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Bismarck Art & Galleries Association August/September2013-Volume 17, Issue 3 From Arts Organizer to Author
By Barb Nechiporenko
LaVera Edick remembers a time in the 1960s location. LaVera was when there was no art gallery in Bismarck. As a honored with BAGA's Return Service Requested new wife of Bob Edick, President of Provident Citation Award in Life, she was asked to entertain the wives of men 1982. LaVera says, interviewing for jobs with the company. The "being involved with women asked to see our local art galleries and art has been an im- LaVera had to inform them there were none. The portant part of my life." Bismarck Art Association had conducted art shows but LaVera and several other artists sought LaVera began art to form a permanent gallery. lessons in the early LaVera was the first vice president of the newly studied with Rosemary formed Elan Art Gallery which was started with Landsberger and Vern LaVera Edick
donations from businesses and a $500 grant from Skaug and has attended the Dakota West Art Council. This dedicated many workshops. Throughout the years she has group of local artists organized shows and held shared her appreciation for art with many groups. classes in the James Foley home that was located She has mainly painted portraits of family near the Veteran's Memorial Library. Their annual members, buildings and scenes from her Christmas Bazaars were a popular fund raiser for genealogical research. the group. In 1974, Elan Gallery held the first outdoor Summer Art Fair and Bake Sale that over LaVera included much of her family's history in the years evolved into the present day Capital her newly published "Four Score and More," A'Fair. In 1983, Elan Gallery joined with a story of growing up on a farm in Nebraska Bismarck Art Association to form BAGA and in during the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl days 1991 they moved to the present Front Street Continued on Page 2. Kenya, Africa June 2013 – A mother/daughter Journey
By Michelle Lindblom, BAGA member artist
After returning from my last overseas trip in 2012, I made a promise that any future travels would delve
deeper into the culture and people of the places I would visit. I also made a promise to my daughter,
McKenzie, after having travelled to Rwanda in 2011 that I would take her to Africa when she graduated
from high school. These two promises culminated in a metowe volunteer trip to Kenya, an organization my
daughter came across when researching volunteer trips online. I booked it, and never looked back.
Spending approximately 25 hours in airplanes and airports was insignificant compared to the journey we
would soon encounter. Arriving in Nairobi in pitch dark added a level of mystery as McKenzie and I were

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Continued from Page 1. RELAX! You have PADGETT on your side.


and World War II. She started this project 3 years ago at age TAX PREPARATION
of the Arts
85 and painted the cover We specialize in helping small businesses grow
illustrations as well as many
Sarah Marchus, EA

Bain Agency, Inc.
others in the book. She has always written a journal, 1500 East Capitol Avenue ▪ Bismarck, ND 58502-2016
taken writing workshops and 701/223-2233 ▪ Fax 701/223-0284 ▪ Toll Free 877/234-2233
written poetry, but this was www.padgettbismarck.com۰1929 N Washington St her first book. She found a publisher on line that also helped with the publicity and distribution. Her book was awarded BAGA Coming Events and Exhibitions 2013
the Gold Seal of Literary Excellency from a US book reviewer and a Four Star rating from another. It is available from Barnes and Nobel, Amazon Sept. 3-28
Michael Dunn & Brad Bachmeier, Fargo and at BAGA's gift shop. Member Artist, Nate Welk Sponsored by Dana & Madonna Guenthner Her next project is writing and illustrating a story about the woman she called her second mother Oct. 8-26
Fall Art Show-Local/Regional Reception, Oct. 8
and her many pets. It will Sponsored by Alan & Linda Butts, Lisa & Clare Carlson, be titled "Kat Tales and Jennifer Reiman & Aaron Pavelka, Steve & Debbie Van Berkom, Tom & Rose Trenbeath Kitty Kapers" and is intended to show how Do you need a beautiful place to Sam Coleman, Mandan Reception, Nov. 8
beneficial pets can be to Member Artist, Angie Swiec celebrate a special event? Reserve senior citizens. Her own Sponsored by Sponsored by Dana & Madonna Guenthner Bismarck Art and Galleries Association pet, Tousie, a West Highland Terrier, is a for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, Festival of the Arts Radisson Inn
constant and faithful reunions and more. companion and flies with her to her AZ home in a An illustration from
Member Artist Holiday Show Reception, Dec. 6
LaVera's book
carrier under the seat in With seating for 75 and two galleries filled with beautiful art, your event Holiday Cookie Walk, Gallery 10 am - 3 pm
will be unique and memorable. LaVera, a grandmother of 13, great grandmother of 22 and future great Call the gallery for more information -great grandmother to one on Dec. 21-23
Schafer Hall, BSC
the way, would like to do a family cookbook next Dec. 20 - 7:30 pm • Dec. 21 - 2:30 & 7:30 pm • Dec. 23 - 2:30 pm
and then a book of illustrations of all her family members with captions for each. BAGA ARTISAN is published quarterly by BAGA Board of Directors 2013
Bismarck Art & Gal eries Association. Linda Wrangham, President 422 East Front Avenue Paige Pederson, Vice Pres. Bismarck, North Dakota 58504 Sue Cahill, Past Pres. Debbie Van Berkom, Sec./Treas. E-mail: [email protected] Madonna Guenthner Terry Kristensen Website: Fax: 701-223-8960 We welcome your comments and suggestions Linda Christman, Executive Director for this newsletter. Sherry Niesar, Program Director Carol Thompson, Administrative Assistant Contact BAGA at 701-223-5986 during business hours.
