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SPECIAL HEALTH BULLETIN Discover the healing miracle of Super CoQ10™… Don't just sit back and do nothing! A single step—just 10 seconds a day—could help re-energize your heart,muscles, and brain! Forget everything you thought you knew about the cellular energizer known as
Coenzyme Q10! A brand-new type of super-potent, highly absorbable CoQ10 is taking the medical world by storm. It can help reignite your body's failing metabolism—flooding every cell with life-giving energy and offering protection and healing for dozens of serious health problems… Over 1,000 scientific studies over the last 49 years have proven that Coenzyme Q10 ✔ Boost cellular energy production, flooding your body with new energy and vitality… ✔ Slow the progression of neurodegenerative disorders… ✔ Guard against a wide array of age-related cognitive disorders… ✔ Strengthen and protect your heart… ✔ Avoid certain types of brain disasters… ✔ Recharge your immune system… ✔ Improve your circulation… ✔ Reduce blood pressure… ✔ Avoid the onset of migraines… ✔ And lots more! European and Asian doctors use
CoQ10 routinely to prevent and treat:
>> Why most powder and liquid forms of
■ Heart problems ■ Brain tragedies ■ Poor circulation Guaranteed to CoQ10 sold today are highly ineffective
■ Migraines ■ Immune deficiencies ■ Angina ■ Blood sugar and pass out of your body, unused…
■ Chronic tiredness ■ Male infertility ■ Muscular problems ■ Swollen joints ■ Irregular cell formation ■ Overweight >> The one thing that you must
conditions ■ Degenerative nerve problems ■ Sports injuries have in order for your body
■ Breast engorgement ■ Fibromyalgia ■ Inflammatory bowel conditions ■ Inflammation ■ Swollen glands ■ Traumatic swelling to absorb CoQ10.
■ Chronic ear infections ■ Edema ■ Intestinal conditions ■ Periodontal problems ■ And lots, lots MORE!

"The clinical experience with CoQ10 in heart failure is nothing short of dramatic, and it is reasonable to
believe that the entire field of medicine should be re-evaluated in light of this growing knowledge. We
have only scratched the surface of the biomedical and clinical applications of CoQ10."

—Peter Langsjoen, M.D., leading CoQ10 researcher More than 1,000 scientific studies over the last
49 years have forced experts to admit:
Coenzyme Q10 could help patients
suffering from an enlarged and failing heart,
clogged coronary arteries, high blood pressure,
low energy, bleeding gums, even age-related
neurological, and cognitive disorders.
According to studies reported on by the
MUSCLE PROBLEMS: Preliminary studies
National Institutes of Health and National
in patients with muscle problems taking CoQ10 Library of Medicine, the following uses for
supplements describe, "improvements in
CoQ10 are based on scientific evidence…
exercise capacity, heart function, and overall
HEART DAMAGE: "There is a preliminary
quality of life."
human study of CoQ10 given to patients within three days after a heart [malfunction]. Reductions
Results of the first placebo-controlled, multicenter in deaths, abnormal heart rhythms, and
clinical trial of the compound Coenzyme Q10 secondary heart [events] are reported…"
suggest that it can slow the onset of symptoms
FAILING HEART: "Several studies have shown
in patients with early stage neurodegenerative
benefits of Coenzyme Q10 in people who have disorders. While the results must be confirmed
been diagnosed with [weakened hearts]. In some in a larger study, they provide hope that this parts of Europe, Russia, and Japan, CoQ10 is compound may ultimately provide a new way considered a part of standard therapy for of treating these problems.
ABNORMAL GROWTHS: There is evidence
ANGINA PAIN: "…Human studies suggest
to suggest that analogs of this compound can
that CoQ10 may reduce angina and improve
help suppress abnormal cellular growth
exercise tolerance in people with clogged
directly. Analogs of Coenzyme Q10 have been
shown to inhibit the proliferation of abnormalcells in vitro and the growth of abnormal cells HEART PROTECTION DURING
transplanted into rats and mice. SURGERY: "Several studies suggest that the
function of the heart may be improved after

major heart surgeries such as coronary artery
"Promising preliminary evidence from human bypass graft (CABG) or valve replacement research suggests that CoQ10 supplements
when CoQ10 is given to patients before or may slow down, but not cure, the symptoms
of dementia in people" with age-related
cognitive problems.

human studies suggest possible benefits of CoQ10
taken by mouth or placed on the skin or gums in
These statements have not been evaluated by the the treatment of gum problems. Improvements in
Food and Drug Administration. This product is not bleeding, swelling, and pain are reported."
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent anydisease.
2006 Health Resources To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007

How to Turn Your
Body's Master Energy
Switch to "ON!"
A SINGLE STEP (that takes just 10 seconds a day) can help energize your
heart and brain… lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels… ease angina
pain… boost your immune system… stop irregular cells from growing…
flood your body's cells with new energy and vitality… slow the development
of neurological disorders… and help prevent migraine headaches,
periodontal problems, macular degeneration, and lots MORE!
■ Slow the macular degeneration that How to Feel Better in Just
Whether you're 30 or 80… in good is the leading cause of vision loss 10 Seconds a Day
health or suffering from a myriad of in people over 60… Make no mistake: What keeps you ailments… there is ONE THING you ■ Guard against a wide array of alive and enjoying life is energy… can do right now to feel better.
common age-related disorders… vast amounts of energy.
This phenomenal medical discovery ■ Revitalize your sex life… Your heart must pump five liters of can not only transform your health… ■ And lots more! blood throughout your body each and it can improve your life in dozens of every minute. That works out to Sounds too good to be true, I know. ways you never imagined possible.
Next page, please. But the evidence is overwhelming: That's because this ONE SIMPLE The world's top researchers and leading STEP—that literally takes just 10 cardiologists—and more than 1,000 seconds a day—is like flipping your studies in dozens of different coun- body's master energy switch to "ON," tries—have identified the master "on allowing life-giving, healing energy to and off" switch that controls how much flow to every muscle and organ.
energy your body is able to produce.
Just by flipping this energy switch When the switch is "ON," your "ON," you can help… body has all the energy it needs— ■ Strengthen and protect your heart… to repair or replace damaged cells… ■ Lower your blood pressure and to restore lost vitality and vigor… improve your circulation… to fight off infections and health ■ Recharge your immune system so problems… and to help you enjoy you stop getting sick so often… everything you want from life. ■ Help your body fight off and When the switch is "OFF," you maybe even prevent certain feel tired, listless, and depressed… types of abnormal growths… you're prone to health problems…you are easily injured… and you're ■ Slow the progression of neurode- not able to do everything that you generative disorders… ■ Avoid the onset of migraines… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

