Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Intake Center volunteers include, from left, Patty Thurston, Deb Kirkpatrick Nancy McLachlin, Bev Myers, Ellyn Cook, Janet Helminiak, Janey Powers, Laurel Gunderson,and Laura Vanderpool. WRR Intake Center has a
Successful First Season

By Janey Powers
and as with all first-time ventures, a lot WRR President of learning went on as the summer An amazing month's worth of progressed. Phone protocols were work by a dedicated group of WRR worked out; a filing system set up; members transformed an old industri- forms developed; meds inventoried; al building into a beautiful, shining food chopped; and cages screened Wildlife Intake Center. After a well- (ouch, those hot glue guns can HURT!).
attended grand opening on June 27th Every day we learned more and more that gave WRR the opportunity to and things started shaping up. show off the Center and to formally All this time, patients were being thank sponsors Carol and Bob Hamil- brought to us by the public. One of Inside This Issue ton for their gift of the lease on the our first patients was identified by its building, we were off and running.
rescuer as a young hawk. This raptor One Weird Rescue . . . . .2 Thanks to a newspaper article in the turned out to be a young chicken, so Union, 35 new volunteers showed up we named the "hawk" Henry Hawk WRR New Members . . . .2 for intake training conducted by expe- (turned out to be a "Henrietta"). WRR Ambassadors . . . . 3 rienced wildlife rehabber Kari Freidig.
We also took in some new, excit- WRR is Big Hit at Fair . . .4 These new volunteers began work ing, waterfowl patients including Amazing Swallows . . . . 4 right away, working a once-a-week 4 Green Herons, Moorhens, a Kingfish- The Poorwill . . . . . . .5 hour shift watched over and men- er, and a beautiful juvenile Merganzer.
tored by senior songbird rehabbers.
It was a good feeling to pull into Hawk Rises From the Ashes .6 Many of the "newbies" became the Intake Center parking lot and be Holiday Wish List . . . . .6 hooked on rehabbing and showed up greeted by the WRR logo on the Cen- Chester Owl Here, Again . 7 at the Center several times a week, ter sign and the colorful planters Membership Information . 8 just to help out. filled with zinnas and marigolds.
It was the first time for WRR to Once inside, there was just enough operate a Center open to the public; (Continued on page 6) Oh, Give Me a Home…
One Weird Rescue
By Judy Lehner
By Jan Crowell
As a WRR Songbird rehabber for a couple of years now, I've learned to I received a call from Lynn went through the grill, the plastic handle calls related to many bird Archer on our mammal team pieces closed up again, effectively species, some of which didn't quite requesting I take a coyote rescue call sealing the full grown coyote into the seem to fall into the category of for her as she was on her way to pick Songbirds. I've received calls to help up a baby squirrel. I called the folks In order to get the coyote out, with Canada Geese, wild turkeys, in North San Juan and found out that they had to remove the front end and peacocks. All of these were suc- plastic bumper, grille, cessfully handled or redirected.
etc. As they did so, I All seemed to be going well, their car as they was able to get my until now. It was an innocuous start.
around the coyote's Two American Buffalo (aka, Bison), a neck and guide it into cow and a calf, escaped from an enclosure on Dog Bar Road and were ready. All this time, wandering the woods somewhere in there was no way to Alta Sierra. As described in The assess the damage to Union, the owner, contemplating lia- the animal. There was bility problems, was considering hir- arrived home.
some blood, but it was ing a tracker to hunt them down. A breathing well. I neighbor of his, Kathy Labelle, had been caring for the animals over the the front grille. I have a broken leg or past several months and wanted to two. I got it home and save them from such a fate. With the Coyote awaits rescue after wild ride into a chain link ken- owner's consent, she began a search across the state of Nevada. – Photo by David Lovere nel where I could for someone to track them, tranquil- mess because I did not understand observe it and was surprised to see it ize them, and transport them to a fully until I arrived at the scene what jumping on all fours trying to get safe environment.
they were talking about.