Jennifer Eaton, Accountant Thank You & Member News
Continued from Page 1. from 6:00-11:00 pm so flashlights were supplied and whisked away to our first night's accommodations each night the camp staff put hot water bottles in our Our thanks to the following people who have supported BAGA by volunteering or making appetizers for events.
outside of the city. The cottages were in the same beds to warm them up. McKenzie and I both agreed location as the home and coffee farm owned by that staying in tents enhanced our experience of what Volunteers for the June-August openings and fundraisers:
Baroness Karen Von Blixen (Meryl Streep) upon life was like in the Maasi Mara. which the film "Out of Africa" was based. The home Bernice Clark Meyer still exists on the property and is open to the public as Two young Maasi Warriors, Wilson and James, Barb Nechporenko a small museum. What an intriguing start to our accompanied and served as our "educators" for the entire trip; teaching us about their lives in the Getting from Nairobi to our camp required a short Maasi Mara and the Karen & Bob Pedigo plane ride. When our mode of transportation came importance of balancing Sheila & Hal Peterson Tara Holt & Doug Prchal into view, I was fairly certain I had not taken enough their cultural traditions Debi & Ken Rogers influences. Their thrilled, taking a seat constant guidance was Pete Wax & Sherry Niesar Cathy & Terry Kristensen by the window with invaluable to our overall Madonna Guenthner her high end camera experience. Wilson taught us some basic Swahili, such Debbie Van Berkom and occasionally as, Jambo (hello/hi), asanti (thank you), sawa (okay), Michelle Doyle & Tom Marple looking my direction and Hakuna Matata (no worries) and each day started to ensure I was still with an early morning "Warrior Walk" where either upright. The plane Wilson or James would lead us into the savannah Any expression of gratitude that is missed is not done so by intent. Please let us know if we have missed flew close to the pointing out native plants and discussing their mentioning your name and it will be included in the next newsletter. ground so we could view the stunning vistas once out medicinal or household purposes. The early morning of the city. It was an amazing ride, visually, physically exercise, fragrances and panoramas were just the fuel and mentally. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but we needed to begin the day. Other News
with an added dose of Dramamine. Each day when venturing out from the camp we In Remembrance
Bill and Gail Baron are offering a heavy duty Our camp was in a jungle-like setting with sights, travelled in a 15 canvas dome canopy for sale. Measurement is smells and sounds that powered the senses from seat lorry (British MEMORIAL DONATIONS
10' by 10'. The dome has zippered sides and an morning til night. vehicle) on roads awning. Asking price is $400.
that seemed made Tollie Schaumberg
Dennis Leingang
up as we went. If Also for sale is a Peter Pugger clay mixer, Model were certainly a step you think ND roads Margo & Harry Franta PM50. It will mix 300 pounds of clay per hour. are rough in spring Wednesday Mother's Club Cost of their new machine was $4500.00. He is person army tent I and summer, think offering his Peter Pugger for $1200.00. camped in as a child, again! Several times Bill & Gail Baron we got stuck in knee deep mud after an evening's rain. Contact Bill and Gail at 663-5681 facilities located in the trees. Electricity was available Continued on Page 8. Professional Interior Design Services ROBERTS FLORAL INC.
Where we make your house a home.
