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BY ORDER OF THE COMMANDER MEDICAL GROUP INSTRUCTION 40-4 16th Medical Group 1 March 2003 Medical Command HEALTH PROMOTION TOBACCO PREVENTION AND CESSATION PROGRAM COMPLIANCE WITH THIS INSTRUCTION IS MANDATORY Supersedes: MDGI 40-4, 11 Jan 01 OPR: 16 MDOS/SGOAZ Certified by: 16 MDG/SGA (Lt Col Felins) Pages: 13 Distribution: F This instruction outlines the Hurlburt Field Health Promotion Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program. This program directly supports the Air Force and Air Force Special Operations Command's emphasis on wellness in order to improve military readiness and effectiveness. This policy applies to 16th Medical Group (16 MDG) personnel and others assisting with the program. SUMMARY OF REVISIONS: Para 4.1.6, deleted "Integrated Delivery System (IDS)." Changed to read, "Commando Agencies Reaching Everyone (CARE)." Para changed "(attachment 2)" to "(attachment 2,4, or 5)." Para 4.4.8, deleted "IDS," replace with "CARE." Para 5.5.1, "PCM teams may schedule members for the 4-week tobacco cessation program and/or intake appointment at the HAWC through CHCS or central appointments." Changed to read, "PCM teams may contact the HAWC at 884-4292 to schedule members for the 4-week tobacco cessation program." Added attachments 4 and 5. Attachment 4 "Sample AF Form 781, Multiple Item Prescription Habitrol (1PPD or more)," and Attachment 5 "Sample AF Form 781, Multiple Item Prescription Habitrol (Less than 1DDP)." 1. REFERENCES. 1.1. DoD Directive 1010.10, Health Promotion. 1.2. DoD Directive 1010.15, Smoke-Free Workplace. 1.3. AFPD 40-1, Health Promotion. 1.4. AFI 40-101, Air Force Health Promotion Program. 1.5. AFI 40-102, Tobacco Use in the Air Force.

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Elective Induction of Labor as a Risk Factor forCesarean Delivery Among Low-Risk Womenat Term ARTHUR S. MASLOW, DO, MSc, AND AMY L. SWEENY, MPH Objective: To determine the effects of elective induction on tions, indicated and elective inductions, and induction the risk of cesarean delivery in a cohort of women with techniques. There is continued criticism of the adequacy

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Cost effective C3-fermentation chemistry The NordBioChem's way out of Fossils Cologne, April 7th 2016 NordBioChem will in following show, that • an efficient and competitive C3-fermentation-chemisry is available and next to PLA • a high variety of C3-Bio-Chemicals like propylene oxide, propylene glycol, their derivatives, acrylates as well as many other basic and new chemicals could be produced.

Nasacort® aq (triamcinolone acetonide)

HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION These highlights do not include all the information needed to use NASACORT AQ safely and • Epistaxis, nasal septal perforation, Candida albicans infection, impaired wound healing. Monitor patients periodically for signs of adverse effects on the nasal mucosa. Avoid use in effectively. See full prescribing information for NASACORT AQ.

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POLICY BRIEF CONSOLIDATED GUIDELINES ON THE USE OF ANTIRETROVIRAL DRUGS FOR TREATING AND PREVENTING HIV INFECTIONWHAT'S NEW WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data Policy brief: consolidated guidelines on the use of antiretroviral drugs for treating and preventing HIV infection: what's new.


Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: A Multidimensional View Innovation in the Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: A Multidimensional View Authors: Genia Long Analysis Group, Inc. 111 Huntington Avenue, 10th floor Boston, Massachusetts 02199 (617) 425-8491 [email protected]

12996 nmb journal march 08

12870 NMB Journal March 08 Cover 19/2/08 5:03 PM Page 3 Cover photo: Anita Sandstrom, Clinical Nurse Educator Paediatric Recovery, Sydney Children's Hospital Nurses and Midwives Board of New South WalesPO Box K599, Haymarket NSW 1238 AustraliaLevel 6, North Wing, 477 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000Telephone: +61 2 9219 0222 Facsimile: +61 2 9281 2030 Rural: 1800 241 220 Email: [email protected] Online: www.nmb.nsw.gov.auISSN: 1832-4800


ORIGINAL INVESTIGATION Pregnancy Outcome Following GestationalExposure to Echinacea A Prospective Controlled Study Michael Gallo, BSc; Maumita Sarkar, BSc; Waisze Au, BSc; Kimberlee Pietrzak, MD; Beatriz Comas, MD;Michael Smith, MD; Thomas V. Jaeger, PhD; Adrienne Einarson, RN; Gideon Koren, MD Background: Echinacea products are among the most

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o - Stampa: Grafitalia - RE . - £ 250 - Copia omaggi iziano Motti - Contiene I.P l 20/02/91 - Prop. Gruppo Media srl Via Piaggia, 25 Reggio E. - Dir rib. RE n. 788 de Comune di Cisano Bergamasco . 45% - Art. 2 Comma 20/b - Legge 662/96 - Fil. RE - Aut. T 2 0 0 1 - 2 0 0 2 76 - Luglio 2001 - Sped. in A.P "Vivi la Città" n° L'Amministrazione Comunale di Cisano


DIVISION OF MEDICAID AND LONG-TERM CARE PHARMACEUTICAL AND THERAPEUTICS COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES May 13, 2015 at 9 a.m., CST Mahoney State Park, Peter Kiewit Lodge Claire Baker, M.D. Jenny Minchow, Pharm.D. Stacie Bleicher, M.D. Abigail Anderson, M.C.R.P. Kristie Bohac, M.D. Shelly Nickerson, Pharm.D. Chris Caudill, M.D. Yvonne Davenport, M.D.

Emergency contraception: barriers to access

Emergency Contraception: Barriers to Access Access to emergency contraception (EC or "the morning-after pill") has greatly increased in the last few years. Three brands of EC – Next Choice®, Plan B One-Step®, and Levonorgestrel Tablets – are available without a prescription for individuals 17 and older. ella® - a prescription-only EC product – provides women with a longer window of time in which to prevent pregnancy. Yet barriers remain, preventing truly unencumbered access to this important method of pregnancy prevention.


WOMEN'S HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRE This questionnaire is designed for women who are experiencing menstrual, menopausal and/or gynaecological health concerns. Your answers will assist your practitioner in gaining information about your presentation and assist in the creation of your treatment plan. HOW TO USE THE QUESTIONNAIRE When answering, please consider your symptoms from the last 6 months.


Analysis on the Use of Synonymous Adverbs: Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly, Probably, and Likely Analysis on the Use of Synonymous Adverbs: Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly, Probably, and Likely  The main objective of the current paper is to provide fuller definitions of five synonymous adverbs that express uncertainty: Maybe, perhaps, possibly, probably, and likely. In order to achieve this goal, 178 examples are collected from both spoken and written corpora and closely examined from semantic, stylistic, pragmatic, and syntactic points of view. The major findings are as follows: Maybe is used frequently in a casual context; perhaps is salient in its pragmatic use, such as hedges, when used in speech; possibly conveys a less degree of likelihood due to its theoretical property; probably frequently occurs with non-human propositions; and likely often accompanies good evidence and is the highest in the likelihood hierarchy. Observations under different perspectives are amalgamated to provide a clearer grasp of each adverb.


