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The African American Diet
"For people of color.because you were never meant to eat that other stuff" THE NEW YOU IS WAITING INSIDE!
With this book YOU will:
Lose weight and look great Accomplish your goals in weight control and weight management Control hunger without worrying about calories Eat delicious foods Feel better and have more energy Learn the keys to staying lean for a lifetime Learn the differences between what works and what doesn't Learn how the African Hoodia can help in your weight loss goals 120,000 years of how you were suppose to eat What the biggest threat is to the health of Black women Why you are deceived into eating the wrong things The truth about carbohydrates, fat, protein, and nutrition Why people can not lose weight and often regain more weight on otherdiets. How to overcome the weight loss plateau How to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke more How to add years and even decades to your life with simple food changes How to start your kids off to a long healthy life Why inconsistent eating is best for most dieters How stop signs are your friend How to shed up to eleven pounds in two weeks How the African Hoodia succulent will suppress your appetite What Africans and Caribbean island dwellers have known for centuriesabout staying slim, fit and healthy Table of Contents
Introduction. 9No Owners Manual. 13EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating). 17The Truth About Carbohydrates, Fats & Protein. 22What's Wrong with Those Other Diets?. 32Obesity: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat? . 41The Hunter Gatherer - Origin of The AA Diet . 65 Homeostasis and Inconsistent Meat Consumption. 72 Hoodia Gordonii.76
Beginning The AA Diet (2 Easy Steps). 78
Naughty & Nice Food Lists. 80 The New AA Diet Food Pyramid. 82 STEP ONE -14 Day Body Sculpting. 85 The Pledge of Honor & Daily Tracking Tool. 88 STEP TWO - Daily Habit Fit for Life.
Action Items: What To Do On The AA. 105 Instead of This Have This List. 107 Potatoes: What's Wrong With Them?. 109Dairy: What's Wrong With It? (Milk, Cheese & Eggs). 111Disease Prevention. 118How To Talk To Family & Friends About The AA Diet.121Case Studies.125Nutritional Supplements.131Make Money With The AA Diet.133The Future Is Bright. 135Meal Plans.138Recipes. 153 What Is A Beautiful Black Person?
A beautiful Black person is a female or male human being of obvious African descent with basic features like skin color, hair texture andphysical structure which is the modern mankind model. This personachieves the natural physical size, shape and proportions of a humanbeing following nature's design for food consumption and body use. Thatconsumption is not in excess and leads to a physically sculpted strongbody, free of weight related disadvantage or disease. The result is theopportunity for a long lasting healthy, happy and productive life. Thisperson is smart and learned, mentally willing, capable, consistent andstable. They are completely able to reproduce one or many other personswith like capabilities - nearly a copy of the original person to continue torule this earth. With a strong, lean body and wise imaginative mind - thisperson will survive with or without nearly anything in nearly any conditionover extended periods. Through proper diet and body use, age becomesmeaningless, because this person is fit and well at 22 or 102. A beautifulBlack person has their mental direction set and a body physically formedfrom eating what is healthy. This allow him or her to handle nearlyanything that the test of time can produce as a challenge. That person iscan then say, "I am kind and considerate to all other persons andcreatures here. I have dominion over this place - this planet earth. I amwell, fit and trim. I am the best that nature can produce. Every race onevery continent was derived from my kind. All persons who do notmaintain my form and what I consume will not say here long." The AA Diet is all about getting your body into shape by changing your foods and eating behaviors to fulfill the above definition. You willhave to get your mind right on your own. The AA Diet is about followingnature's design and plan for eating and living. The fat filled, ridiculousexcessive ways of America are not yours' and can not be sustained.
Nature kills off whoever does not follow its' plans. The AA Diet followsnatures plans nearly to the letter. So should you.
The Reason This Book Was Written
This book was written because of a disturbing report published in 2002 by Dr. Kathleen M. McTigue - then associated with the University of NorthCarolina at Chapel Hill. The report titled, "The Natural History of theDevelopment of Obesity in a Cohort of Young U.S. Adults between 1981and 1998," was moving. In that report, printed in the Annals of InternalMedicine, Dr. McTigue concluded that ".a 17 year old Black girl with justa few extra pounds was quite likely to be obese by the time she was in hermid to late-20's." Obesity is a major cause of illness, unsightly humans, and premature death in the Black community. The notion of being able to predict obesity,years earlier in a race of people, at such an early age, was profound andtroubling to me.
At that time, I was just finishing development of the African American Diet. I knew what following nature's diet had done for me in my weightloss quest and thought it might be able to help others. It took me a while tofigure out how to write a book and even longer to publish it. But I hadsomething to say. I had something that might help someone to avoid thepredictions that Dr. McTigue was so certain to happen. I was taken abackby the droves of overweight and obese African American men, women andchildren that I would pass each day. I knew that Dr. Mctigue's findingswere probably correct. I need but look out the window for all the verificationI needed. The evidence was overwhelming. Then came the recent federalreport, indicating that obesity would soon overtake tobacco as the leadingcause of preventable deaths in the U.S. And, in August of 2005, the Trustfor America's Health released the latest study in obesity. It found thatnationwide 65% (119 million Americans) are either overweight or obese.
Finally, I had read about the Atkins and South Beach diets and I knew thosediet concepts were only "partially" right. Their inclusion of lots of dairyproducts like milk, cheese and eggs was what I knew to be totally WRONGfor African Americans.
Some readers may ask, "are there really any differences between African Americans and other peoples that would require a diet specificallyfor African American weightloss?" The answer is probably YES! Allpeople are not alike. That's another reason why the "one size fits all" dietslike Atkins and South Beach promote are flawed. For example, did youknow that African American women have a lower resting metabolic ratethan white women? That means African American women don't burncalories as fast as white women do. Those other diets don't take thesedifferences into account, but the African American diet does! I knew thatpotatoes, pasta, eggs, and bread are foods that peasants ate as filler foodswhich should NEVER replace the rich food choices that African Americancan make. In addition, African American women make up a disproportionatesegment of obese persons. I said to myself, "If only they knew what Iknow about how we as Black people are suppose to eat.how we aresuppose to live. They would be so much better off." So I put my wish topen and paper and this work is the result. I hope it helps you or someoneyou know. For the African American who wants to permanently lose weight,it is ultimately your relationship with food which must change. You mustchange your mind about your food choices. You must rediscover 120,000years of good eating choices that nature gave you, and forget the short termjunk foods that current mankind continually forces upon you.
"EAT WELL, OR DON'T BOTHER" The African American Diet (the AA Diet) is more about REDISCOVERY than it is about any major breakthrough in nutrition. Itis about looking at 120,000 years of human nutrition, creation and nature torediscover what your body was designed to eat and how it was designed tooperate. Admittedly, we are not doctors. We are researchers and theinformation presented here is from technical research, clinical studies andproven results. After all, that's what doctors use anyway.
When you diet using the AA Diet, you will eat delicious, healthy foods using a simple, two step, proven plan that nature designed long ago. Thetwo steps have three support structures, including the list of "Naughty andNice" foods that help you to quickly identify what's good for you and whatis not. You will also apply the benefits of "Inconsistent Meat Consumption."Inconsistent Meat Consumption will be addressed a little later in the book.
The AA diet encourages a little physical activity along the way, but eventhat is optional. You'll lose weight fast and safely. The best part is thatstomach, hip and butt fat go away first. There are no calories to count andlots of flexibility along the way. The AA diet has a "Pledge of Honor" anddaily tracking tool to help you reach your goals. The first step is the "14Day Body Sculpting Step". The Body Sculpting step is the most challenging NAUGHTY & NICE FOODS LIST
Hoodia & Nutritional Supplements
of the two steps, but it get's easier as you go along. Step two is the "DailyHabit Fit for Life Maintenance" stage. During this step, you'll cement yournew eating routines and menu selections into a habit that will have youinstinctively eating right forever. The combination of these two steps andthe Naughty/Nice list will allow you to reach your weight goals quickly andwithout a lot of stress or hunger. Remember when you diet using the AA,you "Eat well, or don't bother!" That's the way you were designed, namelyto eat well. You eat highly nutritious foods without becoming hungry a fewhours later. You'll feel satisfied, and the best part is that this diet will rewardyou with the body you want. It's all inside.
With so many diets on the market today it's hard to tell which one is right for you, or for that matter which of them actually work. Add to thatthe fact that African Americans seem to struggle with more weight gainand health problems than most other races, and you quickly can becomefrustrated. Doctor this and doctor that are all out there preaching fromtheir own diet books that supposedly will help you lose weight. Theproblem is, some of those diets are down right dangerous and others areonly "partially" right. Some of them advocate the consumption of thingslike eggs, cheese and dairy which we were never meant to consume inlarge quantities. That's where the African American Diet comes in. It'sdesigned by nature for people of color. So it works best for people ofcolor. People like you. Black folks. The best part is that it was designedby nature and not by some doctor still trying to ‘practice' medicine. Don'tbe fooled by those low carb or high carb diets. It still comes down tosimple arithmetic: You must burn more calories than you consume inorder to lose weight. The African American diet will show you how to dothat without being hungry, without a lot of exercise and without countingcalories. It's actually pretty easy when you follow nature and simplyrediscover how you were originally meant to eat and live. You'll lookbetter and feel better sooner than you think. Always check with yourdoctor before starting any diet program including the AA.
The African American Diet (AA) is about "Today's Soul Food
the premise that Black people "were never ain't really good for
meant to eat the things that we do now" as your soul"
citizens of these United States, Canada orother nations. It's about learning that you must"rediscover" the right kinds of foods to eatand unlearn the wrongs kinds of foods and unhealthy habits. Today's Soulfood ain't really good for your soul! You'll soon learn what true soul food is.
The fact is, you have most likely been taught to eat wrong. Through no fault of your own or your parents, you have been programmed toconsume and embrace a life-style and eating style that has led to 67% ofus being overweight or even obese. The worse part is that the adoption ofthis life-style over many years ultimately leads to being overweight, earlyonset of disease and even premature death. Furthermore, the cycle is onlyamplified, worsened and proliferated as we then teach our children toembrace and eat the very bad things that we consume. This is totallyunfair to them and to you, because the information is now at hand to helpevery African American lead a better life. You have that information inyour hand right now! Everyday large fast food advertisers and grocers buy huge ads in our most read ethnic publications, radio and television programs. They depictaverage looking African Americans (AAs) eating cheeseburgers, Frenchfries, cereal, milk, fun kids meals, along with up-sized, super sized, andextra large meals. Whenever I see or hear one of these ads, I remindmyself that they are paid models, actors and actresses appearing to reallyenjoy eating that stuff. Don't get me wrong, it does taste good, but it'snot good for you. That is a major theme you need to embrace, namelythat AAs were never meant to eat that kind of food. In fact, given thenumber of lawsuits aimed at the fast food industry and grocery storesthese days, maybe nobody is really suppose to eat it. The sad fact is thatwe do, and AAs are the largest casualties of that kind of eating.
We learn to choose the foods that we eat from our parents, television, radio commercials, friends, associates and others. We as African Americanshowever do not have the privilege of knowing the kinds of foods that ourAfrican and Mediterranean fore-parents ate. We missed and were robbedof the knowledge that they ate mainly high protein based seafood, poultry,lean meats and wholesome green vegetables that were the cornerstone ofgood health and lean toned bodies that African Americans should be eatingtoday. They ate very little grain, potatoes or dairy products. Most Africansdidn't know what a potato was until just over a generation ago. Instead, wehave adopted and embraced the unhealthy, fat laden, cholesterol saturated,super duper, big ass (too much junk in the trunk) food stuffs that wereforced on us. We have fallen in love with that forced style of fried food,pork slop, high blood pressure causing, diabetes forming, heart attackimpending, dairy dying food stuff that is fattening you up everyday. The sadthing about it is that most of us actually think that's the way we ought to eat.
We actually think that is "Soul Food." That a table without saturated fat,potato salad, gravy, macaroni and cheese, pasta, milk, deep fried chicken,chitlins, and baby back pork ribs dripping with sauce is no table at all.
Again, the AA diet will change your relationship with food. That change isactually just rediscovering the way you were meant to eat all along. Thatrediscovery will empower you to lose weight permanently and safely untilyour reach your weight goals. Research, and more correctlyREDISCOVERY, says that YOU WERE NEVER MEANT TO EATTHAT WAY AND THAT IS THE REASON FOR BEINGOVERWEIGHT! Incidently, I could have stretched this book out to 200 or even 300 pages like those other diet books do, but I didn't. First of all, Black folksdon't want to read that long, and secondly nature did not want you to gothrough all of those pages just to rediscover how to lose weight and lookgreat. Finally, all that other stuff those other diet books talk about is mostlyfluff and filler anyway - just like bread and potatoes. Like you, I want themeat. Where's the beef? Get to the point! So, I cut the book back to abouta hundred sixty pages or so. Thank you. Your welcome! No Owner's Manual
No Owner's Manual
I am convinced that African Americans cause an undue amount of our own weight problems. That in turn leads to health problems, lack ofenergy and a lower quality of life. We just never got the owner's manualto help us along. We use to have it, but it was taken and stolen from us.
The other day I was looking at the owner's manual for a video system I was thinking of buying. Nearly every major item we buy comes withsome instruction guide or manual about how to make the item last longerand how to get the most out of your purchase. Unfortunately, your bodydid not come with an owners manual. Unlike a new car purchase, a Blackchild doesn't get a maintenance schedule showing the right kind of fuel(food) to feed her or him. Every car owner's manual tells you what to doas the car ages and what to do at certain mileage intervals. Our bodiesdon't have any such guidelines. So, we are left to discover this on ourown or copy what to do from others. This has been a fattening and oftenfatal mistake for the African American community.
This writing is about what African Americans should feed their bodies in order to live well into old age, and to exist at their best physical weight,health and appearance. By the way, I never did like the phrase "AfricanAmerican." It's too controversial and confusing. I grew up referring tous as Black. Black includes everybody, regardless of nationality. Mostof us have no immediate or previous generation parents or grandparentsfrom Africa. Add to that the fact that actual foreign born Africans receivecitizenship in the U.S. each year, and a huge debate can result. Aren'tthey African American's too? Who are the real African Americans? Sothe phrase African American seems misplaced. One thing is for sure, wecertainly don't eat like Africans. I think if we did, we would all live a lotlonger and be a lot more fit and trim.
However, we are descendants of Africans who were brought to this No Owner's Manual
country and forced to change their diets to that of a slave. A great part ofBlack genetic makeup is still heavily geared towards an African orMediterranean physiology. After slavery ended, fast forward a hundredand forty years or so and we now have modern day Black people. We arenow are a mixture of Caucasian, Indian and African genetic material thathas been induced into eating typical fat laden American cuisine while stillmarried to the diet thrust upon us during slavery. Add to that, the effectsof modern day stress, the American sedentary life style, pollution, smokingand airborne viruses — and what you get is what we see today. What wesee now are overweight and obese African Americans with higher incidentsof disease and death. That's the problem and that's what is fattening usup today.
Did you know that a piece of fried chicken is basically 65% fat? Every Black household I know of has fried chicken as a staple. Yeah, and thatdonut at work, well it's over (half) 50% fat. It just tastes so good, doesn'tit? That's because fat (in moderation) is a need of our bodies. For a longtime during human existence getting enough fat in our diet was a tough thingto do. So nature designed our tastes to target those things that had higher fatcontent. Little did nature know, that we would soon develop food processingmethods, grocery stores, farms, vending machines and a restaurant on everycorner ready to provide high fat content foods on a minute by minute basis.
Fatty foods are cheap too. That makes them especially attractive to oftenlow income African American households. With limited funds in the home,feeding a family meant looking for less expensive foods at the grocerystore. Our fore parents couldn't really afford more of the better, leanermeats so in came the less expensive pork, potatoes and dairy foods that areon what I call the "Naughty List." We will cover the Naughty and the Nicelists later on. For now just know that if you eat bad things long enough, youeventually get used to eating them and making them taste better. That'swhy Black people like that stuff and that's why we eat some of the worstfoods for nourishment and suffer the greatest weight and health problems.
It's like putting lighter fluid or kerosene in a car's gas tank instead of gasoline.
No Owner's Manual
It might run for a while, but it won't last long. The owners manual clearlycalls for gasoline. The internal parts would wear out faster and eventuallyyour engine would lock up. Sounds a lot like the car would have a strokedoesn't it? The typical African American diet consists of more than 160 grams of fat per day! The government recommends no more than 80 grams per day.
My research says the number should be no more than 50 grams of fat perday. Every barbecue, family gathering, dinner table, wedding reception,funeral dinner or other social event where Black people are likely to havefood, has significantly more fat and cholesterol than nature wants us tohave. Somebody say Amen! All fat isn't that bad, but the kinds that weusually consume are the worse kind—trans fat and saturated fat. Saturatedfat converts to liquid form quicker than polyunsaturated or monounsaturatedfats. That makes it show up in your blood stream along with higher levels ofcholesterol. These two substances are necessary for our bodies to functionproperly. However, when consumed in the large quantities like Black peopleeat them, they end up clogging your arteries and killing you. Strokes, heartattacks, hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, obesity, and more have beendirectly linked to foods containing high fat and cholesterol. Guess what weBlack people eat most? Duhh and guess what kills us most? Double duhh!As mentioned, some of those other diets are down right dangerous. TheAA diet specifies that you consume very little dairy, cheese, or eggs. Here'swhy. The question was asked once a long time ago, "which came first, thechicken or the egg?" Your ancestors answered this riddle tens of thousandsof years ago and developed a bodily digestive system that we are modeledon today. The answer is the CHICKEN! They ate the chicken and threwthe egg away. You should too. Your body is not suppose to eat eggs! Yes,that includes the egg breakfast sandwich with cheese that you had the otherday. This point is a big difference between what those other diet guys wantyou to believe, and what nature knows to be true. Dairy, especially cheeseand milk are off limits for similar reasons. Let's talk about eggs for aminute. One egg yolk contains between 215-275 milligrams of cholesterol.
No Owner's Manual
The American Heart Association says that anything over 300 milligrams ofcholesterol per day is not good. Why? In a word, Hypercholesterolemia.
Hypercholesterolemia is a fancy word for an increase in cholesterol causedby fried foods, excessive consumption of milk / diary products and youguessed it EGGS! Guess what that stuff that clogs your arteries is madeof? Cholesterol!!! Knowing that, why would anyone want to put somethingin their body that jacks up cholesterol levels like eggs and dairy do??? Eggsand dairy in general are on the Naughty list. If your body had an owner'smanual - eggs, potatoes, bread, soda pop and dairy would not be a fuel thatyou would use with any degree of regularity. Again, it's like putting kerosenein your gas tank. Your car might run for a while on it, but not very long.
EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating)
120,000 Years Of Good
It has been well established that the birth place of all mankind was somewhere in Africa. You should be proud of that fact. All 6.5 billionpeople on earth owe their existence to your Brown and Black beginnings.
Anyway, a couple of million years ago or so, the Homo erectus' brain begana growth spurt that put it significantly above the size of any other primatetype creature on earth.
Whether you are a creationist or a evolutionist does not matter. We are talking about diet here, so stick with me. The acquisition of FOOD,and specifically high protein content foods, was a driving force behindthat mind growth. Figuring out how to get food in a harsh, unforgivingenvironment apparently makes more mind power necessary. It's myopinion, that it was about the same time that we truly began to "think."We thought about how to get more food. That very big mind required alot of power to run, and that meant a lot of food and protein to power thatmassive engine.
Even today, our minds consume a huge share of the amount of food energy we eat compared to other primates. Note that the modern humanbrain uses nearly 16 times the food energy as a similar amount of body ormuscle tissue. The ability to think and reason is what sets us apart fromother species on Earth. Food, and specifically the type of food we eatcontinues to be a determining factor in that mind growth. It is well knownthat more protein and calorie rich foods are eaten by primates with largerbrains. In other words, the larger the brain of the primate, the morenutritional foods consumed by that primate. Obviously man's diet is themost nutritional of all others.
EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating)
Now fast forward a couple of million years, and we see the emergence of who I call "EVE." Her brain size, and those of her kind, was nearly30% smaller than the size of today's man, but it was the basis for the modelthat drives the diet for humans today. Again, it does not matter if youbelieve in creation or evolution, because when we look at "Eve" it all comestogether. Molecular geneticists theorize that Eve was a female ancestor ofours that lived around 120,000. She lived in Africa. The evidence they cite isthat Eve's DNA lines are known to exist today handed down throughthousands of generations by the mother of every living person on Earth.
The "creation" of modern man was truly a phenomenal feat. However, noone knows for sure what caused that huge increase in brain size and growthamong our great, great grandmother x 5,235 Eve, but it was truly"miraculous." So what has this got to do with an African American diet you might ask? The answer is everything, because all of these generations of pasthumans ate a diet that we should be eating now. The typical fat-ladenAmerican diet and low exercise routine is a fairly recent development inmankind's existence. It is one that is totally out of balance with the wayhumans were designed to eat or exist.
To determine what our ancient natural human man or woman would have eaten, we have to look at a number of things. The first and foremostis the jaw and head structures of our very early ancestors. The other keyitem is the molecule makeup of early mankind's skeletal remains. Researchseems to indicate a significant amount (60 to 80%) of lean meat and fish(i.e. Protein) were the main food sources for the last 120,000 years. Finally,the high levels of nitrogen found in the fossil record of humans over thecourse of that time forward indicates again around 60 - 70% meatconsumption with the balance being vegetables.
We've done very well at increasing our food supply, but we've strayed from the consumption equivalent calories based on the under use of ourbodies.
EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating)
Eve and her kind ate lots of low fat meats like elk or other free-roaming game and many more vegetables. Your body and Eve's is what I call the,"Modern Mankind Model." The Homo Sapien has basically ruled the earth alone for the last 25,000 years. There were many kinds of hominoids that coexisted. "The Ergaster"or "The Turkana Boy" was a meat eater. By the way, modern mankinddid not emerge as a linear growth from a jumping monkey, to an uprightwalking human. That is a myth. Your body was framed on the earlyhominoid. That body favored quite a heavily wooded environment. Twentyfive thousand years, or approximately 714 generations of humanoid producedthe Turkana Boy. Basically, a 1.6 million year old relative of an adolescentthat would have been about 6 feet tall as an adult with long, slender armsand legs like the people of Kenya Africa today.
He had a modern human skeleton very similar to yours. As mentioned, modern humans emerged in one place within Africa, I like to call that place"Eden" and then spread elsewhere around the world. Actually there wereseveral "waves" of migrations out of Africa at different times that ultimatelypopulated the entire planet. Our common, 120,000 year old female ancestor- "Eve" began there. Molecular geneticists have traced her MitochondriaDNA down through the ages and found them to be inherited from the motheralone. Eve, nor you, were ever designed to be total vegetarians. At thesame time, we were never meant to be solely meat eaters (i.e. carnivores).
We were designed to be "Combo Eaters." A being, capable of eating bothmeat and vegetables. It is the quantity and distribution of those foods thatreally is important. Therefore, she ate meat and vegetables with the highestlevels of protein being the ultimate goal.
Fast forward 50,000 years or so to the point where cooking was introduced. It is unclear when cooking became a practice for humans, butit is clear that cooking releases more nutrients in plant foods and makesthem also more digestible. The bottom line is EAT YOUR MEAT AND EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating)
YOUR VEGETABLES! Inconsistent daily meat consumption coupled withinconsistent daily vegetable consumption is the key.
This up then down inconsistent availability of meats, fats and green vegetables was a key factor in the control and stability of our early ancestor's weight and metabolism while in Africa. On some days meat, game, poultry, fish, fatty foods and other meat animals were plentiful. On other days and sometimes for weeks or more, meat was difficult to find. That made greens and vegetables the main course.
Back then, there was no consistent, everyday supply of meat or fat content in a meal. There also was no consistent lack of meats or fatty foods.
Forget what you now think about the abundance of meat. Back then it was up and down. There were days of plenty of meat and other days of lack of meat. Ironically, that lack of meat on certain days, was a GOOD thing! It allowed our bodies to seek fruits and vegetables in quantities that our typical American diet does not supply today, but should! This up and down availability of meat and green vegetables was what really kept our early hunter gather and his family lean, strong and productive. It is the very fact of the inconsistent nature of the availability of fatty foods and mainly meat products, that make up most of human existence.
The fact is, there were some days and sometimes even weeks where meat was not plentiful and hard to acquire. That's not to say that our African ancestors or their decedents across the earth starved. No, no! Food was available, but in the form of vegetables and greens on a lot of days. On many days that they didn't have meat, they ate vegetables! The AA Diet incorporates this inconsistent pattern of meat plenty and meat scarcity. For example, some days on the AA Diet you will eat mainly great tasting meats, poultry, and fish. Others days on the AA Diet, you will only eat greens, salads, fish and other vegetables. Why? The answer lies in the beauty of the human existence and the beauty of the way nature crafted your body to expect food and nourishment.
EVE (120,000 Years of Good Eating)
If you stop and think about it, the way we eat now has only been around for the last 200 years or less. That's not much time given the overall length of time that humans have existed. We now go to grocery stores and make selections off shelves and from coolers. We now go to restaurants and make selections off menus for the desire foods that we think we want. The grocery store and the restaurant makes our selections more consistent, than if we were directly killing animals or farming land ourselves. I have said for years that this way of feeding ourselves is unnatural and inconsistent and more importantly unsustainable with the design nature or God provided our bodies to follow. We are literally natural born killers. That's because EVERYTHING that we eat was once alive and the only way for us to live is to kill something else. We've just displaced the killing part to the grocery store and the restaurant. The grocery store and the restaurant have displaced the killing to the slaughter house and the grain mills. That way we no longer have to witness our meals being killed. That makes us feel better and more sophisticated. The bottom line still remains that you cause another living being to die every time you order or buy something from a store that supplies food. It's fact that most people today are shielded from seeing, buy the illusion of sophistication.
Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
There are a ton of books out there telling you this and that about Carbohydrates. Some say eat all the carbs you want, while others saydon't. The fact is, high levels of Carbohydrate consumption is probablythe single most significant contributor to people being overweight or evenobese. So I say, don't eat a lot of carbs! Unfortunately, most AfricanAmericans consume huge and disproportionate amounts of Carbohydratesevery day and thus are overweight.
