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The Journal of Neuroscience, May 1, 1999, 19(9):3423–3429 Regulation of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide Secretion by aSerotonergic Antimigraine Drug Paul L. Durham and Andrew F. Russo Department of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 We have investigated the regulation of calcitonin gene-related

Irland – „unterwegs in der heimat des heiligen kilian"

Sonntag, 08.04. „Er geht euch voraus nach Galiläa" Geplante Flugzeiten Ostergottesdienst zurzeit des Sonnenaufgangs. Folgende Linienflüge mit Lufthansa sind im Rahmen Montag, 02.04. „Zieh weg aus deinem Land" Osterspaziergang zum Wasserfall von En Gedi. Weiterfahrt dieser Reise vorgesehen: Flug von Frankfurt n ach Tel Aviv. Weiterfahrt durch das


Biological activities of curcumin and its analogues(Congeners) made by man and Mother Nature Preetha Anand Sherin G. Thomas Ajaikumar B. Kunnumakkara Chitra Sundaram Kuzhuvelil B. Harikumar Bokyung Sung Sheeja T. Tharakan Krishna Misra Indira K. Priyadarsini , Kallikat N. Rajasekharan , Bharat B. Aggarwal a Cytokine Research Laboratory, Department of Experimental Therapeutics, Unit 143, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,1515 Holcombe Boulevard, Houston, TX 77030, USAb Department of Chemistry, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Indiac Bio-informatics division, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad, Indiad Radiation and Photochemistry Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai-400085, India



Pnas201210072 17360.17365

Flexible graphene-based lithium ion batteries withultrafast charge and discharge ratesNa Lia,b,1, Zongping Chena,1, Wencai Rena, Feng Lia, and Hui-Ming Chenga,2 aShenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China; and bDepartmentof Materials Science & Engineering, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei 230026, China

Salud reproductiva.qxd

Salud reproductiva.qxd 9/10/2002 12:46 PM Page 281 "El pudor es una virtud relativa, según se tengan veinte, treinta o cuarenta y cinco años" Honoré de Balzac JUAN JOSÉ ESPINÓS GÓMEZ Los estados hiperandrogénicos están constituidos por una serie de cuadros clínicos queen su conjunto se caracterizan por presentar unaoferta androgénica superior a los órganos diana.


An evidence-based, Latin-American consensus ongastro-oesophageal reflux diseaseHenry Cohena, Joaquim Prado P. Moraes-Filhob, Maria Luisa Cafferatac,Giselle Tomassoc, Graciela Salisd, Oscar Gonza´leze, Jorge Valenzuelaf,Prateek Sharmag, Peter Malfertheinerh, David Armstrongi, Lars Lundellj,Rodolfo Cortik, Paulo Sakaib, Ivan Ceconellob and the Latin-AmericanGORD Consensus Group*


COMPETENCE STANDARDS FOR THE PHARMACY PROFESSiON COMPETENCE STANDARDS FOR THE PHARMACY PROFESSiON The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand (the Council) is established under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCAA) and has a duty to protect the public and promote good pharmacist practice. The Pharmacy Council is responsible for registration of pharmacists, the setting of standards for pharmacists' education,


Check List 8(2): 264-266, 2012© 2012 Check List and Authors ISSN 1809-127X (available at www.checklist.org.br) Journal of species lists and distribution Mammalia, Rodentia, Cricetidae, Calomys laucha (Fischer, 1814): Distribution extension in southern Brazil Caroline Badzinski 1*, Daniel Galiano 2 and Jorge R. Marinho 1 1 Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões – Campus de Erechim, Departamento de Ciências Biológicas. Avenida Sete de


MATERIALS MANAGEMENT DIVISION SPECIAL LIMITED TENDER NO. EMSA 7006 CLOSING DATE 27.11.2013. CLOSING TIME 14.30Hrs. Pre-bid /meeting will be held on 11.11.2013. The bidders are requested to attend the pre-bid meeting for clarifications about online bidding.-


Progressive cortical visual dysfunction syndrome 1 PROGRESSIVE CORTICAL VISUAL DYSFUNCTION SYNDROME David F. Tang-Wai M.D.,C.M. Division of Behavioral Neurology Department of Neurology What is this syndrome? Progressive cortical visual dysfunction syndrome is a rare progressive degenerative neurologic condition of the brain that primarily affects vision. There have been other


J Vet Intern Med 2007;21:1340–1346 Adjuvant Immunother apy of Feline Fibrosarcoma with Recombinant Feline Interferon-v Verena Hampel, Bianca Schwarz, Christine Kempf, Roberto Ko¨stlin, Ulrike Schillinger, Helmut Ku¨chenhoff, Nora Fenske, Thomas Brill, and Johannes Hirschberger Background: Recombinant feline interferon-v (rFeIFN-v) was tested as a treatment option for cats with fibrosarcoma to

Maternal risk factors for gastroschisis in canada

Maternal Risk Factors for Gastroschisis in Canada Erik D. Skarsgard*1, Christopher Meaney2, Kate Bassil3, Mary Brindle4, Laura Arbour5,Rahim Moineddin2, and the Canadian Pediatric Surgery Network (CAPSNet) Background: Gastroschisis is a congenital abdominal wall defect that occurs confidence interval, 0.83–0.87; p < 0.0001), smoking (odds ratio, 2.86; 95% in one per 2200 pregnancies. Birth defect surveillance in Canada has shown

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Section 1: Burden of Disease Tobacco Dependence, Attitudes  Smoking is highly prevalent worldwide and Treatment Strategies  Smoking increases morbidity and mortality The benefits of quitting have been Department of Family Medicine Semmelweis University Gender-Specific Smoking Smoking Prevalence of Adults vs Prevalence Across the World Youths: Young People Are Also at Risk


