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Proteins Gainers Supplements Voluminisers Create your ideal for your training
Whether it is body building, body shaping or body for- – a signifi cant increase in protein intake, ming – all these terms and trends in the fi tness stu- at least 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight dio show how important it is today for many people – and, most importantly, suffi cient recovery time to shape and train their body according to their own for the trained muscle groups. demands and points of view. Indeed in no other type of sport is the right nutrition in line with the particular Nutrition is at least as important for training goals to be stage of training and training goal as important as it is achieved as the training itself. Discipline and quality are in bodybuilding. It quickly becomes clear: a muscular crucial factors. Discipline is up to you and success will and trained body is more a result of a mindset and way support you in this. As for quality of nutrition, MULTI- of life. An increasing number of men and women have POWER PROFESSIONAL will help you. And your body will acknowledged this and are beginning correspondingly feel it. We therefore include only quality ingredients and to train and re-evaluate their nutrition. manufacture to the highest standards. Our products are geared to professional demands and are being continu- Fast results are, of course, important for motivation, ally developed. You will therefore be able to realise your particularly for beginners. Training and suitable nutriti- dream of an ideal body. And it will show! on are the order of the day. The following rules apply for the training of beginners MULTIPOWER PROFESSIONAL contains the skills and ex- who fi rst of all want to build muscle: perience from nearly 30 years' research, knowledge and – Training three times a week practice. All products are manufactured and monitored – eat more calories as necessary to build muscle in accordance with the strictest food safety and hygiene – get suffi cient sleep and regenerate regulations. Quality is also a matter of trust. And MUL- Muscle growth follows in the recovery phase. TIPOWER PROFESSIONAL does everything to deliver you Training gives only the impulse for it the quality that you need for your ideal body. (super compensation)! For those who have made progress and sporty types with suffi cient muscle who want to defi ne their muscles more (and sporty women too, of course, who want to tone their body), the following rules of thumb apply: – Training 3-4 times a week– Endurance training twice a week (running, cycling or similar) NEW WORLDWIDE! with Auto-Mix-System!
CREA MAX is a carbohydrate drink with 4.6 g of Creatine citrate
to support intensive muscular exertions. The Creatine content
in muscles signifi cantly determines the length of time that a
muscle can be strained to the maximum. Therefore with incre-
ased bodily exertion intake should be increased – to improve
performance and effi ciency in weight training. Previously,
Creatine drinks could not simply be taken along as the Creatine
did not last for long and became ineffective.

Now there is CREA MAX from Multipower Professional. The highly effective Creatine-Citrate is not released until imme-diately prior to it being drunk – this occurs automatically when it is opened. Until it is opened, the Creatine is kept secure and dry in a safe in the tin. The special transport matrix then brings the Creatine-Citrate directly into the muscles. The effect of Creatine is known in bodybuilding:Increased performance and taut, hard muscles. PRODUCT ANALYSIS
is in the can!
per 100 ml 429 ml
46,6 kcal 200,0 kcal The Creatine is locked in – safe and dry! You do not hear the whoosh until you open the can! Creatine-Citrate That is when the Creatine-Citrate CARBOHYDRATE DRINK WITH CREATINE-CITRATE is mixed with the drink. > Hard and strong appearance Now you can take Creatine Recommended intake
of trained muscle groups with you in a practical can. Drink one can after training
> Special transport matrix delivers Creatine citrate directly into the cells 429 ml / can
> 4.6 g of highly effective Creatine- Cranberry
citrate that is automatically mixed just prior to drinking Not suitable for children and adolescents! The intake of Creatine Monohydrate can lead to weight gain as a result of increased water retention in the muscles. For intensive strength training during strength and power training sports. PROFESSIONAL PROTEIN SUPPLY Professional Whey is a quickly digested protein whose amino acids PRODUCT ANALYSIS
can already be detected in the bloodstream approx. 30 minutes af- per 100 g % RDA* per 30 g** % RDA*
ter intake. The premium amino acids come from the bloodstream to form the basis of the muscles. This effect boosts the anabolic phase after an intensive workout, boosting regeneration and growth The blood sugar regulating carbohydrates from the whey protein thus prevent protein from being burned for energy gain. Protein should serve exclusively as a basis for new muscle mass and not as an energy source. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE Additional nutrients: PLUS PEPTIDE, L-GLUTAMINE - Whey protein hydrolysate – the peptides contained in this are absorbed directly. * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
** Portion size: 30 g powder in 300 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat)
> L-Glutamine - Glutamine – the most important amino acid in the free amino acid pool – regulates protein synthesis and boosts the body's > maximum biological Recommended intake
- Vitamin B6 promotes protein metabolism.
Immediately after training and in the morning
> 44,9 g essential amino acids Preparation
1 portion = 30 g (approx. 3 slightly heaped tablespoons)
dissolved in 300 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat).

