective Department (for Honours/Major Courses) or by College Office (for General Course). Collect the Academic Calendar from the Department/Office.
5) After verification collect ADMIT Order from Principal's Office.
6) Payment of Fees : Collect fees payment voucher from the College Office and deposit the fees in cash at bank counter of
College. All kind of subsequent fees after admission are payable in the Bank of India, Harish Mukherjee Road Branch
(located at the junction of Hazra Road and Harish Mukherjee Road).
7) Registration Form : Each student must have to submit filled-in Calcutta University Registration Form (available at the
College Office) during her/his admission, failing which her/his admission is liable to be cancelled. A sample filled-in
Registration Form is also appended to help the applicants.
8) Filled in Registration Form along with Admission Form are to be submitted in College Office to get the Roll No. with Fees Book and Identity Card.
9) Submit your College Roll No. to the respective Department after admission.
10) Taking admission within stipulated date is mandatory, failing which the candidature will be cancelled.
11) Students, already enrolled in another College, should get their admission cancelled from the previous College before
collecting Admission Form.
12) Wait-listed candidates for Honours courses are advised to keep in touch with respective Departments for information regarding current position in Admission List.
N. B. : n Application may also be submitted ONLINE. College website : www.asutoshcollege.in
n The admission is provisional, subject to scrutiny and verification of the documents submitted. The provisional
admission is liable to be cancelled if they fail to submit documents required by the University. If admission of any such student is not approved by the University she/he will not be entitled to any refund of fees.
n Selection will be strictly on the basis of merit.
n The College reserves the right of admission.
STUDENTS ARE TO FOLLOW THE FLOW CHART CAREFULLY IN ORDER TO COMPLETE HER/HIS ADMISSION PROCESS Candidates selected Collect the Registration Form Collect ADMIT Order from from the Office, Fill up and 5 Principal’s Office (1st floor)
Collect Admission Form from (Positively) along with the the College office at Common Admission Form and Bank 2 Room (1st floor)producing
Voucher Receipt to get Collect the Fees Payment all documents in original College Roll No.,Fee Book Voucher from College Office Fill up the form correctly; paste Submit your College recent photograph Deposit the Fees in Cash at respective Department Bank Counter of College necessary documents (Ground floor). Subsequent fees are to be paid at Get the duly filled in form Harish Mukherjee Road Keep in touch for the date of 10 commencement of the
4 respective Department/Office
Academic Calendar 1. Taking admission within stipulated date is mandatory. Failing which the candidature will be cancelled. 2. Students already enrolled in another college, should get their admission cancelled from the previous College before collecting Admission Form RULES & REGULATIONS n Must be punctual and regular in class attendance.
n Appearing in the College Examinations is mandatory.
n 75% of attendance in both theoretical and practical classes is essential to appear in the University Examinations.
n Qualifying in Selection Test is obligatory to appear in University Examination.
n Identity Card, Laboratory Card and Library Card must be brought regularly.
n Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
n Use of Mobile Phones in the class room/library/laboratory/corridor is not allowed.
n Attendance of parents in Gurdian-Teacher Meeting is obligatory.
Hon’able Supreme Court has ruled that ragging is a criminal offence. The College has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy regarding
ragging in any form. Any student found involved in ragging another student either in the College premises or in the Hostel will
face severe punishment which will include immediate expulsion.
Do you feel?. Do you feel that millions are starvingtoday, and millions have been starving for ages? Doyou feel that ignorance has come over the land as adark cloud? Does it make you restless? Does it makeyou sleepless? Has it gone into your blood, coursingthrough your veins, becoming consonant with yourheartbeats? Has it made you almost mad? are youseized with that one idea of the misery of ruin, andhave you forgotten all about your name, your fame,your wives, your children, your property, even yourown bodies? Have you done that? That is the firststep to become a patriot, the very first step.
PUBLISHED BY THE PRINCIPAL, ASUTOSH COLLEGE, KOLKATA 700 026 Concept : Dr. Binayak Misra, Design & Print: M. Samu +91 94338 31856

Source: http://www.asutoshcollege.in/List/Prospectus_2012.pdf


Prof. Daniel Kraus - Liste des publications, conférences et cours donnés Précis de propriété intellectuelle (avec Nathalie Tissot et Vincent Salvadé), éd. Stämpfli A paraître en 2014 Le droit d'auteur des planificateurs (avec Blaise Carron, Mélanie Krüsi et Yann Férolles), éd. Schulthess (version allemande : 2014 ; version française : 2015)


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