Journal of Physiology - Paris 99 (2006) 232–244 Development and virtual screening of target libraries Bioinformatics of the Drug, CNRS, UMR 7175, 74 route du Rhin, F-67400 Illkirch, France The concomitant development of in silico screening technologies and of three-dimensional information on therapeutically relevant macromolecular targets makes it possible to navigate in the structural proteome and to identify targets fulfilling user-defined queries.This review illustrates some in-house recent advances in the development of target libraries and how they can be browsed to unravelchemogenomic information. 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release Intake Center volunteers include, from left, Patty Thurston, Deb Kirkpatrick Nancy McLachlin, Bev Myers, Ellyn Cook, Janet Helminiak, Janey Powers, Laurel Gunderson,and Laura Vanderpool. WRR Intake Center has a Successful First Season By Janey Powers and as with all first-time ventures, a lot


Canadian Orchid Congress Fédération Canadienne des Sociétés Orchidophiles Volume 26.5– November 2014 Cycnodes Golden Showers, best plant inWindsor OS show and COC trophy winner COC Trophy winner at Eastern Canada OS show went COC Certificate Award winners: to Les Orchidophiles de Montreal for the most artisticdisplay. Dr. Joyce M. Reddoch and Dr. Allan H. Reddoch


Diagnostic criteria for cervical dystonia: Can botulinum neurotoxin manage, as well as, cure the problem? Jill L. Ostrem, MD Professor of Neurology UCSF Department of Neurology Movement Disorder and Neuromodulation Center Bachmann Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson's Disease Center of Excellence

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Newron Pharmaceuticals SpASIX: NWRN Annual media & analyst conference March 1, 2016 Restricted Scope; Exclusion of Liability; ConfidentialityThis document has been prepared by Newron Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. ("Newron") solely for your information. The information contained herein has not been independently verified. No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the information or opinions contained herein. Newron does not undertake any obligation to up-date or revise any information contained in this presentation. None of Newron, its advisors or any of their respective representatives or affiliates shall have any liability whatsoever (in negligence or otherwise) for any loss howsoever arising from any use of this document or its contents or otherwise arising in connection with this document.


2009 Workers' Compensation Drug Trend Report An analysis of trend and a forecast for the future Express Scripts, Inc.One Express WaySt. Louis, Missouri 63121 Published April 2010 Emily Cox, PhD, RPh Yakov Svirnovskiy Jennifer Kaburick, RN Ruth Martinez, RPh The authors would like to thank the analysts, researchers, reviewers and sponsors for the 2009 Workers' Compensation Drug Trend Report. We also recognize generous assistance from individuals throughout the Express Scripts organization, including the Clinical, Creative Management Services, Product Management and Research teams.


CHIMIE NOUVELLE N° 117 - décembre 2014 Joséphine K. NTUMBA(1)(2), Kalulu M. TABA(2), Raphaël ROBIETTE(1)*(1) Institut de la Matière Condensée et des Nanosciences (IMCN), Université catholique de Louvain, Place Louis Pasteur 1 bte L4.01.02, B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgique. Tel: +32 (0)10 47 91 76, Fax: +32 (0)10 47 42 68, [email protected] http://www.uclouvain.be/raphael.robiette(2) Département de Chimie, Université de Kinshasa, P. O. Box 190, Kinshasa


1. Chemical Product and Company information. Product name: Caffeine Contact Information: Alberton 1454 Telephone : 011 867 3726 / 2864 2. Hazard Identification Hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant), of ingestion, of inhalation. Severe over-exposure can result in death. 3. Composition / information on ingredients CAS #: 58-08-2 Synonym: 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine; 3,7-Dihydro-1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6-dione, Trimethyl-1,3,7-dioxo-2,6-purine Chemical Name: Caffeine Chemical Formula: C8-H10-N4-O2 4. First Aid Measures Eye Contact: Check for and remove any contact lenses. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Cold water may be used. WARM water MUST be used. Get medical attention. Skin Contact: In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water. Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. Remove contaminated clothing and shoes. Wash clothing before reuse. Thoroughly clean shoes before reuse. Get medical attention. Serious Skin Contact: Wash with a disinfectant soap and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream. Seek immediate medical attention. Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention.



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CHINESE ENFORCEMENT AGAINST ABUSES OF DOMINANCE RAMPS UP Peter Wang, Yizhe Zhang & Sébastien Evrard Copyright © 2012 For more articles and information, visit Competition Policy International, Inc.     Chinese Enforcement Against Abuses of Dominance Ramps Up Peter Wang, Yizhe Zhang & Sébastien Evrard (Jones Day) The first three years under the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law ("AML") have been dominated by merger control decisions mainly involving foreign companies, and


ISRAEL FÜR „ANFÄNGER UND KENNER" UMWELT – NATUR – GESCHICHTE – NACHHALTIGKEIT Die Reise führt Sie zu ökologischen, sozialen, landwirtschaftlichen Projekten des modernen Israel, ohne dabei die geschichtlichen Orte und Aspekte zu vergessen. 1. Tag, Samstag: Anreise Ankunft Flughafen Tel Aviv. Treffen im Hotel mit unserer Reiseleitung. Je nach Ankunftszeit Rundgang in Tel Aviv oder Yaffo. Ü/HP Tel Aviv.