You may have no idea what a carbohydrate is, so here's the skinny: The GOOD NEWS is that CARBOHYDRATES are your body's primarysource of fuel (energy). They are a necessary level of carbon foundedcompounds that consist of starches, sugars and cellulose. There are twotypes of carbohydrates - Complex and Simple. Complex carbohydrates(starches and fiber foods) are used more efficiently and converted to energyslower than Simple carbohydrates (fruits, milk, syrups, and honey). Note- just because complex carbohydrates are broken down more slowly shouldnot make you an instant fan of them either. Now the BAD NEWS. Yourbody gets an instant energy explosion from carbohydrates, especially fruits,honey, syrups, simple table sugar, candy bars, ice cream, potatoes, chips,and the six I hate most - Milk, Cheese, Eggs, Potatoes, Bread & SodaPop. Now for the UGLY NEWS. The body breaks all carbohydratesdown into blood sugar (a.k.a. glucose). Your body will use this fuel upimmediately if it is needed, BUT more often than not your body does notneed the extra energy, so it gets converted to fat cells and stored in your Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
body. That extra storage is what hangs over the sides of your belt, danglesunder your arms, fills out your face, and spreads out your hips and butt. Atthe very least it makes your scale scream for mercy. Fat is ugly! A Little History of Carbohydrates
For most of the existence of Africans and for mankind itself, we really didn't know how to make refined sugars or starches (breads, pastas, butter,white rice, table sugar, pop, ice cream). It wasn't until this advancementthat people began to get fat. Initially because of the limited knowledge ofrefinement techniques, these items were primarily reserved as a luxuryfor the monarchs and royalty who also just happened to usually be fat andoverweight. Is that a coincidence? No, it was the discovery of theserefinement processes of carbohydrates that lead to the boom in weightgain. Most people in Africa however; didn't and still don't really haveaccess to these refinement techniques. That's why you don't see a lot offat African or Caribbean islanders. The potato, which should be added tothe list of Carbohydrates I hate which make people fat, was a cheap sourceof food matter meant mainly to feed the very poor and peasants. Today,African Americans gobble up potatoes (peasant food) in all forms of Frenchfries, baked, mashed potatoes and worse.
Don't misunderstand me. Carbohydrates are a good thing from the stand point that your body must have them to exist, to run your varioussystems. I'm just saying that you were never meant to consume the quantityand type of carbohydrates available today, because your body really doesn'tneed the extra energy. The really ugly part is that you are usually stillhungry after consuming carbohydrates. That's because excessivecarbohydrate consumption keeps your insulin levels up and your hungerin hyper-mode which never allows you to really feel full or satisfied. That'swhy you can eat Chinese food (mainly starch) and be hungry an hour later.
Excessive carbohydrate consumption never really allows your system totell your brain that you are full and satisfied.
Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
Why Too Many Carbohydrates Are A
Ugly Thing
The pancreas is an organ in the body that produces the hormone INSULIN. Insulin controls how much blood sugar (instant energy) is inyour system at any given time. Too much intake of carbohydrates (i.e.
Sugar) causes your pancreas to make more insulin than is needed. Excessiveinsulin causes the body to convert more cells to fat and deposit it in all thewrong places. What happens is that your body gets a double whammynegative ripple effect from all that insulin. It can't use up those previouslystored fat cells, because you essentially ordered it to convert the new foodenergy (from carbohydrates) you just threw at it into more fat cells! Soguess what? You get fatter! The point is excessive carbohydrateconsumption causes excessive insulin production which doesn't allow yourbody to burn fat in the manner that it should. It's like throwing more gasolineon a burning flame. It's gonna get bigger. It's like continually putting twomarbles in a bowl and only taking one out. Eventually it will overflow. Thatoverflow is fat. My final word on carbohydrates is that you were nevermeant to eat that way! Carbohydrates, The Glycemic Index, and
The Glycemic Index (GI) is a common way to measure the quality of carbohydrates. Specifically it looks at the speed that each food raisesblood sugar levels when compared to a slice of white bread. Itmeasures how much (the rate) your blood sugar rises over a two or threehour period after eating any particular food. White bread was chosen asa basis because of it's relative ubiquity in most households and assignedan glycemic index value of 100. In 1981, Dr. David Jenkins, of theUniversity of Toronto in Canada led a research team that developed theGI. The researchers found that foods with less than 100 GI values are Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
Are You A "Carbohydrate Vampire?"
Have you ever felt like eating potatoes, bread, chips, pasta, rice, cookies or a donut even though you were really not hungry?You are what I call a "Carbohydrate Vampire." You may lurkaround the kitchen at night in the dark looking for one of thosefoods to eat. You've been "turned" for a long time now. Thereason for your ghoulish ways is that your brain "misfired" andtold your body that it was hungry when it was not. Soundsstrange? Carbohydrates cause the Serotonin levels in your brainto indirectly increase. In laymen's terms, Serotonin is aneurotransmitter in the brain that allows certain parts tocommunicate and link with each other. It basically controls yourmood. High Serotonin levels make you feel good, comfortableand all around happy. It's like you just got a fix or found yourprey for the night. That's why your body wants you to eatcarbohydrates. Those high carbohydrate foods make your braintell your body that you feel good, warm and fuzzy. You may bea vampire. Carbohydrates are suppose to give you more energyright? They do that, but they also raise your Serotonin levelsand instead make you more comfortable and even more lazy.
That will certainly cause you get fat won't it? Ever wanted to fallasleep at your desk at work after eating a baked potato for lunch?Now you know the reason. It's the carbohydrates that makeyou do it.
What's the solution to carbohydrate vampirism? Well, understand you don't have to consume large amounts of garlic,look for holy water or get a stake through the heart. Your conditionand your weight situation is easily curable. Simply follow thisdiet. The one you are reading about now. So read on.
If you are a carbohydrate vampire don't feel too bad.
Smokers suffer with the same problem. Smoking indirectlyraises Serotonin levels too, just like carbohydrates.
Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
converted into blood sugar (glucose) more slowly than a piece of whitebread. Therefore; foods that have a glycemic index value more than100, or close to 100 convert to blood sugar faster than white bread. It'sinteresting to note that table sugar has a value of 83, so even table sugarconverts to blood sugar more slowly than a piece of white bread! That'sone of the reasons why ALL breads are on my Naughty list. Breadmakes you fat. High value GI carbs (55 and above) should be avoided.
Low GI carbs (54 and below) are OK.
The explosion of diabetic disease among African Americans, in my opinion and research, has a lot to do with the large consumption of highGI carbohydrates over a long period of time. The pancreas simply staysin overdrive for so long pumping out insulin to counter the flood ofcarbohydrates in your system, to the point where disease becomesinevitable. It's important to note that the GI does NOT tell you theQUANTITY of carbohydrate contained within a particular food, only theRATE at which that food is converted into blood sugar. The "GlycemicLoad" (GL) is an additional segment of GI which does take the quantityof carbohydrate into consideration. For more on GI and GL, you mightwant to check out a book called, "The New Glucose Revolution: TheAuthoritative Guide to the Glycemic Index" by authors Thomas M.S.
Wolever and Jennie Brand-Miller .
Now here's where I must differ from those "low carb diet preachers." It is inconclusive to solely blame carbohydrates for excessive weight gainand obesity. However; the evidence does point to at least probable cause.
High carb consumption can be implicated in this who-done-it. So carbsare at least a prime suspect in this case of who made African American'sfat. So let's "arrest" the suspect and sort it out when more evidenceunfolds. By arrest the suspect I mean, cut out high GI carbs as best asyou can. At least cut those out that are on my Naughty list. Regularexercise, and the consumption of low fat and specifically trans fats coupledwith high-fiber and low carbs is the best way to go.
The Glycemic Index of some popular foods are shown on the following Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
FRUIT & FRUIT JUICES Canned Apricots 64 CEREALS & BREAKFAST GRAINS Cream of Wheat 66 All Bran with Fiber 38 Quick (One Min.) 66 Short Grain Wh 69 Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
White Bread (plain) 100 Wheat Croissant 67 French Baguette 122 Pita Whole Wheat 57 Milk Chocolate 43 JUCIES & BEVERAGES Tortellini (Chees e) 50 Angel Food Cake 67 Doughnut (Glaze) 76 Chickpeas (Dried) 28 Lim as (Frozen) 32 Blackeyed Peas 42 Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
Ins tant (Mas hed) 86 FAT: The Truth and Nothing But The Truth
There are three (3) different kinds of FAT. They are: Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat and Trans Fat.
Saturated Fat - becomes hard and solid at room temperature. It
originates mainly from the animal foods we eat such as butter and lard. It'sthe fat in animal foods. You can see it around the edges of meats. Themolecular makeup of saturated fat is extremely rigid. This rigid substancebuilds up easily in your arteries like mortar and brick combine together tobecome rigid. Obviously, too much saturated fat can then lead to heartdisease. When you look at food labels at the grocery store make sure younote the amount of saturated fat on the label. You want the number to be aslow as possible. Something like 5g or less is probably acceptable. That'swhy I suggest lean meats as part of a healthy diet. When you eat out it'sdifficult to know the amount of saturated fat in foods, but know that FastFoods and pasta foods typically have very high quantities of saturated fats.
Labels on hamburger meats and milk usually list the amount of fat "as ameasure of weight" and not "as a number of calories" as do most otherfood labels. The point is that these items can be misleading. They may say"low fat" or "2% reduced fat," but actually they are 50% or more higher infat content. That's another reason why milk, ice cream and you should partcompany forever.
Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
Unsaturated Fat - is a liquid at room temperature. It's usually
found in form of those liquid vegetable oils that you see all the time at yourgrocer. There are actually two sub versions of unsaturated fat, namelyPolyunsaturated Fat and Monounsaturated fat. Really the only difference inthem is the molecular makeup. If there were such a thing as a "good" fatthen Polyunsaturated would be best. Its molecular construction is far lesslikely to build up in your arteries.
Trans Fat - is an especially evil, poisonous, typically man made
concoction. The story on Trans fat begins in the mid 1950's when foodmanufacturers got the scare of their lives. Researchers and scientists atthe time had just started to link high saturated fat foods with heart disease.
So BAM! On cue, the food companies started to look for some way toreduce the saturated fat content of their foods. So they decided to fusevegetable oil with hydrogen (partial hydrogenation). That way they couldtruthfully say that their products did not have high levels of saturated fat.
But in doing so, they created something far worse. The result is vegetableoil into a solid (like Crisco). Unlike saturated fat and unsaturated fats whichare found in nature, trans fat is an extremely super hard substance. It isvery harmful and over time does build up in your arteries, and it is a lotworse than saturated fat. It is found mainly in processed foods hidden fromyou and you didn't even know it. It's also used in many restaurants toprepare fried foods like French fries, onion rings, and other fried foods.
Also, what do you think that creamy hard white stuff is between those twochocolate cookies? You know the ones I'm talking about, where you twistthe two cookie tops and bottoms apart and eat the white stuff in between.
Again, trans fat is primarily vegetable oil fused with hydrogen. Its inpancakes, waffles, French fries and yes even bran muffins! It's in tens ofthousands of common foods. Trans Fat is the equivalent of just eating achunk of butter or margarine. Trans Fats don't digest or rinse from yourbody well. They have been linked to everything from diabetes to heartdisease. It's been said by other researchers that Trans Fat may contribute Truth: Carbs, Cholesterol, Fats & Protein
to between 30,000 to 40,000 premature deaths each year. Also, you mainlyfind Trans Fats in carbohydrate based foods. That's another reason whyI hate carbs and why you should get a divorce from them, too. In allfairness there is one trans fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) that is foundin red meat like steaks and beef. CLA found in steak does seem to havea heart healthy benefit. Note that steaks are from nature french fries arefrom man. The choice is obvious. Common consumer items like Criscosolid and others are made using trans fats. At the time of this writing, foodnutrition labels don't show the trans fat content in foods. That's becausethe FDA was pressured by the processed food manufacturers to slowdown on the requirement to report trans fat content. They were scaredthat if you really knew the truth about trans fats, that you would stopbuying their products and French fries. Thankfully, the FDA has comethrough so you should start seeing trans fat content labeling show up shortly.
Finally, not all fats are bad. I'm just saying that not all fats are equal.
The fats that are allowed in the AA diet are the fats from nature. Fat is arequirement for healthy skin, it enables your body to absorb minerals, andis a necessary item for your body to function properly. Now you have thetruth and the whole truth about fats.
What's Wrong With Those Other Diets?
What's Wrong With
Those Other Diets?
Some popular diets today want you to make "decisions" about your weight (Dr. Phil) and to settle on a few "keys" and bullet points that willwork. Others want you to eat low carbohydrates while you load up ondairy and eat high fat foods (Atkins and South Beach). I'm here to say Prestidigitation - N, (Sleight of hand; Hand is faster than the eye)
Prestidigitator - N, (A Diet doctor with a diet book)
for the African American and nearly everybody else, all of these are wrong!More correctly, they are only partially right. You need a diet designed forthe AA. One that's tailored to the "Modern Mankind Model." One that isdesigned by nature. The premise that your body is closest to the originaldesign and therefore "different" in so many ways makes you unique andnearly pure in structure. The purer the content, the more closely it mustadhere to the original design. Why do you think that AAs have the greatestproblems with weight and health ? The answer is that as a pure design, a lotof us have strayed from the foods most needed to support our design. As aresult we get the most health problems, with excessive weight being justone of them.
By now you have heard of famous doctors, current or late, who promote the notion that you can eat more calories and still lose weight. Eat all theeggs, milk, cheese, and high fat crap you want and everything will be fine.
That's exactly what everybody who is overweight has been waiting to hear!It's magic when you can actually eat more of the wrong kinds of foods thannature and your body wants and still lose weight. The best part (they claim)is that you can supposedly eat all the fat laden dairy and egg stuff that youwant without exercising and still be healthy! That's amazing! What's Wrong With Those Other Diets?
They also say that calories are not important! That's Bull. Calories are important. Did you know that just a "few" extra calories a day willcause weight gain? Just 23 extra calories a day (that's half a cookie) for 20years will make you 48 pounds overweight! The fact is we are usually just"a few" calories out of balance. A pound of fat is approximately 3,500calories. Those extra desserts, cheese, dairy and biggie-sized fast food mealsand all that ice cream, pasta, pizza, potatoes, candy, beer, cole slaw, andbread are what put you outside of your ideal weight. But it doesn't have totake you 20 years to lose those 47 pounds. In fact, those 47 pounds cancome off in just 140 days! With the AA diet, you will not count calories inyour food, but you will be aware of their affect within the type and quantityof foods that you eat.
Those other diets remind me of when people were "sold" on the notion that the world was flat. For centuries men and women thought that whena boat sailed as far as the eye could see and disappeared over the horizon,that it had fallen off the edge of the world. Everyone wanted to believe it,because nobody could explain where the missing boat had gone. Thatbelief, just like those other diets, got all kinds of media coverage duringthat age. It was probably especially helpful to map makers of the timewhen a boat sailed off and never came back. The boat must have fallenoff the edge of the world, right? No. We now know that the world is notflat. The boat did not fall off the edge of the world, but more than likelyended up being lost at sea by following the wrong map maker (A.K.A. adiet doctor). The AA diet model of eating that I advocate, indicates that alow carbohydrate diet was indeed our basic diet for nearly 200,000 years.
However, it was also very low in fat, and high in protein. Dairy wasnearly nonexistent as those other diets include. Saturated and Trans fatsalong with high cholesterol, milk, cheese, cream, eggs and other high fatcontent foods that those other diets say are OK, we're never meant to bepart of our basic diet. That's why I say that most of those diet doctorbooks mentioned earlier have only got it partially right. But partiallyright is not good enough. It can be downright dangerous to only be partially What's Wrong With Those Other Diets?
right. They are right about the weight loss that can and will occur on a lowcarb diet, but absolutely wrong about the types of fats and foods that youcan substitute.
Another problem with those other diets is that they fail to take into account nature's countermeasures to weightloss. You body does not wantyou to lose the weight you have. That's why crash diets don't work. Thesenatural countermeasurers are called,"Homeostasis" (See the chapter onHunter Gatherer - Origin of The AA Diet for more on homeostasis).
Your body can lose weight in many ways, but the long term effect of eating incorrectly will cause more health problems than the short term weightloss benefit that they promote. Incidentally, you are on a "diet" right now,whether you know it or not. A diet by definition is nothing more than thefoods and drinks that you consume on a regular basis. The problem is, thediet you are on is a fat causing diet. If you regularly consume soda pop,potatoes, dairy products, fast food and all the other stuff on the naughty list,then you are on a fat causing diet. This is not horseshoes or hand grenades.
You cannot simply get "close" or partially right to the proper diet for yourbody. It's got to be exact. It's got to be what nature designed you to eat. Itshould be the AA diet.
OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
The Greatest Health Risk
To Black Americans
OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
The most significant health threat to African Americans is being overweight and obese. This is especially true for African Americanwomen. So listen up. Every woman is afraid of breast cancer. It is notbreast cancer that is the major threat for Black women. It is obesity.
Obesity is excessive body fat. Typically being 20% or more above yourideal weight makes you obese. A more accurate measure is the BMI orBody Mass Index.
Nearly 33% of African American adults are obese and most of them are women. Seventy-eight percent (78% - over 3 out of 4) of Black womenare overweight and 50.8% (over half) are obese according to the Centersfor Disease Control (CDC). Obesity has been linked to higher incidencesof heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancer and more. Theother day I was reading an issue of JET magazine. There, Queen Latifawas shown riding a bike. Ms. Latifa has mentioned her own struggleswith weight on several occasions and she seems to exemplify the attitudeI want our African American women, men and children to adopt. Getmoving! Do something and eat right using the AA diet.
I'm not sure where the Big, Beautiful, Black Woman (BBBW) phrase and acronym originated, but I'm sure it has done nothing to help our race.
In fact, it may be more to blame for the problem. I believe that it is OK toacknowledge that a person is Big, Beautiful and Black. What I disagreewith is the notion that it is OK to stay that way without a serious andcontinuous effort to change. Nature didn't design Black women to be big.
On the bright side, the fat that most women get is on the hips, arms and OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
thighs. It's tough to get rid of, but is less health threatening than male bellyfat - at least over the short term.
For Black men the problem is "visceral" fat or "belly" fat. It is that fat found in the stomach and deep around the internal organs. AfricanAmerican men tend to gain the most weight in their stomachs, whileBlack women accumulate fat on their arms, buttocks, hips and thighs.
Subcutaneous fat is what we call "Love Handles". For men, the advantagethey have with belly fat, is that a little diet and exercise can make it goaway quickly. The bad part is that if it remains there over years or decades,it is a problem that shows up in the arteries and can cause hypertension,contribute to diabetes, or worse.
Dr. Kathleen M. McTigue of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill published a report in the June 2002 issue of the Annals ofInternal Medicine. She tracked nearly 9,000 men and women born 1957to 1964. Her study showed that obesity developed most quickly in AfricanAmerican women and that they were more likely to be obese than Whitewomen. She also reported that African American women becameoverweight earlier in life by age 24 to 27, compared with White womenwho became overweight over a decade later near age 35. Dr. McTiguesays, ".A 17 year old Black girl with just a few extra pounds was quitelikely to be obese by the time she was in her mid to late-20's." Thatstatement nearly knocked me off my feet. It was also one of the keyreasons for writing this book. To think that a young adolescent AfricanAmerican girl could be predicted to be obese by just looking at a fewextra pounds on her, was profound to me.
Who should we blame for this situation? See my chapter on "Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?" The traditional African American diet, consisting of soul food combined with fast food, is significantly high in saturated fat, trans fats, and calories.
OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
Typically, these calories are not used up through exercise or physical activityand therefore, convert to fat more readily. Couple that with high stress,low activity and low resting metabolism rates, and you get a lot of veryoverweight people.
Fat and Obese African American Kids
A study, published in 2002 by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reported that 36% (over 1 out of 3) of our African Americanchildren, ages 6 to 11 are overweight and that 20% of them are obese.
That's right, 1 out of 5 African American very young children are obese.
It gets worse as they get older. When Black children reach the ages of 12to 19, they get fatter and more obese. The report shows that 40% ofthese older children, are now overweight and that nearly 25% (1 out of 4)are obese! That was a 2002 study. By now the problem is very likelymuch worse. Pretty soon the fat kids on the playground are going to outnumber the skinny kids and tease them for being skinny. White childrenin the same study, had much lower overweight and obesity numbers thanour African American children. "Our message is simple: Kids' health,and lives, are at risk. It's time to take action. We're raising the firstgeneration of people who may very well live less long than their parents,"said Dr. William Hacker, acting public health commissioner for Kentucky.
Kentucky is a neighboring state to my own Ohio, that borders Indiana.
Dr. Hacker is a member of a special panel setup to get the obesity messageout to tri-state citizens.
The point is, too many of our Black children are overweight or even obese. We need to get them on diets and healthy eating life-styles now,like the AA diet if they are to have any chance at the quality of life theydeserve. Evidence suggests that big, fat, children end up being evenbigger, fatter, obese, unnatural, unhealthy adults. They will likely faceunfair health related and employment related discrimination, as a resultof their excessive weight. Don't let that happen.
OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
The best place to start is at home, in your own kitchen. There is a credit card television commercial that asks the question, "What's in yourWALLET?" We need to ask ourselves a similar question - What's inyour cabinets? What's in your refrigerator? What are you feeding yourkids and spouse? The things you store there may be the things that arefattening up our Black children today. Parents are to blame for ourAfrican American children being in this state of crisis. Parents are alsothe solution to the problem. Let's stop feeding our children the things onthe Naughty list. Let's give them a chance. Adult obesity rankings byrace and by state are shown on the next page.
OBESITY: The Greatest Health Risk To Black Americans
Adult Obesity Ranking (%) By State / Race
(source Trust for America's Health 2003) Black White
Black White
Massachusetts 27.6 New Hampshire 24.6 California has the MOST obese Black persons at (41.6%) and N. Dakota has the LEAST obese Black persons at (6.5%) Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
Who Made Me Fat?
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
Everyone loves a good mystery. The really good mysteries always have lots of twists and turns to the point where you really don't knowwho did it. You don't know - for sure. Did the butler do it? Did thehusband kill his wife? Did O.J. do it? Was it the neighbor next door?Was it a close personal acquaintance that most never would suspect?Who did it? The movie "Secret Window," starring Johnny Depp is one ofmy favorite who done it movies. I love that move. It keeps you guessingup to the end about the real culprit. The police always round up the usualsuspects and the process of elimination begins. Who done it? The same thing can be asked of the weight problems that African Americans face. Who caused over 2 out of every 3 African Americans tobe overweight? Who done it? How did I get this big? Somebody has tobear the blame. Well, let's round up a few of the usual suspects: 1 Grocery stores2 The U.S. Government3 Slavery4 Television5 Vending Machines6 Fast Food Restaurants7 All You Can Eat Buffets8 Better Quality of Life9 Metabolic Resistance and BMI10 Weight Loss Plateau11 Acceptance of the BBBW Image12 Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Coolers, and Liquor) Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
Obviously there may be more, but for the most part these are the key suspects. Let's look at each one.
Since most of us don't know how to farm, butcher livestock, or grow our own produce, the Grocery Store has become a place where we getmost of our food. However, the grocery store is dangerous for AfricanAmericans who don't know how to shop for the right kinds of food. Ithas items that can fill your waistline out faster than you can say, "Do youhave your customer appreciation card?" It is filled with aisle after aisle ofthings that you were never meant to eat. It has unnatural, man-madecreations just waiting for you to feast on. Most of the things on the Naughtylist (found in the next few chapters) can be found in abundance in a grocerystore. For example, the Cereal aisle is crammed packed with processed,refined grains and cereals that are high in carbohydrates which go right toyour waistline and your hips. They spike your blood sugar levels up andkeep your pancreas in overdrive all the time. Sugar frosted, cocoa puffed,rice blended flakes, boxes and boxes of fat just waiting for you. Yourkids and you probably visit the cereal aisle a lot.
Bread aisle - The Bread aisle is another silo of weaponry aimed right
at your midsection, thighs, arms and butt. It is loaded with refined flourwhite bread, bagels, buns, bread sticks, rice cakes and a fountain of fatfilled flour, fluffy foods that fill your face with a folly of fresh baked"goodness" that fill your hips out like a float. Yum! Canned Goods aisle - This is a another dangerous place. It's packed
with canned corn, canned carrots, canned noodles, canned potatoes (canDan Quayle spell that), canned soups, canned this and canned that. Thequestion is CAN you feel your waistline filling out as we speak? Everycan is loaded with very high levels of sodium (a.k.a. SALT) which causesthe body to retain water and unnecessary weight. High levels of sodium Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
CAN cause significant hypertension problems within the body, especially inAfrican Americans. So CAN you see why the canned goods aisle of agrocery store is a dangerous place for you? Snack aisle - Walk down the Snack aisle very often and you will most
certainly be overweight. The snack aisle is one of the worse aisles. It hasa collage of multilevel racks, filled with bags upon bags of fat filled, saltcovered, unnatural creations. Chips, curls, cookies, pretzels, wafers, andmore. Corn this and potato that, all can be found in this aisle. It has orangethings that look like balls all bagged and begging for you to bring them toyour mouth, where they ultimately end up on your bottom.
Soda pop aisle Danger, Danger Will Robinson!!! The Soda pop
aisle is a weapon aimed at you that is more dangerous than the breadaisle. It has LIQUID fat written all over it. SUGAR is the key ingredientin most of the items in the soda pop aisle. Remember, your body has toconvert carbohydrates into sugar and we know how bad a lot of carbs arefor your system. So, liquid sugar is really bad! That's what soda pop is- liquid sugar. But, you already know that -- don't you? Lunch Meat section - The Lunch meat section is in the back, near
the end of the store. Remember, meat and fish are good for you; howeverLUNCH meats and other processed meats are not. You can tell lunchmeats, because they always hang from hooks in plastic packages in themeat case. Although, sometimes the grocers will just stack a lot of themon top of each other in a meat cooling case. Lunch meats are things likewieners, hot dogs, bologna (we use to call it "baloney" when I was comingup), salami, smoked beef sticks, and all that other stuff in that section.
You know what I'm talking about. All lunch meats are made from mainlysaturated fat, left over parts of the pig or cow that nobody would want toeat or buy if sold alone. So, they grind up the fat, skin, and other refuse,add some color and shape it into round flat wafers or round weiner like Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
tubes to make it look more appealing. Finally, they add some advertising anda catchy musical tune to make you want buy it.
