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26 KISLEV, 5772 DECEMBER 22, 2011
The Latest Research on Tension Type Headaches and MigrainesAll you need to know from Dr. Daniel Oved, neurology Specialist, director of Headache and Chronic Pain Clinic at Laniado Hospital Headaches are a common ages, processes that cause an options should be offered — touch or speech is affected. In ailment all over the world, and increase of pressure in the skull with or without medication — certain cases, 24 hours before cause discomfort while affect- and other similar things.
in cooperation with the an attack, the person feels ing quality of life. Many who The two most common types overwhelming tension, tired- suffer from headaches believe of headaches are tension type ness, a lack of appetite or an What Is a Migraine?
that they just have to live with headaches and migraines.
excessive appetite. In the past, the pain because "there's noth- What does the latest research Migraines are characterized researchers believed that ing to do for it." That was par- have to say about treatment of by episodic headaches, usually migraines were caused by the tially true just a few years ago, one-sided, that are medium to contraction and expansion of but recently, there have been serious in severity. They can blood vessels, but today, most What Is a Tension Type
great advances in the under- continue between four and 72 experts believe that migraines standing of various types of hours, grow worse with exer- are mainly a neurological ail- headaches, leading to improved It's the most common type of tion, and are accompanied by ment and not a problem with diagnosis and treatment. A headache, and 49% of women the blood vessels that feed the headache is one of the most and 42% of men will suffer from inability to stand light or noise.
brain. Broad research studies common pain issues, and can them at least once in their lives.
To this day, no biological cause have shown that the chances of affect men, women and chil- It's a pain that is less dramatic has been found for migraines, a stroke among those who suf- dren. It can present in different than a migraine, is usually and diagnosis is based on fer from migraines with auras forms, such as tension type spread across the head, on both Dr. Daniel Oved.
are twice as high as in the gen- headaches, sharp pain, thud- sides, and is described as a feel- Some 15% of women and 6% eral population. Smokers' risks ding, prickling, and burning ing of pressure on the head that fibromyalgia, which includes of men suffer from migraines.
are tenfold, and women who sensations, and can be accom- begins in the back and moves pain that spreads and is not It is more common during the take certain hormonal medica- panied by nausea, dizziness or toward the forehead and around limited only to the neck and ages of 25 to 55, and becomes tions also see chances of stroke the eye sockets.
much less frequent after age 55. rising by fourteen-fold. The Headaches can be divided The pain appears with vary- The treatment for tension Migraines seem to be genet- combination of the latter two into two categories, primary ing levels of intensity and fre- type headaches can be through ic. Sixty percent of those who raises the risk by thirty-five- and secondary. Primary quency, and can affect sufferers medications such as Acamol suffer from migraines have a fold. On the other hand, those headaches are not connected to on a daily basis as well, but usu- parent who suffered from them who suffer from migraines any specific ailment, and ally does not cause a disruption Aspirin and medications that as well, and 80% of sufferers without aura saw no increased include tension type of the person's ability to func- include three components, have a first-degree relative risk despite these factors.
headaches, migraines and clus- such as Excedrin, which who suffers from migraines.
How are Migraines Treated?
ter headaches, as well as several The source of these recently became available in Migraines are classified by less common forms. Secondary headaches is not clear, and no Israel. It is very effective for the World Health Organization headaches include those whose genetic links have been found.
headaches because of the syn- as one of the most limiting ail- ments for headaches and cause can be identified, such as In the past, it was attributed to ergic effect of three ingredi- ments; they affect a person's migraines include changes in sinus problems, venal block- the contraction of the neck and health, his family ties, his lifestyle and prevention of In the United States it is social functioning and his abil- extremely stressful situations.
which are second- well known that Excedrin ity to study or work.