1.name five causes of distended uterus. 11.what is the active management of third stage of labor? i.v. ergometrine is given following the birth of anterior shoulder. the placenta is delivered by the controlled cord traction soon after the endometrial polyp delivery of the baby availing first uterine contraction. if the first attempt fails, another attempt is made after 2-3 minutes


APPLICATION NOTE hERG K+ channel currents and pharmacology using the IonFlux system Introduction HERG (human ether-a go-go-related gene) K+ channels are strongly expressed in the heart and are responsible for a rapid component (IKr) of the repolarizing currents in the cardiac action potential (Curran ‘95; Sanguinetti ‘95). Loss of function mutations affect-ing hERG are associated with some inherited forms of long QT syndrome (LQTS) and increase the risk for a serious ventricular arrhythmia, torsade de pointes (Tanaka ‘97; Moss ‘02). HERG K+ channel inhibition by both cardiac and noncardiac drugs has also been identified as the most common cause of acquired, drug-induced LQTS that may lead to sudden cardiac death (Vandenberg, Walker & Campbell ‘01). In fact, the side effect of hERG K+ channel inhibition is one of the major reasons of drug withdrawal or drug re-labeling in recent years, therefore in vitro evaluation of the effects of drugs on hERG channels expressed heterologously in mammalian cells has been recommended as part of the preclinical safety package by the International Conference on Harmoniza-tion (ICHS7B Expert Working Group, ‘02). The gold standard of evaluating drug effects on hERG K+ current is manual patch-clamp recording. However, this low-throughput, high-cost approach is


Pseudotumor Cerebri: Brief Review of Clinical Syndrome and Imaging Findings SUMMARY: PTC is a clinical entity of uncertain etiology characterized by intracranial hypertension. The syndrome classically manifests with headaches and visual changes in women with obesity. Tradition-ally, imaging ruled out secondary causes of elevated CSF pressure but now may reveal findingsfrequently seen in patients with PTC, including the following: flattening of the globe, an empty sella,an enlarged ONS, protrusion and enhancement of the optic nerve head, and increased tortuosity of theoptic nerve. Novel imaging methods, including MR venography, have additionally identified sinovenousstenosis as a potential indicator of PTC.


Règlement intérieur au 29 mars 2016 Le règlement intérieur précise les conditions d'application des statuts. Il est adopté et modifié dans les conditions fixées par les statuts. Article 1 : Siège social Le siège social est situé 4 rue Chérubini, Paris 75002 Article 2 : L'Assemblée Générale Ordinaire Mission de l'Assemblée Générale Ordinaire


Annual Report 2012-13 National Brain Research Centre Manesar, Haryana (India) Mandate . From the Director's Desk . Research Reports . 01 Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience Division . 03 • Prof. Subrata Sinha . • Dr. Nihar Ranjan Jana . • Dr. Pankaj Seth . • Dr. Ellora Sen . • Dr. Shiv K Sharma .

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Fluoride 2005;38(1):11–22 Research report 11 WATER FLUORIDATION AND CRIME IN AMERICA Manchester, NH, USA SUMMARY: A four-part study explores possible connections between waterfluoridation and crime in America. Part A, Media-reported crime database andfluoridation, presents an observational database of violent crimes, mostly multipleshootings, and finds an unusually high percentage of them associated with waterfluoridation, suggesting the existence of a "fluoride-related" category of crime. Alow-end threshold for the toxic effects of fluoridation of 0.3 ppm is identified, andthe term "fluoridated" is defined here as having a fluoride level of 0.3 ppm or higher.In Part B, Online crime database and fluoridation, a published database of year 2000crime data for 327 US cities over 75,000 population, representing 80 millionAmericans, was expanded to include fluoridation data for these cities. Waterfluoridation was consistently associated with high crime rates at all populationlevels. Part C, Book crime database and fluoridation, examines year 2000 crimestatistics for six major crimes in the same 327 cities according to their fluoridationstatus. Cities having natural fluoridation, or which use silicofluorides or sodiumfluoride, are shown to have substantially higher crime levels than nonfluoridatedcities. Part D, Lead related crime, quantifies the amount of crime historicallyassociated with lead intoxication, thus identifying a remainder which may beassociated with fluorides. This study presents a data-backed hypothesis about onepossible cause of crime; it is not a definitive statement about crime causality.


