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The Specialist in Cancer Research and Diagnostics molecular biology histo-pathology cytology coagulation hematology general lab equipment HLA typing immunohis-tochemistry biopsy tools oncology leukemia skin allergic test tumor marker elisa kits FISH western blot peristaltic pump Braf autoimmune patch test cervical cancer early detection EGFR shaker CISH automatic stainer decloaking cham-bers microtome monoclo-nality freelite chain targeted therapy diag-nostic IFA DNA leader probe primer animal detection KRAS plastics c o n s u m a b l e s Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog speedGear High Speed Non-refrigerate Centrifuge
MS Hybridizaton Oven FISH/ CISH and IFA Animal food detection The MS Hybridization Oven series is the advanced and newly renovated version of Immunohistochemistry 2 Autopsy and Orthopaedic saw MS incubators. It comes with a fashionable front door design (or panel) and touch Automatic Coversliper screen interface. With excellent temperature Biopsy equipment accuracy and uniformity, users are able to Clinical Chemistry perform temperature controlled mixing or Control and Standard reaction precisely. MS Hybridization Oven is Cytology reagent ideal for nucleic acid hybridization and Cytology Centrifuge incubation such as Southern, Northern, and Western blot. Full accesso- Haemostais & Coagulation ries are also available upon request to meet different applications. Detection Reagent Molecular Diagnostics Cat. No. MO-A01 Hybridization Oven with 2 layers of stainless steel mesh plates and 8 plate holders DNA Purification Elisa kits (immunoassay) MS Hybridization Reciprocal or Rocking or Elisa reader and washer Orbital Shaking Oven Embedding System SpeedGear Optimus SpeedGear Maximus General Chemical The MS Oven series is the advanced and Gel Document System newly renovated version of MS incubators. It Power requirement HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) Typing comes with a fashionable front door design Max. rotational speed Hot and cold plate (or panel) and touch screen interface. With Relative centrifugal force(RCF) Laboratories equipment excellent temperature accuracy and Timer Liquid Base Cytology uniformity, users are able to perform Accele time to max. speed temperature controlled mixing or reaction Break time from max. speed 2,3 Monoclonality test Reciprocal Shaking Oven The units are all equipped with built-in molecular mutation test rotisserie function while multi- shaker motion (Orbital/Reciprocal/Rocking) is selectable, Oven and hybridization Chambers Staining Pad ( Biogear Spad) with Orbital shaker exhibiting both clockwise Papanicolaou autostainer Biogear SPad is the most convenience and counterclockwise motion. MS New manual staining chambers for immuno- Oven is ideal for nucleic acid hybridization Peristaltic pump histochemistry and cytology. Spad can Binding Site and incubation such as Southern, Northern, Plastics consumables hold up to12 slides. SPad will help to and Western blot. Full accessories are also Poly-L-Lysine Coated slide reducing time and cost for your labora- Rocking Shaking Oven available upon request to meet different tory. Waste water and reagent will applications.blot. Full accessories are also Primary Antibody automatically dispose by build in tubing.
available upon request to meet different Chemotechnique Real time and End point PCR Scissor, knife and cutter Cat. No. BGSTP 012 Biogear Staining Pad (SPad) Secondary Antibody Orbital Shaking Oven Cat. No. MO-ARC MS Hybridization / Recip- Serum free light chain assays rocal Shaking Oven (w/o rotisserie), Biogear Infrared Sterilizer Cat. No. MO-AOR MS Hybridization / Orbital Skin Allergic test Biogear infrared Sterilizer sterilizes microorganisms Shaking Oven (w/o rotisserie), 110/220V utilizing infrared heat produced by a ceramic core Cat. No. MO-ARK MS Hybridization / Rocking Oven (w/o rotisserie & element. The ceramic element contains no asbes- rocking shaker), 110/220V Haematology equipment tos and ensures maximum sterility without splatter Water bath and dry bath HybriGear Slide Denaturation / Hybridization across the work surface area. Complete sterilization occurs within 5-7 seconds at optimum sterilizing Biogear Hibrygear is denaturating and hybridization temperature of 1500ºF (815.6ºC). The small laboratories equipment programmable system and humidifying that footprint makes the Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer an ideal instrument for Bagaimana cara menggunakan katalog ini? automates the steps in a slide-based FISH proce- anaerobic and aerobic chambers alike. Apabila anda menemukan produk yang diinginkan dalam katalog ini, dure, and provides walk-away convenience for silahkan hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan spesifikasi dan informasi clinical and research personnel. Up to 12 slides Cat. No. BGIS-014 Biogear infrared Sterilizer 14 mm max diameter yang lebih lengkap dengan menginformasikan cat. No. ( Catalog can easily be added or removed with one hand. Cat. No. BGIS-035 Biogear infrared Sterilizer 35 mm max diameter number) produk tersebut.
Two-side heating of slides that allows achieving exact correspondence of the set and actual temperature and maintaining Karena keterbatasan halaman maka tidak memungkinkan kami untuk Biogear Homogenizer uniform temperature across all slide positions.
menampilkan semua produk kami. Oleh karena itu apabila anda tidak Cat. No. BG-HC 001 HybriGear Slide Denaturation / Hybridization System menemukan produk yang anda inginkan, silahkan menghubungi kami Biogear Fast, effective and reproducible homogeniza- untuk mendapatkan spesifikasi, harga dan data sheet serta informasi tion of a wide range of samples, including hard to lyse Mini PCR Plate Centrifuge tissues and cells. It also holds extraordinary powerful The compact and economical Biogear Mini- PCR for the processing of even impact resistant samples Ada beberapa cara yang bisa anda gunakan untuk mencari produk Plate Centrifuge with two-position rotor is available such as bones or cartiage. yang didistribusikan oleh PT. Biozatix, antara lain: from pacific laboratory products. It can quickly spin Biogear homogenizer is an ideal solution for releasing down droplets and condensation and is for use DNA, RNA, proteins, enzymes, etc. from very tough Kami menerima pembayaran dengan debit Mencari di website kami before and after thermal cycling to improve PCR samples while still retaining molecular integrity. "3D Rotating High Speed Mandiri atau kartu kredit Visa dan Master: Mencari di website partner kami, misalnya yield. It accepts skirted, non-skirted and all Motion" for quick disruption of those fibrous tissues and resistant cells. 50 standard PCR plates making, and it is suitable for Programmable memory settings and user optional condition settings. A the molecular laboratory.Capacity: 2 PCR Plates, Rotor Speed: 2500 wide range of rotation speed settings from 4.0 m/s to 7.0 m/s, increment Mengirimkan daftar kebutuhan anda ke email kami: rpm, G Force: 500×g 0.05 m/s. Simultaneously homogenize either 24x2ml / 1.5ml / 0.5ml or 12x5ml tubes.
Menelepon ke no Telp: 021- 40511228 Cat. No. BG-MP 002 Mini PCR Plate Centrifuge Cat. No. BGH-24 Biogear Homogenizer Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog Waver Shaker & Hybridization Water Bath The orbital shaker is a microprocessor Waver shaker offers optimal movement controlled orbital shaking instrument for many Molecular Diagnostics Simplified for the multiple stainings and washings general purpose shaking applications in involved in gel, blotting, microscopy and chemical and life sciences laboratories. Its immunostaining applications. Its combi- unique design digitally controls clockwise and/ SQII ® ELISA PROCESSOR nation of vertical and horizontal orbital or anti clockwise orbits to create superb mixing The SQII is a fully automated 2 plate ELISA motion provides more rapid exchange of efficiency. The operation may be continuous or Analyzer based on the Dynex DS2 instrument, solvents and greater mixing efficiency.
timed, with the integral electronic timer ensuing but customized for AESKULISA® reagents.
Hybridization water bath is offered along accurate repeatability of time- sensitive • PROCESSES ALL ELISA STEPS with the waver shaker for wet hybridiza- incubations. Speed and time settings are clearly displayed in the LED • BARCODED REAGENT TRACEABILITY tion, and it is even used as a shaking display. Its load weight is up to 10kg. An audible signal accompanies (improved accreditation) automatic switch- off to indicate the completion of a set time period. The • WALK-AWAY SYSTEM Cat. No. MW-23 MS Waver Shaker with flat non-slip rubber mat interchangeable / stacking platforms and accessories enable a wide • Decreased hands-on time Cat. No. MW-23-FH250 MS Waver Shaker with 9 of 250ml flask holder choice of vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, • No human error in reagent mix-ups Cat. No. MW-23-FH500 MS Waver Shaker with 9 of 500ml flask holder dishes, boxes and petri-dishes.
• Validated package for Instrument + AESKU- Cat. No. MW-WB-110/220 Hybridization Water Bath Cat. No. MS-NOR30 MS Orbital Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and flat Cat. No. MW-23-WB-110/220 MS Waver Shaker and Hybridization non-slip rubber mat Cat. No. MS-NOR30-FH250 MS-NOR-30 with 9x 250ml flask holder Cat. No. MS-NOR30-FH500 MS-NOR-30 with 5x 500ml flask holder IFA & ELISA PROCESSOR Reciprocal Shaker The rocking shaker is a microprocessor The reciprocal shaker features a left to right The HELMED is a fully automated IFA Proces- controlled instrument for precise rocking linear action to provide gentle to vigorous sor and semi-automated ELISA Processor. control. The operation may be continuous or shaking for a variety of applications. The This open system is capable of incubating timed, with the integrated electronic timer operation may be continuous or timed, with the from room temperature up to 45ºC, thus being ensuring accurate repeatability of integral electronic timer ensuring accurate the only system in the market able to process time-sensitive incubations. Speed and time repeatability of time-sensitive incubations. Infectious Serology slides, as well as Autoim- setting are straightforward in the LED display. Speed and time settings are straightforward in The load weight, up to 15kg is its outstanding the LED display. Its load weight is up to 15kg. • Automatic and Standard processing regard- feature. An audible signal accompanies An audible signal accompanies automatic less of the operator automatic switch-off to indicate the completion of a set time period. The shut-off to indicate the completion of a set time period. The interchange- • Reduced operator 'hands-on time' interchangeable / stacking platforms, and accessories enable a wide able / stacking platforms, and accessories enable a wide choice of • Built-in BC Reading ensures correct patient IDs choice of vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, vessels to be used, including bottles, flasks and beakers, dished, boxed • Validated package for Instrument + AESKUSLIDES & AESKULISA dishes, boxes and petri-dishes.
and petri-dishes.
• Suitable for Autoimmunity and Infectious Serology slides (37oC) Cat. No. MS-NRK-30 MS Rocking Shaker with 30 x 30cm platform and Cat. No. MS-NRC30 MS-NRC with 30 x 30cm platform and flat non-slip • Up to 20 slides, 4 tests and 150 samples per run flat non-slip rubber mat HELMED® HTC Cat. No.MS-NRK-30-FH250 MS-NRK-30 with 9 x 250ml flask holder Cat. No. MS-NRC30-FH250 MS-NRC-30 with 9 of 250ml flask holder INFECTIOUS SEROLOGY & AUTOIMMUNITY IN ONE SYSTEM FISH / CISH & IFA Cat. No.MS-NRK-30-FH500 MS-NRK-30 with 5 x 500ml flask holder Cat. No. MS-NRC30-FH500 MS-NRC-30 with 5 of 500ml flask holdert MS Vortex Incubator with Dual & Tetrad Peristaltic Pump AESKU Rheumatology line offers a complete panel of routine and research hybridization rotisserie The rocking shaker is a microprocessor usage kits, including 42 different Breast Cancer The Dual and Tetrad Peristaltic Pump are parameters developed to help the Z-2011 SPEC HER2 Probe equipped with two and four peristaltic The MO-VT-HY Incubator has all the features laboratories solve the puzzle of autoim- Z-2020 SPEC HER2/CEN 17 Dual Color Probe Kit pumps, respectively, and can be of the MO-VT Incubator, but also includes the mune diseases.
Z-2033 SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe controlled separately. Each applies benefit of a rotisserie system for hybridization. Z-2053 SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe Kit digital microprocessor technology to The versatility of the rotisseries system offers a All available kits share the "ONE" Lung Cancer provide more accurate rpm control and wide variety of hybridization tubes to be used.
AESKU CONCEPT, making them easy Z-2053 SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe Kit an individual timer with the alarm function is also equipped with all to be automated and run in parallel, for a faster differential diagnosis in Z-2072 SPEC FGFR1/CEN 8 Dual Color Probe standard pumps. The Dual and Tetrad Peristaltic Pump can be used for Cat. No. MO-VT-110/220 MO-VT Incubator connective tissue diseases.
