Many Thanks to all those contributors who take the time to send
Business news of Irish Jewel ery interest to 2010. If your foto is here and you would like the original (better quality, suitable for printing etc., and with al the other fotos from the relevant occasion, just ask). We can do DVD's now and can fit a lot on it. Free.
Foto at left of Aine
(Secretary RJI ) and husband James Murtagh (former RJI
President), at RJI Annual Gala Weekend on Saturday 6th
Wholesaler's reports:
Findings Ireland
were down 20% for December and we are down 11%
over twelve months.
We finished over 9% up on the year. We would have finished higher only
for the disastrous weather in December.
We had 3 reps off the road for approx 7 days and only doing short trips for another week or so.
Our average price per piece is down however we are sel ing loads more pieces Happy new year.
Hi there Johnny… Here is some info from Oisin in Primastar for your newsletter.
The last 2 months have seen an improvement in business with some decent orders for
diamonds in the 1ct and above category. We have found that a lot of the public are really shopping around in great detail and are driving very hard bargains with the retail jewellers. There has been a lot of heavy discounting by the retailers who are happy to turn higher priced stock items into cash and reinvest in lower priced stock products.
In response to a question that was posed in an earlier newsletter I wish to advise that we are in a position to look at buying in second hand diamonds from the retail jewellery trade. It must be noted that it probably would only be feasible on stones that are 0.25ct and above. People can feel free to call me to discuss any such issues.
Thanking you for your efforts and support.
Oisin Ryan Prima Star Ltd 086 2109076 Greetings Johnny, it's January it must be ski time.
FJMI Report
Happy New Year to al , hope Santa delivered some business in time for New Year new beginnings, best wishes to al the FJMI members currently preparing their new col ections for the up-coming exhibition season, starting with SHOWCASE 2011 from 23rd to 26th January in the RDS.
Showcase is always a recommended visit, it al ows you the opportunity to view the new offerings and social y mingle with the rest of the Jewel ery industry, so that must be worth a day away from the desk, time out to think and look forward.
Bal ou Limited also looks forward to 2011 and wil resume its duties as International trade show reporter for "Johnny's Jewel ery News", starting with Paris in January.
From John Harrison MGD
As promised and after many delays I am final y sending you some news.
Hope yourself and Sheila are keeping wel .
As you may know we held a Christmas window competition For Festina and Zinzi silver. The prize for the winner was €4000 RRP of each brand.
On behalf of DiVad International & MGD I would like to thank al of our business partners who took part in this competition and promoted Festina & Zinzi over the

Christmas. We would also like to acknowledge the effort everybody put in to these displays. Unfortunately not everybody can win the prize and I am happy to announce the winners.
The winning window displays for Festina go too Douglas Jewellers: Carlow. Ivan & Ken Tucker with David
Buckley in the centre, below.
Gleeson Jewel ers Shannon: Rita Gleeson with John Harrison.
The Winner of the Zinzi Christmas window display goes to: Briscoe Conway Jewel ers Waterford: Edrina Briscoe Conway,
Vivienne Conway & Declan Conway (Colm Fogarty on left)
Jack Murphy Jewellers: Carla Walsh (with John Harrison) below

Congratulations to the winners on a job wel done and continued success with the brands in the future.
As I mentioned to you when we meet before Christmas we have had a good year with our Value range which is very much based on price and from the feedback from the trade since Christmas the sel through and prices hit the spot.
The Tesoro brand was a good addition to our range last year and again the sel through reports are good.
Considering how difficult Christmas was for al we are delighted to have some good news to filter back into the trade and hope we can offer these products to many more over the coming months.
On the watch side we had great success with the French Connection watches again the styles and price point seem to have been what the public wanted The introduction of the Jacques Farel Childers range was also very wel received.
Festina sales held their own throughout the year and have sold through wel according to our stockists. Anne Kline also performed wel over the twelve We would also like to hear any feedback on our products or any other matters.
Please contact me at [email protected] Looking forward to the chal enge of the year ahead.