Université victor segalen bordeaux 2

UNIVERSITE BORDEAUX 2 - VICTOR SEGALEN U.F.R des SCIENCES MEDICALES Thèse pour l'obtention du DIPLOME D'ETAT DE DOCTEUR EN MEDECINE Discipline : MEDECINE GENERALE Présentée et soutenue publiquement le 04 octobre 2010 par Audrey MERLET Née le 07 juillet 1983 à Nouméa Implication de la leucocidine de Panton et Valentine dans les


INSTITUTO DE ESTUDIOS SOCIALES EN POBLACIÓN Nº 4, Octubre, 2005 Población adulta mayor: experiencia y sabiduría en nuestro presente 13 La sexualidad en la persona adulta mayor. Equipo de Estudios de Opinión Fernando Morales Martínez 4 Breves consideraciones sobre la


Structure and Function Department of Chemistry and Institute for Biomolecular Science, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida 33620-5250 DOI 10.1002/med.10052 Abstract: Although most antibiotics do not need metal ions for their biological activities, there are anumber of antibiotics that require metal ions to function properly, such as bleomycin (BLM),streptonigrin (SN), and bacitracin. The coordinated metal ions in these antibiotics play an importantrole in maintaining proper structure and/or function of these antibiotics. Removal of the metal ionsfrom these antibiotics can cause changes in structure and/or function of these antibiotics. Similar tothe case of ‘‘metalloproteins,'' these antibiotics are dubbed ‘‘metalloantibiotics'' which are the titlesubjects of this review. Metalloantibiotics can interact with several different kinds of biomolecules,including DNA, RNA, proteins, receptors, and lipids, rendering their unique and specificbioactivities. In addition to the microbial-originated metalloantibiotics, many metalloantibioticderivatives and metal complexes of synthetic ligands also show antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-neoplastic activities which are also briefly discussed to provide a broad sense of the term‘‘metalloantibiotics.'' ß 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Med Res Rev, 23, No. 6, 697–762, 2003


Cleaner Production Assessment in Meat Processing COWI Consulting Engineers and Planners AS, Denmark United Nations Environment Programme Division of Technology, Industry and Economics What is Cleaner Production? Why invest in Cleaner Production? Cleaner Production can be practised now Cleaner Production and sustainable development


A Hypergraph-based Method for Discovering Semantically Associated Itemsets Haishan Liu∗, Paea LePendu†, Ruoming Jin‡ and Dejing Dou∗ ∗ Department of Computer and Information Science University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, 97403, USA Email: [email protected] & [email protected] † Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research


XIX Congresso Nazionale Divisione di Chimica Industriale della Società Chimica Italiana Comitato Scientifico Presidente Giorgio Strukul Fabrizio Cavani Paolo Ciambelli Claudio De Rosa Martino Di Serio Gaetano Guerra Mario Marchionna Francesco Pignataro Paolo Pollesel Anna Maria Raspolli Galletti Ilenia Rossetti Alessandro Scarso Comitato Organizzatore

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Boletín 16 Laboratorio acreditadopor la red de SENASAL 110 ACTIVIDADES DEL LABORATORIO PREVALENCIA DE ANTICUERPOS ANTI Neospora Los resultados obtenidos para los sueros bovinos fueron caninum EN BOVINOS Y CANINOS los siguientes: 48,3% de las muestras fueron negativas(1538/3187) ; 18.0 % de las muestras resultaron positivas

Diseases of goat

The common diseases of goat, their symptoms, treatment, and methods used in Sindh-Pakistan. By Mrs. Farzana Panhwar, July 2005 Author: Farzana Panhwar (Mrs) Address: 157-C, Unit No.2, Latifabad, Hyderabad (Sindh), Pakistan [email protected]


J Assist Reprod GenetDOI 10.1007/s10815-012-9793-z ASSISTED REPRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES Influence of post-thaw culture on the developmentalpotential of human frozen embryos Mafalda L. Rato & António Gouveia-Oliveira &Carlos E. Plancha Received: 4 February 2012 / Accepted: 30 April 2012 # The Author(s) 2012. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.com

Le calÉdo'lien 05 09

32, rue de Sébastopol BP 130 98845 NOUMEA Cedex - ℡ 687.27.92.98  687.27.92.98 - e-mail : [email protected] - site internet : www.croix-rouge.nc Sommaire : Mieux manger, mieux vivre Mieux manger, on ce n'était pas un poisson d'avril. ! En effet, c'est ce jour là, que nous mieux vivre ………. 1 N avons, non sans un certain trac, franchi le pas et sommes allées pour la

Jn142000 1.7

The Journal of Nutrition. First published ahead of print December 21, 2011 as doi: 10.3945/jn.111.142000. The Journal of Nutrition Ingestive Behavior and Neurosciences Mild Dehydration Affects Mood in HealthyYoung Women1,2 Lawrence E. Armstrong,3 Matthew S. Ganio,3,4 Douglas J. Casa,3 Elaine C. Lee,3 Brendon P. McDermott,3,7Jennifer F. Klau,3 Liliana Jimenez,5 Laurent Le Bellego,5 Emmanuel Chevillotte,5and Harris R. Lieberman6*


Rating.Text Pages: 708-755 POINT TO PONDER: "Change is inevitable Gram I/2 is o p t i o n a l "-U n UDY FACIALS? 1. Facial treatments can be very relaxing and offer many improvements to the of the skin. 2. Proper skin care can make oily skin look and aging skin look 3. Why do you think it is important for you to learn the basics of skin analysis?


Efficacy and side-effect profiles of lactulose, docusate sodium, and sennosides compared to PEG in opioid-induced constipation: A systematic reviewby Teresa Ruston, Dr. Kathleen Hunter, Dr. Greta Cummings, and 90% in patients with non-cancer pain (Panchal, Muller-Schwefe, & Dr. Adriana Lazarescu Wurzelmann, 2007), and as high as 95% in patients with cancer pain (Woolery et al., 2008). Since opioids are prescribed for a number of


Private experience and observational learning in pharmaceutical demand Tanja Saxell∗† February 13, 2014 I quantify the roles of the physician's own experience and the past choices of other doctorsin pharmaceutical demand. I develop a model of medical decision-making under uncer-tainty about the quality of the match between the patient and drug treatment. Unlikeprevious demand models, I take into account both private and social learning, and allowheterogeneity in product quality across individuals. I test whether information on thepast choices of other doctors improves drug choices. Using rich data from the market forcholesterol drugs, I show that treatment patterns relying heavily on the past choices ofother doctors can lead to over-prescribing in terms of eciency. My results suggest thatcontinuity of care, where a patient is repeatedly consulting the same doctor, is an ecientpolicy to limit such behavior.