Dairy aisle - The dairy section is one of the worst aisles in the grocery
store for an African American. The grocer keeps it very cold in the dairyaisle. Ordinarily this stuff would spoil and rot quickly, because even naturewants to kill it off. But man keeps it available for you through refrigeration.
Dairy was never meant to be consumed by African Americans in anysignificant quantity. Most Africans and Caribbean island dwellers consumevery little dairy during their lives and most are lactose intolerant. The dairyaisle is where cheese, milk, eggs, butter and ice cream reside. It's also oneof the most significant contributors to weight and health problems for AfricanAmericans. Reference my indictment of Milk and Dairy near the end ofthe book and you'll soon see why.
The "Urban Grocery Store Gap" is also part of the whole grocery store fat contribution issue. Study after study continue to show that grocerystores in African American and lower income communities carry higherpriced nutritional foods than in more affluent typically ‘whiter' neighborhoods.
Also, there are fewer grocery stores in African American communitieswhich leave blacks shopping at higher priced corner convenience storeswhich typically don't carry many nutritious lower fat foods.
As you can see the grocery store certainly qualifies as a suspect in this who done it mystery? The grocery store is in possession of "criminal tools"or elements that are known to cause weight gain and health problems forAfrican Americans. So at a minimum, the grocery store can be linked tothis crime. But, the grocery store is not the only suspect. The Governmentis a prime suspect too.
The United States Government may have made you overweight. Here's Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
why: The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) developed atriangle called the FOOD PYRAMID and released it to the general publicback in the early nineties. I'm sure you've seen it. It's that ubiquitousdiamond shaped diagram that can be found on cereal boxes and foodpackaging all across the nation. It was a noble attempt to get you to eatright and reduce your risk of disease by removing fat from your diet. Theproblem is, that it was wrong from the start, for just about everybody.
The government was trying to get people to reduce the amount of saturated fat in their diets. So for simplicity, they just blanketed and labeledall fats as bad. We know that all fats are not bad, in fact you need fat tolive. The government Food Pyramid was wrong for typical Americans andit was really wrong for African Americans. The food pyramid probably didmore harm than good. It states that you should eat lots of potatoes, bread,rice, and pasta. Sounds like a carbohydrate overdose doesn't it? Giventhat the general population of the U.S. is basically inactive, insulin resistancecan occur with such a diet high in carbohydrates such as potatoes. Thiseffect can cause serious health problems. Rural peasant farm workers inthird world nations and other persons who are extremely active can eat thistype of diet with very few cardiovascular or weight related problems, butthat is only because they are VERY active. They do physical, very hardwork everyday with their bodies. You don't do that. The exact same highcarbohydrate diet eaten by relatively inactive, overweight African Americanscan cause extreme weight gain and even more health problems.
The USDA also lumped fish, red meat and poultry together as a single group of meat, which we know is all wrong. The government suggestedthat you eat large quantities of milk, cheese, butter and eggs in the Dairysection of the pyramid. Nature never wanted you to do such a thing,because doing so will make you fat and unhealthy. There is also thecommon belief that special interests businesses from the dairy industryhad a disproportionate influence during the development of the FoodPyramid. That milk mustache that they keep wanting you to wear was Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
never part of nature's plan. However; somehow it showed up as a largesection of the Food Pyramid.
Soon, after the release of the Food Pyramid, school lunch lines, restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and work cafeterias across Americaall started promoting the government's Food Pyramid as the key to betterhealth and a fit trim waistline by carrying large servings of what it suggested.
Note - Recently, in April of 2005, the government released a new, color coded food pyramid called, "MyPramid" in an attempt to fix the oldone. It is a personalized, color coded triangle with a person running up aflight of stairs along the side. The problem is that it is too little, too late.
The damage has already been done. Secondly, the new pyramid is nearlyas flawed as the old one.
The new pyramid still emphasizes large quantitiesof starchy vegetables, dairy Make African
and grain. That's sounds like bread, eggs, cheese,potatoes, pasta and rice folks.
A recent report by the Children's The new pyramid also still Hospital of the University of Chicago shows that television programs for focuses on milk, with nearly African-American's tend to portray more 3 cups recommended for overweight characters than those targeted at the general American everyone, everyday.
national audience. They also have Remember the dairy industry more than 60% more food and is very influential and restaurant commercials than general audience programming. Black powerful in crafting American programming television government policy. Oh yeah, programs portrayed 27% overweight big business still has their actors; while general audience programming shows had only 2% hand in telling the overweight characters. Manasi government what to tell you Tirodkar, who wrote the report, seems to point to this type of television about eating. No wonder programming as a contributor to weight large amounts of dairy and problems in the African American Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
grain still show up in the new pyramid in nearly the same quantities as theold one had. There's just too much money in it for them to stop. Big foodindustries would lose too much money, if you suddenly started eating theway you should. Fortunately, the AA Diet is here to give you the straightand narrow view of nature. The bottom line is to trust nature, and not thegovernment to feed you well. But, I do have to give credit to the newpyramid for indicating that exercise is important in healthy eating and living.
Incidently, the government also has done nothing to limit your access to unhealthy fattening foods. In fact, over 20 out of all 50 states have erectedlaws to limit your ability to sue for obesity related issues. In other words,the government doesn't want you to be able to sue restaurants and storesthat provide you with known fattening, unhealthy foods that contribute toobesity. The bottom line is - even if you could prove a business providesunhealthy fattening foods that contribute to obesity, you could not seek legalrecourse to stop them from doing so. At the very least your ability to suewould be severely limited. That's the case in forty percent of states acrossthe country! Given the unhealthy nature of the food pyramid, (the old one and the new one) plus limits on obesity law suits - it sounds like your own governmentis a prime suspect in this who done it mystery.
Slavery may have made you overweight. Here's why: Children learn to eat from their parents, relatives and friends. My momma and daddygave me my first meal, maybe just like yours' did. Today, most AfricanAmericans can say, with some confidence, that they have or had agrandparent or great grandparent with linkage to the old South and slavery.
Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Mississippi and more are all commonstates that most African Americans can usually trace some ancestry too.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
The old South was the premiere destination for slave ships arriving fromAfrica. To fill the void of the absence of the African natural diet, the typicalslave mother learned, by necessity, to subsist on the leftover hog and cowby-products that most other people would never dream of eating if given achoice. Things like the hog and cow's intestines, feet, ears, tongues andother "throw away parts" were cheap or even free. They were readilyavailable for consumption to a needy African transplant family. An Africantransplant mother, when faced with the notion of the starvation of her childrenor the alternative nourishment provided by a pig's mostly saturated fatunwanted by-product body parts - logic wins out. Think about it. Whatwould do in the situation of a slave needing to feed your family? After all,by law you were only 5/8ths of a human being anyway. The fat foot and legof a hog would become a staple of a slave's basic food needs. Over theyears of eating mainly fat, cholesterol laden beast waste products, a motherlearns to make them taste better for her family by adding seasonings, grasses,herbs and such. Now let's fast forward a hundred and forty years (twogenerations) to the end of slavery and you have African American mothersand decedents that continue to eat this stuff. They do it, because they havebeen conditioned and trained to think the consumption of these types offoods is good - even delicious. The children and great grand children, whoare now adults, believe that chitlings and souse (hog guts), pigs feet, weiners,and other such things are what we are suppose to eat. Later these thingseven get their own name, "Soul Food." Parents then teach their children toeat such things. These things are fattening and unhealthy. The foodsassociated with slavery, indeed make slavery a suspect.
Television is a suspect because of the companies that use it. T.V. is actually an accomplice in the who done it. When advertisements that areflashed at you on a regular basis, show African Americans consuming foodsthat we were never meant to eat. That makes television a suspect for who Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
made you overweight. We are heavily influenced by the televisionprogramming that we watch.
Vending Machines are a suspect. They are literally everywhere. They are in our schools, places of employment and even our churches. Theyalmost NEVER have anything worthwhile eating in them. Studies implicatingsoda vending machines as contributors to childhood obesity have causedschool boards to remove vending machines from schools. These machinesmay have contributed to making you overweight. Maybe you have purchasedsoda, candy, chips or other items from a vending machine on a regular basis.
They make you fat because they are always there with fattening things toeat. Like a drug dealer standing on the same corner that you pass day andnight. They prey upon your weaknesses. The omnipresence that theypossess, shows that they are always there for YOU! They sit there lookingfor you to get weak and buy the fattening, unhealthy products that theypeddle. The problem for us is that they are ubiquitous. They are everywhere.
They are at the gas station, the shopping mall, schools, work, the sportsgame, they are an unmanned drone developed by the enemy to shoot missilesof fattening ammunition at you on a daily, hourly, minute, and second basis.
If you use vending machines on a regular basis, that makes them a suspectto your weight problem! Fast Food
Fast food restaurants and the foods they peddle are a suspect in the who made you fat investigation. Fast food is a fairly recent anomaly. A fastfood restaurant was tough to find 40 or 50 years ago. Overweight AfricanAmericans were tough to find then too. Coincidence? I think not. At firstglance, the Fast Food restaurant would seem to be a blessing. The notion ofgetting a nutritious meal in seconds through a drive through window, with no Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
pots or dishes to wash afterwards, seems like a dream come true. Theproblem is that Fast Food restaurants serve some of the most fatteningfoods anywhere. The burger joints serve super fattening French fries cookedin artery clogging trans fat hydrated oils, high carbohydrate thick buns andpotatoes, super sized sugar based colas and drinks, plus dairy based cheeseand milk shakes - and that's just the lunch menu. And they always ask,".would you like cheese on that burger?" The breakfast menu is coveredwith an overdose of carbohydrate based croissant buns, or butter drenchedbiscuits sandwiches topped with American cheese, or pancakes which arenothing more than carbs and white flour. Then you put sugar syrup onthem. The hash browns are nothing more than a starchy potato, aimedright at your waistline and designed to increase your insulin levels out ofproportion so that early onset of diabetes is almost assured. Do you want acherry pie with that? Pizza restaurants are just as bad or even worse.
Pizza, pasta and most of the other stuff they serve are simply "hypercarbohydrate" sources. They serve cheese on top of bread, both of whichwere never meant to be consumed in large quantities by anyone. Thechicken and fish places are bad too. Chicken and fish by themselves aresome of the best foods for an African American to eat. I suggest you eatthem often. But, the fast food joints have jacked that up too. They addhigh amounts of breaded batter, salt and fat to what would ordinarily be agreat food meal. Then they deep fry the chicken or fish in artery clogginghydrogenated trans fat cooking oils. This turns a completely good meal intoa fattening, unhealthy glob of waste product that ends up widening yourwaist. Yes, the Fast food restaurant is a suspect.
All You Can Eat Buffets
The "All You Can Eat" buffets (A.K.A. smorgasbords) are also suspects in this crime. Black folks love smorgasbords! You pay one low price andyou can literally "pig out" for as long as the place is open. There are nodishes to wash or tables to clear. Everything is done for you. The problemwith smorgasbords is that they always tend to make people over eat. That's Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
because most people don't feel like they've got their money's worth, untilthey have two or three plates piled high with food. If you look around, mostpeople who frequent smorgasbords are typically overweight.
A Better Quality Of Life
Could the better quality of life you are living now make you fat? Maybe.
It is a suspect, and here's why: As you begin to make more money, havemore leisure time, use less manual labor in your work and afford morefoods - the result tends to be more fat around the waistline and hips. Maybeyou have a car now or two, so you drive everywhere you go when AfricanAmericans use to walk or catch the bus. Maybe you have more leisuretime to sleep or relax when you ordinarily would be using your body orworking. A new baby can also cause the waist or hips to swell. You arehome more, not as outgoing as you use to be. That exercise equipmentstarts to become a fond memory - sitting in the corner gathering dust. Maybeyou've got someone who helps clean the house or mow the lawn whenbefore you use to do it. The "Good Life" can add inches to your waistreally fast. Maybe you go through the automatic car wash instead of usingthe self-wash bays. A better quality of life can end up making you overweightif you don't watch it.
BMI and Resting Metabolic Rate
What if I told you that you could be 35 years old and still be 30? What if I told you that being 30 is a bad thing? The 30 I'm talking about is not yourage, it is a number referred to as your "Body Mass Index" or BMI. Do youknow your BMI? You should, because it is the comparison of your heightand weight to determine if your are underweight, overweight or obese. Iwant you to know your BMI. Your Normal weight is anything between18.5 to 24.9. Overweight is 25 to 29.9 and anything 30 or more, makes you Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
obese - that's according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute(NHLBI).
Your BMI will tell you about your weight. More African American women and Hispanic women are obese than White women. IF YOURBMI IS MORE THAN 25, THEN YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!You can use the BMI table on the next page, or use the simple calculationon the previous page for a more accurate figure. Also, if you have accessto the internet, an on-line BMI calculator can be found at: 1. Multiply 703 times your weight in pounds2. Multiply your height (in inches) times your height (in inches)3. Divide the first result by the second result. That's your BMI 1. Mike weighs 185 lbs (185 lbs x 703 = 130,055)2. Mike is 5'8" = 68 inches tall (68 inches x 68 inches = 4,624)3. Mike's BMI is: 130,055 / 4,624 = 28.13 In this example Mike is Overweight.
Body Mass Index
Find your height in inches and where your weight intersects. The number in the column above your weight is your BMI (where NML = Normal, OW = Overweight, and OB=Obese) NML NML NML NML NML NML OW OW OW OW OW OB OB OB OB OB OB OB OB OB OB OB 143 148 153 158 162 167 172 177 181 186 148 153 158 163 168 173 178 183 188 193 153 158 163 168 174 179 184 189 194 199 158 164 169 174 180 185 190 195 201 206 Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
164 169 175 180 186 191 196 202 207 213 169 175 180 186 191 197 203 208 214 220 174 180 186 192 197 204 209 215 221 227 180 186 192 198 204 210 216 222 228 234 186 192 198 204 210 216 223 229 235 241 191 198 204 211 217 223 230 236 242 249 197 204 210 216 223 230 236 243 249 256 203 210 216 223 230 236 243 250 257 263 209 216 222 229 236 243 250 257 264 271 215 222 229 236 243 250 257 265 272 279 221 228 235 242 250 258 265 272 279 287 227 235 242 250 257 265 272 280 288 295 233 241 249 256 264 272 280 287 295 303 240 248 256 264 272 279 287 295 303 311 246 254 263 271 279 287 295 304 312 320 Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
How To determine Your Frame Size
If you have always wondered what size frame you have, here is one Take your thumb and middle finger and place them around your wrist.
If they overlap a little then you are small framed. If they touch you aremedium framed, and if they don touch you have a large frame size.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
How To determine Your Frame Size
If you have always wondered what size frame you have, here is one Take your thumb and middle finger and place them around your wrist.
If they overlap a little then you are small framed. If they touch you aremedium framed, and if they don't touch you have a large frame size.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
Resting Metabolic Rate
Maybe your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is to blame for being overweight. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 70, No. 1, 13-20, July 1999, produced the results of a study which seems to show thatAfrican American women have a RMR than White women. Basically, theResting Metabolic Rate is the sum minimum amount of calories your bodyneeds to burn to perform basic functions such as breathing, sleeping, digestingfood, growing cells or blood circulation - in other words just laying arounddoing nothing except staying alive with no activity. The RMR findings areimportant here, because it indicates that African American women have aharder time losing weight than White women for metabolic reasons.
Often you will hear the term Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) used instead of RMR. BMR is similar to RMR and both quantities are close, exceptBMR testing is done under strict rest testing conditions usually in a lab. Sofor our purposes, the RMR is best to use for an accurate estimation. RMRis lower for African American women, because African American womentend to use fewer calories just staying alive. The findings also indicate thatwhen it comes to obesity, African American women account for 37.4% ofobese persons compared with 22.4% for white women.
The study appears to show that your African American body may be keeping more calories, and therefore more fat and weight than acomparable white person. An earlier study published in 1997 in "ObesityResearch" (vol.5, No. 1, January, 1997) found similar results. The reportwas written by Dr. Gary D. Foster, then Director of the University ofPennsylvania's Medical center Weight and Eating Disorders program.
Dr. Foster's team tested the resting metabolic rate of 166 women (122white and 44 black). The women weighed, on average, about 225 pounds.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
The RMR for black women was nearly 103 calories per day less than thatof the white women.
But, cheer up. The good news is that your RMR can be elevated to higher levels just by being more active. Start moving, do something withyour body and you can increase your RMR.
No one knows for sure why the RMR is lower for African American women than for whites. My theory is that since African American physiologyis closest to the original foundation of all mankind's African origins, thatyour body just uses it's fuel (calories) more efficiently. During times offamine or scarcity of food, the African American woman would be at asignificant survival advantage over a white woman because of your lowerRMR. Unfortunately, with food in abundance, low exercise levels, and withdiets heavy in calories and carbohydrates, that advantage has become adisadvantage that translates into excessive weight or worse.
Acceptance Of The Big, Beautiful, Black Woman
Did our acceptance and embrace of the "Big, Beautiful, Black Woman" (BBBW) image cause an increase in our weight problems? Maybe, here'swhy: I'm not sure where the phrase "Big, Beautiful, Black Woman"originated or when we started using it. By the way, this subject includessignificantly overweight men and children too. So fellas and children, it ain'tjust BBBW. It's BBBM & BBBC too! The BBBW image is a fairlyrecent phenomena. Fifteen to twenty years ago the term was not commonto our vocabulary. I have reviewed over 30 on-line African Americandiscussion groups, websites and chat rooms on this subject. The bestdiscussions were found on Black Entertainment's (BET) website:www.bet.com. The discussions and exchanges resulted from a reportBET posted called, "Study: Americans, Especially Black Women, AreMore Obese Than Ever," by Stacy Gilliam, BET.com staff writer postedOct. 9, 2002. There were all kinds of contributors and most postings came Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
from Black women. Some said, that Black men wanted to have a "healthy"woman with "plenty of meat on her bones." Others said that the report wasjust another attack to beat down big, Black sisters. The common themedigressed into the notion that it was not a bad thing to be overweight orobese. This was confirmation to me that indeed a significant number ofAfrican Americans have sadly come to believe that it's perfectly normaland OK to be overweight or even obese. So the discussions moved awayfrom the main health and image related disadvantages of being overweightand obese, to one of acceptance. Being content or even happy no matterwhat size a person is. It showed me that many had given up and surrenderedto excessive weight. Just as the discussion had moved off the originalsubject, so too had we as a people lost sight of what being a beautiful Blackwoman, man or child is all about. It's about being in the natural physicalproportions of a human being following nature's design for food consumptionand body use, that results in a physically beautiful person free of weightrelated diseases and limitations.
Another example of acceptance and surrender to the BBBW image is the Oxygen television show, "Mo'Nique's Fat Chance." Ms. Mo'Niqueis a large Black female actress and comedian. The Oxygen networkwebsite advertises the show as the first televised beauty competition forwomen with ‘something extra.' In other words the women are beautiful,mostly Black and obese.
Ms. Mo'Nique's actual quote for creating the plus-sized beauty competition was, "I got tired of shows giving us such a negativeimage, that big was a bad thing. The average woman is a size 14,we are the majority, we are America." She is absolutely right andabsolutely wrong at the same time! She's right that America has amajority of overweight and obese Black women. She's wrong to thecontribute to the problem in the form of a beauty contest for persons thateverybody else know - need to lose weight. For the record, I like Ms.
Mo'Nique. She is very funny and a wonderful Black actress withtremendous talent. However, I disagree with her statement and the Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
resulting degradation intoacceptance that the Did Soda Pop Make
program suggests and ultimately promotes. Yes -large, African American An August 2004 report in the Journal of the American Medical Association women can be very pretty tracked over 50,000 nurses who drank and beautiful; however one or more, non-diet soda pop or fruit punch beverages everyday. The report being overweight to the showed that they gained weight rapidly levels portrayed in the show and had an 80% elevated risk of depict persons with possible developing Type 2 diabetes. Walter C.
Willett, of the Harvard School of Public emotional problems hungry Health, who helped conduct the study, for acceptance.
said "The message is: anyone who cares about their health or the health of their family would not consume these When we have people beverages. Parents who care about who are obviously not their children's health should not keep them at home." eating right, not exercisingand being glorified as This report should come as no surprise beautiful in a televised to those on the AA diet. Sugar sweetened beverages like soda pop, show, there is definitely a fruit punch and fruit juices are on the problem. We need to Naughty list anyway.
discourage the BBBWimage and encourage a dietright for weightloss that will help overweight people with acceptance problems. That way they canachieve healthy and actual attractive weight proportionate appearancesthat are natural and aligned with nature.
It's not normal nor beautiful to be an obese black person. We need to get back to the original discussion and point of the unhealthy andunsightly nature of obesity. We need to stop accepting being overweightand/or obese as normal. You do NOT need to surrender to that lie. Youneed to fight the lie! Just because they can stitch enough fabric togetherto make a 50" wide thong, should not make it OK to wear one.
Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
We as a people have got to change. We are fattening ourselves to death and accepting that it's OK. We have to discourage the acceptanceof the BBBW image. Let's stop telling that lie about ".oh, honey, she orhe is just big boned." We need to put the moose on the table and starttelling the truth. No, he or she is not simply big boned. He or she isoverweight and maybe even obese, and needs to start a weight reductiondiet like the AA diet right away. The sad fact is, that by trying not to hurtpeople's feelings and say it's OK to be overweight, we are in fact doingthem an injustice. We are hurting them. We're lying to them and we arelying to ourselves. We are proliferating a lie - in the form of acceptance -that reduces a person's quality of life and leads ultimately to early onsetof disease and even early death. Not to mention an unsightly figure. So,let's lose the lie and lose the weight. Let's NOT accept being overweightor obese as a normal thing for African Americans.
Acceptance & surrender to the Big, Beautiful Black Woman image has done nothing for Black people, and has probably contributed to thegrowing obesity epidemic. Acceptance of the BBBW image is definitelya suspect in this who done it case.
(Beer, Wine, Coolers and Liquor)
Alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, coolers and hard liquor may have made you overweight. Here's why: That 40 ounce bottle of beer, applemartini or even that gin and juice some of us like, all have alcohol in them.
When I'm finish telling you about the effects of alcohol on your waistline,you might want to "Pass on the Courvoisier." Just tell Busta Rhymes thatit's just not good for the waistline. He'll understand. It does not matter if Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
the drink is vodka, gin, beer, rum whiskey, scotch or wine. If your drinkcontains alcohol, the effects can devastate your weight loss goals.
First of all, alcohol has a lot of calories per gram! Seven calories per gram to be exact. It has more calories than a gram of protein. A gram ofalcohol even has nearly double the calories of a gram of carbohydrates.
Only a gram of pure fat has more calories than a gram of alcohol. But thestory of how alcohol may be to blame does not end there.
No. There are a number of studies that now show alcohol actually slows down your fat burning metabolism to the point where your body nolonger burns fat or carbohydrates for fuel, but instead burns only alcohol.
Body lipid oxidation is the measure of how much fat the body burns. Studiesshow that small quantities of alcohol can lower that fat burning capability by70% or more. Your liver can only metabolize a limited amount of alcohol atone time, and that's no matter how much alcohol is actually in yourbloodstream. That rate of metabolism will remain fairly constant. Also,your liver can not metabolize alcohol and fat at the same time. So, yourbody gets rid of the toxic alcohol first, and since alcohol metabolizes slowly,it's going to be along time before your body can get around to using up fat aslong as ANY alcohol remains is in your bloodstream.
Alcohol is transferred through the intestines and into your bloodstream.
From there, it goes to the liver and is converted into acetate. So alcoholdoes not get stored as fat like other items we consume. Instead it becomesacetate and acetate stops the fat burning process cold. Again, that's becausethe body will burn the acetate alcohol by-product first and then move on toburning fat later. That is if you don't add more alcohol to your bloodstreambefore the body has finished burning off the last dose of alcohol that yougave it.
So alcohol ends up being a double whammy of weight loss terror. It provides you with an extra overdoes of empty calories, then it slows your Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
metabolism down, so that your not burning fat any more. Also, a study bya popular muscle and fitness publication, found that drinking can cause anaverage of 33% loss in muscle mass. That's call alcoholic myopathy. Formen, alcohol lowers testosterone and raises estrogen! In case you didn'tknow, that's not a good thing for guys. Finally, alcohol can dehydrate youand interfere with absorption of nutrients and muscle retention.
Of course, consumption of large amounts of alcohol can not only have a negative effect on weight loss, but there are also all sorts of known healthrisks associated with alcohol like liver and kidney damage to name a few.
Clearly alcohol should be added to the list of suspects in this who made youfat caper.
Review Of The Unusual Suspects
OK, now that we have looked at the obvious and usual suspects, the "NOT so obvious suspects" should be considered. I have heard stress,lack of time, child bearing, family pressures, and financial challenges shouldalso be added to the list. OK, you win. Let's add them too. However, asmuch as we may want to blame others for the condition of overweightAfrican Americans, the case can be made that those other suspects weresimply "accomplices." A savvy lawyer could make a case that they did notmake Black Americans overweight on their own or in collaboration.
The government, slavery, grocery stores, soda pop, the vending machines, television advertisements, fast food restaurants, biological differences, stress,kids, alcohol, the weightloss plateau, nor the wide acceptance of the BBBW Who Done It? Who Made Me Fat?
image did NOT make you fat. They may have provided "criminal tools andincentives" that tempted you to become overweight.
One suspect we should not over look is OURSELVES. For sure, those other suspects are accessories in this crime, but YOU are solely responsiblefor YOUR own weight problems.
The bottom line is, YOU made YOU fat. Who, me? Yeah, you! The mystery has been solved. If you think about it, the mystery has been solvedfor a long time. In the back of your mind, you have known all along it wasyou. It is a difficult thing sometimes to learn that the person in the mirror isthe one at fault. But now, you have the tools to change that. In the nextfew chapters, you can learn how to go from being overweight or evenobese, to your ideal weight.
Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
The AA Diet Origin
Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
The AA Origin
Where did the AA Diet come from you ask? Well, the basis for the AA Diet's is the adaptation of commonly available North American foods to thephysiological needs of the African Hunter Gatherer body model. It is alsothe application of "Inconsistent Meat Consumption" which will be addressedin the next chapter. These adaptations nearly mirror nature and the earlyhunters and gatherers that modern black people originated from. The AAallows you to eat delicious foods just like our ancestral Hunters and Gathersdid. You'll eat lots of meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and green vegetables in theassociate proportions that our ancestors likely ate. While on the AA, youwill not eat after 7:00 P.M. That's because the hunter/gather could not seeat night, so almost all meals took place while at least some sunlight waspresent. You will also alternate your consumption of meat and vegetableson certain days.
A Typical Day of Eating like Early
How might our early African ancestors have eaten during a typical day? Here is one possible scenario to consider: In the morning, uponwaking the early forager might have reached for some bush berries or nuts.
A handful of almonds or walnuts are a great way for you mimic this actionof the early forager. Note - just recently scientists at University CollegeLondon (UCL) found that the substance called "Inositol pentakisphosphate"found in nuts inhibits an enzyme (hosphoinositde 3-kinase) which promotestumor growth. Trials in mice and cancer cells in the laboratory killed tumorsand enhanced the effect of drugs used against ovarian and lung cancercells. The nuts that our early ancestors ate are just more evidence that we Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
are just rediscovering what nature had taught us long ago. For the male, itwas one of starting off on foot either alone or in small teams from home.
Then going into the bush for more nuts or berries for some instant morningbreakfast energy. Contrast that against what most of us eat today. Todaywe eat large bowls of fattening cereal, bagels, donuts and milk or grab agreasy breakfast sandwich and a caffeine coffee or soda pop from the localfast food restaurant. All of this is loaded with large amounts of carbohydrates,sugar and saturated fat. No wonder most African Americans are overweight.
After a quick breakfast, our early male forager would begin a day long 4-6 mile round trip venture. Starting from home, then to the river, then thesmall game clearings, out to the grass ranges, and then around the trailsback towards home as it started to get dark. The day began with a briskwalk down to the river to check the nets and poles to see if any fish hadbeen caught overnight. Nine thirty A.M. or so, some fish were cleaned andeaten as a morning breakfast meal. Fish for breakfast? Yes, what's wrongwith a little fish and salad with apples or nuts for breakfast? The answer isnothing. It's much better for you than any egg, milk or cereal will ever be.
The male or team of males would continue on with a good brisk walk acrossthe plain. They would go down to the short grassy clearings to check thepoultry and small game traps. This grassy area was home to wild poultry,wild quail and other animals, chickens, little rabbits and so forth would scamperalong the ground. That was a good hike. By then, the midday sun was up,it's lunch time. Noon time cooking of a chicken or a small game animal wastypically the biggest meal of the day. By mid afternoon it was time to huntfor some larger meat for the rest of the family. Further out into the tallergrasses of the open range, there were wild beasts to be hunted. Animalslike wild deer and elk were out there, very lean meat animals that didn'thave a lot of fat on them, unlike the domestic cows and hogs that we eattoday. These lean meat animals were good eating because they too were agood part of the male diet for that day.
To recap, the male would have fish for breakfast or left over meat from the day before, or maybe some sort of poultry, (modern day chickenfor us) quail, turkey or some sort of wild, very thin, very lean bird for

Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
lunch, or even some meat that was being caught, a deer or elk as I saidbefore. From there, two, three, four in the afternoon, it's time to startback—heading towards home. By the time he got back home he hadtraveled nearly 4-6 miles round trip. Coming back home meant, turningthe meat over to the female for her part and taking care of house mending,fences, and some of the living facilities on the outside. The male is havinghis last meal around 5 or 6 P.M. that evening. That last meal would consistof green vegetables that the female had gathered during the day along withthe meat, fish or poultry that the male had caught or hunted.
I'll get to the female model in a minute, but what you end up seeing is that the male's day was one of grazing all day. He probably had, from whatI can tell, 40% lean meat which was fresh game that they'd caught, poultry,some deer or elk meat and another 30% in fish. So that is 70% right there inmeat (protein). Add about 5% in grains and wild rice that he'd had in themorning, berries and fruits, nuts. And later in the evening, that combinationof meat, plus fish plus about 25% in vegetables that the female had gatheredduring the day, ends up being a very good diet. These percentage distributionsof lean meats, poultry, vegetables and grain helped keep the African huntergatherer lean and healthy. As you can see there was no mention of dairy,eggs, bread, or potatoes in his diet.
For the female hunter - gatherer, her model of nutritional needs were a little bit different from the male, because her duties andresponsibilities were different. She didn't have to walk as far as the maledid during the course of the day, instead she likely walked 2 or 3 milestops. Her walking and work consisted primarily of communal child care,walking to the river for water and washing clothes, and then carrying thatwater back to the communal area. And that was a good walk. Down tothe river and back - sometimes twice per day. The family didn't want tobe too close to the river because wild animals would drink from the riveror water source, too. Often she would tote one, two or three kids with herand that was exercises in and of itself. After that, there was interactionwith the social structures that existed. . visiting others, taking itemsback and forth, trading, elder care, grooming, coming back and forth and

Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
then it was maintenance around the home. Cleaning the house, cleaning thehome area, making and mending clothing. Then the big part, of course, wasthe gathering of water, vegetables and fruits. We see a lot of evidence ofthe female gathering vegetables and fruits so they could be used as part ofthe diet when the final meal came at the end of the day. Like the male, sheate and grazed all day and not just at specific times.
When you look at the female diet it consisted of more vegetable and fruit content, because she was around that type of food most during herregular duties. Vegetables made up almost half 50% of her diet, comparedto 25% for the male. Of course she also ate lots of meat, poultry and fishbecause the male provided that to the overall household - just not in thesame proportions. The male, because of his larger physical size and longerdistance of travel, needed more meat, more calories, and more protein thanthe female. The female got plenty of meat for her energy needs, but onlyabout 25% in meat and poultry and another 20% in seafood, so about 45%of her diet was meat and fish, the other 5% grain, and 50% vegetables. Asyou can see, her diet was a bit different from the male's because of thedifferences in their overall energy needs and responsibility.
The AA diet takes these differences into account so there really is two diets within the AA. One for men and the other for women.
Remember the goal of our early ancestors was simply Eating, Providing and Reproducing. That was the whole human existence then.
Guess what, it's about the same thing we do today, isn't it? We eat, wework to provide for our families and we reproduce children. Those basicthings have not changed very much over tens of thousands of years. Thework has changed, the duties have changed, levels of activity have changed,the things we do have changed, and then there is the big difference: Ourdiets have changed. Our diets have changed for the worse. We are eatingthings and in ways that are inconsistent with what our basic physiology isuse too.
So what I'm trying to say is that, we need to get our diets back in line with the way nature wanted it to be.
And no, I'm am not saying that as a male you should go out walk 4- 6 miles every day. I'm looking for you in the course of a day to cover upto about a mile. Just get moving doing something. The AA wants you to do 15 - 20 minutes of steps, dance or walking each day.
Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
Weight Loss Benefits of
Up & Down Days Of Eating Meat
For the early Hunter Gatherer, finding meat on a daily basis was not guaranteed. It was inconsistent at best. Some days there was meat and otherdays there were greens and vegetables.
Today we take the availability of cheap and plentiful meat for granted.
You and I simply order at a restaurant or go to our local grocery store for anyquantity of daily meat that we desire. But this method of obtaining meat on adaily basis is unnatural and has been around for less than 200 years. Comparedwith all of human existence, our current unnatural method of obtaining meat isnot the way nature designed your body to expect meat consumption. The factis, our current civilized way of life is very fragile and probably not sustainable.
I suspect that nature will eventually implement a ‘course correction' to put ushuman beings back on track towards the way we should be eating and living.
Some worldwide natural disaster, disease or significant depletion of animalmeat food stocks would do the trick. Ever see the movie, "Soylent Green,with Charlton Heston?" The movie portrays a dying futuristic world withnearly depleted seas and oceans. Even now our oceans, seas, rivers andstreams are being over fished. Our farm lands are giving way to urban sprawland new homes everywhere. This is unnatural at best and unsustainable atworst. Look around. Nature's course correction may already be taking place.
Nature is using obesity as a tool to kill off a significant number of humanbeings every year with the secondary diseases it produces. But, you canavoid that involuntary natural course correction by adapting to the way naturewants you to eat using the AA Diet.
Think about it. In this age of global terrorism, just one well placed attack would quickly interrupt your supply of plentiful meat. Most of us wouldn't Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
know what to do in that situation. When was the last time you actually killedan animal for food on your own? The answer for most of us is, never. Kidsand some adults actually think that chicken nuggets come from McDonalds.
If grocery stores and your local restaurants suddenly stopped having cheapmeats available whenever you wanted, what would you do? That is a scaryscenario, but low availability of meat in our diets has made up the bulk ofhuman existence. From nature's prospective, that's how it should be. Naturesays, that you were not suppose to eat meat everyday anyway. Is that to saythat you should starve? No. Not at all. In fact, you're suppose to eat quitewell and that will be shown as we reveal the rest of the AA Diet to you.
Over the total span of mankind's existence, nature has made your body strive for a level of weight and comfort mass consistency known as"homeostasis." It is a scientific term used to describe the internalcountermeasures your body takes if significant changes are detected. In otherwords, your body simply wants to "stay the same" without any major changein mass or weight. That's why - once you have a lot of fat on your body -your body does not want you to lose it easily. That's also why it's so difficultfor most people to lose weight. Your body thinks that someday all that excessfat will come in handy to sustain you in times of extreme hunger over aprolonged period of time. Well, we don't have extreme hunger situationsanymore. We have extreme abundance of food and that's the problem!Homeostasis is the reason why crash diets and starvation diets don't work. Ifyou simply stop eating lots of food, your body will detect a significant drop incalories and then homeostasis kicks in big time. It slows your metabolismdown to a crawl, meaning you burn far less calories and less fat loss occurs.
That's why the AA Diet matches nature's homeostasis attempts with the naturalway of how our ancestors consumed food. Food consumption for weightloss is a up and down process to "reassure" the body that starvation and timesof famine are not upon you. Once you have reassured your body that all iswell, weight loss can occur without the negative affects of homeostasis kickingin. This reassurance was most notable in all of human existence through theavailability of meat. Don't get nervous. Again, I want you to eat plenty of Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
meat and plenty of vegetables. The AA Diet simply alters the way you consumethose meats and vegetables.
Remember, days of up and down availability of meats, fats and green vegetables was a key factor in the control and stability of our early ancestor'sweight and metabolism. It was the way to keep homeostasis at bay, so thatweight loss could occur.
On some days meat, game, poultry, fish, fatty foods and other meat animals were plentiful. On other days and sometimes for weeks or more, meat wasdifficult to find. That made greens and vegetables the main course.
Our early hunter gatherer and his family had no consistent, everyday supply of meat or fat content in a meal. Forget what you now think about theabundance of meat. Back then it was up and down. There were days ofplenty of meat and other days of lack of meat. Ironically, this lack of meat oncertain days, was a GOOD thing! It allowed our bodies to seek fruits andvegetables in quantities that our typical American diet does not supply today,but should! It also kept homeostasis under control so that our bodies werealways fit and trim.
This up and down availability of meat and green vegetables was what really kept our early hunter gather and his family lean, strong and productive.
It is the very fact of the inconsistent nature of the availability of fatty foodsand mainly meat products, that makes up most of human history.
The AA Diet incorporates this inconsistent pattern of meat plenty and meat scarcity. For example, some days on the AA Diet you will eat mainlygreat tasting meats, poultry, and fish. Others days on the AA Diet, you willonly eat greens, salads, fish and other vegetables. Why? The answer lies inthe beauty of how nature crafted your metabolism to expect food andnourishment.
Meat is very calorie dense with lots of protein. While green leafy vegetables like kale, collards and mustards are not high in calories - but rich in essential Hunter - Gatherer The AA Origin
vitamins and minerals - scarce in meat. It seems that black folks haveinstinctively made a delicacy out of mustard and collard greens for centuries.
Scientists are just now catching up and rediscovering the benefits of a dietthat combines meats, fish and vegetables with very low quantities of grain(pasta and bread) and dairy (milk, cheese and eggs). Even the new, updatedgovernment food pyramid is still wrong for black folks and most other peopletoo! The doctors and scientist are just now acknowledging what your darkbrown great, great, great grandmother had known all along. The AA Dietnearly mirrors nature, by simply rediscovering what nature has been trying toteach us all along. We just stopped listening. The results have been extremeweight gain. There will be some days on the AA Diet, where you will eat allthe meat, fish and poultry that you want. While other days, will be what I call,"Salad Days," where vegetables will be the main course for a couple of daysor so before going back to eating meat, chicken and fish.
Again, don't worry. You'll quickly adjust to your new eating style of meat on some days and salads/vegetables on others. In just a little while, your neweating style will feel quite comfortable and natural. The best part is that youwill look and feel better by eating this way. That's really what you want isn'tit? Namely, to lose weight and feel better? This is totally different than Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers or any other diet that you have ever tried or heard of. The AA Diet works. It worksbecause it's natural and it's sustainable to facilitate permanent weight loss.
Forget the Italian pasta restaurants and the milk, eggs, bread, cheese pizzas,bread sticks, butter and all that other dairy and grain crap you use to eat.
Those things were not available from nature, so they should not be consumedbecause they cause fat gain. Let's just say it plain: "ravioli, macaroni &cheese, spaghetti, bread, lots of fried items and eggs are NOT part of nature'sdiet (AA Diet)!" After all, you don't really think that bread, spaghetti or macaronigrows naturally in those straight or curved tube shapes you see at the grocerystore, do you??? The AA Diet and it's introduction of inconsistent days of meat consumption will help you achieve your desire for permanent, sustainable weight loss andbetter health.
If you want extra assistance with your weight loss efforts while on the AA Diet, the African Hoodia Gordonii supplement may be the answer.
Hoodia, pronounced (who dee uh), is a unique African origin product,available from us at www.aadiet.net or through your local supplier alongwith our other health supplements and meal replacement products. Hoodialiterally kills your appetite, eliminates your desire for food and attacks obesity- basically it assists you in losing weight while on the AA.
Hoodia is completely natural, with no known side effects. It is totally African in nature and has no added chemicals. The African San bushmenof the Kalahari desert, have used the secret Hoodia plant for tens ofthousands of years to suppress their want for food while on long huntingtrips. Sometimes these trips could go on for days without food. Hoodiahelped them along the way and it can help you too! It has a near miraclemolecule call P57 that fools your brain into believing you are full andeven stops you from thinking about food. This African product may wellbe the cure for American and other western nation obesity problems.
You can have it today while on the AA diet.
Just as mother Africa produced mankind itself, Africa is now producing mankind's weight loss assistance product - Hoodia.
Hidden inside the harsh Kalahari desert, that extends into South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and other areas - grows a plant that looks a lot like acactus. However, the Hoodia is not a cactus. It is a "succulent" (a memberof the milkweed family). A succulent is a plant that stores water in itstissues or flesh as a mechanism to survive periods of drought. Also,succulents can have branches or leaves - cacti can't. Unlike a succulent,most cacti originate in the Americas. There are no cacti in Africa. TheHoodia Gordonii is an African product with appetite suppressing qualities.
Pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer corporation - maker of Viagra, the male penile erection dysfunction drug - is believed to have bought the rights tothe Hoodia P57 molecule for over $30 million dollars. They also arethought to have invested almost $400 million more, to turn the moleculeinto a product they could resale with estimates even larger than those ofViagra! Unfortunately, Pfizer pulled out of an attempt to make a Hoodiabased pill product, because synthesizing the P57 magic ingredient provedtoo costly and difficult. But you can buy the Hoodia core plant powderbased pill from us right now at an extremely low price. Beware of imitationHoodia products from others that do not provide certifications and trueAfrican origin documentation.
Hoodia works because the P57 molecule reacts with your brain and makes connective nerve endings fire and communicate to your stomachthat it is full and has already eaten. BUT you haven't eaten any food! Thebest part is that you don't want to eat any food! That's how it works. Thepharmaceutical company, Phytopharm has conducted extensive human testingto scientifically gauge the effectiveness of Hoodia. Phytopharm found thattest subjects who consumed Hoodia ate about 1,000 calories less per day.
Since the average American man consumes over 2,500 calories a day -cutting 1,000 calories from your diet adds up to huge weight loss success! With the AA diet and Hoodia, meal times will come and go, but you won't miss the extra food. You will eat well or won't bother. Appetitereturns slowly after about 24 hours without Hoodia. Let's just say that youcan and will lose lots of weight on the AA. The certified authentic AfricanHoodia that we provide can and will assist you in getting to your weightgoals faster.
Hoodia & Nutritional Supplements
Hoodia & Nutritional Supplements
The African American diet is a moderate fat, low carbohydrate - meat, seafood, green vegetable and poultry consumption plan, based on the eatingprofiles of ancient African hunters and gatherers. It dictates natures planthat you will eat meat on an inconsistent basis, instead of daily as you maydo now. You will eat very well while on the AA. It adapts the eating needsof your African physiology to the foods commonly available in the UnitedStates, Canada and other western nations today. The AA Diet is actuallytwo diets. I say two diets, because it tends to be gender specific. It isgender specific, because the male and female food nutrition quantityrequirements are somewhat different because of their ancient ingrainedresponsibly levels.
The AA Diet also replaces the U.S government's Food Pyramid with the healthier, more weight friendly AA Food Pyramid (See the Naughty &Nice lists in the next few pages for details). The AA Diet Food Pyramid isvery simple and also reflects the nutritional needs of the basic Africanphysiology.
The AA Diet is made up of (2) two steps and (3) three support structures.
The diagram above shows the basic AA diet. The support structures help AFRICAN AMERICAN DIET - THE BEGINNING
The NAUGHTY & NICE LISTS are listings of foods that you should avoid and others that you should eat in abundance. Just like the Christmaslists that Santa Claus was fabled to make, the Naughty & Nice lists showwhich foods are bad and which are good in support of the AA diet. TheNaughty foods are bad for you and should be avoided. The Nice list offoods are the good foods nature calls for you to eat often.
The Nice list is basically made up of all the things that mankind has been eating for the last 200,000 years or more. If you look at the Naughtylist, you must notice that most of it's content has come about in the last 3,000years or less. The Nice list has every food you need to be successful on theAA. You can eat delicious lean meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, fruits,beans (some), nuts, oils, teas, coffee, wines, alcohol (sparingly), desserts,and even egg / butter substitutes. The Nice list is shown below.
Now let's look at the Naughty list. It contains all those foods that you should avoid like the plague while on the AA. Note that Milk, Cheese,Real Eggs, Potatoes and Real Butter are on the Naughty list and thereforenot allowed while on the AA. Here is where the AA differs significantlyfrom the Atkins, South Beach and other popular diets. That's becausethose other diets are only "partially right." The danger associated withconsumption of Dairy and Eggs are too great to be allowed in the AA.
These items have been linked to all sorts of health and weight problemscurrently plaguing the general U.S. population (See my indictment ofMilk and Dairy near the end of this book for details). You were NEVERmeant to consume dairy or egg products as the flawed government USDAfood pyramid say you should. Most African Americans are lactoseintolerant anyway. The Naughty list prohibits the consumption of mostthings found in the typical American diet. Most starches, all dairy, breads,and processed foods can be found on the Naughty list.
The AA Diet Food Pyramid
The Naughty and Nice lists show the kinds of foods to avoid and eat inabundance while on the AA. When the Nice list is distributed along a"Food Pyramid" we get the serving distribution shown below: Dairy (Trace Amounts) The African American Diet Food Pyramid
The AA dietary distribution of foods differs greatly from the U.S.
Department of Agriculture's recommended Food Pyramid. The USDAPyramid would have you eat large quantities of Bread, Pasta, Grains, andDairy. The USDA Pyramid version is what makes people overweight.
The AA diet redesigns the Food Pyramid into one that has been eaten by AFRICAN AMERICAN DIET - THE BEGINNING
humans for tens of thousand of years. It's been said that one of the reasonswhy the USDA version of the Food Pyramid is so heavily laden withBreads, Pasta and Dairy is because of the close association that thedepartment has with those industries and its lack of independence fromthe political pressure those industries and companies can wield.
Fats, Oil, & Sweets Potatoes, Carrots, Banana, Apples& Greens Bread, Cereal, Rice, Pasta The "FLAWED" USDA Food Pyramid
These are what make you fat! NEXT, WE WILL LOOK AT 14 DAY BODY SCULPTING
14 Day Body Sculpting

The 14 Day Body Sculpting step is designed to get your body into shape very quickly. As such, it is the most strict of the two steps. Thisstep works by implementing this basic formula: PLEDGE of HONOR

The 14 day body sculpting step is so simple that anyone can do it. It also tends to be the most difficult for some people, because your mind isstill living in the "FAT PAST." Your mind still wants your body to keepeating foods that the AA Diet has deemed "Naughty." Fortunately, itdoesn't matter what shape you are currently in. Just get with the program.
Again, always consult your physician before beginning the AA or anydiet program.
you maintain your diet and assist you through each of the two steps of theAA .
During step one of the AA, the first thing you will do is start with THE
PLEDGE of HONOR. The Pledge of Honor is a verbal commitment that
you make to yourself which will assist you with reaching your weight goals.
It is a set of statements and obligations that you will read aloud to yourself
everyday for the first 14 days of the diet, and then again as needed for
reinforcement. You will only weigh yourself once, at the start of the 14
Body Sculpting step, and then NOT again until you enter the second step,
the Daily Habit Fit for Life Phase.
The statements of the Pledge of Honor, when repeated each day, will help you establish the proper mind-set for weight loss. The pledge encouragesyou to stop eating the Naughty list foods and to start eating the Nice listfoods. It helps you realize the negative health effects of being overweightand the cause of this condition.
In short, the pledge helps condition your mind for weight loss, so that your body will follow. Most all weight problems begin in the mind. Afterall, it is your mind and not your stomach that tells you to eat a half gallonof ice cream or wolf down a pound of chips. It is your mind that tells youthat the Big Black and Beautiful look is OK and normal. It is your mindthat tells your mouth to ask for a super biggie sized order of French friesat the drive through. It's your mind that tells you to go get seconds andeven thirds of a certain food. You really don't need all of that, but yourmind told you to do it. The pledge helps undo that mind-set that made youoverweight in the first place.
The Pledge of Honor calls upon you to finally tell the truth to yourself.
The Pledge stresses some core ideas, they are: No eating after 7 P.M., STEP ONE - 14 DAY BODY SCULPTING - AA DIET
eating regular sized portions instead of large and biggie sized portions. Noeating unless you feel hungry. You only eat on the AA when you feelhungry and not out of habit, boredom or just because you are passing by afamiliar drive through fast food restaurant. No more eating because it'sbreakfast time, lunch time or dinner time. Only eat when you are hungry.
Get rid of the three meal per day mentality. Also, no Naughty list foods.
This helps remove "habit eating." The pledge also addresses snacking. When I say snack foods, I'm talking about primarily junk waste food like: ice cream, candy, chips,pretzels, luncheon meats, soda pop, bread, pasta, dairy, alcohol and otheritems that can be found primarily on the Naughty list. The pledgeencourages you to do a little light exercise for 15 minutes each day, butyou don't have too. Dance or Steps are great. One of the most importantstatements in the pledge helps to remove the "clean your plate" mentalitythat many African Americans still have. It helps remove the guilt and thehabit of not finishing all of the food that is put before you. Eating everythingin front of you or that came in the fast food bag just because it's there, isNOT how you are suppose to live. This mentality has contributed greatlyto many weight problems within the African American community. Throwit away.
Finally, the Pledge of Honor has an easy to use numeric tracking tool to help you monitor progress and determine how well you are sticking toyour diet each day. It uses a daily point system that assigns a value toeach component of the diet. For example, if for the entire day you don'teat anything on the Naughty List, you get 10 points. If you don't eat past7 P.M. you get 5 points and so on. The goal is to get the maximum of 35daily points. You'll find that the closer you are to achieving your 35points each day, the more weight you will lose. If you cheat you'll lose alot less weight. I think you'll come to see that the Pledge of Honor can bea great support tool to assist you along your way while on the AA.
The AA Diet Pledge of Honor
I (Say Your Name Here), pledge on my honor, and to all those I hold dear - me and my family, to get my weight problem undercontrol NOW! No, not later. Not next week. Not after the holidays- but NOW! My body can't wait to shed this weight. I understandnow that being overweight takes days, weeks and even years offmy life. Being overweight is unsightly, ugly and unhealthy. I nolonger believe that I need to clean my plate or eat all that is servedto me. I pledge this day and from now on to eat only as much asI need to satisfy my hunger. I will not eat after 7 P.M. I will not eatwhen I am really not hungry. I will recite this pledge in the morningand before lunch and before dinner. From now on I will eat to live;instead of live to eat. I will eat slower. I will throw away and "kill"ALL leftovers. I don't eat leftovers anymore. I will remove allNaughty list items from my home and not bring Naughty list itemsinto my home anymore. I will avoid those items on the Naughtylist and stick to the foods on the Nice list. I will no longer eatitems or purchase items that are on the Naughty list. By keepingthis pledge I will lose weight and feel great. Everyone will admiremy commitment, my new look, and my new body. My new bodyand better health are only a few days away, so long as I don'tcheat. I deserve it. My family deserves it. I can make it. I can dothis. I CAN DO IT! STARTING WEIGHT: _ lbs.
Signed: _ Date: _ AA Diet Adherence Points:
Recite Pledge Four Times Everyday = 5 pointsNo Naughty food list items = 10 pointsNo eating past 7:30 P.M. = 5 points15 mins physical activity (Steps, Dance, Stop Signs or Other) = 10 pointsNutritional Supplements = 5 points Maximum Possible Daily Points = 35 STEP ONE - 14 DAY BODY SCULPTING - AA DIET
You should put the pledge in three or four highly visible locations in your home and work space. Good locations include your refrigerator,your bathroom mirror, your car, and your desk at work. The goal is to keep the pledge and get the maximum 35 points each day for 14 Days. Ifyou do this, you will lose weight and recondition your mind, body and yourrelationship with food. You will start to sculpt your body towards the weightgoals that you have in mind.
Body sculpting is where we shave off weight from your body, by simply removing all items on the Naughty List from the foods that youcan eat. There are some simple Meal Plans to follow during this step.