out. The only visible injuries this guy My neighbor, Lee French, know- When they inspected the front of sustained were a scratch on one leg ing of my rehab activities, gave my the Honda after arriving home, they and one paw pad scraped. This was number to Labelle (the connection he discovered that the coyote was in the one lucky coyote! On the third day, made between Bison and Bluebirds cavity between the front grille and he decided he'd had enough and seemed natural, considering the pop- the radiator. Evidently, when struck chewed his way thru some plastic zip ularity of Buffalo Wings). At any by the car, the plastic grille gave way ties to escape back into the rate, Labelle called, and for a brief and the coyote passed through into wild…and off into the wild blue yon- moment I thought about taking them that space. After the coyote's body in. Too soon I realized how big theflight cage would have to be, and WRR Welcomes New Members
how many gallons of Clavamoxwould be consumed. Cleanup wouldrequire more than fresh newspaper in By Bev Myers
the bottom of the cage (this home is Following is a list of the new members to our organization since the NOT one where the buffalo will last newsletter.
roam); and imagine how many meal- Wildlife Supporter Membership Level: Jane Broidy, Robert
worms they would eat. This simply Cronkrite, Barbara DePasque, Isabelle Hannich, John Johnson, George would not work.
Landsburg, Lore Reifschneider, and Robert & Linda Treiberg Happily, Labelle reports that Wildlife Partner Membership Level: Nancy & Christine Barcellus
mom and calf have come home to Family Membership Level: Dorothy Adams, Nancy Adams,
roost, and are now confined. They Fredrick Krause, William & Margaret McNeal, Melise Munroe, Linda are waiting to be transported to a Rainey, Carole Robby Ricci, Susan Russo, and Linda Sutter bison ranch to live out their lives in a Single Membership Level: Jack Good, Gwen Moore, and Sarah
setting where seldom is heard a dis- couraging word, and the skies are Senior Membership Level: Joan Ramsey, Stan Schwartz, Nancy
not cloudy all day.
Swayzee, and Millie Thorpe So, what's next, a Horse Fly maybe? …or Dumbo?? Presented to the
Queen at Festival
By Karen Koskey
Forsooth, on the 3rd day of Octo- ber, in the year of our Lord 2009, atthe behest of her Royal Majesty Mary,Queen of Scots, WRR ambassadors SirChester, Great Horned Owl, SirTecumseh, Red-tailed Hawk, Sir Oliv-er, Western Screech Owl, Sir WinstonChurchill Crow, and Sir Lancelot,Brahma rooster were presented to theRoyal Court at KVMR's Celtic Festi-val. The Lords and Ladies of the House of Wilde Also presented were the ambassa- are, from left, Sir Mark with Lady Sasha the dors' attendants, Lady Beverly, Lady Great Horned Owl; Lady Bev with Lord Laurel, Lady Janet, Lady Janey, and Chester the Great Horned Owl; Lady Janey Lady Karen. The ambassadors pur- with Sir Winston the American Crow; Lady ported themselves with great dignity, Karen; Lady Laura; Lady Laurel with SirOliver the Western Screech Owl; Lady and their narratives were chronicled Janet with Lord Tecumseh the Red-tailed by the attendants. A courtier at the Hawk; and Lady Kimberly Queen's table also queried why SirLancelot, a rooster, was included in wended their way back to WRR's the company of these majestic birds of quarters for the duration of the Celtic prey. He was informed that as our Festival, where Lady Sasha, Great ambassadors are yet wild creatures, Horned Owl, and her attendants, Sir they cannot be touched nor petted by Mark, Lady Kimberly, Lady Kelly and the masses enamored of them, so Sir Lady Laura, had graciously remained Lancelot graciously allows all who in order to elucidate the passing pop- wish to pet or touch a bird to do so ulace on WRR's mission and essen- After his presentation with himself, whereupon Sir Lance tials regarding our ambassadors.
een, Sir Lancelot, received a tender pat on the head KVMR had granted WRR a boon Janey, pose from M'lady Queen Mary. in allocating a plot of land at the for photos. Her Majesty then presented the Celtic Festival wherein WRR could attendants with Queen's favors, and enlighten the public on the history our appearance at festival, and we the ambassadors and attendants and ongoing work of our organiza- acquired a goodly amount of alms.