ERBB RECEPTORS AND CANCER: THE COMPLEXITY OF TARGETED INHIBITORS Nancy E. Hynes* and Heidi A. Lane‡ Abstract ERBB receptor tyrosine kinases have important roles in human cancer. In particular, the expression or activation of epidermal growth factor receptor and ERBB2 are altered in many epithelial tumours, and clinical studies indicate that they have important roles in tumour aetiology


Research Children's Health Decrease in Anogenital Distance among Male Infants with Prenatal Phthalate Exposure Shanna H. Swan,1 Katharina M. Main,2 Fan Liu,3 Sara L. Stewart,3 Robin L. Kruse,3 Antonia M. Calafat,4Catherine S. Mao,5 J. Bruce Redmon,6 Christine L. Ternand,7 Shannon Sullivan,8 J. Lynn Teague,9 and the Study for Future Families Research Team*


Cambodia's Agriculture: Challenges and Prospects Sok Siphana, Chap Sotharith, Chheang Vannarith January 2011 With Compliments This Working Paper series presents papers in a preliminary form and serves to stimulate comment and discussion. The views expressed are entirely the author's own and not that of the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace


Director DGAC, General José Huepe: "No podemos transar con la seguridad" Condiciones riesgosas Volar en invierno Vuelo de Cordillera Cuidado con el encierro en cajones Luis Montt, alcalde de La Reina: Por una comuna parque 1 . TOBALABAEREO • JULIO 2009 San Pedro de Atacama, II Región, Chile. Fotógrafo: Juan Oliver Núñez


Helpline open 9am-6pm Monday - Thursday,9am-5pm Friday Lymphoma AssociationPO Box 386, Aylesbury Bucks HP20 2GAAdministration: 01296 619400 © Lymphoma Association ISBN 978-0-9555499-0-8 This edition is due to be revised in 2010 Registered Charity No. 1068395 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, or recording in any information storage or retrieval system withoutpermission in writing from the Lymphoma Association.


06_077_088_PhyEx8_AP_Ch06 1/10/08 5:23 PM Page 77 Frog Cardiovascular Physiology O B J E C T I V E S 1. To list the properties of cardiac muscle as automaticity and rhythmicity, and to define each. 2. To explain the statement, "Cardiac muscle has an intrinsic ability to 3. To compare the relative length of the refractory period of cardiac muscle

Ccirh middle east evidence-based checklist

eventive Care Checklist CENTRAL MIDDLE EAST Date of Arrival in Canada Language(s) spoken Country of Origin Settlement/Refugee Claimant Worker Refugee Claimant Hearing Date Vital Signs Patient Health Concerns Address reason for visit Patient-centered approachOrientation Clinic appointments and health system


Non-ptotic ocular myasthenia gravis: a common presentation of an uncommon Jennifer Colavito, O.D.,a Jeffrey Cooper, O.D., M.S.,a,b andKenneth J. Ciuffreda, O.D., Ph.D.c aPrivate practice, 539 Park Avenue, New York, New York; and bState University of New York, College of Optometry,Department of Clinical Sciences and cDepartment of Visual Sciences, New York, New York

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PASS CR (MICRO Type II) CAPE SEAL and PASS QB Rejuvenating Seal for Residential Roads SECTION 700 - PASS CR Scrub Seal The work shall consist of furnishing all necessary labor, materials and equipment for the transporting, application of the polymer modified asphaltic emulsion PASS or equal, ¼" by No. 10 premium aggregate to conform to the Provisions of Section 37-2, of the Standard Specifications, Plans and these Special Provisions. The work shall be done in the following order: preparing the pavement surface; applying the emulsion; scrubbing the applied emulsion with an emulsion broom; applying premium aggregate; rolling the ¼" by No. 10 premium aggregate; and sweeping up excess aggregate and more fully described below.


Supelco Ionic LiquidsThe Dawning of a New Era in GC Phase Technology • Liquid Chromatography • Sample Handling • Gas Chromatography The evolution of GC Phase Technology from Substituted Polysiloxane Polymers and Polyethylene Glycols in the 1950's, to Bonded Phases in the 1980's, and on to our new Ionic Liquid phases today.

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Cicero Public School District #99 2013 Enrol ment Guide for Nearly 1 in 3 Americans Nearly one in every three Americans has a Blue Cross and Blue Shield product. ExperiencePreventive care is essential to maintaining a healthier life, and no one understands this better than Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL). For more than 70 years, BCBSIL has provided quality health care benefi ts and services to its members and communities. BCBSIL provides members with programs and support to create customized wellness action plans, make smarter health care choices and help manage their health care.