210 N 8TH ST, BISMARCK, ND 58501 (701) 258-8311 800-896-8311
2100 East Broadway, Bismarck 701-223-2381
LOCATED BETWEEN BOTH HOSPITALS e-mail [email protected] Openings and events
Madonna Guenthner, artist, at the June opening reception Continued from Page 8. Sonja Taylor and Melinda Snell, artists, Greta Nelson plays the piano for an stand with some of their quilts at the June opening reception A trip to Africa would not be complete without going on safari; a BAGA Annual Fall Art Exhibit
photographer's paradise. All artists are welcome to enter BAGA's 2013 We saw elands, gazelles, Annual Fall Art Show October 8 zebra, buffalo, giraffe, -26. The Exhibit will accept two artworks in two categories, up to lions, hyenas, warthogs, waterbuck, baboons, four per artist. The gallery will feature works in all elephants, impalas, topi, mediums, with a size restriction of no larger than ostrich, wildebeest, 24" x 30". Size restrictions for miniature art works are 11" x 14" or smaller. All work must be framed -dicks, monkeys, jackal, crocodiles, and hippos. Seeing the animals in their natural habitat (at very close or on wrap around canvas and wired for hanging. No range) took my breath away and was an experience that saw-tooth hangers are allowed. For more is difficult to describe, just as the whole trip to Kenya information and a registration form, stop by the cannot reasonably be put into words. gallery or go online to and print Jay Bowman and Lydia Richez Bowman an entry form from our website. Entry deadline is Shelly Bunde, artist, poses enjoy each others company, wine and with one of her works at the As an artist, I love hanging out in world renowned September 13, 2013. Mary Welch, artist, at the July appetizers at the July opening July opening reception museums, temples, churches, and architectural marvels, opening reception but equally awe-inspiring are the beauty of people and Bowden Duck Fest Art Show
the natural world. My trips to Africa have fueled my All artists are welcome to submit their work for the soul. Watching my daughter immerse herself in this open show being held October 11-12. Any subject enchanting place has been the highlight of all my matter will be accepted with no limits on number of travels, so far. Look for an exhibit of McKenzie's pieces entered. Cost is $3 per entry with 8x10 and photographs and my artistic interpretations of our small at $1 per entry. Entry deadline is September African journey in the near future. The visuals will be 30. For more information go online to worth a thousand words. Tom Berger, artist, at the Peter and Ruth Woodrow at the A woman walks through the gal ery of over 200 August opening reception Square Foot opening in August paintings at the Square Foot opening The Summer has been a busy one for BAGA. In June, watercolorist Sonja Taylor and talented quilter, Melinda Snell, filled the main gallery and Madonna Guenthner displayed her beautiful botanical works in the members' gallery. July brought Shelly Bunde and her unique North Dakota county themed work to the main gallery with Mary Welch displaying her colorful paintings in the members' gallery. The Square foot Show fil ed the main gallery in August with over 200 paintings from artists locally and national y representing 16 states, while Tom Berger exhibited his lovely paintings in the members' gallery. Continued from Page 3… animation he explained in detail the purpose of these traditional objects and how those purposes have Capital A'Fair 2013
Hakuna Matata was the prevalent attitude as this was a evolved over the years. We assisted in the creation common occurrence. of the wooden treasures to better understand the The drives through the countryside were process. Once finished, the pieces are taken to phenomenal, jolting to the spine, but after a while your market and sold. Although outsiders may feel these body adjusted. Riding in the lorry felt as if we were communities are poor and in need of modern literally in an open air vehicle, exposed to all the ele- conveniences, the Kenyan people are rich in human ments and quite invigorating. As we passed by farms, and natural resources and have become ingenious in villages and schools, we were met with the excitement the use of those resources. and shouts of "Jambo" from the young children who would race barefoot toward the road to greet us. Another adventure was helping to build a classroom First Place: Cherise Pfaff for Kisaruni, an Second Place: Paul Noot Third Place: Melissa Gordon One morning we spent time with Mama Jane, a all-girls secondary prominent leader in her village, Emori Joi. Mama Jane school. No machinery was used in this endeavor, just wheel barrows, shovels, this region have trowels, wire snips for the rebar and