Z-2087 SPEC MET/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe applications such as filtration, circulation, sampling, chemical spraying, Cat. No. MO-VT-8HY-110/220 MO-VT-HY Z-2115 ZytoLight SPEC KRAS/CEN 12 Dual Color Probe dispensing transferring, feeding and filling. The easy-to-use pump design laboratories equipment Incubator with 40mm tube rotisserie allows for several different silicon tubing sizes to be fitted onto the unit, Rheumatology – Vasculitis – Hepatol- Z-2117 SPEC ALK/EML4 TriCheck Probe Cat. No. MO-VT-16HY-110/220 MO-VT-HY Incubator with 50ml conical giving the user a wider variety of flow rates from which to choose. This ogy – Gastroenterology – Myositis Z-2124 SPEC ALK Dual Color Break Apart Probe series is also conveniently reversible, allowing further flexibility for the The AESKUBLOTS® test line Z-2127 SPEC SOX2/CEN 3 Dual Color Probe Cat. No. MO-VT-24HY-110/220 MO-VT-HY Incubator with 15ml conical user's experiments.
represents a variety of different Z-2131 SPEC KIF5B Dual Color Break Apart Probe Cat. No. MFU-01 Dual Peristaltic Pump immunoblots for an efficient profile Z-2136 SPEC EML4 Dual Color Break Apart Probe Cat. No. MFU-02 Tetrad Peristaltic Pump testing of autoimmune and infectious Z-2144 SPEC ROS1 Break Apart Probe diseases. Being coated with a plethora Z-2148 SPEC RET Dual Color Break Apart Probe MS Vortex Incubator Digital Peristaltic Pump of specific antigens on one test strip, Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma The MO-VT Incubator is an upgraded incubator AESKUBLOTS® provide a complete diagnostic overview in a single test Z-2014 ZytoLight SPEC MAML2 Dual Color Break Apart Probe with the practical addition of a vortex platform. MU-D peristaltic pump series is ideal for a and are suitable for screening of autoimmune diseases as well as for Rhabdomyosarcoma This incubator platform provides a uniform variety of applications, which include filtration, cost-effective differential diagnosis.
Z-2018 ZytoLight RMS I Probe SPEC t(2;13) Dual Color Fusion Probe temperature environment with a 200mm. x circulation, sampling, chemical spraying, Z-2019 ZytoLight RMS II Probe SPEC t(1;13) Dual Color Fusion Probe 300mm. platform for 4 microplates. The vortex dispensing, transferring, feeding and filling. AESKUSLIDES ANA-HEp-2 is an Other solid tumors action is digitally-controlled with speeds from The easy-to-use pump design allows for indirect immunofluorescence Z-2004 CEN 8 Probe (Alpha Sat. D8Z2) 50 to 1500rpm.
several different silicon tubing sizes to be fitted. assay to detect nuclear and / or Z-2033 SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe This gives the user a wider variety of flow rates.
cytoplasmic autoantibodies in Z-2053 SPEC EGFR/CEN 7 Dual Color Probe Kit Cat No. MO-VT-110/220 MS Vortex Incubator The MU-D series is also reversible providing human serum. The assay is a tool Z-2062 SPEC FHIT/CEN 3 Dual Color Probe Cat. No. MO-8VT-110/220 MO-VT-HY Incubator with 40mm tube better convenience and flexibility to the user. The digital control provides in the differential diagnosis of Hematologic malignancies high accurate rpm performance.MU-D01 pump is a digital controlled systemic rheumatic diseases like Z-2004 CEN 8 Probe (Alpha Sat. D8Z2) Cat. No. MO-16VT-110/220 MO-VT-HY Incubator with 50ml conical mode with a solid 50W brushless motor, and MU-D02 is designed with a systemic lupus erythematosus Prenatal disorders and Sex mismatched transplantation higher horsepower, 100W for higher volume demands required.
(SLE), mixed connective tissue diseases (MCTD), scleroderma, Sjögren s Z-2016 CEN X/Y Dual Color Probe Cat. No. MO-24VT-110/220 MO-VT-HY Incubator with 15ml conical Cat. No. MU-D01-110/220 Digital Peristaltic Pump syndrome, polymyositis and dermatomyositis.
Z-2008 CEN X Probe (Alpha Sat. DXZ1) Cat. No. MU-D02 Superior Digital Peristaltic Pump Z-2010 CEN Y Probe (Classical Sat. III DYZ1) Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog Desert Chamber Pro™ FAST-CUT B®
MR-CLEAR® ( MRI Consumables)
Biocare Slide Drying Oven Biopsy needle compatible with device Due to the introduction of open and semi-open This innovative oven from Biocare MAGNUM™ by CR-BARD™ machines, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
is no longer a tool that is just used by a few Medical is extremely efficient and is FAST-CUT® B, designed to work with MAGNUM™ specialists in diagnostic imaging. specifically designed for rapid drying of (CR-BARD™) biopsy device, permits the slides. The combination of a small operator an easier and safer biopsy manoeuvre.
Open MRI units were originally designed to reduce footprint, turbo fan, 365-watt element, intelliPATH FLX patients' claustrophobia. Physicians discovered digital timer and a digital temperature Biocare IintelliPATH automated IHC stainer The sample-notch designed is shaped to collect quickly that many interventional procedures are process controller makes this oven tissue without damage.
much easier to perform under these open MRI unique compared to conventional drying To Fit Your Unique Workflow Loading is easy with the use of a removable spacer systems than under conventional Computer Tomog- ovens. The digital temperature process controller automatically calibrates for the The intelliPATH FLX™ features Centimetre marks allow easy and safe depth needle amount of mass and volume placed MBP™ (Multi-Batch Process- The new open magnets have stimulated this progress significantly, inside the oven, keeping the inside ing) technology which allows Echo-marker is provided in the tip to allow correct although interventions are currently also frequently performed in conven- temperature constant. The Desert Chamber Pro has a slide capacity of you to schedule your workload needle's deployment under ultrasound guidance.
tional MRI units.
over 750 slides and operates within a temperature range of 25º to 100ºC.
around the unique needs of All needles are colour coded for ease in gage your laboratory service, The main reasons for the increasing interest in MRI are: Use pre-configured time/temperature programs or create your own. The pathologists and patients. No turbo-action drying oven is extremely efficient for bulk drying, especially Free from ionizing radiation more scheduling around inflexible batch-only instruments with 4+ hour with today's aggressive HIER methods for immunohistochemistry. The Multiplanar imaging facilitates anatomic-topographic orientation run times. The intelliPATH FLX MBP-enhanced platform provides true turbo fan quickly removes excess moisture between the tissue and glass continuous random access workflow. MBP enables running of simulta- slide. The Desert Chamber Pro can be programmed with variable Automatic Reusable Biopsy Device MRI views the soft tissue better than any other imaging system neous and independent batches that prioritize in order of importance, Temperature sensitivity segments, times, temperatures and buzzers. Fast and efficient slide ensuring that your cases are done on time, every time.
The automatic biopsy instrument FAST-GUN® is the state of the Today, images can be built up as fast in MRI as in CT due to its improved drying methods are especially useful for immunohistochemistry, H&E, art of the reusable biopsy guns on the market to date.
special stains and in situ hybridization.
Today, more and more medical disciplines are joining the new world of intelliPATH is true Open SystemThe intelliPATH FLX is a fully open system that allows for the use of FAST-GUN® is made from special light-weight alloys and it is Interventional MRI: Cat. No. DRY2008INTL Desert Chamber Pro - Turbo-Fan Drying Oven antibodies, detection systems or chromogens from any source and is very easy to use.
Neurologists and neurosurgeons use MRI for brain biopsy and hematoma-suction designed to maximize flexibility for both anatomic pathology and research laboratories.
Features include: Otolaryngologists use MRI because of the good view of critical and small Light weight and small dimensions. sites in the head and neck area Increase Your Laboratory's Productivity Urologists use MRI for better results of prostate biopsies Biogear Staining Humidity Chambers The intelliPATH FLX is designed for rapid turn-around-time and offers Choice between 2 throws: 10 or 20 mm. Orthopedists perform bone biopsies with the guidance of MRI several features which maximize the raw speed of staining, increasing No need for a nurse to assist the physician: device can be Biopsies of breast and liver tumors were among the first procedures to be Biogear Staining Pad (S-Pad) is laboratory productivity and throughput.
easily cocked and specimen scharged/collected, single part of Interventional MRI in Oncology. an innovative chambers to give handed, while the free hand can hold the US probe. The key for a well functioning procedure under MRI is the material of the full flexibility and convenience Manage, communicate and organize intelligently Safety lock is not needed to be unloaded at every stroke. instruments that are used. Instruments have to be non-magnetic, with a in running immunohistochemis- The intelliPATH FLX features either uni- and bi-directional LIS interfaces. Instrument is easily disinfected using conventional methods. low artefact, in order to be seen and handled properly. STERYLAB is one try. S-Pad make staining of the few companies in the world to develop such materials and to Multiple intelliPATH FLX units can be run from a single PC.
become easy and faster, due to the capabilities to run 12 provide properly visible instruments for Interventional MRI procedures.
Cat. No. IPS0001 intelliPATH FLX Automated Staining Instrument slides simultaneously at the Disposable Menghini liver biopsy set MR-CLEAR® is the range of soft-tissues biopsy needles for the interven- tional MRI procedures: from the Chiba-type needle (Complete-Chiba®) to HEPA-CUT® is the liver biopsy set according to the the manual or automatic guillotine biopsy needle (Bio-Cut® / Cat. No. BGSTP-012 Biogear S-Pad Staining humidity chambers The Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen conventional Menghini method.
Spring-Cut® / Colt®). Biocare HIER instrument Razor-sharp cutting edge of cannula always ensures abundant samples.
The Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen has Needle for percutaneus injection of alcohol been designed for ease of use in ANTIBODY DILUENTS The special inner plug prevents bioptic specimen from The percutaneous injection of ethanol (PEI) in liver tumours leads heat-induced epitope retrieval (HIER). It entering the syringe.
to necrosis of the neoplasia .
has 5 discrete temperature settings Setiap antibodi memiliki karakteristik yang berbeda, oleh karena itu setiap The homogeneous diffusion of ethanol inside the tumour is ranging between 60ºC and 110ºC with Special self-springing lock device ensures absolute safety against the antibody menbutuhkan diluent yang berbeda. Untuk menentukan diluent fundamental in achieving a complete necrosis: the wide side user programmable times. The 110ºC accidental detachment of the piston from the syringe.
yang cocok dapat diperoleh pada data sheet antibodi dari Biocare.
ports follow a spiral path on the cannula for an even improved heat-induced epitope retrieval protocol diffusion of the ethanol.
can be completed from start to finish in Set HEPA-CUT®, including syringe, biopsy cannula, scalpel, needle for The size range allows the choice of gauge (20-21-22G), under an hour. With a capacity of 72 slides saline solution, simplifies the clinical work and avoids the risk of contami- centimetre length (9-15-20 cm) and only minutes of hands-on time per and length of perforated tract (4-12-20 mm).
run, the NxGen offers a walk-away capability similar to fully automated PIA® is available both with closed (PIA®-B) and open (PIA®-A) point for capsulated tumours.
The Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen transfers run data to a USB drive for PIA® is provided with an inner obturator to render the needle export to a user's computer. The run data recorded includes the date and Disposable Automatic Soft Tissue Biopsy stiffer during penetration and allow emptying of alcohol before time per run with temperature and pressure readings throughout. With the withdrawing the needle.
Decloaking Chamber™NxGen retaining the settings from the last run, a Sliding stopper facilitates accurate depth placement.
quick start of the same protocol is possible.
COLT® is a single use, guillotine-type, soft tissue biopsy Comfort plate and needle to syringe connecting line included.
instrument which performs the entire bioptic manoeuvre Colour coded, for easier needle size (gauge) determination.
The Decloaking Chamber™is an excellent tool for HIER. The proper use Cat. No. PD900 H, L, M DaVinci Green pH 7.3, Phosphate-based univer- quickly, fully automatically with precision.
of heat and pressure in conjunction with the appropriate retrieval solutions Versatile, simple to use and reliable, with the unique rapid firing is of the utmost importance for consistent immunohistochemistry (IHC) Cat. No. PD904 H, L, M Renoir Red pH 6.0, Tris-based solution or two-stage firing feature, it represents the state of the art in staining. The Decloaking Chamber™ is designed to optimize and Cat. No. PD902 H, L, M Van Gogh Yellow pH 6.0, Phosphate based automatic biopsy instruments.
standardize antibody staining procedures and has been engineered to Single use histerometer for the measurement of COLT® can be easily operated with one hand, making it ideal pass strict laboratory safety requirements. Temperature, pressure and Cat. No. PD901 H, L, M Monet Blue pH 7.9, Tris-based solution uterine cavity depth for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance.
time can be monitored and recorded with the Decloaking Chamber™to Cat. No. PD906 H HPV Diluent For HPV Broad Spectrum Specific product releases for CT-guided procedures (TC) and for endo- produce consistent staining.
Cat. No. PD905 L Renaissance Background Reducing Diluent For urologic use (DC) available.
ISTEROMETRO® is a single use histerometer for the measure- Cat. No. DC2012-220V The Decloaking Chamber™ NxGen antibodies that produce nonspecific background Colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination.
ment of uterine cavity depth, flexible, with atraumatic tip.
Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog cytologic biopsy - oncology biopsy - gynaecology biopsy - bone marrow biopsy - soft tissue biopsy UNIVERSAL DETECTION REAGENT Detection reagent menjadi kunci keberhasilan laboratorium IHC anda, Untuk menghasilkan staining yang sempurna, proses antibody epitope karena akan menentukan kualitas staining dan biaya staining. Biocare retrieval menjadi faktor penentu yang sangat penting. Oleh karena itu menyediakan detection reagent yang paling hemat dan dapat digunakan pemilihan reagen retrieval sangat menentukan keberhasilan anda. kami Echo-reflecting Chiba-type cytologic biopsy Gelman type biopsy needle (Menghini-modified) hampir disemua jenis jaringan dan jenis antibodi. menyediakan beragan jenis buffer yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda.