Crustaceana 86 (13-14) 1634-1643 ZOOPLANKTON IN LAGUNA LEJÍA, A HIGH-ALTITUDE ANDEAN SHALLOW LAKE OF THE PUNA IN NORTHERN CHILE ANDRÉS MUÑOZ-PEDREROS1,3), PATRICIO DE LOS RÍOS1) and PATRICIA MÖLLER2) 1) Escuela de Ciencias Ambientales, Facultad de Recursos Naturales, Núcleo de Estudios Ambientales NEA, Universidad Católica de Temuco, Casilla 15-D, Temuco, Chile


CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIONES DE LA ECONOMÍA MUNDIAL Edición Especial – Deuda Nueva Época (II) Febrero 2006 La Habana, Cuba Centro de Investigaciones de la Economía Mundial Temas de Economía Mundial Consejo de Redacción Osvaldo Martínez, Director


Cheschwan FIND US ON Österreichische Post AG - Verlagspostamt 1301 Die Kandidaten: Das Programm: Die Unterstützer: Unsere Kandidaten Unsere 18 Punkte für die Gemeinde s.6 Retten wir die RETTET DIE SEITENSTETTENGASSE von Martin Engelberg lich sein, für diese Berge von Weichenstellungen für Jahrzehnte, Millioneninvestitionen ohne Transparenz,


Cruising Club of America Seasickness "Perhaps no malady to which mankind is subject is productive of so much real suffering, with so low a percentage of mortality, as the peculiar affliction known as seasickness." (Scientific American, 1912). In reviewing the 2012 Newport to Bermuda Race medical reports, there were 54 cases of self-reported seasickness on board vessels. I suspect, however, that the number of reported cases of seasickness significantly underestimates the actual incidence of this illness that may present in a full range of stages ranging from slight queasiness to severe nausea and vomiting. Anecdotally, I suspect that mild cases were not formally logged and some of the cases occurred without any thought toward preventative measures. As a sailing community, we pride ourselves in taking safety seriously. Vessels and crew must comply with strict requirements in order to be certified to participate in the Newport to Bermuda Race. Race participants and organizers spend considerable time preparing for events that are unlikely to happen, but should they occur, could be catastrophic. Potential problems include such scenarios as dismasting, blown sails, failed thru-hulls, sinking, losing one's rudder, and retrieving of crew in man overboard situations. Preparation for the Newport to Bermuda Race is labor intensive with considerable attention to a long list of details for safety's sake. Unfortunately, one situation, which participants do not seem to take as seriously and is much more likely to occur, is seasickness. Make no mistake about it, seasickness can also be life threatening. The 2012 Race underscores the seriousness of this illness with one vessel requiring an evacuation, which was precipitated by seasickness. Another vessel on the return trip was also abandoned with seasickness playing a major role in the event. This illness is a malady, which not only endangers the victim but also may place the rest of the crew in harm's way. Given the proper circumstance, no person is completely immune. Seasickness is not unique to sailors, as "motion sickness," the same illness, may occur in aircraft, automobiles, buses, your favorite carnival ride, and even trains. It is caused by the brain's inability to properly process sensory information, particularly from the inner ear, or the labyrinth apparatus, which is responsible for our sense of balance and position in relation to the rest of the environment around us. Seasickness occurs when our visual cues are mismatched with what our brain perceives. It is precipitated when we are unable to anticipate or line up visual cues with a particular, or perceived, motion. An excellent example is when sailors have to spend time in the bilge, while repairing an engine offshore. In this example, our brain senses a motion, vessel's movement, but the associated visual cues are absent. Add the smell of diesel fuel and the rest is readily predictable. Interestingly seasickness can also affect an individual in the absence of motion as may occur while viewing an action packed video game.

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Chia Laguna, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, September 11-15, 2011 REACTIVITY, THERMOCHEMISTRY AND KINETICS of 2-BUTANONE RADICALS: 2 C(=O)CHCH3, CH3C(=O)CH•CH3 and CH3C(=O)CH2CH2 N. Sebbar*, J. W. Bozzelli** and H. Bockhorn* [email protected] *KIT- Karlsruhe Institut of Technology, Engler-Bunte-Institut, Verbrennungstechnik


Congrès AFSP 2015 ST 41 : Crise et gouvernance territoriale en Europe : convergence ou différenciation ? Christophe Parnet, Sciences Po Lyon Deux visages de la métropole : les trajectoires différenciées de l'adoption des métropoles de Lyon et Introduction Ce papier traite de la création institutionnelle des métropoles en France, par la loi de Modernisation de l'Action Publique Territoriale et d'Affirmation des Métropoles (MAPTAM), promulguée en janvier dernier 1 , qui est un élément de l'acte III de la Décentralisation2. Nous nous intéressons donc ici à un objet très contemporain, et même en train de se faire, puisque les métropoles qui nous intéressent tout particulièrement, à savoir celle de Lyon et d'Aix-Marseille-Provence (AMP), ne sont entrées en exercice qu'en janvier 2015 pour la première, et janvier 2016 pour la seconde. Plus largement, la métropole comme catégorie juridique a été instituée pour la première fois par la réforme territoriale du 16 décembre 2010, un statut auquel seule l'agglomération niçoise a accédé. Ces récentes lois s'inscrivent néanmoins dans une histoire plus longue de tentatives de réforme de la carte politico-administrative française, dont la trop grande fragmentation constituerait le « péché originel ». On peut en effet trouver traces de la controverse autour de la pertinence des découpages territoriaux, et en particulier communaux, dès la période révolutionnaire : d'un côté la conception défendue par Mirabeau, prévoyant de transformer en communes les 44 000 paroisses, de l'autre le projet Condorcet-Sieyès d'un réseau de 6 800 communes3. La « victoire » du premier sur les seconds peut être considérée comme le point de départ d'un débat récurrent sur l'inadaptation du maillage territorial français, resurgissant en permanence tout au long du XX° siècle 4 . Un débat auquel s'est ajouté, ces dernières décennies, l'ambition de construire de grands pôles urbains, appelées les métropoles, capables de s'insérer dans la compétition économique des territoires à l'échelle internationale, rendue impérative du fait de la mondialisation5. La question métropolitaine, si elle revêt aujourd'hui une actualité toute particulière, n'est pas nouvelle : des travaux, notamment sociohistoriques, ont mis en évidence les stratégies déployées par certaines villes pour affirmer un statut de métropole dès le début du XX° siècle6. Ces préoccupations ont par ailleurs servi de point d'appui à la politique dite des « métropoles d'équilibre », faisant suite au rapport sur l' « armature urbaine française »7 en

