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We are so fortunate today not being victimized by a death-dealing massive epidemic. Yes, there are many diseases still out there, and for those affected they cannot feel thisgood fortune. But I am referring here to the great plagues, It can be argued that humans the ones that decimated huge segments of populations.
and other organisms are disposable For example, influenza killed 21 million people at the packages of genetic material. Our end of the First World War. The Black Death (bubonic plague) purpose, from a strictly biological killed one quarter of Europe's population between 1346 and perspective, is the continuation of 1352. Death was so great, peasants from the countryside had life through our offspring.
to keep moving into the cities to keep them going. UntilWorld War II, more people died in wars from war-borne dis- Our physical and psychological eases than from the battles themselves. Who spread the morevirulent disease to the other side was the determinant of makeup is influenced by the sexual victories, not the brilliant strategy of generals.
imperative far more than most of usrealize or wish to admit. Entire sys- Old World diseases were bad enough, but the toll on na- tems of psychoanalytical therapy tive populations in the New World by the invading conquerors(doing the "will of God") is staggering. The Old World bugs (e.g. Freud) are based upon the included smallpox, measles, influenza, typhus, diphtheria, malaria, mumps, measles, pertussis, plague, tuberculosis and sexual creatures.
yellow fever.
When the Canadian Pacific Railroad was built, Native doubt that there are dramatic differ- Americans, having no previous exposure to the white man'sgerms, died of tuberculosis at the rate of almost 10% per ences between the sexes. This can year. In 1520, one slave from Spanish Cuba arrived in Mexico be seen even in the earliest of years.
carrying smallpox. In less than 100 years, the powerful (This is so in spite of vigilant ef- Aztec nation, numbering some 20 million, had plummeted to forts by "rights" groups to blur dis- fewer than two million. History gives the Spanish conquista- dor, Cortez, the credit for subduing the Aztecs with his 600 men, but we now know better. Similarly, when Pizarro went to equality by legal fiat.) Girls with conquer the millions of Peruvian Incas with his 168 men, dolls and boys with trucks and guns smallpox had already paved the way by killing most of the manifest with no coaching from parents, and reflect the respective When Hernando de Soto became the first European conqueror nurturing versus aggressive roles of of the southeastern U. S. in 1540, he found abandoned vil- lages all over the landscape. The European germs had spreadthroughout the land even before he began his march. By the Physically there are the primary time it was over, some 20 million Native Americans became one and secondary sexual characteris- million. When Columbus arrived in 1492, these people wereintact. That means a 95% loss of population in just 50 tics. These features attract the op- posite sex and prepare each sex forreproduction, care-giving and pro- As late as 1837 the Mandan nation was an elaborate cul- tection for the young.
ture of 2000. After exposure to a steamboat of Europeanstraveling up the Missouri River, their numbers fell to about Decreased risk of breast cancer 40 in just a few short weeks. The Indian population ofHispaniola fell from 8 million when Columbus arrived, to zero is directly linked to number of in about 40 years. What the epidemics did not slaughter, the ovulations and children conceived blade and gun finished off.
and nursed. Other research has continued on page 2 demonstrated that fulfilling sexual Page 2 Wysong Health Letter November 1999
This is what I mean by us being fortunate today, but two questions reasonably arise. One is, why did the germs from Europeans attack the natives and not vice versa; and secondly,could such epidemics occur today? Europeans had developed densely populated areas and close proximity to a variety of ani- mals through agriculture. Many of the epidemics that ravaged the Old World were derived fromanimals. For example, measles is closely related to cattle rinderpest disease. Tuberculosisand smallpox are also derived from cattle. Flu, pertussis and malaria, on the other hand,are related to microbes endemic in pigs, dogs, ducks and chickens.
Microbes adapted to the new human hosts, and insect and animal vectors sustained infec- tions because of the proximity of people to one another and the lack of well-developed publicsanitation and public utilities. Because of the scale of population and its wide geographicdistribution, even lethal disease did not kill everyone. Over time the diseases subsided asthe population became resistant.
On the other hand, New World peoples were more thinly scattered and were still in the hunter-gatherer mode. They left their refuse behind as they moved in nomadic life (as op-posed to wallowing in it as the European cities were doing), and had not developed the closeagricultural ties with animals. Thus the epidemic diseases had not taken root and thetribelets had not developed immunity. Nor could their small populations evolve epidemicdiseases to give back to the invaders.