ATA-CUT® is a Gelman or Menghini-modified type biopsy Untuk mendukung riset anda, Biocare juga menyediakan berbagai ECOCHIBA® is a Chiba-type biopsy needle clearly visible on macam jenis reagent yang dapat digunakan pada spesies atau organ the echographic monitor for its whole length thanks to the berbeda. Untuk kasus tertentu apabila dibutuhkan florescent staining atau special metal alloy ECHONOX® from which it is manufac- The trocar bevel of the stylet facilitates penetration and there is jenis cromogen yang berbeda silahkan hubungi kami.
no need for using a saline solution.
Biocare Starr Trek Features include: The procedure of use is much easier with consequent advan- Biocare Universal HRP Detection System Quincke-type point facilitates and makes penetration less tages for the operator.
Borg Bull"s Eye EDTA Antigen Available for use with HRP or The stylet is provided with an inner echo-marker in order that the AP, these highly cost-effective Ultra-thin walled cannula permits an abundant sampling needle is clearly visible on the monitor during the US guided kits and reagents are compat- Cat. No. DV2005 L2J Diva Decloaker, 20X pH 6.2, Concentrate procedure, with no risk of seeding of malignant cells, often ible with Biocare prediluted Cat. No. RD913 L Rodent Decloaker, 10X pH 6.0, Concentrate Needle made from special alloy ECHONOX® , clearly visible caused by external echo-markers.
antibodies. Using a streptavidin Cat. No. RV1000 M Reveal Decloaker, 10X Citrate-based pH 6.0, on the echographic monitor AP or HRP reduces Easy-to-read centimetre marks and sliding stopper facilitate accurate Easy-to-read centimetre marks and sliding stopper facilitate non-specific background Cat. No. BD1000 S-250 Borg Decloaker, RTU Tris-based pH 9.5 accurate depth placement.
staining, increases sensitivity Cat. No. UD1000 M Universal Decloaker, 10X pH 6.0, Concentrate Transparent hub with double magnifying lens and phasing tooth for the and is much more stable compared to an avidin complex.
Cat. No. BULL1000 MX Bull's Eye Decloaker, 20X pH 6.0, Concentrate introducer needle The syringe is provided with a self-blocking device to improve Cat. No. CB917 L EDTA Decloaker, 5X EDTA-based pH 8.5, Concentrate Hubs are colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination safety and ease of use.
The Starr Trek Universal Detection system is composed of a Universal Cat. No. CB910 M Antigen Decloaker, 10X Citrate-based pH 6.0, Available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimetre lengths.
(mouse/rabbit) Link, TrekAvidin-HRP Label, Betazoid DAB Chromogen ATA-CUT® is available in a wide range of sizes to fulfil the needs and Background Sniper. Links for either mouse or rabbit antibodies and Cat. No. B911 M Nuclear Decloaker,10X Tris-based pH9.5,Concentrate of the operator.
HRP or AP labels are available separately.
VCS® is a set for sampling of Chorion Villi (CVS) that permits Cat. No. STUHRP700 L10 kit Starr Trek 110 ml Biozatix menyediakan lebih dari 150.000 a very safe procedure.
Cat. No. STUHRP700 H kit Starr Trek 25 ml (Seratus Lima Puluh Ribu) jenis Primary Set is composed by two needles: Disposable TruCut -Type Soft Tissue Biopsy MACH 2 Double Stain Antibody dari merek terpercaya: outer guiding needle, allowing accurate placement in site; Biocare Multiplex Micro-polymer Detection main needle (longer), allowing sampling. BIO-CUT® is the standard guillotine-type biopsy needle used for Biocare Medical is the proven leader in Both needles are very well displayed on echo-monitor, being biopsy on prostate, kidney, liver, etc.
providing multiplex detection platforms specifically treated, allowing a full and safe control of their that enable simultaneous IHC staining BIO-CUT® has been designed to obtain plentiful and perfect with multiple antibodies on a single histological samples by a simple, quick and low traumatic proce- slide. This superior detection system In addition, set can be supplied as ECHONOX® release, the increases reimbursement per slide, metal alloy that maximizes eco-visibility of needle for its whole simplifies procedures and reduces length, thus making procedure even much safer.
The tissue strip, cut by the razor sharpened edge of cannula, is turnaround time. The innovative AP taken off from the stylet exactly as it was in the organ, without (Alkaline Phosphatase) and HRP tearing or lacerations.
(Horseradish Peroxidase) micro-polymer technology is specially designed for a rapid Multiplex IHC stain procedure, i.e. multiple antigens on the This working principle gives perfect sampling on a range of Disposable Chiba-type cytologic biopsy needle same slide. The micropolymer confers signifi cant increase in staining organs: liver, spleen, kidney, prostate, breast, lymph-nodes, etc. sensitivity when compared to conventional polymer detection systems. , even when traditional methods fail.
Features include: The micropolymer multiplex detection kits are optimized for human tissue.
Quincke-type point facilitates and makes penetration less The bioptic manoeuvre with BIO-CUT® can be performed in Cat. No. MRCT523 G, H, L MACH 2 Double Stain 1 4-step procedure, semiautomatic way by the use of AUTO-SHOT® reusable gun.
Ultra-thin walled cannula permits an abundant sampling collec- anti-mouse-AP + anti-rabbit-HRP Cat. No. MRCT525 G, H, L MACH 2 Double Stain 2 4-step procedure, Easy-to-read centimetre marks and sliding stopper facilitate anti-mouse-HRP + anti-rabbit-AP Dapat digunakan untuk: FAST-CUT®
accurate depth placement Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Inner echo-marker provides clear echographic visibility Disposable biopsy needle for automatic reus- Transparent hub with double magnifying lens and phasing tooth Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded for the introducer needle Hubs are colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determi- The biopsy needle FAST-CUT® is specifically designed for use Cat. No. BE965 H Background Eraser Fresh Frozen Tissues Cat. No. BP974 LBackground Punisher Available in a variety of gauge sizes and centimetre lengths ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbant automatic biopsy instrument and can also be used with other Cat. No. BS966 L Background Sniper reusable guns on the market.
Cat. No. BT967 L Background Terminator Cat. No. MD975 H Mouse Detective Made from high quality stainless medical grade steel, permits the Disposable canula for intra-uterine operator to obtain a biopsy specimen with full and intact Untuk kebutuhan reagensia, alat, consumables, structure, reducing meanwhile invasiveness at the least.
bahan kimia, buffer, secondary Antobody dan Immunofluorescence KARMAN® is the canula for intra-uterine aspiration The centimetre marking of cannula facilitates precise depth kebutuhan lain silahkan hubungi kami. according to Karman method manufactured by Kami juga menyediakan jasa konsultasi setup FAST-CUT® is available in a wide dimensional range which laboratorium dan training immunohistochemistry Choice is possible among stiff or flexible models, in covers likely all needs of the operator. Hubs are colour coded for rigid or flexible material, angled or straight.
easy gauge size determination.
Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog PAC / PAC-UF®
Medite Rotary Microtome automatic Medite Rotary Microtome semi-automatic Breast localisation Reusable syringe holders Based on the sophisticated engineering The Meditome M530 is designed for fine needle aspiration of our easy to use semi-automatic to meet the many requirements of microtome Meditome M530 we clinical and research labs. This These useful accessories allow to designed the Meditome A550 with goal is achieved by combining perform cytologic sampling and motorized cutting drive.The fully high efficiency with ergonomic emptying of cystis single handed, automatic Meditome A550 provides design and therefor lightening easily originating the vacuum into the utmost reliability, user benefit and your work load considerably. Its Breast localisation hook-wire needle- syringe (not provided).
outstanding operator comfort. The high motorized precision feed system section stability and precision turn this enables a fast, safe and smooth Model PAC® is entirely made from instrument into a universal multipurpose sectioning of paraffin blocks. A MAMMOREP® is a Copan style hook-wire breast plastics and light metal alloys and is designed to fit with the most common microtome for highest demands on torsion-free solid base design localisation needle-set, brands of 10, 20 and 30 ml syringes.
sectioning paraffin as well as for hard sectioning technique in biology, secures optimum stability. The spaciously designed and integrated available in a variety of centimetre lengths and two medicine and industry.The cutting motor drive allows precise sectioning, section waste tray is xylene-resistent and easy to clean.
gauge sizes: 20 and 21 G.
Model PAC-UF®, which is entirely made from stainless steel and light ensuring good reproducibility. Another user-friendly feature is the cutting metal alloys, with a special surface treatment to increase resistance to window that can be adjusted to the specimen size, while the preselected Cat. No. 03-4000-00 Meditome M530 Easy-to-read centimetre marks facilitate accurate even the most corrosive disinfectant, is designed to fit with the most speed is only applied within the cutting window. This enables the user to depth placement.
common brands of 10 and 20 ml syringes.
section delicate specimens precisely in a short period of time. The large section thickness range from 1 to 500 μm is divided into fine sectioning Sliding stopper to accurately pre-determine depth placement.
and trim sectioning. You can easily switch between these two ranges, even while sectioning. Memory positioning allows the fast movement to a Medite Tissue Embedding System Disposable set for endometrial biopsy Wire is marked to better control its placement.
stored cutting position by pushing one button only.
Our newly developed 3-modular VABRA® is a suction curette for endometrial biopsy.
MAMMOREP® NORMAL: "V" shaped hook, 21G.
Cat. No. 03-4100-00 Meditome A550 system TES Valida offers improved features to provide convenient, MAMMOREP® ZETA: "Z" shaped hook, 20G, for a more secure quick and careful paraffin embed- Set includes flexible straight catheter, with blunt placement inside the mammary tissue.
ding of tissue specimens. The point and side-ports to allow suction and collection system has a very modern charac- of the endometrial tissue, test-tube with cap and TPC 15 Duo / TPC 15 Trio ter and impresses with its perfect spoon, universal pipe-fitting for aspirators.
Medite Tissue Processing Center design. All three modules are mounted in a robust sheet metal casing. Intuitive, universal programming Repositionable Non-Displacing Breast Closed linear Tissue Processing symbols on a touch screen controller are easy to understand and speed Localization Loop-Wire Needle-Set AUTOMATIC BIOPSY DEVICE System with 15 stations for parallel up handling. All instrument functions of each module including the processing of two tissue baskets automatic starting time - are individually programmable. More than 100 MAMMOREP LOOP® is the latest breast localization MULTI-CORE® is the latest single use biopsy device, manufac- (TPC 15 Duo) or three tissue baskets paraffin blocs can be stored on the large stainless steel surface of the system by STERYLAB.
tured by STERYLAB, which performs the entire biopsy manoeu- (TPC 15 Trio) with different or cooling unit. The dispenser unit perfectly supports your lab with a larger vre quickly, fully automatic, with precision.
identical programs in less than one paraffin tank, a square cold spot, and some space on the flat top of the The ergonomic handle of MAMMOREP® LOOP Versatile, simple to use and reliable, with unique ergonomics for hour. The well established TPC 15 is nozzle. The position-adjustable halogen spot brings bright light to your allows the operator one-handed use.
cocking and firing, it represents the "state of the art" among now available in two different models: work area. Two connections for our EBP 50 heated forceps are simply automatic biopsy instruments, to date.
Our high-production multi-protocol tissue processor TPC 15 Duo with a accessible. The thermal unit provides an upper chamber for paraffin A single motion is required to place and retract the Spring loaded stylet and cannula harvest diagnostic quality capacity of 440 cassettes is capable of processing two different runs moulds, with large capacity and easy access. Almost every tissue specimens with minimal tissue displacement or needle deflec- simultaneously and independently. TPC 15 Trio shows the same techni- processor basket fits into the enlarged lower basin to store samples in The LOOP shape of wire makes it possible for precision placement and cal features, but with a capacity of 660 cassettes. The TPC 15 series is liquid paraffin. prevents forward/backward migration during patient's transport.
MULTI-CORE® can be easily operated with one hand, making the result of years of retro engineering. Program interruption with access it ideal for procedures requiring ultrasound guidance.
to the samples is possible. The system stores 15 different programs, also Cat. No. 02-7741-00 Cooling Unit A marking bead on wire, coming before the stiffening close to the loop, The needle, made from the echo reflecting metal alloy weekend and short programs as well as paraffin recycling and basket Cat. No. 02-7760-00 Thermal Unit serves as a 1st "landmark" for the surgeon during the surgical excision of ECHONOX® , is entirely visible for its whole length under cleaning programs. Cat. No. 02-7725-00 Dispenser Unit the suspected lesion.
ultrasound guidance and the procedure is free from any risk for malignant cells seeding.
Cat.-No. 04-1540-01 TPC 15 Duo: 440 cassettes The localization wire is repositionable.
MULTI-CORE® is also available with the exclusive Cat.-No. 04-1580-00 TPC 15 Trio: 660 cassettes TCA 44-720 Combination TOP-CORE® notch geometry feature, which delivers tissue The needle is made from ECHONOX®, the echogenic stainless steel by Medite Slide Stainer and Glass Coverslipper cores up to 50% larger than standard competitive needles).
STERYLAB, covered by international patent, and provided with centimeter MULTI-CORE® is also available as specific set for CT scanning marks and sliding depth stop, colour coded.
With the TCA 44-720 as well as with detachable cannula for single-access proce- combination unit, full Product is available either in release for use under US guidance (MLE) walk-away lab automation Medite Patented* programmable Slide Stainer and mamographic guidance (MLX) from staining to the finished slides is now coming into Sterile, single-patient use.