approximately 40 million beats a year… Answer: The 100 trillion cells in When levels fall by 75%, you can or 2.2 billion beats in your lifetime. your own body—which function like die. In fact, a 1993 study reported in And that's just your heart! 100 trillion mini-energy generating Clinical Investigation demonstrates that low CoQ10 levels accurately pre- You also have 650 skeletal dicted death within six months in the muscles that require significant But there is one problem. The ONE 94 consecutive patients they studied.
amounts of energy to function THING necessary for your body's cells properly; helping you to do all the to convert raw fuel to energy—for your What's worse, we now know activities you need to enjoy life.
body's master energy switch to remain that there is a decrease in the body'snatural production of CoQ10 begin- Then there's your body's various "ON"—is a vitamin-like substance ning at about age 20. autonomic systems—such as respira- called Coenzyme Q10, found in every tion, perspiration, the peristaltic cell in your body. Year by year, your body makes less movements in the intestine, digestion, Put simply: Without enough and less CoQ10 on its own until, by and so on—as well as the nervous CoQ10, your body stops producing age 80, the level of CoQ10 has dropped system… your brain… your skin… enough energy to function properly.
by as much as a whopping 65%.
All of these bodily systems and Research has shown that when PLUS: Until recently, many organs require consistent, continuous CoQ10 levels fall by just 25%, you people took inefficient, powdered energy—24 hours a day, 7 days a begin to suffer fatigue, listlessness, forms of CoQ10 that their bodies week, for as long as you live.
depression, and eventually even such were not able to absorb very well. And where does all this energy potentially life-threatening conditions As a result, their cellular energy as a weakening heart.
switch remained OFF—and they got Heart problems are the number one killer of all Americans and have been every year
since 1900 (except for 1918, the year the pandemic flu beat out heart disorders.) It's estimated that fully 28% of the 2.4 million Americans who die every year—or 685,000 people—succumb to some type of heart problem. And that's just the tip of the proverbial ice berg. According to the American Heart Association, one person in four (that's over 71 MILLION PEOPLE!) suffers from some form of cardiovascular problems, including: ✔ High blood pressure—65 million
Clogged coronary arteries—13.2 million
Angina pectoris—6.5 million
Heart malfunctions—7.2 million
Brain hemorrhages—5.5 million
Congenital cardiovascular defects—1 million
Enlarged, weakened hearts—4.6 million
The social and economic costs are staggering: In 2005, the financial cost of cardiovascular health problems in the U.S. was projected to exceed $394 billion—$242 billion for health care expenditures and $152 billion for lost productivity from death and disability. In 2006, the cost is projected to exceed $403 billion.
And it's now estimated that one out of three American males will develop serious heart problems before they hit age 60! But you don't have to just sit back and do nothing. A SINGLE STEP… that takes
just 10 seconds a day… could provide you with life-saving protection from a host of
debilitating heart conditions. Just call 1-800-471-4007 to find out how easy it is to help
protect yourself with Super CoQ10™.
To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007

none of the benefits of having new Study after study has found that a energy flow to their heart, muscles, number of serious heart conditions, including insufficient cardiac blood But since the invention of a special volume and arrhythmia, are strongly liquid, crystal-free Super CoQ10™— correlated with low levels of CoQ10 that is much more absorbable than in blood and tissue. other types of CoQ10—all of that has The more severe the heart condi- tion, the lower the levels of CoQ10.
It takes just 10 seconds a day to
In fact, Dr. Peter H. Langsjoen, swallow one Super CoQ10™ soft gel well respected authority on CoQ10 capsule, and your body gets all the research, even goes so far as to say CoQ10 it needs to turn your body's that CoQ10 deficiency may well be master energy switch back "ON." the primary cause in many types of The results can be miraculous: heart muscle dysfunction.
Suddenly, your body has the energy it The reason is clear: CoQ10 is needs to help repair damaged cells… absolutely essential for the production revitalize an enlarged and failing of cellular energy—and the heart heart… improve circulation and lower needs energy more than any other blood pressure… and fight off a muscle or organ in the human body! myriad of other health problems. But any reduction in the heart's elec- crystal-free formula This new type of super-potent trical energy can make the heart beat too CoQ10 is taking the medical world by fast, too slow, or at an uneven rate. storm. Doctors who are skeptical ofother nutritional supplements have And as your heart begins to "tire" ■ Boost cellular energy production suddenly become believers in CoQ10.
from lack of energy, blood flow isreduced… beats become irregular… throughout the body… That's why the members of the less and less oxygen is available… American Association of Clinical ■ Strengthen and protect the heart… and you feel weakness and fatigue… Endocrinologists now insist that, palpitations… low blood pressure… Improve blood circulation… "Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has bene-
dizziness… fainting. ■ Support immune function… ficial effects for mitochondrial
disorders" and a weakened heart.