Could we today fall victim to a new epidemic as serious as those in the past? Most cer- tainly. Microbes are constantly adapting and evolving, looking for new opportunity for foodand homes (like us). Our protection is not "medical research" and new vaccines. As I havepointed out in previous issues, the epidemics were not vanquished by vaccines or chemothera-peutic agents. These diseases had already experienced the majority of their natural declinein the population before medicines were even introduced.
The great plagues subsided due to natural resistance that develops. A good example of this is illustrated by the rabbit population that was overrunning Australian farm fields inthe 1940s. To cure the problem, the myxomatosis virus, with a 99.8% mortality in rabbits,was introduced. But by the second year the mortality dropped to 90% and shortly thereafterfell to 25%. No vaccine, no medicine, just innate resistance and adaptation.
The other two reasons the epidemics declined were better food distribution (nutrition – it's pretty hard to have much resistance if you're working in the fields 16 hours a day andonly eating potatoes and mycotoxin-laced moldy bread), and better sanitation (getting thefeces and urine out of the streets). The heroes are therefore the trucker and the plumber,not the doctor.
There will always be diseases. We can take lessons from history and learn how to in- crease our odds. Moving to an area with less population density is one preventative. Othersinclude good hygiene, good nutrition, healthy living with exercise, clean water and air.
These are the things of health and resistance. This is the essence of the Optimal Health Program and your best hope for health and survival, come what may.
activity in women is also linked to sexual self-worth goes hand in hand harm depending upon how these en- with physical and mental health.
ergies are focused.
A man's sense of strength, per- Who primarily commits violent On the other hand, when male ception of attractiveness to women, crime in society? Is it not young hormone levels start to ebb in later feelings of being loved and de- men in the heyday of their testoster- years, health decline parallels. Men pended upon, financial success, re- one surge? Sexuality and health at will experience loss of muscle mass, spect, and feeling accepted are all their peak create the potential for lowered energy levels, decreased intricately tied to sexuality. Male either great accomplishment or great immunity, increased susceptibility The Wysong Health Letter is published monthly by Wysong Institute, 1880 N. Eastman, Midland, Michigan 48642-7779, Email: [email protected].
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Author/Editor: . Dr. R.L. Wysong The Wysong Health Letter is an educational newsletter. Opinions expressed are meant to be taken for their argumentative/intellectual interest value, Associate Editor: . J. Wysong and not interpreted as specific medical or legal direction for individual conditions or situations. The Health Letter does not represent all-inclusive Research Assistants: . H. Nicholas knowledge, nor can it affirm or deny facts or data gathered from cited references. Before initiating any health action or changing existing therapies, individuals should read the references cited in the Health Letter and seek and evaluate several alternative, competent viewpoints. The reader (not Production: . B. Taylor the Wysong Health Letter) must assume all responsibilities from the application of educational and often controversial information presented inthe Health Letter. Copyright 1999, Wysong Corporation Wysong Health Letter November 1999 Page 3
to a variety of degenerative dis- gram. These changes will rejuve- prove sperm motility.
eases, decreased libido and fertil- nate the entire body and with that Of important benefit, Androlog™ ity, and various degrees of impo- send a signal to the sexual core of ingredients can improve sexual tence. Sensing this loss, men can our biological being that we are well feel hopeless and worthless. Such and alive. With that life signal will feelings further fuel the downward come rejuvenation of sexuality and binding of sex hormone-binding spiral often resulting in an early its attendant vigorous male features.
In addition, specific natural nu- provides relief to benign prostatic The importance of sexuality in tritional supplementation can provide hyperplasia (BPH) sufferers who men is evidenced by polls showing benefit to many. A new natural supplement from Wysong, Androlog™, intercourse. (Because the prostate is the result of several years of re- gland also manufactures prostatic search seeking non-toxic, natural nu- fluid, which nourishes spermatazoa tritional supplements. Ingredients have been selected based upon the recommended that Androlog™ be weight of scientific evidence and tra- taken in conjunction with Wysong ditional experience with their use.
Recent studies suggest that Androgenic phytonutrients and amino acids exert their effects by endings and the body's balance of Approximate rate of testosterone secretion stimulating a variety of organ sys- neurotransmitter chemicals. The at different ages tems including the testicles, pros- that men would sooner risk serious tate and entire genitourinary sys- noradrenaline and serotonin are life-threatening side effects than forego the possibility that a new erectile capacity are heightened.
