Visa Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 "Impossible Deals" Campaign
Terms & Conditions
This DSF, sign up and respond to daily SMS and email deals from Visa Middle East and you could win unbelievable discounts on fabulous merchandise, travel, and more!

Participants ("Participants") must be at least 21 years of age, the holder of a valid Visa Card (including
credit, debit, pre-paid and commercial cards) and be physically present in Dubai, UAE at the time of redeeming any offer as part of this Promotion. Otherwise eligible participants between the ages of 16 and 21 may be required to furnish parental consent before he or she may participate and/or claim the Offer. Participants are required to provide personal identifying information to Visa Middle East in order to register for this Promotion. Participants in the 'Visa Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 "Impossible Deals" Campaign' (the "Promotion") will be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions set
out in this document ("Terms & Conditions") and agreed to be bound by them when participating in
any element of this Promotion. Participants automatically lose their eligibility to participate (and may be blocked from communicating with Visa via SMS, email, or other means) in the Promotion and become "Non- Eligible Participants" upon violation (or attempted violation) of the Terms & Conditions or the spirit of these Terms & Conditions. Employees, officers, directors, agents and managers of, together with any other persons specified by law as being too closely related to Visa group companies, BBDO, G2, Starcom and Proximity, are also Non-Eligible Participants. Promotion
The Promotional Period (the "Promotional Period") opens at 00:01 (+4 GMT) on 1 January
2016 and closes at 23:59 (+4 GMT) on 1 February 2016. Prior to the start date of the Promotion, Participants may begin entering their personal information (generally name, email address, phone number, date of birth, address, and country of residence) on Participants may continue registering for the Promotion through the end of the Promotional Period. Before 12:00 (+4 GMT) each day during the Promotional Period, Visa will send an SMS and email to all registered Participants. The SMS and emails will summarise the deal for that day (e.g. "receive a voucher to purchase a luxury watch for only AED 5,000" or "get two for one on movie tickets") and provide the time from which Participants may submit a response. Participants will then need to respond directly to the SMS or, if notified by email, through the link provided, immediately after the specified response time on that same day. Depending on the number of offers available for that day, the first specified-number of responders will receive offer codes which will entitle them to that day's deal. Selection of Recipients. Selection of Recipients is purely on a first come - first served basis
and does not incorporate any element of chance. The Recipient will receive an SMS message to their registered phone number or email to their registered email address containing the offer code, as well as any other relevant information, instructions, or links to supplemental terms in relation to that specific discount offer. Offers. Offers vary daily, however will always take the form of a discount voucher for a
particular good or service which will be available for purchase in Dubai, UAE. A given offer's details wil only be disclosed on the day that offer is being made available. Visa is under no Visa Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 "Impossible Deals" Campaign
Terms & Conditions
obligation to disclose offer details, including the offer values, before that offer has been broadcast via SMS and email for a given day. In some cases, supplemental terms will govern the acceptance, purchase, possible return and use of an offer. Such terms will be communicated to the recipient after he or she has been informed that they have been selected to receive an offer. Offers general y
To redeem a discount offer code, Recipients wil need to present a government-issued identification (e.g. passport, residency etc.) to the retailer's physical store/branch in Dubai, UAE (unless otherwise specified), along with the offer code, in order to avail the offer. The offers are issued in the name of the Recipient and are generally not transferable or assignable, even through a designated agent or attorney of the Recipient. Offers may not be sold or otherwise transferred to a third party whether in whole or in part. Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the offer code SMS, discount offer codes must be redeemed by the Recipient his or herself with the specified retailer within 72 hours after being notified that he or she has been selected to receive an offer. If a Recipient's offer code has not been redeemed within 72 hours of receiving the offer code, another Recipient may be chosen and the offer will either be awarded to another Recipient or disposed of as required by Recipients must purchase the offered good or service using a valid Visa card. Visa and/or the retailer are within their rights to not honour the offer if a Recipient attempts to use a non-Visa card payment (including cash) to purchase the item. Offer vouchers may not be exchanged for cash or a cash equivalent. Return of any goods is entirely in the discretion of the retailer. All return policies of the retailers will also be in full effect. If return is accepted, the Recipient will only receive the value of the amount he or she paid out of pocket towards the good or service. Recipients are encouraged to review the retailers' return policies before purchasing the discounted good or service. Further requirements for returns may be set out in the supplemental terms related to specific offers. Where required by the Promoter, Recipients may need to complete official release forms prior to the receipt of the relevant offer(s), failing which the offer(s) may be forfeit and disposed of as the Promoter deems fit (and in accordance with applicable law). General Conditions