750 g 2,5 kg
Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate

Triple Protein Complex
Since the body can absorb and use different proteins at varying per 100 g % RDA* per 30 g ** % RDA*
rates, three premium sources were used in the Triple Protein Com- The milk protein and milk protein isolate present are absorbed by the body slowly. In this way, the muscles are constantly supplied over several hours with premium amino acids. Isolate means that the protein content in the dry matter amounts to more than 90 %. You don't get any more concentrated than that! * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
The whey protein present is quickly absorbed by the body and ** Portion size: 30 g powder in 300 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat)
thereby boosts the anabolic phase for muscle building. The high concentration of BCAA in the whey protein is further increased by a special extract in the Triple Protein Complex. Body builders in in- Recommended intake
MORE PROTEIN COMPONENTS WITH BCAAS tensive training phases will benefi t from the 22 g of BCAA per 100 One shake daily after training and in the morning
g of protein. BCAA are channelled directly to the muscles and there on days when no training takes place.
boost anticatabolic and anabolic effects > milk, whey and egg protein Egg protein in particular contains the amino acids L-Methionine Dissolve 30 g in 400 ml skimmed milk.
> additional BCAA and L-Cysteine, which play a special role in protein metabolism and > with bromelin and thus in building muscle. 1 kg
Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate
Double Protein Complex
Studies have shown that the intake of amino acids and peptides, such as appear in hydroly- AMINO ACID BALANCE
sate for example, can stimulate the formation of protein in the body (building of muscles = protein synthesis). Double Protein Complex is the result of years of research and feedback on the basis of which we have deliberately combined a potato protein hydrolysate to stimulate protein synthesis with a premium egg protein concentrate as a building block. In this way, .
L-Methionine** the building of muscle is optimally boosted since both forms of nutrients complement each .
L-Phenylalanine** other perfectly. .
L-Threonine** Double Protein Complex should be taken immediately before training or to enrich foods that AMINO-MIX-TABLETS FROM POTATO are low in protein in order to respond to the anabolic stimulus resulting from training. PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE AND EGG PROTEIN Recommended intake
Before training or to enrich foods that are low in protein.
> improved protein Take fi ve tablets before training with a carbohydrate drink. Use 4-6
synthesis tablets three times a day to enrich foods.
L-Asparagine acid > high biological .
L-Glutamine acid > ideal in diet phases ** essential amino acids
Basic nutrition for sportsmen The secret: the composition
Proteins are the nutrients of the muscles. Unfortuna- The protein in food is broken down into amino tely the body cannot store them as is possible with acids in the body which are then converted into energy in the form of fat for example. A regular intake the body's own protein. Protein consists of various is therefore important, even on training-free days and, amino acids. If you want the protein intake to be of course, for women also. It is good to know how particularly quick or you want to do without the quickly the various sources of protein are converted. carbohydrates in shakes in diet phases then Amino Whey protein is quickly converted and milk and soya Whey Tablets or BCAA are recommended. For here protein are more slowly converted. If, after training, the body can use the amino acids straightaway and the protein is to be available to the muscles quickly, a no longer needs to break them down. It is important whey protein shake is recommended. If a more long- in any case to allow the body a protein intake of 2 g term, overnight supply is possible then milk protein is per kg of body weight. It therefore quickly becomes suitable or, better still, different sources of protein in clear that this cannot be achieved with protein-rich a shake such as Triple Protein Complex. foods alone. Protein Shake Low in Carbs
COMPETITION PREPARATION per 100 g % RDA* per 75 g % RDA*
For years, body builders have been mixing protein with water instead of milk in order to save carbohydrates. There was there- .
Carbohydrate fore pool taste. Working closely with many competition athletes we have perfected the taste of the Advanced Protein Shake Low in Carbs to the extent that it tastes good if even if mixed with water. It is now possible to offer a special competition shake. - Saturated fats Available in handy 75 g sachets for when you're on the go. You always have a shaker and you can get water everywhere. Even in the hectic pace of everyday life you can now provide your mus- cles with protein without overloading them with carbohydrates. POWDER TO MAKE A PROTEIN DRINK WITH Creatine Monohydrate It is also available in a 2.5 kilo tub for use at home. The Multi- * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
power Professional Team has accommodated the particular wish > Low carb of athletes for some Creatine to be included for experience and > Simple implemen- requests are naturally converted by us. Creatine stores water in tation of low-carbo- the muscles and despite a competition diet (low-carb food al- Replace up to three meals a day with an Advanced
hydrate nutrition lows muscles to „dry out") still allows for taut muscles. Protein Shake Low in Carbs.
75 g sachet 2,5 kg tub
Strawberry Vanilla