So what happens when doctors ■ Provide enhanced antioxidant give patients supplemental CoQ10? That's why the National Institutes of Health says that, "human studies
According to a study published in ■ Improve blood pressure… suggest that CoQ10 may reduce
the medical journal Cardiovascular ■ Protect the heart during surgery… angina and improve exercise tolerance
Drugs Therapyin people with clogged heart arteries."
✔ 91% of patients who suffer inter- ■ Stabilize irregular heartbeat… That's why another division of the ruption of blood flow to the heart ■ Improve heart conditions… National Institutes of Health says that, experience improvement within ■ And much, much MORE! "there is evidence to suggest that
30 days of starting CoQ10 analogs of this [CoQ10] can sup-
press abnormal cellular growth."
✔ 75% of patients have fewer heart If you have heart problems,
rhythm disturbances… Super CoQ10™ could help
✔ 66% of patients experienced less save your life!
There's no doubt about it: 50% fewer patients suffer cardiac easy it is to help Coenzyme Q10 may be the closest events of any kind.
protect yourself thing to a miracle there is for a The journal's conclusion is that CoQ10 supplementation, "can provide
Next page, please. Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark of Soft GelTechnologies, Inc. and is a patent-pending proprietary formula." 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Real-life customers agree:
rapid protective effects in patients if
well as its remarkable safety with no administered within three days of the
reported toxicity or drug interactions.
can help you
onset of (cardiac) symptoms."
Plus, there have been more than And that was just the result of 1,000 published human and animal trials with your
that show CoQ10 is completely safe and In another, published in the journal has no reported toxicity.
worst health
Molecular Aspects of Medicine, The majority of the clinical studies researchers discovered that among focused on heart problems and were patients who suffered from heart valve remarkably consistent in their conclusions: problems, fully 87% had their heart
Supplementation with CoQ10, function completely restored to
"Giving my heart
"significantly improved heart muscle normal after receiving CoQ10
function" while producing "no adverse supplementation for 8 weeks.
"The product is really In fact, this prestigious medical great. I feel like I am journal found that CoQ10 appears to Plus, Super CoQ10™ could
giving my heart some real protection. Some- be an, "all purpose heart helper." help you lose weight when
thing that it needs but people seldom It found that CoQ10 can help… nothing else works!
give it. I feel more energy when I take ■ Strengthen and protect the heart Everyone knows that obesity in the it. It's a great product." —Mildred Y., Merritt Island, FL ■ Avoid brain tragedies U.S. has reached epidemic proportions.
An astonishing 58 million Americans Improve blood circulation "Keeping me
are clinically overweight, including 80% ■ Reduce high blood pressure of all people over age 25. agile at 88!"
■ Protect the heart during surgery The health consequences are severe. "CoQ10 is one of theitems I take daily.
■ Improve clogged coronary arteries It's estimated that fully 70% of car- Something is keeping ■ Stabilize heartbeat rhythm diovascular problems are related to me remarkably well and agile at 88. I have a friend whose father is obesity… and, according to the Centers Improve the condition of for Disease Control, more than 300,000 suffering from a [neurodegenerative prob- people die prematurely each year due lem]. He was stooped and couldn't drive.
■ And much, much MORE! CoQ10 has made him stand straight and he is even singing in the choir at church!" Altogether, there have been at least If you've tried diets, you know that —Sarah G., Cincinnati, OH THIRTY-FOUR placebo controlled stud- most diets just don't work. A new ies involving 2,152 patients on CoQ10's University of Pennsylvania study of 9 "Makes me feel
effect on serious heart problems. popular diet programs found that none better all over!"
All thirty-four of these studies con- of the diets delivered long-term weight "I never want to be with- firmed the effectiveness of CoQ10 as loss—and yet the most expensive out it. It makes me feelbetter all over and givesme more energy. I use Health Resources™ delivers to you potent, a walking cane and it has helped me tokeep my balance better going out doors highly absorbable, crystal-free CoQ10 with and coming in doors." —Shirley C., Montgomery, AL this remarkable10-point promise #1 Inspired by the best scientific research available
"Simply, it's excellent #2 Made with ONLY the highest-quality ingredients
and I will order more #3 Triple-guaranteed PURE
#4 Only highly absorbable forms of each substance
#5 The optimum potency for maximum value and effectiveness
#6 Synergistically formulated to multiply your health benefits
These statements are anecdotal and may not #7 Easy and pleasant to use
represent typical results. Individual results willvary. These statements have not been evalu- #8 An outstanding value
ated by the Food and Drug Administration. This #9 Shipped the next business day
product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure #10 GUARANTEED: You'll FEEL the difference or it's FREE!
or prevent any disease.
To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007
Statin and Other Drugs Can Lower CoQ10 Levels! programs cost $840 to $2,100 for onlythree months.
Unfortunately, we now know that certain cholesterol-lowering medications, known as statins, can lower your natural CoQ10 Fortunately, scientists now know levels to a dangerous degree.
that obesity may be caused, at least Examples of these lipid-lowering drugs include Lipitor®, Zocor®, partly, by a malfunction in your Mevacor®, Altocor®, Pravachol®, Lescol®, and Crestor®.
body's natural metabolism. Simply These drugs can reduce serum levels of CoQ10 by up to 40%—with potentially disastrous by resetting your body's metabolic switch, you can instantly begin ■ In 1990, researchers discovered that CoQ10 levels plummeted in five patients taking burning more energy—which can Lovastatin—all five were also suffering from a potential fatal deterioration of the heart muscle.
greatly improve weight loss.
The lower their CoQ10 levels fell, the worse their condition became. And when they were The key to resetting your metabolic given CoQ10 supplements, they all improved dramatically.
switch may be CoQ10. In one ■ In 1993, British researchers discovered that patients taking Simvastatin had substantially Belgian study of obese patients, Dr.
lower levels of CoQ10 in their blood—and the greater the dosage of the statin, the lower Luc Van Gaal found that over half of their CoQ10 levels.
the persons studied were significantly ■ In 1994, Italian researchers demonstrated that by giving CoQ10 to patients taking deficient in CoQ10. cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood levels of this vital nutrient were maintained and CoQ10 deficiencies were reversed.
Dr. Van Gaal and his colleagues ■ Later, Finnish physicians discovered that because CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant then performed a clinical study on two that helps inhibit the oxidation of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body, lowered CoQ10 levels groups of overweight subjects. People increased the oxidation of LDL, thus increasing the risk of blood flow interruption to the in Group A were found to be deficient heart and brain.
in CoQ10 while those in Group B ■ In 1999, French researchers demonstrated that statin drugs significantly weakened the were not. Both groups were placed on heart muscle in just 12 weeks.
controlled reducing diets and both ■ In 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that just 20 milligrams were given 100 mg of CoQ10 daily. of Simvastatin a day lowered CoQ10 levels 22%.
After 9 weeks, the patients who were ■ Also in 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that CoQ10 not deficient in CoQ10 had lost an aver- deficiencies contribute to a weakening heart.
age of just 13 pounds—but the CoQ10 This research doesn't mean you should necessarily stop taking statins.
deficient patients had lost an average of
But what it does mean is that you should consider taking Super CoQ10™ to help prevent 30 pounds, more than DOUBLE.
one of the possible side effects of statins—a dangerous deficiency in your body's CoQ10
levels. To find out how you can save $60 and get 3 free bottles of Super CoQ10™
After 3 months, the CoQ10 defi- call 1-800-471-4007 right now.
cient group had lost an average of 38

"Feel 20 years younger!"
CoQ10 may also help avoid
"Since I have been taking CoQ10, I have noticed less pain in my and improve a host of other
arms and legs. My health seems to be better every day. Thank you health problems you may face
for sending me your product and making me feel 20 years younger." —Judith D., Lady Lake, FL Helps protect the brain follow-
ing a cardiac event: It's quite
"So thankful for CoQ10!"
common for people who survive "Your CoQ10 formula has helped me a lot. Many people don't an incident of heart malfunction- guess that my age is 95 plus! They say I could pass for 65… ing to suffer irreversible brain I am so thankful for CoQ10 and the Lord's help. I live by myself damage as a result of the disrup- and my family helps me when I really need it." tion of oxygen to the brain. —J.H., Fort Morgan, CO But new studies in Europe seem to indicate CoQ10, when combined with other forms of treatment, may help "WOW! It makes me feel much better overall. More energy reduce neuronal damage and increase and it clears the fog in my brain." —Margaret P., Rohrersville, MD Next page, please. Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. Individual results will vary.
contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent- not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under the pending proprietary formula.
product name Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
"91 years old
and still going