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Curso Especial de Posgrado en Atención Integral para Médicos Generales CONSUMO DE SUSTANCIAS PSICOACTIVAS CAPACES DE PRODUCIR DEPENDENCIA Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social Centro de Desarrollo Estratégico e Información en Salud y Seguridad Social (CENDEISSS) Proyecto Fortalecimiento y Modernización del Sector Salud


International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Science (IJOES) Epidemiology of Eales Disease in the Central Western India Shah MA*, Shah SM, Kalyani PJ, Shah AH, Shah PD, Pandya JS Drashti Netralaya, Dahod, Gujarat, India. Objective: To investigate the clinical features and propose a new staging system based on the clinicopathological correla-

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Dear Friends,The launch of the CCIR website almost two years ago marked the first ever attempt to create a worldwide cystinosis patient registry. We would like to congratulate you for being a part of this important movement to make improved treatments for cystinosis a reality! With over 350 registrants from 33 countries, CCIR truly captures a global perspective


Sexual Health in Northumberland: A Summary Needs Assessment Version 2 February 2015 Authored by: Karen Herne, Public Health Service Manager Sophie Baird, Public Health Analyst CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Sexual Health Needs Assessment (SHNA) has been prepared for the Northumberland Health and Wellbeing Board to inform them of the current position of sexual health, key sexual health needs and current service provision. Future recommendations to be considered by the Board will be based on national and local evidence.

Clinic for alzheimer disease and related disorders at ubc hospital (ubch-card)

Clinic for Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders at UBC Hospital (UBCH-CARD) Studies currently enrolling (2016): INTERVENTIONAL STUDIES  A4 Study: The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the use of solanezumab, a monoclonal antibody which binds to amyloid beta, can slow memory loss in participants

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ANNO X - N. 10 - 2003 La penna al Presidente . 3 Elenco uscite 2002 . 4 Grotta dei Rugli: nuove orme oltre il terzo sifone . 12 Montello 2002 - Conglomeriamoci . 15 I° Corso di introduzione alla speleologia urbana e cavità artificiali . 18 Le Carbidimiti della Galleria della Diga di Glori (Molini di Triora, Im) . 20 Le Miniere del Monte Mergo (Olivetta San Michele, prov. Im) . 23


October 2007, Volume 16, No.1 Current Issues in Medical Management Varenicline: The Newest Pharmacotherapy for Smoking CessationAndrew L. Pipe, CM, MD, Robert Reid, PhD, MBA, Bonnie Quinlan, RN, BScN, APN Minto Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Ontario Smoking cessation is deemed to be the most powerful of all the is essential, in all professional settings, that systematic approaches to


Autorin: Martina Seifert Agentur für vernetzte Kommunikation Martina Seifert studierte Germanistik, Literaturwissenschaft und Philosophie an der Universität Bielefeld mit Abschluss zur Magistra Artium. Seit 2001 als Online Redakteurin für das Content Management und die Pressearbeit bei Geizkragen.de zuständig, veröffentlichte sie 2004 das „Geizkragen-Sparbuch" (Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Hamburg). Daneben übernahm die Autorin von 2006 bis 2008 in freier Mitarbeit Pressearbeiten für das Affiliate Netzwerk der adbutler GmbH (seit 2008 belboon-adbutler GmbH)und betreute im Rahmen des Relaunches 2007 federführend die Textredaktion für die Webseite adbutler.de. Ebenfalls seit 2006 in freier Mitarbeit als Pressereferentin und Textredakteurin für die Online Marketing Agentur der coupling media GmbH zuständig, erstellte Martina Seifert 2009 in Eigenrecherche das Online Marketing Lexikon für die Webseite coupling-media.de mit rund 200 Begriffen aus der Branche.


Continuous Infusion of Beta-Lactam Antibioticsin Severe Sepsis: A Multicenter Double-Blind,Randomized Controlled Trial Joel M. Dulhunty,1 Jason A. Roberts,1 Joshua S. Davis,2 Steven A. R. Webb,3 Rinaldo Bellomo,4 Charles Gomersall,5Charudatt Shirwadkar,6 Glenn M. Eastwood,4 John Myburgh,7 David L. Paterson,8 and Jeffrey Lipman1 1Department of Intensive Care Medicine, Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, and Burns, Trauma and Critical Care Research Centre, University of

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PEDIATRIC PROTOCOLS EMS and Children with Special Healthcare Needs.6-3 AIRWAY / BREATHING PROTOCOLS Pediatric Airway.6-5 Pediatric Foreign Body Airway Obstruction (FBAO) .6-7 Pediatric Respiratory Distress – Upper Airway .6-9 Pediatric Respiratory Distress – Lower Airway .6-11 ARRYTHMIAS / ACLS Pediatric Sinus Bradycardia.6-13 Pediatric Narrow Complex Tachycardia (SVT) .6-15


Cl i ni cal Coref erence Annot at i o n G ui del i ne s ( w i t h excerpt s f rom O DIE gui del i nes an d m odi f i ed f or SH ARP n/ TH Y ME) Last updated November 2, 2013 The following is a summary of medical coreference annotation guidelines designed for the medical annotation projects. We acknowledge the ODIE project and OntoNotes coreference annotation guidelines in the creation of these guidelines. Our goals are:


1 2 / CAP T O D A Y C Ch he em mi s st try analyzers—all that's ' new and m more Chemistry meeting: Roche Diagnostics, Car- automatically dilute specimens—meaning, com- Anne Ford olina Chemistries, and Bayer Diagnostics.