The attendants also had much craic (fun), dressing in costume (next year, Mark, we expect to see a kilt), and enjoying the sights and sounds of the wonderful festival. All the birds got a lot of attention, and the children especially delighted in seeing them and hearing their tales. We were able to spread the word of Wildlife Reha- bilitation and Release to a great num- ber of people, and educate them on our mission. It was an amazing time, and we have already been invited back for the 2010 Celtic Festival, which will take place Oct 2nd and 3rd. Anyone interested in attending this magical event can call me at 273- Lady Janey, holding Sir Winston, expounds on the merits of 1755 (evenings) or contact me at Sir Lancelot, held by Lady Karen, to the Queen and her Court. annual training from By Deb Kirkpatrick
Have you ever seen the silhouette of a swal- low? It is unmistakable… with its sharplypointed, angled wings and forked tail. Swallowsare a group of passerine birds characterized bytheir adaptation to aerial feeding. Swallowshave adapted to hunting insects on the wing bydeveloping a slender streamlined body, andlong pointed wings, which allows great maneu-verability and endurance. Swallows are oftenseen darting swiftly across the sky, catchinginsects in midair.
Amazingly, swallows come back to the same nests year after year. They usually build Laurel Gunderson and Kari Freidig, accompanied by Educational Ambassa- their nests within just a few miles of the nest dor, Tecumseh, share important information on Red-tailed Hawks with their parents inhabit. Swallows repair old or Nevada County Fair attendees. weakened nests that last for many years. An WRR is Big Hit at County Fair
average swallow lives about four years, and oldnests in good condition are often taken over bynew tenants. Swallows usually stay with the For the second year in a row, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release same mate for life. In some species, the male was the best-attended educational presentation at the August Nevada swallow helps incubate and care for the hatch- County Fair. Sponsored by the Nevada County Resource Conserva- lings. This behavior mainly occurs when swal- tion District, WRR gave three presentations on Wildlife Conservation.
lows are living in colonies; otherwise the female WRR bat rehabber, Corky Quirk, gave a fascinating talk on the life of cares for the young. Both the male and the bats. A popular feature of her presentation was her "bag of bats," a female feed the hatchlings. Older siblings of specially constructed portable bat carrier containing a variety of edu- newly hatched swallows have been observedhelping with feedings. Swallows feed their cational bats that Corky used to illustrate her presentation.
nestlings by rolling insects into a compact ball The WRR Education Team of and carrying them back to the nest in their Donna Betz, Kari Freidig, Laurel Gun- throat. A typical barn swallow will bring about derson, and Janey Powers gave two four hundred daily meals, consisting of about presentations on "Living with twenty insects per meal, back to its brood.The Wildlife." In addition to giving tips long tail of a Barn Swallow may indicate the on how people can live in harmony quality of the individual bird. Females prefer to with their wild neighbors, the team mate with males that have the longest and most presented a number of WRR Educa- symmetrical tails.
tional Ambassadors and told how Cliff Swallow chicks only get to leave the they became ambassadors.
nest once, no going back. They have to waituntil the time is right.
WRR bat rehabber, Corky Quirk, shows All swallows and their nests are fully pro- off a bat wing to Nevada County Fair tected under the "Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918" as migratory insectivorous birds and assuch are protected by state and federal regula-tions. It is illegal for any person to intentionally Wanted at the Intake Center
kill, injure, take, possess, transport, sell, or pur- (can be new or gently used) chase them or their parts. It is illegal to inten- ✔ 3-step Aluminum Step Ladder tionally destroy the nest, eggs or young of a ✔ Food Processor swallow without a permit.
✔ Tool Box and basic tools such as These amazing birds play an important part Hammer, claw and tack in controlling the insect population. As wildlife Measuring Tape (reel kind) advocates, we need to be vigilant in protecting Screw Drivers, all sizes both Phillips and slotted swallows and their nests and in educating the public on the benefits of swallows. Visit the Needle-nosed Pliers and other pliers WRR website ( and go If you can donate any of these items, contact Janey at 477- to the swallow section under "Songbirds" for 1937 or [email protected]. Thank You! more swallow facts and details on the FederalMigratory Bird Act as it applies to swallows. When I first got the Poorwill, I was concerned about how tame he The Poorwill
Important Dates
seemed. I warned everyone not to By Linda Adams
look at him or talk to him. So I called I wanted to share my story about Barbara, a rehabilitator from Sierra January 9th:
a little poorwill who touched the Wildlife, who said poorwills do not WRR Annual Meeting
lives of my family. I am a wildlife learn to self-feed and not to worry and Election of Officers
rehabilitator and received a very about habituation because the minute young Common Poorwill from a you set them free, their wild instincts March 6th:
lady who found him and thought he immediately take over. So, we con- WRR Annual Training
needed help. He really didn't. He tinued to hand feed him crickets and was just doing his poorwill thing, sit- mealworms by the hundreds, several ting still and waiting for the sun to times a day, but mostly at night and sudden change. Those tail feathers set so he could come alive. (Poor- early mornings. He always seemed were nearly completely grown and wills are nocturnal and aren't too sleepy during the day. His beautiful the Poorwill refused food for the first active during the day so people think cryptic plumage began looking more time. He flattened out like a pancake there is something wrong with them) "adult-like" and he was gaining in his cage and then scooted around So, our little friend made himself weight and doing a lot of wing flap- like he was afraid of me. He was comfortable in a basket with a screen ping. We moved him into a bigger "wilding" up all on his own.