John Harrison 087-2368878 MGD Charlotte House Unit F1 M7 Business Naas Co. Kildare 045-888409 Zinzi Silver Jewellery
End of wholesalers.

Hi johnny and a happy new year.
I hope that 2011 is better than 2010, but I have my doubts. We struck a few records in 2010 and not one of them positive. We had the worst trading year
in living memory. We have hit rock bottom for December figures, it has got to
the stage where as any sale was a bonus (one does not expect that situation to arise in December) and what about the gold price. Talk about being slaughtered. Then to put the icing on the cake The Big Snow. What a Bol….ks of the most important trading season of the year.
On the bright side my accountant has being saying to me for years that my stock level was to high, wel next year he wil being seeing a much lower set of figures.
We have been living of the fat of the pig as I am sure is the same situation for a lot of Jewel ers.
December figures are about 10% down on a disappointing 2009 December.
What sold- Silver Silver & Silver.
Margin was cut to the bone with any reasonable offer being accepted.
Signing off now to start cutting costs "Again" December, due to the recession, the weather etc – the forecasts that were being made on radio by Retail Ireland that there would be a drop of 6.7% was very optimistic, neighbouring retailers are quoting anything up to a shortage of 60%, and for your entertainment I attach a chart, we are stil dropping, but near the bottom, if the touts are to be believed we're heading for an increased tourist season…yippee. just hang on in there.
The Pattern of December at left.
I haven't done the percentages yet but we are down on sales on last
But we wil struggle on and hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. As I see it, it can only get better. Real y look forward to your monthly report it keeps me in touch. Keep up the good work.
Happy New year to you, hope al is wel with you .
Any plans for skiing ? [Tomorrow] Business for us was very good up until the snow hit in December.
One part of the business:
Business down by 20 % for month of December, but had very strong sales
since we opened after Xmas.
Overal for year 5 % up on last year .
Other part:
Business was up 3% on last year, very strong sales after Xmas, half % down
on last year .
Usual items sel ing as expected, Branded Jewel ery, Silver very strong but mainly Branded .
High end watches made a big come back but nothing to be getting excited about, fashion brands were hit and miss.
Quality Diamond Earrings, Rings and pendants Very Strong .
Luxury fancy Jewel ery made a come back this Xmas, sales were very slow over the last two years .
Gold very slow .
Have to say optimistic about the new year, can't be any worse than last year .
December up 9%. Year down 5%. We are reasonably happy although stil
back to 2002 figures. Christmas Eve was big disappointment. I think al ot of customers shopped earlier due to fears about the weather.
Happy new year to you.
I am delighted to be up 2.5% in turnover and 5% in customer
numbers for the year.
The snow wasn't good for business, where were the council to clear the path's ? I saw the army on the 23rd December, better late than never I suppose ! Happy New year to you and your family.
We had a fairly ok Christmas. Year on year we are down 9%. Good footfal
for last few days and only smal price tags sel ing with a few exceptions.
Pandora, DKNY, Sabo al good sel ers. Two particular branded high end watches [I have to prevaricate, NOBODY wil accept criticism!!] and yel ow gold al did poorly. But we won't have to restock them! Wel Johnny Happy New Year to you and yours.
What can I say it was a hard Christmas and we were down 33% on
Christmas 2009 in saying that Christmas 2009 was only down 5% on 2008 so
hopeful y we have hit rock bottom.
2009 down 21% on 2008 (Jan-Dec)
2009 down 33% on 2007 (Jan-Dec)
Again biggest problem is peoples spends are way down with the average spend €100 - €150.
Diamond Rings - POOR Gold Chain/Pendant/Bracelet - POOR Gold Earrings - GOOD High End Watches - POOR Mid/Low End Watches - GOOD (Guess Top Brand Again) Silver Jewel ery - GOOD Costume Jewel ery - GOOD With reference to the outfit who got costs down by 43%:
what is the breakdown of figures?
Hi Johnny – see answer below, please do not mention me by name.
