Mode of Action cont.
on the Specific immune response. Mycobacteria represent the claimed positive effect of oral and injectable bacterial one example of the profound differences. Whole cell or remedies on the immune system may face elimination of cell wall forms of this type of bacteria always induce a their products from the European market. strong Specific, cell-mediated reaction due to moleculesexpressed on the bacteria's surface. A Mycobacteria reme- METABOLIC PRODUCTS: A SMART AND
dy made from tiny metabolic products eliminates this SAFE CHOICE
Copyright 2002 BioResource Inc. All Rights Reserved Volume 2, Number 2
harsh reaction because it does not contain antigens.
In summary, the question is not which type or concept of Metabolic products are low molecular-weight substances preparation is "better." Instead, the success of immune that mainly trigger a Nonspecific immune effect, but, in modulation therapy is dependent on a precise diagnosis The Mode of Action of Bacterial Remedies
most cases, do not lead to a Specific or cell-mediated and analysis of a patient's indications. Nonetheless, it is immune response initially. B cells and T cells may be vital to understand that in most cases a depressed immune A new concept of bacterial medications made from Metabolic Products offers
activated or modulated to make them capable of elimi- system may NOT return to normal function by inducing practitioners a smart and safe way to modulate immune function
nating an invading microorganism, a harsh inflammatory reaction. Such but this is a secondary, not a pri- a reaction can occur with whole cell By Ronald Ullmann, biochemist, Syntrion GmbH, Calw, Germany mary, effect.
or cell wall preparations that possessstrong or intermediate immunogenic When taken orally, metabolic prod- potential due to the antigens located Metabolic products are
ucts of low molecular weight are not on the cell surface of the different bac- presented by macrophages to the B low molecular-weight
teria. In terms of modern immunology, and T cells because they are too small substances that mainly trigger
this is no proof of efficacy. For exam- (specific recognition of a molecule ple, although they cause an immune is also size dependent). Bacterial a Nonspecific immune effect,
response, certain infections cannot be remedies made from metabolic but, in most cases, do not
considered beneficial for patients' products work on the GALT, and health due to recently explored patho- determining IgA levels before and lead to a Specific or cell-
genic mechanisms such as autoim- following therapy can measure the mediated immune response
mune disorders and molecular anergy.
effect. These preparations serve toactivate macrophages and natural initially. B cells and T cells
It is also important to understand that killer cells that internalize toxins, whole cell or cell wall remedies and may be activated or modulated
but at times may also mediate a T metabolic products produce different to make them capable of
cell or B cell response. In most cases, immune responses. Whole cell reme- metabolites work on the different eliminating an invading
dies primarily cause a Specific immune sub-types of immune system cells response, while metabolic products microorganism, but this is
without inducing Specific immunity mainly mediate Nonspecific activity, initially, and may act in a stimulat- a secondary, not a
enabling patients to boost their general ing, enhancing or suppressing mode.
level of immune activity when practi- Another important advantage of tioners consider it desirable.
remedies derived from metabolic Editor's Note: SanPharma bacterial
For many years, immune modulation therapy has been induce a strong reaction. Yet proper immune activity products is the constant training and remedies – Cereus, Firmus, Myco-
used to help patients fight acute and chronic conditions.
requires a balanced response. As a result, one counter- modulation of the immune system, including the meta- bactin S and Subtilis – distributed by BioResource in
Major goals of this therapy are to 1) enhance overall indication would be use of whole cell or cell wall prepa- bolic activity of the cells or the ratio of sub-types, such North America are made from metabolic products.
immunological reactivity in case of suppression and 2) rations as a general therapeutic tool in suppressing an as B cells and T cells. On the other hand, if not properly These medications represent the latest in modern
balance an overactive, excessive immune response to overreactive immune response.
tested during remedy development, a negative effect can be immunological thinking and provide gentle immune
restore healthy, normal function. Immune modulation that metabolites may cause a general immunosuppres- (continued on page 14) modulation. SanPharma bacterial remedies do not
treatment also increases the readiness and capabilities of sion when applied inappropriately. Accordingly, the safe- contain whole cell or cell wall fragments.
the immune system in cases of chronic infection, and ty and efficacy of all types of bacterial immune modulators provides greater protection against infections during cold TABLE OF CONTENTS
can and should be demonstrated with toxicological and season, such as by taking Echinacea.