Fast Acting Amino Drink

per 100 g per bottle
Fast Acting Amino Drink provides all the nutrients that are required after training for building muscles. The muscles „cry out" for nutrients after a hard training session. On the one hand, they require amino acids as building blocks to repair and build the trained muscles. On the other, the emptied energy stores need to be refi lled. Body builders also speak of anabolic windows in this phase. In other words, the muscles are in a heightened state of readiness to absorb nutrients. Fast Acting Amino Drink contains all the nutrients required for regeneration and growth. There are 30 g of whey protein per bottle which means fast absorption during maximum biological valency. The L-Glutamine present is contained in an easily utili- sable peptide form and also aids absorption into the body. WHEY PROTEIN INSTANT DRINK WITH WHEAT PROTEIN HYDROLYSATE Recommended intake
Drink one bottle immediately after training.
> helps regeneration after training 500 ml
> ultra-fi ltered Pineapple
whey protein > L-Glutamine ** essential amino acids
> virtually lactose free> fat content < 1 % Anti Catabolic Formula BCAA
TOP AMINO ACIDS – per 100 g per 5 tabl.
BCAA (branched chain amino acids) are the amino acids L-Leu- cine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. They are essential and, for se- .
Carbohydrate 10,0 g veral reasons, assume a special position in terms of nutritional physiology in relation to the remaining amino acids. Unlike all other amino acids, they are directly absorbed by the muscles. AMINO ACID CONTENT
And there they form the major proportion with 35%. L-Isoleucine** 30,0 g .
L-Leucine** During necessarily intensive strength training, BCAA can be drawn on to supply energy. If these losses cannot be balanced ** essential amino acids
after training with Anti Catabolic Formula BCAA, then an unde-sired breakdown of muscle tissue can appear. The amino acid Recommended intake
TABLETS WITH A HIGH PROPORTION OF BRANCHED CHAIN AMINO ACIDS FOR L-Leucine in particular can facilitate the absorption of nutrients Take immediately after training.
SPORTSMEN DURING INTENSIVE MUSCLE into the muscles. People who weigh up to 70 kg should take 4 tablets daily.
Those weighing up to 80 kg should take 6 tablets daily
and those weighing over 90 kg should take 8 tablets daily.
> effective muscle Drink 30 minutes after a Professional Whey Shake.
All tablets should be taken with 200 ml liquid.
The BCAA are generally taken with 200 ml water after training.
> anticatabolic function They should also be taken before training when undertaking in-
tensive training sessions.