Large capacity and through put your reach by merging the Semiautomatic Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle are no problems for the TST 44. combination-ready TST 44 With 30 slides per basket and C continuous slide stainer SPRING-CUT® represents the latest generation of semiautomatic the large number of reagent with the ACS 720 automated glass coverslipper. ACS 720 unit, bringing guillotine-type biopsy needles.
stations, a capacity up to 500 an impressive 600 slides per hour coverslipping capability. Using a Its exclusive features single it among all other biopsy devices in Breast Ductal Lavage Set slides an hour is reachable by modular design, the TCA 44-720 makes it easy to take the step from the same category.
individually optimizing the reagent manual transfer to automation. configuration of the machine to It has been proved that atipical epithelial cells are often early Features include: your preferences. The possibility Different models of TST 44 C available: evidence of breast cancer even in case of negative mammo- Stylet advance button remains locked during penetration: simpler to process up to 12 baskets simulta- neously on different staining runs manoeuvre, increased safety during the biopsy procedure, gives you ample flexibility to allow for special stains in between your quick Cat. No. 04-4720-00 TST 44.000 C with transfer station enhanced sensibility upon penetration. routine work, when needed, as soon as needed.
Cat. No. 04-4740-00 TST 44.200 C with drying chamber and transfer Collection of a large quantity of cells by ductal lavage (DL) Pre-determinated bioptic throw (5-12-20 mm), adapting to the through the micro-catether of MAMMOFLUSH® is well Different models of TST 44 available: Cat. No. 04-4725-00 TST 44.000 CK with modification kit for transfer tolerated by patient and very easy to accomplish.
Stylet completely retractable from the cannula left in situ: control of the adequacy of the specimen, possibility of multiple biopsies Cat. No. 04-4400-02 TST 44.000 standard model Cat. No. 04-4745-00 TST 44.200 CK with drying chamber and modifi- Diagnostic accuracy is much higher compared to other (prostate mapping). Cat. No. 04-4420-02 TST 44.200 with drying chamber cation kit for transfer station Stronger mechanism: reliable cutting of the most compact tissue. methods used so far. Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog BEST-LISAS® Bone-Marrow Biopsy Set
with Core Retention System SAFE-LOCK® Paraffin Filtering Automat This unique instrument presents multiple The design of BEST-LISAS® is the most advanced advantages for the routine histology labora- Precision Made in Germany ® THE NEW MILESTONE to date and guarantees to the physician the tory. It serves to avoid the complicated and OF BONE-MARROW BIOPSY following advantages: time-consuming melting of paraffin using Bunsen burners, incubators or pots and PARAGON®, the latest invention of STERYLAB, is Ease of use and guaranteed specimen collec-
Slide Drying Oven helps save space in the laboratory. As the going to revolutionize the bone-marrow biopsy proce- special filter cartridge retains all residue, even dure worldwide.
The unique NOLOSE®core retention system is easy The new Medite® TDO SAHARA slide drying oven old blocks can be melted down. Adding the to use even for the inexperienced. with touch screen temperature controller with same quantity of fresh paraffin, the filtered A considerable reduction in pain
built-in timer provides unique features. With its paraffin obtained can be used again without 100% success in retrieval of intact specimen The smaller Gauge of BEST-LISAS® will give a new exterior design, the quick dryer embellishes any significant loss of quality. The large work No need for bone luxation reduction in puncture area over a traditional Jamshidi primarily histology, but also any other laboratories. space below the safety spigot enables easy Easy and fast maneuver needle with the same specimen volume and, The newly designed door impresses with dual paraffin dispensing. The paraffin recycling One maneuver for bone-marrow biopsy and aspiration combined with no need to twist the needle iside bone, renders the proce- magnet catches and a large glass window. The automate PLC 18 is made of stainless steel and aluminum, therefor its Bone-Marrow aspiration after biopsy dure particularly pain free. drying chamber offers space for up to 48 plastic surfaces are resistant to most solvents.The operation volume of the Minimally invasive, Less pain: 11G can be replaced A more compact and abundant specimen
slide holders, and is easy to clean thanks to a paraffin tank is approximately 15 liters so there is always a sufficient The TREPAN® crown edge with its advanced geometry will guarantee an removable drip pan and removable stainless steel racks. A carbon filter amount of melted paraffin ready for use. Consequent application of the intact and larger specimen core even in the softest bone with less pain to prevents contaminates from entering the drying chamber.
paraffin recycling automate enables paraffin savings of up to 50%.
BEN® Disposable Jamshidi-type
the patient and ease of use for the users.
A simpler and more rapid procedure
Cat. No. 02-6800-00 Slide Drying Oven bone-marrow biopsy needle Cat. No. 02-1800-00 PLC 18 Paraffin Filtering Automat BEST-LISAS® requires no twist movement inside bone to retain the core Every manufacturing detail of BEN® has been Tissue cool plate carefully studied to give the best results among Tissue flotation bath those biopsy instruments available to date: Colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination For rapid cooling of paraffin blocks Water bath for flattening out and during tissue processing or The comfortable handle grip facilitates penetration. drying tissue sections in histology, cutting.The COP 30 tissue cool plate Hardened steel for a safer procedure. pathology, che-mical, clinical and enables cooling of approx. 60 to 100 The depth limiting device allows the evaluation of A comprehensive range of bone marrow aspiration/harvesting bacteriology laboratories. The tissue embedding molds or paraffin blocks penetration depth. needles for use on the iliac crest and sternum flotation bath TFB 55 provides a simultaneously. The quiet and The special "tulipan" cutting edge of cannula circular water bath with exact environment friendly cool unit provides a bioptic cylinder with intact architecture. The MIELO-CAN® needle is triple sharpened and has been ergonomically mechanical temperature regulation. performs at a maxium cooling The stylet with trocar bevel allows a rapid and less designed with a large grip for secure handling and ease of use and Its bath well and edge are made of high quality aluminum with black temperature of -15 °C after only a few invasive procedure. coating. The safe heating system with ceramic ballast resistance avoids minutes. The temperature is adjustable and can be monitored by digital The specimen remover allows a rapid expulsion of the cylinder. overheating and damage even in case of an empty bath.
control. The cold plate is made of stainless steel, polished, with heated Colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination. The advantages of MIELO-CAN® are: rims to prevent condensation.
Triple sharpened Cat. No. 01-5500-00 TFB 55 standard version A faster procedure with full control Cat. No. 11-5550-00 Accessory set including control thermometer Cat. No. 02-1030-00 COP 30 Tissue cool plate Comfortable in all sizes of hand 0-100 °C with Support and lid to protect the water from pollution PORT-JECT® needles and sets have been designed for safe and easy Comprehensive range of sizes available Cat. No. 51-4551-00 Spare thermometer for TFB 45/55 insertion into vascular access devices and may be used to administer Extra long size available Cat. No. 11-4540-00 Lid for TFB 45/55 continuouos and/or bolus infusion of pain control medications, deliver Cat. No. 11-4541-00/11-5541-00 Thermometer support TFB 45/TFB 55 chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy, or parenteral nutrition.
For quick intense cooling of paraffin Provided with millimetered depth scale blocks during tissue processing or The unique Huber needle tip non-coring design promotes ease of cutting and embedding molds.The penetration and maximum life for the port septum.
Large comfortable handle for added control, longer cannula Benchtype fume adsorber solid-drawn cooling tray made of HARVESTING ON ILIAC CREST
high-grade steel enables cooling of Available in commonly used needle gauges and lengths, standard sets Large comfortable handle, strengthened steel shaft, distal side ports for Used for coverslipping and in 180 paraffin blocks simultaneously.The include extension line, with or without a Y injection site, single-action improved bone marrow collection.
preparation of histological and high performance TKF 22 unit cools clamp, clear luer connector.
pathological material as well as for down to -35 °C in a very short time. the decanting of solvents. With Best - Btt®
The electronic temperature control with PORT-JECT® is available in 6 configurations: down-draught extraction and a range from -35 °C to +15 °C is indication of filter saturation by BTT® is the bone-marrow harvesting needle-set continuously adjustable. A powerful refrigerating unit using non flammable winged Huber needle with luer, straight means of a working hours counter designed to reach the best result,up-dated in accor- R 404 A offers high thermal stability.R 404 A is chlorine free, protecting for optimum user protection against dance with the state of the art of technology. the environment and ozone layer.Paraffin block trays are optional.
winged Huber needle with luer, right angled odor and fume contamination, this unit creates a safe working Supplied as a set including a spare trocar stylet, with Cat. No. 02-3000-00 TKF 22 Quick cool unit winged Huber needle set, right angled, with extension line, single-action environment.The benchtype fume ergonomic non-slip handle makes the whole proce- Exhaust (External Connection) clamp, clear luer connector adsorber TAZ 19 is fully portable and may be used anywhere in the Manufactured from high quality strengthened stainless winged Huber needle set, right angled, with extension line, Y injection laboratory. The removable stainless steel, wear of cutting edges is drastically reduced, Tissue flotation bath site, single-action clamp, clear luer connector steel working plate facilitates even if used for multiple procedures.
Water bath for flattening out and drying Depth stop on cannula allows proper biopsy depth Huber needle set, right angled gripper needle, with extension line, single- tissue sections in histology, pathology, action clamp, clear luer connector chemical, clinical and bacteriology Cat. No. 69-3500-00 The Wide side-ports on cannula improve bone-marrow collection.
laboratories. The tissue flotation bath TFB special hood facilitating the Huber needle set, right angled gripper needle, with extension line, Y 45 provides a circular water bath with exhaust of solvent fumes is not injection site, single- action clamp, clear luer connector exact mechanical temperature regulation. included in delivery and can be Its bath well and edge are made of high ordered separately. Disposable Galactography Set quality aluminum with black coating. The SGL® is a set for galactography designed to allow easy injection of safe heating system with ceramic ballast Cat. No. 02-1900-00 TAZ 19.0 with filter casing incl. one package of 3R-S® is a special syringe for ctyological sampling contrast liquid into mammal ducts in a controlled and safe way, with a thin resistance avoids overheating and damage even in case of an empty charcoal for xylol that can be used single-handed, provided with valve blunt cannula that comfortably dilates ducts with no injury and pain.
Cat. No. 02-1920-00 TAZ TAZ 19.2 with filter casing incl. one package for the complete recovery of specimens. Can be of special absorption material for formaldehyde used with standard needles with luer fitting.
Available in 2 needle length and 3 different length of connection line.
Cat. No. 01-4500-00 TFB 45 Tissue flotation bath Cat. No. 02-1940-00 TAZ 19.4 for access to existing exhaust Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog Medite Tissue Drying Oven Paternity & Nutrigenetic Test Medite Rotoscriber thermostirrer is equipped with built-in stirrers on Our slide drying oven TDO 66 with The small tool with unlimited applica- the bottom of each well. Combined with excellent RealLine SNP5, A nutrigenetic test for weight management electronic temperature control, timer tion possibilities in the fields of temperature control, the instrument is well-suited From the data obtained in a weight loss study conducted in 2007, and digital display provides unique marking, engra-ving etc. of all kinds of for a variety of applications, including synthesis of scientists at Stanford University had analyzed the genetic profile of the features. Although designed primarily material used in industry, science and chemical compounds, denaturation, derivatiza- participants with the most efficient weight loss that were assigned to for histology, this quick dryer is technology. The EDS 20 Rotoscriber tion, combinatorial chemistry, sample concentra- either low carbohydrate, low-fat, or a balanced diet. More than 200 applicable also in other laboratories enables deep engraving, marking and tion, enzyme assays and process functional single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) relevant to weight because of its flexibility. The particu- labeling of glass or metal without optimization.Cat. No. loss were analyzed, and 5 of them were selected, based on such lar advantage of the TDO 66 is the undue exertion or pressure. With its TS-12W-110/220 Thermostirrer (12 wells) extremely short warm up and drying low weight of 70 g, the precision - Association with obesity/weight management validated in not less time. By thermostat controlled fan heat is evenly distributed inside the instrument made of aluminum is easy Genius Dry Bath Incubator than 3 clinical studies; chamber and the set temperature is achieved already in about 1 minute. and comfortable to use. The Genius dry bath incubators come in either - Altering biological mechanisms associated with body weight; The total drying process is completed in only 5 to 10 minutes, depending Two different types of tips are single or dual block models, along with a - Clinical evidence of gene-diet interaction.
on the desired temperature. In the spacious drying chamber, more than available for various use. competitive range of interchangeable blocks. It is 20 standard staining racks with 20 slides each or other types of commer- designed for a variety of applications, including cial used slide holders can be placed.
Cat. No. 01-2000-00 EDS 20 incl. 1 tip restriction digest, denaturing DNA, BUN, melting Multiplex analysis of 19 STR loci plus Amelogenin Cat. No. 46-4010-00 Spare tip for glass, ø 1,5 mm agar, coagulation studies, hybridization and Hot COrDIS Plus has the potential to be applied for national database Cat. No. 02-6600-00 TDO 66Tissue Drying Oven Cat. No. 46-4020-00 Spare tip for metal, ø 2,5 mm Start thermo-cycled reaction.