CONTENTS Background 3Mission and Philisophy 3ISO9001 4Directors 5Management Team 6Shareholders 6Corporate Information 7Chairman's Statement 10Summary of operations for five years 12Corporate Social Responsibility 13 F I N A N C I A L S T A T E M E N T SDirector's Report 14Auditor's Report 16Profit and Loss Account 17Revenue Account 18Balance Sheet 19Statement Pursuant to Section 125 20Statement of Changes in Equity 21Statement of Cash Flows 22Notes to the Accounts 23Detailed Profit and Loss Account 30


PROCEDURE - CHEMICAL AND LABORATORY SAFETY CHEMICALS AND/OR MATERIALS TO BE EXCLUDED FROM SCHOOL LABORATORIES All unlabeled bottles which contain substances of unknown composition 4-aminobipheyl Ammonium chlorate (VII) (perchlorate) Asbestos, soft forms, paper, fiber, mats, platinised, centred gauzes, gloves Benzene, used as a solvent Beryllium compounds Biphenyl-4-4' diamine (Benzedrine) Carbon monoxide Choleric (VII) acid (perchloric acid) Chloroethene (vinyl chloride monomer) Dicholorbiphenyl 1-4, 4'-diamines (chlorobenzidines) Diethyl sulphate 3,3'-dimethoxybi phenyl-4, 4'-diamines 3, 3'-dimethylbiphenyl-4, 4'-diamine (o-tolidine) Dimethyl sulphate 4, 4'-dinitrobiphenyl Ethyne cylinder (acetylene) Hydrazine Hydrofloric acid Hydrogen cynaide Mercury aklyls Naphthalen-l-amine (l-naphthylamine) Naphthalen-2-amine (2-naphthylamine) 4-nitrobiphenyl Nitrocellulose Nitrogen, triiodide Nitronaphthalenes Nitrosamines Nitrosophenols, 2- and 3- isomers Tellurium compounds Thallium and compounds Zinc chromate (VI)


tools included. HOW TO USE THE SMOKER'S QUIT KIT The Smoker's Quit Kit is like a TOOLBOX with all the tools you need to quit smoking for good. There are three Steps of quitting in the Smoker's Quit Kit. Step 1 — Offers facts about smoking that can help you decide if you're ready to quit. Step 2 — Will help you come up with a plan and prepare you to stop smoking.

Nsa literature review 09-2010

Network Spinal Analysis Care - Literature Review The following is a list of peer-reviewed publications involving Network Spinal Analysis Care. Further information regarding Network Spinal Analysis Research currently in process or programs where information on Network Spinal Analysis Research has been presented is available at On a standing wave Central Pattern Generator and the coherence problem Jonckheere E, Lohsoonthorn P, Musuvathy S, Mahajan V, Stefanovic M. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 5 (2010) 336–347. doi:10.1016/j.bspc.2010.04.002 An electrophysiological phenomenon running up and down the spine, elicited by light pressure contact at very precise points and thereafter taking the external appearance of an undulatory motion of the spine, is analyzed from its standing wave, coherence, and synchronization-at-a-distance properties. This standing spinal wave can be elicited in both normal and quadriplegic subjects, which demonstrates that the neuronal circuitry is embedded in the spine. The latter, along with the inherent rhythmicity of the motion, its wave properties, and the absence of external sensory input once the phenomenon is elicited reveal a Central Pattern Generator (CPG). The major investigative tool is surface electromyographic (sEMG) wavelet signal analysis at various points along the paraspinal muscles. Statistical correlation among the various points is used to establish the standing wave phenomenon on a specific subband of the Daubechies wavelet decomposition of the sEMG signals. More precisely, ∼10 Hz coherent bursts reveal synchronization between sensory-motor loops at a distance larger, and a frequency slower, than those already reported. As a potential therapeutic application, it is shown that partial recovery from spinal cord injury can be assessed by the correlation between the sEMG signals on both sides of the injury. Reorganizational Healing: A Paradigm for the Advancement of Wellness, Behavior Change, Holistic Practice, and Healing Epstein DM, Senzon SA, Lemberger D. Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. May 2009;15(5):461-64. PMID: 19450165 Reorganizational Healing, (ROH), is an emerging wellness, growth and behavioral change paradigm. Through its three central elements (the Four Seasons of Wellbeing, the Triad of Change, and the Five Energetic Intelligences) Reorganizational Healing takes an approach to help create a map for individuals to self-assess and draw on strengths to create sustainable change. Reorganizational Healing gives individuals concrete tools to explore and use the meanings of their symptoms, problems, and life-stressors as catalysts to taking new and sustained action to create a more fulfilling and resilient life. Editorial: Reorganizational Healing: A Health Change Model Whose Time Has Come Blanks RH. Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. May 2009;15(5):461-64. PMID: 19450161 No Abstract Available. Letter to the Editor: Network Spinal Analysis Jonckheere EA. Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. May 2009;15(5):469-70. PMID: 19450163 No Abstract Available.