Also, while it is not necessary to exercise while on the AA, I do recommendthat you do either the 15 Minute Daily Dancing, Biking or the Stop Signbrisk walk routines described later in this chapter. The reason for this, isthat either of these activities will help raise your metabolism which willhelp you burn fat much faster. Again, you do not have to exercise whileon the AA. It is purely optional, but without either the 15 Minute DailyDance, Biking or the Stop Sign walk routine, you will not lose nearly asmuch weight as you could with them included. It's kind of like eatingChinese food with chop sticks. You can eat with chop sticks, but it surewould be a lot easier if you use a fork or spoon.
To recap, during the 14 Day Body Sculpting Step we eliminate the Naughty list items from your allowed food list. The best part is that thisall happens in just 14 short days! You easily track your progress by keepingthe Pledge of Honor and making sure that you get as close as possible tothe maximum 35 point adherence goal each day. The result is that yourbody and mind begin to rediscover the pattern and foods of eating mostassociated with our African ancient hunter gatherers. The result is youbegin to lose weight, detoxify your body and at the same time eliminatethose nagging hunger pangs associated with other diets. This dietREALLY works folks. Just follow it.
It has been well established that people do better with dieting when a realistic goal is set. This goal can be further enhanced by having a visualstimulate or model to set your sights on. This part of the AA Diet is whereyou get a picture or photograph of a person whose body size matches thatwhich you wish to achieve. The photo should be of a real person withproportions and size that you can realistically achieve. The key word hereis "realistic." In other words, don't go find a photo of a person who is superskinny, if you are currently at 300 pounds. You may someday achieve thatsuper skinny size, but it's important to set smaller, more realistic goals first.
Then after you reach your realistic first size, you can move from thatmilestone to the next. The realistic body size photo that you find is what iscalled a "Body Model Goal." It is a mental and visual tool you will use dailyto help your mind cause your body to strive for the body size portrayed inthe photo. You should post this photograph in a highly visible place. It's bestto have multiple copies of the photo, so you can place it in multiple locationsas a reminder to your subconscious of what you are trying to achieve. Themind strives to achieve what the eye can see and visualize.
This simple tool works in conjunction with the Pledge of Honor and the other parts of the AA Diet to channel and target your weightloss actionstowards a reasonable body size that reflects your goals.
Good sources for your Body Model Goal photo will be magazines that feature persons who have lost weight and now are at a size that you wouldlike to be. Remember, be realistic with your first Body Model Goal photo.
You can always select another model photo after you achieve your firstweightloss milestone. You didn't gain all of your weight at once, so it standsthat you would not lose all of the weight at once either.
1. Clip out the Daily Diet Adherence & Tracking Point squares on the
next few pages
2. Follow the AA diet everyday for 14 days and write your daily total
adherence points on the back of one square each day
3. Place the tracking square with each day's total points in a box or
drawer at the end of each day
4. At the end of 14 days, total up the numbers on the back of each
Tracking Points square
420 to 490 = EXCELLENT! You are GUARANTEED to have lost weight!
350 to 419 = VERY GOOD! You are GUARANTEED to have lost weight!
200 to 349 = OK, You PROBABLY have lost some weight. DO BETTER!
DAY 1 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 P.M.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 2 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 P.M.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 3 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 P.M.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 4 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 P.M.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 5 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 6 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 7 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 8 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 9 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 10 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 11 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 12 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 13 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
DAY 14 - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
SAMPLE - Diet Adherence Tracking Square
Recite Daily Pledge
No Naughty List Items No Eating Past 7:30 p.m.
Steps, Stop Signs or Dance Nutritional Supplements 35 Points Your Score:
The above SAMPLE tracking square, shows a person who achieved 30 out of a possible 35 points for one day on the AA diet 14 day bodysculpting segment. This person slipped up and ate after 7 p.m., but keptthe other requirements for the day. Tomorrow they may do better.
The daily tracking squares, along with adherence to the Pledge of Honor and other parts of step one, like no Naughty list items, will certainlyhelp you lose weight. Step one of the AA is the most difficult, but it iswell worth the effort, considering the beneficial diet rediscovery, healthchange and weight loss that you will receive in return.
Once you complete the 14 Day Body Sculpting step, you are ready to move to STEP TWO: Daily Habit Fit For Life Maintenance. By
definition, a "Habit" is an action or set of actions that one does repeatedly,
nearly unconsciously as a manner of usual behavior. During step two
while on the AA, you will continue to do all of the things that you did in step
one; like avoiding Naughty list items, like following the Pledge of Honor;
however you will now begin to weigh yourself on a weekly basis. You will
also begin a series of actions that will develop into a habit over the next 30
days. Before I detail what those actions are, let's look at the reasons why
people fail on other diets and how the AA will help you succeed.
Let's look at each one of the diet failure reasons, and how the AA Diet will help you to success.
1. Cheating - "I'll just get a little piece"2. Substituting a habit food3. Real world eating pressure, convenience and social eating pressure4. Night time vampirism5. The "Clean Your Plate" mentality6. Failing to "Kill The Leftovers"7. Desserts & soda pop - just a few calories out of balance8. Eating too fast - Not following the 15 second chew rule9. Failure to recognize Naughty List items in disguise10. Boredom11. Failing to develop healthy habit eating12. Weightloss Plateau STEP TWO - DAILY HABIT FIT FOR LIFE MAINTENANCE - AA DIET
1. Cheating - "I'll just get a little piece" - Cheating is probably the
most significant reason for most people to fail when on a diet. When youcheat you not only hurt your chances of success, but it becomes easier tocheat again once you do it. This is especially true if there is no penalty.
You have to want to lose weight in order to be successful. You especiallycan not cheat while in Step One of the AA diet. I have designed ThePledge of Honor to help you overcome the urge to cheat.
2. Substituting - Substituting one food for another can also
contribute to weight loss failure. For example, eating cereal with milkfor breakfast instead of some of the approved Nice List items will throwyour diet off track. You may have eaten a bowl of cereal each morningfor the last 30 years and you want to keep doing so, even though bothcereal and milk are on the Naughty list. You have to change. You can'tcontinue eating that. Remember this whole thing is about change. It'sabout changing your body from overweight/obese to a normal healthy weightand a healthier overall well-being. The AA diet can assist you with thischange, and does so, by providing the Nice List which has plenty of deliciousfoods you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3. Real World Eating Pressure & Convenience - So, you're on
the AA and your out to lunch with friends and everybody goes to Wendy'sor McDonald's or one of those other fast food restaurants for lunch. Maybeeverybody just goes down to the lunchroom cafeteria. So, you order thesame stuff that everybody else does like burgers and fries or sub sandwichwith fried onion rings and a cola. Again, something has got to change.
That something is what you eat. You can not continue to eat the samethings you had been eating. After all, that is the problem. That old way ofeating is what has your waistline out of shape in the first place. Again, thesolution here is the AA diet's Nice List. You can find all sorts of Nice Listitems even in the lunchroom or at the fast food joint if you just look. See mychapter on "Real World Eating & Living on the AA." STEP TWO - DAILY HABIT FIT FOR LIFE MAINTENANCE - AA DIET
4. Night Time Vampirism - A night time vampire is a person who
eats in the middle of the night. Just like the vampires in the movies, youget up during the night looking for food. Instead of blood, you scroungearound in the cabinets, refrigerator, drive throughs, and other placesdevouring more food than you really need. The hunger that drives you isdirectly related to your bad diet now. Eating high levels of the foodsfound on the Naughty list can cause this uncontrollable hunger to flourish.
By making your regular meals from those items found only on the Nicelist, you can cure your ghoulish ways. A simple transfusion of the AAdiet will cure you.
5. The "Clean Your Plate" Mentality - Somebody told you more
times than a few, that you should "clean your plate." It is true that foodshould not be wasted, but I'm convinced that the mentality of eatingeverything in front of you is a major contributor to the weight problemsfacing African Americans, and for that matter most all Americans today.
Your body really only needs between 2,000 and 2,500 calories each day.
Eating more than your hunger requires, adds up to extra pounds on yourbody. The AA diet says that it is OK if you DO NOT clean your plate.
You DO NOT have to eat everything that is placed in front of you. Ifyou're not hungry, stop eating. The plate won't mind if you stop and thebest part is that you can probably get some more food when you really dobecome hungry again.
6. Failing To "Kill" The Leftovers - Some foods actually taste
better the next day as a leftover. Foods like Thanksgiving turkey or chiliactually seem to taste better as a next day left over, than the original meal.
The problem with leftovers is that it becomes easy to continue to eat themduring the same day or even later that night. This is a temptation that youreally don't need. Leftovers really were not known to our African ancestors;therefore anything that wasn't consumed right away was discarded. Modernadvances in refrigeration and preservatives have allowed us to continueeating foods that would ordinarily have been thrown away. On the AA diet, STEP TWO - DAILY HABIT FIT FOR LIFE MAINTENANCE - AA DIET
you will "Kill" the leftovers. Let them go. Throw them away or give thedog a treat. Your waistline will thank you for passing up on just one moreextra serving of that original meal.
7. Desserts & Soda Pop (Just A Few Calories Out of Balance)
"Did you save room for dessert?" Those six little words are almost alwaysuttered by restaurant servers and grandmothers. Traditionally, desserts area culmination to a wonderful meal. The notion that you should save roomby eating less real food, to indulge on a calorie filled sweetening carbohydrateoverdose, is one that you should abandon. I like to group sugar sweetenedsoda pops in with desserts too, because both contain lots and lots of sugarthat can make your body produce too much insulin. That in turn leads to avicious cycle of hunger with makes you want to eat more and that makesyou fat. Desserts and sodas typically have very little nutritional benefit andonly serve to add empty fat calories to your waistline.
8. Eating Too Fast (15 Second Chew Solution) - Since your brain,
stomach and mouth are not directly connected, it takes time for them tocommunicate your eating and hunger conditions. Usually this time is around20 minutes. That's approximately how long it takes your brain to realizethat you have had enough to eat. So, if you wolf down a meal in under 10minutes, you are not giving your brain enough time to tell your mouth to stopeating. That can spell disaster. It can mean that you have over eaten andover time that means being overweight. To avoid this problem use my"Chew 15 Second" rule. With the 15 second rule, you take a bite of foodand chew it for 15 seconds then swallow. In fact, you can actually do amental count in your head while eating. It turns out that each chew is about1 second. So chew once (that's one second), then chew again (that's twoseconds) and so forth until you reach 15. Wait six seconds, then repeat.
This slows down your consumption of food and allows your brain time tocatch up with your mouth and stomach. It also allows you time to actuallyenjoy the taste of your food. Don't hurry, just eat well or don't bother.
9. Failure To Recognize Naughty List Items In Disguise -
Maybe you've decided to buy some seafood that is listed on the Nice List.
So you go to the supermarket and buy a bag of frozen breaded flounderfillets. You think you're doing the right thing, but you are not. The problemwith your purchase is that breading on your fish adds nearly 27 grams ofcarbohydrates and 9 grams of saturated fat. The breading has transformeda perfectly good fish into an instant Naughty List item. In essence, a NaughtyList item has disguised itself as a healthy Nice list item. To remedy thisfrom happening, you can buy the same fish flounder without the breading.
Then you can grill, bake, fry or blacken your seafood treat without a NaughtyList item tagging along. There are lots of other ways that Naughty listitems can creep into your meals. Always look at the food nutritional labelson the sides of packaged foods you buy. Food labels can help you identifythose sneaky Naughty foods in disguise.
10. Boredom - There are two types of boredom associated with eating.
The first is boredom from eating the same old few things over and overagain can cause a diet to fail. The solution to this is variety in your cookingand preparation. The second form of boredom is when you find yourselfgravitating towards the kitchen, peering into the cabinets or refrigeratorwhen you really are not hungry. You're bored. So, go look at the vendingmachine at work. You find yourself in the kitchen again and again. Youwere just in there 5 or 10 minutes earlier. The solution is to change theatmosphere. Get out of the house, take a drive, read a book. Do somethingto get you interested in something. Otherwise, you will feed your face outof sheer boredom.
11. Failing To Develop Healthy Habit Eating - One of the significant
reasons for failing on most diets, is that the diet never really becomes ahabit. If you don't develop a habit of eating better, then you never realizethe benefits that the diet can produce. You really do have to stop buyingNaughty List items. Step 2 of the AA is the Daily Habit fit for Life step. In STEP TWO - DAILY HABIT FIT FOR LIFE MAINTENANCE - AA DIET
Step 2, you will make the AA a habit by adhering to what the diet calls for ona daily basis. Repeated inclusion of things like "Killing the leftovers, the 15second chew rule, being aware of food label contents, and meal plans" willhelp instill the AA diet into your healthy new way of living.
12. Weight loss Plateau - Finally one of the most significant reasons
for failure on any diet is lack of understanding the Weightloss Plateau. Theweight loss plateau is a situation where you stop losing weight even thoughyou are eating less and exercising more. It is the point where your metabolismadjusts to your new eating patterns. Understand that your body does notwant to lose weight. Your body wants to keep all the weight that it can. Butthere is a good reason for this. Imagine what would happen if our earlyhuman ancestors kept losing weight just because they could not find enoughfood for a few days. They would have quickly reduced to skin and bones.
It is a fact that during ANY weight loss program, including the AA diet, wetend to lose lean muscle which lowers our metabolism and makes weightloss more difficult. Most dieters fail when they hit the weight loss plateauand then actually go on to gain more weight than they did before they starteddieting. Again, the AA Diet is the solution. Higher levels of protein found inthe AA Diet coupled with a natural, nearly ancient set of foods keep willhelp keep the weight loss plateau at bay.
When you start the AA diet, it's best to do so at the end of the week, say on a Friday morning. Remember in STEP ONE, you weighed yourself onlyone time - at the very beginning. The reason why you weighed yourselfonly once, in step one, is because the diet works best if you are not preoccupiedwith thoughts of how much weight you have lost. That's because, weightlossis not linear. It takes the body time to start burning stored fat and loseweight. And since metabolic resistance is a trait found in African Americans,we need to allow your body time to start burning stored fat. Don't worry,you will lose weight during Step One.
Now that you are in Step Two, the idea here is to allow your mind to formulate an eating habit that ultimately will result in the weight loss goalsthat you want.
1. Visualize the body that you want2. Use the Action Item list included in this section STOP SIGNS
Stop Signs is one of three very easy physical activity programs included in the AA diet.
Every neighborhood in every city has stop signs. They are those ubiquitous red octagons that says "STOP" to every car that comes to it.
That stop sign will be your new friend. It will tell the fat to stop forming onyour body. To use stop signs for physical activity, simply find the stop signnearest to your home. Walk to that stop sign, go across the street and walkback home. Do this twice per day. The first time, walk at the pace that younormally walk. The second time, walk about 50% faster or at a brisk pacewhich ever makes you huff and puff a little bit. Do that twice a day duringthe 14 Day Body Sculpting step and continue it into step two. That's it. Thestop sign exercise is actually pretty simple. The stop sign is a great tool andI guarantee you that each time you walk to it, that you will burn fat and helpincrease your metabolism. You' re saying to fat, "STOP, GET OFF OFME." Now don't cheat. If your home is one that has the nearest stop signonly a few yards away, then you need to find the next nearest stop sign.
Every African American person can dance. It's in our genes or shall I say jeans. Even those who really can't dance can do a reasonable job offaking it if there are enough people on the dance floor or if you are alone.
All you have to do is move to the beat of your favorite music for 15 minutes
each day. That's it. Dancing is a great and simple way for you to get your
daily exercise in without a lot of fuss. It's fun, too. Pick a few popular fast
beat songs or just turn on the radio to the local Black R&B radio station. If
you have kids then they surely can show you a step or two. Don't worry
about looking silly. Just have fun. Look at the clock and boogie down for 15
to 20 minutes. The time will shoot by faster than you think. Usually just
three or four cuts off the radio or a music CD will be enough to complete
your dance quota for the day. You'll get the equivalent of a good work out
while you have fun twisting and turning in your living room. Don't just do
the twist. Lift your legs and move those arms, shuffle down to the floor and
above all "Rub some Funk on it!" Don't hold back, do yo' thang and get
your body in the mode to be sculpted to the perfect you. By the way, the
Dance is in addition to the Stop Sign walk. You want to do both in order to
get the maximum benefit.
The great thing about THE DANCE and THE STOP SIGN physical activities are that they have you using your body for about 30 minutes eachday. That's without your mind knowing that your body is exercising! Wehave retrained your body to do what it was suppose to do without your mindgetting in the way. Anybody who says they can't walk to the stop sign twicea day and dance for 15 minutes is not ready to lose weight. You can do it andit's easy. Check my website at www.aadiet.net orwww.africanamericandiet.com for a special dance DVD that you can order!This special DVD was developed specifically to compliment the AA diet.
OK, now that we have the STOP SIGN and THE DANCE in your mind, the only other part is to work on the Naughty list of food. Remove theNaughty list of foods and add the Stop Sign and the Dance and your bodywill reshape and sculpt itself into the beautiful healthy, lean mean machine itwas always meant to be. The fat will come off and the first things to go arethe hip, gut and butt fat! STEP TWO - DAILY HABIT FIT FOR LIFE MAINTENANCE - AA DIET
STEPS is another part of the AA diet activity program. Steps is about counting the number of steps you walk during a 24 period. The goal is toget about 10,000 steps in each day. That's the equivalent of about 30minutes worth of exercise! A PEDOMETER is small device that youwear on your belt around your hips, which measure how far you havewalked. They are inexpensive and usually cost between $15 to $25. Youcan get a pedometer through the AA diet website at: www.aadiet.net.
Here are some steps guidelines: 10,000 Steps Optimal7,000 Steps Best5,000 Steps Better3,000 Steps Good1,000 - 2000 Poor to Fair ACTION ITEMS: WHAT TO DO WHILE ON THE AA DIET
Action Items: Exactly What Should I Do
To Lose Weight on the AA Diet?
Most diet books never come out and say EXACTLY what you are suppose to do to lose weight. They have pages and pages of words, butthey never spell out the exact steps or actions you should take. Thisleaves you with the daunting task of trying to figure out how to loseweight by sifting through all those pages. The AA diet is different. I willtell you exactly, what to do to lose weight in one or two simple pages.
This is not rocket science folks. Nature did not want you to have tofigure out how to lose weight and look great. You don't have to read a300 page novel like those other guys write. So, here is the short, shortversion of the AA diet: 1. Go through your refrigerator and cabinets. Remove and throw
away ALL Naughty list items and STOP buying them. That includes:cereal, milk, cheese, eggs, bread, white rice, luncheon meats, pasta,cookies, chips, popcorn, candy, fruit juices, pasta, soda pop and all otheritems on the Naughty list. Throw away all Naughty list foods. It mightseem like a waste now, but would you rather have that stuff end up in thetrash can, or around your waistline and in your arteries? This is a drasticchange of habit that you have to make. It may seem strange for you toactually throw away food, but the foods you are throwing away, werenever meant for you to eat in the first place. That's why you areoverweight. NEVER buy those items again.
2. Commit to the Pledge of Honor. Place the Pledge of Honor in
highly visible spots around your home and work space at work. Therefrigerator, bathroom mirror, your desk at work, and even your car areexcellent places to situate the Pledge. Read it each day, two or threetimes throughout the day, especially during steps 1 and 2 of the diet.
Ingrain the Pledge in your mind. Use the Diet Adherence trackingsquares to score your commitment and adherence to the AA diet ACTION ITEMS: WHAT TO DO WHILE ON THE AA DIET
3. Buy and use the AA diet nutritional supplements daily. These
products are a inexpensive and highly nutritious way to support yourweight goals. Join and log on to the www.aadiet.net orwww.africanamericandiet.com websites for the latest recipes, and nutritioninformation to develop daily food and meals that will support your weightloss goals.
4. Follow the AA diet eating plan. For example, eat only when you
are hungry. Eat normal sized portions. Kill the leftovers. Eat only thethings on the Nice list. Eat slower and follow the 15 second chew ruleand above all, "Eat Well, or Don't Bother." 5. Change the menu and change the world. When you eat out at a
restaurant, ask the manager to start carrying AA diet friendly foods. Don'tbe afraid. Tell the manager what you want. Your request, coupled withmany, many others will change the menu to one that is good for you andyour diet goals. If the manager is a little overweight, recommend the AAdiet to him or her.
6. Follow the AA diet meal plans and recipes. The AA diet has
some very good meal plans and tasty dishes that will help support your dietgoals. Most are extremely easy to make an will reward you with the figureand health benefits that you want. As a bonus, you will end up being apretty good cook as well.
LIST" This is a listing of common foods that African Americans
commonly eat and what you should substitute in place of them. Here you
will find great tasting substitutes for Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta, Potato
Salad and other ideas about how to purchase fast foods and even grocery
8. Involve your constituents with competition Get your friends &
family losing weight too, by starting a little friendly weight losscompetition. See who can lose the most weight over 30 days or so. One ofour dieters got her employer to sponsor a competition. The groupaveraged 15 pounds of weight loss! ACTION ITEMS: WHAT TO DO WHILE ON THE AA DIET
White or Brown Rice
Broccoli or Wild Rice
More nutrients, lowercarbs, lower blood sugarimpact No blood sugar spike,sweeter than real sugar,your body doesn't treat itlike sugar, very stable inbaked goods Tilapia or Salmon fillets
Weight loss. Very low infat, just as filling as lasagna,no dairy, high Omega-3heart protection. Fast toprepare Breakfast cereals with
2 or 3 Egg omelette with
Weight loss. Very low carb, milk or oatmeal or grits,
1/4 cup diced ham, or
high protein, low or a greasy fast food
chicken. Add onions (Use
cholesterol. Great taste.
Egg Beater real egg
Add pepper or tabasco too product or equivalent.
Never use real eggs!)

Saltines or boxed cracker
Handful of unsalted
Helps suppress appetite, almonds or walnuts (don't rich in Omega-3 acids
White bread, muffins,
Low carb or whole grain
Lower fat content, typically has higher fiber contentwhich lowers carb impact.
Note, only 1 slice of eventhis type of bread should beconsumed daily. All breadsmake you fat! Coffee with cream &
Coffee with nondairy
Same basic taste with creamer & Splenda
almost no calories or bloodsugar impact ACTION ITEMS: WHAT TO DO WHILE ON THE AA DIET
Potato Salad or Chicken
Grilled Chicken Salad,
Lower carbs, heart healthy, Salad, made with
made with fresh lettuce, weight loss accelerator mayonnaise and potatoes grilled chicken strips and adash of fat free saladdressing Egg Beaters or other Egg
No cholesterol, no fat, basic same texture & taste infoods.
High protein, lower in fat Macaroni & Cheese
Stir Fry vegetables with
Quick to make, low cost, Shrimp, Chicken, or Ham much healthier, burst of
Coke, Pepsi & other
Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet
No calories, no carbs, no Sugar Soft Drinks
Seven up, or Water w/
weight gain. Great taste. No Extra Lemon
sugar spike, no carbs.
Weight loss helper Beer or Spirits
Glass of Red Wine
Great cardiovascular heartbenefit, fewer calories. Nobeer gut effect Fat Free Cheese (Kraft)
If you must use cheese, use or other fat free cheese
Kraft Fat Free cheddarcheese. Otherwise avoidcheese altogether.
Atkins or South Beach
African American Diet
Better diet! Closer to nature's plan for eating &diet Butter or Margarine
I Can't Believe It's Not
No transfats, no calories, Butter or Butter Buds
same taste as butter butter substitute products
Any Other Nice List Item
Potatoes: What's wrong with them?
A potato, whether French fried, baked, mashed, au gratin, instant or made into a salad, is basically a rock hard starch that looks a lot like arock that grows under ground. The government's food pyramid has itlisted as a vegetable. I would create a new category for it called, "Cementor Mortar." The basic problem with potatoes is that our ancestors didn'teat them. Africans have only known about, and eaten potatoes for around150 years or so, and then only in moderation or desperation. Contrastthat short period of time with the 120,000 years we had eaten mostly leangame, seafood, and green vegetables. The problem is that Black people eatpotatoes on a regular basis. That will make you fat! The potato is not indigenous to the African continent either; therefore it was not part of the modern Mankind Model established by nature. It wasnot part of our diet in Africa and should not be part of our diet today. Thecurrently accepted theory, as put forth by Russian Scientist and PlantGeographer, Nikolai I. Vavilov - reveals that the potato originated somewherein the Andean highlands of Colombia, Chile, and Peru - basically SouthAmerica. Those of you familiar with basic geography will note that Chileand Peru are no where near Africa. Carry out orders of potatoes with aside of chicken wings were simply not available from that far away. Interms of length of human existence, the introduction of the potato to Africais a fairly recent event.
Most areas of Africa have only had the potato as part of their diet for the last 90 years or so. For example, potatoes were introduced in Nigeria,Africa during the 1920s. It is thought that the Germans were the sourceof this rock hard starch product to that African nation. In 1858, Ethiopiagot its first potato rock from another German botanist named Shimper.
As you can see, the potato does not have a long lineage with our Africanbased, modern mankind physiology. In fact, even the Ethiopians did not POTATOES: WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM
readily take to this exotic rock that could only be eaten if boiled or baked fora long time. It took a famine in the last years of the 19th century to literallyforce Ethiopians to accept this rock starch as food, or else starve. Theother thing wrong with potatoes is that they are pure starch which the bodyconverts to glucose (sugar) almost immediately. Remember a baked potatohas a Glycemic Index rating of 85. That means that it converts to bloodglucose (sugar) very quickly and that is a bad thing. Potatoes are what Icall, "filler food." They just fill you up with junk.
More correctly, a potato can be thought of as "peasant food." The peasants of Ireland during the 1800's - relied on it as a basic food source.
You don't want to be a peasant, do you? Therefore, why should you eat itif you don't have too? Remember, when you are on the AA , you "Eat well,or don't bother." Finally, the methods that we used to prepare, cook andserve the potato only ratchet up the worst parts of this already bad starch.
We French fry them, or bake them and then top them with butter and sourcream. Sometimes we mash the potatoes and put gravy on top of them andmix them with milk. We often combine the potato with mayonnaise andthen have the nerve to call it a salad. Don't forget the terrible chili cheesefries that we conjure up.
I have nothing good to say about the potato. Your African brothers and sisters did not routinely eat potatoes and neither should you. It is a directcarbohydrate culprit. This rock hard vegetable should be banned from yourfood list and replaced instead with skinless chicken, fish, broccoli, collardsor mixed greens with a heavy dash of fat-free zesty dressing. Your bodywill thank you for giving up the "rock." Your waistline and ABS will reapthe benefit.