DNA-typing in countries that are using CODIS (Combined DNA Index Cat. No. 46-4040-00 Anti-glide pad, black Cat. No. MD-01N-110/220 Genius Dry Bath Incubator(One block System) markers, as well as in all European countries using ESS unit);without block (European Standard Set) markers, including those with SE33 as Cat. No. MD-02N-110/220 Genius Dry Bath Incubator(Dual block database marker. Due to the highest discrimination power among all unit);without block commercial kits available it is ideally suited for forensic applications, Medite Table-fitted cool unit Medite Continuous Linear Stainer paternity or parentage testing and complex relationship testing.
CFC-free cool plate made of stainless With its assembly-line working layout, Mini Heating Dry Bath Incubator steel to be installed in the work bench. the linear tissue stainer COT 20 offers The first of mini thermoblock product line, mini dry Our MKF 20 cool unit is a space saving great flexibility to busy histology and bath is finally here. It is compact in design yet model offering optimal conditions when cytology laboratories, where slides have powerful enough to fit all your incubating needs. cutting at the microtome. The electronic to be stained continuously. The machine EZmag™ Automated Nucleic Acid Whether you need to incubate your PCR strips or temperature control with digital display at stains between 500 and 1,000 slides use it as a water bath, the MD-MINI is up to the Extraction System the lower part of the unit can be turned per hour without any delay. Optical and task. The molded PTFE coated chamber also 90° enabling installation in longitudinal or acoustical alarms indicate when a slide TBG EZmag™ system is a fully automated allows you to use it as a water bath. The lateral direction.
basket is ready. Lids for staining troughs instrument for DNA/RNA extraction. This fast, ensure that the chemicals maintain their interchangeable ability of the heating block brings you the convenience of reliable and flexible system is developed for the a traditional dry bath. Cat. No. 02-2000-00 MKF 20 Table-fitted cool unit staining properties.The working plate integrates 2 storage containers for isolation of DNA, RNA, viral nucleic acid, from 10 baskets each. The stainer COT 20 provides a fume extraction device Cat. No. MD-MINI Mini Heating Dry Bath; without block mammalian blood, serum/ plasma, culture cells, to be connected to an external exhaust facility. In addition it offers a tissue, plant and bacteria. charcoal filter unit for fume absorption. Our detailed brochure will give you Ultimate Dry Bath Incubator The EZmag™ system takes the advantage of a comprehensive overview regarding the excellent properties of this Medite Stretching tables Two models of Ultimate Dry Bath Incubator are proven magnetic bead-based technology with proprietary cellulose coated magnetic beads and reagents combined to Hot plates for stretching and drying of available with different heating and cooling obtain high yield and quality of extraction results in the fastest and the tissue sections on slides in histology, profiles, along with a competitive selection of You can choose from three different models: interchangeable blocks. Both modules are most convenient way.
Cat. No. 03-2000-00 COT 20 standard version with open side panels pathology and bacteriology With the design of UV decontamination, 16 individual pipettes, prefilled laboratories.The stretching table OTS 40 designed for a variety of applications including Cat. No. 03-2020-00 COT 20 closed version with closed side panels reagent cartridges, sterilized tips , sample tube and elution tube. The provides constant temperature by a 6 mm ligation, storage, restriction digest, denaturing Cat. No. 03-2040-00 COT 20 closed version with integrated charcoal EZmag™ system is cross contamination free and suitable for sensitive thick aluminum working plate with black DNA, BUN, melting agar, coagulation studies, molecular researches (e.g., PCR, RT-PCR, HLA Typing, arrays).
plastic coating. The model OTS 40 offers hybridization and Hot Start thermo-cycled reaction.
electronic temperature control, adjustment and indication via digital Cat. No. MC-01N Ultimate Dry Bath Incubator;without block.
- Walk away system for 1-16 samples/ run display. An integrated safety cut-out prevents the system from being Cat. No. MC-01S Ultimate plus Dry Bath Incubator;without block - Special protocol for Paraffin Section extraction overheated.Temperature: +30°C to +99 °C Medite Ultrasonic Decalcifying Automat Elite Dry Bath Incubator - Pre-filled reagents and Proteinase K - Heated lysis and elution steps Five different sizes available (W/D/H): The unique technology of the The Elite dry bath incubator comes in single or - Sample volume ranges from 100 ul to 2,400 ul, with DNA yields from 6 Cat. No. 01-4001-00 150 x 200 x 80 mm ultrasonic decalcifying automate dual block modes, along with a complete range of ug to 80 ug.
Cat. No. 01-4002-00 150 x 400 x 80 mm USE 33 offers rapid destruction of interchangeable blocks. It is designed for a variety Cat. No. 01-4003-00 200 x 250 x 80 mm crystalline structures like calcium of applications, including restriction digest, Cat. No. 01-4004-00 250 x 300 x 80 mm phosphate, magnesium phosphate denaturing DNA, BUN, melting agar, coagulation "Tercyc" Multi-block Thermocycler Cat. No. 01-4005-00 300 x 400 x 80 mm (max. temp: +95°C) and calcium carbonate. In combi- studies, hybridization and Hot Start thermo-cycled The four-block thermocycler Tercyc is nation with adequate solutions it reaction. Elite dry bath is recognized as the finest, designed to perform the incubation of provides maximum cell tissue fastest temperature performance and smallest foot print dry bath incuba- polymerase chain reaction mixes in preservation.All diffusion processes tor. In addition, the aluminum blocks can be removed for use as a mini 0.5-ml test tubes. The device is are significantly accelerated by the USE 33. The advantage: decalcifica- Medite Tissue flotation bath water bath. The temperature setting can be set in increments of 0.1 C. designed as a single module comprising tion, fixation and intermediate clearing solutions work much faster.
The temperature range goes from 5 C above ambient to 150 C along 4 independently controlled thermob- with a timer simultaneously displayed on the LCD screen.
Water bath for flattening out and drying locks. Each thermoblock can hold up to Cat. No. 03-3300-00T USE33 Ultrasonic Decalcifying Automat Cat. No. EL-01-110/220 Elite Dry Bath Incubator(One block unit);without tissue sections in histology, pathology, 10 test tubes with the volume of the chemical, clinical and bacteriology reaction mix ranging from 10 to 50 ul; Cat. No. EL-02-110/220 Elite Dry Bath Incubator(Dual block unit);without laboratories. The tissue flotation bath The device supports three methods of TFB 35 provides a rectangular water regulating the temperature of a reaction mix: Passive (based on the bath with removable glass tray. temperature of the unit); Two active methods (a mathematical model): molecular biology UV Transilluminator Electronic temperature control guarantees an exact temperature regula- Fast; Precise; The LCD display allows for programs to be entered and for tion and indication by digital display. The large heated stainless steel thermocycling to be controlled and operated without the need for a Their special design emits either one or dual intensity working area facilitates the handling of section drying. The water surface regular PC; Low variation of temperature within a thermoblock; Noiseless excitation UV wavelengths for back-illumination of is dazzle-free illuminated from below by a fluorescent lamp.
Peralatan Histopatology Produksi Jerman operation. The quality of the reaction is improved significantly due to more transparent fluorescent materials. 254nm, 312nm, accurate conditions for primer annealing, ensuring high activity of the Taq 365nm, 254 & 365nm, and 254 & 312nm modes are Cat. No. 01-3500-00 TFB 35 standard version DNA polymerase and reducing the accumulation of non-specific amplifi- available for different applications. Cat. No. 01-3550-00 TFB 35 with extra high glass tray cation products.
Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog DT-96 Real-time Detection Thermal Cycler Compact Digimage Gel Documentation Real-Time PCR 4 channel or 5 Channel The Compact digimage system is a complete Medite Heated Forceps Texas BioGene Inc.
and compact gel documentation system with a •Multipurpose Flexibility and High Sensitivity digital control panel. The system uses a digital Heated forceps with operating High flexibility thanks to the 96-well format camera for image capture. The system is temperature between 65°C and suited for PCR microplates,test tubes and equipped with a built-in UV trans-illuminator and 75°C. Thermostat control prevents a large 8" TFT colorful screen for gel observation. overheating and tissue damage. •Up to 5-channel multiplex fluorescence detec- TBG is one of the leading providers of quality HLA Typing Kits for immune Its side access design provides a safe and System consists of control unit for 2 tion for a variety of fluorescence dyes in a wide matching of bone marrow, cord blood and solid organ transplants.
convenient way for the user to recover agarose forceps and one forceps. Forceps gel bands. For a low budget and limited space, available in 1 mm, 2 mm and 4 mm •High sensitivity, optimal signal/noise ratio and HLA SBT Typing Kits the Compact digimage system can be operated a low interchannel crosstalk ensured by the without a computer. A variety of images can captured including: agarose The HLAssure™ SBT Typing Kits are for high resolution typing of HLA unique design of the optical track including a and other fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels, autoradiography film, and Cat. No. 43-0001-00 System with tip size 1 mm alleles using PCR techniques with sequence based typing (SBT). separate light source for each channel and a blotting membrane. A safety switch is equipped to turn off the UV trans- Cat. No. 43-0002-00 System with tip size 2 mm TBG provides a comprehensive range of products for: matrix CCD camera; Cat. No. 43-0004-00 System with tip size 4 mm illuminator automatically when the front door is opened. Files can be •Light emitting diodes (LED) as a light source • HLA-Class I (A, B, C) saved in a variety of formats, including RAW format, for transfer to a that, unlike halogen lamps, does not deteriorate computer for storage and analysis. The Digimage system can also directly • HLA-Class II (DRB, DQB) over the life-time of about 100,000 hours and connect to any BNC thermal printer for printing the result immediately.
Class I Typing Kits therefore does not require maintenance or constant monitoring; 50110 HLAssure™ SBT HLA A Typing Kit (E) •The device is an open system and is not limited for use with specific Cat. No. UVDI-254/365 Compact Digimage System with 10.0 megapixel reagents or plastic. At the same time DNA-Technology supplies test digital camera and built-in 254 & 365nm UV Transilluminator 50210 HLAssure™ SBT HLA B Typing Kit (E) systems for the majority of real time PCR applications that exist today.
Cat. No.UVDI-254/312 Compact Digimage System with 10.0 megapixel 50410 HLAssure™ SBT HLA C Typing Kit (E) digital camera and built-in 254 & 312nm UV Transilluminator Class II Typing Kits Thermoblock format 96 test tubes (12 x 8)x0.2 ml 50510 HLAssure™ SBT HLA DQB Typing Kit (E) Digimage System Gel Documentation Type of test tube 0.2-ml PCR tubes (separate, 50310 HLAssure™ SBT HLA DRB Typing Kit (E) in strips of 8 or 96-well PCR The Digimage System is a simple, compact gel microplate (12x8)) documentation system with a rear digital control HLA SSP Typing Kits Temperature range of the thermoblock, °C panel. It contains the Canon powershot G15, a digital Morgan™ HLA SSP Typing Kits Temperature setting increment, °C camera with a superb resolution of 12.1 megapixels. Precision of temperature maintenance, °C The image is viewed from a large 8" TFT colorful The Morgan™ HLA SSP Typing Kits are for low-medium resolution typing screen with monitor purpose only. For a lab with of HLA alleles using PCR techniques with sequence specific primers. Temperature irregularity of thermoblock, maximal, °C 0.3 (+/-0.15) limited space and low budget requirements, the TBG provides a comprehensive range of products for: Heating ramping rate, average (maximal), °C/s MININEPHPLUS is a small, stylish semiautomated nephelometer enabling Digimage System is definitely your top choice since laboratories to offer a cost efficient service for lower volume specialist Cooling ramping rate, average (maximal), °C/s • HLA-Class I (A, B, C,ABC) it's computer-free operateion. A variety of images can be captured protein assays. It is easy to use with simple on-screen instructions and Active heating/cooling device of the thermoblock including: agarose and other fluorescent gels, colorimetric gels, auto • HLA-Class II (DR, DQ,DRDQ) assayspecific magnetic swipe cards containing pre- programmed calibra- Excitation source radiography film, and blotting membrane. A safety switch is equipped to tion curves.
• HLA-Class I & II (ABDR, ABCDRDQ) CCD matrix camera turn off the UV trans-illuminator automatically when the front door is MININEPHPLUS is the only small nephelometer offering Freelite serum HLA Class I and Class II combination SSP Typing Trays opened. Files can be saved in a variety of formats, including RAW format, Number of channels for measuring 4 (5-th channel is set optional) free light chain assays as well as IgG, IgA, IgM, IgG subclasses. for transfer to a computer for storage and analysis. The Digimage System 33111 / 33116 Morgan™ HLA SSP ABCDRDQ Typing Kit: 1 test/tray can also directly connect to any BNC thermal printer for printing the result 33220 / 33221 Morgan™ HLA SSP ABDR Typing Kit: 2 tests/tray Thermal block lid heating, °C 33231 / 33230 Morgan™ HLA SSP ABDR Typing Kit: 1 test/tray Dimensions, width x length x height, mm Cat. No. DI-01 Digimage System with 10.0 megapixels digital camera Freelite® Kappa MININEPHPLUS™ kit Freelite® Lambda MININEPHPLUS™ kit HLA Class I SSP Typing Trays 33200 / 33201 Morgan™ HLA SSP ABC Typing Kit: 2 tests/tray DT-48 DTlite Real-Time PCR System IgG MININEPH™ kit 33211 / 33210 Morgan™ HLA SSP ABC Typing Kit: 1 test/tray Electrophoresis power supplies are IgG-LL MININEPH™ kit** •48-well thermoblock and optical systems designed to meet most electrophore- IgA MININEPH™ kit Morgan™ HLA SSP A Typing Kit: 4 tests/tray •automatic height adjustment for tubes and sis needs, running horizontal & Morgan™ HLA SSP B Typing Kit: 2 tests/tray IgM MININEPH™ kit vertical electrophoresis, and •ultra-sensitive optical system with 4-5 Morgan™ HLA SSP C Typing Kit: 4 tests/tray two-dimensional electrophoresis, or IgG1 MININEPH™ kit channels and extra run-time LEDs SDS-PAGE applications. It is recog- IgG2 MININEPH™ kit HLA Class II SSP Typing Trays •50x28 mm monochrome graphic display nized as the most powerful units in 33270 Morgan™ HLA SSP DRB/DQB Typing Kit: 3 tests/tray •built-in memory for controlling and saving IgG3 MININEPH™ kit their market class, running 4 systems 33280 Morgan™ HLA SSP DRB Typing Kit: 4 tests/tray data of the current run simultaneously. Its design provides a IgG4 MININEPH™ kit •applications for real-time quantitation, compact and modern stackable α-1- Antitrypsin MININEPH™ kit 33290 Morgan™ HLA SSP DQB Typing Kit: 12 tests/tray melting curve, gene expression, microflora case. Microprocessor control offers Albumin MININEPH™ kit HLA B27 SSP Typing Trays biocenoses, SNP analyses an easy user interface. The user has control of constant voltage output as 36310 Morgan™ HLA SSP B27 Typing Kit: 96 tests/tray •offline run with auto shutdown or data-storage mode at the end-point well as constant current output.