Seasons Greetings See below for chart of accounts that have been reduced over 24 month period, al areas of spending have been slashed, staff reduced, wages and salaries slashed, insurance reviewed downwards, people have been met and deals struck, in house repairs only, no outsourcing, if we can't do it, it won't be done and each job priced on an individual basis, negotiated settlements, al payments to self practical y ceased…there's no end to it! If it can be cut it has been, next thing wil be to reduce lighting to bring down power costs ( I can remember in my childhood going into a toy shop with only a 60 watt bulb over the counter and other lighting was only switched on as needed for the customer!.are we there yet?) Management works at the coal face … 4199-100 Purchase Ledger Disc 4400-100 Delivery & Packing 4420-100 Other Direct Costs 5000-100 Staff Salaries 5020-100 Dir's Salaries 5035-100 PAYE+PRSI 5060-100 Staff Training

5070-100 Technical Journals 5080-100 Coffee Tea & Milk 5140-100 Rates and Water 5180-100 Heat and Light 5260-100 Cleaning 5300-100 Repairs to Building 5500-100 Printing and Stationery 5510-100 Software 5520-100 PC/Printer Consumables 5530-100 Other Office Costs 5600-100 Telephone 5640-100 Post and Packing 5660-100 Reg Charity Donations 5670-100 Other Donations 5680-100 Bank Charges 5685-100 Cheque Book Duty 5690-100 Insurance 6500-100 General Expenses 6620-100 Directors Loan repmnt 6630-100 Credit Card costs 6730-100 Parking Costs 6740-100 Other Travel Costs & Fares 6800-100 Advertising 6930-100 Legal Fees 6970-100 Accountant's Fees 7360-100 Bank Interest Payable 7500-100 Corporation Tax Charge At left Barbara and John Moore, Cork, enjoying the 2010 RJI
Dance in Tul amore.
Hi Jonny, thanks for all the news for the past year, and I wish you and al a very Happy Thanks Christy. Happy New Year! At least one happy reader.
Dear Reader,
With Swine Flu starting to claim lives again this winter season, one would think that the media would send out a positive message regarding the prevention of colds and flu. but no, aside from the obvious ‘vaccination bandwagon' they all seem to join, most reports are slating proven natural remedies, like Echinacea supplements.
Time-tested remedy doesn't work?
Recently a mainstream newspaper decided to run with the following headline: ‘Echinacea does not ward off colds say leading doctors'.
A US study, conducted by the American College of Physicians, concluded that, for most people, the effects of taking Echinacea supplements would be ‘minimal', and for many people they do not work at all when it comes to warding off the symptoms of colds.
The researchers, led by Professor Bruce Barrett, at the University of Wisconsin, concluded: ‘Any underlying benefit of Echinacea is not large and was not demonstrated by our results. Individual choices about whether to use Echinacea to treat the common cold should be guided by personal health values and preferences.' Fourteen to one
Firstly, this is one study showing the complete opposite of what many other studies have already For instance, a large meta-analysis in 2007, published in The Lancet, reviewed 14 unique studies that confirmed Echinacea's significant benefits for helping to al eviate the frequency and duration of the common When Echinacea was used alone it reduced cold incidence by 65 per cent. Even when patients were directly inoculated with a rhinovirus - the most common cold-causing virus - Echinacea reduced cold incidence by 35 per cent.
The researchers' report said: "With over 200 viruses capable of causing the common cold, Echinacea could have a modest effect against rhinovirus but marked effects against other viruses." Plus, if you read the results of the Wisconsin study, you wil find that the length of il ness among the volunteers who took Echinacea was shortened by between seven to ten hours. Now, I don't know about you, but if a remedy can reduce the length of having a cold by 10 hours, I'l take it. 10 hours of feeling healthy adds one more productive day to my schedule.
On Tuesday, I started feeling a bit rough. headache, tight chest, fatigued, sniffles and an annoying cough. When I got home, I decided to up my dose of vitamin C to an extra 1500mg and before I jumped in to bed, I drank a warm brew of Echinacea tea.