Androlog™ ingredients natu- drug (e.g. Viagra™) might rejuve- rally increase testosterone produc- Androgenic nutrients also fuel nate them sexually. Being sexually male reproductive system growth, alive even in the very oldest of men luteinizing hormone (LH), without function, and repair. Additional may be as important as life itself.
the danger of negative feedback in- benefits include anabolism (muscle Although male hormone levels hibition as experienced with ana- growth), increased stamina, more decrease with age, the slope of the bolic steroids and other hormones.
curve can be dramatically altered.
Increased testosterone levels, in turn, It will not, however, be just a mat- increase libido, act as an aphrodisiac bolstered immunity, and relief of ter of taking a pill. Supplemental and help prevent impotence. (In fact, insomnia and depression.
male hormones are available but modern research has revealed that tes- their use intrudes upon the body's tosterone is the only substance ca- natural balances and can cause pable of generating libido.) negative feedback inhibition. When Additionally, specific nutrients this occurs, exogenous hormones such as zinc and vitamin C, directly send a signal to hormone-produc- stimulate spermatogenesis and im- Numerous clinical studies have ing tissues that there is enough.
Endogenous production therefore androgenic nutrients. Participants slows. Over time this can weaken in one study experienced a 72% hormone-producing capabilities so increase in LH levels, leading to a that the initial problem is then com- 41% increase in free testosterone.
pounded. This is at least part of the Another study including over 200 mechanism for the adverse effects of anabolic steroids taken by ath- impotence showed effectiveness in letes and body builders.
increasing LH and testosterone, as A better alternative is to make the lifestyle changes suggested in The chemical structure the Wysong Optimal Health Pro- of testosterone.
In a pilot study, all participants Page 4 Wysong Health Letter November 1999
with which immediatepowerful results may oc-cur (often with a tradeoffof powerfully dangerousside effects). Problemsthat may have developedin the body over decadescannot be expected to beresolved in a day or two.
ances in the body takes time and usually several weeks must pass before results can be seen. Pa- tience and commitment to natural nutrition are criti- cal to long-term results.
fully designed to be safe and to avoid excesses or basal compartment imbalances. If taken withthe Foundation Formu- The stages of spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis within the testis.
reported improved sexual desire, a blind, placebo study reported may contain some of the same in- performance, and sensation. Fur- approximately 87% improvement in ther, 120 individuals participated in their ability to perform sexually, searched allowable limits will not a double-blind study versus a pla- some claiming improvement even occur. This also applies to taking cebo. All males reported signifi- over their capacity in youth.
cant sexual enhancement and im- other Nutrient Support Formulas™.
proved erectile function.
A partial listing of scientific Uniquely among supplement pro- references substantiating the effi- grams, all Nutrient Support Formu- Another clinical study has vali- cacy and safety of these ingredients las™ and all Foundation Formulas™ dated the safety and effectiveness is on page 5.
can be taken simultaneously with- of nutrients in improving libido and Androlog™, as with all Wysong out exceeding safe limits.
sexual function. At the Institute of Nutrient Support Formulas™, is de- Sexology in Paris, France, a clini- However, intolerance to any signed to enhance and complement cal study with 262 patients com- food item, regardless of how natu- the lifestyle and dietary guidelines plaining of lack of sexual desire and ral it may be, can occur. This is in the Wysong Optimal Health Pro- the inability to attain or maintain an why all supplements should be ro- erection demonstrated effective- tated as described on bottle direc- ness. Within 2 weeks, 62% of pa- supplements, which should be taken tients with loss of libido claimed Formula™ guidelines. To avoid dis- routinely. Taken alone, Androlog™ the treatment had a dynamic effect rupting the balances designed into will exert benefit, but these benefits while 51% of patients with "erec- the Wysong supplement program, will be greatly enhanced by the syn- tion failures" felt that supplemen- and to prevent potential excess, it ergy of using it in conjunction with tation had significant benefit.
is not recommended that other non- these other Wysong-designed pro- Wysong supplements be taken in Certain amino acids greatly conjunction with this Wysong pro- enhance sexual ability in men with Additionally, Androlog™ should gram unless specifically recom- erectile dysfunction. Participants in not be viewed as a pharmaceutical knowledgable physician.1 Complementary Supplements
"Additional Supplements
1. Cycle through all of the Wysong Foundation Formulas™.
2. Prostase™ - for prostate health.
3. Anaplex™ - nutrients to enhance fitness.

Wysong Health Letter November 1999 Page 5
Other Things To Do
Follow the guidelines in the Wysong Optimal Health Program (refer to page 8 ), with special emphasis on:
1. Increasing the consumption of meats and organs (organic if possible), and decrease grain and sugar consumption.
2. Exercise regularly, especially weight-bearing exercise 2-3 times weekly. Challenge yourself and push to increase strength.
