SPT and MPT 31x series
SSBL Positioning Transponder (SPT)Multifunction Positioning Transponder (MPT) Medium deep water use - 1000 m rated
Units and options
The medium frequency Kongsberg Simrad SPT 31x
The transponder consists of the following main com- and MPT 31x series of transponders are the subsea
and seabed elements of the Kongsberg Simrad under- • Transducer head water positioning and navigation systems. The trans- ponder models have 56 channels for use with the HPR series and the HiPAP systems.
Common for all these models are that they, on inter- The transponders are supplied with rogation, replies with a single- or a multi-pulse different transducer heads. The last response. This reply contains different information to digit in the model number identifies the HPR or HiPAP systems depending on the current the ± width of the beam pattern. The electronics with software is modular for all the models. The housing length is defined by the transponder model.
• Dynamic position reference for surface vessels.
• Navigation of underwater vehicles and The Multifunction Positioning towed bodies.
Transponder (MPT) can be oper- • Positioning aid for pipeline and underwater ated in both Super-Short Base Line structure maintenance and construction.
(SSBL) and Long Base Line (LBL) • Positioning and re-entry of BOP's.
modes. All required telemetry func- • Riser angle and BOP angle monitoring.
tionality is built-in.
• Telemetry of inclinometers, acoustic release or external sensors.
• Sensor-reading telemetry transponder The SSBL Positioning Transponer (depth and temperature). (SPT) can only operate in Super- • Position-transponder in an LBL array, Short Base Line. However, the SPT also supports telemetry capabilities • Master-slave transponder in an LBL array and functionality. The SPT may be upgraded to MPT.
• Transponder Range Positioning mode where it positions itself (MPT only).
• Range measuring transponder The SPT and MPT transponders are not only com- an option, a transponder may be externally powered. patible for use with the HPR 400 Series and HiPAP A rechargeable battery with battery charger is avail- systems. They can also be used by the HPR 309/310, able. The rechargeable battery pack may be used as and former models with the original 14 channels. The a replacement for the standard transponder battery, channel is preset from factory, but can be altered by L10/36.
adjusting internal switches, or by acoustic telemetry from the HPR 400 Series and HiPAP systems. HPR Housing material
309/310 and former systems can not send telemetry for this purpose.
The housing material is anodized aluminium with The acoustic telemetry link may be used to: • Set the transponder into different modes of The transponder name contains three letters followed by three digits, and the letters after the digits describes • Transfer data from the transponder.
the options.
• Set the transponder receiver sensitivity and MPT = Multifunction Positioning Transponder
transmitter power level. SPT = SSBL Positioning Transponder
This is used to achieve optimal performance and bat- 3xx = 30 kHz band
x1x = Depth rated for 1000 meters
• Read remaining battery lifetime. xx9 = +90° beamwidth
• Change the pulse length and turnaround delay.
xx4 = +45° beamwidth
DT = Depth and Temperature sensors
Mounting and handling
I = Inclinometers (X and Y angles)
R = Release mechanism
The transponder may be secured to a subsea structure H = Heading magnetic compass
using mounting brackets, or fitted with an anchor Si = Serial Interface
weight and buoyancy collar for location on the open seabed. The unit is designed for ROV manipulator Models
Power supply
All models are normally self-contained with power • SPT 319 supply. A lithium battery is used to ensure long life. As • SPT 319/R Technical specifications Basic data
Maximum depth rating.1000 meters
Transducer beamwidth.±90°or ±45° Housing material. Aluminium - ±90°, 4 steps: max 188 dB relative to 1 µPa. ref. 1m Weight in air.24 kg - ±45°, 4 steps: max 195 dB relative to 1 µPa. ref. 1m Weight in water .10 kg Rx sensitivity, 2 steps: max 100 dB relative to 1µPa Outside diameter: - Housing .131 mm - Tx. 24.5 - 32.5 kHz - Clamping ring . 171 mm - Rx.20.0 - 27.0 kHz Overall length.1420 mm Technical specifications Version DT
Version /H
Basic data applies with the following exceptions: The SPT 319/H, is a Compass transponder. The com- pass behaves like a magnetic compass. It is designed Max depth .1000 m to be used on a rotating subsea structure. It reports the Accuracy pressure sensor.±1 m compass angle by telemetry or by puls positioning. Resolution pressure sensor.0.1 m The implemented compass also contains a roll and Range temperature sensor. -10° to + 40° C pitch sensor.
Accuracy temperature sensor.0.2° C Specifications as for basic unit except: Resolution temperature sensor.0.1° C Compass. TCM2-20-TTL Heading: (Note A)
Version /R and DTR
- Accuracy level .±1.0° RMS Basic data applies with the following exceptions: - Resolution/repeatability. 0.1°/±0.1° Weight in air.27 kg Tilt: (Note B)
Weight in water .11 kg Overall length.1470 mm - Accuracy . ±0.2° Maximum release load.225 kg - Resolution/repeatability . 0.1°/±0.2° Separate battery pack .400 releases Note A: This specification may be obtained after cali-
Version /I
bration, but only if all the magnetic anormalies have Data as basic and DT except: been cancelled out by the calibration.
Maximum detectable angle: Note B: Can be read by use of telemetry.
- HPR 300 channels. ±15° - HPR 400 channels. ±60° Version /Si
The MPT 319/Si is designed - HPR 300 channels . 0.25° to interface the Subsea - HPR 400 channels.0.02° Sensor Module SSM 301. Accuracy with standard sensors. 0.25° The transponder and the SSM 301 are connected by a Serial line (RS-232) and a subsea cable with Gisma The SSM 301 and MPT 319/Si together with HiPAP/ HPR systems, provides a complete system for subsea The sensor data is displayed on the APOS screen. Refer to separate product description for SSM 301.
Basic data applies with the following exceptions: Weight in air. 27 kg Weight in water . 11 kg Overall length.1486 mm MPT 319/DT
SPT 314/R
Technical specifications Width x depth.375 x 375 mm Diagonal diameter .535 mm Type.Battery Pack L10/36 Shelf lifetime. 10 years Beam pattern
Maximum continuous on-time.185 days The transponder beam patern shows the transmit/ Quiescent time .1045 days receive sensibility in the different directions. Number of replies: The MPT 313 transponder series is equipped with a - Low source level .226 days, 19,6 million ±30° beamwidth transducer. This - Maximum source level.56 days, 4,9 million "doughnut-shaped", and provides a horizontal beam.
Type.Battery Pack A10/36
Shelf lifetime. years Maximum continuous on-time.71 days Quiescent time .301 days Number of replies: - Low source level .63 days, 5.4 million - Maximum source level.13 days, 1.1 million Max effect . 100 W Type. Battery Pack N10/36 Maximum continuous on-time.16 days Quiescent time .90 days Number of replies: - Low source level .17 days, 1.44 million - Maximum source level.4 days, 0.36 million Number of charge/discharge cycles .250 Battery Charger
Type.BCN 1036
Outline dimension.172 x 120 x 231 mm Collar type.119-086872 Depth rating .1000 m Total weight in air .30 kg Total buoyancy in water.28.5 kg Overall height.570 mm Strandpromenaden 50 PO.Box 111 N-3191 Horten Norway
Telephone +47 33 03 40 00 Telefax +47 33 02 38 00
www.kongsberg.com [email protected]

Source: http://dp.projects.no/docs/transponder.pdf


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