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Power from the sun

Free solar energy for generating power using photovoltaics As renewable energy systems have become more widespread, consumers and end users have become increasingly keen to generate their own electricity. Today, an efficient photovoltaic system offers the opportunity to make profitable use of free solar energy. By installing photovoltaic modules, users demonstrate their responsible attitude towards the environment, and make an active contribution towards protecting the climate by reducing CO emissions.
With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money and reduces their dependence on energy suppliers. The power they generate can be used for their own needs or exported to the public grid. Thanks to statutory remuneration and savings resulting from on-site consumption, the investment pays for itself in just a few years. A photovoltaic system also increases the value of the On the following pages you will find comprehensive information on the Viessmann photovoltaic system and the perfectly matching components available. These include photovoltaic modules, inverters, assembly systems, power storage systems and heat pumps to help you consume more of your own power on site.
The high quality provided by the photovoltaic modules ensures economic efficiency and a long service life. Comprehensive services from planning and sizing through to delivery and servicing complete the photovoltaic offer provided by Viessmann's professional trade partners.

Saving energy and protecting the climate Viessmann is aware of its responsibilities towards the sustained protection of the environment. Our company philosophy and products have been designed with this duty in mind.
"Nothing is so good that it cannot be Efficient photovoltaic systems
Viessmann offers energy improved". This motto is also reflected in By installing a Viessmann photovoltaic efficient heating systems for oil, gas, solar, biomass, air our company principles. Viessmann can system, anyone can generate their own and geothermal heat. The rightfully claim to be the leader in quality and power. Converting free solar energy into pictographs will help you technology, and as such, aims to continually power makes financial sense and the use choose the right system.
set new standards.
of power storage facilities allows you to be less dependent on the public grid for your Of course, this applies in particular to electricity. Furthermore, users are helping the company's product range, which is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, consistently geared towards significantly thereby actively contributing to climate lowering the consumption of fossil fuels and protection. With its perfectly matching gradually replacing them with renewable components, Viessmann provides highly sources of energy.
efficient solutions, whether for an existing building or new build.
At around 40 percent, the heating market actually accounts for the largest proportion Viessmann has the right solution for you.
of energy consumption in Germany. The rest is shared by freight, personal transport and power generation, each accounting for 20 percent. These values can also be applied approximately to other industrial countries. Ever-rising energy costs mean that the emphasis is on reducing the consumption of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.
Good reasons to choose a photovoltaic system from Viessmann A module surface area of 450 x 450 km Generating electrical power directly from solar would be sufficient to cover the power energy, known as photovoltaics, is an elegant demand of the entire world. Our sun not only and reliable option. Generating roughly provides energy in abundance – it is also an the amount of power an average person environmentally responsible source of energy. consumes in a year requires a photovoltaic Better still – the power it delivers is free.
surface area of approx. 8.5 m2.
Although both the Vitovolt (photovoltaic) General solar data
and the Vitosol (solar thermal) systems use Annually, the amount of energy that reaches sunlight to generate power, they differ in the surface area of the Federal Republic of planning and operation. Electrical power is Germany is equivalent to approx. 80 times the generated directly in the photovoltaic module. country's total energy consumption. Around However, in solar thermal systems, the half of this reaches the Earth's surface as heat gained in the collectors is transferred direct insolation, the other half as diffused hydraulically via a heat transfer medium, so it can be used for DHW or central heating.
Consequently, a total of around 950 to Power from the sun
1200 kWh/m2 reach a horizontal surface every In conventional power stations, only one year. Solar cells convert more than 15 percent third of the primary energy spent 'translates' of this into electrical power, with around two into useful power. Around two thirds of thirds of the energy being yielded in summer the primary energy is lost during power and one third in winter. generation and distribution through the national grid. The provision of electrical Solar power has a safe future
power has a considerable impact on the Installing a photovoltaic system on the environment. It is therefore particularly roof turns every homeowner into a power worthwhile to generate electricity using generator. In fact, it's really quite simple, just renewables such as the sun, wind, assemble the modules, plug in the connecting hydroelectric power and biomass, by cables, connect the inverter, and you're done. means of a decentralised source close You can add a power storage system as well to the point of consumption.
if required. The number of house builders interested in this form of power generation is continuing to rise.