Dairy: What's Wrong With It?
Got Milk? The ubiquitous question blares in every media medium possible.
Everybody in America has heard or seen the "Got Milk?" commercials orhave seen a Got Milk mustache somewhere. The dairy industry is verypowerful and is determined to see that every man, woman and child inAmerica has a glass or two of milk every day. We consume dairy productslike milk, cheese, butter and creams on a regular basis. The problem is thata cow's milk was never meant to be consumed by African Americans inany quantity. Yet we continue to eat it in the form of cheese everyday.
That will make you fat. Nearly 70 percent or almost three out of fourAfrican Americans are Lactose intolerant. Symptoms includegastrointestinal distress and diarrhea among others. In fact, Dr. BenjaminSpock, the author of the 1998 book "Baby and Child Care," wrote ".Cow'smilk is not recommended for a child when he is sick—or when he is well,for that matter. Dairy products may cause more mucus complications andcause more discomfort with upper respiratory infections." The fact is,most of the rest of the world does not consume milk of any kind past childhood.
You're not a baby or a child are you? "MILK" the word itself is soothing and almost hypnotic. When the commercial "Got Milk?" comes on, we all see this beautiful white milkmustache on this equally beautiful, healthy looking (actor/actress) person.
Certainly, we can all say that milk is really good stuff—or is it? It is truethat human breast milk is our first food source. A significant bond is madebetween mother and child when the first sips of milk are taken. It puts youon the path to the rest of your life. And if you didn't get breast milk fromyour mother you almost certainly got cow's milk or soy milk "formula."Some of you from the South may even have feasted on goat's milk, buffalomilk or some other large mammal's milk.
In the U.S. and yes particularly African Americans—from infants to the super aged - drink milk. We drink a lot of milk. All that pizza you swallowdown is packed with milk. In fact, cheese is "super dupper" concentratedmilk. Can there be anything wrong with this? We see reassuring images ofhealthy, beautiful people on our television screens and hear messages thatassure us that, "Milk is good for your body." Let's face it, you've got to getyour calcium from somewhere. It might as well be milk. School lunchesalways include milk. You also have been told for years that dairy productsshould make up an "essential" part of your daily food group. Industryspokesmen made sure that colorful charts proclaiming the necessity of milkand other essential nutrients were made available at no cost for schools.
Cow's milk has become a "normal" consumption food for humans.
Milk is a maternal lactation and breast secretion. It is natures "short term" life substance for newborns. The mother of any mammal will provideher milk for a short period of time immediately after birth. When the timecomes for weaning, the young offspring is introduced to the proper adultfood for that species of mammal. Of course, it is not possible nor natural foranimals living in a mature state to continue drinking milk after weaning.
Again, most human beings around the world DO NOT drink or use cow'smilk. Furthermore, most of them can't drink milk because it makes themsick. There are students of human nutrition who are not supportive of milkused for adults. I am one of them. Of all the mammals on earth, only humanscontinue to drink milk beyond babyhood. So what's the right answer? Canwe African American folks trust milk industry spokesmen and commercials? Are nutritionists right or are they regurgitating the milk banner taught to them by the dairy industry? The answer might be to simply look at the restof nature. Next, we should look at the history of humans, and finally look atthe world's scientific literature on the subject of milk. The scientific literaturehas about 4,800 writings between 1988 and 2003 regarding milk recorded inthe "Medical" archives. Roughly half of those writing deal exclusively with DAIRY: MILK & CHEESE
animals, esoteric research and inconclusive studies. Most were only slightlyless than detestable. None of the researchers spoke of cow's milk as anexcellent food, free of side effects and the "perfect food" as we hearover the airwaves and from the dairy industry, sold to us by actors andsports figures. The central theme from the reports center around intestinalcolic, intestinal irritation, intestinal bleeding, anemia, allergic reactions ininfants and children as well as infections such as salmonella. There wasalso an outright apprehension of viral infection with bovine leukemia virusor an AIDS-like virus as well as concern for childhood diabetes. Thechildhood diabetes claim has been overcome, but the rest of the materialsclearly point to milk as having contamination by blood and white (pus)cells as well as a variety of chemicals and insecticides.
Among children the problems were allergy, ear and tonsil infections, bed-wetting, asthma, intestinal bleeding, colic and childhood diabetes.
In adults the problems seemed centered more around heart disease andarthritis, allergy, sinusitis, stomach, intestinal, digestive problems and themore serious questions of leukemia, lymphoma and cancer. I think that ananswer can also be found in a consideration of what occurs in nature as towhat happens with free living mammals and what happens with humangroups living in close to a natural state as "hunter-gatherers." OurPaleolithic ancestors are another crucial and interesting group to study.
Here we are limited to speculation and indirect evidences, but the bonyremains available for our study are remarkable. There is no doubt whateverthat these skeletal remains reflect great strength, muscularity (the size ofthe muscular insertions show this), and total absence of advancedosteoporosis. And if you feel that these people are not important for us tostudy, consider that today our genes are programming our bodies in almostexactly the same way as our ancestors of 50,000 to 100,000 years ago.
We have settled on the cow because of its docile nature, its size, and its abundant milk supply. But is it natural? Is it wise to drink the milk of anotherspecies of mammal? Usually humans don't look like cows, although as obesityovertakes tobacco as the number one preventable cause of death that viewis changing. I now see humans that look a lot like very large, slow movingcreatures similar to cows. Do you see them too? So why in the worldwould someone want to drink something that aids in the development of anadult cow? The point is that human milk is for human infants, dogs' milk isfor pups, cows' milk is for calves, cats' milk is for kittens, and so forth.
Clearly, this is the way nature intends it. Just use your own good judgmenton this one. All milk is also not alike. The milk of every species of mammalis unique and specifically tailored by nature to the requirements of thatparticular animal.
For example, cows' milk is very much richer in protein than a human mother's milk. Three to four times as much. It has five to seven times themineral content. However, it is markedly deficient in essential fatty acidswhen compared to human mothers' milk. Human mothers' milk has sixto ten times as much of the essential fatty acids, especially linoleum acid.
(Incidentally, skimmed cow's milk has no linoleum acid). Obviously it wasnot designed for humans, but we drink it and feed it to our kids, or familiesand ourselves everyday.
By now you must have noticed the enormous size of human beings and particularly African Americans these days. We are huge. Just like cows.
We are fat just like cows and the illnesses we are getting are consistentlybeing linked to our nutritional habits. You and I do not have much need ofmassive skeletal growth or huge muscle groups as does a cow. Can ahuman mother's milk increase intelligence in children? It seems that it can.
In a remarkable study published in Lancet during 1992 (Vol. 339, p. 261-4),a group of British workers randomly placed premature infants into two DAIRY: MILK & CHEESE
groups. One group received a proper formula, the other group receivedhuman breast milk. Both fluids were given by stomach tube.
These children were followed up for over 10 years. In intelligence testing, the human milk children averaged 15 IQ points higher! Well, why not? Whywouldn't the correct building blocks for the rapidly maturing and growingbrain have a positive effect? Besides, cows aren't the brightest animals inthe world.
Fifty years ago an average cow produced around 2,000 pounds of milk per year. Today the top producers can get up to 50,000 pounds or more!How is that possible? Drugs, antibiotics, hormones, forced feeding plansand specialized breeding - that's how. How do you think they keep makingdairy available so cheap, even as the population grows? The latest high-tech onslaught on the poor cow is bovine growth hormone or BGH. Thisgenetically engineered drug is suppose to stimulate milk production, butaccording to hormone's manufacturer, it does not affect the milk or meat.
We all should ask ourselves, how could that be possible? We may lookstupid - but come on. Other countries have banned BGH because of safetyconcerns. One of the problems with adding molecules to milk in a cows'body, is that the molecules usually come out in the milk some kind of way. Idon't know how you feel, but I don't want to experiment with the ingestionof a growth hormone. A related problem is that it causes a marked increase(50 to 70 per cent) in mastitis. This then requires antibiotic therapy and theresidues of the antibiotics appear in the milk. It has too. The country isawash with milk as it is; we produce more milk than we can consume. Let'snot create storage costs and further taxpayer burdens, because at the time,the law required the USDA to buy any surplus of butter, cheese, or nonfatdry milk at a support price set by Congress! FACT: In fiscal 1991, theUSDA spent $757 million on surplus butter, and one billion dollars a year onaverage for price supports during the 1980s (Source: Consumer Reports,May 1992: 330-32). Remember all that FREE CHEESE the governmentuse to give away to low income families? DAIRY: MILK & CHEESE
Any lactating mammal excretes toxins through her milk. This includes antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals and hormones. Also, all cows' milk containsblood! The inspectors are simply asked to keep it under certain limits. Youmay be horrified to learn that the USDA allows milk to contain from one toone and a half million white blood cells per milliliter. (That's only 1/30 of anounce). If you don't already know, another way to describe white cellswhere they don't belong, would be to call them "PUS" cells. The questionis still, "How pure is cow's milk?" Is it a biological wonder or a lactationfilled bacterial cocktail that can do you harm? Certainly we can count onthe government to protect us - or can we? The General Accounting Officeat the time of this writing tells us that the FDA and the individual States arefailing to protect the public from drug residues in milk. Authorities test foronly four of the 82 drugs in dairy cows.
A study from the University of Nevada, Reno tells of cells in "mastic milk," milk from cows with infected udders. If a cow has mastitis, thereis pus in the milk. In the face of uncertainty about many of the potentialdangers of whole bovine milk, it would seem prudent to recommend thatwhole milk not be started until answers over its safety are available. ACanadian study reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,Mar. 1990, describes a ". . significant positive correlation betweenconsumption of unfermented milk protein and incidence of insulindependent diabetes mellitus in data from various countries. Converselya possible negative relationship is observed between breast-feeding atage 3 months and diabetes risk." LEUKEMIA and MILK LINK?
Did you know that bovine leukemia virus is found in more than three of five dairy cows in the United States! This involves about 80% of dairyherds. Unfortunately, when the milk is pooled, a very large percentage ofall milk produced could be contaminated (90 to 95 per cent). Of course thevirus is killed in pasteurization—that is if the pasteurization was donecorrectly. Now the question I would pose to the dairy industry people isthis: "How can you assure the people who drink milk that they were not DAIRY: MILK & CHEESE
exposed to the ingestion of raw, killed active bovine leukemia viruses?" InNorway, 1,500 individuals were followed for 11 and a half years. Thosedrinking two or more glasses of milk per day had 3.5 times the incidence ofcancer of the lymphatic organs. British Medical Journal 61:456-9, March1990.
Is there any healthy reason at all for an adult, human, African American person to drink a cow's milk or eat cheese? The answer is - No, not really.
For sure, it is a source of calcium and it's own source of proteins. Youcan get ample amounts of calcium in regular foods and throughsupplements. To say the least, there is only one real reason to drink milk,namely personal preference. It has become a part of our culture. We alsohave become accustomed to its taste and texture. And probably the verybest reasons are ICE CREAM, CHEESE, PIZZA TOPPINGS and MILKSHAKES! Most people on earth live very healthful lives without cows'milk. The bottom line is that there is enough evidence to indict and possiblyconvict cow's milk of harm to first degree hurt and harm to the AfricanAmerican body. I am suggesting that you give up milk, cheese, eggs andall dairy entirely. So, you are probably wondering what would you put inyour cereal each morning if you give up milk? The answer is NOTHING,because cereal is on the Naughty list just like milk is. Get rid of both ofthem! Just think about what milk really is. It is the lactation and secretion of a nonhuman, huge, obese, animal that has a low IQ and a significant amountof drugs, pus and other things in it. I must admit however that milk does lookgood, even if it may not good for you.
Can the African American diet help to prevent disease? The answer is YES, most likely from the standpoint that weight related diseases arepreventable. The growing body of science continually concludes thatexcessive weight is linked to higher incidence of disease. Heart attacks,high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, cancer and more have all been linkedto excessive weight, a bad cholesterol profile and smoking.
In September 2004, 58 year old - former president Bill Clinton underwent quadruple heart bypass surgery to save his life. This surgeryinvolved cutting his chest open through the rib cage with a saw, stoppinghis heart and grafting four separate veins onto his ailing heart because hisother arteries were too clogged with cholesterol buildup and plaque tosupply his heart with needed blood. Next they stitched him up, resultingin a huge scar down the middle of his chest. They did this because hewas on his way to having a massive heart attack that likely would havekilled him.
American presidents all go through very thorough annual health examinations while in office. These exams are much more thorough andcomplete than you and I would ever get, because the most powerful manin the world must be in good health to lead. However, somehow formerpresident Clinton's doctors failed to find that his arteries were cloggingduring eight years of examinations. The reason is that most of the trulyconclusive tests are very invasive and only done when there are significantsymptoms of the disease. Symptoms include: shortness of breath, a failedstress test, and/or severe chest pain during exercise (angina). ObviouslyMr. Clinton was not on the AA diet during most of his life, but he will be!After surgery, his doctors are going to put him on a diet and exercise programthat is very close to the AA diet. His relationship with food will change.
The things he eats will change. Just like your's should. I guarantee it! Imention Mr. Clinton because he has been called, "The First BlackPresident." He is very popular among African Americans and seems to fit right in with us. He is a soulful man who plays the saxophone, and came upfrom very humble beginnings. He also is the epitome of current AfricanAmerican health problems. He claims to love fast food restaurants andfatty foods soul foods, just like we do. He had high blood pressure, just likemost of us do. He was overweight (maybe even obese), just like most of usare. He had a stressful job or home environment, just like most of do.
It should be clear by now that what you eat determines you health and your weight. Mr. Clinton is an example for all of us to get on the AA dietnow or go through what he went through or worse.
The AA diet is designed to help minimize your waistline and minimize your risk of developing a debilitating weight related disease. This bookwill not go into the details of diseases associated with being overweightor obese. I have a ton of research material sitting right here next to menow, about the causes of disease and their linkage to being overweight. Irefuse to subject you to that additional reading material. Everybody knowsthe problem. Get to the point.is my view on things! It has been welldocumented by numerous sources that, ". even mild to moderate degreesof excess weight will increase the risk of cardiovascular (heart) and otherdiseases." That's according to the American Heart Association.
It is a fact that excessive weight places a strain on the heart, raises blood pressure, and lowers HDL "good" cholesterol levels. The purposeof this book is not to tell you about the kinds of diseases you can contractby being overweight. No, no. it's purpose is to help you lose weight sothat you can AVOID weight related diseases in the first place. So thatyou can avoid what Bill Clinton went through. I'm amazed by all thoseother diet books that have entire chapters devoted to weight related disease.
The popular Atkins diet's author was believed to be obese himself, soI'm concerned about the source of the material there. One of those dietbooks has a whole chapter titled, "Is It Diabetes Yet?" STOP! We allknow the problem, don't we??? People are overweight and it's killingthem. What you need is help on how to solve the problem, not more detail on what the problem is. Somebody say Amen. We know the problem,what's the solution? That's what you need to know.
The way to prevent disease or lower your risk for disease is "deliberate intervention." You have to do something different than what you arecurrently doing, in order to prevent a probable outcome. Heart surgery orleg amputation is preventable, IF you start doing something different now.
Obesity is a disease. It is likely to over take tobacco as a national killer. Itis also one that is preventable; therefore curable, but the obese oroverweight person has to WANT to be cured! The AA diet can help cureobesity.
Your relationship with food, and specifically the types of foods you eat, has got to change. Let me say that again. You relationship with food has gotto change. Simply said, you can not keep eating that stuff you do now. Ifyou routinely eat foods on the Naughty list, then you are adding to the likelihoodof disease. While on the AA diet, you will no longer eat the trash that youhave been eating all your life. That is the problem. Change your food, andyou can change your body. Change your food, and you can change yourdisease risk factors. Change your food and you change your LIFE. This isrediscovery folks. It appears that nature has determined, by a processcalled "natural selection," that overweight, obese people should be singledout for early termination and even death. Natural selection acts to maximizethe quality of human dietary needs. It stands to reason that would alsoinclude eliminating those people who consumed too much of the wrong foods.
Nature seems to be saying that those persons are not part of the future ofhuman beings - that they are not in the grand plan of human evolution.
Shazam! That's a harsh realization to come too. But, it's appears to betrue. Just look around. Nature is saying to you and everybody else now,".either you get with the program or get out!" Very overweight, obesepersons, usually don't live very long and they tend to contract diseases thatcould likely kill them off early. They tend to be unsightly, slow moving, havemore health problems, and their clothes usually don't fit very well. I didn'tmake this up, so don't get mad at me. I'm just the messenger.
How To Talk To Your Family
About The AA Diet
OK, so now you are pretty well convinced that the AA diet is a good thing. It can and will help you lose weight and help improve your health.
But what about the rest of your family? You don't want them to miss outon losing weight and achieving better health. Do you? Of course not. Buthow in the world do you convince family and friends to start eating completelydifferent? You might start a war in your home if you try to abruptly changethe way Black folks have been eating all of their lives.
I remember when I went to my parents and started talking about eating differently. They suddenly saw me not as a loving son, but assomeone trying to change them and take something away from them. Ina way, I WAS trying to take something from them. I was trying to takeaway the bad eating habits and things that I knew were no good for them.
It's a tough thing to do. The problem is also much bigger than just yourimmediate family. The problem is inside ALL of our families. Just aboutall Black folks eat the wrong things at our dinner tables, at family reunions,at church and funerals, at school, at work and during the holidays - so theproblem seem monumental! After my talk with my parents didn't work, I decided that I would start with my own home and branch out. Being single at the time, it was easysince I only had to convince myself and that was already done. Then Istarted with my parents again, but this time instead of talking to them aboutchanging, I brought the change with me in the form of Sunday dinner. Yep,I was gonna bring the change in diet with me to the Sunday dinner table. Iactually made Sunday dinner for my parents at my house and brought itover to theirs. I was determined that at least once a week, they were goingto eat the items on the AA diet and maybe even start to like it.
This went on for about three months. Delicious seafood dinners, salads, lean chops, skinless chicken breast dishes and more. At first it took mymother a bit of time to get use to this. After all, she was use to makingSunday dinner with lots of bread, mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese.
The first Sunday I made dinner was really awkward, but it went over well.
Then just when dinner was over and I thought I had started them out right,mom instinctively reached for the ice cream container in the freezer. Icecream is a big Naughty list item, so when I saw her pull it out, all I could saywas ooohhhh nooooo to myself. My parents have been eating ice creamfor desert for as long as I can remember. So I should have planned for thatunhealthy event, but frankly I just plain forgot. But, the next week I didn't.
A few months later we had a family reunion on my dad's side. We were all out there at G.E. park under a covered gathering area, completewith tables and benches. Your family probably has had similar events.
Anyway, I was really glad to see everyone. One common theme I couldn'thelp but notice, was that almost everybody there was obviouslyoverweight. I too was overweight. There we were one big fat happyfamily. I remember hearing the regular complaints of being tired, achesand pains, and of course the "gotta watch my sugar" complaint echoed onand on. Years ago, we use to at least play volley ball or toss a baseballaround or somethin'. But not any more. Like most African Americanfamilies today, we didn't do anything physical that didn't involve a plateand a fork. Of course there was no lack of food. There were plenty ofpork ribs, ice cream, bread, cake, macaroni & cheese, pop, potatoes, hotdogs, baked beans, hamburgers and more. Just about everything on theNaughty List was there in abundance. It's funny, I don't think I saw onevegetable at the whole family reunion. It was almost like vegetablesweren't allowed to come. "Don't bring no vegetables in here. If it didn'thave legs and a momma once upon a time, we don't want to eat it." Thatseemed to be the message, given the kinds of foods that we had there. ButCornel Sanders and Oscar Meyer were certainly welcome. I thought aboutbringing a salad for about two seconds. I knew the family wasn't ready for HOW TO TALK TO YOUR FAMILY ABOUT THE AA DIET
that yet, so I wimped outand brought paper towels Part of the problem is that up till now,
and tooth picks instead.
a single document that speaks to the
weight problems and eating/diet
You know, something safe needs of African Americans did not
- that wouldn't get me in exist. The lack of a guide and diet plan
has made it very difficult to talk to
family and friends about eating better
and dieting.
After a while, a few of us were sitting around The AA diet is that guide. Now all
talking. The older guys African Americans can point to the AA
diet as a way to talk to friends and
and ladies, pretty much family about dieting and better health.
controlled theconversation. They werethe "MONARCHS" and "PILLARS" of the family. Every Black familyhas them. Men like my dad - Robert. They were older and everybodyknew he was to be respected along with all of my aunts and uncles. My dadis one of those type of guys. They would say about my father, "yeah, that'suncle Robert." He was uncle to just about everybody. Anyway, I just satthere and listened. Anyway, I thought this might be a chance to see whatkind of reception my idea of eating better at a family reunion might get. SoI waited for a break in the conversation and immediately lost my nerve. Ichanged my mind and instead complemented the guys for their grilling skills.
Then I shut up. After a while it was just me and my cousin Alvin left.
Everybody else had gone on to mingle with other family members. I thoughtto myself since I wasn't ready for a seven person audience, maybe I couldhandle a one person audience. Here was my chance. My cousin Alvinsitting right in front of me with nothing else to do but listen to me. So, I openmy mouth and said, "You know, we should probably think about eating a bithealthier at these family reunions." Then came this deafening moment ofsilence that seemed to last for hours. When it finally ended, to my surprisehe looked up at me and responded, "Yeah, you're right." That was all Ineeded to hear. After that, I rattled on and on about my thoughts and ideason eating healthier. We talked for a while about how we should bring healthierstuff to eat instead of our typical family vittles. That inspired me to startwriting a short paper that I had intended to circulate around the family at our next outing, but I never did it.
• Let them know that you think they may be gaining too much weight • Mention that eating the typical American diet has causes weight problems • Mention that you think the AA diet may be able to help them • Let them know that excessive weight leads to major health problems, and that you are concerned about their health • Show them the AA diet book and eating plan • Prepare meals for friends and family using items on the Nice List • Buy them a copy of the AA diet book or AA diet audio CD • If you prepare most of the meals, start making meals with Nice List items • Stop buying Naughty List items • If you have overweight teenagers, get them a copy of the AA diet audio CD (Teens tend not to read a lot, but they will listen to a CD recording) • At church food functions like funerals and picnics, you might suggest foods that are on the Nice list and discourage Naughty List items • Speak up about the AA diet while planning foods for family reunions, weddings, parties and social affairs. Suggest alternatives to what Black families ordinarily would make or bring These are just a few things that you can do to help get your friends and family on the right path to weight loss and better health. Part of the problemis that up till now a single document that speaks to the weight problemsand eating/diet needs of African Americans did not exist. The lack of sucha guide and diet plan has made it very difficult to talk to loved ones abouteating better and dieting. The AA diet is that guide. Now all AfricanAmericans can point to the AA diet as a way to talk to friends and familyabout dieting and better health. CASE STUDIES
Case Studies
Jamilla Williams: Springdale, Ohio - 5'2" tall, 174lbs, 15 Dress, BMI=32
Ms. Williams is a typical African American 26 year old woman who was struggling with a weight problem. She is funny, has a wonderful smile and isfull of life. Unfortunately the normal weight for her height, is between 110 and131 pounds. At only 5'2" her Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 placed hersquarely in the obese column (see BMI chart page 47). She knew she wasoverweight, but she didn't know that she was obese. She was uncomfortablewith the way she looked and felt. A review of the types of foods she routinelyate during a typical day included: A bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal with milk inthe morning for breakfast along with coffee, cream and sugar. Other times itwas a fast food breakfast sandwich with a hash brown.
Lunch was a fast food Big Mac or Whopper w/cheese type meal, complete with large fries and a large sugar sweetened cola drink. She also usually atetwo candy bars throughout the day, and had at least two more colas or othersugar sweetened soft drink. Dinner was a variation of mashed potatoes, somemeat or pasta with garlic bread, or some type of Chinese food (again pasta orrice based) plus late night snacking. She works as a general laborer, butgenerally doesn't get much exercise on her job. She had tried to diet over thepast few years, only to give up and gain back any weight she had lost. Shecomplained about being tired all the time and hungry again just a few hoursafter eating. She craved food almost always and would literally eat just beeating. Ms. Williams' typical calorie intake would easily hover around 2,600calories or more. Her 5'2" frame really needed only about 72% or less ofthose calories. The rest obviously ended up being stored on her body in theform of excessive fat deposits on her stomach, breasts, buttocks, hips, thighs,chin and arms. The excessive carbohydrates she consumed could easily explainthe excessive empty calories and excessive weight.
On Monday April 19th, 2004 Ms. Williams started the AA diet. For 14 days she followed the diet. She removed all Naughty list items from herapartment's kitchen. She got up 10 minutes earlier than she usually did beforework and walked to the corner stop sign and back as the AA diet suggests.
The first day for breakfast, she had a huge mixed garden salad with large CASE STUDIES
chicken chunksdoused with fat free 9.5 Pounds!
dressing. After thatshe ate a hand full ofalmonds. For lunchshe took the Daily Diet & Health supplement pack recommended by the AAdiet and then ate three grilled chicken breasts smothered, with mushroomsand fat free chicken gravy (Heinz). She brought a bottle of water with her towork and mixed it with Crystal Light sugar free soft drink mix. She also hadfifteen grapes as afternoon snack along with two more sugar free drinks laterin the day. For dinner she ate three slices of meat loaf, along with steamedbroccoli with garlic and chives. She also did not eat after 7:30 P.M. andfollowed the 15 second chew rule. Finally at the end of the day, she walked tothe stop sign again and back to close out her day. At the end of the day shewould score herself using the daily tracking tool to see how closely she adheredto the diet.
Over the next thirteen days she basically followed the meal plans included in the book. Obviously she substituted some items for others that pleased hertastes. The bottom line is that she stopped eating the Naughty list items like sheuse to eat and started eating the Nice list items.
