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Infusion Clinic at Baptist Beaumont Hospital
For a variety of reasons, some patients require outpatient infusion for short- or long-term treatment. The Infusion Clinic at Baptist Beaumont Hospital provides complete infusion therapy services to meet your patient's needs in a caring atmosphere.
Infusion therapy is provided for patients who need:
• Simple Hydration • IV steroids for conditions including multiple sclerosis • Medication for chronic illness such as Crohn's disease, asthma, ulceratice colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis-including Remicade, Actemra, Orencia, Rituxan and Xolair • IV iron transfusions • IV medication for migraine headaches • IV immune globulin used for CIDP and other conditions • Therapeutic phlebotomy which involves withdrawing a prescribed amount of blood in certain blood disorders • Blood transfusions • IV and injectable medications for osteoporosis including Reclalst, Prolia and Boniva The Baptist Beaumont Hospital Infusion Clinic offers convenience for patients to receive all infusion services close to home.
Making a Referral
Patients are referred to our clinic by members of the medical staff at Baptist Beaumont Hospital and Baptist Orange Hospital. Physicians not on the medical staff at Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas can still refer patients to the clinic provided they have a valid Texas Medical license.
For procedures not listed above, please speak with the Infusion Clinic staff for further information About Our Staff
Infusion services are provided by experienced nurse clinicians who specialize in intravenous treatments and vascular access nursing. These nurses are highly skilled in providing prescribed therapies and monitoring patients during their treatment. In addition to infusion services, our nurses work to provide education to our patients regarding prescribed medication, disease processes and self-care during therapy.
Staff members are committed to providing quality services with a personal touch.
For More Information on the Infusion Clinic at Baptist Beaumont Hospital, please contact Beth Reyes, RN, 212-7110.
Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Program
The philosophy of the Breast Cancer Patient Navigation Program is that patients are more likely to experience quality outcomes when they are provided with expert guidance through their cancer experience. During the diagnosis period, a patient can be overwhelmed and many patients feel lost as they attempt to find their way through a complicated medial system they do not fully understand. Baptist's Breast Cancer Patient Navigator will provide support to help patients "navigate" through the complex healthcare network and serves as a consistent contact person throughout the care process. This is a free service offered by the Baptist Cancer Center. In the case of breast cancer, the navigator guides the patient through the experience to ensure timely diagnosis, treatment and support.
To ensure that the Breast Cancer Navigator is always there for her breast care patients and their individual needs, our navigator provides flexible hours and an open flow of communication. In doing so, she is able to guarantee exceptional counsel and direction to her patients when they need it the most.
For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Jaylene Carr, RT(R) (M)CBPN-IC, Oncology Navigator, 212-7962.
Sound Physicians' Hospitalist Service at Baptist Beaumont Hospital
Sound Physicians is excited to have the opportunity to bring hospitalist service expertise to Baptist Beaumont Hospital. We are building a local hospitalist team that will be an integral part of the medical staff community. Sound Physicians' aim is to serve patients, our partner primary care providers and our partner hospitals seamlessly.
The primary goal of our organization is to deliver the highest quality healthcare possible by driving improvements in quality, satisfaction and efficiency. We are dedicated to focusing on the continuity of care for all those patients we serve through our continuum of care programs, which includes a commitment to communication with patients, hospital staff, and, most importantly, with the primary care physicians who entrust us with their patients' care.
Sound is also focused on the patient's transition of care. Our call center staff contacts patients upon discharge to ensure the transition back to the outpatient setting and the primary care physician is as seamless and safe as possible. Patients are asked if they have made a follow up appointment with their primary care physician, about any new medications, and their satisfaction with the hospitalist team's care. Responses that indicate a concern are communicated to the primary care physician for follow-up. To facilitate communication with the primary care physi- cians, each physician will receive faxes notifying them of a patient's admission to and discharge from our service.
We are proud to announce the newest member of our permanent hospitalist team – Annette Hoover, MD, Board Certified,
ABIM. Our goal is to create a local team that is ingrained in both the Baptist Beaumont Hospital and Southeast Texas communities. It takes
time to build a stellar permanent team, but in the meantime, we invite you to contact us to let us know how we are doing and how we can best serve you and your patients. We would be happy to discuss service arrangements for your patients.
We look forward to establishing long and solid relationships with the medical staff community.
Gregory R. Johnson, MD, FHM, FAAFP Phone: 832-364-0712 Baptist Beaumont Hospital Welcomes the Following New Members to the Medical Staff
Brandy Bergeron, MD
Annette Hoover, MD
Internal Medicine - Hospitalists
Gregory Johnson, MD
Internal Medicine – Hospitalists
Phuc Nhat Le, MD
David Olvera, MD
Anesthesiology – Pain Management
Joseph Oommen, MD
James Slayton, DO
Congratulations to Rama Thambayah Chandran, MD on his Retirement!
Baptist Beaumont Hospital Medical Staff Calendar
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Crimson Update
You can now check your progress every month. Crimson, a data base program of The Advisory Board Company based in Washington, DC, is
available free to all physicians who admit patients to Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas. With the new monthly updates, physicians can monitor their progress in targeted areas ensuring that the work they do is reflected in the metrics CMS will soon publish for the general public.
Even better than that, outpatient data will be available starting in January of 2012. With this, surgeons and ED physicians will also be able to monitor their work.
Access has been made easy. All it requires is two easy clicks on the hospital's internet page. Sign in and you are in one of the most powerful data base programs in the nation. You can track your case mix index, readmission rate, length of stay, cost data, and much more. In addition you can compare your patients, not only to those locally, but to patients in 500 other hospitals nationwide. Best Practices are presented as Core Measures and as AHRQ Safety measures. The power is in your hands and it just keeps "getting better, better all the time".
For more information including your sign in name and password contact Mike Redman at 212-7293 • [email protected].


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