Power from the sun. 8.5 m2 of photovoltaic surface is enough to meet the power demand of the average person.
Feed-in remuneration and using generated
power on site
If you generate your own power, you can receive a guaranteed remuneration from your photovoltaic module with power supply utility over 20 years. This is black anodised frame and governed by the German Renewable Energy dark Tedlar film with an Sources Act (EEG), which states that energy output up to 275 Wp utilities are obliged to accept the power not consumed on site and absorb it into their grid.
There are currently two ways in which the solar power generated by a rooftop Polycrystalline photovoltaic photovoltaic system can be used: It can either module with 48 cells and be exported to the grid in its entirety, or it can an output of 200 Wp be partially or completely consumed on site.
In the past it was usually more financially attractive to export all solar power generated into the grid. Falling feed-in tariffs on the one hand and increasing electricity costs on the other, make the option of using your own Polycrystalline photovoltaic power on site more appealing. Electricity module with 60 cells and costs per kilowatt hour are generally far higher an output up to 265 Wp than the remuneration tariff for the same kilowatt hour of solar power that is exported into the grid.
For this reason, the number of house builders interested in this form of power generation is continuing to grow.
„ Make a noticeable contribution towards protecting the environment. The use of photovoltaic systems reduces the damage caused by emissions and protects natural Single glazed version with mono- and polycrystalline „ Generating solar power is already silicon cells for vertical and significantly cheaper than drawing horizontal installation domestic power from the grid.
„ A PV system will enhance your property and increase its value.
Viessmann photovoltaic systems are designed to last for decades. Thanks to their simple operating principle they are completely Installing a photovoltaic system isn't rocket science. With the fully assembled modules, you, too, could soon be getting power straight from your roof.
Vitovolt function explained
Basically, a mains-connected solar power system operates in three stages: 1. Harvesting energy
When light falls on the photovoltaic modules, electrons are released inside the solar cells. Positive and negative charge carriers collect at the respective electrical contacts, resulting in a DC current between the front and back of the cell. This photoelectric effect is created without mechanical or chemical reactions, and so is maintenance-free and not subject 2. Power conversion
DC power generated by the solar generator is then converted by the inverter (commonly known as a mains feed-in device) into AC power suitable for the grid (230 or 400 volt AC current at 50 Hz). Proven safety standards and Vitovolt
fully developed processors, as well as cutting Silicon solar cell
edge power electronics, ensure effective conversion of the solar power.
1 Negative electrode 2 N-doped silicon 3. On-site consumption
The falling remuneration rates for privately 4 P-doped silicon generated solar power and the rising cost 5 Positive electrode of electricity are motivation enough for developing an optimised energy concept for detached and two-family houses. In the meantime, using solar power in your own home – the more the better – has become much more attractive financially. Using a power storage system for solar power generated at home increases the rate of power consumption on site and reduces purchases from the grid still further.
Photovoltaic modules with a high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety The Vitovolt 300 product range consists of monocrystalline modules in a black Vitovolt 300 modules are distinguished by design with an output up to 275 W and their design and dimensions. Modules in the polycrystalline modules of 48 or 60 cells MSBC series feature a black anodised frame, with an output up to 265 W .
monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark Photovoltaic system with hue and a black Tedlar film. Extraordinary Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules feature design has been combined with the highest high outputs and uncompromising quality, performance values. The effect is even more plus the comprehensive Viessmann product architecturally stunning when these modules and performance guarantee. In addition, all are incorporated into a flush mounted roof modules are only ever supplied with positive integration system. output tolerances. You benefit from an increase in output of up to 5 W as a result.