3. Become a little narcissistic; spend time in dress and grooming to improve your appearance.
4. Increase pleasant

5. Find a companion who makes you feel good about yourself (a powerful aphrodisiac).
6. Engage in a competitive sport and strive for excellence. Testosterone levels rise in response to competition and threat.
7. Dating and actively romancing your partner will cause testosterone to rise. Lethargy, inactivity, security, and contentedness

all dull the body's need for and ability to produce testosterone.
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Page 6 Wysong Health Letter November 1999
One Liners
– Current Research You Can Use for Health and Healing – Vitamin E – Tocotrienols, members of the vitamin E family, may help protect against cancer - Peer reviewed clinical study:
Lipids.4 (Relevant Wysong Products: SpectroxTM and Food ACETM are excellent sources of this vitamin.)
Selenium – A mere 200 micrograms of selenium daily cut cancer deaths in half - Peer reviewed clinical study: Journal of the
American Medical Association
.5 (Relevant Wysong Product: OptimalTM is an excellent source of this mineral.)
Cereal fiber – Cereal fiber was strongly associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease in women - Peer reviewed
clinical study: Journal of the American Medical Association.6
Echinacea – Echinacea is not effective for the prevention of colds and respiratory infections as shown in previous studies - Peer
reviewed clinical study: The American Journal of Medicine.7
– Alpha-lipoic acid supplementation improved insulin function and glucose metabolism in patients with Type II diabetes - Peer reviewed clinical study: Diabetes Care.8 (Relevant Wysong Product: CarboprinTM and SpectroxTM are excellentsources of alpha-lipoic acid as well as other sugar metabolizing ingredients.) High Blood Pressure
Magnesium – Magnesium supplementation lowers blood pressure in hypertensive patients, with patients who have the highest
blood pressure levels benefitting the most - Peer reviewed clinical study: Hypertension.9 (Relevant Wysong Product: OrgaminTM
contains magnesium as well as other major minerals.)
Manic Depr
Omega 3 fatty acids – Psychiatric patients given omega 3 fatty acids were found to have a significantly longer period of
remission - Peer reviewed clinical study: Archives of General Psychiatry.10 (Relevant Wysong Product: EFATM, Marine LipidsTM,
and Fresh Squeezed Flax SeedsTM are excellent sources of omega 3's.)
Vitamin C
itamin – Supplementation with vitamin C improved memory and learning in the elderly - Peer reviewed study: American
Journal of Epidemiology.11 (Relevant Wysong Products: SpectroxTM, Food ACETM, Food CTM, Mega CTM are excellent sources ofthis vitamin.) Saw palmetto – Saw palmetto extracts improve urologic symptoms and flow measures in men with symptomatic benign pros-
tatic hyperplasia - Quantitative meta-analysis: Journal of the American Medical Association.12 (Relevant Wysong Product: ProstaseTM
contains saw palmetto and other ingredients which support the health of the prostate.)
Potassium, magnesium,
eal fiber
– A diet rich in potassium, as well as magnesium and cereal fiber, may reduce the risk of stroke, particularly among men with high blood pressure - Peer reviewed clinical study: Circulation.13 (Relevant WysongProducts: OptimalTM and OrgaminTM are excellent sources of these minerals.) Centella asiatica
– Individuals suffering from varicose veins taking Centella asiatica experienced a reduction in the swelling of their lower limbs and a strengthening of the vein walls, increasing venous flexibility - Double-blind, placebo trial: Journal ofVascular Diseases.14 1. Wysong AndrologTM Monograph 2. Guyton, A.C., Medical Physiology 3.