top. He parked himself on his bark cage, but he always just sat on his The Poorwill originally came and begged for food anytime he log. I checked with Barbara about from somewhere near Gridley. No would see or hear someone walk by.
when to know when it's time to exact location. But, since he was a Poorwills are just so unusual in so release. She assured me, we would youngster when I got him, I figured many ways. They are more similar know. I was concerned because it Gray Lodge Wildlife Area would be to mammals. I had no idea poorwills seemed like it was time a week ago, acceptable (6.5 miles from Gridley). I were precocial. Actually, they are but two of of the bird's tail feathers checked with a Ca Dept. of Fish and "semi-precocial" (they are born with were very slow in growing out so it Game biologist first and made sure I down, but are fed by parents for a looked like he had part of his tail had my badge with me. I drove 1.5 few days or so). missing. A few days ago, there was a hrs to Gray Lodge. I drove aroundfor another 20 minutes, looking forthe perfect habitat for the Poorwill'srelease. As I slowed down, I heardhim "peeping" inside the box, sothat's where I stopped. No, I don't think he was trying to tell me any-thing, he was just tired of being in abox - right? I took my camera andcarried him to the edge of some To 49er Feed, on Wolf Road, for donating feed for the fawns.
reeds. A Marsh Wren started To Ferguson Plumbing for donating supplies to the Intake Center.
buzzing and flew out to check us out.
There were hundreds of dragon flies To Grass Valley Sign for the Intake Center sign on Joerschke
hovering around. I picked up the To Rick Grenz for building us some beautiful rustic cedar Peterson-
Poorwill on his piece of bark and set style Bluebird boxes him down. He didn't budge. Heactually fell asleep sitting there as the To Carol and Bob Hamilton and Jeff and Sherron Egner for their
sun was starting to go down. Every support of the Intake Center once in a while, a bug would catch To Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply for donating a Gro-Mat
his attention; he'd scuttle a few inch- to the Intake Center es and then go back to sleep. He wasalready forgetting about being in a To Reflections Skin Oasis for donating to a raffle we held during
basket in some lady's home for the our Grand Opening event of the Intake Center.
past few weeks. I took some photos, To Walkers Office Supply for their donation of furniture for the
said my goodbyes and my usual Intake Center and for the continued printing support.
prayers and well wishes, and with tearful eyes, but a happy heart, I left Wild Birds Unlimited who hosted our Bird Feeder Cleaning
my little friend in a home where he event, and donated a $200 bird feeder setup to a raffle and collected will thrive and be a bird again. I'm raffle tickets over a month! Great supporters of WRR. sure he's out there catching all the To James and Patti Woods for their donation to the Intake Center
moths he can fill his big "Oscar" of 25 folding chairs.
Hawk Rises From the Ashes of Near-Death
By Janet Goodban
began cleaning and preparing them out of my mind. Finally, an email When I first saw her, I thought for suturing.
came through from Laurel – the hawk she was dead. Lying on her side on a During our ministrations, she lay was still with us! I knew she was in blanket in the box, her eyes were still, eyes closed, except for once the best of care, as they seem to do closed, legs out stiff. When I reached when she summoned one more short wonders with the really dire cases.
in and felt her, she barely moved.
burst of energy and stood up, shaky We had been told early on in our Assuring Jolene, one of the nice- but defiant, wings out, glaring. But it rehabbing, that if a bird makes it the members of the family who had res- took too much out of her and she first three days, they have a good cued her, that I would do everything in sank down again. The rest of the time chance of surviving. She had two my power to save her, I raced to the we worked on her, she continued to more days to go. clinic. There, Mike Furtado met me lie there, motionless, eyes closed, The next afternoon, I went over and, despite having his dinner inter- breathing slowly (something you there after work to see her for myself, rupted (as had I), the two of us quickly don't want to see in a wild bird).
and held her as Laurel hand-fed her.