Apolipoprotein A1 MININEPH™ kit •auto restart/resume function after incidental AC-power failure Apolipoprotein B MININEPH™ kit 36311 Morgan™ HLA SSP B27 Identification Typing Kit: 12 tests/tray •"additional standards" function to improve accuracy of quantitation with Horizontal, Vertical or gradient ASO Latex MININEPH™ kit DrugHLA SSP Typing Tray standards from previous runs 36331 DrugHLA™ SSP B*5701 Typing Kit: 12tests/tray •an open system not limited for use with particular reagents/plastics Gel Electrophoresis System β2 Microglobulin Latex MININEPH™ kit C1 Inactivator** MININEPH™ kit Expanded HLA SSP Typing Trays Parameter
We provide veriety of gel electrophoresis system C3 MININEPH™ kit 33340 / 33346 Morgan™ HLA SSP A-EX Typing Kit: 2 test/tray Thermoblock format 48 (8x6) x 200 ul to support your molecular research needs. 33350 / 33356 Morgan™ HLA SSP B-EX Typing Kit: 1 test/tray Heating ramping rate, average available with different capacity, size and applica- C4 MININEPH™ kit Cooling ramping rate, average tions and accessories.
33380 / 33386 Morgan™ HLA SSP DRB-EX Typing Kit: 2 tests/tray Electrophoresis & Caeruloplasmin MININEPH™ kit molecular biology Temperature range of the thermoblock 0 - 100°C CRP Latex MININEPH™ kit Temperature setting increment Human Platelet Antigen SSP Typing Kit Temperature accuracy Haptoglobin MININEPH™ kit The HPAtype™ Platelet SSP Typing Kit is for determining HPA alleles Temperature uniformity Microalbumin MININEPH™ kit using PCR techniques with sequence specific primers (SSP).
Thermoblock lid heating Prealbumin (Transthyretin) MININEPH™ kit 70010/70020 HPAtype™ Platelet SSP Typing Kit RF Latex MININEPH™ kit 70030 HPAtype™ Platelet SSP HPA-1 6, 15 Typing Kit AC voltage and frequency Transferrin MININEPH™ kit 70040 HPAtype™ Platelet SSP HPA-1 Typing Kit Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog General Molecular Reagent Cellprep Full Automatic LBC Processor Tharmac Full Automatic Hematology & DNA MARKER
Bacteriology Staining DFS-Taq DNA Polymerase 50 bp plus DNA Ladder no stain CellPrep is a full automatic liquid base DFS-Taq BLUE DNA Polymerase 50 bp plus DNA Ladder ready-to-use Proteinase K Solution, 20mg/ml The Cellstain-7 is a fully automatic cytology processor, that delivers best Top-Taq DNA Polymerase 100 bp DNA Ladder no stain Set of 3 + 1 dNTPs stainer for haematology and bacteriol- quality cell smear in one layer. By SuperHotTaq DNA Polymerase 100 bp DNA Ladder ready-to-use T4 Polynucleotide Kinase ogy staining.With seven stations, the using ethanol base reagent, cellprep AptaHotTaq DNA Polymerase 100 bp plus DNA Ladder no stain DNA Polymerase I, large (Klenow) Cellstain-7 is simple to use and to delivers the best quality cell morphol- SSB-HotTaq DNA Polymerase 100 bp plus DNA Ladder ready-to-use dATP* 3H2O tetrasodium salt Exonucleases III maintain. Slideholder and troughs for ogy compare to methanol base 100 bp RAINBOW extended DNA Ladder dCTP 100 mM Tli Inorganic Pyrophosphatase 25 slides are available.
1 kb DNA Ladder no stain Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) CellPrep Plus does not require Power Taq DNA Polymerase 1 kb DNA Ladder ready-to-use dCTP* 3H2O tetrasodium salt • A water rinse station is available as pre-preparation process to get good PowerTaq LA DNA Polymerase pBR322 / HaeIII Marker optional accessory. one layer cell. More important Sequencing Taq DNA Polymerase pUC 19/Msp I DNA Marker 1 Tube RT qPCR Kit Hot Start • Safe operation with preinstalled Cellprep only need less than 30 DF-PfU DNA Polymerase Phage Lambda DNA / Hind III Marker dGTP* 3H2O tetrasodium salt AMV Reverase Transcriptase programs. (see above) second to produce one slide (1 hour Phage Lambda DNA / Bst E II Marker • The short drain time significantly reduces the carryover of reagents. this equipment can deliver 120 Phage Lambda DNA / Sty I Marker RNase Inhibitor / Ribunuclease • Because of this compact size, the Cellstain-6 can be placed below a InBlood Polymerase Loading Buffer IV (10x) dTTP* 3H2O tetrasodium salt fume hood; a compatible fume extraction desk hood for vacuuming less Cellprep can process almost all liquid Stream Polymerase Oligo (dT)15 Primer hazardous pollutants during staining is available. base samples, such as Cervical • The Cellstain-7 is thus a time saving and economical solution for mucus, Sputum, Urine and FNAB. It The Master Mixes
dUTP* 3H2O tetrasodium salt haematology and bacteriology staining.
will provide accurate diagnosis and DNA from human placenta REACTION BUFFER AND SALTS
early detection for: Taq Master Mix BLUE Complete NH4 Reaction Buffer for Cat. No. JC685 Device with 6 troughs, slider dryer (w/o heater) and slide 1. Cervical Cancer SuperHot Master Mix pUC 19 plasmid DNA Taq DNA Polymerase holder, up to 25 slides HotRox Master Mix Phage Lambda DNA Complete KCl Reaction Buffer for Cat. No. JC688 Water rinse station (optional) 3. Kidney, Bladder, Urethra Cancer SibirHot Master Mix (qPCR 2x) Taq DNA Polymerase Cat. No. JC687 Slide holder for up to 25 slides 4. Head and Neck Cancer SibirHot Master Mix dU Aminohexyl-dCTP 10 MM Ready-for-gel Buffer for Taq DNA Cat. No. JC686 Trough (Standard) with lid for 25 slides (250ml) SibirHot Master Mix dU Aminoallyl-dUTP 10 mM Cat. No. JC682 Fume extraction hood (optional) SibirRoxHot Master Mix ExoResistant Random Primer AZT triphosphate 100 mM Reaction Buffer Set for PfU DNA Pol Cat. No. JC684 Fume extraction hood with integrated, replaceable Uracil-DNA Glycosylase (UDG) Oligo (dT)15 Primer BUdR Triphosphate 100 mM Set of Reaction Buffer for Reverase charcoal filter (optional) 7-deaza-dGTP 50 mM Cat. No. JC110 Charcoal filter Kidney, Bladder, RealLine Extraction Kits FINE CHEMICALS
Tharmac Linier Automatic Staining Agarose, Molecular Biology Grade RESTRICTION ENDONUCLEASES
Cat. No. CER-1010 Cervical Cancer Solution (20ml) + Filter RealLine DNA Express - epithelial cell specimen - DNA
Linear Polyacrylamide Sol 5 mg/m Biorons Enzyme Cat. No. CER-1030 Cervical Cancer Solution (20ml) + Filter + Brush + RealLine DNA Extraction 1- epithelial cell specimen urine - DNA
With six stations, the Cellstain-6 is DNA/ RNA PURIFICATION
RealLine DNA Extraction 2 -epithelial cell specimen, urine, liquor Cat. No. CUB-1010 CSF Urine Body Fluid Solution (10ml) + Filter simple to use and to maintain. Ron's Plasmid Kit Cat. No. CUB-1040 CSF Urine Body Fluid Solution (10ml) + Filter + Slideholder and troughs for 8, 20 or biopsy material, blood serum/plasma, DNA Ron's PCR-Pure Kit CellPrep Urine Preservative Solution + CellPrep Slide 30 slides are available. RealLine DNA Extraction 3 - epithelial cell specimen, urine, blood
Ron's Gel Extraction Kit Cat. No. RPT-1010 Respiratory Tract Solution (20ml) + Filter • Optional accessories are: serum/plasma - DNA Ron's Blood and Cell DNA Kit Cat. No. RPT-1020 Respiratory Tract Solution (20ml) + Filter + - Water rinse station.
Ron's Tissue DNA Kit RealLine Extraction 100 - epithelial cell specimen liquor, biopsy
- Slide dryer, adjustable from 40°C to Ron's Plant DNA Kit material, blood serum/plasmam - DNA & RNA Cat. No. FNA-1010 FNA Solution (10ml) + Filter Ron's Fungal DNA Kit Cat. No. FNA-1020 FNA Solution (10ml) + Filter + CellPrep Slide • The programming unit with „Touch- RealLine Extraction 1000 - blood serum/plasma
Ron's Bacterial DNA Kit screen" for easy programing provides RealLine FFPE DNA Extraction Kit - extraction and purification of
Ron's Cell Culture RNA Kit customizable staining steps in the genomic DNA from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue Ron's Tissue RNA Kit staining-, washing- and drying stations. Ron's Plant RNA Kit • Protected program memory stores up to 25 routine programs with up to Ron's Fungal RNA Kit Ron's Bacterial RNA Kit • Programs are protected by a PIN code. OTP Reaction (1 tube DNA purifi) • The consumption of stains and reagents is very low because of the new slide holder, which hardly carries over stains and reagents. • The agitation and the drain time is freely selectable, to minimize the Real Time PCR- Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) carryover of reagents. Candida Albicans, CE-IVD • The linear staining machine can move the slide holder forward and Chlamdydia Trachomatis, CE-IVD backward to enable the user to program a large number of different Gardnerella Vaginalis, CE-IVD staining programs. Mycoplasma Hominis, CE-IVD • Because of this compact size, the Cellstain-6 can be placed below a Specific animal dna detection Micoplasma genitalium, CE-IVD fume hood; a compatible fume extraction desk hood for vacuuming less Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, CE-IVD 10 DNA isolations + 30 PCR reactions + control primer (without polymerase) hazardous pollutants during staining is available. Trichomonas Vaginalis, CE-IVD Extended = detection of animal DNA processed and canned products (hydrolysates, gelantine • The Cellstain-6 is thus a time saving and economical solution for Ureaplasma Urelyticum, CE-IVD Ron's food kit - cat detect (extended) 10Ex-CA 10 rcs Real Time PCR Pathogen Test Cat. No. JC651 Basic stainer with 6 troughs (500ml) and slideholder for Ron's food kit - chicken detect (extended) 10Ex-CH 10 rcs Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) HPV High Risk, Genotype 16/18/39/33/45/56/31/35/58/52/51/59 Ron's food kit - cow detect (extended) 10Ex-CO 10 rcs Cat. No. JC 652 Basic stainer with 6 troughs (250ml) and slideholder for HPV 16 / 18; 16/18; 35/45; 31/33; 35/45; 31/33 Ron's food kit - dog detect (extended) 10Ex-DG 10 rcs Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) Cat. No. JC 655 Basic stainer with 6 troughs (130ml) and slide holder for molecular biology Human Herpes Viruses (HHV) Ron's food kit - duck detect (extended) 10Ex-DU 10 rcs up to 8 slides (horizontal) Cat. No. JC653 Slide dryer, adjustable from 40°C to 80°C (optional) Ron's food kit - horse detect (extended) 10Ex-HO 10 rcs Helicobacter pylori HIV (Human Immunodeficency Virus) Ron's food kit - ostrich detect (extended) 10Ex-OS 10 rcs HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) Ron's food kit - pig detect (extended) 10Ex-PI 10 rcs Tick Borne Infections HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) Ron's food kit - sheep detect (extended) 10Ex-SH 10 rcs Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog Cellspin Cytocentrifuge Tharmac Papanicolaou Automatic Staining Tharmac Cytology Centrifuge Leading diagnostics research for Leukemias, With 15 stations, the Cellstain-15 is Cellspin cytocentrifuge is the largest simple to use and to maintain. selection of rotors for Cytology, urology, Lymphomas and blood diseases. Slideholder and troughs for 30 microbiology, haematology, immunocyto-slides are included. chemistry, virology, oncology. IdentiClone™ Gene Clonality Assays
Research Use Only (RUO) • A water rinse station is offered as • "Quickchange" for working faster in optional accessory. Mutation and Translocation Assays case of higher workloads * IdentiClone Gene Clonality Assays were developed and clinically • With his 15 positions, the Cellstain • Largest selection of consumables for all validated by the EuroClonality/BIOMED-2 Group. They are in vitro has a very small footprint. BCL1/JH Translocation Assays diagnostic products intended for PCR-based detection of clonal • The programming unit with Touch- • Selectable between RPM and RCF** Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify BCL1/JH gene rearrangements in patients with suspect lymphoproliferations. screen" for easy programing provides customizable staining steps in the • Cooling system for special sample t(11;14) translocations using a single master mix that targets BCL1 MTC staining, washing- and drying stations locus of chromosome 11 and the JH locus of chromosome 14. These standardized PCR-based tests include a Standard Operat- • Protected program memory stores up to 25 routine programs with up to • Closed rotor to protect the operating BCL2/JH t(14;18) Translocation Assays ing Procedure (SOP), an interpretative guide, master mixes, and Identifies BCL2/JH t(14;18) translocations using four master mixes that • Programs are protected by a PIN code. • The first centrifuge that grows in line target the Mbr and mcr loci on chromosome 18 and the JH locus of • The consumption of stains and reagents is verly low because of the with the requirements of your laboratory chromosome 14. This assay can be performed as a nested or IGH Gene Clonality Assays TCRB Gene Clonality Assays new slide holder, which hardly carries over stains and reagents.