OSS-REGEN DROPS AVAILABLE page 2 - INFLAMYAR OINTMENT For more information, please contact Ronald Ullmann
clinical studies. page 3 - New SYPROTECT ANTIOXIDANT page 4 - TELEPHONE In some cases, the objective is to increase response, To ensure this data is made available, European Regulatory while in other patients the therapy must reduce activity to CLASSES page 5 - ITIRES CLINICAL APPLICATION STUDY page 6 agencies recently requested safety and efficacy testing for a less reactive level. As a rule, health care practitioners PEKANA BASIC DETOX KIT page 8 - FALL SEMINAR SCHEDULE whole cell and cell wall preparations made from Myco- always wish to influence their patients' immune function page 9 - SAMENTO & SANPHARMA QUENTANS page 10 - RJL BIO bacteria, E. coli and other types of bacteria. Companies positively without inducing an inflammatory or provoking IMPEDANCE AND BIOLOGICAL IMMUNITY ANALYSIS page 11 unable to produce the required scientific data to support Copyright 2002 by Syntrion GmbH, Germany. All Rights Reserved
immune reaction. Here it is important to point out that SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONS ON PEN. NOTATUM page 12 giving the patient a harsh microbiological therapy will BioMed Report, Summer 2002 Mode of Action cont.
changing an overreactive immune system or enhancing a very strong, immune system-provoking bacteria in con- depressed one. For example, a severe TH1 to TH2 cell trast to, for example, bacteria of the physiologic micro- PEKANA OSS-regen Drops For Prevention of
imbalance would not be eliminated through the IV injec- flora that provide gentle, beneficial immune modulation. Degenerative Bone Disease Now Available
tion of a whole cell or cell wall preparation, which exacer- When a patient is administered a whole cell microbiological bates the problem. Instead, a preferred strategy based on For osteoporosis, ostitis, proper bone healing and prevention of degenerative bone disease.
remedy, macrophages internalize the bacteria and present modern immunological thinking is to gently support the information on their surfaces. Using receptors, B cells immune system to eliminate stressors. Moreover, individual OS(teo)= bone, regen(eration)
and T cells recognize the information, resulting in the use of preparations depends on the patient's reaction con- production of antibodies that vaccinate the patient against OSS-regen, PEKANA's homeopathic-spagyric medication for osteoporosis, ostitis, proper bone healing and
dition. The more severely a patient reacts, the weaker the the specific germ being applied. In this respect, whole cell prevention of degenerative bone disease, is now available in 100 ml drops from BioResource.
preparation that should be chosen. And as many practi- preparations or cell wall preparations are vaccines.
tioners know, some patients can be deficient and hyper- "All body tissues are subject to beneficial regeneration through an ongoing tearing down and re-building reactive at the same time, reflecting the health status of When taken orally, the whole cell or cell wall preparation process," explains Dr. Peter Beyersdorff, president of PEKANA Naturheilmittel. "For example, special con- the immune system's different parts. contacts the immune system in the intestine. Macrophages nective tissue cells are available for re-building bone, such as the osteoblasts. If the normal tearing in the mucosal layer called M cells (M: microfold) take down/re-building process is altered due to hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, rheumatic processes IMPORTANT DISTINCTIONS BETWEEN
up the bug and present a tiny amount of the invader's cell or metabolic disturbances, the result can be a reduction of bone quality due to insufficient absorption of REMEDIES MADE FROM WHOLE CELL
surface information on their own surfaces to help the nutrients. The healing components of OSS-regen drops halt bone degeneration while helping restore proper
immune system identify it. T cells and B cells are activated metabolism and other body processes." and the immune response starts with production of anti- Microbial therapy is based upon two concepts due to the bodies against the presented information. A positive effect nature of the microorganisms used. Historically, the devel- is that this process protects the body from the microor- opment started with the introduction of cell wall and cell ganism because the IgA defense mechanism resides in Asa foetida
treatment of bone caries wall fragment-containing preparations. Recently, changing the intestinal mucosal layer. Before the microbe can enter Acidum phosphoricum 3X
lifestyle conditions – notably poor nutrition, increased the body, therefore, an antibody binds to and eliminates ostitis, vertebral pain psychological stress and greater exposure to toxic sub- it. An example of this highly beneficial strategy would be stances – have led to generally weaker immune systems microcirculation problems, anti-inflammatory protection provided against harmful microbes ingested among the human population. As a result, a new approach Bryonia alba
painful and swollen joints with food while travelling to foreign countries. in treating immune system disorders has become increas- ingly popular – use of bacterial therapy derived from On the other hand, whole cell bacterial remedies made limb pain and muscle weakness metabolic products. In general, attempting to weigh the from microorganisms that influence the immune system in value of a whole cell or cell wall fragment remedy a strong and intermediate manner – including Mycobacte- purulence of the bone against one made from metabolic products is much like ria, Klebsiella, E.coli and others – can mediate a very harsh RECOMMENDED DOSAGE (AWAY FROM MEALS)
comparing apples to oranges because the general mode and provoking reaction that does not represent the needs of of action is completely different. In terms of how it the patient's immune system. Recent peer-reviewed pub- works, a whole cell or cell wall remedy – which can be lications have demonstrated that the effects of a "mod- considered a vaccine – significantly addresses the Specific, ern" lifestyle have significantly impacted human immune cell–mediated reaction as its primary immune effect, function. As a result, immune preparations that repre- SUGGESTED ADJUVANT THERAPY