Fast Acting Amino Whey Tablets
FAST PROTEIN SUPPLY FOR HARD DEFINITION Here we have pure amino acids made from whey, the best protein for trained muscles. The AMINO ACID PROFILE
whey protein in Fast Acting Amino Whey Tablets has already been broken down by enzymes. per 6 tabl.
That means that the largely essential amino acids are already present in quickly utilisable .
L-Leucine** Peptides consist of three to fi ve amino acids. These compounds have the advantage that more amino acids can be absorbed at the same time than if they were available in free form. For the body builder this means that he can provide his muscles with important nutrients L-Phenylalanine** more quickly. Particularly where low-carb food is concerned, the advantage of Fast Acting Amino Whey Tablets is that, unlike protein in food, they do not require carbohydrates for absorption. In this way, you can absorb enough amino acids in the form of peptides. At the same time it is possible to reduce carbohydrate intake in the defi nition phase. The result is AMINO ACIDS AND PEPTIDES WITH > whey protein hydroly- sate in tablet form per 100 g % RDA* per 6 tabl. % RDA*
> defi ned muscles Immediately after training.
L-Asparagine acid Alternatively, it is advisable to take
L-Glutamine acid > ideal for diet phases the daily dose now and again during
> high dosage training in order to better protect
the muscles. Take 6 tablets with
suffi cient fl uid after training.
** essential amino acids
* Percentage of recommended daily allowance
300 1600 mg tablets
480 g in total

Pure Creatine Powder
Pure Creatine Capsules
Up to 90 kg body weight: 2 x 5 g (2 x 5

More strength, improved performance and more muscle mass is what every capsules) daily for the fi rst week. Then
athlete wants. Pure Creatine Powder and Pure Creatine Capsules, both pro- 3-5 weeks 2 g maximum (2 capsules)
ducts from MULTIPOWER PROFESSIONAL, are premium building blocks on daily. Over 90 kg body weight: 4 x 5 g
the way to achieving this. (4 x 5 capsules) daily for the fi rst week.
Then 3-5 weeks 2 g maximum (2 capsu-

Creatine is an important nutrient in the body builder's energy budget. The les) daily. Intake must not exceed 20 g
more Creatine that is stored in the muscles, the higher the strength perfor- (20 capsules) per day in the fi rst week,
mance. Scientifi c studies and practical experience show increases of up to irrespective of body weight. There should
25 % when combined with hard training. follow a break of several weeks after a
total of 4-6 weeks.

CREATINE MONOHYDRATE AS A DIETARY Body builders should periodise their training thoroughly. That means di- viding training into different phases. When you are training with eight to > more power for ten reps per set, a Creatine intake can support heavy training. The water 1 Portion = Dissolve 5g powder (2g pow-
the muscles subsequently stored in the muscles as a result of the Creatine intake leads der from 6th day) in water or carbohyd-
> more pump through to a weight gain at the same time. rate drink.
good cell hydration 1 Portion = Take 5 capsules with water or
The difference to Zell Max 2 plus is that Pure Creatine Powder and Pure > better regeneration for more growth Creatine Capsules do not contain any carbohydrates. The experienced athlete can combine Creatine with corresponding nutrients suited to his 500 g powder
information Creatine –
the substance that muscles About qualities and load phases
Creatine is present in meat and fi sh as well as in nor- A loading phase of approximately one week is re- mal mixed food. A good supply is advantageous for commended during which intake is 5 g four times a intensive training. It is simply one of the best sup- day. In the subsequent 5-week maintenance phase plements on the market. Creatine provides important this is then reduced to 2 g. There is then a break energy for the muscles and makes them noticeably of 2-4 weeks and then the cycle is started again. more effi cient – you can simply lift more weights. An often-desired side effect is a taut appearance of Apart from which, it stores water in the muscle cells, the muscles. However, it must be emphasised that improves pump and thus makes better training results special care must be taken to have a suffi cient fl uid possible. The sportsman simply receives a different intake. 3-4 litres should be drunk per day. Zell Max plus 2