In one 2004 study in the medical That's because cellular dysfunction journal Circulation, published by the may play a key role in migraines by "I can only say that American Heart Association, 49 patients limiting oxygen metabolism. I will be 91 onSeptember 1 and who suffered a heart stoppage and then In a placebo-controlled trial of 42 am thankful to have found such a received cardiopulmonary resuscitation patients in Switzerland, the CoQ10- (CPR) were randomly selected to treated group had statistically significant —Russell F., Silver Bay, MN receive CoQ10 along with other improvement: Lower attack frequency, forms of treatment. fewer headache days, and fewer days "Take CoQ10
The CoQ10 group had DOUBLE the with nausea.
survival rate—68% compared to 29%.
Can help slow early macular
"I take CoQ10 every- The researchers also found that 36% of degeneration: Macular degeneration
patients in the CoQ10 group had a good is a chronic health problem of the doing very well, I neurological outcome at three months, work in the yard, eyes. It's caused by the deterioration versus only 20% in the placebo group. walk and enjoy my cat. I hope that of the central portion of the retina, everyone who takes this feels as ■ Helps prevent the onset of migraine
known as the macula, which is headaches: Migraines afflict about
responsible for focusing central —Sarah F., Fort Lauderdale, FL 30 million people in the United vision in the eye.
States. According to the National It is the leading cause of vision loss "Joint pain
Headache Foundation, American for people over age 60. In recent years, much less!"
industry loses around $50 billion researchers have focused on how free rad- from absenteeism and medical ical damage affects age-related macular CoQ10 for just one expenses due to headache pain. degeneration. The eye is known to gener- week, my energylevel was back up to But a study reported in the February ate a large amount of free radicals through normal and I did not have to nap 2005 issue of the medical journal normal function and these dangerous mol- during the day. Also my joint pain Neurology shows that CoQ10 could ecules take their toll on the eye's health.
was much less. Thank you and I offer hope to millions of migraine But a double-blind, placebo- will continue to use this product." controlled trial in 2005, reported in —Doris P., Carmel, CA Prescription Drugs Known
To Reduce CoQ10 Levels

To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007
"Heart pains
have subsided!"