By the morning of May 3rd, 2004, (two weeks later) Jamilla had lost 9.5 pounds! She couldn't believe it. She credits the Pledge of Honor and the "DietAdherence Tracking Square" tracking tool for their support in changing the wayshe thinks about food. She also says that it seemed like she was actually eatingmore food now than she did before starting the AA diet. The best part she saidis that she wasn't hungry all the time. She ate only when she was hungry andsometimes actually forgot to eat! Instead of moving on to step two of the AAdiet, she decided to repeat another two weeks of the step one phase, because shesaid she cheated a little bit during the last two weeks and knew she could dobetter. That's totally OK. The AA diet is very flexible when it comes to movingbetween the steps. At the time of this writing Jamilla had lost 28 pounds andhad moved from being obese to simply overweight. She never eats the foods onthe Naughty list any more and says she really doesn't miss them either. Shealso has become a pretty good cook too. Her next goal is to reach her normalweight range, which is only 15 pounds away. She can do it and you can too.
George Huff: Covington, KY - 5'9" tall, 198lbs, 41" Waist, BMI=29.5
Consider George Huff. He is a 55 years old, married, semiretired Black man, with a love for his wife's Southern style soul food cooking. When pressed,he says that he can cook pretty good too. He also admits he loves pizza. Hesuffers from Type 2 diabetes and has high blood pressure. He use to smoke, buthe stopped about 10 years ago. He swears that's when his weight jumped up.
George gets very little exercise, but does try to hit the golf course once in awhile. He admits he has a beer or two on occasion.
When we look carefully at Mr. Huff, George says he wants to lose weight, but outside of cutting back on desserts, he really had done very little to changehis condition. In fact given his height of 5'9" and portly weight of 198 pounds,George's BMI was at 29.5. That makes him at least overweight, and borderingon being obese (see BMI chart page 47). Like most men, George carried mostof his weight noticeably in his gut and on his back side. The bottom line isGeorge had a big gut and it was getting bigger.
George volunteered to go on the AA diet, but more importantly we tried to put his wife on the diet too! She was going to be key to George's success,because she prepared most of George's meals and she did most of the groceryshopping for the household. Her typical shopping list had nearly 90% ofeverything that was on the AA diet Naughty List! No wonder George was fat.
She wasn't exactly skinny herself. She would not let us weigh her, but it wasobvious that she was overweight herself. It was a real struggle to convince Mrs.
Huff to throw out all of that bad food she had just bought. Finally, we agreed toreimburse her for the food she needed to throw away. We supervised as she andGeorge threw out all of the cookies, popcorn, cakes, pies, bread, pasta, cereal,milk, potatoes, butter, ice cream, fish sticks, eggs, cheese, noodles, pop tarts,pop, pizza coupons, eggs, hot dogs, lasagna, buns, macaroni & cheese, tacokits, Gatorade, brownie mix and other Naughty List items. She said, ".it justseems like such a waste." It was not a waste, because George would benefit.
George took the pledge of honor, but his wife would not. We checked on George every day for two weeks, and he said that he was more or less followingthe diet. He had even incorporated the optional 15 minute Dance session thatthe AA diet suggests into his daily schedule. George used the daily tracking tool CASE STUDIES
to monitor how well he wassticking to the diet. He also took 4 Pounds!
the AA diet Daily Diet & HealthSupplement Pack. This helpedinsure he had superior nutrients to encourage and support the weight lossprocess for maximum benefit. By day five of the diet, George called us to saythat he was doing OK, but that his wife was "teasing and tempting" him whenpizza commercials came on the television. He admitted that he missed pizzaand his wife's dinner rolls with butter, but was determined to make it throughthe first two weeks of the diet. We spoke with Mrs. Huff about the importanceof supporting her husband even if she wasn't going to participate. Shecountered that it wasn't fair for her to have to give up the foods she lovedwhile he tested this diet. Finally, she just laughed it off as harmless play andpromised to at least not tease George, because he really was trying to make achange.
By the end of the 14 days, George was ready to tally his "Diet Adherence Tracking Square" sheets (see page 75) and see how well he had done. Hisadherence total was 315 points which is in the "OK" range (see page 74). Itmeans he probably lost some weight, but could have done much better. Georgeweighed himself and was glad to see that he weighed 194 pounds. Yes, he hadlost 4 pounds. That's 2 pounds a week, which isn't bad. The pounds he lostwere not just water, but actual body fat. On reflection George admits that hecheated while on the diet. He had gotten use to the new foods he was eating andsaid he would repeat step one again and do better. As for Mrs. Huff, sheacknowledged George's weight loss, but she felt like he was missing out on thefoods that he had enjoyed for so many years. She didn't understand that Georgewas changing for the better. He was rediscovering the right kinds of foods thatnature wanted him to eat, instead of the fatting stuff she had been feeding him.
When we look at this case, we believe George could have lost a lot more weight, but his wife was not very supportive. Remember, she refused to go onthe diet with George and we suspect that more and more Naughty List foodswere brought back into the home that tempted George to cheat. George's caseshows the importance of having a supportive home life that includes your spouseand family. Four pounds of fat lost might not seem like a lot right now, but ifGeorge continues on the AA diet, he will look up one day soon, and realize thathe has reached his weight goals. His health will almost certainly improve too.
At that point maybe his wife will also decide to change for the better by goingon the African American Diet.
Janice Cunningham: Middletown, OH - 5'8" tall, 185lbs, 14 Dress,

Janice Cunninham claimed to be a big, beautiful, Black woman (BBBW).
She's a divorced, 38 year old mother of two. Janice is also overweight and sheknows it. She didn't always use to be that way, but she believes a failed, lazymarriage partner and two kids are to blame for her boost in weight. Sheremembers her early twenties when her buttocks, waist, hips and stomach werethe envy of all. Back then she weighed a normal 126 pounds. She wonders howin the world she could have gained 59 pounds in just 15 years? Before beginning the AA diet, Janice says she routinely ate foods like, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, hogay sandwiches, spaghetti, deviled eggs,macaroni & cheese, Chinese lo mein (noodles), Chinese chicken fried rice,cheese burgers, potato chips, pork ‘n beans, breakfast cereals with milk,submarine sandwiches, French toast, pizza and more. She had an immenselove for bread and would also sometimes get a bagel with cream cheese in themornings at the office cafeteria. She said bread made her, "fill full." To top itall off, she would guzzle down at least three cans of sugar sweetened soda popeach day. Her kids ate pretty much like she did. They appeared to be overweighttoo.
Janice is a social worker and spends a lot of time sitting talking to people.
Last year her mother had a heart attack at 54 years old. Janice's mother wasvery overweight too. Janice and her mother were about the same size, althoughMs. Cunningham believes her mother was a little bigger. So, Janice agreed togo on the AA diet to see it could help her reduce her weight. She had read thatheart disease like her mother has is linked to excessive weight. So, for twoweeks, she followed the AA diet almost to the letter. She took the Pledge ofHonor, got rid of all the Naughty List foods, never went to a fast food restaurant,took her daily dose of Diet & Health supplements, tracked her daily using theDiet Adherence Tracking Squares (page 75), and followed the AA diet mealplans. She place a copy of the pledge of honor on her refrigerator, on the mirrorin both bathrooms, on her car dashboard, and in a picture frame for her desk atwork. Instead of doing the optional stop sign walks or 15 minute dance like theAA diet suggests, Janice bought a stationary bike and road it for 15 minutes in CASE STUDIES
the morning and 15minutes before bed. It 12 Pounds!
was obvious she wasgoing to try this newdiet and really take itto heart.
On day 15 of the diet, we would ordinarily call the dieter and go through how to score their weight results. This time however, Janice called us first.
She was ecstatic! At first we thought something was wrong or that she hadpossibly gained weight. It was very unlikely that she would gain weight whileon the AA. No, no - that was not the case. Janice had added up her own scoreresults from the Diet Adherence Tracking Squares. She had scored a perfect490 points! She did everything right plus more. That wasn't the only goodnews. She also had lost a whopping 12 pounds in just two weeks! Ms. Cunningham wasn't experiencing the constant desires for food like she use too. She had more energy and more importantly, a new way of thinkabout food and the kinds of foods she ate. She said her kids seemed to benefittoo, because were also losing weight. She had stopped feeding them the old,Naughty List foods she used to buy and switched to the Nice List foods.
Janice lost a lot of weight during that two week span. We think that her extra bike ride routine coupled with the AA diet itself seemed to increase thelevel of actual weight loss. That stands to reason, since the body's metabolismdoes increase with exercise. Janice found a new way to put the AA diet intooverdrive and achieve even better results than even we expected! Ms. Cunningham moved on to step two, the 30 Day Habit, and continued to lose weight but at a slower, much more sustainable and practical pace.
Remember, too much weight loss too soon is not a good thing. You have togive your muscles, skin and organs a chance to adjust to the new you.
Ms. Cunningham has went on to lose an additional 13 pounds and has increased her endurance to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night.
She credits the AA diet's flexibility in foods and its nutritional supplements,coupled with its structured approach to tracking adherence each day. You toocan achieve similar results.
The growing body of science continues to point to the importance of getting enough of the right vitamins and minerals into your diet. I'mconvinced however, that the foods we eat today and even some of themultivitamins that some of us take, are insufficient in supplying our dailynutritional needs. The reason is that most of the foods we eat have highamounts of processing involved with them, which can remove importantnutrients.
You should take a specific set of vitamin and mineral supplements while on the AA diet. The suggestions I make later for which supplements totake, will help you best while losing weight. We have developed a series ofspecial nutritional "supplement packs" that should be taken on a daily basis.
The most important of which is the AA Diet "Daily Diet Health SupplementPack." The following page has a list of the nutritional supplements that we recommend and why they are important. All of these supplements areavailable through us. Again, the most important of these is the Daily DietHealth Supplement Pack. It is prepackaged set of the most importantsupplements to take while on the AA diet. The Daily Diet Health SupplementPack assures that you are getting the proper amounts of disease fighting,weight loss enhancement nutrients every day! All of the supplements areavailable through the AA Diet. I recommend them highly as a near absolutemust for anyone following the AA diet. They supercharge your ability tolose weight more quickly.
What It Does
Cardiovascular / heart health benefitfrom red wine nutrients withoutdrinking wine based alcohol Cleans and opens arteries of thecardiovascular system using tracemalic acid Powerful, all natural ancient Africanappetite suppressant for weight lossthat fools the brain into thinking youare full Vitamin C & E
Antioxidants that improvecardiovascular health and eliminatecancer causing free radicals from thebody Improves cholesterol levels byincreasing HDL "good" up to 15% Omega-3, 6 & 9
Cardiovascular / heart benefit (Fish, Flax, & Borage Oils)
(CoQ10) Coenzymes
Energy booster with immune systemand cardiovascular benefit. Hasshown life extension capabilities Whey Protein chocolate meal
Delicious Whey protein chocolate replacement mix
flavored supplement that's used toburn fat, and increase protein intake Make Money With The AA Diet
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(35.8 Million Black Americans)
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Fact: The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are at least 35.8 million black Americans. That's according to the year 2000 census report. Thatfigure represents about 12.7% of the total population of the United States.
Most of those 35.8 million black Americans need help with weight loss.
That help can come from you and people like you. Just think if you were tointroduce the African American diet plan to just a small percentage of thesepeople? If that small number of people bought the diet plan and just a fewsupplements for three months or more, you would make a ton of money andhelp a lot of people along the way! Remember, over two out of every three African American people are overweight or even obese. This is an unfortunate and tragic fact, but it isalso an excellent opportunity for you. You can help your friends, family andacquaintances to lose weight and get healthier, while at the same timemaking extra or even full time income for yourself! The sky is the limit.
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The Future Is Bright!
In conclusion, there is a bright, healthy and trim future awaiting anyone who follows the African American diet. It does not matter what color youare or what race you claim. The AA diet will work for just about anyonewho is overweight. Remember to always consult your doctor beforebeginning the AA diet or any other diet.
You truly have the opportunity and the tools literally in your hands to change your body for the better. The AA diet can help you rediscover howyou were meant to eat and live all along. You were tricked, enslaved, andenticed into eating the foods that fatten you up now. The AA diet can freeyou from the shackles of excessive weight. Everyday the picture getsbrighter. Advances in medical science and technology continue to makelife worth living. But, if you don't start dieting right now to get rid of yourexcessive weight, you will ultimately shorten your quality of life and missout on all that is yet to come. So be there for the bright, healthy future thatis yours for the taking. Be there for your family and yourself. Be there byabandoning the typical fattening diet that most Americans follow today.
It is my hope that you heed the message of this text and apply it to your eating habits from now on. Sadly, if we continue to eat unhealthily theresult will be even more overweight, obese African Americans with evenmore health and physical problems. However; if you follow the very simplemessage in this book, then I see a future of fit, trim, healthy and happyAfrican Americans living the life that nature wants them to.
I'm convinced that if YOU start following the AA diet, and then include your spouse, kids, neighbors, relatives, church members and co-workers,that we could completely change this nation. We could reverse obesitywithin a year and certainly within two! Yes! It absolutely can be done thatquickly. Indeed, the future is very bright! Let's start with YOU! You cando it. Yes you can! I believe in you. Just believe in yourself and getstarted today. Best wishes.
Oh, One More Thing
This book just told you about the kind of diet that all people, especially Black people (African Americans) need to follow. You now understand theright kinds of food choices to make. However it is well known that healthierfood choices are somewhat more expensive and usually less accessible tomany Black families. Therefore; I challenge our federal, state and localgovernment elected representatives to develop programs and methods whichwill make healthier food choices, like those found in this book, more accessibleand affordable to ALL people, regardless of race, all across this nation.
This challenge is well within the responsibilities and mission of our elected leaders. We are facing a national obesity epidemic that is costing this nationand our race dearly. Obesity is already costing this nation tens of Billions ofdollars in health care expenses annually. There is a phrase in the preambleto the Constitution that says, ".insure domestic tranquility, provide for thecommon defense, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and securethe blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establishthis Constitution for the United States of America." The preamble alsotalks about justice, but that's another book. The key phrase here is, ‘promotethe general welfare.' It charges our elected leaders with a task to recognizeobesity within the Black community as something they need to address.
The general welfare of overweight and obese Black people is not good. SoI challenge our elected leaders to develop programs and affordable, easilyaccessible, ways for overweight Black people to get healthier foods. Thegovernment's food pyramid is simply a picture. We need actual healthyfood access programs for all. That would be a good example of thegovernment fulfilling that phrase in the preamble. They would be promotingthe general welfare of people by providing affordable, easy access tohealthier foods. Everybody remembers the government's free cheeseprogram. We don't need cheese and dairy - but instead lean meats andseafood and all those other things on the Nice list. We don't need morepictures of squares and pyramids. We need more affordable access to THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT
healthier foods. So look in the phone book or on the internet, pick up thephone and call your state senators and state representatives. Call thepresident. Send them an Email. They send you all kinds of stuff when theywant you to vote for them and pay their salaries, don't they? OK, it's theirturn to actually do something for you. They say they want to represent youand your needs, well you need access to affordable ‘Nice List' foods. Nowthat they are in office and got your vote, there is this glaring problem ofobesity right in front of their eyes. What are they doing about it? Holdthem accountable to make affordable ‘Nice List' food choices availablenow! When they ask for your vote, turn around and ask them what arethey going to do to make affordable ‘Nice List' foods available and whatare they going to do about African American obesity issues? The bottom line is that more could be done, but it still comes down to your own personal responsibility. I'm just saying that since you pay theirsalaries in the form of taxes and elect them to office, the government couldhelp with more than just producing a new picture of a pyramid. We don'tneed to go to Mars. We need access to affordable ‘Nice List' food choiceshere on earth. Say Amen! OK, now go follow the African Diet program and lose weight and look great. Tell someone else about it and use the diet supplements that theprogram suggests. This is a great time for you and everyone else to getmoving towards you ideal weight and health. God Bless.
follow the meal plans on the next
few pages during the first two
weeks while on the AA
"Eating Different = Weightloss Success"
OK, this is the first day of the rest of your new life. It is the first day you will follow the AAdiet to the letter. By now you have gone through your refrigerator & cabinets and havethrown away ALL of the items on the Naughty list. You will not buy Naughty list items. Youhave read and taken the Pledge of Honor to heart, and you are ready to start school. You willnow eat VERY differently than you have during your previous life. Your previous life is whatmade you fat in the first place. Change is good. Rediscovery is good. You have rediscoveredhow nature wants you to eat. You know the benefits of meat on some days and vegetables onothers. Change your diet to that of nature and you will change your weight. You know youhave a weight problem. Day one on the AA diet will introduce you to the change you want.
Citrus Chicken Breakfast Wrap (See Recipe) or 2 - 3 strips of bacon
2 or 3 tomato slices
Handful of Almonds (about 12 - 15)
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
Beverage of choice (Coffee or Green Tea sweetened with Splenda sweetener)
Daily Diet Supplement Pack
No Naughty List Items!
(Note - You can substitute this entire meal with an AA diet Meal Replacement Drink)
This nutritional, whey protein chocolate drink meal replacement mix can help you
lose more weight

(Get out of the office)
Two (2), YES Two Grilled Chicken Sandwiches from Wendy's or Rally's
(Note - Throw away the top bun from both sandwiches)
Water with Lemon or Crystal Light
No Naughty List Items!
Always total your ‘Diet Adherence Tracking Handful of Almonds Square' at the end of the day! Dinner
2 Baked or Grilled Skinless chicken breasts, Lemon glaze would be nice
Broccoli spears doused with Fat Free Zesty Italian dressing for added taste
Diet drink or flavored water for beverage
No Naughty List Items!
"Yesterday wasn't so bad, I CAN do this"
Any of these: Turkey, Steak, Ham, Pork Chops, Chicken (Normal portion)!!!
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
Remember to use the 15 second chew rule
Plus a handful of Almonds (You're probably wondering why Almonds keep showing up?
I'll tell ya later.)
Selection from Beverage Options
1 or 2 Chicken Wraps made with low carb tortilla (available at most grocery stores), be sure
to skip the cheese or any other dairy.
At this point the AA diet is starting to kick in. You may not feel hungry. SO, If you are not
hungry, don't eat lunch!
2 - 3 Pork Chops (substitute baked, skinless chicken if you don't eat Pork)
Collard Greens, Turnip Greens or Cauliflower
Glass of Red Wine or a Diet Beverage or any beverage on the Nice List
No Cheating! And avoid eating past 7:30 P.M.
Day Three
"Only 12 Days To Go!"
Farmers Healthy Omelet: made with diced ham, onions, peppers & Eggs Beaters
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
Classic Egg & Turkey Salad with Romaine Lettuce
Water with 3 to 4 squeezed lemon wedges
London Broil
French Style String Beans
No Bread items!!!
Stop Signs or Dance:
The AA diet does NOT require you to exercise to lose weight, BUT today I want you to do
15 minutes of either Stop Signs or Dance. Stop Signs, just means that you walk up the street,
to your nearest stop sign twice and walk back home twice. The second time you walk to the
stop sign, you will walk at a faster, more brisk pace.
Dance means that you just put on some of your favorite fast jam music in the house and
dance like at a party for at least 15 minutes or so. All Black folks can sort of dance, and even
if you can't just fake it. That's it. This will help to raise your metabolism so that you burn
fat faster. Do either one of these and you will be on your way!
Remember, if you are not hungry - then skip a meal. Eat only when you are hungry and notout of habit. You body is starting to tell you, it really doesn't need to eat three meals a day.
"I'm Havin' Fish Tonight!": Quote from Bruce the
shark, (Disney & Pixar's Finding Nemo movie)
Today we introduce FISH! Fish is the great high protein, high omega-3, cardiovascularprotection, lean-mean food source that nature wants you to eat most! Breakfast:
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
Scrambled Eggs (Egg Substitute), Bacon, Green Peppers, Onions and any of the nice list
2 - 3 Slices of Ham, Turkey, Chicken
Any Coffee, Tea, or Water beverage with Aspartame sweetener as needed (Remember, NO
No milk, cereal, bread, toast, muffins, bagels or fast food junk
6" Turkey or Chicken Low Carb Wrap - Subway's got a good one (skip the cheese)
Beverage on the Nice List
Hand full of Almonds
Stay away from bread
2 seven inch slabs of Salmon, Tuna, Trout, or Whitefish (Baked, Grilled, or Blackened)
Broccoli, Spinach, String Beans, or Collard Greens
Romaine Lettuce Salad with Balsamic Vinegar or Fat Free Italian Dressing
Beverage on the Nice List
By day four, you will notice that you are eating entirely different than you useto! Your body will start to notice too and reward you by slimming down yourfigure! You are changing! Your taste buds are changing. Your body ischanging and will reward you with a better body. Remember, you can eat as much of any item on the Nice List (normal sizedportions, please). It was the Naughty List stuff that helped make you fat in thefirst place! MEAL PLANS
"I Can Feel Myself Getting Slimmer!"
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
3 strips Bacon or 2 Sausage links
2 Eggs (Egg Beater or Egg Substitute only)
Two hamburger patties (normal size), with onions or Two grilled chicken breasts - throw the
bread away if you buy these in sandwich form from a restaurant. Bread is just filler.
Romaine Lettuces salad doused with Balsamic Vinegar or other fat free dressing
Beverage on Nice list
Two or three slabs (no more than 6 inches each) of Mahi, Mahi fish (Grilled, Blackened or
Baked). Remember, don't fry my fish! You can substitute 10, (alright 11) jumbo sized
shrimp instead of the Mahi, Mahi if you like.
Steamed broccoli, lightly doused with Zesty Fat Free Italian Dressing (Kraft has a good one)
Beverage: 1 or 2 glasses of Red Wine (a Merlot is a good choice) or diet beverage of your
"Bon appetite" Notice that on the AA diet, you eat well or don't
bother! This is good food.

"Sirloin Steak Today - Yum!"
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
Stir Fry (made with Grilled Chicken strips, Turkey, Broccoli, Mushrooms) about 2 cups
equals one serving.
Yes! Stir Fry for breakfast. Does that seem odd to you? It's not. It's the way nature
wants you to eat. The odd way, is the way typical Americans eat. You are changing -
remember? Forget eating the old establish breakfast meals.
Have a second helping if you like!
Beverage from the Nice list
1 Grilled Spicy Turkey Burgers (See Recipes)
Handful of Almonds
Beverage from the Nice list
Caramelized Onion Steak (See Recipes)
Greens, spinach or Green Beans
Beverage from the Nice list
Remember, you can skip dinner if you want to. You may not be hungry enough to eat dinner.
If you are not hungry, then Do Not eat. Lose that, "must eat three meals a day mentality."Even though the Steak dinner here may be absolutely appealing, your new diet is causing younot to be as hungry as you ordinarily would be during dinner time. Your body is beginningto tell your mind to stop thinking about food, because your body is still full! MEAL PLANS
Day Seven
"I'm Over The Hump"
Breakfast: Mushroom Scramble
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
1 to 2 teaspoons butter, 1 tablespoon minced onion
¼ cup sliced mushrooms, 3 Egg Beaters or Egg Substitute Melt butter in heavy skillet, medium heat, sauté' the onion and mushrooms for 4 to 5 minutes, or until the mushrooms are tender.
Add Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes, scramble until set, and serve.
Lunch: Ham Slice w/Mustard Sauce
¾ tablespoons oil, Ham steak, about ½ pound1/8 cup water, ¾ tablespoons prepared mustard¾ tablespoons of Equal or Splenda sweetener1/8 teaspoon blackstrap molasses, Salt and pepper Put the oil in a heavy skillet over medium heat, and fry the ham steak until it is golden on both sides. Remove the ham from the skillet, set it on a platter and keep it warm.
Pour the water into skillet, stir, scraping up all the brown bits from the ham. Stir in the mustard, sweeteners, molasses, salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the ham, and serve.
Dinner: Baked Orange Roughy
¾ pounds orange roughy fillets, cut into serving-size pieces½ teaspoon salt or Vege-Sal, Pepper1/8 medium onion, thinly sliced, 1 tablespoon bottled lemon juice1/8 cup butter, melted, Paprika, Minced fresh parsley (optional) Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Spray a shallow baking dish with nonstick Arrange the fish in the prepared pan, and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
Scatter the onion over the fish.
In a small bowl, combine the lemon juice and butter, and pour over the fish and onion. Sprinkle with paprika.
Bake, uncovered, for 30 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley (if using), and serve.Yield: MEAL PLANS
Day Eight
"Cajun Chicken Salad For Lunch"
Breakfast: Rodeo Eggs
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
2 slices bacon, chopped into 1-inch pieces, and 2 thin slices of onion
2 Egg Beaters or other Egg Substitutes, and 2 thin slices Cheddar cheese
1. Fry bacon in a heavy skillet over medium heat. Push aside cooked out fat and put in onionslices, frying on each side until translucent. Remove onion and set aside.
2. Continue frying bacon until crisp. Pour out grease, and distribute the bacon bits evenlyover the bottom of the skillet. Pour in Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes and fry for 1-2 minutesuntil bottoms are set but tops are still soft.
3. Place a slice of onion over each yolk, and then cover the onion with a slice of cheese. Adda teaspoon of water to the skillet, cover, and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the cheese ismelted.
4. Cut in half and serve.
LUNCH: Cajun Chicken Salad
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast, ½ teaspoon Cajun Seasoning
½ sweet red pepper, cut into small strips, ½ green pepper, cut into small strips
1/8 sweet red onion, thinly sliced,
1 & 1/2 tablespoons of tarragon vinegar 1 teaspoon spicy brown or Dijon mustard, ½ clove garlic, crushed1/6 cup olive oil, ½ teaspoon dried tarragon, Salt and black pepper to taste Place chicken breast in a large, heavy zipper-locked bag, and pound with a meat tenderizer, hammer, or other heavy object, until it's about ¼ inch thick.
Sprinkle both sides of each pounded chicken breast with Cajun seasoning. Grill or sauté until cooked through. Cut chicken breast in strips about ¼ inch wide. Combine withthe peppers & onion.
In a small bowl, mix tarragon vinegar, mustard, garlic, oil, dried tarragon, and salt and pepper to taste; mix well. Pour over the chicken and vegetables, and toss. Serveimmediately or let sit to allow flavors to blend.
DINNER: Steakhouse Steak
Olive oil, 1.5-2lbs steak 1-2 inches thick
Rub steak with olive oil.
Turn broiler on high. Steak should almost touch element. Leave the door open.
Cook 5-6 minutes. Flip and cook until done.
"Fast Food For Lunch Today"
BREAKFAST: Country Scramble
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
½ tablespoon butter
1/8 cup diced cooked ham
1 tablespoon diced onion
1-2 Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes, beaten
Melt the butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the ham, green pepper, and onion, and sauté for a few minutes, until the onion is softened.