per 100 g % RDA* per 50 g** % RDA*
Zell Max plus 2, a combination of short- and long-chain carbo- hydrates and Creatine Monohydrate provides additional energy for intensive training sessions and is excellent for the development of great musculature. It is the maximum number of repetitions that produces muscle growth. This can only happen, however, if the- re is suffi cient energy. Creatine is a so-called temporary energy store that provides the necessary energy. In order for the maximum amount of Creatine to be absorbed by the muscles, Zell Max plus .
Creatine Monohydrate 2 contains a transport matrix especially for muscle building that * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
consists of two different sources of carbohydrate. This has a second **Portion size: 50 g powder in 500 ml water
positive effect: the natural feature of Creatine to store water in the muscles makes your muscles look huger. With Zell Max plus 2 you Recommended intake
INSTANT POWDER TO MAKE A CREATINE will have more energy and a sporty appearance.
In the loading phase (5 days) people weighing up to 80 kg
CARBOHYDRATE DRINK WITH VITAMIN B1 take 1 portion daily, over 80 kg maximum 2 portions daily
and over 90 kg maximum 4 portions daily.
> with Creatine Dissolve 50 g (2 heaped tablespoons) ZELL MAX plus 2
Warning: Creatine intake must amount to a maximum of
Monohydrate in 500ml water.
20 g (i.e. 4 portions) per day irrespective of body weight.
After the loading phase there is a maintenance phase of

> effective transport 3-5 weeks with a maximum of 3 portions per week. After
Warning: Not suitable for children and adolescents! six weeks a three-four week intake phase should come into
> more power during Taking Creatine Monohydrate can lead to weight gain as a result of increased water retention in the muscles. 2 kg

Maximum Weight Gainer Plus
BODY BUILDERS per 100 g % RDA* per 150 g** % RDA*
The composition of Maximum Weight Gainer makes it possib- le to prepare a muscle-building shake with over 700 kcal! Over the years, development work and practical experience have given rise to this special carbohydrate/protein blend with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and Creatine for the building of fat-free body mass. Maximum Weight Gainer plus provides the body builder in the loading phase with only two shakes per day but with 1500 power-packed calories! Even during intensive training, two shakes provide the excess calories necessary for muscle building without jeo- pardising valuable muscle mass. The carbohydrate blend .
Pantothenic acid POWDERED DRINK WITH CARBOHYDRATES, provides immediate energy for training and endurance in PROTEIN, CREATINE, VITAMINS, MINERALS order to be able to train long and hard. The protein blend .
Phosphorous covers the protein requirement of an intensively training > 744 kcal / shake body builder. As a top product in its class it contains the > there is no alternative premium energy-providing ingredient Creatine to enable you for hard gainers to perform the maximum number of repetitions necessary for * Percentage of recommended daily allowance.
**Portion size:
> professional muscle building. 150 g powder in 400 ml skimmed milk (1.5 % fat)
carbohydrate mix HARD GAINERS: 1-3 shakes in the fi rst week.
1 portion = Dissolve 150 g (7 heaped tablespoons) in 400 ml milk.
Then 4-6 weeks max. 2 shakes per day.
Since constant calorie intake is impor- SOFT GAINERS: 1-4 shakes in the fi rst week.
tant, don't drink Maximum Weight Gai- 1 Portion = Dissolve 85 g (4 heaped tablespoons) in 250 ml milk.
Then 4-6 weeks max. 1 shake per day.
ner plus only on training days. Drink it every day! 1,5 kg 3 kg 6 kg
Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate

Maximum Weight
POWER WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GO The 60 g bar with 35 g carbohydrates and 9.8 g protein as well as vitamins C, B1 and B6 provides the required calorie surplus in the loading phase in the form of a practical snack. In order to achieve muscle growth, a constant energy supply is paramount. Snacks are particularly important. Even if there is no time for a proper body-building snack, the Maximum Weight Gainer Bar offers a practical alternative for all athletes. Bar
per 100 g % RDA* per 60 g % RDA*
> good for constant energy supply As a snack or dessert –
> proven carbohydrate whenever more energy is needed.
mix for suffi cient Simply rip off the foil and bite into
Vitamin B1 60 g
Vitamin B6 Vanilla Chocolate
* Percentage of recommended daily allowance
information Hard gainer –
Soft gainer
Which type are you?