• Available as lower-priced 8 position non-nested assay. IGK Gene Clonality Assays TCRD Gene Clonality Assays • The agitation and the drain time is freely selectable, to minimize the BCL2/JH Translocation Assays IGL Gene Clonality Assays TCRG Gene Clonality Assays carryover of reagents. • The "Double Cellfunnel" enables you to Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify BCL2/JH • The linear staining machine can move the slide holder forward and increase the number of preparations per t(14;18) translocations using three master mixes that target the Mbr, 3' backward to enable the user to program a large number of different Mbr, and mcr loci on chromosome 18, and the JH locus of chromosome IdentiClone™ Gene Translocation Assays
staining programs.
• You will work with the proven monolayer IdentiClone Gene Translocation Assays were developed and • The Cellstain-15 is thus a time saving and economical solution for filter card system BCR/ABL t(9;22) Translocation Assays clinically validated by the EuroClonality/BIOMED-2 Group. These staining in cytology.
Identifies BCR/ABL t(9;22) translocations using seven master mixes that are in vitro diagnostic products intended for PCR-based detection target the p190 e1a2, p210 b3a2, and p210 b2a2 translocation of gene translocations in patients with suspect lymphoprolifera- Cat. No. JC665 Basic stainer with 15 troughs (500ml) and slideholder for * Quickchange is a proprietary develop- products. This assay is a nested assay. ment by Tharmac GmbH for easy and fast rotor replacement.
PML/RARa t(15;17) Translocation Assays Cat. No. JC654 Water rinse station (optional) Identifies PML/RARa t(15;17) translocations using three master mixes that These standardized PCR-based tests include a Standard Operat- Cat. No. JC612 Slideholder for up to 30 slide ** for Cellspin II only target both the short and long form translocation products. This assay is ing Procedure (SOP), an interpretative guide, master mixes, and Cat. No. JC621 Trough (standard) with lid for 30 slides (500ml) Cat. No. JC683 Cellstain-15 Fume extraction desk hood Cat. No. JC100230/8 Cellspin 1 with 8 rotor positions & 8 Clips Cat. No. JC684 Fume extraction desk hood with integrated, replaceable Mutation and Translocation Assays Cat. No. JC100230/12 Cellspin 1 with 12 rotor positions & 12 Clips BCL1/JH t(11;14) Translocation Assays charcoal filter (optional) Cat. No. JC200230/12 Cellspin 2 with 12 rotor positions & 12 Clips BCL2/JH t(14;18) Translocation Assays Cat. No. JC200230/12R Cellspin Refrigerated 2 with 12 rotor positions B Cell Gene Rearrangement
IGH Somatic Hypermutation EASY Single Cellfunnel® white filter card** Used to test chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and small lymphocytic LeukoStrat™ Gene Mutation Assays
• Disposable sample chamber with dispos- lymphoma (SLL) specimens. Single Cellfunnel IGH Gene Rearrangement Assays LeukoStrat Gene Mutation Assays are in vitro diagnostic products • For sample volumes of up to 0.5ml • For sample volumes of up to 0.5ml Identifies IGH gene rearrangements using three master mixes that target intended for PCR-based detection of gene mutations in patients • Sedimentation field with a diameter of 6mm • Sedimentation field with a diameter of 6mm the Framework 1-3 regions. with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and other lymphoproliferative Cat. No. JC 1393 Single Cellfunnel with filter IGH Gene Clonality Assays diseases. These standardized PCR-based tests include a Cat. No. JC320 Single Cellfunnel disposable Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify IGH gene Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), an interpretative guide, Cat. No. JC304 Single Cellfunnel reusable rearrangements using three master mixes that target the Framework 1-3 master mixes, and controls.
regions, and two master mixes that target the DH-JH rearrangements. Cat. No. JC305 Filter cards only for JC304 EASY Single Cellfunnel® brown filter card** IGK Gene Clonality Assays BCL1/JH t(11;14) Translocation Assays Cat. No. JC310 Cytoträger slides one circle, uncoated Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify IGK gene BCL2/JH t(14;18) Translocation Assays • Disposable sample chamber with dispos- Cat. No. JC311Cytoträger slides one circle, coated rearrangements using two master mixes that target the Vk 1-7 segments, Cat. No. JC395 Single cellfunnel disposable with brown filter card for the Kappa deletion element, and intron segment. • For sample volumes of up to 0.4ml samples 0,4 ml or less IGL Gene Clonality Assays • Sedimentation field with a diameter of 6mm Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify gene • Brown filter card for low absorption Double Cellfunnel rearrangements using a single master mix that targets the Vl 1-3 • Suitable for small sample volumes, like CSF • 2 sample fields with a diameter of 6mm Cancer Mutation Analysis Cat. No. JC 1394 EASY Single Cellfunnel with brown filter card** each • Ideal for immunocytochemical processes T Cell Gene Rearrangement
Cat. No. JC323 Double Cellfunnel disposable EASY Double Cellfunnel white filter card** TCRB Gene Clonality Assays RealLine BRAF Detect, V600E, Kit for real-time PCR Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify gene • Disposable sample chambers with dispos- RealLine BRAF Detect, V600E, Kit for real-time PCR Cat. No. JC316 Cytoträger slides with two rearrangements using three master mixes that target the Vb 1-24 and Db BRAF Standard DNA Kit offset circles, coated 1&2 gene segments. • For sample volumes of up to 0.5ml Cat. No. JC317 Cytoträger slides with two offset circles, uncoated TCRD Gene Clonality Assays • 2 sedimentation fields with a diameter of Cat. No. JC306 Double Cellfunnel reusable only with JC307 Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify gene Cat. No. JC307 Filter cards only for JC306 JC309 RealLine EGFR Detect, L858R, Kit for real-time PCR rearrangements using a single master mix that targets the Vd 1-6 and Dd • Ideal for immunocytochemical processes Cat. No. JC312 Cytoträger slides two circles, uncoated Cytoträger slides RealLine EGFR Detect, L858R, Kit for real-time PCR 2&3 gene segments. Cat. No. JC 1395 EASY Double Cellfunnel with filter card** two circles, coated EGFR Detect del 746-750,Kit for Standard PCR TCRG Gene Rearrangement Assay 2.0 EGFR Detect del 746-750, Kit for Standard PCR New multiplex PCR assay can detect the vast majority of TCRG gene ECOfunnel® reusable EGFR Standard DNA Kit, L858R rearrangements with a single multiplex master mix. EASY ECOfunnel® with ECOseal** EGFR Standard DNA Kit, del 746-750 • For preparing large-volume samples of up TCRG Gene Rearrangement Assay molecular biology EGFR Standard DNA Kit, L858R & del 746-750 • Disposable sample chamber with dispos- Identifies gene rearrangements with two master mixes that target the Vg • Sedimentation field of 22x15mm for a higher • For preparing large-volume samples of up TCRG Gene Clonality Assay Cat. No. JC322 ECOfunnel® disposable with Developed by the BIOMED-2 Group, these assays identify gene RealLine KRAS Detect, DNA for real-time PCR, • Sedimentation field of 22x15mm for a higher rearrangements using two master mixes that target the Vg gene RealLine KRAS Detect, Kit for real-time PCR Cat. No. JC313 ECOfunnel® reusable KRAS Standard DNA Kit • ECOträger slides (with JC1391/25 included) Cat. No. JC315 ECOseal for ECOfunnel® Cat. No. JC 1391 EASY ECOfunnel with ECOseal** Cat. No. JC314 ECOträger slides, coated Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Microtome Disposal Blade Stackable Slide Cabinet Package Helena Routine reagents
Helena Specialist assays
Cat. No. BGSCP - 21 Slide Cabinet Cat. No. 48 1600 00 R-42 Package 10 tall slide rack Cat. No. 48 1610 00 N-52 Cat. No. BGSCP - 22 Embedding • Thromboplastin LI • Auto Red D-dimer 700 Cat. No. 48 1620 00 S-67 Cassette Cabinet Package 10 short • Thromboplastin MI • Auto Blue D-dimer 400 Cat. No. 48 1630 00 A-26 • Capillary Reagent • Manual D-dimer • Manchester Reagent/ Manches- ter Reagent LO Protein C / Protein S Stainless Steel Cover Stackable slide Cabinet rack Automated Coagulation Analyser • Protein C (Chromogenic) Cat. No. BGSSC- 019 Stainlees Steel 14 independent Slide rack • Protein C (ELISA) Cover 100 pcs / pack flexible, accurate and • Protein S (Clotting) Cat. No. BGSCP-23 ultra-reliable. The Helena AC-4 is • Protein S Free (ELISA) the perfect, fully automated analyser for any haemostasis laboratory. With a compact and • AT-III Xa (Chromogenic) easy to use format, the AC-4 Clauss Fibrinogen Xylene resistant Marking Pen Stackable Embedding Cassete Rack incorporates the latest optical • Fibrinogen Assay Kit Pen for marking cassettes and slides 15 indepentent Embedding Cassete technologies and measurement • DRVVT Screen resistant to acid, alcohol, xylene and principles, ensuring precise and • DRVVT Confirm Cat. No. BGSCP-24 accurate analysis of coagulation, Quickly drying, ink needs to dry chromogenic and immunoturbi- • Thrombin Clotting Time Activated Protein C Resistance Cat. No. 00-0701-74 Marking Pen dometric assays.
Factor Deficient Plasmas The AC-4 supports a wide range of haemostasis assays – all backed up • Immunodepleted von Willebrand Factor Slide Staining set set consisting of: Slide Filling Cabinet with Helena's high quality reagent range.
• von Willebrand Factor Antigen - rack made of stainless steel • Congenital (Intrinsic/Extrinsic) - 12 troughs with lids Cat. No. 46 5500 Approx 79.000 slide • Prothrombin Time - 1 basket with handle made • Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time of stainless steel Cat. No. 46 5501 approx 131.800 Helena Calibrators and
Helena Platelet function
• Fibrinogen Assay Kit Cat. No. 47-3112-00 Big Set • Thrombin Clotting Time Cat. No. 47-3116-00 Medium Set Platelet Aggregation Coplin jar Glass container, • Chromogenic Protein C • Normal (NormTrol-1) • Arachidonic Acid round model with 5 slots for 10 slides • Activated Protein C Resistance • Abnormal (AbTrol-2 and • Antithrombin Cat. No. 40 0022 00 Cat. No. 48 6720 • Factor Deficient Assays Specialist assay controls • Lupus Anticoagulants • Normal (SAC-1) • Controls and calibrators back • Abnormal (SAC-2) Ristocetin Cofactor • D-dimer Control • Ristocetin Cofactor Kit Hellendahl type Glass container Kryo Embedding Medium • Lupus Control Staining glass jar with glass lid Temp Range -10 to -30 Celcius Embracing intelligent detection and adopting the • Universal Calibrator (SARP) latest technology systems found on the most • ISI Calibrant Plasma Set sophisticated automated coagulation analysers, • INR Reference Set Fibrinogen Helena Biosciences introduces the new C-Series; a family of compact coagulation Schiefferdecker staining container systems designed to perform clotting, chromo- Staining glass jar with glass lid The Paraffin Cleaner consists of a Eccentric Cast Cutter mixture of oils that is applied in labora- genic and immunoturbidimetric assays on patient plasma.
Wolff Cast Spreader tories as reliable detergent with lowest pollutant emission.