while a bacterial medication made from metabolic products sented an appropriate choice 50 years ago are often too mainly triggers the Nonspecific immune response. Both strong today due to lifestyle effects that have led to an TOXEX drops - general excretion
strategies have benefits and problems, and their application overall more sensitive immune system. Administering must depend on the patient's diagnosis and immunological certain types of whole cell or cell wall preparations even apo-RHEUM drops - rheumatism
situation. Nonetheless, certain key distinctions can be orally carries considerable risks if not used properly. One INFLAMYAR ointment - joint injuries and inflammation
made between the two strategies used today to produce negative effect is their potential to create molecular mim- medications from bacteria. icry or anergy (unresponsiveness) under certain condi-tions of the immune system, a dysregulation that can lead Whole cell or cell wall bacterial preparations are
to allergic reactions. In addition, their antigens also may EDITOR: Mike Sheehan - PRODUCTION: JB Communications, Santa Rosa, California derived from microorganisms either capable of or no cause severe inflammatory reactions by potentially con- Please send comments to: [email protected]. longer capable of multiplying. Using inactivated tributing to an imbalance of the TH1 to TH2 cell ratio. microbes eliminates the risk of actually causing a disease BioResource Staff
in the patient, especially if a remedy is injected. Despite In contrast, bacterial remedies derived from metabolic PRESIDENT/ DIRECTOR OF MARKETING Mike Sheehan - DIRECTOR OF SHIPPING Terry Sheehan - DIRECTOR OF SALES this cautionary step, some mycobacteria whole cell or products in most cases contain no antigens and therefore Lou Goring - SALES ASSISTANT Patricia Sheehan - SHIPPING ASSISTANT David Bickel - ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT cell wall preparations express immunogenic epitopes eliminate the potential risks – dependent on the condition Pamela Bickel - DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION Susan Norcross L.Ac., R.N. - PRACTITIONER SUPPORT Rain Olympia Crow D.C., N.D (proteins) on their surface that can cause the immune sys- of the patient's immune system and the specific illness tem to react very strongly. In fact, Mycobacteria whole suffered – caused by whole cell preparations' influence cell or cell wall preparations have been reported to be Rain Olympia Crow D.C., N.D. - Gary Klepper D.C., N.D. - Bart Stark D.C., DIBAK, DIAMA (continued on page 16) BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 15 Mode of Action cont.
as part of the patient's therapy must avoid further stimu- PEKANA's INFLAMYAR Spagyric Ointment
lation of a harsh immune response. The consequences of an impaired immune system are Provides Fast Relief of Inflammation, Effectively Treats
seen everyday in medical practices. They include auto- THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF IMMUNE
Sprains, Bruises and Joint Pain
immunity, immuno-deficiency and hypersensitivity of the immune system.
Medicine today uses different strategies to modulate For treatment of sports injuries, sprains, bruises, joint problems,
Autoimmunity occurs when a tiny protein part located on
immune function that evoke gentle, moderate or strong a germ's surface exactly resembles a structure on normal muscle strains and acute and chronic inflammation
reactions. These include: body cells. As a result, Specific immunity is developedagainst this tiny part, and B cells produce antibodies that 1) Herbal medicines such as Echinacea and ginseng that
recognize this protein piece on the surface. Unfortunately, trigger Nonspecific immune effects; the antibody will also attach to normal body cells carryingthe same protein piece and destroy them. 2) Prescription drugs designed to provoke Nonspecific
INFLAMYAR spagyric ointment treats
In addition to treating chronic conditions and Specific (cell-mediated) effects, where B cell and rheumatic, arthritic and inflammatory con- effectively, INFLAMYAR ointment is inval-
One example is Candida albicans, which has tiny protein
T cell response comes directly into play; ditions topically to greatly ease pain and uable for healing traumatic sport injuries, pieces that closely resemble those on human cells. Scientific bring quick relief to afflicted patients – all such as sprains, bruises and ligament strain.
research conducted by ImmunoSciences Lab in Southern 3) Whole cell or cell wall bacterial preparations made
without the side-effects of chemical drugs.
Although the ointment is normally rubbed California has shown that Candida albicans causes an from inactivated or killed microorganisms that mainly Other conditions effectively treated by on to the affected area, it may be advanta- Adaptive immune response with antibodies that are also work on the Specific (cell-mediated) level. Because INFLAMYAR include myalgia, contusion,
geous at times to generously apply it to a directed against the ovaries, liver and other tissues.
they contain antigens and can be strongly immuno haematoma, tendovaginitis, epicondylitis, bandage or gauze to maximize efficacy.
Although the immune system mounts a response to the genic, whole cell remedies often provoke harsh reactions; myogelosis, neuralgia, lumbago, hip pain Candida albicans, autoimmunity may result if a cytotoxic Metabolic Products from bacteria
(sciatica), bursitis and intercostal neuralgia. T cell attacks organ cells because it cannot distinguish between the microbe and the body's own cells. trigger a Nonspecific immune response, but also sec-ondarily create Specific and Anabolic effects, including This process is referred to as molecular mimicry. It also
mood enhancement. A new type of therapy based on
has also been reported for certain mycobacteria, which modern immunology, metabolic products consist of
may work in the same way to develop arthritis and small molecules excreted by bacterial cells that
haematoma, rheumatism immune system dysregulation. It seems likely that molecu- provide gentle immune modulation.