elbow grease. June is Kenya's fall/winter time with temps no Chalk Art by Mary Rennich Chalk Art by Chip Liebel Chalk Art by Tawnya Igelhardt healthcare, safety higher than 75, which when shoveling sand, water and powdered cement, or bending rebar by hand, Six artists worked long days in the hot sun to create some amazing works of art in chalk on the sidewalks in front and cleanliness in feels like 90 degrees. As we worked, the girls would of the Capitol building. The artwork lasted only as long as the first rainstorm that came after it was done. homes, education and environmental sustainability. Her amazing story of determination and love for her peer out of their classrooms to check on our progress. community was eloquently translated from Swahili to Working hard for a few hours seemed the least we English through Wilson, our Maasi Warrior. We could do so these young women could continue their toured her farmstead education in a clean and safe environment. It was which included a small only later the next day did we realize the extent of house with three rooms, a their appreciation for our work. To show gratitude, separate smokehouse/ communities and school children do presentations kitchen for cooking, a which involve dancing, singing and short speeches chicken coop, an outdoor (in English) on the importance of education in their toilet, several dairy cows, communities. This was a pivotal moment in the trip some goats and a good for all of us especially McKenzie and the other three Let Your Spirit Soar won the The crowds were large both days Cross Sticks Percussion Ensemble crop of maze, which is true of most farms. On another young people in our group, as they realized the Best of Show award for their booth performed on the stage as one of visit to this community, we listened as one of the male extent to which they may have taken their own many groups who entertained elders talked about the alternative income strategy of education for granted. creating elder sticks and weapons. With passion and Continued on Page 9. Al iance Tae Kwon Do Center demonstrated a variety of techniques in self defense and The tattoo booth was kept strength, such as breaking boards A toddler enjoys a barefoot walk very busy the whole weekend in the soft grass MEMBERSHIP
William Reynolds Todd & Cynthia Clausnitzer Deb & Dave Larson Jeanette Erickson (Current Members as of 8/31/13) Pat Mann Grantier Caroline Conrath Virginia Salzsieder Robert H Saueressig Linda Schadewald Stephanie & Bill Delmore L. E. Anderson Ltd. Mary Tello Pool & Michelle Lindblom Ellen Jean Diederich Kay Solberg Link Dakota West Arts Council McQuade Distributing Co., Paul & Bonnie Brink Peggy & Cy Puetz North Dakota Council Inc. - Shannon McQuade Ely Tim & Julie Buresh Mabel E. Reichert Caroline Doucette Petro-Hunt, LLC - Clare & Lisa Carlson William & Doreen Riedman The Tom & Frances Leach Linda & Bob Christman Joe & Katherine Satrom Jerome Lobsinger Foundation, Inc. Starion Financial Rick & Jane Clayburgh Julie & Bruce Schwartz Lauraine Boyum Ehley Sheri Tuchscherer Terry & Jan Daffinrud Cathy & Tom Sitter ($10,000 or above)
($100 - $499)
Beth & Wayne Stenehjem Benefactor
Julie Dondoneau John Sakariassen ($5,000 - $9,999)
Bill & Mary Ann Eckroth Debbie & Steve Van Berkom LaVonne Forsborg Larry & Linda Maslowski Tara Holt & Doug Prchal Robin & Tim Bopp Brian & Deb Eiseman Gerald VandeWalle Alan & Linda Butts Guy & Mary VanSickle Tam Goodman-Wisthoff Jeff & Sue Cahill Sustainer
Doris & Dick Flurer Carolyn Twingley Graham McLaughlin Dr. Thomas & Marilyn ($2,500 - $4,999)
Cory & Cecily Fong Ron & Arlene Volk Shirlee Van Erem Madonna B. Guenthner Gary & Fran Gronberg Sol & Sybil Wezelman Sr. Nancy Gunderson, OSB Genevieve Metcalf Captain Jack's Liquorland Charles & Rebecca Haag David & Karen Wolfer Honorable Governor Jack & Dennis & Cindy Haider Ken & Mary Yetter Supporter
Mrs. Betsy Dalrymple Dr. Hal & Gerrie Hase Artist ($30/year)
Michelle Williams Lawrence & Karen daSilva James & Connie Hildebrand ($1,000 - $2,499)
Individual ($40/year)
Carolyn Pickard Handy Carol & Mike Wilma Kathleen & Peter Fettig Crystal Albrecht Valorie & Jerry Harlow Margaret & Marc Fiechtner Susan & Erik Holland Donor ($500 - $999)
Nicholas Nankivel Dan & Martha Holzer Martha Lyn Armstrong Barb Nechiporenko JoAnn Zahursky-Klein Dr. Thomas & Katie Hutchens Theresa Jennings Carol Jean Larsen Dick & Connie Johnsen - Marilyn & Dennis Johnson Maggie Belle Herr Char McLaughlin & Johnsen Trailer Sales, Inc. Laurie & Mark Kadrmas Susy Conley Kontos Cynthia & Lee Kaldor Bill & Kerry Horton Jim & Nicole Poolman Terry & Cathy Kristensen John & Tani Keaveny Shane Balkowitsch Jerry & Cindy Kemmet If your name does not
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