SHS-2320-RIM Type Lock!
We specialise in installation of doors and a wide range of proximity card and code door locksmagnetic door lock, fingerprint digital door locks, and basic door locks,> SHS-2320 The latest Rim Type Lock from Samsung
 Double-Claw Bolt  Double-Verification Mode  Intrusion prevention/ Infrared  Emergency Battery Terminal  One Touch Anti-theft Setup  Fire Alarm & Emergency Door  Electro Static Discharge (ESD)  User Friendly Graphic Interface Design Doors: Custom Crafted for Lasting Beauty FRONT ENTRY DOORS, REAL WOOD SHUTTERS AND GARDEN GATES Whether your home or structure is traditional, colonial, Victorian, Mediterranean, modern, contemporary, ranch or a pristine craftsman bungalow, GtieL.T.D Design Doors has a variety of door design ideas for your garage door and front doors that will create instant curb appeal. Our products are ideal for both new construction and replacement during remodelling and renovation. We begin with a personal consultation to make sure you're getting the right doors and locks for your home are business, your geographic area and your budget. GtieL.T.D Design Doors manufactures quality custom wood garage doors, wooden front entry doors, matched walk-through garage doors plus real wood and custom wood garden gates. Working with the unique architectural characteristics of each home, we build exterior doors that enhance your home's beauty while adding modern function and security. Original metal and copper clad doors and doors designed to withstand high wind Our comprehensive product range includes:
• Electromagnetic Lock • Magnetic Lock • Gate Lock • Upvc Locks • Key Pad Entry Systems • Keypad Lock • Digital Lock • Keyless Lock • Swipe Card • Proximity Card • Fingerprint Lock • Electric Lock • Mortise Lock • Door Access • Access Control • Audio and Video Door Entry Systems • Online and Offline Access Control Systems • Hotel Locks • Dormitory Locks • Magnetic Door Retainers • Fire Door Retainers GtieL.T.D Electronic Locking SERVICES
The CDVI range of electronic locking is extremely broad. From simple low cost magnetic locking to full electric locks with mechanical key cylinder override CDVI have a locking solution for most applications. S-Series Internal Magnetic Locks
External Magnetic Locks
Internal Surface Magnetic Locks are External Magnets are designed for ideal for simple installation on inward securing external doors & gates. They and outward opening doors. At can be used in all applications where the GtieL.T.D have a range of brackets lock will encounter weather. CDVI external magnets feature, and accessories that allow more fully encased stainless steel for improved corrosion resistance, complex installations to be made.The range includes surface fix & flush fix threaded gland for secure connection & 12/24V operation. versions. We also have a range of architectural housings that allow a Magnetic Shearlocks
neat & simple installation on double or single leaf doors. There have been CDVI Shearlocks are ideal for swing-through doors, as well many innovations and developments as traditional single action doors. The magnet is constantly powered and electromagnetic locks, including safety features on our surface "looking" for the armature. Once the range to reduce injury, improved door status monitoring, new armature starts to come into line with the magnet, the armature is attracted full range of finishes including brass. upwards and "snaps" into position V-Series Light / Sound Magnetic Locks
correct. Our Shearlock products are The ever popular series of the DIAX brand of S- monitored as standard. surfaces-magnetic redesigned to include illuminating ends and in one Powermag 25 Shearlock
new model sound annunciation when the lock is unlocked. With lock confirmation and full bi-colour The ‘Powermag 25 offers secure and monitoring illumination in the range these changes neat electric locking for single or double are sure to be welcomed. These new surface timber doors. It has a profile of only magnet products are available as 300, 400 & 25mm ensuring that as little material as 500KG holding force types as before, with relay possible is removed from the door monitored and unmonitored versions but all having end frame, allowing maximum strength. The illumination. GtieL.T.D Trust CDVI to innovate and add more Powermag 25 is designed to be features to their locking products at no extra cost to you the installed in the frame either vertically or horizontally. If a greater holding force is required then two locks can be utilised vertically. This product is ideal for new and BO800 Magnetic Locking Handle
The Powermag25 as standard includes electronic monitoring for innovation. The BO800RN is a new profiled maximum convenience and security. The lock itself is constructed from high strength die cast materials and includes handle, which ensures high security electromagnetic our patented self-aligning armature technology. A low current locking without any reduction in door width or height. single 12Volt direct current supply is all that is required for continuous operation. The Powermag 25 by definition is a Fail installation and is ideal for retrofit to existing doors. Safe (power locked) device. Technology, ergonomics and performance ensure the BO800RN offers a major advantage over traditional electromagnetic locking. Electric Releases
The patented profile fits in with the make up of the door, and tolerances within the product allow for door imperfections to be The CDVI Diax® series of electric release kits offer good value catered for. The BO800RN offers an increased holding force, as and performance for low to medium security locking. Each kit 400kg electromagnetic locks are used - 800kg (where 2 magnets comprises of the release body, a surface rim case and a are included) and 1200kg (where 3 magnets are included) mortice plate, taking care of most door types in one box. We have an extensive range of release accessories for many increase the security and strength of the locking. Solenoid Bolt Locks