There are basically two types of metabolism. There they do consume should be complex ones such as are many people who can put on weight, and thereby wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice. also muscle mass, quickly. These are known as soft gainers, a better name would be easy gainers. Others Hard gainers are often envied because they can eat don't fi nd it as easy. Indeed they can eat a lot without almost anything without putting on weight, but in becoming fat, but these hard gainers have it clearly order to obtain an athletic shape, mass must be gai- more diffi cult to build muscle mass. Accordingly, the ned. This can only be achieved through a strongly diet of these two types must be different. increased and regular calorie intake. For this, regu-lar, energy-rich carbohydrate products must be ea- Soft gainers should take care not to consume too many ten, even on days when you are not training! This is carbohydrates and make sure that they have an incre- barely possible without the corresponding Weight- ased supply of protein. And the carbohydrates that gainer and Creatine products. 45% Protein Pack
HOW DELICIOUS CAN A PROTEIN BAR BE?! It is not always possible to consume suffi cient high quality protein. Years of deve-lopment have enabled us to produce 45 % protein in the form of a tasty bar in the Maximum 45 % Protein Packs. The milk protein isolate present not only has maximum protein content (isolate: 90 % protein in the dry mass), but also offers advantages compared with bars with a high proportion of whey protein: milk protein is absorbed by the body slowly and A BAR WITH A HIGH PROTEIN CONTENT AND ADDED GLYCERINE PRODUCT ANALYSIS
therefore delivers nutrients to the muscles over a longer period of time. This is im- per 100 g per 125 g
portant for a snack; otherwise the protein is not used as a nutrient but as energy. > more protein is not possible The typical "concurrence" in the fi rst few low-carb days can be avoided through > reduced the glycerine content. Glycerine stores water in the muscles and in this way helps carbohydrate to increase muscle mass, appearance and pump during training. > meal replacement Tip
If the bar has a high protein content, the carbohydrate content is reduced.
Recommended intake As a meal replacement or snack.
Preparation Simply rip off the foil and bite into the bar!
125 g
Peanut Orange

32% Protein Pack
DELICIOUS PROTEIN SNACK FOR IN BETWEEN MEALS Whether during training or simply as a snack, your body now gets a lot of protein and little fat. The 32% Protein Pack is the power alternative to conventional choco-late bars or snacks. Today it is often a problem to eat suffi cient protein and for this to be converted to optimum effect during training. Only by consuming suffi cient protein will you see the effects of training. So who always has the time and inclination to cook? The 32% Protein Pack makes it easy for you to give your body a good extra portion of protein. CARBOHYDRATE/PROTEIN BAR Appreciate the protein balance of a whole meal in one bar as a dessert. It does you PRODUCT ANALYSIS
good and tastes good too. > Milk protein isolate per 100 g per 60 g
> constant protein .
Carbohydrate 60 g
Banana Chocolate