the journal Ophthalmologica, found "…Since taking your CoQ10 my heart pains that patients who were given a combi- multicenter clinical trial of CoQ10 nation of powerful antioxidants— in patients with early, untreated —Timothy M., Lansing, MI including CoQ10—saw significant improvement in their eyesight. The results, reported in the "Saying goodbye to
More than 100 patients with early Archives of Neurology, showed that age-related macular degeneration patients who received the largest dose "I have been diagnosed were randomly assigned to receive of CoQ10 (1200 mg/day) had 44% with atrial fibrillation. Since either two capsules per day containing less decline in mental function, taking CoQ10 daily, I have 200 mg of acetyl-L-carnitine, 780 mg movement, and ability to carry out not been awakened during of omega-3 fatty acids, and 20 mg activities of daily living than those the night with heart fibrillations." of CoQ10 or placebo capsules who received the placebo.
—Iris L., Lincoln Park, MI containing only soy oil.
Super CoQ10™ delivers
"I feel much better!"
At the end of the 12-month treat- DRAMATICALLY more energy-
"I starting taking CoQ10 the ment period, the researchers found day I received it and I have statistically significant improvement boosting, life-enhancing
to say that I feel much bet- in the treatment group as measured by CoQ10 than some competing
ter after using it. It is all you all four parameters of visual function products—and at less cost!
claim it to be and I am so glad that I decided to try it.
Super CoQ10™ provides the I am glad to be able to use something safe Can help slow the progression of
amazing benefits of Coenzyme Q10 —Yva M., Ocala, FL in a new formula specifically designed New research links impaired mito- for enhanced bioavailability.
chondrial (cellular) function with These statements are anecdotal and may not You see, CoQ10 can be produced represent typical results. Individual results will vary.
the type of neuron cell death that in either liquid or powdered form.
These statements have not been evaluated by the is characteristic of cognitive Food and Drug Administration. This product is not disorders and neurodegenerative intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Continued on page 12. disease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under the health problems.
product name Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
Published research on the use of CoQ10 in helping to slow the progres-sion of cognitive decline has been Kick your sex life limited to animal studies, but investiga-tions of CoQ10 and neurodegenerative disorders have actually moved into clinical trials, including randomized According to one recent survey, nearly HALF controlled studies. of all married couples are simply too tired for sex.
Pioneered by Clifford Shults, Many report having sex just 1 to 3 times per M.D., a professor of neurosciences at month—or less.
the University of California at San Many of these couples are in their 30s, 40s, Diego School of Medicine, the new and 50s and are otherwise healthy. They are simply too exhausted for romance.
research shows that CoQ10 may protect those brain cells that produce Traditional medical remedies don't help the neurotransmitter dopamine. It is because often the problem isn't related to the ability to have sex… such as erectile the death of just those cells that can dysfunctions—only the energy.
cause neurological problems. And that's why Super CoQ10™ can be a With funding from the National Godsend for romance-starved couples! Institute of Neurological Disorders By boosting your cellular metabolism (another division of the National and flooding your body with new energy, Institutes of Health), Dr. Shults and Super CoQ10™ has the side benefit of his colleagues undertook the first supercharging your sex life.
Don't let fatigue ruin your love life.
Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources Try Super CoQ10™ risk-free and save
contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark up to $60. Call toll-free 1-800-471-4007
of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent- to find out how you can get up to THREE
pending proprietary formula.
EXTRA MONTHS of Super CoQ10™
FREE! See page 18 for details.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Since 1995, Health Resources™ has been offering health
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research available.
To ensure that you get the health benefits
you're looking for, our formulators rely on the latest, most reli-
able scientific research available
from leading institutions such
as the National Institutes of Health and others… reported in the
worlds most highly respected peer-reviewed medical journals,
including the Journal of the American Medical Association, New
England Journal of Medicine, and many others.
Promise #2: You get ONLY the highest-quality ingredients.
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And third: Each product is painstakingly screened by Quality
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and DrugAdministration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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Supplements that give you too little or too much of a sub- improve your health, the last thing you want is to have to wait weeks stance waste your money. At Health Resources™, we go for your supplements to be delivered. We understand—that's why we the extra mile to make sure that each supplement gives guarantee that when we receive your order, we will do everything you just the right potency for maximum health benefits! possible to make sure it is shipped to you the very next business day! Promise #6: Synergistically formulated to give you
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Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark ofSoft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent-pending proprietary formula.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
"Better than most!"
Continued from page 9. "I love your CoQ10! It is But because powder is cheaper to the CoQ10 you take may actually be better than most I have produce, most ordinary CoQ10 absorbed and used. used. I love it!"—Jim D., San Juan, PR products on the market use powder —either as a hard capsule or pressed The solution: A liquid,
"Thank God for
into a tablet.
crystal-free form of
The problem is that laboratory CoQ10 that is suspended
studies show that up to 99 percent of in healthy oils.
"I was skeptical when I first this powder cannot be absorbed by saw your CoQ10 formula.
Super CoQ10™ overcomes the After 30 days, I have more your body and is literally flushed out disadvantages associated with most energy, the shortness of of your system, unused.
CoQ10 supplements on the market breath is decreasing and I just feel so much You can be swallowing CoQ10 better, more alive and am able to do things capsules by the bottle and not be that I couldn't do before. I am 83 and I live It is a revolutionary, patent-
getting enough of the CoQ10 your by myself. I do all the housework and even pending formulation of crystal-free
mow the lawn, and I thank God for CoQ10 body's cells desperately need.
Coenzyme Q10 in d-Limonene oil and I wouldn't be without it, thank you!" There are a few liquid CoQ10 and mixed tocopherols that is both —Dorothea P., Arkport, NY products on the market, but they have highly soluble and therefore has absorbability problems as well. "Heart not acting
In the manufacturing process, Super CoQ10™ has enormous up as much!"
CoQ10 crystals dissolve when they advantages over most other CoQ10 "Funny how when one are mixed with certain solvents or if products on the market today: starts feeling better you they are heated. But the problem is, don't notice it. My heart is ■ Super CoQ10™ ADVANTAGE
CoQ10 re-crystallizes upon cooling to not acting up as much and #1: Because Super CoQ10™
room temperature—and these larger I can breathe better also, so I guess that comes as a liquid form in a
it's helping more than I thought. Thanks for crystals are impossible for the body soft gel capsule, it's much easier
good quality CoQ10 that works." for your body to absorb than
—Sandra S., Kissee Mills, MO Finally, in order for CoQ10 to be tablets or powders. This means
absorbed into the bloodstream at all, that Super CoQ10™ can enter your These statements are anecdotal and may not it must be introduced in a fat-soluble bloodstream quickly, reigniting represent typical results. Individual results will vary.
medium or taken with fat in the diet.
These statements have not been evaluated by the your cellular metabolism and Food and Drug Administration. This product is not Unfortunately, if insufficient fats sending waves of new, healing intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any are present, only a small amount of energy throughout your body.
disease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under theproduct name Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
Studies report 100% of heart patients
experience improvement with CoQ10:
100% Improvement! In 1993, the respected medical journal Clinical Investigator reported
on a study in which 115 patients with serious heart problems were given CoQ10 supple-mentation. 100% experienced improvement in their symptoms and 80% experienced areduction in high blood pressure! ✔ 100% of Physicians Report Positive Results: A 1988 study conducted by Dr. Peter
Langsjoen and reported in a major German medical journal followed 65 cardiologists treating806 patients for weakening hearts and loss of blood flow to the heart. All 65 physiciansreported "significant" improvement in patients' symptoms after being given CoQ10.
Fewer Complications and Hospitalizations: Also in 1993, the Clinical Investigator
journal reported on a 12-month double-blind study that compared 319 patients takingCoQ10 with 322 taking a placebo. The patients who took CoQ10 had fewer complications and a substantially reduced need for hospitalization.
Don't hesitate. Save up to $60 instantly and get up to 3 FREE bottles of Super CoQ10™
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Scientific evidence that Super
Super CoQ10™ ADVANTAGE #2:
Super CoQ10™ uses Tocopherols and
CoQ10™ can TRIPLE the
d-Limonene—an organic solvent
taken from the peel of oranges,