Bryonia alba
lar mimicry may result as a severe consequence if a 5) Oral probiotics
shortening of the tendon preparation is used to initiate a Specific response when a that cause weak Specific, Nonspecific Nonspecific modulation would be preferred.
and intestinal microflora regulating effects.
joint and muscle rheumatism contusions, haematoma Immune deficiency takes place when the overall reac-
It is essential to emphasize that immune modulating
therapy is indicated only in the case of an illness

tion level is reduced, which prevents development of a caused by the immune system
proper response against an invading microorganism or . The question must be circulation, paralytic symptoms toxin to rid it from the body. It can have an extreme effect asked: what is the cause of the immune suppression? For Viscum album
rheumatic spasms, wry-neck on the body, such as the cholera toxin that causes severe example, if a patient suffers from a secondary pancreas diarrhea and can lead to death from dehydration if not insufficiency known to depress immune function, it treated properly. would not benefit the patient to stimulate an immunereaction because the immune system impairment is, in Finally, hypersensitivity occurs when a microbe or toxin
this case, a secondary effect, not primary. Any successful Rub in locally several times per day, or apply using a dressing invades the body or comes in contract with the mucosa therapy would focus on eliminating conditions that led to FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY
(nose or mouth), and the immune system mounts a the secondary pancreas insufficiency. Therefore, an huge reaction that causes more harm to the tissues than appropriate diagnosis before and during treatment is SUGGESTED ADJUVANT THERAPY
absolutely required. Analysis of immune parameters – forexample, in the blood – with clinically recognized meth- The goal of any therapy, therefore, is to create a balanced soft tissue rheumatism ods performed by licensed labs often help determine the immune response that eliminates the invading microbes MUNDIPUR drops tissue
or substances without harming the body tissues.
apo-INFEKT drops
cleans up by-products of infections Accordingly, a Non-Specific or Specific response cannot With immune modulation therapy, a general activation is be called good or bad, but instead must address the less important than balance. An increase in T cell or B cell patient's particular situation so as to provide a proper activity does not tell the practitioner much about whether response. On the other hand, if the immune system overre- a microbiological therapy is good or bad in terms of acts to an invading microbe, using an immune modulator BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 tumors, which cause erythrocyte lysis, leads to the for- entifically validated or reliable tool to determine carcino- mation of highly dense and insoluble hemoglobin genic processes in the human blood. Reliable diagnostic Introducing SyProtect™ Natural
deposits (the "darkfield bodies"). Moreover, immunoflu- tools are available by licensed laboratories. One such orescence analysis (a method used to identify the molecular facility, the ImmunoSciences Lab in California, has Plant Extract Antioxidant Capsules
nature of a protein) has demonstrated the existence of developed diagnostic programs that specifically meet the Exceptional Ingredients for Superior Protection Against Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress
hemoglobin-deposits in the blood of cancer patients as expectations and needs of alternative practitioners. suspended particles and phagocytosed ones internalized byneutrophils. Therefore, fibrin deposits may be causative BioResource is dedicated to funding and reporting the for certain carcinogenic processes, due to their action, results of valid scientific studies to help evaluate therapies erythrocyte lysis and neutrophil activation. in the field of biological medicine. We offer special thanks Developed by Syntrion,the new,specially-crafted,scientifically-supported SyProtect is a well-balanced, unique formula composed of crude extracts from fruits and vegetables. Justone scent of this incredibly powerful antioxidant, and you'll understand that SyProtect is to our customers for your willingness as pioneering prac- These results demonstrate the enormous potential of titioners to consider new ideas with an open-mind, and to something special! With daily use, SyProtect: recently developed diagnostic tools in evaluating evi- adjust to changing information. The modern research dence-based concepts in alternative medicine. Although refuting Enderlein's specific theories of pleomorphic life • Potently Activates Phase II Enzymes to Detoxify Harmful Substances
in most cases the interpretation of findings will be different cycles as the cause of disease, along with important new • Increases Cellular Glutathione Levels by More Than 50%
from the original concepts and theories, the findings data regarding bacterial medications, are two cases in open new and interesting perspectives, and promote point. The flexibility to study and embrace findings • Provides High-Quality Essential Vitamins and Minerals Required for Health.
widespread credibility. based on good science, while putting aside antiquatedconcepts, is vital to achieving a better, authentic under- In contrast, identification of the so-called "darkfield bod- standing of biological medicine that will benefit patients.
In addition, SyProtect offers the following benefits: ies" using certain types of light microscopes (phase Made from the highest quality organic raw materials grown in the pristine Arctic area of
contrast microscopy, darkfield microscopy) is not a sci- Northern Finland and other select European regions Pine bark and broccoli extracts increase cellular glutathione levels by more than 50%
through stimulation of the Glutathione recycling system. Glutathione is the main intracellularantioxidant and constantly recycled in the cells.