Likewise, people are advised to starts to relieve headaches There are usually two main avoid certain foods such as stress. But recent within just 15 minutes of tak- classifications for migraines: a chocolate, hard yellow cheese migraine without any prior and wine, which may bring on research suggests incident (aura) and a migraine migraine attacks. Medication- The Most Important Factor:
that there is sen- with an aura. The aura usually based treatments for severe sitivity to pain in appears before the headache attacks include painkillers and Diagnosis by a doctor is pain, continues for an average anti-inflammatory drugs, such nerves related to probably the most important of 20 to 30 minutes and is usu- as Excedrin, Advil and the like, of all, and should be made after ally manifested as distur- which are over the counter, or all other options have been bances in the field of vision special prescription medica- ruled out, namely, dangerous (such as the appearance of tions called triptans, which have blinking lights or blind spots), an effect on the nerve receptors Afterward, all the treatment and sometimes the sense of and not on the blood vessels.
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Rebbetzin Chana Sarah Shifra Taub, a"h, major changes are made to it. The The Kaliver Rebbetzin department has been accused ofhaving an "anti-Zionist" bias, and A large crowd, headed by eous father was moser nefesh to orphaned girls who had also sur- tal in the establishment of the Neve Gordon, a professor in the Rebbes and Rabbanim, accom- preserve his Yiddishe appear- vived. She helped them return to Kaliver Yeshivah, the Bar Bei department, has come under fire panied Rebbetzin Chana Sarah ance and keep his beard. As the their faith and establish fine Rav Dechad Yoma initiative, for speaking out in support of boy- Shifra Taub, the Kaliver situation deteriorated, the homes. Many of her students in Shema Yisrael, a network of kol- cotting Israel.
Rebbetzin, on her final journey Kaliver Rebbe pleaded with his Sweden, and later in the United lelim and many chessed activi- The petition claims that the Tuesday night. She passed away father-in-law to flee. However, States, became well known ties. Her home was open to all recommendations of an interna- in Jerusalem at the age of 88.
Rav Shapiro refused to go. He, Rebbetzins and mechanchos.
who came to seek her husband's tional committee assessing eight The Rebbetzin was the his Rebbetzin and the rest of Two and a half years after the counsel; everyone was warmly of Israel's political science depart- daughter of Harav Pinchas their family were deported to war was over, the Rebbe and received and provided with ments were politically motivated. Shapiro, Hy"d, of Kechnia, in Auschwitz — he, with his beard Rebbetzin learned that the whatever they needed.
The Council for Higher whose home she absorbed yiras intact — where they perished on other had survived. They trav- A year and a half ago the Education endorsed the commit- Hashem, ahavas Torah and 3 Sivan 5704/1944. eled to America, settling in Rebbetzin fell ill. She passed tee's findings late last month, so it chessed. Her father was a The Kaliver Rebbe and away Tuesday afternoon at would have to reverse itself if it renowned tzaddik and miracle Rebbetzin were also deported.
There, the Rebbetzin worked Shaare Zedek Hospital in the were to accede to the petition's worker, who attracted multi- They each experienced the with her husband to establish midst of a dialysis treatment.
tudes from the entire Visheva tribulations of several camps, the Kaliver Yeshivah. Later, The levayah departed from the In August the Im Tirtzu move- region to bask in his presence.
albeit separately. The Rebbe they moved to Bensonhurst, Kaliver Beis Medrash on Chana ment, which describes itself as The Rebbetzin was a grand- was in Auschwitz as well as the Brooklyn, where she established Street in Jerusalem, where the working to strengthen Zionist daughter of Harav Mordechai of Warsaw Ghetto for a time. the Bais Yaakov.
Rebbe delivered an emotional values in Israel, demanded that zy"a, and the After the war, the Rebbetzin In 5723/1963, they came to the university "put an end to the Maharsha"m of Berzhan, zy"a.
was unaware that her husband Eretz Yisrael, and for nearly half She was buried on Har anti-Zionist tilt in its politics and When she came of age she had survived as well. She came a century since, the Rebbetzin Hazeisim, near the chelkah of government department" and married the Kaliver Rebbe, shli- to Sweden, and, shattered by the continued to stand beside her the Tchebiner Rebbetzin and threatened to encourage donors ta. When the Nazis invaded the loss of her family, devoted her husband in his many holy the Zhviller Rebbes.
to stop contributing to the uni- area where they lived, her right- efforts to taking care of endeavors. She was instrumen- Yehi zichrah baruch.


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