A New Option for Exercise by Cynthia Mascott f a Curves International fitness resistance of confined liquid, it pro- club hasn't already opened in vides an opposing force in both your neighborhood, chances directions, engaging a different set Iare that one soon will. The of muscles depending on whether gym, designed especially for women the user is pushing or pulling. How


HUMANSRUS SOLAR 4 PV FACILITY: PLANT RESCUE & PROTECTION PLAN PRODUCED FOR CAPE EAPRAC ON BEHALF OF HUMANSRUS SOLAR 4 (PTY) LTD April 2016 PLANT RESCUE AND PROTECTION PLAN: BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES The purpose of the plant rescue and protection plan is to implement avoidance and mitigation measures to reduce the impact of the development of the Humansrus Solar 4 PV Facility on listed and protected plant species and their habitats.


Do you have asthma? .1 Asthma symptoms .1 How does asthma affect your lungs? .2 Controlling your asthma .2 Identify your triggers . 2 Work as a team . 3 Understand your asthma medicines .4 1. How do preventer medicines work? .5 Steroid tablets. 5 2. How do reliever medicines work? .6 3. How do symptom controllers work? .6

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Li QN et al / Acta Pharmacol Sin 2003 Jun; 24 (6): 599-604 ©2003, Acta Pharmacologica Sinica Chinese Pharmacological Society Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica Chinese Academy of Sciences Effects of low doses of hydrochloride tetracycline on bone metabolism and uterus in ovariectomized rats1 LI Qing-Nan2,4, HU Bin, HUANG Lian-Fang, CHEN Yan, WENG Ling-Ling3, ZHENG Hu3, CHEN Huai-Qing4

Parasites in paraguay: an analysis of the presentation and management of intestinal parasites by short-term medical mission volunteers in paraguay

Wright State University Parasites in Paraguay: An Analysis of the Presentation and Management of Intestinal Parasites by Short-Term Medical Mission Volunteers in ParaguayRobert A. EickWright State University - Main Campus Follow this and additional works at: Repository CitationEick, R. A. (2013). Parasites in Paraguay: An Analysis of the Presentation and Management of Intestinal Parasites by Short-Term MedicalMission Volunteers in Paraguay. Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio.


This article appeared in a journal published by Elsevier. The attached copy is furnished to the author for internal non-commercial research and education use, including for instruction at the authors institution and sharing with colleagues. Other uses, including reproduction and distribution, or selling or licensing copies, or posting to personal, institutional or third party


IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION THEORY, VOL. 58, NO. 6, JUNE 2012 On the Maximum Achievable Sum-Rate With Successive Decoding in Interference ChannelsYue Zhao, Member, IEEE, Chee Wei Tan, Member, IEEE, A. Salman Avestimehr, Member, IEEE, Suhas N. Diggavi, Member, IEEE, and Gregory J. Pottie, Fellow, IEEE Abstract—In this paper, we investigate the maximum achievable


PLANT CELL M EM BRANES AND SALINITY: STRUCTURAL, BIOCHEM ICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL CHANGES Institut für Botanik, Fachbereich Biologie, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Schnittspahnstrasse 3-5, D-64287 Darmstadt ABSTRACT- The fundamental basis of the adaptation of plants e Ca2+ , trocadores neutros H+ /Na+ e canais iônicos.


Clin Exp Emerg Med 2016;3(2):105-108http://dx.doi.org/10.15441/ceem.15.103 Intravenous lidocaine for the treatment eISSN: 2383-4625 of acute pain in the emergency departmentBrendan Michael Fitzpatrick, Michael Eugene MullinsDivision of Emergency Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA


Getting into Your Head(ache): Advertising Content for Simon P. Anderson,y Federico Cilibertoz and Jura Liaukonytex Marketing Science Institute Working Paper The over-the-counter analgesics market is characterized by substantial advertising expenditures by the top brands. Advertising-to-sales ratios in this industry range from20-50%, and are more than 7 times higher than the average for all industrial sectors.


CB2 agonists C4T Approaches ECS endocannabinoid system CB1 cannabinoid receptor 1 CB2 cannabinoid receptor 2 C4T S.C. a r.l. MAGL monoacylglycerol lipase V.le della Ricerca FAAH fatty acid amide hydrolase

Current research in microbiology and biotechnology

Current Research in Microbiology and Biotechnology Vol. 3, No. 4 (2015): 690-693 Research Article Open Access ISSN: 2320-2246 Prevalence and antibiotics sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus skin infection in children in Khartoum, Sudan Salwa A. Aboud1, Abdallah El-yamani1, Mohamed A. Hussain1,* and Aimun AE. Ahmed2,3


DOCTORADO EN EDUCACION CON ESPECIALIDAD EN MEDIACION PEDAGÓGICA EDUCAR, PARA VIVIR EN PLENITUD -Trabajo de graduación- Por: Daniel Domingo López Guatemala, octubre de 2014 De la eclosión cósmica a la involución humana La eclosión de vida La involución paradigmática La decodificación de la conciencia y la corporalidad del

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CRESC Working Paper Series Working Paper No. 25 Working for themselves?: Capital market intermediaries and present day capitalism Peter Folkman, Julie Froud, Sukhdev Johal and Karel Williams CRESC, The University of Manchester For further information: Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) Faculty of Social Sciences, The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA, UK Tel: +44 (0)1908 654458 Fax: +44 (0)1908 654488


Issue 7 - autumn 2012 Cannon Hil Anglican Col ege magazine providing the right the chairman environment for for thought also inside:the noblest of professions the art of role model ing PSA gains momentum Pax et Bonum Issue 07 - Autumn 12