Matching installation systems
Our installation systems form the basis for Our PV modules are suitable for installation on a perfectly matching appearance, whether the roofs of detached houses and apartment they are installed on the roofs of private buildings, as well as on commercial and homes or business and industrial premises. All installation options feature quick and safe installation and static certification.
Monocrystalline PV module Vitovolt 300 with black anodised Polycrystalline photovoltaic module Vitovolt 300 with frame and dark Tedlar film Take advantage of these benefits
„ Positive output tolerance for additional output of up to 5 W per module „ Secured investment with Viessmann's extended product warranty of 10 years and 25 year performance guarantee of at least 80 % rated output „ High module efficiency of up to 16.8 % „ Anti-reflection glass for high yields „ Anti-twisting anodised aluminium frame „ Strict cell selection process for balanced and high value appearance„ High operational reliability as a result of three bypass diode jumpers „ Tested Viessmann quality: Every PV module is subjected to an optical and electrical quality test „ Standardised process for the ability to recycle all Vitovolt 300 modules in a sustainable and efficient manner Polycrystalline photovoltaic module Vitovolt 300 with High performance module at an affordable price Vitovolt 200 photovoltaic modules are available with monocrystalline and The connection of the PV modules is prepared polycrystalline silicon cells.
at the factory. The inverters and installation systems are matched to the individual PV The PV modules consist of a glass laminate system; cables simply need to be plugged where individual solar cells are embedded together on site.
in two plastic films. A weather-resistant Poly- and monocrystalline PV foil covers the back of the module. Panes Robust aluminium frames enable the modules module Vitovolt 200 and foils are laminated together to protect to comply with even the most demanding the cells reliably against external weather pressure and suction limits.
Thanks to its low weight the fully wired module is particularly easy to install on 1 Aluminium frame 2 Low ferrous glass cover 3 Top EVA film (EVA = Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) Take advantage of these benefits
„ High quality single pane modules with an attractive price/performance ratio „ High efficiency „ High quality standard in the selection of silicon cells„ All necessary components for the photovoltaic system are perfectly matched„ Quick installation with simple plug-in connection of cables „ Highly efficient inverter with display – optional data entry is performed easily either by remote display or via internet portal and mobile terminal devices Monocrystalline photovoltaic module Vitovolt 200 System technology 1 Vitovolt photovoltaic modules 2 Vitosol solar collectors 3 Vitocal 242-S split air/water 4 Vitovent 300-F mechanical 5 Photovoltaic inverter 6 Vitocal 200-S external unit Power storage systems Consumption of generated power on site for higher efficiency Viessmann power storage systems increase can be used to operate electrical appliances, consumption on site of the energy you for example. If the power storage unit is fully generate and improve the efficiency of the charged and no consumers are connected, photovoltaic system. The system will charge excess power will be exported into the grid the power storage unit when the home is not and remunerated accordingly.
calling for power. When needed, this power Power storage system, type LAA
Power storage system
„ An ideal solution for detached houses: Compact size for wall mounting and modern design for installation in living areas „ Environmentally responsible lithium ion „ Secure investment with high cycle stability (up to 20 years service life) „ The Plug & Work system ensures quick and easy installation „ Integrated battery management and backup to guarantee high operational reliability „ Efficient and quiet operation with a passive „ Low maintenance system as there is no need for mechanical ventilation, winter mode or maintenance charging Power storage system
Power storage system, type BHA/BHB
„ A compact, easy to install solution with perfectly matching components „ Maintenance free, sealed power storage system with lead-gel technology „ Established returns system for spent „ Lower electricity costs „ Free, standard internet access to monitor Power storage system, type LVA
Power storage system
„ Modular storage system gives you the flexibility to match storage capacity and retrofitting according to your own „ Environmentally responsible lithium ion „ Easy to position using the 'cabinet for insertable units' concept „ Optimal matching cells and power electronics provide a long service life and high safety levels „ Easy service: Fault analysis via the cylinder control unit and replacement of individual „ Three phase emergency power function for an assured power supply „ Compatible with all commercially available single and three phase inverters Efficient on-site consumption of solar power Since generating solar power on- site is cheaper than drawing power from the grid, on-site consumption offers financial advantages. An optimised system concept with perfectly matched components ensures this high level of on-site 1 Photovoltaic system 2 Photovoltaic inverter 3 Photovoltaic meter 5 Heat pump meter 6 Heat pump with 7 Consumption and generation meters Optimum system concept
Using actual data and adaptive logic, the Those intending to combine a photovoltaic control unit determines if and when demand system with a heat pump should select a for DHW, central heating or cooling can be heat pump that specifically optimises on-site expected in the building. Depending on the consumption and can be adapted to match established demand, the heat pump supplies the generating characteristics of the PV heat to the DHW cylinder, the heating system. For this purpose Viessmann has water buffer cylinder or the heating system. developed a correspondingly matched system Alternatively, the heat pump can also be comprising photovoltaics and heat pump. switched to cool the building.