ur CDVI range of CDVI Solenoid Locks are high quality units for fitting in the door frame or door itself. The include a warranty period of 5 YEARS DX-200 is a fail-safe entry level solenoid and each CDVI Diax® release includes bolt, with features normally seen in more a factory fitted suppressor as standard to eliminate the risk of expensive units. Manufactured in stainless "back EMF" and damage to control equipment. An option with steel, with lock and door status monitoring our euro style releases is the adjustable jaw, which is very as standard, the DX-200 incorporates a useful for doors which are prone to expansion/contraction. Both EURO style & ANSI style release are available. MV Electric Locks
*NEW* FIRELOCK is a Diax innovation that allows solenoidbolts to be installed on fire exits and escape doors thanks to
The MV-series of electric locks are ideal for pedestrian gates, its industry leading 100Kg side load rating.Firelock is alsohighly secure thanks to a 500 Kg holding force and comes monitored as standard. internal and external doors. The units drive a deadbolt into a monitored keep to provide high security locking. The locks are supplied with key override as standard, and have the option of manual override depending on the model required. Our skilled craftsmen will then build your door with wood, nature's perfect building material. Everything is made (You can read a little more about us Delivery & Installation. Your doors, shutters and gates will be delivered to you on Designer Doors' own trucks and then professionally installed. It's flawless and worry-free. We think you'll love the beauty and security your new doors will provide to your home or restaurant or hotel. Featured

Key card locks are the more cost effective and simple alternative to hard wired access control. Key cards are issued at a central PC or Laptop. The person issuing the key card specifies which doors it will open and for how long. There are no hard wired or wireless connections between the lock and the PC making installation hassle free and eliminating restrictions on where the PC can be located. The PC is set up in line with the building structure and door layout. Upon installation each lock is then given an identity and the current date and time as per the building structure/door layout. The card is issued at the PC and it is the card itself that holds the access data hence no need for hard wiring. For smaller applications why not utilise the ProXlock. The ProXlock has the core benefits of traditional key card locks but with a "no software" option catering for the smaller budget A Heavy Duty Electronic Latchbolt Lock!
CL4020 Anti-Panic Martice Lock Double Cylinder. The E5-RF Eternity Proximity Card Lock is one of our Double cylinder mortice lock suitable for left and right hand newer locks and has a Proximity doors ,alarm release terminals, low maintenance Card reader built in! This is the PVD finish, stainless-steel and polished brass perfect lock if you want to be finish , remote opening terminals able to enter using a proximity card, keypad or metal key. The CL4020 is a euro profile mortice sash lock with deadbolt and latchbolt. Complete with double cylinder to control the deadbolt and to The E5-RF Eternity Proximity retract the latchbolt. With the deadbolt locked it denies access to Card Lock has most of the a code user. The key can be used to open doors for management features of it's sister lock (the functions such as security and cleaning. The split follower enables the inside lever to retract the deadbolt and latch to prevent accidental lock in when the deadbolt is thrown.  Mortice Lock with o meowner, restaurant owner, architect or builder - to get all stomized for you: oducts for your house and thme  g on the left or Over 200,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (supplied)  Keypad with Smart Card Tamper alarm and low Keypad with Fingerprint Reader  Keypad with Smart Card and Fingerprint Reader  Connectiond for remote release  Alarm release included  Internal and external applications  Suited for residential commercial and non-comercial The lock can store up to 80 different User Codes. Codes may be 4, 5 or 6 digits long. Programming is via the keypad, using the Master Code. The lock has fitted as standard two alarm release terminals.  REM1 is used to open the lock from a reception desk button or answer phone.  REM2 can be linked to an alarm system which, when activated by a momentary contact, will release the door for 30 minutes. This allows emergency personnel to enter the room to rapidly Fingerprint only check that no one has been overlooked. The WEBtec-3 is custom-configured to Brand: Codelocks
support the SmartCard technology of Body Material: Zinc Alloy
your choice: Mifare, HID Prox I/II, HID Buttons: Individual, stainless steel
iClass, EM, Sony Felica, Legic, & CePAS. Classroom function: Yes
Door thickness: 35mm - 65mm (1 3/8" - 2 1/2")
Finish: Stainless steel, polished brass
The basic unit is configured from the Keying alike: Locks can be supplied as keyed alike on request
factory to support 1,000 users. However, Keypad: 2 x 5
the WEBtec-3 can upgraded at the Key override: Yes
factory to support 3,000, 5,000, 10,000, Non handed: Lock will fit doors hung on the left or right
15,000 or even 30,000 users. Power: 4 x AA cells
Spindle type: 8mm (5/16") spring loaded spindle
Storeroom function: Yes
Suitable for: Internal and external use
Type: Full mortice lock with safety feature
Operations: 200,000


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