3. Erlandsen, S.I. et al, Color Atlas of Histology, St. Louis: Mosby-Year Book,
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Wysong Health Letter November 1999 Page 7
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Page 8 Wysong Health Letter November 1999
1880 N Eastman
Midland, MI 48642-7779
The Wysong O
ong ptimal Hea
For Humans
For Animals
FOR PREVENTION AND HEALTH OPTIMIZATION FOR PREVENTION AND HEALTH OPTIMIZATION Follow the lifestyle recommendations outlined in the Wysong Op- Follow the foundation lifestyle recommendations outlined in the timal Health Pyramid for Humans brochure. (Or see Wysong Optimal Health Pyramid for Animals brochure. (Or see Convert as much of the diet as possible to fresh, whole, organic (if Cycle through the various Wysong dry and canned foods without possible) foods that can be eaten raw exactly as found in nature.
regard for their names.
Vary foods day to day and simplify meals by eating one, or at most Top dress with Wysong C-Biotic™ (dogs) or F-Biotic™ (cats) (con- three, different foods at one sitting.
centrated sources of micronutrients and living food elements).
As a minor part of the diet, use processed foods that contain whole Twice weekly give Wysong EFA™ (source of essential fatty acids ingredients and are organic if possible. Avoid food fractions and for immune health) and Pet Inoculant™ (source of microbial cul- tures for digestive health).
Cycle through the Wysong Foundation Formula Supplements daily Supplement fresh, raw foods to the diet daily. (See Wysong "Fresh as preventive nutritional insurance. See the Wysong Optimal Supple- and Whole" brochure.) mentation brochure. (Or see Follow steps #1-5 above, but use EFA™ and Inoculant™ daily.
Follow steps #1-5 above.
Give Wysong Immulyn™ daily for immune enhancement.
Take Wysong Immulyn™ for immune enhancement.
Use Wysong PDG™ for concentrated nourishment if appetite is Increase dosage of Wysong Foundation Formulas and use Mega Use the Wysong Nutrient Support Formula(s) specific for the or- Use the Wysong Nutrient Support Formula(s) specific for the or- gan system(s) weakened. See the Wysong Optimal Supplementa- gan system(s) weakened. See the Wysong Optimal Supplementa- tion brochure (or see
tion brochure (or see
Refer to the following Wysong publications for further advice on Refer to the following Wysong publications for further advice on specific ailments: Wysong Book Store Catalog ($3.00 for hard copy specific ailments: Wysong Book Store Catalog ($3.00 for hard copy mailed or free at, Wysong Resource Directory mailed, or free at, Wysong Resource Directory ($15.00), and Wysong Health Letter (by subscription or request ($15.00), and Wysong Health Letter (by subscription or request index for back issues).
index for back issues).
HELP MAKE A BETTER WORLD The Wysong Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the health of humans, the animals in their care, and the environment in which we all live. The Institute is responsible for much of the research and information in the Wysong Health Letter, and is unique in its broadeducational efforts to openly inform and empower people with ideas for rational solutions.
Help us help others. Busy lives do not permit the direct participation in movements that you may believe in, and groups which you feel are addressing important causes. Your contributions can spare your time and direct participation and yet enable the Institute to make meaningful progress.
Wysong Institute
• Move the world ever closer to a peaceful paradisiacal state.
• Explore the use of any method of healing that does no harm.
• Continually advance scientific knowledge but do no harm to life in the process.
• Advance methods to grow, process and distribute foods with the preeminent consideration of • Use reason as the primary arbiter in all things.
• Encourage open dissemination of knowledge and ideas.
• Keep government within the bounds of insuring freedom, liberty, justice, and equal opportunity • Match the rate of use of Earth's resources to their renewal.
• Achieve full, vital, active, healthy life to the genetic limit of humans and the animals • Educate all to understand that they are ultimately fully responsible and accountable for their in their care.
own actions.
LOFTLY? IDEALISTIC? UTOPIAN? WHY NOT? Tax deductible donations and bequests may be sent to:
Wysong Institute, 1880 N. Eastman Rd., Midland, MI 48642.
(Contributions to the Institute will not result in repeated solicitations.)


Long term consequences of pcos - green top 33

Green-top Guideline LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES OF POLYCYSTIC OVARY SYNDROME This is the second edition of this guideline, which was previously published in May 2003 under the same title. Purpose and scope This guideline has been produced to provide information, based on clinical evidence, to assist clinicians with a special interest and for updating the generalist who manages women with polycystic ovary syndrome, to

Microsoft word - adicciones10-2-04.doc

Curso Especial de Posgrado en Atención Integral para Médicos Generales CONSUMO DE SUSTANCIAS PSICOACTIVAS CAPACES DE PRODUCIR DEPENDENCIA Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social (CENDEISSS) Proyecto Fortalecimiento y Modernización del Sector Salud