Pure L-Glutamine Powder
BETTER REGENERATION = BETTER GROWTH L-Glutamine is described as being a semi-essential amino acid. That means that, under normal conditions, the body itself produces People weighing up to 80 kg take 5 g and those weighing
suffi cient L-Glutamine.
over 80 kg take 10 g L-Glutamine daily dissolved in liquid.
Intensive strength training is therefore a special situation. Even though for passionate body builders there is nothing better than a 1 Portion = Dissolve 5 g powder in 100 ml water.
hard training session, this means stress for the body. In this situati-on, the glutamine requirement is increased. When the body does not 300 g
manage to produce enough L-Glutamine itself, a defi cit will come neutral
about sooner or later. The result of this is a weakness in the body's defences in conjunction with symptoms of overtraining. FOOD SUPPLEMENT IN POWDER FORM – 100 % L-GLUTAMINE! Since 60 % of L-Glutamine is stored in the muscles, an increased cutback also causes a loss of water in the muscles. During hard Take immediately after training on > Improved defi nition training sessions it has been proven that L-Glutamine specifi cally training days together with BCAA.
> support regeneration should be taken as a supplement. > boosts immune Glucosamine & Chondroitine
PROTECTION OF JOINTS FOR PROFESSIONALS Huge demands are put on our joints daily. Factors such as intensive PRODUCT ANALYSIS
weight training, body weight or sports such as football or squash per capsule %RDA*
and also bad posture strain the joints. Glucosamine sulphate .
Chondroitine sulphate Prevention is the key here. The basic principle is an adequate supply of nutrients to the articular cartilage so that this ultra-thin layer can be maintained. * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
Glucosamine and Chondroitine can help the layer of cartilage during building and maintain mobility in the joints. Owing to the fact that we do not always take in these nutrients in the necessary quantity in the context of our modern diet, an additional portion of these special Take 1 capsule daily with some liquid. Do not exceed re-
nutrients is important and sensible. commended daily dose. Supplements should not be used in
place of a varied diet. Keep away from children.

Glucosamine forms a special protein that is important for the buil- ding of the articular cartilage and maintaining its elasticity. It basically provides a cushioning effect and slippage for the joint. HARD GELATINE CAPSULES WITH GLUCOSA- Chondroitine sulphate is a component of the connective tissue and MINE SULPHATE, CHONDROITINE SULPHATE, VITAMIN C AND ZINC. is important for the stability of the cartilage. It is needed for the Take double the dose for the fi rst 60 days (2 capsules) formation of new cartilage tissue. and then reduce to 1 capsule as a maintenance dose. > effective protection for joints during intensive training > high dosage Pure CLA Capsules
HARDER MUSCLE DEFINITION WITH LINOLEIC ACID CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It is a particular fatty acid. Normally, few fats should be consumed during preparation. However, People weighing up to 80 kg should take 2 x 2 capsules
over time it has become known that some fatty acids have positive daily and those over 80 kg should take 2 x 3 capsules. They
characteristics. CLA is one of these. CLA seems to be able to change should be taken for a minimum of twelve weeks.
the body's composition in conjunction with training and a calorie- controlled diet in such a way that more muscle mass is retained and the proportion of body fat reduced. 1 capsule = 1000 mg with 800 mg CLA
Unlike many other products on the market, Pure CLA Capsules from MULTIPOWER PROFESSIONAL contain thistle oil and not sunfl ower oil. SUPPLEMENT WITH CLA The proportion of advantageous ingredients is therefore greater. We use the best quality that is currently on the market. > changes the body's composition> fat-free muscle mass in the diet phase Thermo Burner Extreme
FAST FAT BURNING FOR DEFINED MUSCLES In our laboratories we have developed a highly effi cient product that PRODUCT ANALYSIS - THERMO BURNER
allows training athletes additionally to burn fat and thus obtain a per 100 g % RDA* per 2 caps. % RDA*
harder, more defi ned musculature. THERMO BURNER Thermo Burner contains bioactive substances that stimulate fatty .
Vitamin B6 deposits and at the same time provide additional energy for trai- .
Green tea extract ning. The green tea extract supports fat burning. The natural ac- .
Guarana extract tive ingredients contained in green tea boost thermogenesis and fat burning. At the same time, the polyphenols present, as antio- > of which caffeine xidants, protect the organism from free radicals. Guarana is known cocoa bean extract for its high caffeine content that will give you more power and will improve your performance during endurance training. L-Tyrosine will aid you during hard training since it forms an important basis for neurotransmitters that support the nervous system and metabo- lism. The fat burning effect is therefore prolonged. * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
100 gr per 2 caps.
This is the toughest version of our Thermo Burners. Fat burning is > 2 types to suit Guarana extract (12% caffeine) stimulated highly effi ciently. It is extreme on account of the citrus everybody aurantium it contains. This substance contains 6% synephedrine, > support fat burning Citrus aurantium (6% synephrine) which is very similar to ephedrine. It adjusts to an increase in ther- .
Green tea extract (95 % polyphenols) 11,40 g mogenesis and metabolism as well as a loss of appetite without displaying the side effects of ephredine. In conjunction with the Dandelion extract high-dose guarana and the mate extract this energy boost effect is Coleus forskohlii (20 % forskolin) increased even more. With effects similar to those produced by am- Take 2 capsules daily with a glass of water
phetamines you can expect a smaller appetite, more energy and fat 30 minutes before meal or during physical
burning at the highest level. Patients with heart problems should consult their GP prior to use. 90 capsules
Energy Boosting Pyruvate
TURBO METABOLISM FOR PROFESSIONAL DEFINITION Pyruvate is a nutrient that the body produces during the burning of carbohydrates. It is also present in food in small quantities. Drink a ampoule immediately before aerobic