All Participants consent to their name, username, and entries being used in publicity relating to the Promotion as permitted by law. Visa reserves the right to publish the names of Recipients without prior notice. Visa will obtain specific consent prior to using any image of a All participants are stil bound by any terms and conditions related to the use of third-party websites, as well as the retailer's policies. The provisions in these Terms and Conditions are superior to any provision which is in conflict with the terms and conditions of any third-party website or retailer's policies to the extent they relate to the operation of this Promotion. Visa Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 "Impossible Deals" Campaign
Terms & Conditions
Unless specified otherwise, all product guarantees, warranties, and other consumer rights in relation to the discounted goods or services will remain between the retailer (including, in some cases: travel operators, leisure operators, restaurants, hotels, car dealerships) and the Recipient. For some offers, any cancellation charges, no-show penalties, taxes, or any costs outside of the deal are the responsibility of the Recipient. If a Recipient receives a discount offer on a motor vehicle, all registration fees, license fees, export costs, insurance fees, fuel costs, Salik or any other costs outside of cost of vehicles are to be borne by the Recipient. If a Recipient receives a discount offer on a travel offer, Recipient will be responsible for determining and complying with all applicable international/domestic travel procedures and restrictions. This includes obtaining travel insurance, travel visas and documents to allow travel to/from any destination. Participants agree to indemnify Visa (and its officers, employees and agents, including the Promoter) against, and hold the foregoing harmless from any damages, liabilities, losses, or expenses incurred or arising directly or indirectly out of the participation in the Promotion, Participants' use or acceptance of any offer, Participants' breach of these Terms and Conditions (including any warranty in relation to third party rights), or your negligent or fraudulent act or omission in relation to the Promotion. By entering into this Promotion, a Participant consents to Visa and its appointees using his or her personal data to the extent necessary for the effective conduct of the Promotion which may include the passing of such personal information to third parties, as well as to parties outside the participant's country of residence. Participant acknowledges that such countries may not have data protection laws equivalent or stricter than those of Participant's country of residence. If a Participant selects during registration to receive promotional material from Visa, his or her personal data will be used to deliver that material. This may include personalising emails or other communications to suit the individual based on the personal data supplied. For further details on how Visa deals with personal data, please see the Visa Privacy Policy at [insert] Registered Participants may opt-out of the Campaign at any time via the opt-out links on promotional SMSs and emails. Participants should al ow 36 hours for opt-out to be For non-UAE mobile numbers, roaming SMS charges may apply. Such charges are borne by the Participant. In some cases, Wi-Fi charges/connection or roaming charges may be required for participation; such charges are the sole responsibility of Participants in all cases. Participants are responsible for providing accurate and correct information on signing up for the promotion. Visa is not responsible for deal messages via SMS or email which are not transmitted, received, missed, deleted or sent to spam folders of Participants. The Promoter does not accept responsibility for network, computer, hardware and/or software failures of any kind, which may restrict or delay the sending or receipt entries. Participation in this Promotion is void in any country in which it is prohibited or otherwise rendered invalid by any applicable law or regulation. The Promoter makes no representation or warranty that the Promotion is permitted by law in any particular country. The Promoter reserves the right to deny access to particular Offers to certain Participants in its absolute Visa Dubai Shopping Festival 2016 "Impossible Deals" Campaign
Terms & Conditions
To the extent permitted by law, the Promoter may terminate or modify the Promotion or modify these Terms & Conditions at any time, by posting the revised Terms & Conditions on the website Where these Terms & Conditions are made available in more than one language, the English will take precedence in the event of any The Promoter's decisions are final and binding in all respects on all participants. No correspondence wil be entered into. Entries that do not comply in full with these Terms & Conditions, or the spirit of these Terms and Conditions, will be disqualified. For the avoidance of doubt, use of automated scripts or other mechanisms to submit entries is prohibited and will result in disqualification of that entry and the relevant Participant. The Promotion is governed by the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and such Federal Laws of the United Arab Emirates as are applicable to the Emirate of Dubai. m) The Promoter is Visa Middle East FZ LLC (also referred to as "Visa" in these Terms & Conditions) and can be contacted via [Instagram private message] or by mail at PO 25500, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Visa Middle East, along with BBDO are responsible for managing this Promotion and all issues related to the offers.



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