amount of CoQ10 in your blood!
lemons and limes—to keep it 100%
Tocopherols interfere
with the re-crystallization of CoQ10
Highly Absorbable CoQ10:
common in many CoQ10 products on ■ Guaranteed pharmaceutical-grade CoQ10
the market today, even those few avail- ■ An easy-to-absorb liquid soft gel capsule, not powdered tablet or capsule
able in liquid form. This is important ■ Suspended in d-Limonene and Tocopherols to be 100% crystal-free
because crystals make it impossible for ■ Healthy, medium chain triglycerides for improved absorbability!
the body to absorb CoQ10. Under a A pilot clinical trail in 2004 measured the peak absorption and steady state microscope, you can see the difference bioavailability of CoQsol-CF™ as found in Super CoQ10™. The volunteers were between the Super CoQ10™ formula given 60 mg of CoQsol-CF™ per day. (Super CoQ10™ contains 100 mg perdaily serving) and ordinary Coenzyme Q10 supple-ments. The ordinary CoQ10 products The volunteers were given blood tests before the start of the experiment and their blood CoQ10 levels were measured at the start of the study as well as on have little crystals that are clearly days 7, 14, 21, and 28 to show bioavailability.
visible with a microscope… while The starting blood level of CoQ10 was 0.88 µg/ml. As you can see from the Super CoQ10™ is crystal-free.
graph, blood levels of CoQ10 increased rapidly… and by the 28th day, the average blood level of CoQ10 had increased to 2.75 µg/ml.
Next page, please. Steady State Bioavailability of CoQsol®-CF (60mg/day)
Microscopic Examination at 200x
Upon microscopic examination at 200x,CoQsol-CF™ is devoid of crystals (bottom photo), while a paste consisting of CoQ10powder and soybean oil exhibits a crys- talline structure (top photo).
Plasma CoQ10 (µ
Ordinary CoQ10 powder is contaminated with thousands of tiny crystals that are impossible for your body to absorb.
The bottom line?
More than TRIPLED blood levels
of CoQ10 in only 14 days! The lesson is clear. If your body is starved for the CoQ10 it needs Super CoQ10™ is 100% crystal- to boost energy and avoid health free for optimum absorption.
problems, you need Super CoQ10™.
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Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources contains and FREE INTRODUCTORY GIFTS
CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent-pending proprietary formula.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
"A lot of energy
Super CoQ10™ ADVANTAGE #3:
A FREE copy of our
since taking it!"
Super CoQ10™ includes a small
"I love CoQ10, I have amount of healthy medium chain
guide" to CoQ10 for
a lot of energy since triglycerides added to each soft
healing and rejuve-
gel capsule to provide the fat
—Marie C., Portland, OR molecules your body needs to
help ensure optimum absorption
You'll discover how "Already made a
of CoQ10!
to take advantage of CoQ10's amazing healing and pre- Plus, an unprecedented
"I have only been taking ventative properties for a wide CoQ10 for a short time.
variety of specific health problems, It has already made a $306.65 in savings and
including heart conditions, high difference in the way I FREE bonus gifts!
blood pressure, cognitive and neu- feel. I wish that I would rodegenerative disorders, migraine have known about it sooner. I would We're so convinced that you'll headaches, periodontal problems highly recommend Super CoQ10™." notice a dramatic difference in how and many more. Plus, you'll get —Sue F., Mooresboro, NC you feel with Super CoQ10™—as your guidelines on where to find dietary revitalized cells flood your body with sources of CoQ10, dosing recom- new healing energy—we're willing to "Helped my pain
mendations and other practical make you this unprecedented offer: many times!"
tips—a $19.95 value, FREE!
Accept a risk-free trial of Super "I am very glad to ■ A FREE copy of Natural Help for
have tried your CoQ10 CoQ10™ simply by calling toll-free Failing Hearts—a simple, step-by-
formula. I have heart 1-800-471-4007 or by completing step plan for healing and reviving
trouble and it has and mailing the Introductory Savings a failing heart. You'll learn about
helped my pain many times. I thank Certificate found on page 19 of you for sending it to me." little-known "heart zappers" (such this special report, —Betty R., Oklahoma City, OK as electromagnetic and you'll get… frequencies) that ■ An immediate $60
weaken the heart mus- discount off the price
These statements are anecdotal and cle as well as dietary may not represent typical results.
of a six-month supply
deficiencies that con- Individual results will vary. These of Super CoQ10™…
tribute to a decline in statements have not been evaluatedby the Food and Drug Administration.
heart function. You'll This product is not intended to diag- also find out about a nose, treat, cure or prevent any three more bottles—
special rejuvenation disease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under the product name of Super CoQ10™—a
"cocktail" of nutritional supple- Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
$179.85 value, FREE!
Super CoQ10™ may even help you say goodbye to
your blood pressure medication!

No fewer than 65 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure—one out of every three adults.
More than 227,000 people die from a blood pressure related incident every year.
And yet… numerous clinical trials have proven that regular use of CoQ10 supplementation can lead to a decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure! ■ One recent study, reported in the journal Pharmacotherapy, found that more than HALF of patients with high blood pressure were able to stop taking between one and three blood pressure drugs afterjust 4.4 months of CoQ10 supplementation.
■ Another study of 424 patients with a cardiovascular condition found that 43% were able to stop between one and three cardiovascular drugs with CoQ10 therapy! The authors concluded that CoQ10, "may be usheringin the new era of cellular/biochemical treatment… complementing and extending the systems-oriented,macro, and microscopic approach that has served us well to this point." ■ And in a major research paper presented in the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, Coenzyme Q10 supplementation caused, "a reduction in average systolic blood pressure from 159 to147 mm/Hg and a reduction in average diastolic blood pressure from 94 to 85 mm/Hg within three tofour months of initiating supplementation." To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007
4 Reasons Why Super CoQ10™
Is More Absorbable Than
Serving Size: 1 Soft gelServings Per Container: 30 Ordinary CoQ10 Products
Amount Per %Daily* Serving Value Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol) 100 IU 333% Super CoQ10™ is an absolutely unique, patent-pending formula that gives you… Coenzyme Q10 (as Coqsol-CF™) 100 Reason #1. Guaranteed pharmaceutical-grade Coenzyme Q10—
Mixed Tocopherols guaranteed to be at least 98% pure—in full compliance with the current United States Pharmacopeia and *% Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. †Daily value not established.
National Formulary (USP/NF), the European Pharmacopeia, and the JapanesePharmacopeia monographs and standards… Other Ingredients: Gelatin, D-Limonene oil,
glycerin, medium chain triglycerides, purified
Reason #2. Food grade d-Limonene, the natural solvent in citrus peels and Tocopherols—
water, turmeric powder, riboflavin-carmine to help maintain the CoQ10 in a 100% crystal-free state for optimum absorption… based colorant (for imprint).
Reason #3. Vitamin E—to help convert CoQ10 to its most active form, so you get the
Suggested Adult Use: Take one soft gel daily, or
full range of benefits this remarkable natural substance can give you… PLUS, CoQ10 as recommended by a health care practitioner, and vitamin E are two extremely powerful antioxidants… with or without food. Reason #4. Healthy fats to help ensure maximum absorbability. CoQ10 is fat
Coqsol-CF™ is a trademark of Soft Gel soluble and therefore requires the presence of fat in the gastrointestinal tract for absorption.
Technologies, Inc. and is a patent pending Super CoQ10™ contains a small amount of healthy medium chain triglycerides added to each soft gel capsule to help provide the fat molecules your body needs to absorb CoQ10! liquid CoQ10—that can reen- handling—a $6.95 value!
"Stamina and
ergize and protect your heart.
When you add it all up, this If you or someone you love comes to $306.65 in savings and suffers from a weakening "I work 16 hour shifts as a heart, clogged coronary arter- nurse and quite frankly I am ies, arrhythmia, angina pain or Our zero-risk money back
not as young as I used to be.
At first, I thought I should other types of heart disorders, guarantee: If you're EVER
slow down, but now thanks to CoQ10 I have you need to read this special dissatisfied with Super
the stamina and vitality to breeze through report right away—a $19.95
CoQ10™—now or 10 years
without feeling like a zombie." from now—it's FREE!
—Janet B., Bay City, MI ■ A FREE copy
"Pain was completely
of Unclog
If you've never tried CoQ10 before… or if you've only tried a ground-
an inefficient form of CoQ10 that "Having to suffer a dull con- your body couldn't absorb well… stant pain on the left side of I understand if you're skeptical.
my chest for many months, to another
After all, how could a single, I was delighted to notice after a few weeks of taking the CoQ10 all-natural nutrient do so much— that the pain was completely diminished." cle… an all
offer so much protection and —Barbara G., Lancaster, CA natural nutrient that helps
healing for everything from heart dissolve plaque and flush it
problems and high blood pressure "Thank you so
out of your body. This little-
to cognitive and neurodegenera- very much!"
known substance can help tive disorders and migraines— "We are confident that scrub every one of the 75,000 and spectacular, life-altering we have found the CoQ10 miles of arteries, veins, capil- boosts in energy and vitality formula that our body can laries and microscopic arterioles assimilate and that your in your body, allowing nutrient- company is reputable with an unconditional Well, please don't take our rich, life-giving blood to guarantee. Who could ask for more? Thank word for it. And don't take the energize places it hasn't you so very much." word of hundreds of scientists reached in years—a $19.95
—Ray and Joan O., Edmond, OK and researchers in over 1,000 scientific studies over the last ■ Plus FREE shipping and
These statements are anecdotal and may notrepresent typical results. Individual results will vary.
Next page, please. These statements have not been evaluated by theFood and Drug Administration. This product is notintended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark of disease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under the Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent-pending proprietary formula.
product name Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Is the "miracle nutrient"
CoQ10 nature's long-sought
fountain of youth?