Low and behold, when I woke up on Wednesday morning, I felt a lot more energised, my headache was gone, along with the tightness in my chest, and my sniffles had stopped. While I can't claim that I felt 100% better, I certainly felt ready to take on the day. I wil continue this regime, because I am almost certain that if I followed what the mainstream was tel ing me, I'd probably be in bed today feeling sorry for myself.
If you wish to get this sort of stuff each week click: Jack Douglas, Tul amore who died yesterday. My message: " We
enjoyed some hearty laughs Jack!" And from Robbie Smith: "Condolences to you and your mother John. Your father was a great man, he was great crack and I always enjoyed talking to him. He wil be sadly missed within the trade. Look after yourself and your mother. Robbie" Observations from the road Jan 2011
One customer said that he was undecided as to whether he would concentrate on silver, repairs or handmade diamond and wedding rings. Personal y I thought that maybe they might go for al three but I got a funny look, "Sure what would Another customer said that the guy who often used to spend €200 was now spending €30. Christmas spend was wel down. But someone else said that we have recently been comparing the wrong things. Lots of people (and I confess to having been amongst them), have been using 2006/2007 as "the base line year". On the contrary it was the best period ever for most people. A much more realistic base line would be maybe 2002/2003 with the pleasant thoughts of the wonderful sales we have in the best of years.
What we need to do now is to realise that we are never going to see 2006/2007 again in this life and buckle up and again attack costs. You wil notice our Northern correspondent who tel s us al of the costs that they have cut. What I would real y like is the nitty gritty details of just how they managed to get individual costs down by that striking figure of 43%. Maybe I wil ask them But I told you that I squeezed my cardiologist by 25% and my accountant by 16% and final y my GP by 17% for the three year driving test charge. I am also investigating the idea of changing in VHI from B+ to corporate as recommended to me. Wil keep you in touch with this one when a decision has been made and prices and benefits assessed.
How much does your wholesaler charge for postage? Findings Ireland charge €1.50 for items up to €100 and this includes insurance as wel . To be precise, if your parcel goes astray we wil send it again for free and absorb the loss ourselves. On average we lose one parcel a year.
Are you paying as little as you can for juice?? You may remember that I occasional y told you the reported cheapest prices for petrol or diesel. Wel now it has gone scientific and if you look up and insert your area of interest you wil be given a list of petrol stations sorted with the cheapest on top. Bril . Just be aware that prices can change on a daily basis. I looked up my local and found Appleyard was best at 137.9 cents. Next day I went there and paid 139.9. Looked it up when I got home and sure it said €139.9. Next day it was back to 137.9 !! Stil a good idea.
Another customer said that their dales were down from€132 in 2008 to €95k in 2009 to €77k in 2010 with the snow a major factor.
One customer has done a runner. €70 probably gone. "Good Luck"!! One philosopher said that while we cannot always alter the direction or force of the wind we can always try to adjust the trim of the sails.
At left and from left to right are Pat Keane, Aisling Forde, Mr.
Seiko, Patrick Keane Jnr., Noël Wal . Just a reminder to come see Seiko
at the Basle fair this year and meet the gang and catch up with the news.
The world's leading Watch and Jewellery Show to be held at Basel, Switzerland from March 24th – 31st 2011.
U S A jewel ery magazine Polygon You can download a full pdf of our July issue by
copying the following link into your internet browser:-
UK magazine Retail Jewel er.
Old copies of News can be downloaded Computer and Virus and Displays for sale. Safes for sale. Equipment.
Robberies and fotos of suspects.
And if you are a member of I S M E (and al member of the Irish Jewel ery Trade …….Irish Jewel ers Association, Retail Jewel ers of Ireland, Federation of Jewel ery Manufacturers Of Ireland are already members of ISME) click on the ISME pic. You should know your password already but if not please phone or email me as below and I wil give it to you. You know that they have a monthly report on items of interest to business people.


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