began our examination. There was no She was alert, eyes open, and looked See photo of Hawk on page 8
immediate outward injury, other than like a different bird, other than the the fact that she continued to lie on the We finally finished and, bandag- purple "vet wrap" we had wrapped table motionless, not opening her eyes.
ing and wrapping her, gently put her her body and one wing with. She had She had been found standing on back in the box she had arrived in. I seen Dr. Susan Klopfer the previous the double yellow line in the middle left to go meet Laurel and Eric Gun- day, who said we had done an excel- of a busy 4-lane road in Chico. She derson in the Kmart parking lot (isn't lent job sewing her up. Laurel confid- had obviously been hit by a car. Her that where all bird deals are done??). I ed in me that she had slept in their guardian angel was certainly on her looked at the clock as I drove away guest room Sunday night, with the shoulder that day, as Jolene saw her, from the clinic in the dark and could- bird in the box by the bed, so that if stopped, and raced through a break in n't believe it had been two hours since the bird struggled in the night (which the traffic to save her. We gently lift- I had brought her in.
she had), Laurel was instantly awake ed her right wing and I was horrified The Gundersons were expecting a to make sure she was OK.
to see two large open raw wounds on hawk on the verge of death, and they I breathed easier as each day went her side. I'd never seen such a griev- got one. I told them not to be sur- by. I was given daily updates on her ous injury on a bird. Mike asked prised if she didn't make it through recovery by Laurel. She became "Have you ever sewed up a bird the night. I was amazed she had even stronger as she remained on antibi- before?" I replied in the negative, and made it through our "surgery." otics and pain medication, and she he said "Well, you will now." Every time I woke up during that was eating well. Her wounds contin- We first hydrated her and gave night, she was the first thing I thought ued to heal quickly and perfectly, and her injections for pain and against of. The next morning, I tried to con- within only a few days the bandage infection. Numbing the wounds, we centrate on work, but couldn't get her and wrap was off. She was treated forinternal parasites that she had cometo us with, and was soon moved to a WRR Intake Center (Continued from page 1)
large outside cage at Laurel and time to put personal items in a locker, and get caught up on what patients Eric's, where she thrived, feeding on were "on board" before starting your shift. Sometimes your time was spent live mice in her cage every day.
on the phone, advising callers on what to do with a possible wildlife intake.
She was released this morning Should it come in? Should it be put back where it had been found? Did it and, like the phoenix, has risen from need to go directly to the vet? Often, a patient showed up unannounced.
the ashes of near-death, to life and Then, information needed to be gathered, the patient examined and triaged, freedom once again. I turned and and the appropriate rehabber contacted.
watched her soaring, the wind once When things were quiet there was always food to be made and cages to be again under her wings.
screened as well as housekeeping chores to keep the Center cleanand ready for the next incoming patient. Friendships were madeand stories were shared. When a patient was saved, congratula-tions and high-fives were liberally passed around. When apatient could not be helped, equal amounts of tears and hugswere shared as well.
What an honor it was to have worked in a place that helped so many animals and provided so many members of the commu-nity an easily accessible spot they could bring their injured andorphaned wildlife neighbors. It's gratifying to think about all thegood that came from our little Wildlife Center and exciting tothink about all the good that we can do in 2010.
At right, Patty Thurston demonstrates baby song- bird feeding procedures to Intake Center volunteers. Diary of an Educational Ambassador
– as told to Bev Myers

Hello Again, Chester Owl here: rant, Burton Ranch Summer Camp, It is nice to be writing about all Champion Mine School, Wildbirds the happenings of Wildlife Rehabili- Unlimited, a Girl Scout day camp, an tation and Release and what I have Open House at the Intake Center, been doing lately. For quite a while Kids Can Day School, the Nevada there I didn't do too much. It had County Fair (twice), Pilot Peak Win- Scots, saw all of us great Educational something to do with Bev getting a ery's Stars at the Peak, Malakoff Dig- Ambassadors and she requested our new knee or something like that.
gins State Park (twice), a Parking Lot presence "at the One of the Day in New knee, why in the world do you Sale at the Intake Center, Crossway her court". Tecumseh the Red-tailed get a new knee? My knees are just Fellowship Family BBQ, the Celtic Hawk, Sir Winston Churchill the fine, thank you.