Muscle Response Testing for
The broccoli extract's high Sulforaphane content provides powerful Phase II enzymes activation to help detoxify harmful substances Health Care Professionals
Hand-picked wild Arctic Seabuckthorn and bilberries provide exceptional amounts of flavonoids
(anthocyanidins), Vitamin A (carotenes), Vitamins E, C, B1 (thiamine) , B2 (riboflavin) B6, A Muscle Response Testing class for health care professionals will be offered on Saturday & Sunday, magnesium, calcium and other health-promoting substances September 14-15, 2002 at the Mission Valley Hilton in San Diego, California. Taught by David Getoff, a Rich in vitamins, the New Zealand Kiwi Fruit extract also provides magnesium, zinc, selenium,
board-certified Clinical Nutritionist and traditional Naturopath, the two-day session will focus on teaching calcium and manganese new techniques, increasing proficiency of those who already use muscle testing, and introducing attendeesto new products.
Based on the Traffic Light Recommendation of consuming green, yellow and red vegetables
to ensure daily intake of vitamins, trace elements and primary/secondary phytochemicals Additional topics covered will include: required to protect against different types of Free Radicals 1. The correct order of testing.
metals without the use of any of the more toxic Alcohol-free and manufactured without harmful solvents
2. How to give excellent liver and kidney support. drugs such as DMPS and DMSA.
Advanced, heat-free drying techniques preserve the aroma, taste and health benefits of
3. To test if immune support is needed; which 6. Why you should not "test" for dosing of products to use.
Ingredients supported by the latest biochemical findings and clinical trials
4. Drainage & detoxification & how to 7. Products from various countries will be discussed avoid the healing crisis.
that the instructor has found to give the best Extensive safety analysis against heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, radioactivity or
results in his own practice.
5. The best way to detox mercury and other toxic microbial contamination 8. How to explain muscle testing to new patients. Free from common allergens including yeast, gluten, corn, wheat, rice, lactose and eggs
Dr. Getoff is also vice-president of the internationally known Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, Contains no added binders, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavoring, coloring, salicylates
and directs a private practice in Southern California.
or animal products For enrollment information, please contact Joan Grinzi, P.O. Box 1194, Spring Valley, CA 91979. Gelatin-free capsules derived from plant substances (cellulose)
Seating will be limited to 30 people.
BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 13

ic In estigations
estigations ield Initial Results into Ho
ield Initial Results into Ho
Isopathic Fungal Remedies W
Isopathic Fungal Remedies o
W rk to Fight Disease
New groundbreaking research conducted in German of Fungal and Bacterial-based Remedies/Potential laboratories strongly indicates that at least one Virulence Factors" published in 2002, the researchers type of fungal remedy made from Penicillium stated that "due to the development of Isopathic notatum has no direct effect on bacteria, nor does it work Remedies (as early as) 1916 even basic data on the safe- like an antibiotic. Scientists designed the ongoing study to ty have been missing so far. Therefore, studies on the 1) confirm the absence of antibiotic activity in isopathic absence of toxic substances and antibiotics are absolute- fungal remedies, and 2) test whether isopathics influence ly necessary to demonstrate the safety of Isopathic- the multiplication of bacteria under different growth con- homeopathic remedies sold by BioResource in the U.S." ditions. Instead, biochemists have postulated that the iso- Practitioners can access the Syntrion report – which con- pathic remedy Penicillium notatum interacts with clusively showed that SanPharma medications represent immune system cells to help eliminate invading microor- a smart, safe choice – by calling BioResource. ganisms. The German biochemists and lab technicians In summary, this new, highly sophisticated research has anticipate that further research will provide more defini- further elucidated that how isopath- tive answers in the coming months. ic-homeopathic remedies work to Two methods were used to test the fight disease is measurable and In summary, this new, highly
hypothesis that the isopathic reme- detectable with commonly accepted, dies Pencillium notatum, Mucor validated scientific methods, and sophisticated research has
racemosus, Penicillium frequentans will therefore contribute to the rep- further elucidated that how
and Aspergillus niger might inhibit utation and acceptance of this form bacterial growth or even lead to of therapy in the medical communi- bacterial death (or bacterial cell ty. In addition, scientific work on work to fight disease is measurable
downgrade processes according to the identification of so-called the antiquated Enderlein theory).
and detectable with commonly
"darkfield bodies" has now gained The PREMI test for antibiotic sus- acceptance in the scientific commu- accepted, validated scientific
ceptibility revealed that the presence nity. The following papers have of isopathics does not cause any methods, and will therefore
been published or accepted for growth inhibition or degradation of publication in peer-reviewed scien- contribute to the reputation and
the bacteria Bacillus stearo-ther- BioResource to Introduce Telephone
mophilus, a bacteria highly sensitive acceptance of this form of therapy
1) Elevated Plasma Levels of
to growth inhibiting substances.
in the medical community.