A power meter on the heat pump control unit captures photovoltaic yield at regular Before the heat pump is activated, priority intervals. It then adjusts its characteristics is given to meeting the power demand for based on this information, to increase your electrical household appliances with solar on-site consumption. The heat pump can then power generated on site. After the household heat up the heating and domestic hot water. appliances have been satisfied, an energy The heat gained during the day by means of meter captures the amount of remaining solar photovoltaic power is held in a well-insulated power and communicates this to the heat buffer cylinder for central heating or in the pump. Via the heat pump, this solar power DHW cylinder to be used as domestic hot surplus is then stored in the form of thermal water as required. Heat pumps with a cooling energy and made available when required. function can also be used in summer to keep This raises the level of on-site consumption the building cool.
and makes use of the solar energy while it is With the Vitotronic 200 heat pump control unit (type WO1C), on-site consumption of solar Thanks to the targeted increase in the power is increased automatically. Combining proportion of on-site consumption, the the Viessmann heat pump with a PV system economic viability of the PV system is also offers the possibility of integrating substantially improved. The lower cost of additional components that increase on-site solar power also makes the heat pump more consumption of the solar power generated on your roof, such as ventilation equipment, for Vitotronic 200 control unit (type WO1C)
Dual mode system comprising an oil boiler
Ensuring optimum interaction between a heat and DHW heat pump optimises energy
pump and a photovoltaic system requires a well-honed control system. This is offered by If an existing oil boiler provides central heating Viessmann in the shape of the Vitotronic 200 during the winter months, then DHW heating control unit (type WO1C). This control unit can be provided by a Vitocal 161-A heat pump. increases consumption on site of solar power This will be driven by the home-generated solar generated on your roof by controlling how power from a PV system. For this, the heat the heat pump operates to optimum effect. pump uses indoor air to provide cost-effective All parameters that are relevant to on-site DHW heating. The dual mode system therefore consumption are taken into consideration: covers most of the energy demand on its own.
„ Solar power currently available „ Current household power demand By meeting the energy demand for central „ Heat-up condition of the available heating and/or domestic hot water with the help of a heat pump, the user can „ Use of ventilation increase consumption of their home- „ Use of cooling system generated power considerably. Viessmann has specially developed a matching system In addition to optimising on-site consumption, for this application using a heat pump and a the unit's many control functions offer further photovoltaic system. The heat pump optimises consumption by matching its operation to the „ Easy heating system diagnostics power generated by the PV system. Since „ Extended options for evaluating key energy generating solar power on-site is cheaper than drawing power from the grid, on-site „ Improved heat source management, e.g. in consumption offers financial advantages. combination with the ice store system The perfectly matched system ensures a „ Optimised integration of other renewable high degree of on-site consumption.