Pyruvate plays a special role in competition preparation. Since during this phase few carbohydrates are consumed, the body fi nds it harder to produce it itself. It is however important for en- 1 portion = Drink 1 ampoule (25 ml).
ergy metabolism and fat burning. If taken shortly before aerobic training, pyruvate can increase the effect of lipometabolism trai- 20 x 25 ml ampoules
ning. In order to prevent an increase in insulin levels a reduced orange/pineapple
intake of carbohydrates is a requirement, together with a training session of at least 30 minutes. Get ripped! CALIUM PYRUVATE TO SUPPORT METABOLISM Good for intensive training sessions. Absorption and use of carbo-hydrates in the muscle cells can be improved through pyruvate. > 2000 mg pyruvate / portion> more energy for training> better defi nition Time Released Guarana
We all know the feeling. Often after a hard day's work we simply don't have the motivation to go to the fi tness stu- dio. A lot of coffee is also often drunk prior to training. Cof- fee gives a short kick. Owing its natural ingredients, the caffeine in guarana is absorbed more slowly by the body and over a longer period of time than that in coffee. This is the so-called time-released effect. In this way it is pos- Pantothenic acid sible to complete training sessions even though perhaps motivation was previously lacking. In order for the trained muscles to deliver an intensive * Percentage of recommended daily allowance
performance, a small bottle contains 50 % of the daily magnesium requirement. The B vitamins play an impor- tant role in energy metabolism (B1) and in protein meta- Simply unscrew a small bottle before endurance training.
Drink a small bottle before training if required. For long-
SMALL BOTTLES OF DRINK WITH GUARANA AS A NATURAL SOURCE OF CAFFEINE term success, guarana should be consumed a maximum of
three times per week. Otherwise, a natural addiction simi-

> 1500 mg caffeine lar to that resulting from an excess intake of caffeine may
with long-term effects be experienced.
> support motivation > harder training for greater success e
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Supersensitivity of p2x7 receptors in cerebrocortical cell cultures after invitro ischemia

Journal of Neurochemistry, 2005, 95, 1421–1437 Supersensitivity of P2X7 receptors in cerebrocortical cell culturesafter in vitro ischemia Kerstin Wirkner,* Attila Ko¨falvi, ,1 Wolfgang Fischer,* Albrecht Gu¨nther,*,à Heike Franke,*Helke Gro¨ger-Arndt,*,§ Wolfgang No¨renberg,* Emı´lia Madara´sz,  E. Sylvester Vizi, Dietmar Schneider,à Bea´ta Sperla´gh  and Peter Illes*,§


British Journal of Haematology, 2003, 120, 177–186 THE ROLE OF HYDROXYUREA IN SICKLE CELL DISEASE Although the molecular basis for the sickling disorders was ism by which hydroxyurea induces HbF is still unclear. identified more than 50 years ago (reviewed in Weatherall Unlike several of the other HbF-inducing agents, such as 2001), progress towards definitive therapy for sickle cell