- Copyright - Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore downloaded by IP Wed, 26 Feb 2014, 17:07:22 LINEE GUIDA Linee guida per la valutazione preoperatoriadel rischio cardiaco e la gestione perioperatoriadel paziente cardiopatico nella chirurgianon cardiaca Task Force per la Valutazione Preoperatoria del Rischio Cardiaco ela Gestione Perioperatoria del Paziente Cardiopatico nella ChirurgiaNon Cardiaca della Società Europea di Cardiologia (ESC) e approvatedalla Società Europea di Anestesiologia (ESA)


AN IHS ECONOMICS REPORT The Benefits of Chlorine Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals in the United States and CanadaSeptember 2016 PREPARED FOR THE AMERICAN CHEMISTRY COUNCIL Ron WhitfieldVice President, Applied Economics Fran BrownSenior Consultant IHS Economics The Benefits of Chlorine Chemistry in Pharmaceuticals in the United States and Canada

Lumacaftor–ivacaftor in patients with cystic fibrosis homozygous for phe508del cftr

Lumacaftor–Ivacaftor in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis Homozygous for Phe508del CFTR C.E. Wainwright, J.S. Elborn, B.W. Ramsey, G. Marigowda, X. Huang, M. Cipolli, C. Colombo, J.C. Davies, K. De Boeck, P.A. Flume, M.W. Konstan, S.A. McColley, K. McCoy, E.F. McKone, A. Munck, F. Ratjen, S.M. Rowe, D. Waltz, and M.P. Boyle, for the TRAFFIC and TRANSPORT Study Groups*

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20th International Congress for Analytical Psychology; Kyoto, August 28 to September 2, 2016 Pre-Congress Workshop on Authentic Movement: Danced and Moving Active Imagination ANIMA MUNDI IN TRANSITION: Cultural, Clinical, And Professional Challenges (English) Psyche is as much a living body as body is living psyche.

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PaperLong-term outcome of Cavalier King Charles spaniel dogs with clinical signs associated with Chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia I. N. Plessas, C. Rusbridge, C. J. Driver, K. E. Chandler, A. Craig, I. M. McGonnell, D. C. Brodbelt, H. A. Volk The disease complex Chiari-like malformation (CM) and syringomyelia (SM) has been associated with the development of neuropathic pain (NeP), and commonly affects Cavalier King Charles spaniels (CKCS). This prospective cohort study followed 48 CKCSs with CM and/or SM and clinical signs suggestive of NeP for a period of 39 (±14.3) months from

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ADOLESCENCIA La adolescencia es una etapa crucial y critica durante el desarrollo de la vida de todo ser humano, y es considerada como un periodo de transición en el desarrollo entre la niñez y la edad adulta, donde existen cambios físicos, sociales y emocionales. Los cambios biológicos que se generan en el interior del cuerpo tienen una gran repercusión en el exterior y éstos son notables. Aquí encontrarás en que consisten dichos


Anesthesiology 2002; 97:820 – 6 © 2002 American Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Goal-directed Intraoperative Fluid Administration ReducesLength of Hospital Stay after Major SurgeryTong J. Gan, M.B., B.S, F.R.C.A.,* Andrew Soppitt, B.Sc., M.B., B.S., F.R.C.A.,† Mohamed Maroof, M.D.,‡Habib El-Moalem, Ph.D.,§ Kerri M. Robertson, M.D.,* Eugene Moretti, M.D.,† Peter Dwane, M.D.,‡Peter S. A. Glass, M.B., F.F.A. (S.A.)储


UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA EVOLUTIONARY FORCES AT WORK IN THE HUMAN A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY The Dissertation of Sol Katzmanis approved: Professor David Haussler, Chair Professor Kevin Karplus Professor Nader Pourmand Professor Alan Zahler Tyrus MillerVice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Quimica de la agresion

Psicopatología Clínica, Legal y Forense, Vol. 5, 2006, pp 43 - 66. BIOQUÍMICA DE LA AGRESIÓN Jesús Martín Ramírez1 Departamento de Psicobiología. Universidad Complutense de Madrid ResumenCon el creciente conocimiento de la bioquímica, observamos un progreso en las relacionesentre la conducta y los cambios bioquímicos del organismo. En concreto, en el equilibrioentre activación e inhibición de la agresión intervienen distintas sustancias químicas,conocidas como neurorreguladores -neurotransmisores y hormonas-, con importantesimplicaciones prácticas en el diagnóstico y tratamiento de la violencia y de otros desórdenespsíquicos. Hoy día se consideran los procesos fisiológicos no solo como posibles causas, sinotambién como eventuales consecuencias de la conducta, en una perspectiva multidireccional,según la cual toda pauta comportamental está modulada por más de una sustancia químicaen compleja interacción mutua. En el presente artículo analizamos cómo interactúa laagresión con dos de los tipos más interesantes de neuroreguladores, a saber: las hormonas,con especial dedicación a las sexuales y a las suprarrenales, y los neurotransmisores, enespecial la serotonina. Concluiremos con unas breves especulaciones sobre hacia dóndetranscurrirá la psicofarmacología de la agresión en el futuro.PALABRAS CLAVE: Agresión, bioquímica, neurotransmisores, hormonas.

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CLASIFICACIÓN TERMINOLÓGICA Y CODIFICACIÓN DE ACTOS Y TÉCNICAS MÉDICAS ORGANIZACIÓN MÉDICA COLEGIAL CODIFICACIÓN DE ESPECIALIDADES OMC La codificación de especialidades en el marco de la OMC se realiza mediante un código numérico de 2 dígitos, empezando por Medicina General como 01 y Pediatría como 02, para seguir con las sucesivas especialidades por orden alfabético desde 03 correspondiente a Alergología hasta el 41 para Urología.