Festival, and most recently, the Loma American Crow, Oliver the Western I did go a few places alone with- Rica Harvest Festival. Whew! I Screech Owl, Sir Lancelot the Wonder out Bev. Bev wanted me to thank think I have about three more presen- Chicken, and I, Chester the Great Janet Goodban and Donna Betz for tations I have to be at with Bev in the Horned Owl processed down the picking me up and taking me to sev- next couple of months. They sure walkway and around the corner to eral presentations while Bev was have me on a busy schedule. I am the Queen's Court. She was a very recuperating. I sure missed Bev. She just such a popular bird. Can't let beautiful and gracious Queen. She is just so comfortable to sit on. Did I my public down though.
enjoyed meeting all of our "Feath- ever tell you I have fallen asleep on The Celtic Festival was so very ered Companions" and hearing all of interesting. Everyone dressed up in their stories. We were invited to join Anyway, since last newsletter, I Middle Ages costumes. I really her court at other Celtic Festivals and went to, now hold on to your feath- enjoyed the music and the Queen's especially to join her next year. It ers: Deer Creek School, another Processional at the beginning of the was so exciting! The Queen!! fundraiser at the Northridge Restau- day. Wow! Then, Mary, Queen of Bev wanted me to mention about poison. Are you someone who ownsan orchard or a garden? Did youknow that if you spray your fruits A Holiday Wish List
and vegetables with insecticide it from the Wildlife
might cause a big problem? Some-times songbirds eat the fruit that ispoisoned. The poor songbird gets Our wild friends have some holiday wishes they hope we can all give
really sick and then a hawk or an owl eats the songbird. Then the hawk orowl dies. It is so scary out there for Our raptors wish you would take down all your old barbed wire. It
us raptors. I know protecting your causes painful injuries and often death when they fly into it and get
crops are really, really important, but tangled up.
did you know how much us raptorshelp you? We keep the rodents Our songbirds wish you would put window decals on your large win-
down in your orchard or garden. We dows and sliding glass doors. They fly into these large expanses of
also scare away the songbirds so they glass and suffer concussions and spinal injuries which are often fatal.
don't eat the crops. Please check intousing a safe insecticide so that theraptors aren't poisoned. All my Our mammals wish you would slow down a little while driving and
friends sure would appreciate it.
watch for movement alongside the road. It could be a little critter
Well, I have to go. Miss Bev just trying to cross. If you see an injured animal, be sure to call WRR's
brought me my dinner, three juicy mice. I've got an idea! How about amouse pizza? Finally, continue to support Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release. Your
Looking forward to seeing you donations and memberships support their rehabilitation efforts as
well as their presentations where they educate the public on how to
– Chester
live harmoniously with wildlife. Your wild friends thank you for caring
the Great Horned Owl
for them and wish you a happy holiday season.
o n p i h s r e b
m r u o y w e n e R
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Contributing Member donation Form Please mail this form to: WRR, Po Box 868, Penn valley, Ca 95946 I Would lIKe To joIN aT THe FolloWINg level: q Wildlife Conservator q Wildlife Guardian q Wildlife Supporter q Wildlife Partner q I am interested in helping care for wildlife. Please contact me.
I would like to be on a committee. Please contact me.
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, 100% volunteer group, dedicated to the rehabilitation andrelease of injured and orphaned wildlife. Our trained volunteers are licensed by the CA Dept. of Fish & Game and theU.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to care for and release native wildlife. Each year we care for hundreds of birds andmammals. We depend on memberships, donations, and fundraisers to continue our work. All donations are tax-deductible. To learn more about us and other ways you can help, visit our website at Thankyou for your support.


Light-assisted therapy in dermatology the use of intense pulsed light (ipl)

Medical Laser Application 25 (2010) 61–69 Light-assisted therapy in dermatology: The use of intense pulsedlight (IPL) Department of Dermatology, University Hospital Regensburg, Franz-Josef-Strauss-Allee 11, 93042 Regensburg, Germany Received 21 September 2009; accepted 8 January 2010 Light is electromagnetic radiation and human beings encounter it on a number of levels. The versatility of the


Available online at Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 47 (2008) 637–649 The human progesterone receptor shows evidence of adaptive evolution associated with its ability to act as a transcription factor Caoyi Chen a,1, Juan C. Opazo a,2, Offer Erez b, Monica Uddin a, Joaquin Santolaya-Forgas b,c,Morris Goodman a,d, Lawrence I. Grossman a, Roberto Romero a,b,*, Derek E. Wildman a,b,e,*