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Dr. Daniel Brandt, Executive Director Campo Behavioral Health 424 N. Mesilla Street Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005 E-mail Address: [email protected] April 19 - 21, 2010 Program Surveyed: Developmental Disabilities Waiver Service Surveyed: Community Living (Supported Living & Independent Living) & Community Inclusion (Adult Habilitation) Stephanie R. Martinez de Berenger, M.P.A., GCDF, Healthcare Surveyor, Division of Health Improvement/Quality Management Bureau

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www.rsc.org/csr Chemical Society Reviews Artemisinin and its derivatives: a novel class of anti-malarialand anti-cancer agentsw Devdutt Chaturvedi, Abhishek Goswami, Partha Pratim Saikia, Nabin C. Barua*and Paruchuri G. Rao Received 3rd February 2009First published as an Advance Article on the web 24th August 2009DOI: 10.1039/b816679j In this tutorial review, an effort towards presentation of a comprehensive account of the recentdevelopments on various kinds of artemisinin derivatives including artemisinin dimers, trimersand tetramers has been made and their efficacy towards malaria parasites and different cancercells lines was compared with that of artemisinins, and various other anti-malarial and anti-cancerdrugs. It is expected that this review will provide first-hand information on artemisinin chemistryto organic/medicinal chemists, and pharmacologists working on anticancer and anti-malarial drugdevelopment.


Master of Laws (LL.M) Objectives: The program aims to provide broad education in law and academic disciplines. It aims to develop in students a wide appreciation of relevant subjects, their importance and rigorous academic challenges of current law, and to train them to be excellent law practitioners. The student will be engaged in private practice, or work for government or law agencies. Their training in the Program gives them the preparation they need to solve the challenging problems they encounter.


Treatment: Drug Therapy Treatment: Drug Therapy Drug management has an important role to play in primary care, both as a treatment for obesity in its own right and as a prevention for diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD) and premature death. The principal concerns when considering drug treatments for obesity management are:

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cpg .pain updated 03/2009 New England Pediatric Sickle Cell Consortium Management of Acute Pain in Pediatric Patients with Sickle Cell Disease (Vaso-Occlusive Episodes) Disclaimer Statement: Hospital clinical pathways are designed to assist clinicians by providing an analytical framework for the diagnosis and treatment of specific medical problems. They may be used for patient education and to assist in planning future care. They are not intended to replace a physician's judgment or to establish a protocol for all patients with a particular condition. The ultimate decision regarding the care of any patient should be made in respect to the individual circumstances presented by the patient. Any specific medications and dosing must always be reviewed carefully for each patient in view of any drug allergy or adverse reactions. This document was based on available research and clinical experience at time of its compilation. The following protocol is a regional guideline, and may be adopted by individual institutions as needed.