For more than 30 years, the scientists and researchers at the Life Extension Foundation have studied virtually every supplement and health food on earth. Their quest has beenrelentless: To find what does, and does not, prolong human longevity.
And of all the products they have tested and evaluated, one of the most promising has been CoQ10. In the August 2006 issue of Life Extension Magazine, the researchersdeclared that, "as scientists continue to probe the many benefits of CoQ10, they are investigating a variety of novel applications for this wonder nutrient." "CoQ10's broad-spectrum health benefits are underscored by research published in peer-reviewed journals around the world… The late Nobel Prize-winning physician and sci-entist Linus Pauling believed that adding CoQ10 to a daily nutritional regimen can increaseenergy production in heart muscle cells, help normalize blood pressure, increase energylevels, and improve longevity… However, the health benefits attributable to CoQ10 are notonly growing in number, but appear nearly limitless in their variety." Instead, let us PROVE it to your expectations—now or 10 "More energy in all
you at our risk: Just call TOLL- years from now—we'll refund parts of my body!"
FREE 1-800-471-4007 or return your money… and all the FREE "I have been taking CoQ10 for the SPECIAL SAVINGS gifts that you receive (including several years, never knew if it CERTIFICATE on page 19 your FREE bottles of Super was helping. Well, just after 5days on your Super CoQ10™ of this special report. CoQ10™ and your FREE copies and I suddenly feel more energy in all parts of We'll RUSH you your of CoQ10 BREAKTHROUGH… my body. That is really super! I stopped all my RISK-FREE trial supply of Super Natural Help for Failing vitamins to see if it was really the CoQ10, and CoQ10™ and your FREE gifts.
Hearts… and Unclog Your —C.E., Las Vegas, NV Arteries are yours to keep with- If you don't experience a out further cost or obligation.
dramatic difference in how you "No more irregular
feel—if you don't notice new But don't delay!
energy, vitality and aliveness— So, please act without delay.
"My wife and I have been AND if you haven't experienced taking Super CoQ10™ for a significant improvement in Take advantage of this rare a month now. She has more whatever health problem you opportunity to experience the energy and feels better. I had suffer from—then just return healing and revitalizing power of an irregular heartbeat. The doctor put me onmeds for it, but it did not stop the irregular the unused portion and we'll Super CoQ10™ without risk— beats. About 2 weeks after taking your CoQ10, refund every penny you paid, while you still can.
I have not had any more irregular beats. My no questions asked. Unfortunately, there is only second order came in today. Thanks." one manufacturer of the revolu- —Dalton and Betty T., Lafayette, LA That's right: You risk
tionary, patent-pending formula used in Super CoQ10™. In the In fact, if you EVER decide past, the demand has exceeded These statements are anecdotal and may not represent that Super CoQ10™ doesn't meet the short-term supply—and typical results. Individual results will vary. These state-ments have not been evaluated by the Food and DrugAdministration. This product is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease. Super CoQ10™ is also Super CoQ10™ from Health Resources contains CoQsol-CF™ which is a trademark of sold under the product name Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.
Soft Gel Technologies, Inc. and is a patent-pending proprietary formula.
To order, call TOLL-FREE 1-800-471-4007
"More pep and
energy that I need!"
"The CoQ10 gives me more pep and
energy and that is what I need at my
we've experienced tight supplies from time to time.
age. I will be 90 on August 23. I don't What that means for you is this: If you've wanted to take any medicines, only vitamins. I try try CoQ10 in the same high-potency, bioavailable form to choose the best." used by medical researchers—or if you suffer from health —Al M., Lebanon, TN problems and nothing else seems to help—I urge you to act RIGHT NOW. Take advantage of our zero-risk, money-back guarantee "This CoQ10 is more powerful.
and order today. You'll avoid any supply delays and, if I had more energy and was you're not 100% delighted by the results you receive, you more alert from the first time can get a complete refund of every penny you paid, no I took your product." questions asked.
—Chris P., Posen, IL Just pick up the phone and call 1-800-471-4007 right now. Operators are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days "No longer feel tired!"
"I no longer feel tired all the time.
Remember, CoQ10 has been endorsed by researchers, I am also sleeping better all through medical doctors and cardiologists worldwide.
—Robert N., Harleysville, PA You owe it to yourself—and to your health—to give You have nothing to lose… and a whole new world of "CoQ10 is a Godsend!"
health and vitality to gain.
"CoQ10 is a Godsend—it really Don't delay. Call 1-800-471-4007 Today! makes me feel better and more lively.
Yours for new life, I really believe in it. Thank You." —M.D., New Smyrna Beach, FL Layne LoweryPresident Journal The Lancet: P.S. FAST RESPONSE BONUS: Cholesterol
As an added bonus for acting quickly, lowering drugs also
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valuable gift—FREE! It's a copy of a of CoQ10!
new, privately-printed report entitled,Dissolve Deadly Blood Clots NOW! "The widespread use of statins—cholesterol It will introduce you to another super- lowering drugs—is of concern because they nutrient that helps dissolve the deadly lower natural levels of CoQ10. Since CoQ10
blood clots that can block the flow of is needed in the chain of events that pro-
blood to your heart and brain. This all-natural nutrient duces energy, reduced CoQ10 levels may
could add YEARS to your life… helps prevent viral and lower cell energy metabolism. This might
bacterial infections… improve your cholesterol and blood show up as [severe heart problems] with pressure… and lots MORE. This valuable special report exercise intolerance—heart failure." normally sells for $19.95, but it's yours, FREE, just for —The Lancet Medical Journal responding within the next 10 days! Next page, please. These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typicalresults. Individual results will vary. These statements have notbeen evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This prod-uct is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent anydisease. Super CoQ10™ is also sold under the product nameUltimate CoQ10 Formula™.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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The amazing energy catalyst Coenzyme Q10 is Restart your body's sluggish metabo- perhaps the most expensive nutrient there is, costing lism, protect your heart, boost your recently as much as $900 per pound. And in this immunity and protect your body from a detailed user guide, you'll discover how to take advantage of CoQ10's host of health problems by using Super amazing healing and preventative properties for a wide variety of specific CoQ10™—Proven to be 100% crystal-free health conditions, including heart problems, cognitive and neurodegener- and highly absorbable—and your clear choice ative disorders, migraine headaches, periodontal problems, and many for quality CoQ10. You'll notice a quick energy more. Plus, you'll get guidelines on where to find dietary sources of boost. Super CoQ10™ is why some people—regardless of CoQ10, dosing recommendations and other practical tips. Best of age—almost never get sick. GET 3 BOTTLES OF SUPER all, CoQ10 BREAKTHROUGH won't cost you one red cent. CoQ10™ FREE WITH YOUR ORDER OF 6 BOTTLES! It's yours FREE just for accepting a risk-free trialof Super CoQ10™. FREE BONUS #2
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Plaque in your arteries can be a death sentence. Heart problems are the number one Left alone, it sets the stage for a deadly blockage to killer in industrialized nations. According your heart or brain—the twin health disasters that will to the American Heart Association, every 29 kill 960,000 Americans this year alone. Worst of all, the buildup of seconds someone in America has a fatal arterial plaque doesn't just lead to heart malfunctions. It can also cause heart malfunction. But in this lifesaving report, you'll memory lapses, raise your blood pressure, cause your joints to deterio- discover a simple, step-by-step plan for healing and reviv- rate, sap your muscles of energy, harm your eyesight and hearing, and ing a failing heart. You'll learn about little-known "heart give you sleeping and sexual problems. But unbeknown to millions zappers" (such as electromagnetic frequencies) that can of suffering patients, a simple amino acid is both safe and up to 82% weaken the heart muscle as well as dietary deficiencies effective at clearing plaque and other toxins from your arteries. This that contribute to a decline in heart function. You'll amazing nutrient dissolves plaque so it can be flushed out of your body.
also find out about a special rejuvenation "cocktail" of It can help scrub every one of the 75,000 miles of arteries, veins, nutritional supplements that can reenergize and protect capillaries, and microscopic arterioles in your body, allowing nutrient- your heart. If you or someone you love suffers from a rich, life-giving blood to energize places it hasn't reached in years.
weakening heart, clogged coronary arteries, angina pain, You'll discover all about this amazing, all-natural, 100% safe nutrient arrhythmia or other types of heart disorders, you need in your FREE copy of Unclog Your Arteries.
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I want to use Super CoQ10's revolutionary, patent-pending
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Rush me my FREE BONUS GIFTS and RISK-FREE order of SUPER COQ10™. I understand ORDERING IS EASY!
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and Payment to:

❑ Yes! Please e-mail me updated research and recommendations, new health discoveries, and special savings opportunities. My e-mail address will never be sold or rented. I understand I may unsubscribe from these updates at any time.
Hueytown, AL 35023 E-mail address: _ FOR FASTEST

Please make any changes to the mailing label on the reverse side and return in the or fax BOTH sides of
this form to 1-800-941-6920

SPECIAL HEALTH BULLETIN routinely used by doctors in Europe and Asia: Try Super CoQ10™ risk-free!
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in light of this growing knowledge. We have only
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applications of CoQ10." —Peter Langsjoen, M.D.

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ETUDE RETROSPECTIVE DES EXAMENS GASTROSCOPIQUES EFFECTUES A LA CLINIQUE DES BREVIAIRES DU 02/12/2002 AU 05/12/2005 Marc BURIN des ROZIERS Clinique Equine des Bréviaires, 4 route de Vilpert, 78610 LES BREVIAIRES, FRANCE Introduction : L'utilisation de la fibroscopie pour l'observation de l'estomac des équidés a révélé la prévalence

Congrès AFSP 2015 ST 41 : Crise et gouvernance territoriale en Europe : convergence ou différenciation ? Christophe Parnet, Sciences Po Lyon Deux visages de la métropole : les trajectoires différenciées de l'adoption des métropoles de Lyon et Introduction Ce papier traite de la création institutionnelle des métropoles en France, par la loi de Modernisation de l'Action Publique Territoriale et d'Affirmation des Métropoles (MAPTAM), promulguée en janvier dernier 1 , qui est un élément de l'acte III de la Décentralisation2. Nous nous intéressons donc ici à un objet très contemporain, et même en train de se faire, puisque les métropoles qui nous intéressent tout particulièrement, à savoir celle de Lyon et d'Aix-Marseille-Provence (AMP), ne sont entrées en exercice qu'en janvier 2015 pour la première, et janvier 2016 pour la seconde. Plus largement, la métropole comme catégorie juridique a été instituée pour la première fois par la réforme territoriale du 16 décembre 2010, un statut auquel seule l'agglomération niçoise a accédé. Ces récentes lois s'inscrivent néanmoins dans une histoire plus longue de tentatives de réforme de la carte politico-administrative française, dont la trop grande fragmentation constituerait le « péché originel ». On peut en effet trouver traces de la controverse autour de la pertinence des découpages territoriaux, et en particulier communaux, dès la période révolutionnaire : d'un côté la conception défendue par Mirabeau, prévoyant de transformer en communes les 44 000 paroisses, de l'autre le projet Condorcet-Sieyès d'un réseau de 6 800 communes3. La « victoire » du premier sur les seconds peut être considérée comme le point de départ d'un débat récurrent sur l'inadaptation du maillage territorial français, resurgissant en permanence tout au long du XX° siècle 4 . Un débat auquel s'est ajouté, ces dernières décennies, l'ambition de construire de grands pôles urbains, appelées les métropoles, capables de s'insérer dans la compétition économique des territoires à l'échelle internationale, rendue impérative du fait de la mondialisation5. La question métropolitaine, si elle revêt aujourd'hui une actualité toute particulière, n'est pas nouvelle : des travaux, notamment sociohistoriques, ont mis en évidence les stratégies déployées par certaines villes pour affirmer un statut de métropole dès le début du XX° siècle6. Ces préoccupations ont par ailleurs servi de point d'appui à la politique dite des « métropoles d'équilibre », faisant suite au rapport sur l' « armature urbaine française »7 en