Cross-linked Fibrinogen Gamma- Education Classes this Fall
The tests used high concentrations chain Dimmer Indicate Cancer- Sessions Will Focus on Product Use & Case Management Training
of the above mentioned Isopathics.
related Fibrin Deposition and Fibrinolysis. Thromb Similar results also were achieved for bacterial-based Haemost. 2001 Mar; 85(3): 494-501; Gerner et. al. 2) Plasma from Cancer Patients Featuring a Characteristic
Furthermore, a second method, known as the Disc Protein Composition Mediates Protection Against Diffusion Test, revealed that Isopathics do not perform Apoptosis. Accepted for publication May 21, 2002 MCP, Beginning this fall,BioResource customers will have the opportunity to dial up a toll-free teleconfer- ence line to participate in 60-90 minute sessions on how to incorporate German Biological Medicineinto their practices. The sessions, which will be divided into Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced any activities capable of inhibiting multiplication/growth Training levels, will focus on use of PEKANA homeopathic-spagyric medications and SanPharma & bacteri- Gerner et. al.
or inducing degradation of several different strains of test al remedies, case management training and therapy tips.
bacteria, including Bacillus subtilis and Mycobacterium 3) Oxidative Protein Damage in Tumor Tissues Consequent
luteus, at different growth conditions (pH 6.5, 7,0 and to Hypercoagulation. Accepted for publication June "By offering this low-cost service, BioResource will provide its North American customers with easy access 8.0). These sophisticated experiments and results firmly 2002, Gerner et. al. to high quality information – all from the convenience of their homes or offices," said Susan Norcross, R.N., argue against Isopathics' ability to degrade or inhibit the Scientific evaluation of evidence-based concepts and the- L.Ac., Director of Education for BioResource. "Importantly, these teleconference sessions will feature instruc- bacterial multiplication/growth of so-called "higher bac-terial forms" theorized more than 80 years ago. ories offers new, exciting insights and perspectives with- tors who are very knowledgeable and experienced in the practice of biological medicine." in the field of alternative medicine. For example, so- The modern studies also demonstrated the toxicological called "darkfield bodies" do not represent bacteria of For details on how to register for a teleconference, please contact BioResource at 800/203-3775 or Susan safety and purity – including the absence of antibiotic proposed life cycles as thought by Enderlein and others.
Norcross at 866/309-9661. substances – specifically for the SanPharma bacterial Instead, the "darkfield bodies" are often protein alter- immune-modulation medications and isopathic fungal ations sometimes characteristic of neoplastic disease.
remedies. In a report entitled "Monitoring of Cytotoxicity The occurrence of fibrin deposits in various human BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 5

Clinical Application Study: PEKANA ITIRES Drops Highly Effective,
Well-Tolerated For Lymphatic Conditions
Using RJL Bio Impedance and Biological Immunity
Analysis to Analyze Patients' Health Status
Results of a Multi-center Clinical Application Study have shown that German medical doctors and By Michael Kessler D.C. & Sondra Becchetti D.C.
The patient survey involved 49 adults and 40 children, patients find PEKANA's ITIRES homeopathic- and was performed according to age and sex. The aver- spagyric drops extremely effective in treating lymphatic age age was 53 years old for adults and eight years old inflammation. Directed by Michael Schuldlos M.D., the The pH of the saliva and urine are balanced in the for pediatrics. The percentage of female to male patients Phase IV study also revealed that ITIRES spag. drops are Biological Immunity Analysis.
was equal in both observed groups. During the study, no Bio Impedance analysis,in conjunction with the Biological Immunity Analysis, can identify key very well tolerated by patients and free of side effects.
significant deviations occurred that could lead to the con- areas that require attention in a patient's health.
These two modalities also provide objective, repro- • The patient shows a proper Salt reading according to Development of lymph gland inflammation is associated clusion that ITIRES spag. drops' effectiveness is gender ducible information that enables the practitioner to the Biological Immunity Analysis, a good indication with the body's attempt to overcome harmful foreign establish a baseline for each patient's total health. of mineral health.
substances. For this reason, an adjuvant treatment is of Each child received an average daily dosage of 5, 10 or great importance to prevent secondary damage and 15 drops of ITIRES 3 times daily, depending on their The RJL body composition analysis will measure a • The patient's Sugar reading is balanced according relapses, and to relieve the burden on the immune system.
age, while the adults received on average of 20 drops 3 patient's Phase Angle, a sensitive indicator and pre- to the Biological Immunity Analysis, indicating a Produced homeopathically, as well as by a unique, high times daily. All prescribed dosages fell within the param- dictor of total health. The Phase Angle measures the balanced sugar metabolism.
quality spagyric processing method listed in the German eters of the manufacturer's recommendations. The aver- strength and resiliency of the cell membrane itself.
Homeopathic Pharmacopeia, ITIRES spag. drops syner- age duration of treatment was approximately 13 days for Three major studies released during the past five years • Ammonia levels are brought down with proper gistically combine highly effective substances known in children and 25 days for adults (two to four weeks).
have shown Phase Angle to be a more accurate and drainage and the colon is balanced with the field of complementary medicine to achieve fast relief sensitive indicator of long term prognosis for patients SulfRedox, probiotics, and the proper remedies to and true healing. These substances are Barium carbonicum, with AIDS, cancer and kidney disease. The higher the eradicate unwanted organisms.