Extract from the function overview of heat pumps with the Vitotronic 200 Switching the
Optimising on-site consumption
of PV power
Solar DHW heating
(incl. optimisation by suppressing reheating) Ventilation unit
Ice store
External heat generator
Vitotrol app
Function available, accessories may be required 1 "AC" version only 2 BW, BWC; single stage only A comprehensive product range from the Viessmann Group Solar thermal and up to 116 MW heat or up to 116 MW heat or up to 120 t/h steam up to 120 t/h steam Residential buildings Local authorities Individual solutions with efficient systems The comprehensive range of products and Everything from a single source
services from Viessmann offers individual You will find the right product and system solutions with efficient systems for all fuel for all your needs in the Viessmann range. types and application areas. As one of the Whether it's a wall mounted or floorstanding world's leading manufacturers, Viessmann solution, for use in homes, businesses, offers intelligent, convenient and efficient industry or local authorities. Whether for systems for heating, cooling and decentralised modernisation or new build, Viessmann is power generation. Viessmann products and always the right partner for providing heating, systems are synonymous with the very highest steam, power and cooling.
levels of efficiency and reliability.
The wide ranging expertise we have at our Our comprehensive product range offers top disposal in the Group enables us to always technology and sets new benchmarks. By offer the perfect system. Our product focusing on using energy efficiently, we can portfolio is rounded off with a full range of help cut costs, protect natural resources and the environment.
Wood combustion technology, Heat pumps for brine, Refrigeration technology CHP and biogas production The comprehensive range of products and services from Viessmann offers individual system solutions for the generation of heating, cooling, steam and power.
The complete product range for all energy
Maintenance and service
sources and output ranges
Whether for commissioning, maintenance or „ Boilers for oil or gas up to 116 MW heat or service – our trade partners can always count on the Viessmann Group for professional „ Combined heat and power generation up support. Our online tools also offer valuable tips, and spare parts can be delivered the next „ Heat pumps up to 2 MW morning if necessary.
„ Wood combustion technology up to „ Biogas production plants from 50 kW to The Viessmann Academy offers extensive knowledge in commercial seminars and „ Biogas upgrading plants up to 3000 m3/h technical training sessions. The continuing „ Solar thermal systems training that our trade partners receive ensures our mutual success.
„ Refrigeration technology Viessmann – climate of innovation Viessmann is one of the world's leading today are met without compromising the manufacturers of intelligent, convenient and quality of life of future generations.
efficient systems for heating, cooling and decentralised power generation.
We consider climate protection, environmental responsibility and resource efficiency to be key As a third generation family run business, priorities throughout our company, which has Viessmann has been supplying highly efficient more than 11,400 employees worldwide.
and clean heating systems for many decades.
Example of Best Practice
A strong brand creates trust
With its strategic sustainability project, German Sustainability Award for Production/Brand/Resource Together with our brand label, our key brand Viessmann demonstrates at its own head message is an identifying feature throughout office in Allendorf (Eder) that the energy and the world. "Climate of innovation" is a promise climate policy goals set for 2050 can in fact on three levels: It is a commitment to a culture be achieved today with commercially available of innovation. It is also a promise of enhanced technology. The results speak for themselves: product benefits and, at the same time, an obligation to protect the environment.
„ Expansion of renewables to 60 percent „ CO emissions reduced by 80 per cent Acting in a sustainable manner
For Viessmann, taking responsibility signifies The long-term goal is for the company to a commitment to acting sustainably.
sustainably meet all of its own heating energy Energy Efficiency Award 2010 This means to harmonise ecology, economy and social responsibility so that the needs of The comprehensive product range from the
„ Established in: 1917 Viessmann Group for all energy sources
„ Employees: 11,400 and output ranges
„ Group turnover: 2.1 billion euros „ Boilers for oil or gas „ Export share: 55 percent „ Combined heat and power units „ 27 production companies in 11 countries „ 74 countries with sales companies and „ Wood combustion technology „ Biogas production plants „ 120 sales offices worldwide „ Biogas upgrading plants „ Solar thermal systems „ Accessories„ Refrigeration technology Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG Viessmannstrasse 1 35107 Allendorf (Eder) Telephone +49 6452 70-0 Fax +49 6452 70-2780 Your trade partner: 9443 862 - 3 GB 11/2014 Copyright Viessmann Duplication and alternative use only with prior written consent.
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