Pour in the Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes, and scramble until the Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes are set. Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve.
LUNCH: We're Going To Wendy's!
It is true that most restaurant fast foods are on the Naughty List, BUT on day nine we makean exception. We make this exception to show that it is possible to go to a fast foodrestaurant and actually eat something in line with the AA diet.
1 Ultimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Mandarin Chicken Salad
Fat free French dressing
Diet beverage or other beverage from the Nice List
OK, admit it. Ordinarily you would have had a double cheeseburger, with biggie sized friesand large soda pop or a Frosty.
DINNER: Baked Lemon-Pepper Tilapia with side of Green
6 Tilapia Fish FilletsButter flavored nonstick cooking sprayLemon Pepper Spice (I like Tone's brand, but almost any will do) Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a sheet of aluminum foil with nonstick cooking spray. Sprinkle the Tilapia fillets with lemon pepper blend on both sides. Arrangefillets on the aluminum foil and place in a roasting pan and cover with more foil. Roast thefillets, turning once, for about 17 minutes.
Remove from oven, and serve with a side of Green beans with butter substitute.
"Another Day on the AA"
BREAKFAST: Sausage Confetti Frittata
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
¼ pound uncooked pork sausage, ¼ cup diced green pepper
¼ cup sweet red pepper,
¼ sweet red onion, ¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese 1 teaspoon Mrs. Dash brand seasoning (original), 8 Egg Beaters or 8 Egg Substitutes In a large, oven skillet, start browning & crumbling the sausage over medium heat.
Drain off fat, add the green peppers, red peppers, and onion to the skillet. Cook the sausageand peppers until sausage is done thoroughly. Spread the sausage and pepper mixtureevenly layer on the bottom of the skillet.
Beat the Parmesan cheese and Mrs. Dash into the Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes, and pour the mixture over the sausage and veggies in the skillet.
Turn the burner to low, and cover the skillet. (You may use foil) Let the frittata cook until the Egg Beaters or Egg Substitutes are mostly set. This will take 25 to 30 minutes,but the size of your skillet will affect the speed of cooking, so check periodically.
When all but the very top of the frittata is set, slide it under the broiler for about 5 minutes, or until the top is golden brown. Cut into wedges and serve.
LUNCH: Tuna Salad
Two Egg Beaters, 2 large celery ribs, ½ green pepper, ¼ medium sweet red onion
1 can chunk light tuna, 1/3 cup Kraft fat free salad dressing
Dice up the vegetables to preference Add the tuna, Egg Beaters, salad dressing, and mix thoroughly DINNER: Parmesan Shrimp
2 tablespoons butter, 1½ cups heavy cream,
1 tablespoon finely chopped onion 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, 1 clove garlic, ¼ teaspoon ground pepper¼ teaspoon salt, 3 tablespoons Heinz brand low-carb ketchup1 pound cooked shrimp, cooked, peeled, deveined, ¼ teaspoon white pepper Melt butter in medium saucepan, and sauté onions in it until tender, but not brown. Add garlic, salt, and peppers. Stir in cream, Parmesan cheese, & low-carb ketchup.
Bring to a broil, and then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, stirring occasionally, until the sauce thickens (15-20 minutes).
Stir in cooked shrimp. Move to a serving plate and garnish.
Day Eleven
"African Chicken For Dinner"
BREAKFAST: Cube Steak w/Mushroom Sauce
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
1 or 2 cube steak patties
½ small can Campbell's "Healthy Request" Cream of Mushroom soup
1. Brown both sides of cube steak(s) in small amount of vegetable oil2. Cover and cook 10-15 minutes or until tender3. Pour soup over steak(s) and let simmer for another 5 minutes, then serve.
Enjoy a handful of almonds or walnuts along with this breakfast. LUNCH: Festive Italian Romaine Salad
1 bunch Romaine lettuce, torn
1/2 red onion, sliced thin
1 pt. fresh strawberries, sliced
½ cup Kraft brand fat free Zesty Italian dressing
Toss lettuce, onion, and berries. Add dressing and serve.
Optionally you could add some cherry tomatoes DINNER: African Chicken
4 lb. chicken pieces, 1/4 c. vegetable oil, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. curry powder
1 lg. onion, peeled and sliced, 1 lg. sweet red pepper, cut in strips
1 lg. onion, 1 lg. sweet red pepper, 1 lg. tomato, 1½ c. uncooked wild rice
1/4 c. low fat crunchy peanut butter, 1/4 c. warm water
1. Brown chicken in vegetable oil in large frying pan. Set aside.
2. Remove all but 2 tablespoons of oil and drippings in pan. Stir in curry powder/salt3. Stir in onion, red pepper, and tomato. Cover and simmer 5 minutes.
4. Return chicken to pan. Cover. Simmer until chicken is tender about 15 minutes.
5. Remove chicken to large platter. Blend peanut butter and water. Stir in vegetables.
6. Heat to boiling. Spoon over chicken. Peanuts are common in the African cuisine.
This Ugandan recipe is sure to please MEAL PLANS
Day Twelve
"Asia and Africa"
BREAKFAST: Chinese Shrimp Egg Fo Young Omelette
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
10 to 15 very small shrimp
2 Egg Beaters or egg substitute
Olive Oil
Iceberg or Romaine Lettuce
1. Chop lettuce2. Cook lettuce in wok with olive oil3. Mix cooked lettuce up with eggs4. Pour out mixture into pan and cook like omelette5. When half done, lay shrimp on top and continue cooking, flip and cook other side.
6. Garnish with scanlons and serve! LUNCH: Asian Turkey Burgers
1 pound of ground turkey, ¼ cup minced onion, 3 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce, 2 tablespoons minced green bell pepper
1 tablespoon lite soy sauce, ¼ teaspoon pepper, 2 cloves garlic, crushed
Combine all ingredients in a big bowl and squeeze together.
Divide into 3 equal portions, and form into patties Spray a skillet with nonstick cooking spray, and place over medium-high heat.
Cook about 5 minutes per sideServe open face with only the bottom bun. Add condiments as needed.
Makes 3 servings DINNER: African Style Chow Mein
1 1/2 lb. ground beef, browned & drain grease 2 c. celery 2 lg. onions 3 tbsp. soy sauce 1 can Campbell's Healthy Request cream of mushroom soup 1 c. raw wild rice Combine all ingredients and pour 3 1/2 cups boiling water on top and mix. Bake at 350degrees until done. To reheat add any soup such as: cream of celery, cream of mushroom orcream of chicken.
Day Thirteen
"Chicken & Fish The African American Way"
BREAKFAST: Chicken, Bacon, Vegetable Breakfast Wrap
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
8" Low Carb Tortilla shell, 3 Strips of cooked, crisp bacon
6 or 7 strips of grilled chicken breast strips (I like Tyson brand)
2 table spoons of frozen chopped collard greens
1 or 2 table spoons of fat free salad dressing, pepper & garlic to taste (no salt)
1. pan fry the bacon until cooked and crisp2. microwave or heat the chicken strips until very hot3. microwave or heat the chopped greens until very hot4. arrange cooked bacon and chicken strips along the middle of the tortilla shell5. spread salad dressing, greens, pepper & garlic along the meats, wrap and serve Lunch: Bacon Wrapped Trout Fillets (4 servings)
3/4 c. melted butter, 1 pkg. dry onion soup mix, 1/4 tsp. pepper3 lb. trout, 1/2 lb. bacon Combine butter, soup mix, pepper. Spread trout with mixture and wrap bacon sliced aboutthem. Secure with toothpicks. Cook 10 minutes per side or until meat flakes easily.
DINNER: Tilapia on a Nest of Vegetables
3 tablespoons olive oil, 1 cup red pepper, cut into strips 1 cup yellow pepper, cut into thin strips1 ½ cups zucchini or 1 ½, cut yellow squashinto matchstick strips1 cup sweet red onions, thinly sliced, 1 clove garlic, crushed1 pound tilapia fillets, ¼ teaspoon garu Heat olive oil in heavy skillet, medium-high heat, sauté the peppers, zucchini, or squash, onion, and garlic for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently.
Sprinkle tilapia fillets lightly with Mrs. Dash & pepper, lay them over the vegetables in the skillet. Cover, turn the burner to medium-low, and let the fish steam in the moisturefrom the vegetables for 13 minutes, or until it flakes easily.
With a spatula, carefully transfer the fish to a serving platter, use a slotted spoon to pile the vegetables on top of the fish. Pour the liquid that has accumulated in the skilletinto a blender, and add the garlic. Run the blender for a few seconds, then pour the thickenedjuices over the fish and vegetables and serve.
Day Fourteen
"Last Day of Step One"
BREAKFAST: Breakfast Half
1 glass of AA Diet Protein Drink
½ (the bottom half) English muffin
1 slice of ham or 3 bacon strips
1 egg equivalent (½ of container Egg beater = 1 egg)
¼ teaspoon pepper or Mrs. Dash seasoning
Lunch: King Chicken Salad
3 cups of cubed or sliced cooked chicken strips¼ cup Kraft® Fat Free Miracle Whip salad dressing¼ cup low fat sour cream1 tablespoon lemon juice1 teaspoon sugar1 teaspoon Dijon style mustard¼ teaspoon Black pepper½ cup of sliced celery5 thin slices of cucumberseveral slices of radishesRomaine lettuce Mix the salad dressing, sour cream, sugar, mustard and pepper in a large bowl, next addchicken, and celery. Refrigerate covered for 1 hour. Serve salad mixture on bed of Romainelettuce and top with radishes, and cucumbers.
Dinner: 4 or 5 of "Aunt Silvia's Bumble Bee Tastin' Great
Salmon Croquettes" (Yield 16)

See recipe section for details look for other great
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Aunt Silvia's Bumble Bee Tastin' Great Salmon Croquettes
Two cans of Bumble Bee® brand pink salmon (It's OK to use other canned pink salmon, butBumble Bee just tastes better to me)¾ of a Green pepper, very finely diced, ¾ of a sweet onion, very finely dicedOne tablespoon Old Bay seasoning, seven tablespoons of Yellow, self-rising corn meal (Ilike Martha White, but any will do)2 Egg beaters or other 99% real egg substitute (equals 2 eggs), 1 table spoon pepper½ teaspoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of paprika, ½ cup of vegetable oil, Large skillet Open both cans of Salmon and allow the liquid from both cans to drain out into your sink. Leave the salmon in the cans.
After draining both cans completely, empty the contents of one can of salmon into the palm of your hand3.
Remove any black skin, fine bones and small spine of the fish. The spine is usually in the center of salmon mass4.
Take the remaining fish pieces / chunks and place them in a medium sized mixing bowl. Repeat this step for the second can of salmon.
Put your skillet on the stove and pour in your oil. Set the heat to medium and let the oil heat up. Allow at least 10 minutes.
Next, Aunt Silvia says to, "scrumple the fish up with your hands in the bowl, and give the salmon some loooove", I say, just use a large spoon and mix the salmon up until it isin very small pieces, A.k.a. "scrumple". Besides, the fish will know that you looove it whenyou eat it. If I didn't love ya, I wouldn't eat ya!7.
Next pour the diced green peppers and onions on top of the salmon.
Stir the mixture thoroughly with your spoon.
Next add your paprika, eggs, salt, pepper, and Old Bay seasoning Stir the mixture thoroughly again Pour your corn meal onto a paper plate, and shake the plate until the corn meal is distributed evenly around the plate12.
Scoop out a palm sized amount of salmon mixture from your bowl, and knead/roll the mixture into a "football or egg roll" shape that is about 1" in diameter and about 2 ½ long13.
Roll the football shaped salmon in the plate of corn meal until thoroughly covered.
Don't forget to pat a little cornmeal on the ends/sides to make sure it's completely coated.
Place the salmon roll into the hot oil AGAINST THE SIDE OF THE SKILLET and let it cook.
Repeat steps 12 through 14. You should get about 14 to 16 croquettes After about 3 to four minutes, it will be time to turn the first salmon croquette.
Just take your fork, place it under the croquette and roll it up so that another part of theuncooked croquette is in the oil. You'll see the croquette brown on each side.
When golden brown on each side, remove each croquette from the oil and place on a paper towel lined aluminium pan or tray. Serve and eat with green salad or green vegetabledish.
Grilled African Apple Honey Mustard Chicken with Glaze using

This dish only takes 25 minutes from start to your plate and makes 4 servings.
You can also use this recipe in the oven, but a grill is better.
• 4 large chicken breast (skinless and boneless)• 1 green apple• Aluminum foil - cut into four sheets each 12" by 20"• 3/4 cup peach jam or preserves• 1 small red bell pepper• 3 tablespoons of honey mustard• 1 tablespoon cornstarch• Pam brand or other cooking spray• 1 clove of garlic minced (you can buy already minced garlic at your grocer)• 1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger. (Important! don't leave it out)• 1/2 cup of sliced green onions (scallions)• 3/4 cup of broccoli, green beans or garden salad (side dish) Preheat grill to medium heat Lightly apply seasoning to each chicken breast, seasoning such as Mrs. Dash original or salt and pepper as you like3 Dice the red pepper into very small chunks Cut the green apple into 8 parts. Split it first, then split the pieces until you have 8 equal parts. Remove any seeds or core.
5 Dice the 1/2 cup of green onion (scallions). Half will go with the chicken to the grill and save half for garnish6 Combine and stir well the peach jam, red pepper, mustard, cornstarch, garlic, ginger and 1/2 of the green onions (save the rest of the green onion).
7 Spray medium amount of cooking spray on to each sheet of aluminum foil Make 4 or 5 one inch slits in each chicken breast. Place each breast on foil Spoon mixture over the chicken pieces and two apple slices to each sheet 10 Double fold each side of the foil to seal them into packets11 Rack each foil packet onto the grill and cover on medium heat for 11 to 13minutes or until chicken is done with no pink in center12 Pour out each foil packet with all content on a plate. Add saved green onionsas garnish and serve with side dish of green beans, broccoli, or green salad SALMON LOAF
1 can (14.75 oz.) Pink Salmon. I like Bumble Bee brand, but any will do2 cups soft bread crumbs1/3 cup finely minced onions1/4 cup milk2 eggs (use Egg Beater or other egg substitute)2 tablespoons chopped parsley1 tablespoon lemon juice1/4 tablespoon dill weedDash black pepper Drain and flake salmon, reserving 2 tablespoons liquid. Combine flaked salmon and reservedliquid with remaining ingredients. Place in well-greased 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch loaf pan orshape into loaf on greased baking pan. Bake at 350°F for 45 minutes.
25 med-large ShrimpLemon flavor and No-stick sprayMint sauce (Black & Crosswell brand)1) Remove shrimp from shells and de-vein.
2) Generously coat frying pan with both the mint sauce and lemon no-stick spray.
3) Sauté shrimp until they are evenly cooked and pink in color. This recipe has only 1-2 carbsand 21 g protein, with virtually no fat.
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts1 tbsp butter1/2 small onion, minced1 garlic clove, crushed1 tbsp parsley1 teaspoon brown sugar1 tbsp mustard1/2 cup chicken stock1/4 cup red wine, 4 tbsp gin Melt the butter and sauté the chicken until browned. Transfer to ovenproof dish. Cookonion until soft. Purée (crush, pound, smash) the remaining ingredients together, then add topan, heat through, pour over chicken and cover dish. Bake at 350 degrees 15 to 20 minutesfor boneless breasts and 30 to 40 minutes for bone-in split breasts.
2 tablespoons sugar1 pound boneless top sirloin steak1 onion, sliced thin3 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce1/4 cup waterNo stick cooking spray, Fat Free Coat a 12 inch skillet with cooking spray and heat over high heat. Add onions, cook and stirfor 3 to 4 minutes or until brown. Remove onions from skillet and set aside. Clean skilletwith a towel and re-coat same skillet with cooking spray and heat again over high heat. Addbeef steak and cook for 13 to 15 minutes for medium to medium well meat. Remove steak andskillet from heat. Let steak stand for about 4 minutes or so. Return skillet to high heat untilhot. Add onions, water, Worcestershire sauce and sugar. Cook for 40 to 50 seconds or untilmost of the liquid has evaporated. Thinly slice beef diagonally and serve with onions.
1 pound boneless chuckStir Fry vegetables: broccoli, snow peas, string beans, baby corn, etc.
½ cup peanut oil or vegetable oil7 scallions, cut into 1 inch strips2 teaspoons dried basil or 2 tablespoons chopped fresh basil1 tablespoon lite soy sauce¼ teaspoon Equal or Splenda sweetenerpinch of pepper Slice the beef across the grain very thinPour oil into wok or heavy skillet over high heat, then when hot add beef for a minute or two.
Add scallions & vegetables, and stir-fry for another 3 to 4 minutes our until all pink is gonefrom beef. Add the basil, soy sauce, sweetener, and pepper to taste. Toss the beef andcontinue to cook. Serve.
2.5 pounds ground beef or ground chuck5 ounces Kraft Fat Free cheese, diced small or grated1 Egg beaters canister1 medium onion, chopped1 green pepper, chopped1 small rib of celery, chopped1 teaspoon salt½ teaspoon pepper½ teaspoon paprika½ cup low carb ketchup (Heinz) Heat oven to 375 degreesMix all ingredients in a large bowl, until thoroughly blendedPack meat blend into a large loaf and bake for 1½ to 1¾ hoursspread ketchup over loaf during last 15 minutes of baking and return to oven,then serve QUICK SHRIMP STIR-FRY (1-2 SERVINGS)
¼ cup peanut oil15 medium frozen, cooked peeled shrimp1 cup frozen "stir-fry blended vegetables"1½ tablespoons lite soy sauce½ teaspoon garlic powder½ teaspoon Splenda sweetener Heat oil in skillet or wok over high heat. Pour shrimp and vegetables into skillet.
Stir-fry for about 4 or 5 minutes, or until shrimp are hot and vegetables are tender and crisp. Stir in soy sauce, garlic powder, sweetener and serve.

This is my favorite dish and a great source of Omega-3 and protein.
2/3 cup white cooking wine¼ cup lemon juice3/4 cup heavy cream½ teaspoon pepper1 tablespoon Equal or Splenda sweetener15 oz. tube of butter (use "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter") Do Not Use Real Butter2 cups Progresso brand Italian style bread crumbs½ cup Kraft brand Fat Free cheddar cheese½ cup crushed pistachio nuts½ cup Egg Beaters or other eggs substitute, Remember No Real Eggs½ cup buttermilk6 to 7 butterflied trout fillets2 artichoke hearts, quartered and sautéed in butter and wine per servingBasil for garnish 1. Make lemon butter sauce by combining white wine and lemon juice in a saucepan. Letsimmer until reduced in volume by half. Add heavy cream and let simmer until thick but notbrown. Add salt, pepper and sweetener. Whisk in all but 1½ ounces of cold butter piecesslowly over low to medium heat. You will save the extra 1½ ounces to sauté the fillets later.
2. Combine bread crumbs, cheese and pistachio nuts. Pour into shallow plate. In a separateshallow pan, mix egg beaters and buttermilk. Lay trout meat, flesh side down, into the wetmixture, then press the trout into the bread crumb mixture. It's important to PRESS themixture into the fish flesh, but not too hard.
3. In a sauté pan heat the extra 1½ ounces of butter. When hot, add trout with breading sidedown. Cook on breading side down for about 2 to 3 minutes. Flip and finish cooking in a 350F oven for about 7 minutes depending on the thickness of the trout.
4. To serve, place artichoke hearts and basil on the trout and spoon ample lemon butter sauceon to fish.
6 ounce chicken breast (you can buy grilled chicken strips if you like)4 ounces cubed red delicious apples that have marinated in a citrus vinegarette (see note 5 ounces washed, chopped romaine lettuce 2 ounces Kraft Fat Free Cheddar cheese3 ounces diced tomatoes½ ounce shredded red cabbageToasted almonds 1. Grill chicken until done (you can buy grilled chicken strips already done if you like) Slice and cut into cubes and place in a large mixing bowl. Add marinated apples.
2. Pour chicken and apple mixture onto lettuce. Top with cheeses, diced tomatoes, shredded red cabbage and toasted almonds.
Season chicken to taste before grilling. At the restaurant, the chicken is brushed with barbecue sauce before being grilled. You can make your own vinegarette or look for Kraft FatFree brands in supermarkets. Let fruit marinate 1 hour. To toast nuts, spread almondsevenly on baking sheet or pie plate. Bake, stirring occasionally, at 375 F 7-8 minutes oruntil lightly browned. Serve DIJON ZESTY AFRICAN ITALIAN CHICKEN
4 Skinless, boneless chicken breasts1 Can College Inn brand "Light & Fat Free Chicken Broth"1/8 Cup of Kraft Free Zesty Italian Fat Free dressing4 tbsp Dijon style mustard4 tbsp basil1/2 teaspoon pepper Brown chicken on both sides in a skillet Add chicken broth, basil and pepper Cover tightly and simmer on medium heat Turn each breast over every 7 minutes or so, poke holes in the breasts to allow broth to enter the meat5.
Chicken is done in about 30 minutes, remove the breasts and smear with dijon Pour a light amount of the chicken broth on the breasts Pour a liberal amount of dressing on the breast Serve with steamed broccoli or other vegetable HINT: Steamed broccoli with the dressing is very tasty Georgia Style Low Fat Cheesy Tuna Cakes
Makes about 10 servings.
1 7 ounce pouch light chunk tuna. I like Bumble Bee brand light tuna1 cup Kraft fat free brand cheddar cheese2 eggs (always use Egg Beaters or other real egg substitute)3/4 cup crushed light tortilla corn chips1/2 cup diced red onions1/3 cup diced red bell pepper1 can (7 oz) chopped green chilies2-3 teaspoons Mexican chili seasoning blend2 tablespoons chopped cilantro2-3 teaspoons vegetable oil for frying Combine tuna, crushed chips, cheese, eggs, onion, bell pepper, chilies, seasoning and cilantroin a bowl. Mix and stir thoroughly. In your hand, palm about 1/3 cup of the tuna mixture.
Shape into tuna patties. Heat 2 tablespoons oil over medium heat in a skillet or frying pan.
Cook both sides of the tuna cake until golden brown (usually about 3 to 5 minutes per side).
Serve with fat free sour cream or you could use salsa as well.
Southern Style Collard Greens
2 bunches collard greens 5 slices of reduced fat bacon or 5 thin slices of ham cut into pieces 2 tablespoons of bacon bits 1 tsp. Mrs. Dash seasoning 1 tsp. Black pepper 2 tablespoons of basil 1/2 c. Onions, chopped 1/2 c. Green pepper, chopped Select tender, big leaf collards. Inspect and wash greens thoroughly. Rip the green leaves offalong the stem down the center of each leaf. Discard the big stem. Tear each leaf into 1" to2" pieces by hand. Add collards, bacon, seasoning, onions, and peppers and pepper to a potof cold water. Cover pot with lid and leave slight opening for steam to escape. Let cook 45minutes to an hour on high heat. Collards are done when leaves turn dark green and shrink.
Drain excess water and serve hot. Condiments typically include vinegar, tobasco or hotsauces.
Skillet Orange Roughy
1 tablespoon butter1 1/2 pounds orange roughy fillets, about 1/2-inch thick2 tablespoons fresh lemon juiceSalt and freshly ground black pepper to taste2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley1 lemon, cut into wedges Melt butter in a heavy nonstick skillet over medium heat. Arrange fillets inskillet. Drizzle with lemon juice and season with salt and pepper.
Cover skillet and simmer 8 to 10 minutes or until fish flakes easily.
Serve with parsley and lemon wedges.
African Chicken and Greens
1 (3 to 4 lb.) chicken, cut up1 lg. carrots, peeled and sliced2 tsp. ground coriander3 (10 oz.) pkgs. frozen spinach or collard greens1 lg. onion, chopped1 clove minced garlic3 tbsp. butter Put chicken in pieces in large pot with onion, carrots and cover with water.
Simmer one hour. Remove chicken and save onion and carrots. Discardstock and melt butter in large fry pan. Add salt, garlic and coriander. Brownchicken on all sides, remove from pan. Place thawed greens in fry pan,cover with layers of browned chicken. Cover and simmer for 15 to 25minutes. Serve with rice.
African Hot Dish
1 lb. ground beef1 lg. onion, chopped2 c. celery, chopped2 cans water (use soup cans)1 can cream of mushroom soup1 can cream of chicken soup1 c. uncooked wild rice2 tbsp. soy sauceBrown and drain ground beef. Saute onions and celery. Add to ground beef. Stir insoup, rice, water, and soy sauce. Mix thoroughly and pour in lightly greased 2 quartcasserole. Bake 1 hour (or more until rice is done) in a 350 degree oven for 45 to 60minutes.
African Turkey Lettuce Wrap
Makes: 1 serving1/2 cup grocer coleslaw mix blend 1 Tbsp. Light MIRACLE WHIP salad dressing1 tsp. teriyaki sauce or soy sauce2 full lettuce leaves6 slices OSCAR MAYER Turkey Breast1 KRAFT 2% Milk Singles, halved TOSS coleslaw blend with dressing and teriyaki sauce; spoon evenly onto lettuceleaves.
TOP with remaining ingredients. Fold in sides of lettuce leaves; roll up to completelyenclose filling.
Makes: 4 servings
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts3-4 Tbsp. Durkee brand Grill Creations Chicken & Rib Rub (or any chicken rub)2-5 Tbsp. Colgin brand "Liquid Smoke" flavoring (optional)3-4 Tbsp. Buffalo style chicken wing sauce5-6 Tbsp. chunky style salsa mild1 sheet of aluminum foil (24" long) Preheat gas grill to 450 degrees. Test (hold hand about 3" above grill grate for 4seconds)Make sure breasts are thawed but still coolMake small slits with a knife in both sides of the breast, making sure not to cutthrough the meatCoat foil with generous amount of cooking sprayPlace breast on foil and rub chicken rub into each side of meat with fingers or spoonSprinkle remaining ingredients over rest of meatGrill for about 25 - 30 minutes or until meat has internal temperature of 170 degreesRemove from heat and serveOption 1: Remove breasts from foil and finish off on the grill over cooler direct heatfor a more traditional grilled look and flavorOption 2: Drizzle additional preheated barbecue sauce on meat for warm fuller flavor.

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