Cistus canadensis and Scrophularia nodosa for lymph Phase Angle, the better a patient's overall health status.
gland inflammation; Calcium jodatum and Conium for The medication's effectiveness was evaluated by the If patient readings do not improve on subsequent tests, hardening of the lymph nodes; and Echinacea angustifolia treating physicians, as well as the patients. Nearly 96 This system will also measure Intracellular Water, a the practitioner must either 1) re-evaluate protocols and Juglans regia for septicemia. ITIRES spag. drops also percent of physicians and 94 percent of adult patients sensitive indicator of cellular nutritional health. The for the patient or 2) ensure that the patient has been include Galium aparine. Historically used as a "cancer reported Very Good (free of symptoms) or Good greater the Intracellular Water, the better a patient's compliant in their diet and remedies. The practitioner plant," this substance is recognized as an excellent remedy (improved) results (see Table 1 and Table 2), a highly sig- health status. This analysis technique also measures will also pick up this information from the Biological for treating skin tumors and lymph node swelling, and nificant positive evaluation of the ITIRES spag. drops' Extracellular Water. Any increase of Extracellular Immunity Analysis. Moreover, after their health for helping to stimulate metabolic processes.
therapeutic effect.
Water in relationship to Intracellular Water could improves, patients may reach a plateau, and the indicate toxicity. For example, a high Ammonia reading Biological Immunity Analysis will indicate that they on the Biological Immunity Analysis would indicate cannot move forward with further enhancement until extreme patient toxicity. Accordingly, if a patient's they deal with emotional stress. At this point, the prac- Total Body Water in liters measures normal or greater titioner may choose to add PEKANA PSY-stabil drops ITIRES spag. PEKANA drops
than normal, the practitioner could conclude that the to the therapy and utilize HeartMath's Freeze Framer™ patient has plenty of water in his or her body, yet it is Evaluation of EFFECTIVENESS by physicians
Stress Management software learning program. not getting into the cells. This test may also reveal alow Phase Angle, indicating that the patient's ability In the next issue, actual cases with the patient's lab • Number of patients
to heal is compromised and that it will take time to turn results will be discussed, as well as how PEKANA their health around. Finally, another reading, called homeopathic-spagyric medications are prescribed Parallel Capacitance, indicates how well the electrical along with diet and lifestyle changes to improve each chemical gradient is working to maintain the proper patient's health. For further information on workshops Evaluation of the preparation:
electrical charge of the cell. on the Biological Immunity Analysis, the RJL Bio Impedance Analysis laser therapy using the Erchonia very good = free of symptoms Several indicators that attest to an improvement in laser, Kindling–Electrodermal testing or HeartMath the patient's health will be reflected in the results of please call The Health Detectives at 415-468-5918 or adequate = slightly improved e-mail at energy@health detectives.com. Workshops unsatisfactory = no effect are also available on CD-ROM.
BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 11

In addition, the treating physicians conducted an evaluation Based on these results, this clinical application study strong- of patient tolerance of ITIRES spag. drops. Their survey ly indicates that ITIRES spag. drops are highly effective, showed extremely positive results, confirming that the tolerated well by patients and extremely well-suited for use BioResource Now Offers SAMENTO
medication was well tolerated by approximately 80 percent in the daily medical practice. ITIRES spag.drops represent of patients. Observations of long term use, which was pos- an exceptionally effective and reliable medication free of Immune Enhancer
sible in the case of 14 adults (28.6%), also proved note- side-effects for the treatment of lymph gland inflammation, worthy: excellent tolerance was reported even in cases and also provide fast, effective therapy support when used Peruvian Rainforest Botanical 100 Times More
where the medication was administered for a maximum in pediatrics.
Effective than Traditional Cat's Claw
period of 69 days. About the Study Author: Michael Schuldlos M.D. has
directed a private practice in Germany for the past 15

BioResource has added the powerful Samento Cat's Claw supplement from Nutramedix years that integrates natural healing methods.
to its growing line of products. Derived from a rare form of Uncaria tomentosa, Samento boosts immunity, helps fight infections and eases rheumatic conditions.
ITIRES spag. PEKANA drops
Samento has proven more effective than traditional Cat's Claw because it contains the Evaluation of EFFECTIVENESS by patients
alkaloid pentayciclic oxindole (POA) but is free of the alkaloid tetracyclic oxindole (TOAs), which acts as an antagonist to the POAs. The wildcrafted plants used to pro- • Number of patients
duce Samento are selected for harvesting at a TOA-free point in the growth cycle. In addition, the Samento supplement contains a minimum of 0.5% POAs. Practitioners' price for a 30-unit bottle of Samento Extra Strength 600 mg capsules Evaluation of the preparation as follows:
very good = free of complaints To order, please contact BioResource at 800/203-3775.
adequate = slightly improved unsatisfactory = no effect SanPharma Quentans Suppositories in 3X
Potency Available Soon
ITIRES spag. PEKANA drops
Evaluation by physicians
BioResource customers will soon be able to purchase the SanPharma Quentans fungal
remedy in the new suppository form. Available in 3X potency, suppositories represent • Number of patients
a highly beneficial form of fungal therapy.