This innovative addition to Helena Biosciences' haemostasis portfolio consists of single, dual Stille Cast Shear Cat. No. 41 5600 and quad channel analysers, each providing precise detection; multiassay flexibility; Staining Jar Plastic auto-start sensors; micro volume sample With Slide rack holder Non-polluting spray for histology handling; and software analysis, for a complete, Henning Cast Spreader without fluorochlorocarbons (harmless simple and cost effective laboratory solution.
for ozone layer) Rapid freezing of Cat. No. BGSJP - 20 Reliable reagents are the perfect partner.
classified as dangerous goods! Esmarch Plaster Knife Manufactured and assayed in-house, Helena Biosciences offer a comprehensive range of reagents, delivering cost effective and high Cardboard Slide Holder Xylene-free, synthetic mounting quality products of proven external and quality medium Slides can be covered directly Scissor pack of 3 Cat. No. BGCSH - 21 from X-TRA Solvent.
Charnley Wire Holders Refractive index: 1,492 Helena C-1, C-2 and C-4
• Prothrombin Time (+/- Derived Fibrinogen) • APTT Tamper for Embedding Mount Quick Aqueous • Thrombin Clotting Time Helena C-2 and C-4 only
Utility Scissors – Standard Tamper, 3/4" Square or 1/2 " Square Generally applied for permanent • Intrinsic Factor Deficiency • DRVVT Screen With heat-resisting handle For coverslipping of immuno-histochemical • Extrinsic Factor Deficiency • DRVVT Confirm positioning and pressing of the tissue and hybridization specimens • APC Resistance Cat. No. 46 0910 4/3" Square To use with or without cover glass Cat. No. 46 0911 11/2 " Square Cat. No. 41-5234-00 Tungsten Insert Blades – Economy Plaster Scissor Lister Bandage Scissor Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog Biogear Embedding Cassette Biogear Embedding Cassette Without lid 500 pcs / pack with lid 500 pcs / pack Cat. No. BGEC-500A-W White Cat. No. BGEC-500B-W White Cat. No. BGEC-500A-Y Yellow Cat. No. BGEC-500B-Y Yellow Cat. No. BGEC-500A-P Pink Cat. No. BGEC-500B-P Pink Cat. No. BGEC-500A-B Blue Cat. No. BGEC-500B-B Blue CA125 + HE4 =
.for the diagnosis of contact allergy Cat. No. BGEC-500A-G Green Cat. No. BGEC-500B-G Green Patch Test Products authorized by the ICDRG Cat. No. BGEC-500A-O Orange Cat. No. BGEC-500B-O Orange Biogear Cover Slip Biogear Cervical Brush The path to more optimal patient outcomes begins Cat. No. BGCS-2424 24 x 24mm Cat. No. BGCB-100 100pcs/pack with the new CA125 + HE4 stratification tool.
Cat. No. BGCS-2440 24 x 40mm 500 pcs/pack The CA125 + HE4 test combination from Fujirebio Diagnostics, Cat. No. BGCS-2460 24 x 60mm Inc., helps connect ovarian cancer patients with the right doctor for the most optimal outcome. Explore more about ovarian cancer, the new CA125 + HE4 test, and how this test will help Biogear Poly-L-lysine coated Slide the steer patients down the right treatment path.
Hapten series Cat. No. BGPP-001 Pap Pen Cat. No. BGCS-075 75pcs/pack European Baseline Series International Comprehensive Baseline Series (New) ICB-1000 Bakery Series Corticosteroid Series The only available multi-constituent control containing the novel Cosmetic Series (Extended) Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Series Biogear Tris (TBS) Buffer Biogear Premium Precleaned Slide Contains clinically relevant proportions of FREE PSA and PSA-ACT Dental Screening Cat. No. BGTBS-002 1 pouch for 2 L Cat. No. BGPS-050 50pcs/pack Contains medically relevant levels for HE4, AFP, CA 125, CA 15-3, Dental Materials Patients CA 19-9, CEA, Ferritin, PSA, and Free PSA Dental Materials Staff Biogear Phosphate (PBS) Buffer Lyophilized, 100% human serum matrix Cat. No. BGPBS-002 1 pouch for 2 L Reconstituted stability up to 60 days at <-20°C Fragrance Series Stable for up to 9 freeze/thaw cycles Hairdressing Series International Standard Series Isocyanate Series Biogear Slide Gear Box FITC Anti - Rabies Monoclonal Globulin Leg Ulcer Series Cat. No. BGSB-005 Slide Gear Box Cat. No. BGYT-001 Yellow Tips Medicament Series For Detection of Rabies in Brains and Submaxillary Glands Cat. No. BGWT-002 White Tips The Fujirebio Diagnostics FITC Anti-Rabies Monoclonal Globulin utilizes a Application Device for direct Fluorescent antibody procedure for the in vitro detection of rabies Cat. No. BGBT-003 Blue Tips in brains and submaxillary glands. The product is for in vitro diagnostic IQ Ultra® & IQ Ultimate® IQ Ultra® Chambers; 100 x 10 chambers IQ-U Biogear Transfer Pipette Biogear Microtube IQ Ultimate® Chambers; 100 x 10 chambers IQ-UL Cat. No. BGTPS-003 Transfer Pipet 3 Cat. No. BGMT-002 Microtube 0,2 ml The CanAg SCC EIA assay is an accurate and robust 100 x 10 chambers IQ-100 ml single pack sterile immunoassay for the measurement of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) Chemo Nickel Test™ (Dimethylglyoxime) Cat. No. BGTPN-003 Transfer Pipet 3 Cat. No. BGMT-015 Microtube 1,5 ml antigen in serum. Elevated SCC antigen levels in serum are found in Plastic Hapten Tray association with squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix, lung, head and Reading Plate for Cat. No. BGTPN-002 Transfer Pipet 2 Cat. No. BGMT-020 Microtube 2 ml neck, vulva and esophagus.
IQ Ultra® & IQ Ultimate® Chemo Skin Marker Biogear Embedding Cassette O-ring Biogear Micro Centrifuge Tube Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.'s Vitamin D Control Chemo Skin Marker Slim UV™ Cat. No. BGRO-500 Embedding Cat. No. BGMCT-015 Micro Centri- is anassayed, tri-level Vitamin D control Skin Marker Regular™ Cassette o-ring 500 pcs/pack fuge Tube 1000 pcs/pack containing both 25(OH) Vitamin D2 and Ultraviolet Lamp (handheld) 25(OH) Vitamin D3. The control contains clinically relevant concentrations of 25(OH). Manual EIA Kits Biogear Histology Tissue Mold Biogear Centrifuge Tube CanAg ProGRP EIA Cat. No. BGTMK-001 Histology Cat. No. BGCT-015 Centrifuge Tube Complete Autopsy and Orthopaedic saw Tissue Mold Small 500 pcs/pack Cat. No. BGTMS-002 Histology Cat. No. BGCT-050 Centrifuge Tube product name: Swordfish System Tissue Mold Medium 500 pcs/pack Product Code: MSYS 4000 Cat. No. BGTMB-003 Histology Tissue Mold Large 500 pcs/pack CanAg Free PSA EIA Country of Origin: UK Remaining Vacuum Pipe Biogear Slide Storage Box Biogear Cervical brush scraper type ommitted for clarity Cat. No. BGSSB-050 Slide Storage Cat. No. BGCBS-001 Scraper Type Other Kits Cervical brush steriled single pack 100 Cat. No. BGSSB-100 Slide Storage Tumor Marker Control Panel Status Indicator Lights Vitamin D Control Power Supply Enclosure Biogear Urine Container Biogear Stool Container Supply LeadSaw Unit Cat. No. BGUC-060 Urine Container Cat. No. BGSC-060 Stool Container Serum Products 60 ml 500 pcs/pack 60 ml 500 pcs/pack Enzyme Conjugate Stabilizer Supply LeadFiltration Unit Filtration Unit Clamp Ring Glycated Human Hemoglobin Supply Lead Mains Input Charcoal Adsorbed (Stripped)—Human Nonglycated Human Hemoglobin Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228 Biozatix product catalog Biozatix product catalog DRG provide complete range of ELISA kits for: Autoimmune Diseases Bone and Mineral Metabolism Leukotrienes and Prostaglandins Gastrointestinal and Pankreatic Saliva Diagnostics Fertility and Pregnancy Pituitary / Adrenal Function Fully automated Random Access Analyzer Infectious Diseases Primary Antibodies Over 150,000 Antibodies and Biochemicals.
for Immunoassays and Clinical Chemistry Cardiovascular Diseases Boster is a manufacturer and global supplier of Please visit to find antibodies, immunological reagents, focusing on high quality protocol and data sheet. or contac products and excellent service. Antibodies are one This innovative and unique DRG Veterinary Diagnostics kits of the main products that Boster offers. We have a technology allows, for the first long history of antibody design, development and time, the simultaneous measure- ment of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters including turbidimetric tests in Secondary Antibodies Thousands of quality biochemicals one sample. The comprehensive assay menu will include routine Boster provides a series of labeling reagents. We Please visit to find biochemicals, and niche parameters.
produces affinity purified antibody, staphylococcal protocol and data sheet. or contac protein A (SPA) and avidin conjugate to biotin, Up to 40 tests of different types peroxidase, colloidal gold, FITC and TRITC respec- or 40 times of the same test, or up to 20-patient samples can be ordered by the medical practitioner over a wide range of pre-packaged High-precision rail transmissions, tests to serve different specialties enclosing optical system, test 96 Whatever biological system you use, we have the wells in 3 seconds. System right culture medium to keep things growing in your Boster ELISA kits has been use in the life sciences, Targeted assay menu: self-check and diagnosis function for such as molecular biology, molecular immunology, optical paths and mechanical parts.
and cytobiology. Can be used in quantify of Lamp's automatic switch, energy- macromoleculer,micromolecular antigens, soluble efficient design can extend the life of antigens, such as found in sera, plasma, body light source and make easy to fluids, tissue lysates and cell culture supernatents in change lamp. Shaking function, ELISA kits Kits and Assays adjustable shaking speed and time.
• Homocysteine • IAA Specimen information records: lists and cards, directly input specimen Our kits contain carefully prepared reagents and Cardiac Marker • Mg++ Specimen information records: lists andNo., Patient Name, etc.
detailed instructions for use and interpretation.
• Alkaline Phosp No., Patient Name, etc.
The western blot (sometimes called the protein Specimen No., OD value, result, S/CO value and term parameters can be immunoblot) is a widely used analytical technique shown in the same screen.
used to detect specific proteins in the given sample Quick tagging blank, specimen, positive control, quality control, • Homocysteine • TSH of tissue homogenate or extract.
Arrange 96 well microplate horizontally or longitudinally, set up optionally the start bit and stop bit in testing, autocoding .
• alpha l Antitryp- Suitable for self contrast, rows and columns subtraction, input judgment Cloning: Oligo Sequencing Products formula freely.
Sequencing Primers, Single-Stranded Adapters Qualitative and quantitive parameters, the storable standard curve can be Restriction Site Primers, Oligo dT used directly.
Multiterm can be tested on one microplate up to 12 terms.
Report according to microplate No. or specimen No., input experimental terms and results in batches.
*not available in USA • CMV IgG/IgM Cat. No. B-ER-015 Maxi Read Elisa Reader • Rubella IgG/IgM Cardiac Marker • Toxo IgG/IgM • HSV1/2 IgG/IgM butuh reagent, kits dan alat untuk research? • Phenobarbital 3.5-inch LCD display.
Easy to name, edit and save different •Homocysteine • HCV 100 wash programs.
• Valproic Acid Any line and hole can be easily • Carbamazepine •PAPP-A HS* cleaned, unnecessary to comple- ment the whole plate or strip.
Stop or Pause key in the panel can be chosen to stop or pause during Prenatal Super- •HDL • Free Testoster- vision Aspirating in 2 positions, residual volume <0.7μl.
• Androstenedi- • Free ß-HCG CUSABIO is a leading biotechnology company specialized in production Multi-plate can be selected by default settings or manual operation.
efault settings or manual operation.
of high quality products for gene, protein, antibody, ELISA kit, raw Microplate holder is detachable, which makes easy to disinfect and *not available in USA material for production of diagnostic kit, drug residues, food safety small • Alpha Amylase maintain it.
molecules & other small molecules. Our products cover research areas Suitable for flat, U and V-bottom microplates.
• Renin (active) such as the biosynthesis/metabolism, neurobiology, cytokine, growth Special rinse procedure makes easy to maintain the device and reduces factor, autoimmunity and so on, including over 10000 kinds of ELISA contamination between plates.
kits for 37 species; over 6000 antibodies, thousands of high-quality • Phospholipids Wash bottle filter keeps sediment in the solution away the pipes.
recombinant proteins through the prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression The control technology for pump pressure can avoid clogging in needles.
systems; small molecule antigens and standards used in drug residues, Automatical rinse procedure by distilled water when turn on or turn off can clinical chemistry food safety and other field and dozens of excellent proteins and avoid crystallizing in the pipes.
antibodies for diagnostic use.
Cat. No. B-EW-016 Maxi Wash Elisa Washer Informasi, quotation dan pemesanan hubungi: [email protected] atau Telp: 021- 40511228


Treatment: Drug Therapy Treatment: Drug Therapy Drug management has an important role to play in primary care, both as a treatment for obesity in its own right and as a prevention for diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD) and premature death. The principal concerns when considering drug treatments for obesity management are:

Smoking - the facts

Smoking - The Facts Cigarette smoking is the greatest single cause of il ness and premature death in the UK. This leafletgives reasons why smoking is so harmful. It also lists the benefits of stopping, and where to go forhelp. Some initial facts and figures About 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking. Smoking-related deaths are mainly due tocancers, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart disease.