The National Defense Council Foundation ARTEMISININ NEW HOPE FOR MALARIA VICTIMS THE SCOURGE OF MALARIA Malaria is one of the triumvirate of diseases that has devastated the developing world. Along with AIDS and Tuberculosis, it has reached pandemic proportions in Asia and Africa with some 120 million clinical cases reported annually. Although the vast majority


april 2014_Layout 1 3/26/14 10:49 AM Page 1 Publication of New Jersey Carpenters Funds cobra rates revised nj carpenters annuity for active members fund achieves powerful COBRA provides continued health care coverage at group rates to 13 percent return in 2013 eligible employees and family members who have lost coverage due to certain qualifying events or reasons "other than gross misconduct." The


GENERIC MEDICATIONS FOR $5 ea. $999 FOR 90 DAY SUPPLY Allergies, Cold and Flu Ibuprofen Tab 400Mg Fluconazole Tab 150Mg Bisoprolol/HCTZ Tab 2.5/6.25Mg 30 Methyldopa Tab 250Mg Fluoxetine Cap 20Mg Aug Betamet Gel 0.05% Benzonatate Cap 100Mg Ibuprofen Tab 600Mg Fluconazole Tab 200Mg Bisoprolol/HCTZ Tab 5/6.25Mg 30 Methyldopa Tab 500Mg

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Therapeutic Hypothermia Annmarie Keck RN, CEN, EMT-B Clinical Outreach Educator History of Hypothermia Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, a surgeon in the Napoleonic army who invented the "flying ambulance" to rapidly rescue wounded soldiers from the field, described that during the Napoleonic wars wounded soldiers who were put close to a campfire died earlier than those who were not re-warmed.


The KAYAKU spirit represents Nippon Kayaku Group's corporate vision - the ultimate goal of all its corporate activities. We fulfill our social responsibilities as part of our corporate efforts to realize the KAYAKU spirit. These efforts are based on the standards of conduct articulated in the Group Action Guidelines and in the Nippon Kayaku Group

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Evaluation of the hair growth and retention activity of two solutions on human hair explants Study Directed by Dr E. Lati of Laboratoire Bio-EC, Centre de Recherches Biologiques et d'Experimentations Cutanees, on behalf of Pangaea Laboratories Ltd. Evaluation of the hair growth and retention activity of two solutions on human hair explants Independent Laboratory Evaluation and Experimental Report


INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT PACKAGE M Srinivas Prasad National Centre for Integrated Pest Management LBS Building, IARI Campus, New Delhi – 110 012 Directorate of Plant Protection, National Institute of Plant Health Quarantine & Storage (DPPQ&S) CGO Complex, NH IV, Faridabad DAC, Min of Agri., Rajendranagar, Hyderabad- 500030


January - March 2010 / # 1 2 hours ago our wandering female harrier from the west In this issue: coast flew straight into the heart of Lesotho! She is now close to a smal stream in a high altitude val ey, about 1 More travels by Lockie . . . . . . Rob Simmons 32 km from the Katse Dam. She has flown a straight line distance of 1173 km from her coastal "home" near

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Comprehensive Capacity Assessment of Health Laboratory Services in Nepal National Public Health laboratory and WHO-Nepal Page 1 of 62 Comprehensive Capacity Assessment of Health Laboratory Services in Nepal Dr. Palpasa Kansakar, Ph.D. (Microbiology) Mr. Binod Kumar Yadav, M.Sc (Biochemistry) Mr Krishna Rijal, CMLT Page 2 of 62


EFPIA Submission in response to CBD COP 8 DECISION VIII / 17 The contents of this paper are drawn from two seminars organised by EFPIA in 2005 and 2006. While the contents of this report remain the sole responsibility of EFPIA, we would like to thank the following for their contributions to the seminars and to this report: David Rosenberg and Marcus Dalton of GSK, Paul Denerley and Martin Todd of


Endometriosis Screening & Education Kit Empowering Materials for Understanding and Living Well in Spite of Endometriosis Developed in Collaboration With The United States Department of Health & Human Services Office on Women's Health Updated Edition 2012 Endometriosis Self-Test: Do You Have Endometriosis?