Practitioners have long used Quentans to fight colds and flu, such as by prescribing the
combination Notatum-Quentans Nasal Spray available exclusively from BioResource. Evaluation of the preparation:
Practitioners' cost for a box of 10 Quentans 3X suppositories is $12.00. To order,
very good = free of symptoms please contact BioResource at 800/203-3775 or send a fax to 707/664-0857.
adequate = slightly improved unsatisfactory = no effect BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 7 "Big Three"
Fall Seminar Schedule Features Neural Therapy Lecture
PEKANA Detox and Drainage Kit
by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Blood Video by
World-Class Immunologist Gitte Jensen Ph.D.
A well-known practitioner, lecturer and author in the BioResource has introduced a PEKANA Basic
BioResource has scheduled four product- training sessions this fall for practitioners field of holistic medicine, Dr. Klinghardt developed Detoxification and Drainage Kit that combines the and students who wish to learn more about the Autonomic Response Technique. He directs the "Big Three" homeopathic-spagyric medications- • Produced by Dr. Peter Beyersdorff's Unique
German biological medicine. Taught by Bart Stark American Academy of Neural Therapy, and also apo-HEPAT (liver), ITIRES (lymphatic system)
Spagyric Processing Method listed in the
D.C. DIAMA, DIBAK, the Saturday events will runs a private practice in Bellevue, Washington. and RENELIX (kidney) – into one handy box for
German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (HAB)
include a discussion of PEKANA homeopathic- easy marketing by practitioners to their patients. Dr. Jensen, who directs the Holger NIS group in spagyric medications, SanPharma remedies, proto- • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)–certified
Ashland, Oregon, is an author and international The kit contains three 50 ml bottles of drops and sells cols, clinical results, applied kinesiology and case to ensure the highest production standards for
researcher in immunology, cancer biology and for a discounted practitioners' price of $22.50.
quality, safety and efficacy
nutrition. Using modern scientific research methods, PEKANA drops are comprised of eight ingredients that
In addition, the two-day San Jose seminar
Dr. Jensen has correctly identified so-called "dark- • Made from fresh plants or dried herbs prescribed
work synergistically to help restore the body to good held September 21-22 features presentations
field bodies" once erroneously thought to be part in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia that PEKANA
health. The apo-HEPAT drops promote proper liver and
on "Neural Therapy Techniques" by Dietrich
of Enderleinian pleomorphic life cycles, and will analyzes and standardizes to maintain constantly
gallbladder function, the ITIRES promotes superior
bring new insights into the value of therapy.
high product quality
Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., and "Scientific Analysis
lymphatic movement and drainage, while the RENELIX
of Microbial Forms and Cellular Breakdown
Microscope users and advocates of biological drops support the kidney and urological systems to • Filtered, never distilled, to keep the effective sub-
in Live Blood" by Gitte Jensen, Ph.D., who
medicine should find this talk lively and highly ensure proper excretion of toxins. stances intact, and ensure that biocatalysts (enzymes)
will present a groundbreaking video.
PEKANA produces energetically superior homeopathic-
and vitamins are not destroyed. In contrast, standard
spagyric remedies at its GMP-certified manufacturing spagyric processing methods use distillation that
facility in southern Germany using a unique processing harms the energy content (as confirmed by thin-
method developed by founder Dr. Peter Beyersdorff.
layer chromatography)
Listed in the German Homeopathic Pharmacopeia (HAB), • Hand-succussed to maintain vital energy
The Seminar Schedule for
PEKANA's advanced production techniques create an
exceptionally potent line of medications as confirmed
Potentized according to Homeopathic
Fall 2002 is as follows:
by thin-layer chromatography. As a result, PEKANA
medications' higher quantity and quality of energyprovides greater information transfer and molecular • High Energy Content verified by Comparative
Saturday, September 14 – Rye, New York interaction within the body's regulatory systems.
Saturday & Sunday Sept. 21-22 – San Jose, CA 9-5 Sat., 9-1 Sun. Saturday, October 12 – Austin, TX Saturday, November 2 – Portland, OR Costs are $100 for the one-day seminars, and $125 for the two-day San Jose event. Students,
spouses or staff members who attend from the same office as a registered practitioner are charged
a reduced rate of $50 ($75 for the San Jose seminar). To register or receive more information,
please contact BioResource at 800/203-3775 or send an email to [email protected]
BioMed Report, Summer 2002 BioMed Report, Summer 2002 9

Source: http://www.healing-cancer.co.uk/resources/live-blood-resources/gitte-feature2.pdf


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